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Archive-name: Changes/bluebox2.txt


Archive-title: Bluebox, The - 2

                             *** Chapter 7  ***

      It took  a  few  more  seconds  before  Jeffrey  understood  that

 Cheryl's words were not just the usual ones that come to a female mind

 in the  heat of  passion.  With every undulation, he felt as if he was

 sinking deeper  into her, deep between her legs, feeling more and more

 of her.   But  it didn't just seem that way... it was true.  Her pussy

 was widening,  her pelvis  growing, and  her legs  spreading, and  all

 together, somehow,  they were  taking more than just his cock.  He had

 somehow slipped  inside her,  and now much of his body was feeling her

 warm slipperiness.   He  was using  most of his body, not just a small

 part, to  excite her to orgasm.  Each of her motions caused her vagina

 to swallow more of him, as she urged him deeper inside.  His torso was

 inside now,  his arms  around her  legs, all of him sliding in and out

 like only his penis was doing before.  His whole body had the exciting

 sensation that his penis had before-- he was experiencing her in a way

 that could never happen without the Device.   Jeffrey had less trouble

 now reminding himself that it wasn't really happening, thank goodness;

 because he  had lost  his grip  on  her  legs,  and  her  opening  was

 devouring him, pulling his arms and head into her body, consuming him.

 He might  have been able to see out through her cunt, but it was still

 only dark  outside.   She was losing her control over the Device-- her

 mind wandering  towards orgasm  and no  longer  maintaining  Jeffrey's

 sense of  reality.   Jeffrey started  to feel  closed  in--  not  sure

 whether her  vagina was  still open,  or where  it was,  or  what  was

 happening at  all.   He came,  and felt  his own semen mixing with the

 wetness that was there all along-- but it didn't seem quite real... it

 was too  much like  a dream.   Neither  Cheryl nor  Jeffrey,  for  the

 moment, could think clearly enough to define reality.

      Jeffrey felt  a sudden  tightening around him, and a sudden flood

 of love  juice around  him.   It was  very, very tight, and as Jeffrey

 returned to  clearer thoughts, he had to tell himself he could breathe

 even while immersed in Cheryl's come, if that's what it was (it tasted

 like it)  and that's  where he was located.  Her orgasm seemed to stop

 for a moment, and then continue, and finally, it was over.

      He was  back outside  her, penis  still inside,  as if the wilder

 events never  happened.   Did she  really pull  him ALL  inside  after

 uttering those words, or did he just imagine it after she lost control

 of the  Device?   He'd have to ask later, but somehow that seemed like

 it would be an embarassing question.

      Jeffrey tried to turn around, out of her, then realized that they

 were still  fixed together.   Jeffrey  pointed  "down  there",  Cheryl

 nodded and relaxed herself, and he slid out of her.  They floated down

 towards the soft floor.

                              *** Chapter 8 ***

      They had  rested for  quite a  while, lying next to each other on

 the undefined  black surface.   Jeffrey  knew that  in real life, they

 didn't need to rest at all.  It just felt nice, for now.

      Cheryl was the first one to speak.  "Alright, enough of the black

 hole, here."   With  that, Jeffrey  watched as  Cheryl "painted" in an

 environment.   Warm afternoon  sun, blue  sky with  just a  few  puffy

 clouds, ocean  off in  the distance.   As  long as Cheryl was occupied

 with that  area, Jeffrey  created a  lagoon a  few feet  away, and the

 obligatory waterfall  at the  opposite end  of it.  Soft, grassy earth

 underneath.   Still no  clothes.  He appreciated the naked female body

 next to  his, which looked almost a little tan now, and didn't want to

 change anything.   In  fact, he  couldn't remember what either of them

 were wearing  before-- it  all seemed  so natural  now.  Cheryl turned

 around and  admired his work, while Jeffrey admired hers-- faint salt-

 air scent,  all the sounds of the surf, and even a few seagulls, which

 flew in  lazy circles  for as  long as  he  stared  at  them.    Quite

 pleasant.   The warm  sun and  cool breeze  went well together.  There

 were enough  details now to make Jeffrey seriously consider staying in

 a place  like this  more permanently--  rocky cliffs in one direction,

 and an innocent-looking wooded area the other way.  Best of all, there

 were no insects or other pests.

