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Archive-name: Changes/bluebox5.txt


Archive-title: Bluebox, The - 5

                                Chapter 25

     As the  walkway brought them into Jeffrey's apartment, Cheryl was

tapping her  pants, near the zipper.  "Jeffrey?  Where are you?"  They

ran into  the room,  zipping off  the end  of the walkway which Cheryl

didn't bother  to remove.   In  a panic,  she unsnapped  her pants and

unzipped them.   The  sneakers she  was wearing  disappeared, and  she

removed her  pants.   She was  about to  remove her  panties, when she

remembered that she could probably speak to him.  "Jeffrey?"

     Jeffrey awoke  from a  dream with  a start.    He  reached  over,

expecting to find Cheryl in bed next to him.  Boy, was it hot in here.

But he wasn't in bed.  Cheryl was nowhere to be found...  Wait... It's

wet... soft... all around...   He realized, in an instant, that Cheryl

was EVERYWHERE.   On every side of him.  Surrounding him.  It was very

exciting, and he became erect immediately.

     "Jeffrey?"   Her voice  was muffled.   It  was coming  from  down

there, somewhere.  He tried to answer.  "Cheryl!  I was asleep."

     Unfortunately, Cheryl  couldn't find  him to  "magically" listen.

Jeffrey bumped the wall of her uterus with an elbow.

     Cheryl put  her hand  on her  abdomen.   "Jeffrey...  He's REALLY


     Deirdre thought  this all  most amusing.   "Well,  of COURSE he's

inside.  That's where you put him.  I'm sure he's fine."

     "No, you  don't understand...    He's  not  in  my  vagina.  He's

REALLY inside.  I don't know how to get him out.  I can't see him.

     "No need  to do that," Deirdre reasoned.  (She was really getting

into it,  now.)   "Cheryl, you HAVE the equipment.  Just USE it.  That

should be no problem for YOU!"

     "Okay, okay.  Help me off with this stuff..."  Cheryl removed her

own panties  while Deirdre  stood there wondering how to help.  Cheryl

pulled her  shirt off,  and sat  on the  floor.   She lay  back on the

floor, spread  her legs, and pulled her knees up.  Then she sat there,

not knowing what to do.

     "Now what?" asked Cheryl.

     "Just push", replied Deirdre.  "Push from inside.  Breathe deep."

     Cheryl took  a deep  breath.   Her vagina squeezed shut.  Nothing

else happened.  Deirdre took a closer look.

     "No, no... Don't squeeze, push.  It's the other way."

     This time,  Cheryl did it the right way.  Her muscles contracted,

and pushed  Jeffrey towards  the outside.   He  slithered through  her

cervix, propelled  by her  powerful muscles.   Now she could feel him,

sliding towards  her more  sensitive areas.   Her  cervix snapped shut

after he  was through.   A  few more pushes contracted her vagina.  An

instant later,  Jeffrey slid from her body, landing on the floor right

at her  crotch.   He was coated with a thick, shiny substance.  Cheryl

relaxed, panting not due to the exertion, but from her panic earlier.

     "Whew!" exclaimed Deirdre and Cheryl together.  Jeffrey leaned up

against Cheryl's leg.

     Deirdre reached  between Cheryl's legs and picked Jeffrey up.  He

looked perfectly  fine.  Holding him up to her, she asked: "Want to go

for another ride?"

     Cheryl wasn't  watching.   She was  still staring at the ceiling.

Deirdre, without  waiting for  Jeffrey  to  answer,  which  he  didn't

anyway, unzipped her own pants, and pulled her panties down a bit, and

started to put Jeffrey between her own legs.  It looked fun for Cheryl

and Jeffrey,  and she  didn't want  to be  left out.   Watching Cheryl

extrude Jeffrey's body was exciting.

     Cheryl looked  up for  a moment, then stared back at the ceiling.

"No," she said, "not now."

     Jeffrey grew  to his  former size in seconds before Deirdre could

do anything.  She couldn't hold him up.  He yelled another "Ow!" as he

hit the ground.

