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Archive-name: Changes/bob3.txt

Archive-author: Ruth White

Archive-title: Bob Gets His - Part 3



     It was over a year later, when all the pieces of Dr. van

Damme's plan fell into place one day; Monica wrote to her about her

and Gloria's changing plans. They were going to be married in a

radical lesbian ceremony and Gloria wanted to move back to the city

where they could be in the center of the lifestyle that they lived

now. They would no longer be needing the services of Bob and Joe,

as they would be living in a lesbian commune and Gloria wanted all

memories of the two men erased from her memory. Did the Doctor have

any ideas?   

     The limousine slowed as it approached the guardhouse. Dr. van

Damme was expected, and the guard passed the car through only after

checking out the driver. Scrutinizing the security arrangements,

she nodded in approval. There would be no unauthorized entry to, or

exit from, the Watson estate. 

     The long car proceeded onto the remote grounds. After a short

drive, the house became visible, it was a mansion of the first

order. After stopping the car in front, the driver opened the car

door for her, Dr. van damme exited and walked up the steps of the

house. Forewarned of her arrival by the guard house, the door swung

open to meet her.

     Dr. van Damme was taken aback for a minute by the appearance

of the individual who greeted her.

     "Good morning Doctor."

     "Good morning." Scrutinizing her greeter, Dr. van Damme

noticed the earrings. "You must be Robert."

     "Yes Ma'am, however the mistress requests that I be addressed

as Babette."

     "Well I'll be delighted to indulge her. Babette."

     Bob admitted her, removed her coat, and took it to the

cloakroom. When he returned, Dr. van Damme examined the youth, who

was a product of her Institute. Robert Watson had started out with

a strong familial resemblance to his father, Joseph Watson and,

having undergone identical physical modifications, was now a

perfect replica of his dad. Bob was about five feet seven inches

tall, but his black patent spike heels added considerably to that. 

     Sheer black stockings sheathed Bob's long shapely legs, ending

on his upper thighs, from where garters stretched up to disappear

under his skirt. Although it stretched the imagination to call that

tiny bit of fabric a skirt. Bob wore a very abbreviated maid's

uniform, even more extreme than the ones that Gloria had originally

dressed Joe in. The skirt was held almost horizontal by fluffy

petticoats, both of which ended high on his hips. The Doctor could

see the boy's embroidered lace panties, his dark pubic hair clearly

visible through the delicate material. As he stood there with his

legs slightly apart, she could discern his vaginal lips, with the

profile of the vulva he had developed, outlined in the satin crotch

of his panties.

     Bob wore no bra and his nipples poked out like tiny fingers

through the black satin of his uniform. The lace edged neckline of

Bob's dress barely covered his aureoles, and the expanse of his

massive bosom was fully revealed.  His hair was parted in the

middle, and the long blonde tresses were brushed forward, to rest

atop the creamy white globes of his breasts. Shoulder-length black

gloves had the fingers cut off to allow him to wear them with his

long fingernails, and he wore the obligatory cap and apron. "If you

will please follow me Doctor, my mistress will receive you."

     Dr. van Damme followed the youth, watching his ass wiggle in

the lacy panties, as he swished through the house before her.

     Bob entered the sitting room where Gloria awaited their

arrival, with Dr. van Damme right behind him, and curtseyed. "Dr.

van Damme. Madame."

     "Thank you Babette."

     Bob curtseyed and withdrew to the wall where he stood with his

hands folded over his apron; the perfect maid, attentive to any

desire on the part of his mistress or her guest.

     The two women greeted each other like long lost friends. After

some chatting Dr. van Damme asked "and how is Joe doing?"

     Gloria explained, "I have decided, for the present, that

Joseph shall be called Yvette and Robert shall be addressed as

Babette. They look so much alike that I kid my guests; telling them

that they are the Ette sisters, Eve and Bab."

     The Doctor chuckled at the joke.

