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Archive-name: Changes/bluebox4.txt


Archive-title: Bluebox, The - 4

                                Chapter 19

     Cheryl asked  what else  was different  with the Device.  Jeffrey

was anxious to explain all the new developments.  "This box does quite

a bit  more than  the other one.  It's a lot smarter, has more memory,

and is programmable, if you know what you're doing."

     Cheryl and Deirdre both asked at once, "Programmable?"

     "Well, yes.  The first version of the Device couldn't do anything

unless you  imagined it  happening RIGHT  THEN.    That  was  no  fun,

because, for example, if I were to roll a tennis ball over to you, one

of us would have to pay attention to it, or it would just stop moving.

The one  you saw  yesterday could  handle SEQUENCES of events-- flying

birds, disappearing  clothes, or other things that happen the same way

no matter  what you do."  Cheryl had mastered event sequences when she

changed him  into a  female, literally  setting it  up in  advance  so

Jeffrey would  go through  the changes  she wanted.   "This device can

handle repetitive  or conditional  events.   That means you can set up

some event  which happens IF, or WHEN, something else happens, even if

you're not in control of the other events.   I can say, if Cheryl will

let me,  that IF  someone touches  the top  of the table, THEN it will

turn green.  I don't have to stick around waiting for someone to touch

it, and  then make  it green myself.  If I set up something like that,

Cheryl could  undo it.   But  if she  did, I couldn't undo it, because

she's holding the box."

     Deirdre touched  the table,  and  it  did,  indeed,  turn  green.

"Neat", she exclaimed.

     Jeffrey tried something else.  "Watch this one."  A thin piece of

plastic appeared  in his  hands, clear,  and about  a foot  and a half

square.  It had sixteen small squares on it, visible from either side,

which were  just black outlines.  He handed it to Deirdre, who took it

by the  edges.  "Cheryl, don't do anything.  Just watch.  I'm going to

play one myself, and not even pay attention to Deirdre."

     Deirdre still didn't know what to do with it.

     "Touch any  box," Jeffrey said.  "Try to get four in a row before

the Device does."

     Deirdre touched  a square,  which glowed  green.   A light "beep"

sound came  from nowhere.   Then,  another square  glowed red, with an

omnious "bong"  noise.   Deirdre touched  another  square,  there  was

another beep,  and another  bong, and  two more colored squares.  This

went on for a few more seconds until there were four red squares along

the bottom  row.   A deep voice laughed, and boomed out:  "You LOSE!!!

Hahahahaha."   The winning squares blinked.  Then the piece of plastic

just vanished.

     "That whole series of CONDITIONAL events was set up before, while

I was  testing.    I  can start the same thing again without having to

put a  lot of  mental effort  into it."   Three  more  plastic  sheets

appeared.  He handed one to Cheryl, and one to Deirdre, and played the

third himself.   "Damn",  yelled Jeffrey,  as four red squares started

blinking and  the "You  LOSE!!!   Hahahahahaha" sound  boomed out.   A

moment later,  a giant illuminated sign appeared, with arrows pointing

to Deirdre,  who was  holding a game with four blinking green squares.

The sign  said "Congratulations!".   Bells  rang, sirens  whooped, and

then the sign and plastic card vanished.

     Cheryl was still staring at her card.  She had made one bad move,

so that either of the moves she could now make would result in a loss.

As the  other two  were watching,  one of  the red squares on her game

turned green.   Cheryl  then touched  the one  in the  corner, causing

another "Congratulations"  sign to  materialize.   "No  fair!"  yelled


     "Of course  it's fair.  Everything's fair to ME.  I'm holding the

box!  By the way, nice work.  That's really neat how things can happen

by themselves.  Now I have to think up some uses for it!"

                                Chapter 20

     It wasn't  too long  before the first few erotic thoughts crossed

Cheryl's mind.  Meanwhile, the trio had just been talking, and amusing

themselves with  simple magic  tricks, all  of which  used real magic.

Cheryl had  promised Deirdre  some fun, but, with all the joking going

on, it  was time to play one on her.  She waited until the others were

watching her.