     "Oh.   Sorry!", said  Cheryl.   "Let's go back now, OK?"  Without

waiting for  agreement, she  summoned the  Device while  still on  her

back, and  pressed the  STOP button.  Then they were all back in their

seats around  the table.   Cheryl  looked at  the display...  it  read

"IMAGE STOP 3:11:21".  Jeffrey took the Device and plugged it into the


                                Chapter 26

     The three  of them  went out for the rest of the afternoon.  They

went for  a walk  in the  mall, played some indoor miniature golf, had

dinner early,  and saw  a movie  that they  later decided wasn't worth

seeing.    Jeffrey  drove  them  Cheryl  and  Deirdre  back  to  their

apartment.   They both  invited him to stay the night.  After all they

had done  together, Jeffrey  had no  reason to  decline.  They watched

some television,  and finally,  Cheryl  and  Jeffrey  headed  off  for

Cheryl's bedroom.   Deirdre  followed.   That  made  things  a  little


     "Oh, Deirdre,  it's you...", Cheryl yelped, as if she didn't know

who was  behind her.  She turned around, just inside her room, holding

on to Jeffrey.

     "Cheryl, you  won't mind,  just this  once?  After today, I don't

want to be alone tonight.  Oh... if you DO mind, I'll...."

     "No, Deirdre,"  spoke Cheryl in a disappointed voice.  She really

wanted the  time alone  with Jeffrey;  but it  was too  early to  make

Deirdre's fears  come true.  She'd get over it in the morning.  Cheryl

would have Jeffrey all to herself for a long time.  "It's okay.  Let's

just not make a HABIT of it, okay?"

     Deirdre nodded.   They all undressed themselves quietly.  Jeffrey

got into  bed first.   Cheryl  slipped in  on one  side,  and  Deirdre

bounced in  on the other, wrapping an arm around Jeffrey before Cheryl

could.  There was plenty of room in the bed.

     "Deirdre, are  you...   Well, Cheryl  and I  have an  SBC between


     Cheryl quietly  answered Jeffrey.  "She's got a general, Jeffrey.

She's protected."   Cheryl  hadn't planned  on Deirdre actually having

Jeffrey, at  least not  in real  life.  There was something she didn't

like about  sharing him  in reality.   She was having worried thoughts

about Deirdre's intent.

     Cheryl felt  Jeffrey's hand  on her  breast.  He squeezed it.  He

seemed very excited; she wasn't, yet.  There was a good reason for it;

Deirdre had one hand wrapped around his cock, which was growing at her

touch.   This delighted Deirdre very much.  She moistened him with her

own juices.  Jeffrey was putting his efforts into Cheryl, not Deirdre.

His hands  found two  pussies;   Deirdre was  wet, and hot; Cheryl was

warm, but  dry.  He got a finger inside Deirdre, but he could only rub

Cheryl on  the outside,  so far.  She started breathing deep.  She was

opening-- he  started a finger inside Cheryl, and she started moaning.

It was  intentional; Cheryl  was letting  Deirdre know  that Jeffrey's

attention was  on her.   He  slid his finger deep into Cheryl, rubbing

the spot that made her come before.

     Deirdre, who wasn't holding Jeffrey's cock anymore, rolled on top

of Jeffrey.   Her  legs were  in the  right place; his penis was right

between them.   Her  vagina swallowed  his penis quickly.  She wrapped

her arms  around him,  pulling his  hand out of Cheryl in the process,

and really  started to screw him.  Jeffrey's eyes were closed, and his

arms were  wrapped around  her.   He was  locked into  copulation with

Deirdre, as Cheryl did nothing but watch.

     This, of  course, was  too much.   Deirdre  had managed  to press

Jeffrey's buttons the right way.  He was under HER control, and wasn't

being nice about it.  Cheryl grabbed Deirdre's hair and pulled her up,

which produced  a breathy  "Ouch" from  her.   She bent  backwards  as

Cheryl tugged  on her.   Cheryl  slipped  in  front  of  her,  sat  on

Jeffrey's face,  and let  go  of  Deirdre,  whose  head  dropped  into

Cheryl's bosom.   Deirdre sat up a second later, forced to let Jeffrey

slide out.   She took him again, sitting up exactly as Cheryl had done

before.   Cheryl looked like he was having a good time, though Jeffrey

now had to tilt his head back every so often to breathe.

