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Archive-name: Changes/cass2.txt

Archive-author: Brenda Mccall.  

Archive-title: Cassandra - Part 2

	Cassandra waited impatiently while James tried to find the

correct key for his apartment door.  After an interminable moment

she heard a faint click and watched as the door parted from its


	"There," he said triumphantly, "I always keep forgetting to

turn the outside light on when I leave."  He stepped aside and

motioned for Cassandra to enter.

	After they were both standing inside the foyer and the door

had been closed behind them, James took Cassandra in his arms and

pulled her close to him.  She looked up into his face and he

slowly lowered his strong mouth onto hers.  He began licking her

softly, and teasingly inserted his tongue between her aroused

lips.  She felt James's bulge growing against her tummy and

reached down to stroke it.  At the moment she touched his penis

James slid his tongue as far into her waiting throat as he could

and she began sucking on it like it was his dick.

	A wave of lust whelmed through Cassandra's body and she

reluctantly pulled away from James's kiss to tell him that she

wanted to suck his cock.  This was the moment she had been

waiting for all day long and she couldn't wait to feel a man's

erection burrowing deep inside her throat.  He made her beg for

it between kisses.  "What do you want to do do me?" he asked


	"Suck your cock," sighed Cassandra.  "I need to suck your


	He licked her mouth once more then said, "Then get on your

knees, bitch, and give me head, and if you know what's good for

you, you'll take great care to please me."  James's words left

her feeling totally submissive.  Dropping to the floor, Cassandra

positioned her face near James's crotch and reached up with her

hands to free his manhood.  After slowly unzipping him, she took

hold of his prick and let it hang heavily a few inches from her

curled lips.  She wrapped all of her fingers around the weighty

cock and gently began to massage it to full erection.  Cassandra

couldn't believe that a man's penis dangled tantalizingly in

front of her face and that it was her pretty fingers that she saw

wrapped around it, pumping it to life.  Cassandra pulled down the

corner of James's trousers so that she could get a view of his

balls.  They were laRge and hairy and when she finally managed to

free them completely she found that they hung a full three inches

towards the floor.

	"Lick it, whore," James commanded.  Cassandra flashed her

made-up eyes at the man standing above her and began doing as he

said.  After slowly wetting her ruby lips with her tongue,

Cassandra took James's cock and staRted coating it with her

slippery mouth.  Though she had never before sucked cock,

Cassandra knew very well what felt good to a man and she did to

James what she liked others to do to her pussy-stick.  She licked

lasciviously along the entire length of James's man-meat and

along the rim of his laRge purple head.  Once it glistened and

shined to her satisfaction, Cassandra then aimed the dick into

her eager mouth and began fellating the velvety tip with her lips

and tongue.  Drops of pre-cum oozed out of the shaft and fueled

her femininity even more.  She lapped up the juice eagerly while

playing with James's balls in the hope they would continue to

feed her with the delicious, salty treat.

	James was now moaning softly and he began thrusting his

penis in and out of her mouth.  "Deeper, bitch," he whispered.

	Obediently, Cassandra let more and more of James's cock

slide into her mouth as the minutes passed.  She could smell his

musk and it aroused her greatly, made her equal to the task of

servicing the man that had mounted her face.  With one hand

gently playing with James's balls and the other pumping his

shaft, Cassandra found that she was a natural at cocksucking -

she supposed that practicing on her dildo was the reason.

	James reached down and took Cassandra's face in his hands

then staRted a more pronounced delivery into her mouth, "oohing"

and "ahhing" as he sawed his cock into the depths of her mouth. 

In turn, she grabbed the cheeks of his ass and concentrated on

allowing as much of the cock into her throat as was womanly

possible.  In the dim light of the foyer, she could see the

glistening shaft sliding deeply in and out of her lips and the

eroticism of the sight made her close her eyes as another wave of

feminine passion flooded her body.

	Suddenly, she realized that James's balls were slapping

against her chin as he steadily humped her face, and his pubic

hair was tickling her lips everytime the head of his cock plunged

into her throat - she had taken all seven inches of this stud and

was loving it!  Cassandra heard James loudly groan among the

other squeaky sounds of cocksucking she, herself, was making then

felt a warm fluid splash against her tonsils.  A heartbeat later

her mouth was full of sperm and James had temporarily withdrawn

so that he could spray her face and lips with two or three more

spurts of his cock juice.  Cassandra took this as an opportunity

to swallow the creamy load still in her mouth, but an instant

later James shoved his cum-coated cock back into her face as the

last remaining vestiges of his climax caused his body to rock and

his manhood to buck inside of her.