      Time was  proceeding slowly,  and they  didn't  rush  themselves.

 They played  with each  other for  a time; talked about themselves and

 each  other,  learning  things  that  were  suddenly  easy  to  learn.

 Everything felt  comfortable.   They swam for a while, made love again

 in a much more conventional, casual fashion, then walked on the beach,

 and then,  at Cheryl's  request, both  went for a long flight over the

 area, trying  to imitate  (for a  while) the  way the seagulls floated

 into the  wind, hardly moving.  They landed, returning to their normal

 form, walked  along the shore again, talking.  No sunburns here, thank


      Jeffrey didn't  credit the  Device for all this.  Cheryl had what

 it takes--  the imagination,  spirit, and  will to make it all happen,

 and she seemed to love sharing all her experiences with him.  Somehow,

 things would never quite be the same again.

      "How long is left?" Cheryl asked.

      "Don't ask  me.   You have the Device, remember?  The only way to

 actually look  at the  timer, is  to bring the box back, and just read

 the time off the top.  You can't change the setting from here, though.

 That can only be done in real life."

      Cheryl held  her hands  out, and  the red box reappeared in them.

 She peered at the liquid-crystal display.  It read 1 hour, 17 minutes.

 "One-Seventeen, it says.  We've used up most of the time we have."

                              *** Chapter 9 ***

      Jeffrey said,  "Then it's  about 7:44  back in reality.   We'd be

 hungry (or  have other bodily needs) not too long after the timer runs

 out...   So we  better just  make good  use of the time we have.  I'll

 take you out for a REAL dinner at 9, then.  Good thing today's Friday.

 When do you usually eat?"

      "Pretty early, but I can eat late with no trouble."

      Jeffrey peered  towards the  box.   "Good.  If you got too hungry

 back in  reality, the  Device would shut off.  Same if..."  He trailed


      "I used the ladies' room at about 4:30."

      That answered  his question.   "Good  enough.   Then we'll  be OK

 until 9  and don't  have to worry about it before then.  Of course, we

 could stop now--"

      Cheryl cut  him off.   The  box disappeared  again.  "No need to.

 Why leave early?"

      Jeffrey agreed,  now thankful  for Cheryl's  decision to  set the

 timer for four hours.  He nodded.

      Cheryl looked  more serious  now.   "Jeffrey, there's one thing I

 absolutely have  to do  while I'm  here.   You've been  great so  far,

 putting up  with all  my wishes--  like it  or not.  You've enjoyed it


      Jeffrey couldn't  agree more.  His eyes swept towards the ground.

 "Very much."

      "Good.   But I've got to try this while I'm here.  You'll have to

 put up with this even if you don't like it.  I don't think you'll mind

 at all--  I never have, but I'm not you.  But I'd never forgive myself

 if I  didn't experiment  with this--  even if  you'd never speak to me

 again.  Understand?"

      Jeffrey nodded,  confused.   Why didn't  she just  ask  what  she

 wanted?   Was she  afraid that  he'd say "no", and didn't want to give

 him that chance?  And what hadn't they already tried?  And how did she

 know she liked it if she never tried it?

      Cheryl led  him back  to a  point near the lagoon, where they had

 started.   The sun  had dropped  a bit.   "No, this isn't good enough.

 It's too  perfect, and  not realistic  enough."    With  that, a  door

 appeared.   Nothing else, just a door.  It was kind of pink, and had a

 little plate  on it  that said  "Cheryl".    She  took Jeffrey's hand,

 walked to the door, and opened it.   There was a complete room inside,

 where there was only a door outside.  She'd seen too many Pink Panther

 cartoons, where such anomalies were commonplace.  This was realistic?