     Cheryl liked  this better.   His  hands were  all over  her,  his

tongue inside.   It  wasn't as  stimulating as  his cock was, but that

made it  last longer.   Deirdre  was humping away again.  She came, as

Jeffrey did,  and rolled  off so  she could lie down, Jeffrey's sticky

come inside  her, and her juices all over his crotch.  Deirdre now had

to watch  Cheryl as  she started  coming.   She was making it slow and

painful to  Deirdre.   She sat  there, pounding Jeffrey's head between

her legs,  for over  a half  hour.  She'd come, stop for a moment, and

start all  over again.   Obviously,  Jeffrey was  participating.  What

endurance!  Deirdre was too tired.  Cheryl and Jeffrey kept her awake.

Cheryl finally  got up, which prompted a "...finally..." from Deirdre,

at which  time she  merely swiveled around, and sat on his cock, which

had hardened  again while  he was licking her.  She tasted better than

Deirdre, Jeffrey  thought.  Deirdre tasted too sweet.  Of course, that

was not  necessarily what she REALLY tasted like, but only what he had

imagined, or  either Cheryl  or Deirdre  projected.   Neither of  them

would have known Deirdre's flavor, right?

     They made  love now,  in a  slow, gentle fashion.  Their rhythmic

motions were  actually pleasant  to Deirdre,  as the bed slowly rocked

her.   She still couldn't sleep.  The pace picked up for a moment, and

then, with  a short  scream from both Cheryl and Jeffrey, it was over.

Cheryl rolled off to the side.  They all slept very soundly.

                                Chapter 27

     When Cheryl  and Jeffrey  finally woke  up, Deirdre wasn't there.

They weren't  in the  mood for  sex, though  they cuddled for a while.

They got  up, and  found a  note from Deirdre thanking them both for a

wonderful time,  and telling them that she left early to go visit some

friends.  She had even picked up the apartment before she left.

     They took  their time  eating breakfast.    Cheryl  still  looked

sleepy.   They procrastinated  for quite a while before taking a bath,

which, as one might expect, they took together, sitting in the tub for

almost two  hours, talking,  and playing.   When Jeffrey finally asked

what Cheryl had liked best so far, she thought about it a moment.

     "Meeting you,"  she said.   "Really.  All the feelings I'm having

are so sudden-- and I can't attribute them all to the Device."

     Jeffrey smiled.  "What else?"

     "Well, if I had a choice, it was to be a man for a while.  That's

what I'd want to do again the most.  All my life I've been female, and

I only  got to  be a male for a couple hours.  Didn't you like being a


     "Yes, Cheryl.   I  hope I don't regret saying this, but I'd do it

again.   In fact,  I wish  we could  trade places  in real  life for a

while.  I'd like to see what it's like to be treated like a woman."

     Cheryl smiled,  and then  looked puzzled.   "What's  so different

about real life?"

     "Well, it's  different.   For one  thing, there  are people in it

besides those  few you  take with  you.   I can't  get the  Device  to

simulate other  people, even  if the new one IS programmable.  I could

have giant  crowds, or  other people  at a distance, or a few up close

that only do certain predictable things.  But I've heard so much about

how women  are TREATED  different, I'd  like to  see it.   Have  doors

opened for  me.  Have a zillion guys wanting to take me out, and being

able to say 'no' to all of them."

     "I hope  you know  it's not  like that," Cheryl replied.  "Not at

all.   Well, I  mean not  for everyone.   First  of all, unless you're

really attractive,"   (Jeffrey  smiled.   She WAS  really attractive.)

" don't have guys crawling all over you even if you wanted them.