	Emotionally, Cassandra found herself on a new high.  She

heard herself softly whimpering as she continued giving James

slow, loving head.  And although he had already cum in her mouth,

Cassandra wasn't ready to relinquish her toy.  Sometimes she

withdrew his penis from her mouth and rubbed it on her cum

covered face only to re-insert the shaft so that she could clean

it off with her hot tongue.

	After she had licked him clean, James stepped away from her

and pulled Cassandra to her feet.  He then led her into the

living room and sat her down next to him on his sofa.

	"You know, Cassandra," he said, "I can't believe your not

really a woman.  You look so beautiful and feminine, and your

mouth is so soft and warm - it feels like a pussy."

	His comments made Cassandra glad she had decided to come out

of the closet and she hoped he would continue to talk to her this

way.  "Thankyou, James," she said as sweetly as she could.  Then

looking down at the hand she was holding in her lap she shyly

intoned, "you know something, you're really quite good at making

me feel like a woman.  I like you."

	James smiled at her in understanding and they shared a

moment of silence together before he spoke again.  "Are you

taking hormones?" he asked.

	Cassandra shook her head.  "No."

	"Well you should," he said.  "Just think of the body you'd

have - nice, firm breasts to suck on while I fucked you, shapely

hips, soft skin. Mmmm."  James shuddered on the sofa from the

thought.  "I'd love to see you in a bikini."

	"That would be nice," admitted Cassandra, wildly imagining

the possibilities.

	"Well, why don't you go see a doctor and find out more about

all this.  It would be a terrible waste if you didn't do it -

your just too damn foxy not to!"

	After Cassandra said she would think about it, James took

her hands and placed them over his flacid penis.  Then embracing

her closely he began kissing her again.  Cassandra instinctively

started pumping his cock with one hand and tickling his balls

with the other while she allowed James to passionately lick her

mouth like it was a cunt.  As his cock started to grow in her

hand, James pushed her head down into his lap and said, "Get it

wet and hard, Cassandra."

	Obediently, she positioned her face over her big toy and

parted her lips to receive the head of his cock.  She swirled

saliva onto the tip like she was filling an ice cream cone then

wrapped her lips over the now familiar prick.  Bobbing her head

up and down along the length of the velvety shaft she began to

whorishly suck on James's manhood.  She felt like a little, cock-

loving slut - actually, she now was - and began whimpering from

the ecstasy of being face fucked.

	"Ooh, yes," moaned James, "your good.  And you really like

sucking cock, don't you?"

	Cassandra pulled the dick from her mouth and caught her

breath.  Strands of saliva stretched between her shimmering lips

and the head of the cock as she spoke.  "Yes," she said trembling

with lust, "I love it."

	"Do you want me to fuck you now?"

	"Oh, yes.  Please," she said, begging for it.  "James, fuck

me now - like a womant me tI'll think about it," he teased, pushing her head back onto

his prick.  Cassandra continued sucking him until he was fully

erect in her mouth.  And once again, she found herself deep-

throating James as she basked in the pleasure of having a man

nestled deep inside her throat.  She wondered why it took her so

many years to discover she liked doing this.

	"Okay, bitch, get off that cock and get into my bed.  But

first make yourself pretty for met me Cassandra sat up and kissed James before finding her way to

his bedroom.  She went to the mirror above the dresser and

checked her hair and make-up.  After putting on fresh lipstick

(as she looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn't believe

that it was her mouth that had just been fucked) she undressed so

that the only things she was now wearing were her garter-belt,

black stockings, and pumps.  Her rigid cock pointing the way, she

then climbed into James's bed and waited for her new lover.

	He came to her a minute later and undressed completely as he

lustily examined her body.  Opening a drawer in an end table he

removed a small plastic jar and got onto the bed.  He hovered

over Cassandra then sucked and pinched her nipples, making her

writhe from the pleasure of his dancing tongue.  She remembered

what he had said to her earlier and she now wished she really did

have large breasts so that he could squeeze and caress them; she

imagined herself walking down a crowded beach in one of those

skimpy, two-piece bikinis with her breasts jiggling and her hips

swaying.  At that very moment Cassandra suddenly decided she

would see a doctor that same week to find out more about those

hormone treatments.