     "And  now,  a  real  disappearing  act!",  she  said  in  a  very

professional voice.  She stared at Deirdre for a second.  She picked a

bag up  from the  floor,  which  had  materialized  where  the  others

couldn't see it.  Holding it open to them, and then shaking it just as

magicians  do,  she  showed  that  it  was  empty.    "Nothing  up  my

sleeve...", she  exclaimed with  laughter.   She reached into the bag,

fumbled around  for a few seconds, and pulled a shirt from it.  It was

Deirdre's.  Cheryl had a very wide smile on as Deirdre discovered that

her shirt  was no  longer on  her, but  in Cheryl's hand!  Jeffrey was

looking at  her.   She felt a bit embarassed for a few seconds, as she

put her  arms in  front of her bosom.  Then she relaxed a bit, lowered

her arms,  and took  a deep  breath, making  the contents of her bra a

little more prominent, as if to show off.

     Cheryl was  digging around in the bag again.  "Let's see...  What

else do I have here?"

     Deirdre felt a tug on her bra, which Cheryl pulled out of the bag

from across  the table.    Her  breasts  bounced  a  bit  as  the  bra

disappeared.  Jeffrey looked again, and this time looked away quickly.

Deirdre felt embarassed again.

     "Hmmm....   What's this?"  Cheryl queried, as she rummaged around

once again.   She tugged as if whatever it was inside the bag wouldn't

come out  easily.  She pulled out Jeffrey's underpants, which vanished

from inside  his pants.  (Cheryl couldn't have done that if she hadn't

already known just what he was wearing!)

     Deirdre and  Cheryl both giggled.  "Hey!" yelled Jeffrey.  Cheryl

reached into  the bag again, and gave Jeffrey's cock a gentle squeeze.

He started to grow inside his pants.

     Cheryl then,  in rapid  succession, pulled from the bag Jeffrey's

shirt, his  pants, and  Deirdre's slacks,  and finally  panties.   She

pulled her  own shirt  off over  her head,  and then  made her own bra

disappear, as  well as the bag, and everyone's footwear.  She made the

table disappear,  which gave  Jeffrey a  good look a Deirdre's private

parts and vice versa.

     It became  a contest  of sorts.   In minutes everyone was showing

off.   Cheryl had  managed to  relax everyone's inhibitions.  "What do

you think?",  she asked  of Jeffrey, while pointing to Deirdre's bush,

which was neatly trimmed, looking a little less natural than her own.

     Jeffrey didn't  know how  he was  supposed to  answer.  "Not bad.

It's no  fair though.   There's  nothing to  see from  here."   He was

right-- all  he could see was the dark patch of hair between Deirdre's

legs.   The actual  equipment, unlike his own, was concealed, at least

until she was ready to use it.

     "GUYS don't  have to  cover up  their CHEST.  Besides, what would

you want to see anyway?"   With that, Deirdre slid down in her chair a

bit, and  lifted one  leg, spreading  her legs apart.  The lips of her

pussy were  visible; as she spread her legs, the lips parted.  Jeffrey

and Cheryl  both got  a good  look and  the pink flesh inside, and the

moist opening into her body.

     Jeffrey closed  his eyes and sighed, the image fixed in his mind.

His cock grew completely hard.

     Deirdre put her leg down, and then stood up, pointing an accusing

finger at Cheryl.  "What about YOU?"

     Cheryl still  had her  pants on.  She stood up, and her jeans and

panties disappeared  at the  same time.   "Fair  is fair",  she  said.

Jeffrey opened  his eyes, and looked at Cheryl. She smiled at him, her

pussy looming  at  about  eye  level  with  Jeffrey.    It  wasn't  as

interesting as  the view  that Deirdre  had  just  shocked  him  with.

Cheryl was  standing with  her legs  together.  He sighed again.  Both

girls noticed the state he was in...  Their bodies had melted him.

                                Chapter 21

     Cheryl startled  Jeffrey back  to life  by zapping  the chair out

from underneath  him.   He fell  to the floor, hitting his rump on the

somewhat rough carpeting.  "Ow!", he yelled.

     Cheryl apologized, having underestimated the force of the impact.

She changed  the  flooring  from  carpet,  to  a  smooth,  comfortable

surface, kind  of like foam rubber.  It was soft to the touch, but you

wouldn't sink  down into  it.    Deirdre  nodded  in  approval.    She

simplified the  room, eliminating  all the  furniture, and  making the

room square, and smaller.  There were no doors.  Jeffrey stretched his

legs out, and started to sit up.