And if you DO look good," (Cheryl smiled back) "the guys who ARE after

you are  after you because of your looks.  Then you have to decide how

to turn  them down.   It's  so hard at first... and then you just feel

MEAN about having done it.  But you can't LOOK like you're sorry about

it.  But, I have to admit, I was going too far.  I would have lost YOU

if I  had kept  treating you  that way.   And  you never  made a  move

towards me.  In fact, you were kind of nice."

     "All I know is that I'd rather have a SURPLUS than a SHORTAGE."

     Cheryl shook  her head.   "You  forget, dear Jeffrey, that NOBODY

wants to  go out  with someone  who goes  out with  EVERYBODY.  I know

that's true for guys too, now."

     "I guess  so.   I'd still  like to  see for myself.  For a while.

But, I can't.  You'd like to do the reverse, wouldn't you?"

     "Sure I  would." answered  Cheryl.   "As  long  as  you  were  my

girlfriend.   Actually...   notice something  lately?   Now that we've

seen the other side, we have a different perspective."

     "Exactly.   I'd love  you no matter what bodies we were in.  This

way, or the other way.  Or just together."

     Cheryl's eyebrows perked up.  She didn't say anything, though.

                                Chapter 28

     They spent the whole day together.  They washed Cheryl's car, did

the laundry  together, and  enjoyed every  minute of it.  Jeffrey felt

that he'd  be very  comfortable living  with her  on a  more permanent

basis.   Cheryl seemed  unusually  quiet  and  moody  that  afternoon.

Jeffrey asked her why.

     "Oh, I  don't know, Jeffrey.  I haven't been away from you at all

since Friday afternoon, and we have work tommorrow.  I love falling in

love.   In the morning we go back to a regular existence.  I can't get

my mind off of it.  I'm starting to hate this job."

     "Cheryl, we  DO work  in the same place.  We aren't ever far away

from each  other.  And after work we'll be together again.  And what's

so bad about your job?"

     "I can't  do it  right.   There's too  much  politics,  too  many

favors...  and...  Kevin."

     "Kevin?"  Jeffrey asked.

     "Yes.  The assistant supervisor in the records department."

     "Oh, THAT Kevin.  Yes, I know him.  What about him?"

     "I can't  stand him.   He's on the same employment level as I am,

but treats  me like  an underling  because his  Dad is on the Board of

Trustees.   He's asked me to do things that even the janitor shouldn't

have to  do.   He hates the fact that I was promoted to his level even

if I'm in a different department.  And..."

     Jeffrey waited, holding his breath at the suspense.

     Cheryl started whispering.  "he's made it very clear that I won't

get promoted until I... take him to bed."

     "That's  impossible,"  Jeffrey  said.    "He  wouldn't  have  the

authority.   And he'd  get into big, big trouble.  Why didn't you blow

the whistle on him?"

     "With what  evidence?   How could  I  prove  anything  without  a

laserdisc recorder?   And  you  KNOW  it's  impossible  to  smuggle  a

recorder into the records area.   I'd even thought of inviting him out

somewhere and THEN recording him, but he won't do it.  He knows me too

well.   So, I  just stopped  talking to him.  And I haven't gotten any

promotions since then.  Nobody will explain why.  He's on my level, so

he's part of the team that has to review me."

     Jeffrey thought  a moment.   "Sounds  like he's  called in  a few

favors from  up above.   He  can't keep  it up forever.  Even with his

ego, he's going to run out of favors sooner or later."

     "No, he  won't," replied  Cheryl.   "He's only  got to see that I

stay in  this position  a little  longer.   Then HE'll  get  the  next

promotion, even though I've been here longer."

     Jeffrey thought  again.  Then his eyes lit up.  "Ego.  That guy's

probably the  only one  on the earth who feels that he's superior just

because he's  a man.   He'd kill himself if he had to live as a woman,

don't you agree?  Well, maybe not KILL himself..."

     Cheryl knew,  instantly, what  he was talking about.  Jeffrey was

exactly correct.   They  spent the afternoon arranging the Plan.  They

slept at Jeffrey's that night.

                                Chapter 29

     It was  lunchtime at  IDT.   As with most companies of this sort,

that meant about two hours where this part of the building was vacant.