      The room,  of course,  was Cheryl's  bedroom.   Quite roomy for a

 bedroom, it  had all  the details  already in  place.  She led Jeffrey

 inside  and   closed  the   door,  ending  the  beach/lagoon/waterfall

 environment entirely.   All the details were already here, even a damp

 towel on  the back  of the chair and a pair of panties on the floor in

 the corner.   The  bed was  made.   "Sorry, I  didn't  clean  up  this

 morning."  AHH.  Now it made sense.  Her room was FAMILIAR to her, and

 thus  was  infinitely  more  realistic  than  an  environment  created

 (literally) from scratch.  This place had a real counterpart, and that

 eliminated the constant reminders that none of this was happening.

      "Bet you'd never thought you'd see the inside of my bedroom, huh?

 Not many people have."

      Jeffrey was  looking out  the window  into a  parking lot,  which

 belonged to  a professional  office next  door.   All he could tell is

 that they  were on  about the  second floor  of some kind of apartment

 building.     Every  bit   of  information   was  from   her   memory.

 Absentmindedly, he  answered.   "No, I never did.  And your room isn't

 messy.   You should  see mine.   I actually cleaned it today, but it's

 usually a mess until after I get home."

      Cheryl pulled  him from  the window,  reaching up  for the shade,

 then realized  that there  could be nobody out there who could see in.

 "I'll show  you the  rest of  the place later.  But we don't have much


      Jeffrey looked  impatient, somewhat  frustrated because he didn't

 know what was going on.  "Well, what do we do?"

      "Just stand  there.   Just like that.   Relax."   She reached for

 his penis  again, which  was in a semi-erect state and started to grow

 again at her touch.  But she wasn't fondling him-- it seemed more like

 an examination.   She  stooped down  and looked  at it  more  closely,

 lifted it and examined his scrotum, and ran her fingers around it all.

 Then she  just dropped it, and turned to look at herself.  She set one

 leg on her bed, and took a quick glance at her own genitals, then took

 a quick  look at  her whole body in the mirror.  Then she plopped down

 on her bed, one knee up, with a satisfied look.

      Jeffrey took that as an invitation.  He advanced towards her bed,

 growing harder.  But Cheryl stopped him.

      "No, just stay right there.  You'll join me in a few minutes."

      Again, he  was frustrated,  confused, and,  now, somewhat  angry.

 But before  he could say anything, he felt funny.  Just a little.  His

 erection had  disappeared.  Cheryl, again, was examining herself, with

 one hand  near her  thighs.  She kept looking down there, then back at


      Jeffrey took  the clue to look at himself.  His scrotum was gone,

 and his penis was far smaller than it ever was before.  He grabbed it,

 and felt  it slide  away, out  of  his  fingers.    Something  equally

 eventful was  happening to  Cheryl, but her attention was still mostly

 focused on  him.  She was almost smiling while he was anxiously trying

 to figure  out just  what she  was doing.  She didn't look right.  For

 starters, the breasts he had admired so much were gone.  Why would she

 do that?   She liked 'em too.   Jeffrey reached for his groin again...

 and this  time, found  nothing there  at all.  The patch of pubic hair

 had nothing in the middle of it.  It felt like his penis, somehow, was

 inside, but there was nothing for it to be inside of.

      That drew  attention away  from the  rest of  his body, which was

 starting to  change also.  For starters, he had lost some height.  And

 weight.   The muscles that he was so proud of before, hardly showed at

 all.  The hair on his chest, arms, legs, were all gone.  His shape was

 changing, too.

      It wasn't until he felt a slight depression between his legs that

 he noticed  the other  changes, and  with considerable  fright learned

 what Cheryl  had done.   He  looked on  the bed,  and saw some sort of

 penis starting  to emerge  from her  crotch.  With all the exploration

 they had done, Cheryl had decided that she wanted to know what it felt

 like to  be a  man, and she was changing Jeffrey into a woman, like it

 or not.

      Cheryl was starting to grow a little hair on her chest.  She slid

 over, and  now invited  Jeffrey to  lie down next to him.  Jeffrey had

 his fingers  between his  legs, trying  to figure  out just how he was


      "Relax, you're  only a  little girl  right now.   Don't fight it.

 You can  explore yourself  later."   Her  voice  was  changing.    The

 process, just  like the  disappearing clothes,  had been  started, and

 would continue  by itself  to completion  unless  Cheryl  stopped  it.