     Gloria pushed a little button. "I believe Yvette is doing the

laundry now. Let me show you how his training has progressed."

     In a couple of minutes, the click of high heels on wooden

floors could be heard approaching the sitting room and then the

rustle of petticoats. Shortly a busty blonde, dressed and looking

exactly like Bob, traipsed in and curtseyed. "You rang Madame?"

     Dr. van Damme, looked Joe Watson over. He was an exact

duplicate of Bob. The only way she could tell them apart was by the

fact that Joe's testicles had been gold-plated and he wore the

little balls permanently affixed in his earlobes, while Bob's were

sealed in clear plastic and swung from his ears on tiny chains.

     "Yes Yvette. I desire that you pleasure me now."

     "At once Madame." Joe obediently got down on his knees, while

Gloria pulled up her skirt and spread her legs wide. Joe removed

her panties, leaving her in a garter belt and hose, then plunged

his face into Gloria's pussy and started licking it.

     Dr. van Damme watched as the pretty man's blonde head bobbed

between his ex-wife's legs.

     "The old Joe Watson wouldn't do this in a million years,"

exclaimed Gloria. "Now, as Yvette, he eats pussy every day. Would

you care to have Babette service you Doctor?"

     "No thank you. Perhaps some other time."

     "Oh well. You don't know what you're missing. Babette since

you have nothing better to do, attend to my feet."

     Dr. van Damme looked on in silence as the golden haired

beauty, that had once been Robert Watson, knelt down on nylon clad

knees. Bob gently removed Gloria's alligator pumps then, being

careful not to interfere with his father, unhooked the garters and

rolled Gloria's stockings down her legs. Bob lifted Gloria's right

foot to his mouth and started licking it. After he had covered the

whole foot, he started sucking on her toes, ending up with all five

between his thick red lips. Completing his servicing of Gloria's

right foot, Bob placed it back on the floor and brought her left

foot to his mouth. While he was working on that one, Gloria lifted

her right foot and, using her toes, fondled Bob's tumescent nipples

through his satin dress.

     Gloria leaned back and shut her eyes, obviously enjoying the

services of her maids. Dr. van Damme decided that she had seen

enough, excused herself, and left.




     Bob had cleared away the remains of the excellent dinner which

Joe had prepared; he was quite the accomplished cook by now. Dr.

van Damme, Gloria, and Monica sat around the table drinking coffee.

"I think it's time to feed the boys Monica. You won't want to miss

this Doctor."

     As the three woman made their way to the kitchen Gloria

explained. "It seems that both of them returned from your island

with tremendous appetites Doctor. Monica figures that this is a

side effect of the process which filled out their curvy bodies. We

found that the boys were putting on weight and I couldn't allow

that. I mean think of the money I have invested in their uniforms,

and besides, they are perfect just as they are. Don't you agree?"

     "Yes, but I made them what they are, so I am more than a

little prejudiced."

     "No matter. I took the situation in hand; Joe and Bob are

strict vegetarians now and I feed them only the healthiest of foods

three times a day. For breakfast they get an orange, a bowl of

oatmeal, and vitamins. Their lunch and dinner usually consists of

beans and rice."

     When the women entered the kitchen, Joe and Bob, who had been

sitting at the table waiting, sprang up to attention. Monica got

out two bowls; into each she put two scoops of cold brown rice from

a pot in the refrigerator, then she opened a can of kidney beans

and topped the rice with the beans, dividing the can between the

two bowls. Monica put the bowls on the floor."You may eat."

     To Dr. van Damme's amazement, Joe and Bob curtseyed saying

"Thank you mistress,"  then got down on their hands and knees and,

like two dogs, hungrily lapped at their obviously unappetizing fare

with their rounded behinds up in the air, fully exposed.

     "No need to worry about them losing their girlish figures, and

besides think of the money I save on food." Laughed Gloria. 