     Cheryl stepped  over him,  straddling his legs, with her hands on

his shoulders.  Her pussy was almost right in his face.  Her scent was

mesmerizing.   She squatted  down, pushing  his shoulders, and forcing

him to  lie down.   He didn't complain.  In seconds she was straddling

his pelvis,  her pussy  wide open,  and his cock pointed straight into

it.   He grabbed  her hips,  and helped  her ease  down onto him.  She

teased him  a bit, pulling up just as the tip of his cock touched her.

Deirdre was  watching intently,  noticing the elements of Cheryl's and

Jeffrey's technique  she hadn't  seen yet.   Cheryl  finally sat down,

squeezing him  between her  legs, and  his penis  sank deep  into  her

vagina.  With that done, sitting stationary and upright, she looked up

at Deirdre.  "Well, come on!!  Take a ride!"  She squeezed her vagina,

sending a  silent, invisible  wink to  Jeffrey.   He squeezed  his own

muscles, sending the reply.

     Deirdre was  standing over  Jeffrey, with her feet on either side

of Jeffrey's head.  She was facing Cheryl.  Deirdre smiled at Jeffrey,

then squatted  down.  She got on her knees, and twisted around to take

one last  look at  her pussy's target.  "I'm gonna come all over you",

she said  to him, with a wide grin.  Jeffrey sent another "message" to

Cheryl, who  then smiled at Deirdre.  Deirdre then slowly settled down

on Jeffrey.   His  face disappeared  between her legs.  She squirmed a

bit, nestling him in, and allowing her pussy to open to him.  Her lips

opened around  his.   She put  most of  her weight on him, pinning him

down.   Her legs  squeezed his  head-- blocking  his  ears.    Jeffrey

tampered with the image to allow himself to breathe, through his nose.

His mouth  was sealed  to Deirdre's cunt.  He started to probe it with

his tongue, and he reached up and found her tits with his hands.  Even

though he  couldn't see,  hear, or  talk, he  did  an  admirable  job.

Deirdre's breasts  were a little larger than Cheryl's, and her nipples

responded to  his touch  just as  quickly.   His  tongue  circled  her

clitoris.  She started moaning.

     Cheryl, jealous  for a  second at  Deirdre's  state  of  arousal,

started rocking  back and forth, and then started sliding up and down.

Jeffrey started  to  bounce  underneath  her.    She  didn't  feel  as

involved; Jeffrey  couldn't reach her body with his hands, and she was

watching him play with Deirdre.  Deirdre and Jeffrey left the world of

self-control before  Cheryl did--  Jeffrey being unable to communicate

with her  any longer, even through his cock, which was too busy inside

her now.   As  she saw  Deirdre show  familiar signs of an approaching

orgasm, her own seemed far away.  So, Cheryl tried something new.  She

whispered to  herself...   "Let him  hear me.   I've  got to  talk  to


     Jeffrey was  startled by  Cheryl's voice,  which was  coming from

inside his  head somewhere.   "Jeffrey...  I need you...  Take me with


     Jeffrey pulled  his tongue from Deidre for a moment.  He replied,

just as  Cheryl had.   He  had never thought of this use of the Device

before.  "You ARE coming with me...  I'm giving as much of myself as I


     He took  one hand  off of  Deirdre's bosom,  and grabbed Cheryl's

hand with it.  "You have to hurry, I can't hang on much longer..."

     Cheryl had  yet another  good idea.   "You can hang on as long as

you want..."

     Deirdre's juices  were getting  to Jeffrey.    Even  without  his

tongue, she  was starting  to come,  and the  juices he was swallowing

were making him lose touch with everything.  He managed to get a final

few words out to Cheryl...  "Use...  A... Conditional...".

     Cheryl knew  what he  meant.   She sent  a few words to him.  Not

only did  those words  give the  Device a  rule to  follow,  but  just

thinking them  sent Cheryl  into a  deep level  of intercourse.   "You

CAN'T come... until I do..."

                                Chapter 22

     Jeffrey's tongue  was back inside Deirdre's body.  He had it grow

inside her, so that it was long, and thrust it in and out, feeling the

texture of her vagina with his tongue.  Every contraction squeezed it.

