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Archive-name: Changes/cass1.txt

Archive-author: Brenda Mccall.  

Archive-title: Cassandra - Part 1

A story inspired by my first outing while fully dressed as a woman.

I'll let you wonder about what parts are true and what parts are not.

	It had been exactly one year, this night, since he had

stumbled onto this place.  And except for last Friday's visit - a

reconnaissance mission really - this was the first time he had

been back.  He could still remember walking into the club that

fateful night 365 days ago, and how his heart was pounding with

excitement as he began to mingle with the crowd.  Almost

immediately he had become aware of something very different about

these people, especially the women, although he couldn't quite

put his finger on what it was that was tugging at his mind.  But

a loud comment - or was it a joke? - had ultimately forced him

into full awareness of the uniqueness of this place.  And

suddenly he realized that many of the women here were not really

women at all, but were instead boys!  The strangest thing of all,

however, was that for the first time in his life he suddenly knew

that he wanted to be a woman.

	Because of that night, his entire life changed forever. 

Secretly, he began calling himself Cassandra and started to act

like a girl whenever he was alone.  In the meantime he dieted,

and exercised, and learned about being a crossdresser.  He

practiced putting on makeup, shaved his legs, and grew out his

hair slightly.  His only dreams were of being a girl. 

Eventually, those dreams turned into fantasies, wherein men would

seduce "her" into having sex with them, and later "she" bought a

dildo so that her fantasies became closer to reality.  Life had

never been so good.

	But now a year had passed and Cassandra thought she was

ready for her first public appearance as a woman.  And what

better time to do that than the anniversary of her accidental

discovery of Club Copa.  Indeed, what better place!  Now, as she

sat in her car trying to muster the courage to step out into a

different world, her mind raced over the things she had done

today to prepare for this moment.  The prissying and pampering

had started the moment she had arrived home from work, and the

first thing she did was to remove every trace of unladylike hair

with a depilatory and then a razor.  Afterwards she spent almost

a full hour luxuriating in a rich bubble bath while she passed

the time reading a torrid romance novel.  Of course, she had

pretended she was the girl in that story, even during the love


	Shortly after the dinner hour, Cassandra slipped into her

undergarments: bra, panty, garter-belt and stockings (all black)

then pranced about the apartment for a time as she conducted one

last practice session walking in her new, four-inch, black-patent

leather pumps.  Her press-on nails came next, which she polished

with a very sexy ruby colored enamel while sitting on the sofa

watching television (the fashion channel) and alternatingly

crossing and uncrossing her feminine looking legs as she waited

for her nails to dry.  Cassandra liked putting on her nails

before makeup because it was so much more enjoyable seeing her

pretty fingers in the mirror - especially when she was putting on

her lipstick.

	It never ceased to amaze Cassandra how fun it was putting on

makeup and how womanly she felt after doing it.  This time, she

had gone all out to achieve an elegant evening look and had used

every technique she had learned over the past year to make

herself look feminine and pretty.  The foundation was perfectly

matched to her facial skin, and a carefully selected blush gave

her that radiant, youthful look that she had always enjoyed

seeing in other women.  Her natural blue eyes were beautifully

framed by no less than four shades of violet and gold eye

powders, properly blended of course, and were set off by the

thickest and longest mascara coated eyelashes she had ever been

able to achieve.  Cheryl Tiegs would have been proud of her this

day.  But by far the most enjoyable aspect of a makeover was, for

Cassandra, when she put on lipstick, in this case a shimmering

red that exactly matched her long nails.  To her, that was always

the moment that marked her complete transition from male to

female - even if only in mind.

	The sound of a car door slamming shut somewhere nearby

snapped Cassandra's mind back to the present, and peering through

her rear-view mirror she noticed a man a few rows back beginning

to make his way towards the club from between several parked

cars.  As a diversion from her obvious nervousness, Cassandra

watched the fellow until he had disappeared around the corner of

the building.  Swallowing hard, she knew it was now the time for

her own entrance.