     Later that evening Dr. van Damme joined Gloria Watson in her

den for a nightcap. They each had a drink and made small talk.

During a pause in the conversation, Gloria said, "Let's see how my

boys are doing." Knowing that Bob and Joe's almost nightly ritual

would soon be getting underway any minute now, she pushed a button

and a section of wall slid away to reveal several television

monitors and a control console. She turned them on and selected

those cameras which gave good views of the bedroom and bath that

Joe and Bob shared. 

     Joe had just stepped out of the shower and was drying off his

superbly feminine body. In the bedroom, Bob sat in front of the

mirror, brushing out his luxuriant blonde hair, dressed in an

embroidered satin teddy. Joe wrapped a towel around his head, put

on a short kimono style gown of jade silk, came out, sat down on

the bed, and started drying his hair.

     "I thought the doctor who invented this hair said it was low

maintenance." Said Joe sarcastically, since both of them spent

hours on their hair. 

     "No he didn't; he just said it would last forever. If anything

it is more work than real hair since you can't do anything to it

that lasts. Sometimes I wish that I could just get a permanent and

not have to worry about it." Said Bob.

     "I'm really worried about the Doctor being here, it can't mean

anything but trouble for us." Whined Joe. 

     "Oh come on Evie, lighten up a little." Retorted Bob

     "Don't you start in with that shit too. It's bad enough with

Gloria and that crazy doctor. When we're alone, just call me Joe."

     The two of them had long ago discovered their relationship;

Joe was troubled deeply by their circumstances, but Bob was too far

gone to care. "I'm sorry Joe. Let me make it up to you by brushing

your hair for you."

     Bob came over, got on the bed behind Joe, and started brushing

his father's long blonde hair. Joe knew that Bob liked what had

been done to him. In fact, he'd been shown a videotape of the boy

begging Gloria to have him changed into a female. "Bob is really

into all this girl shit." Thought Joe, who did only as much as he

was forced to. 

     Joe didn't know it but, thanks to hypnosis and subliminal

programming, Bob craved humiliation and domination in addition to

his delight in his new body. Bob brushed Joe's hair until it

shined, then leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "Let's fool

around pop."

      Being under Gloria's total control, her sadistic domination

had erased any inhibitions that either of them might have retained.

     "I don't know ..." Said Joe. Bob put down the hairbrush,

reached around, undid Joe's robe, took the revealed breasts in each

hand, and started playing with the nipples.

     "Come on. You know you want to. Stop worrying about the Doctor

being here, there's nothing you can do to change anything." Bob

stopped the foreplay for a minute and slipped the straps of his

teddy off of his shoulders, then he pulled the teddy down to reveal

his bounteous breasts, and resumed fondling his fathers breasts.

     Joe could feel Bob's hard nipples pressing against his back.

Thanks to conditioned behavior, the father responded quickly to the

son's caresses. Joe turned around and looked at Bob. Joe still had

his strong attraction to big titted sluts, and that's what he saw

in front of him. It no longer mattered to him that this blonde

bimbo had once been his son, or that she was an exact replica of

himself.  Joe's enlarged red lips met Bob's. He pulled Bob into his

arms. Their tongues hungrily sought one another, as each one's

breasts pressed hard against the other's.

     It was times like this that Joe wished that he still had his

cock and balls; he'd love to be able to screw the beautiful blonde

that his son had become. Joe would never again screw any woman, but

his sex change had left him with a realistic vagina, along with his

responsive clitoris which allowed him plenty of potential for

sexual relief. 

     Joe played with his nipples. He was in seventh heaven as he

looked down at Bob's pretty blonde head. Joe loved having his pussy

eaten, and Bob was very good at it. Joe was too, although he hated

to do it, and would do so only at Gloria's command. 

     When Joe's pussy was dripping wet and he was grinding his cunt

against Bob's face, Bob stopped, stripped off his teddy and, as he

had so many times before, went to the dresser. Joe knew what would

be coming next. It was deeply humiliating, but then again, it felt

so good. Bob returned with a huge double-ended dildo.