Her come  started to  leak over  Jeffrey's  face.    Deirdre's  orgasm

continued, and  more come  flowed from  her than  Jeffrey could drink.

She loved  to come,  to see  the fluid  leave her  own body  and cover

someone else,  as if  it was  evidence of  her pleasure that she could

keep.   With the  Device, the  amount of  fluid she  could produce was

unlimited.   She took  advantage of it.  Jeffrey's hair was wet, even,

beneath her  pelvis.   It made  him slippery,  and she  slid her  body

around a bit.

     Jeffrey was  on the  edge.   Cheryl's pussy was ready to suck his

come out  of him,  and he  was ready to shoot it into her, but he just

couldn't.  He was on the edge, but couldn't go over it.

     Deirdre, exhausted,  out of  breath, and  completely drained, let

her orgasm  complete itself.   Jeffrey  knew that  it  was  over,  and

returned his  tongue to  his mouth.   With  a sucking  noise,  Deirdre

lifted herself from Jeffrey, who immediately started panting.  She lay

down next to him.

     Cheryl went  on for a few more minutes, sometimes taking it easy,

and sometimes very intense.  She started coming when Jeffrey took both

tits in  his hands.   Jeffrey  felt her  orgasm.   His own  was  still

pending; the semen already built up, and ready to leave him.  Finally,

just as  Cheryl finished  coming, Jeffrey went stiff, pushing his cock

in as  far as  possible, and  letting his come enter her body.  It was

finally over.  Fluid leaked from Cheryl, into Jeffrey's pubic hair.

     Deirdre was  still panting.  Touching the puddle of her own come,

which surrounded Jeffrey's head and made his hair both wet and sticky,

she talked to Cheryl.  "Not bad, huh?"

     That was  another running  joke  between  them.    Always  highly

competitive, Cheryl  and Deirdre  had even  compared the  quantity  of

their own come, as if that was some measure of sexual ability.

     Cheryl said, "Not bad, but...", and pointed to the spot where she

was joined with Jeffrey, and liquid was still dripping out.

     "That doesn't count.  That's Jeffrey's too."

     That got  Cheryl to her feet.  Staring Deirdre right in the eyes,

she said:  "Oh YEAH??   Take  THIS, then!"   She  squatted down a bit,

still straddling  Jeffrey, and  a flood of come lurched forth from her

pussy.   It was  very warm as it poured onto Jeffrey, and didn't stop,

as if someone had left a faucet open.  "So there!"

     "Okay, Okay, you win!  Stop already, you're getting ME all wet."

     Since everything  was wet anyway, Cheryl shook her pelvis once in

Deirdre's direction, splashing her with the hot liquid.  Then the flow

stopped, and Cheryl's pussy closed.  Things had gotten quite silly.

     "Time for  a shower,  I think", Jeffrey said quietly.  With that,

Cheryl transported  them all  to the top of a grassy hill, outside, in

the dark  mid-afternoon as  some storm  clouds rolled  by.  It started

raining.  The rain was warm, and cleaned them all up.  Jeffrey sat up,

and rinsed  the come  out of  his hair.   Nobody  said anything  about

Cheryl's novel way of taking a shower.

     A few  minutes later,  the rain  stopped.  It was warm and breezy

out.   The seagulls  from last  time were  back, though they made less

sense here  since there  was no  ocean in  sight.  The sky lightened a

bit.   Everyone was  warm and  dry, still naked, after a time.  Nobody

said anything,  until Cheryl  finally broke the silence.  "So, what do

you think of my boyfriend?"

     Jeffrey's ears  perked up.   He was Cheryl's boyfriend.  He liked


     "I'd take  him myself  if  he  wasn't  yours."    So  flattering!

Jeffrey had to return the comment.

     "You're BOTH  good.   I haven't  been able to overestimate Cheryl

yet."   Jeffrey licked his lips.  "And you DEFINITELY know what you're

doing, Deirdre."   She  smiled.   Both girls  slid over  and leaned up

against him.   He  put one  hand on  each of  them,  gently  caressing

Cheryl's left  breast, and  Deirdre's right.   They  sat again in this

position for a "while" (minutes having no real definition).

                                Chapter 23

     Cheryl sat  up.   "Well, shall  we go back?  Or do you want to go

flying or something?"