Jeffrey stayed  in the  Lab until everyone else left.  Cheryl burst in

shortly thereafter.

     "It's perfect,"  she said.   "He's  asleep as  usual.  He usually

sleeps half the morning and then goes out to lunch, the moron."

     Jeffrey grabbed  the Device  (IDT's version)  in  one  hand,  and

Cheryl's hand  in each  other.   They went to Kevin's office.  Jeffrey

set the  Device up  outside his  door, and  then Cheryl  took it,  and

quietly brought  it into the room.  She brushed the metallic circle on

the device  against a  finger; this  almost woke  him up.  She waited,

then quietly  opened his  drawer, dropped something inside, and closed

it.  She then quickly stepped out of the room with the Device.

     "This way,"  Jeffrey said,  pointing to the door to a maintenance

room adjacent  to Kevin's  office.   "In here."  They quickly went in,

and closed  the door.  "I turned the power up this morning.  It should

easily get through this wall.  Where did you put the stuff?"

     "In the right bottom drawer.  Next to his lunch.  Got it?"

     "Ok, right  bottom drawer."   Jeffrey  set the  timer for  ninety

minutes, and set the box in his lap.  "Comfy?"

     "Yup!"   Cheryl leaned  against him.   He pressed "Start", closed

his eyes  for a  second, and  when they opened their eyes, the box was

red.   He made  the box disappear, and got up.  "We're in real trouble

if we get caught, you know."

     Cheryl was  determined to  go through  with it.   "We  won't  get

caught.   Now let's  get in  there before  he wakes  up.   You have to

change first."

     "Ok, Cheryl.   Help  me out  a bit,  ok?  I won't have a THING to

wear."  He grinned at her.  She nodded at him.  He closed his eyes for

a moment, concentrating on the image they had agreed upon earlier.  He

started changing.   The  tingle in  his chest  grew, and  two  breasts

started to  swell under  his shirt.   Cheryl nodded approvingly.  They

stretched his  shirt a  bit; Cheryl started unbuttoning it.  Jeffrey's

figure changed rapidly.  His hair grew much longer, and straight, like

Cheryl's.   There was a warm, light feeling between his legs that told

him that the female parts were now in place-- it felt strange, but now

a bit  familiar.   Cheryl put  a bra on him, gave him a bright blouse,

and, this  time, a  skirt.  She kept on what she already had.  Jeffrey

didn't look  a bit  like Jeffrey  anymore.   He made a perfect female.

Cheryl straightened  him up  a bit,  brushing his hair back, adjusting

the blouse  a bit  so that Jeffrey's nipples would show once they were

erect.   Then she  gave him  a long  hug,  her  breasts  meshing  with

Jeffrey's.  It was unique.

     The noise of the door opening awakened Kevin, who was a bit upset

at having  been awakened  as Cheryl  entered.   He squelched his anger

when he  saw Jeffrey  enter the  room.  This other girl was beautiful,

and rather unexpected.  Cheryl went to his desk.  She spoke in a sexy,

yet businesslike, voice.  "This is an old friend of mine."  She looked

at  Jeffrey.     "Sue,   meet  Kevin,   one  of  the  other  assistant

supervisors."   Jeffrey held  out his  hand.  Kevin kissed it.  It was

working.  With Cheryl's coaching, he could now fool anyone.  He smiled


     Cheryl sat  on his  desk.   She whispered into his ear.  "She's a

REAL good  friend of  mine.   I knew  you wouldn't mind having BOTH of


     Kevin's eyes  lit up.   He  stared at  Sue again,  who was  still

smiling.   Jeffrey was  quite impressed  with himself.   Cheryl sat in

Kevin's lap,  and with  her bottom  could feel  Kevin growing  in  his

pants.   It wouldn't  be long  now.   She whispered  to him again.  "I

couldn't stand being an assistant forever, you know?"