     Joe laid back and spread his legs wide to receive his end of

the sex toy. Bob placed the oversized head of the rubber cock

against Joe's cunt, and gently pushed it in. Joe's pussy was really

slippery by now, but the diameter of the dildo was so large that

they had to exercise caution getting it in. Finally it was in as

far as they dared force it.

     Now it was Bob's turn. He laid down and played with his pussy,

preparing it for what was to come. Joe positioned himself so that

the other head of the dildo was at Bob's cunt lips, then thrust his

hips forward. Bob moaned as the enormous dildo invaded him. Before

long, Joe was on top of Bob, their tits mashed together, as they

ground pelvis against pelvis, each of them receiving extreme

pleasure from their simulated fucking.

     Dr. van Damme watched from the den as Bob fell asleep in Joe's

arms. What a bizarre sight that had been, watching the two stacked

blondes humping one another. Gloria interrupted her thoughts. "What

I wanted to talk to you about Justine, is Joe and Bob's future. I

must tell you that I have fallen in love with that girl you sent to

help me with Bob. Monica and I do not desire this country life-

style anymore and we want to move back to the city. I'm sure you

see the problems which might arise if those two were to accompany

us. Do you have any suggestions."

     "Well, it's really funny that you should bring that up. I have

been asked to approach you about the two of them. It seems that

there are two very powerful and rich brothers and each wants Joe

very badly. They could not agree on sharing him so they gave up on

the idea of ever having him. I told them about Robert, that he was

made into his father's twin, and they have asked me to speak to you

and find out if they are available."

     "What do they want them for?'

     "This may sound crazy, but they want to marry them. These

brothers share some extreme tastes, such as bondage and domination,

just to name a few, and they would never in a million years find a

real woman to tolerate what they would insist on, as a matter of

course, in a marriage. Their only requirement is that Joe and Bob

be totally submissive with absolutely no resistance left."

     "Well Bob loves it when you punish him and I have beaten all

the resistance out of Joe." Said Gloria.

     "If you're amenable, I would take them back to the island for

a thorough preparation as there are a couple of other changes the

brothers want done. I think that this proposition would be in

everyone's best interests, especially since Bob would be happy in

bondage and submission while Joe would always hate it. I have been

instructed to offer you five hundred thousand dollars for the two

of them. Do you find that offer fair?" 

     "More than fair and I'll accept it with pleasure," replied

Gloria, "except that I insist you take half of the money. I don't

need any of it thanks to you and you've done more than enough to

earn it."

     Dr. van Damme started giggling.

     "What's so funny Justine?" asked Gloria.

     "This will be so appropriate."

     "Whatever do you mean?"

     "This man who wants to marry Joe. He is worse to women than

Joe Watson ever dreamed of being."

     The two women sealed the deal with a toast to Joe and Bob's

new lives.  




     Bob and Joe were glad to be back on Dr. van Damme's island and

out of the clutches of Gloria. The two of them were again serving

as maids for the Doctor until further arrangements could be made.

Joe had no idea what would happen to them, but he had been assured

that they would not be turned into streetwalkers.

     Joe cooked and Bob had set the table in preparation for the

arrival of the Gonzales brothers for dinner. Remembering the effect

the brothers had on him the last time they were here, Joe was

thankful that he would be in the kitchen, but he was not to be

spared this night.  "Joe get out here." Squeaked Bob, running into

the kitchen after the table had been cleared. "They want to give

their compliments to the cook."

     "Shit!" Joe removed the long white duster that he wore while

cooking to reveal that, under it, he had on the same French maid's

uniform as Bob. Joe could see the effect that the presence of the

masculine brothers had on Bob as he waited on them; he was flushed,

excited, and Joe knew from his own experiences that Bob's pussy

must be dripping wet by now.