     Deirdre wasn't too excited about flapping about thousands of feet

from the  ground.   "Well, I'm  kind of  beat, and  I  don't  want  to


     Cheryl answered:   "It's  no trouble  at all.  We can go back and

find something REAL to do..."

     Deirdre jumped  in.   "Well, there  IS one  thing I'd like to SEE

with my own eyes, if you two will oblige me.  "

     Jeffrey answered, "What's that?  Whatever you like."

     "After all,  we could  have just  done what  we did in real life,

almost.   Well, what  I'd really  like to  see is  what Cheryl told me

about.  I want to see her pussy swallow you, if you don't mind."

     Jeffrey looked  at Cheryl.   Her  pussy looked  so small...    It

looked like she was thinking about it.

     Cheryl, without turning her head, said, "Ok... Let's go back...".

A moment  later, they  were back  in Jeffrey's apartment, just as they

had left  it, except  that the floor was clean and dry now.  Deirdre's

eyes lit up.  "You're really going to do it?"

     Jeffrey smiled  a bit  at the  thought.   Cheryl first  said, "Of

course!   That's what you wanted, right?  Not as if we haven't done it

before!   But this  time, I'm  going to  do it  RIGHT, so I don't lose

reality..."  She pointed to Jeffrey, and uttered a command:  "Shrink!"

     Jeffrey looked  around, at himself.  "Huh?"  Nothing seemed to be


     "You're a  little too  big to  fit inside  right  now!"    Cheryl

pointed to  her pussy,  which did  indeed seem  to be tiny when one is

considering being  inside of it.  "So, I'm shrinking you.  About cock-

sized would be very nice!"

     Deirdre ran  her fingers  through Cheryl's  bush, touching for an

instant the lips of her pussy.  "I can't believe it!"

     Jeffrey was  shorter than  Cheryl now.  He reached up and touched

her, and  his hands  slid down  her sides  as he shrank.  When he only

came up  to her  knees, she sat on the floor, spreading her legs, with

one on  each side.   She  waited.  Deirdre knelt down beside Cheryl so

she could get a close look.

     Jeffrey was  now only  about six  inches tall.   He  looked up at

Deirdre, who  smiled and then laughed at him.  He didn't say anything;

he didn't  know what  his voice  should sound  like.    He  walked  to

Cheryl's crotch,  and ran  his fingers  through the  stiff, wiry hair,

touching the moist lips that he only could have moved with both hands.

Unlike before,  she hadn't grown a bit.  He couldn't have climbed over

her legs, even.  He started to walk away from her, as if he was having

second thoughts about being subjected to it all.  Cheryl would have to

do this one.

     She grabbed  him, as  he was  walking away.  Her grip was gentle,

and she  wrapped all  her fingers around him to hold him.  She brought

him close  to her  crotch.   Her other  fingers went  inside, and  she

rubbed him, coating him with her slippery fluid.  She had to lubricate

him to get him inside.  She held him on his back, her hand around him.

     She leaned  back.   The time  was here.   She  poked him  towards

herself, with  his feet  first.   His feet bumped up against her skin,

very close  to her anus.  She brought him up, and with one hand opened

her pussy.   His  feet and  legs slipped  effortlessly inside.  It was

warm, soft,  and infinitely more realistic than before.  He could feel

every response of her vagina as he slid inside.  Cheryl pushed him in,

past his knees, telling him to hold stiff.  He wouldn't fit otherwise.

She let  go, and  grabbed him  again, higher up.  This time she pushed

him in past his waist.  Her cunt, inside the lips, was sucking at him.

She let  go again,  and laid  down, no longer looking.  She raised her

knees.   Deirdre watched with intent as her pussy began sucking.  He'd

move out  a bit,  then in,  each time  a bit deeper.  Jeffrey realized

that he  didn't want  his arms  to be  last inside;  as his  chest was

pulled in,  his put  his arms  at his sides, letting Cheryl grasp them

and pull  them in, too.  Cheryl took a deep breath, and pulled him in,

up to  his neck.  She took a few deep breaths, breathed the words "Say

goodbye!", and  with another  effort,  expanded  her  vagina,  sucking

Jeffrey in  completely.   Her lips  slid  around  his  head,  brushing

against his ears, and, as he was pulled into the hole, closed.