     Jeffrey walked  over to  Kevin now,  behind his desk, and ran his

fingers through  Kevin's hair.   He  didn't like  it.   He had to keep

convincing himself  that it  was really  okay; he WAS a female for the

moment, and as such there was nothing 'strange' about his actions.  Of

course, the  whole thing  was strange.   He  was generating pheromones

now, that  were wafting  out under  his skirt,  and making  Kevin more

susceptible to the seduction.

     In minutes  Kevin was  on the  floor,  on  a  foam  mat  he  kept

supposedly for  such occasions,  and had  pulled out  of  his  drawer.

Cheryl was  right, Jeffrey thought.  He WAS overly aggressive.  He had

already unbuttoned  Jeffrey's blouse,  and had his hands all over him.

His nipples  responded quickly  to Kevin's  hands.   He  had  to  keep

Kevin's attention  off of  Cheryl, who  was at  this moment  unzipping

Kevin's slacks.   She  didn't take them off.  She reached for her belt

and started to unfasten it, and then nodded once at Jeffrey.

     Jeffrey, who  felt comfortable  as "Sue"  now,  swiveled  around,

lifted the  skirt, and  quickly sat on Kevin's face. He wasn't wearing

panties at  all.   Kevin quickly  nuzzled through  the pubic  hair  to

Jeffrey's cunt,  and probed  inside with  his tongue.   He  was  good,

Jeffrey thought,  but not  as good  as Cheryl.  His mind floated for a

second.   He had  to keep up with the script.  He looked at Kevin, who

reached for  his breasts.   "Suck me," Jeffrey said.  "Drink my come."

It sounded  perfect.   He sat up straight, burying Kevin entirely, and

then dropped the skirt.  The skirt hid everything from Jeffrey's waist

down.  He nodded once at Cheryl, who now finished removing her pants.

                                Chapter 30

     The skirt  was was  a great  idea.  Even if Kevin COULD have seen

anything other  than "Sue's"  private parts  at this instant, which he

couldn't, the  skirt would  keep him from seeing the other things that

were happening.   He  would never  be allowed to actually see Cheryl's

naked body.  She didn't want that to happen, ever.

     Cheryl straddled him.  In a well-rehearsed move, she quickly took

his cock  between her  legs.  Kevin made some noise, which was muffled

by Jeffrey's  cunt.  Jeffrey closed his eyes for a second, remembering

the second  image they  had discussed.   When he opened them again, he

patted Cheryl on the head.  She panted a bit, and licked his hand with

her huge  tongue.   Cheryl  was  now  a  golden  retriever.    Without

speaking, he asked her:  "You okay in there?"

     She replied almost instantly.  "Fine!  How do I look?"

     "Beautiful, well,  as beautiful  as a  dog can  be, I guess.  How

does it feel?  We've never tried THIS before."

     "Fur is  definitely warm.  I'll tell you later.  Let me screw him

and get it over with, ok?"

     Cheryl, who  was in  a sitting position, held her tail still, and

enjoyed the  ride as  Kevin plunged inside her, and out again.  He was

really into it, as Cheryl and Jeffrey both were.

     Jeffrey came  first.   Remembering what  Cheryl had  told him, he

made Kevin  drink a  lot of  come.   Jeffrey's body shuddered, and his

legs squeezed  Kevin tight,  preventing him  from breathing,  for  the

moment.  There was no chance that he'd miss "Sue's" orgasm.

     When it was over, Jeffrey didn't get up.  He rocked forward a bit

so Kevin  could breathe  again, but  wouldn't get up.  He waited until

Kevin started  coming, then  lifted up just a bit so Cheryl could hear

Kevin:  "Oh, Cheryl, you're REALLY good..."

     Cheryl wagged  her tail  a bit,  brushing the  inside of  Kevin's

legs.  Finally, Jeffrey got up.  Kevin's mouth fell open.  The dog had

obviously had a good time.  Kevin turned quite red.  He pushed Jeffrey

out of  the way.   Jeffrey stumbled, but managed to regain his balance

just in time to teleport Cheryl so that she, in her original form, was

standing next  to the  door, leaving  the image  of the  dog under his

control.   Cheryl opened  the door,  and Jeffrey  had the dog, who was

about to  get smacked  by Kevin, run outside.  Cheryl closed the door.