     Joe went into the dining room, curtseyed, and then stood with

his hands folded politely over his apron. Bob came out and stood

beside his father.

     The Gonzales brothers were speechless as they stared at the

two gorgeous girls that they knew had once been men.

     "How do you tell them apart?" Asked Hector.

     "Oh there is a way, but I'll let you find out." Answered Dr.

van Damme. "Don't just stand there. Introduce yourselves." She told

her two maids.

     Joe curtseyed. "I am Joseph Watson, sirs." 

     Bob followed suit.

     Miguel Gonzales rose and came over to Joe. "I just wanted to

express my compliments to the cook. The cook in this case being so

beautiful, I believe that a kiss would be in order." Having been

briefed on Joe's programming, Miguel grabbed Joe and before he

could say anything, pulled him tight and kissed him passionately.

Miguel felt the former man in his arms tighten up in resistance. In

short order though, Joe was betrayed by his conditioned responses

and was returning Miguel's kisses with all the fervor he could

muster. Joe could not resist his carnal desires; he wanted to suck

on Miguel's cock, he wanted it filling his hot cunt, to feel it

rubbing against his swollen clit. Joe was overcome with lust and


     Miguel broke off the kiss and Joe could see that Hector was

kissing Bob, who was responding in kind.

     "Joe would you like to accompany Senor Gonzales to his room

tonight?" Asked Dr. van Damme.

     Joe could do nothing else but answer sweetly. "Yes ma'am."

     Miguel explained to Joe, "I desired you as the delicate Yvonne

and now I desire you even more as the beguiling Joe Watson. The

only problem is that I want to keep you to myself. Forever. Tell

me, how do you feel about that Joe?" 

     Joe just stood there, hoping that Miguel would kiss him again.

     "Answer the man Joseph!" Demanded Dr. van Damme.

     Joe would do or say anything by now, he was so horny; all he

cared about was getting it on with Miguel. "I would love that sir."

Joe said softly.

     "He's all yours Miguel."

     Miguel took Joe's hand and led him out of the room to his

suite. Joe followed like an eager puppy.



     After their initial introduction the couples were inseparable.

Bob had just spent a weekend alone with Hector and Joe was off

somewhere with Miguel. Hector returned from the other room. Looking

at the naked blonde girl in his bed he thought that he must be the

luckiest man in the world. After thanking God for his generosity,

Hector tossed Bob a little box. "Here, this is for you my dear."

     "What's is it?"

     "It is your engagement ring."

     "MY WHAT!"

     "Oh don't look so surprised. You and your father couldn't stay

here forever. Dr. van Damme had to do something with the two of

you, and she decided that you and he would make the perfect wives

for my brother and me, and we agreed whole-heartedly." 

     Knowing better than to say anything, Bob kept his pretty mouth

shut and opened the box to reveal a tiny diamond ring. "It's

beautiful Hector, but it's so small. How will I get it on my


     "My sweet, it is not for your finger."

     Bob was awakened by Gloria and Monica. It was very early.

"Come on boys, get up. Today's your big day. You first Joe."

     Bob watched, as his father was prepared for their upcoming

nuptials, knowing that the same actions would shortly be carried

out on him.

     Both Bob and Joe had been modified even further, since their

betrothal, in accordance with the Gonzales' desires. Monica helped

Joe off with his bra. Both of them wore bras all the time now, even

when they slept. They had to, they had undergone further breast

enlargement to the point of absurdity. They were now sometimes

referred to in whispers as "the walking tits". From Joe's left

nipple swung his diamond engagement ring. His right nipple had also

been holed in anticipation of the plain gold band that would be set

in it today; symbolizing his absolute submission to the will of

Miguel Gonzales.

     Joe was helped to the lacing bar. Grabbing it, he was pulled

up off of his feet, and a sort of corset cum bra was wrapped around

him and laced up. Joe had a tiny waist as the result of liposuction

and the removal of two ribs, but nevertheless he was laced

unmercifully down to the last breathless inch. Bob would have been

surprised if Joe's corsetted waist exceeded fourteen inches.