     This time,  Jeffrey was  able to see Deirdre's curious face right

up to  the time  when Cheryl's  pussy closed.  Deirdre, still shocked,

hesitated before  pulling Cheryl's  labia apart  with her fingers.  By

the time  she did  that, Jeffrey  had disappeared into Cheryl's vagina

beyond where she could see him.

     "He's gone?"

     "No, he's inside me.  I can feel him.  Like that."

     "What's it feel like?"

     "It's kind  of like  having a  man inside you.  I mean-- a penis,

kind of.  Except--" she giggled-- "this one knows right where to touch


     Jeffrey was  having a  tough time  moving his  arms around inside

her.   Her vagina was very strong, and it was a tight fit.  He decided

to find  a sensitive  spot inside  her-- it  would be  interesting  to

Deirdre to see Cheryl come with no outside stimulation.

     "Can I talk to him?" Deirdre asked.

     "Well..."   Cheryl put  two fingers  inside, to  open a space for

Jeffrey to  talk through, but he was too deep.  She pulled her fingers

out, and her pussy snapped closed again.  "Oh, of course.  Go ahead."

     Now Jeffrey could hear the outside world, where all he could hear

before were  the rumblings  of Cheryl's intestines, and heartbeat.  He

could breathe, so he was able to answer.  His voice, somewhat muffled,

came from between Cheryl's legs.

     "How is it in there?"  Deirdre asked.

     "Warm and cozy.  Really wet too.  Even wetter if I can find..."

     Cheryl giggled  again.   A powerful  contraction  of  her  vagina

nearly crushed Jeffrey.

     "Look up, not too far inside.  That's where mine is."

     "Fine," came  the voice.   "But where's UP?  There's only in, and


     "It's kind of rough.  You'll find it."

     Jeffrey reached  up.   He could  just reach a rough spot with his

fingertips.   He used  his legs  to try to climb up, but couldn't bend

his knees.   He slipped, and the tightness forced him further in.  His

feet were caught in her cervix.

     He pulled  one foot  loose.   Now that there was a little room to

bend, he  started sliding  his whole  body back  and forth through the

muscular barrel.   His  cock rubbed  against the  smooth,  warm,  soft

walls.   It excited  him.  He felt contractions, but just kept up what

he was  doing.   Loud thumps  told him  that Cheryl had collapsed back

onto the floor-- she must have been getting up.

     It got  wet, very wet, and hot.  Very hot.  Almost painfully hot.

He put  all of  his energy into her, from within.  She was putting her

energy into  him, squeezing him from everywhere.  He kept sliding back

and forth.   She came, her body loosening for a moment.  For a second,

he could  see outside-- light-- and the walls of the room.  Cheryl was

on her  back, and  had spread her legs.  His legs caught firmly in her


     He heard  Cheryl's panting.  Her heartbeat, which surrounded him,

was fast,  but slowing.    He felt himself tipped, head down.  She was

standing up.  It was still comfortable.  He got another glimpse of the

outside; this  time he  saw the  floor.   Then it went dark.  "You can

STAY in  there for  a while," she said.  It got light again, her pussy

opening a  bit.  This time, he saw the inside of her panties.  She was

putting them  on.  Through the fabric, he saw the inside of her jeans.

He tried to scramble towards the outside-- it was loose enough now for

him to  have moved around, but his legs were still stuck.  It got dark

again.   He heard the sound of her zipper, and then a snap, along with

muffled giggles.  She had locked him inside!

                                Chapter 24

     Cheryl and Deirdre had both dressed themselves, and decided to go

for a walk, on a catwalk they had stretched about fifty feet above the

town.   The sun  was setting,  and the  terrific view  was one  of the

reasons that  Cheryl had built the elevated walkway.  The other reason

was, possibly,  to help  alleviate her roommate's fear of heights.  It

seemed to  be working.   They  walked most of the way around the town,

above the  silent, vacant streets.  The town was mostly in shadow, but

the two  girls, above  the buildingtops,  were in sunlight.  They cast

long shadows  in an  area that  was blocks  away.   They talked  about

Jeffrey, and  how they  met.  It became evident to Deirdre that Cheryl

was really  in love  this time;  that made  Deirdre, who  made friends

easily but had no steady lovers, jealous of Cheryl for the first time.