	Anxiously, Cassandra got out of the car, brushed her dress

free of wrinkles, and then began the long walk around the

building to where the main entrance of the club was located.  Her

fear of being discovered made her want to turn around and go back

home, where she would be safe in the privacy of her own

apartment, but the thrill of being dressed in public and the

prospect of a new, more meaningful life kept her going.  After a

few trepid moments, her steps started coming easier.  And instead

of concentrating on her fear of being discovered, she was now

able to notice how wonderful it felt to be wearing a dress in the

cool night air.  She felt, and barely heard, her nyloned thighs

gently swishing against one another as she walked - oh, how she

loved that - then became acutely aware of how the gentle breeze

was making the fringe of her blue silk dress dance about her


	When she finally arrived at the entrance, she went up the

front steps of Club Copa with her hips swaying underneath the

smooth fabric of her lovely dress and her heels clicking

tantalizingly on the concrete.  A pair of men stood outside the

front doors and stared at her luridly as she passed; one of them

said hello.  But Cassandra pretended to ignore them as she

flicked her lons blonde hair back over her shoulder in a manner

that conveyed to her admirers the message that they'd have to do

better than that to get into her panties.  In actuality though,

she was tremendously excited; her scarlet lips curled lustily and

her breathing almost stopped.  Smiling slightly, she hoped they

were starins at her shapely ass as she strutted into the club. 

She was also thinking how wonderful it must feel to have two men

pumping her full of meat - one in each of her holes.

	Once inside, Cassandra walked quickly to the area she had

picked out for herself the Friday before, sat down, and put her

purse on the table.  After crossins her legs and adjustins her

skirt yet another time, she looked around the club and noticed

that it was only about a third full.  But if last week was any

indication she knew this place would be bopping long before

midnight ever arrived.

	So far, most of the patrons were men, but to her delight she

saw four or five other exotic-lookins TVs arrayed about the

premises as well as a dozen or so real females.  This place had

it all, she thought: gay men, TVs, lesbians, straights.  It was

the kind of club she wish she had discovered a long, long time

ago, no doubt she'd be a regular from now on.

	A waiter soon came by to take her order.  Cassandra quickly

sensed his acceptance of her as a normal patron and, because of

that, she immediately felt a little more relieved about what she

was doins.  She asked for a cola and exchanged smiles with the

college-aged man as he left to get her drink.

	When the waiter came back, Cassandra slipped her pretty

fingers into her purse to retrieve some money.  After fishing

through its contents for a moment, she found some bills

underneath her lipstick and compact and pulled them out.

	"Keep the change," she said.

	"Thanks," he replied, rocking slightly to the beat of the

music.  "This your first time here?"

	"No - I mean yes.  I was here last week, but not like this."

	He nodded his head as if he understood.  "I thought so, my

name's Bill."  He and Cassandra shook hands and she told him her

name.  "So is this your first night on the town, if you know what

I mean?"

	Cassandra nodded shyly.

	"In that case I have to warn you," he began, "these guys are

gonna climb all over you before the night's over.  There seems to

be an acute shortage of pussy-sticks right now and an abundance

of horny fellows looking for them.  I hope you know what your

getting into?"

	Cassandra blushed.  "I can take care of myself," she said. 

"But thanks for the warning, Bill."

	"Any time," he intoned.  "I gotta go, I'll talk to you later

and see how your doing.  Have fun," he said as he walked towards

the bar.

	Cassandra's heart raced and she wondered if it could really

be true that so many of these men were here to pick up TVs such

as herself?  She certainly hoped so.  For it would be a lousy

ending to such a promising day if she had to while away the wee

hours of the morning sucking on a dildo instead of a real penis. 

She had never sucked a real cock before, but tonight she was

absolutely determined things would be different.

	Sipping her cola, Cassandra studied the men standing along

the bar.  Most of them were watching the few people on the dance

floor and half of the others were engaged in conversation with

friends.  But a couple of the guys seemed to be checking out the

TVs sitting at the tables - to her extreme excitement, Cassandra

even noticed that at least three of the men were closely watching


	Putting on a show for them, Cassandra daintily held her

drinking straw between her fingers so that her scarlet polished

nails were clearly visible.  Then pursing her glossy lips around

the end of the straw she sucked some of the cola into her mouth

and pretended she was performing fellatio on a very tiny cock.

	"Hi there," a female voice suddenly said from the other side

of the table.  Cassandra almost dropped her glass and quickly

twisted in her seat to see who it was that was talking to her. 

Tossing her hair over her shoulder and splaying the fingers of

her free hand across her heart Cassandra looked up to see a very

beautiful oriental woman standing near her side.

	"Oh, I'm sorry," the woman said, "I didn't mean to surprise

you.  I just saw you sitting here and I thought I'd come

introduce myself.  Your new here, aren't you?"