     The corset might, more properly, be described as a harness; it

was white satin, very heavily boned, with lots of straps and

buckles attached to it, and it took both Joe and the girls working

together to get it on. From the back of the corset, straps were

passed over each shoulder. Joe lifted his right breast and Monica

held up the left one while Gloria crossed the straps over Joe's

chest, between his breasts, and hooked them to rigid cups on the

front of the corset. 

     Next a white leather collar was laced around Joe's neck. This

collar forced Joe to keep his head erect and look directly ahead.

With it on he couldn't move his head at all. From the sides of the

collar dropped two straps which were passed around the outside of,

and under, Joe's breasts and attached to the other side of the

rigid cups. These little cups weren't designed to cover Joe. Rather

they acted like a shelf, holding up his colossal breasts, while the

crossed straps separated them. As the straps were tightened, the

burden of holding up his breasts fell on Joe's neck and shoulders.

     Joe had been told what to expect next, and tried to face this

phase with as much composure as he could muster. He grabbed the

lacing bar to balance himself while Monica spread his legs as wide

as they would go. She then produced two rubber dildos. The Gonzales

brothers had made latex casts of their erect cocks; these two were

of Miguel's. 

     One of the dildos was slowly eased into Joe's manmade vagina

as he stared straight ahead, trying to ignore the indignities being

wreaked upon him. Monica worked the dildo in and out and shortly,

in response to the irritation, the lining of Joe's cunt reflexively

secreted mucous. When the dildo was covered with the slippery

emission, it was withdrawn, only to be forced into his anus. After

it was fully inserted, the other one was slipped into his wet cunt.

     From the bottom front of the corset hung two straps and from

the back, one. The strap from the back was pulled forward between

Joe's legs and buckled to the two front straps. These were cinched

tight, ensuring that the rubber cocks would be held firmly in

place. A tiny padlock swung between Joe's legs locking everything

together; his intended would hold the key, signifying his dominion

over Joe and his body.

     Monica helped Joe to sit down on a satin covered bench, and 

pulled ultra-sheer white nylons up his long legs. Then they laced

Joe into his shoes. Even with the alterations done to his feet, the

poor man found wearing these impossible. They were made of white

satin, with sky-high heels, and no soles. They didn't need them;

they were like ballet slippers. Joe walked on his toes in these

shoes and could take only the tiniest of steps.

     As Joe was helped to his feet, it dawned on Bob that neither

of them would ever get dressed by himself again; they needed

assistance just to get their custom made bras on and neither of

them could see his feet with their mammoth mammaries held upand out

blocking the view. Not only that, if one of them was to bend over

to where he could see his feet, he might lose his balance and the

weight of his breasts pull him over the rest of the way.

     Something like that had already happened to Bob. Dr. van Damme

had made Joe and Bob available as models and actresses for several

porn magazines and video productions. While posing for the magazine

"Buxom Blondes in Bondage", Bob had been placed on his hands and

knees. With gravity pulling his jumbo breasts down, Bob's nipples

almost reached the floor. That wasn't the worst part of it, when

the shoot was over Bob had to be helped up. He couldn't do it on

his own.

     While Monica tightened the suspenders from Joe's corset to his

stockings, Gloria laid out what looked like a circle of white

fabric on the floor. Joe was helped to step into it and the it was

pulled up and tied around his waist. Bob saw that it was a hoop

skirt and that it formed a big cone from Joe's feet to his waist.

Next a taffeta and net petticoat was pulled over Joe's head and

settled over the hoop skirt. 