She had a devilish grin on her face.

     "You've called me a bitch enough," she said, still smiling, "that

I thought  you might like to make love to a one.  By the way, if there

are any puppies, you can keep some of them..."

     Kevin was  on his feet, advancing toward Cheryl, threatening her.

Jeffrey was  worried; if  he tried  to  hurt  her,  he'd  have  to  do

something that would ruin the show.

     Cheryl kept  on talking,  still smiling.   "So, Sue, did he drink


     "Every  bit  of  it,"  Jeffrey  answered.    "I  could  feel  him

swallowing."  Kevin knew it was true.  He turned his attention to Sue,

wondering what had happened.  Cheryl continued, still grinning.

     "They have  some neat  stuff in  genetics now.    A  viral-acting

modifier, I  think they  call it.  It invades your cells one at a time

and changes one specific gene to another.  It can't have any effect on

Sue, but it was in her fluid..."

     Kevin turned  towards Cheryl  again.  Jeffrey started the changes

working on him.  It made him suddenly weak.  He took one more step and

fell to  the floor,  his legs  no longer  able to  hold him.   Jeffrey

rushed over with the foam pad and helped him onto it, placing a pillow

beneath his head as if he cared for him.

     Kevin's voice  wasn't working  right anymore.    With  effort  he

managed to ask:  "What... have you done... to me..."

     Cheryl was  happy to  answer.   "Well, dearest  Kevin, you'll  be

fine.   There's just a temporary delay while your body repairs itself.

You see,  the women  here have  put up  with you long enough.  We felt

that this  was the best thing to do.  I mean-- you can chase after the

men now,  but I  don't think  that will  be like  it was before."  She

started giggling.

     Kevin's voice  was clearer  now, but  higher.    He  was  feeling

better.   "Cheryl, WHAT  DID YOU  DO?  Undo it or you'll be waiting on

line for unemployment tommorrrow."

     With effort,  Cheryl stopped  laughing.  "Sorry Kevin... I can't!

There just  isn't a  way yet  to replace  X chromosomes with Y...  And

besides, even that wouldn't work if you've had the other virus..."

     Kevin's mouth fell open again.  "You mean... I'm..."

     Jeffrey, still  kneeling next  to Kevin,  brushed the  hair  from

Kevin's chest.  Kevin's figure was changing, and he hadn't noticed it.

     "That's right, Kevin!"

     "Impossible!" he yelled.  "If we could do that I'd know about it.

It's a trick."

     "You better  tell THESE  that, Kevin!", Jeffrey said, pointing to

the elevated, dark circles on Kevin's chest.  Jeffrey poked one with a

finger.   They were  swelling a bit, but the breasts themselves hadn't

started yet.   Jeffrey  wanted to  make it  slow, and  thus harder  on


     "Shit!"   Kevin jumped to his feet.  He was shorter, and smaller.

He ran  to his  mirror, and  looked at  himself.  Breasts were in fact

growing now.   He  pressed them with his hands, as if he was trying to

hold them back.  He couldn't.

     Cheryl pointed  violently to  her  crotch,  and  then  to  Kevin.

Jeffrey had  forgotten to start the important changes.  He nodded back

at her,  at which time Kevin's apparatus started to disappear into his

body, folding  inside out.  The sensation took his attention away from

his partially-mature  mammary glands.  He grabbed at his penis, trying

to hold  on to  it.   It slipped  out of  his fingers, and disappeared

entirely into  the vagina  that had  formed there.   Another expletive

came from his mouth.

     He looked  back up  to see that the breasts were now complete and

final.   All of the other changes had happened.  He screamed once, and

it came  out as  a very  female scream,  which made  him scream again.

Cheryl and Jeffrey smiled at each other.  Kevin now looked up at them,

with water  in his  eyes, and gave them the sorriest expression they'd

ever seen  on him.  They would have rather seen Kevin's face with that

expression, but  just knowing  that it  was Kevin  who was  inside was




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