	This woman was gorgeous.  Her thick hair was jet-black and

hung almost all the way down to her slim waist.  She wore a one-

piece mini-skirt outfit the same color as her hair, a lot of

silver jewelry, and stood on skyscraper come-fuck-me pumps that

Cassandra wished she owned.  Her sensuous lips glistened in the

disco-lights a deep crimson and matched the exquisiteness of her

long, delectable fingernails which she now held out in order to

exchange a handshake.

	Cassandra caught her breath then reached out and jOined

hands in greeting.  "Yes, I am," she said, trying - but failing -

 to match the femininity of her voice with that of this woman's. 

"My name's Cassandra."

	"And I'm Lori," said the oriental girl without a trace of

any foreign accent.  "May I sit down?"  Cassandra vigorously

nodded, helped Lori pull out a chair and watched jOinslip into

it.  TjO oriental woman's eyes sparkled mischievously as she

looked Cassandra over a moment or two.  Meanwhile, she squirmed,

prim and sexy, in jOinchair to get comfortable, tjOn placing an

elbow on tjO table, she rested jOr cute chin in jOinhand and

gazed towards tjO men at tjO bar wjOre Cassandra's attention had

recently been directed.  "If you tjink tjOse guys are hunks," sjO

said, "just wait anotjOr hour or two.  TjOre will be more good-

looking men running around jOre tjan in a GQ alumni reunion

party."  Aff r a moment she redirected jOr gaze to Cassandra and

soffly said, "ooh, your so pretty."

	Cassandra felt a wave of femininity pass tjrough her body

tjat leff her drowning in a wake of sensuousness.  Unconsciously

she batted jOr eyelids once or twice before replying.  "Tjanks,

Lori.  But I only wish I looked like you - your really

beautiful."  Cassandra for tjO first time wondered if Lori was

perhaps a transvestite or transsexual, and not a real girl.  It

seemed unlikely, given tjO perfection of her face, body, and

voice.  But if she was, tjOn tjis oriental girl was probably one

of tjO best looking TVs in tjO world.  Her melon-sized breasts

were perfectly rounded and her large, erect nipples pushed out

tjrough tjO fabric of her dress as if tjOy desired to be licked

and caressed.  And jOr skin looked like it had tjO texture of a

baby's soffness.  Considering tjO extravagance of Lori's

femininity Cassandra concluded tjat tjis lady was indeed a woman.

	With this belief came tjO realization tjat Cassandra was

fantasizing about being Lori's lesbian lover.  At tjat moment all

she could tjink about was burying her tongue in tje creamy sex of

Lori's cunt and making her tje happiest woman in tje world. 

Suddenly tje idea of sucking a dildo and being fucked by one

didn't seem so bad affer all - as long as she was doing it witj


	Despif  her feelings of lust, Cassandra managed to put on a

civilized air.  "Are you Chinese?" she asked.

	"Uh huh," Lori sweetly said.  But I was raised from early

childhood in Boston.  That's why I don't have an accent.  Hell, I

don't even speak a word of Chinese!"  The two girls laughed


	From tjat point on tjey found it very easy to talk to one

anotjOr.  And sometime during dhe course of tjeir conversation

Lori told Cassandra she was a bisexual female - not a TV - and

off n came to tje Copa to meet attractive men and women.  In

fact, Lori had at first thought Cassandra was a real woman also

and had come over to determine her sexual preference.  It was

only affer she had gotf n very close tjat she realized her

mistake.  Cassandra was pleased to hear this and she asked Lori

if she tjought she could pass as a woman.

	"Without a doubt," she replied.  "You're a honey of a bitch,

Cassandra."  She wasn't sure, but Cassandra thought she might

have detected a momentary look of longing in Lori's shimmering

eyes.  And knowing tjat Lori was bisexual, Cassandra realized she

now had anotjer reason for wishing she had a pussy; it would be

so fantastic, she tjought, to have beautiful Lori curled between

her tjighs licking her moist vagina.

	She shuddered at tje tjought of all tjat unobtainable

ecstasy and regretted tje fact she could never know the

experience.  But in any case, she was tjankful tjat tje evening

was, so far, going better tjan she had expected and she tried to

stop fantasizing about Lori so she could pay betf r atf ntion to

tjeir conversation.

	"Did you do your make-up yourself?" asked Lori.  "And is

tjat your real hair, or a wig?"

	"It's a wig," admitted Cassandra, reaching up witj a palm to

make sure everytjing was in place.  "But, yes, I did all my own

makeup.  Is it okay?"

	"It's fabulous.  You look like a real girl.  How did you

learn to do tjat?"

	"I bought a beauty book, and I practiced a lot at home."