     Clouds of silk and lace billowed about Joe as his wedding gown

was placed over his head. His arms were guided into pointed sleeves 

of venice lace and Monica buttoned up the back. The puffed out

skirts of Joe's gown flared out from his microscopic waist and the

top layer of ivory satin was gathered up in a butterfly bow over

his rear; revealing the underlying layers of taffeta and tulle. The

front of the gown rose from the waist with a shirred bodice to the

Queen Anne neckline, but this wasn't your normal Queen Anne

neckline. The collar of Joe's gown covered and concealed his

leather collar with strings of pearls hanging down, but instead of

just a little open area between the collar and bodice, the gown

just vanished under Joe's breasts and his magnificent mammaries

were exhibited for all to marvel at.

     Gloria brought Joe his teeth and helped him get them into

position in his mouth. 

     Yes teeth!

     The Gonzales brothers were connoisseurs of fellatio and, as in

all things, insisted on perfection. Accordingly all of Bob and

Joe's teeth had been extracted and they had been fitted with false

ones. Before giving head Joe and Bob would remove their false

teeth, ensuring a perfect blow job with no irritating scratches.

For this their special day though, the boys wore their "special

teeth". These were a fiendish design, totally in keeping with the

Gonzales devotion to bondage, an enthusiasm which Bob and Joe were

going to share whether they liked it or not. These dentures were

all one piece, top and bottom sealed together. With them in place

all Bob or Joe could do was smile and look pretty. That wouldn't be

as easy as it sounded, for affixed to the insides of the dentures

were those rubber casts of the brothers pricks, which filled the

mouth, and extended down the throat of the wearer.

     Joe's hair was brushed down his back and his headpiece put on;

its veil falling from a crown of fabric blossoms, lace, and pearls.

He was handed a bouquet of flowers, only to discover that it

artfully concealed a white satin covered wire which was locked

around his waist, and a pair of handcuffs, which were fastened on

his wrists. With Joe's hands secured, the veil was arranged so that

it draped over him, a chiffon cage which covered everything but

concealed nothing. Joe was helped to the bed, seated, and then the

maids came for Bob.

     Bob had expected to be dressed identically to Joe, but this

was not to be. Instead, he looked like a mermaid in white satin;

his skirt being of the sheath type rather than the bouffant type

that Joe wore. Bob's shoes were white satin pumps with six inch

heels, and he wore a big wide hat from which his veil fell. His

skirt was extremely tight, all the way down to his ankles, which

was why he'd been given the somewhat normal shoes to wear. Even so,

he could only take steps of about three inches. Bob wore the same

type of harness as his dad and his breasts were similarly exposed.


     Joe Watson was actually relieved as he tip-toed up the aisle

escorted by Gloria who, dressed in a black tuxedo, helped him to

keep his balance. Think about it. What can be more humiliating for

a man, than to go to a wedding as a bride, handcuffed, absurdly

huge tits hanging out, with cocks wedged in his pussy, ass, and

throat, to be given away by his ex-wife? Nothing, that's what.

"After this, it's all downhill." Thought Joe, wondering for a

second if life as a cheap whore might not be preferable to this. He

didn't think about it very long, for he knew that he was locked

into his new life just as securely as those dildos were locked into

his cunt and asshole.

     In front of the assembled guests, Gloria presented Joe to

Miguel. Taking Miguel's hand, she placed it in the crook of Joe's

elbow, signifying the transfer of her interest in Joe to Miguel.

Joe could do nothing but stare straight ahead, standing arm in arm

with his husband to be, while Gloria returned for Bob.

     Monica served as the maid of honor, and when Joe was asked:

"Do you, Joseph Robert Watson, take this man, Miguel Gonzales, to

be your bounden owner, master, and husband, undertaking to obey his

every wish, serve his every need, and remain a faithful and

submissive wife, slave, and lover to him, for as long as he may

care to keep you." She answered, "He does."

     The ceremony was repeated for Bob and Hector and thus father

and son became sisters-in-law. Once the vows had been sealed it

became apparent why the wedding gowns were designed the way they

were, as Joe and Bob received their wedding rings.                

To be continued...



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