Deirdre had always thought that she was a little too forward, and that

had turned  people off.   Cheryl  revealed that  her involvement  with

Jeffrey was no accident.  She had made up her mind, thanks to Deirdre,

that she wasn't treating people properly.  Jeffrey had done favors for

her at  IDT that  she had  never  returned,  fearful  of  gaining  his

attention.   She knew that hurt him.  Everyone seemed to like him, but

she wouldn't give him a chance, even though she was lonely.  He was on

her mind  much of the time.  She didn't want to wait through a lengthy

courtship-- she had convinced herself, over time, that she wanted him,

and that  he might  want her.   She had learned of the Device, and one

night decided  that if  she wanted Jeffrey, she'd just have to get his

attention and  hold on  to him  long enough for him... to realize that

she really was worth having.  So, when the opportunity came up for her

to meet  Jeffrey alone  AND possibly  try out the Device, she had just

taken a  deep breath  and jumped  in with both feet, which is what she

was hoping he'd do.

     Deirdre complained  that for  her, it  wasn't that easy.  Even if

she had  done the  same thing with people in the past, she hadn't been

able to  hold on  to them.  She had a lack of commitment; she gave the

few potential  boyfriends she'd  had a  feeling  that  she  was  still

shopping for  something better, and none of them would put up with it.

She was  two years  older than  Cheryl, and  had been  doing the wrong

thing all along.  She was depressed.

     They had  walked over  the woods  outside their  town for a while

now.  It wasn't getting any later; Cheryl hadn't programmed the Device

to continue  with the  sunset.   It was  still very  pleasant.  A cool

evening breeze  blew from  one side  of the  walkway.   Both women had

totally forgotten  that Jeffrey  was still  inside Cheryl's  body-- he

hadn't moved  a bit since they started walking, though at first Cheryl

could feel  his presence  inside her  as she walked.  As time went on,

her vagina  had returned  a state  of tonal  contraction-- it was very

tight.   As she  walked, the  tightness had  forced Jeffrey  from  her

vagina into  her womb,  where at  this second  he was  both quiet  and

comfortable, the  smooth rubbery  walls insulating  him from the world

just as  the sealed opening below him locked him inside.  He felt very

secure.   He floated  deep inside  her for long enough to know she had

forgotten about him.  He had tried to "magic" his way out, and to send

a message  to Cheryl,  but her  mind wasn't  on him, and he could only

supersede her  reality with  her consent.   He  wasn't claustrophobic,

fortunately, so  he just  went along for the ride.  With not much else

to do  besides feel the sway of Cheryl's body and listen to the sounds

it made,  he had (for most purposes) fallen asleep.  Sleeping with the

Device engaged wasn't much different from sleeping in real life.

     While they glided back to Jeffrey's on the walkway (which was now

a moving one), Cheryl talked Deirdre out of the mood she was in.

     "I can't  create a  friend for  you.  I can do most anything else

here, but  not that.   You  HAVE a  friend-- ME.  There isn't anything

wrong with  you!   You're just  killing yourself trying to have a good

time, instead of letting it come to you."

     "It doesn't  just come by itself," said Deirdre.  "You didn't get

Jeffrey by just letting him come to you."

     "No, but that was my fault," replied Cheryl.  "If I had been nice

to him earlier, we could have been together that much sooner."

     Deirdre was still depressed.  "I feel like I'm losing a friend."

     Cheryl knew  the feeling.   Somehow,  it wasn't fair that someone

you just  met could  take you  away from  someone you  knew for a long

time, just because the new person was of the other sex.  She had had a

great time  with Deirdre;  they never  fought, and managed to do a lot


     "Deirdre, you're  not getting  rid of me that easy.  Jeffrey gets

along with  you.   And, heck,  I'm not  moving out.   Maybe  he should


     "Not a bad idea," replyed Deirdre, a little more cheerfully.  "He

could pay part of the rent.  God knows we have the space.  If he'll be

on your mind all the time, he might as well be around all the time."

     "Hmmm... Maybe I'll ask, if the time is right.  You're right.  He

is on  my mind a lot.  He's also in my...  OH NO!"  Deirdre and Cheryl

both took  a worried glance at Cheryl's pants.  "He's been in there...

for a LONG TIME!"



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