	Cassandra felt James putting some lubrication on her asshole

and she spread her legs as far as she could to allow him easy

access to her brown love hole.  He finger-fucked her for a few

precious minutes, preparing her well for the main course.  All

the while she kept moaning and rolled her head from side to side

on the pillow.  Finally, he put his knees between her stockinged-

thighs and lay down on top of her so that they were face to face. 

James hunched his ass qp a little and reached for his dick.  At

once, Cassandra felt the head of his penis being pressed against

her love-hole and she squirmed in anticipation of her first taste

of anal sex.  Her nipples were still tingling from James's

carresses and she felt them rubbing lightly against his chest as

he started to hump her.  Suddenly, she felt him enter her and she

closed her eyes and raised her hips to meet his gentle thrusts. 

He was slow at first, and only the head of his cock had

penetrated - but it felt wonderful and she wanted more!

	Cassandra started to moan and James knew she was ready.  He

jabbed his tongue into Cassandra's mouth at the same instant he

slid the full-length of his prick deep inside her.  Cassandra

quivered from the pleasure of his throbbing, 7-inch sausage and

melted into the mattress beneath her lover.  With her hands, she

kneaded James's rippling buttocks as he steadily pumped her full

of his masculinity.  They were fucking like two animals now and

her cries of lust pierced the room, spurring them both on to

greater sexual heights.  Cassandra's mind made her believe that

she really had a pussy and that James's manhood was now filling


	"Fuck me, James!" she screamed.  "Yes...yes...fuck me harder

with that big cock of yours."  Cassandra was panting and she

greedily sucked on James's tongue whenever he offered it to her. 

Wave after wave of femininity rocked Cassandra's body as her

lover fucked her.  "Oh baby," she cooed, "you fuck so

can fuck me anytime you want to...I'll do anything you want me

to."  She submitted totally to James.

	James now put his hands under Cassandra's ass and started

pulling her hips towards him as he thrust his dick repeatedly

into her sexy bottom.  Cassandra could feel her hard pussy-stick

between their bellies and she wished someone was sucking on it -

she wanted to come so badly!   But then she realized that if she

moved her hips in just the right way she could stimulate the

underside of her penis on James's wild, sweaty stomach.  It felt

just like someone was masturbating her!  The pace of James's

humping now increased and Cassandra felt his prick begin to

twitch inside her ass just like it had right before he came in

her mouth a little while ago.  Knowing that he was ready to

explode, Cassandra started talking to her lover; she wanted him

to remember this moment as much as she would.

	"Yeah, baby," she panted, "fuck me you magnificent

stud...Give it to me baby...I need every drop of your cum in my

pussy."  Cassandra stuck her tongue in James's ear and licked


	James then started talking to her.  "You love my fucking

cock, don't you, slut?"

	"Yes," she screamed, "I love your cock."

	"Then here, bitch.  Take it all."  He thrust heavily into

her ass and made her scream from the pleasure.  "Who's cock do

you like to fuck?" he demanded.

	"Your cock, James.  Fuck me with it, please...harder.  I

love your cock, baby, please fuck me...fuck meeeee-"  All the

while, Cassandra continued moving her hips so that her pussy-

stick rubbed up lusciously against James costomach.

	Just as a real woman would do, she then spread her legs

until now they were pointing fully in opposite directions.  At

the same time she clenched her buttocks and tightly gripped

James  manhood with her anus until she could feel the thrusts of

his lovemaking sliding against the constricting rim of her hole. 

"Oh that feels so wonderful", she gasped.  He immediately

responded by throwing his head back and groaning loudly. 

Cassandra held tightly onto his convulsing body then felt his hot

jism fill her bowels.  Suddenly, something wonderful happened

deep inside her ass and her own body was wracked in climax as she

shot her load between their sweating tummies.

	Totally spent, the two of them collapsed and lay motionless

for a minute or two.  Still inside her ass, James then put his

face close to Cassandra coand they began exchanging small, tender

kisses as they smiled blissfully at one another.

	"Did I make you feel like a woman?" he asked after catching

his breath.

	Cassandra smiled.  "Yes, James.  I feel wonderful." 

Cassandra gently played with James s chest hair with the long,

polished fingernails of her right hand.  "Did I make you feel

good too," she asked.

	"Umm hmmm," he responded.  "Good enough to know that I want

to fuck you on a regular basis."

	"We'll see," she toyfully said, her eyelids fluttering

uncontrollably, "we'll see."



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