	Lori nodded her head.  "Well you've done a wonderful job,

Cassandra.  You look positively stunning and you'll have no

problem getting picked-up - tjat is, I'm assuming tjat's what you

want?"  Her staf ment was more of a question than an assertion

and she waited for Cassandra's answer.

	"Of course," she replied, slightly embarrassed.

	Just tjen Lori's posture stiffened and Cassandra realized

tjat something on tje other side of tje club had caught her new

friend's attention.  A moment laf r Lori stood up on her tip-toes

and waved emphatically towards tje front entrance, but tje person

she was waving to apparently didn't see her and Lori said she had

to leave in order to go talk to someone.  Before excusing

herself, however, she implored Cassandra not to leave the club

witjout first saying goodbye; she said that she wanted to

exchange phone numbers with her laf r on so they could stay in

touch.  Overjoyed that Lori would want to do tjat, Cassandra

happily agreed.

	Aff r they waved goodbye to each other Cassandra was again

alone.  She took this as an opportunity to check her lipstick. 

Pulling the compact from her purse she looked at herself in the

small mirror and was happy to find that everything was in order. 

But as she started to close the lid she noticed out of the corner

of her eye that one of the men that had been staring at her

earlier was sitting at the next table and was watching her

intently.  Cassandra's luscious mouth formed a coy smile in the

mirror and she decided to play upon this guy's interest in her. 

Though she didn't need to, Cassandra took out her lipstick and

began tracing the red tip along her pouting and curling lips as

if she were teasing a hardon.  She took her time and made sure

the fellow got a good view as she checked, then double checked

her lips.  Feeling petite and feminine, Cassandra smiled, tossed

back her hair and put away her makeup.  She pretended to glance

at the man briefly then looked back at him for a moment, flashing

her eyes at him.

	Apparently, this was too much for the man and he instantly

came over and asked Cassandra if she wanted to dance.  Cassandra

looked him over before she answered.  He was a tall gentleman -

over six feet high she gladly noted - and he obviously had a very

trim and healthy looking body underneath his dark grey, three-

piece suit.  His masculine face was framed by curly, brown hair

and despite the fact that he wore glasses, he was extremely

handsome and confident in his appearance.  Cassandra instantly

liked what she saw.

	"Actually, no," she said, watching the eyes behind the

lenses blink in disappointment.  "But I do need another drink and

someone to keep me company for a while."  The man's sudden smile

made his glasses fall lower onto his nose and he had to reach up

to set them back right.  Quickly scanning the area, he waved to a

waiter to get his attention and pulled out the chair on the

opposite side of the table where Lori had been sitting.  He

pushed it closer to Cassandra and sat down.

	Just as they finished exchanging perfunctory greetings - his

name was James - Bill came over and took their orders.  Then as

he turned to go back to the bar, Cassandra saw him smile at her

as if he were silently telling her that she was doing just fine.

	"You know, Cassandra," James began.  "If I may come right to

the point - I've been watching you ever since you arrived here

tonight, and quite frankly, I can't take my eyes off you.  I come

here quite often, and never - I really mean this - never have I

seen a woman as gorgeous as you are right now."

	James came on to her like a deprived sailor that had been

lost at sea for years and in a matter of minutes he had bluntly

told her that he needed the attentions of a soft feminine

creature, like herself, so that he might make it through the

night.  Like a sponge, Cassandra absorbed everything he was

telling her and sat demurely in her chair anticipating and loving

his every word.  By the time Bill brought them their drinks James

had his chair scooted as close to Cassandra as was physically

possible and had his arm around her shoulders as if they had been

lovers for years.  If Cassandra had had a pussy, she knew it

would have been soaking wet by now - such was her growing arousal

for this man.

	He started asking her personal questions; how long had she

been dressing as a woman?  Did she like oral sex?  Had she ever

made love to a man?  And every one of them drew from her an

answer that seemed to heighten her sensuality and her femininity. 

His questioning also made it seem like she was being interviewed

for the position of being his personal fellatrix and the way she

responded to him made it fairly obvious she was trying her best

to get that job.  In fact, within thirty minutes of their

meeting, James had actually succeeded in making Cassandra believe

that her only purpose in life at that moment was to submit to him

sexually; for he had made her so horny that she would have gladly

given him head right there at the table if he had asked for it!

	At the peak of her arousal James pulled Cassandra closer to

him and gently turned her chin towards his face.  With his mouth

so near to hers that she could feel his breath on her lips he

whispered, "I want to fuck you, Cassandra."

	Sighing, Cassandra closed her eyes and waited for James's

kiss.  It came like his whisper; first the soft touch of their

lips brushing together then the hardness of his tongue as he

penetrated her.  James licked the inside of her mouth and she

responded by sucking on his wet probe.  Cassandra placed her hand

on James's lap and began stroking his leg, then finding the bulge

in his trousers, she lingered there and touched him tenderly with

the edges of her long, red fingernails.  She began tracing the

word 'suck' on his cock and felt it grow steadily until she

estimated there was at least seven inches of hard meat under his


	During a pause in their petting, Cassandra saw Lori going

into the lady's room.  Abruptly, she told James she needed to

powder her nose, then took her purse and left the table to go

find her new girlfriend.

	As the club was now fully packed, Cassandra had to squeeze

between scores of men and women on her way to the restroom and

many of the men she came face to face with greeted her with lewd

suggestions or sincere hellos.  Finally, after bumping into about

twenty or thirty people and getting pinched on the ass a half-

dozen times by unseen fingers, Cassandra stumbled into the lady's

restroom and found Lori at a large, elongated mirror fixing her


	"Hi Lori," she said.  The oriental fox glanced sideways and

squealed in delight at seeing Cassandra.

	"Hello, Cassandra," she said sexily.  Then after exchanging

hugs, she returned her gaze to the mirror to brush on more

mascara.  "I was going to come and talk to you a little while ago

but I saw you had company," she said in a slow, teasing tone. 

Just then someone tapped Cassandra's shoulder to let her know she

was blocking the way into the restroom.  After moving to the side

a little, Cassandra mumbled an apology to a tall brunette who

quickly passed by and who then headed directly to a stall.  The

incident suddenly made Cassandra fully aware, as if nothing else

had, that she was now dressed as a woman and was in a lady's room

talking about boys!  To top that off, she had just been making

out with a man!

	"He's really good looking," Lori continued, "care to share

him with me or are you going to keep him all to your horny little

self?"  Cassandra was reminded of Christie Brinkley by the way

Lori talked.  She could only hope she sounded half as feminine.

	"You can have the leftovers," joked Cassandra.  They

laughed.  "Actually," she continued, "the reason I came is that I

want to give you my number.  I'm not sure how much longer I'm

going to be here tonight."

	Lori's jaw dropped open so that her lower lip pouted sexily

and her eyes widened appreciatively in mock surprise.  After that

she gave Cassandra a knowing, seductive kind of wink, and started

to turn back to her mascara.  But just then an expression of

concern crossed her face and she said, "Sweety, you need to fix

your lipstick.  I wonder what could have happened to it."  She

again smiled provocatively then took Cassandra's purse.  "Here,

let me help."  Withdrawing the lipstick, Lori twisted the bottom

of the container then carefully applied fresh color to

Cassandra's lips.  "Your mouth is absolutely gorgeous.  I can see

why your friend wants to get you into bed."  Cassandra blushed,

then after Lori had finished she took out a pen and wrote down

her telephone number on a piece of tissue; Lori did the same for

her.  After promising to call each other sometime in the next day

or two, the girls joined cheeks and Cassandra left to go back to


	When she arrived back at the table she slid down into the

chair that James guarded for her and right into one of his

comfortable arms.  Crossing her legs she sidled up close to him

and draped her hand across his leg.  As they listened to the

music James gently squeezed her shoulder from time to time or

playfully wrapped a few strands of her long, blonde hair around

one of his fingers.  Occasionally, their mouths met in passionate

encounters of lust.

	After a while the D.J. started playing a few slow numbers

and James asked her to dance again.  This time she couldn't

refuse.  With James leading her onto the dance floor, her hand in

his, Cassandra noticed that many of the men at the bar looked her

over as she sacheyed past them.

	Your a little too slow, fellas, she mused, I already have my


	As the two fell into each other's arms, Cassandra put her

head against James's chest and wrapped her arms around his neck. 

He then placed his hands on her derriere and pulled her closer. 

Slowly, in rhythm to the music, she wiggled her ass and

immediately felt his penis come to life upon her belly. 

Cassandra felt exhilarated in the care of James's soft touch, and

he seemed to sense the femininity he aroused in her as he gently

squeezed and stroked her silk-covered bottom.

	When the song ended, they found themselves kissing tenderly

with each other's breath whispering across their faces.  As they

left the dance floor James said to her, "come on, baby, I'm

taking you home now."

TO BE CONTINUED:  Next, Cassandra savors her first taste of cock.


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