 Jeffrey, feeling helpless as well as speechless, climbed onto Cheryl's

 bed, stared  at the  ceiling, and  then turned  to  look  at  Cheryl's

 developments.  Her penis was almost fully-grown, and she had developed

 balls just  like his were before.  There was some on her chest, she no

 longer had  a feminine  figure-- at  this  point,  for  all  practical

 purposes, Cheryl  was a man, though it would take her a while to learn

 just what that meant.

      Jeffrey looked  at his  chest, which  although was  now hairless,

 didn't really  seem different.   He looked at Cheryl as if to ask what

 was happening.

      She understood.   "I'm  sending you through it slowly.  Feel what

 it's like  to change  from a girl into a woman.  You might as well get

 the experience."  And if you have anything to teach me, go ahead."

      The word "girl" had an effect on him.  It was hard for Jeffrey to

 think of  himself as  a "girl",  but now,  he was.   There just wasn't

 anything masculine  left.   Cheryl was  maturing faster,  but she  was

 changing all at once.  Jeffrey was changing according to some schedule

 that Cheryl had defined.  Jeffrey made a few "touch-up" adjustments as

 Cheryl started  her journey through puberty, particularly the annoying

 parts that came to mind-- a voice that wouldn't stay at one pitch, and

 so on.   But  before long,  she had  grown to  maturity, with complete

 genitals, hair  on chest,  and so  on.  Jeffrey removed the only other

 reminder of  Cheryl's former  gender--  the  long  hair,  trimming  it

 mentally to a more appropriate length.  Jeffrey was wondering, though,

 how the  Device would  reproduce the effect of hormones-- or instinct,

 that had changed.  The best that could be done for now was for Jeffrey

 to concentrate  for a  moment on  the hought  of male  hormones  being

 generated in Cheryl's new genitals, surging through her bloodstream in

 increasing quantity.  She was done, now.

      Jeffrey, however,  wasn't.   He had  started to develop hips, and

 his vagina  was complete.  But the rest wasn't happening by itself, or

 so it  seemed.   Jeffrey explained  the hormone/instinct  question  to

 Cheryl, who  of course couldn't answer either, but promised to do what

 she could to connect Jeffrey's new organs, and hormones, hopefully.

      Cheryl turned  his  attention  to  Jeffrey.    His  areolas  were

 widening, darkening, and had swollen a little, a sure sign of the next

 step towards womanhood.  He felt a distinct tingle in his chest, first

 in the area around the nipple, then spreading.

      "You're growing  tits, girl!"  Cheryl exclaimed.   "Funny how you

 have tits  one day, before you can even see 'em, but suddenly you just

 know what's there!"

      They both  stared at  Jeffrey's chest.  Now the whole area around

 each nipple was swelling.  His breasts enlarged, perky and cone-shaped

 at first.   His  areolas still  seemed swollen.  His breasts grew into

 the familiar round shape, now even with the areola, then grew yet more

 before the  changes finally stopped.  They drooped a bit to his sides.

 They seemed  heavy to  Jeffrey, even  though he was lying on his back.

 Cheryl ran  her fingers  over them  lightly, then  turned to  talk  to


      Her voice  was deep  and a  little unnatural.  "I don't feel that

 different, really,  except when I think about my cock, or that my tits

 are gone.  I don't know just how I'm supposed to feel everywhere else,

 or if it's really the same."

      Jeffrey thought  a moment,  then answered  in  his  new  feminine

 voice, which  sounded at least a little more realistic.  "I don't know

 if we'll  ever know  for sure.   I-- I guess that most of the stuff is

 the same, but the Device just can't tell us that.  The biggest changes

 would be  our lifestyle,  not the  way our  own bodies  feel to  us, I

 guess.   But..." (he touched her penis) "...Some of it we can find out

 right now."

                             *** Chapter 10 ***

      The cock  didn't  grow  at  Jeffrey's  touch  like  he  expected.

 Apparently the  equipment was there, but the instinct wasn't, at least

 yet.   Undoubtedly the  Device was  working on it, and the software he

 knew so  well, was now madly trying to interpret each other's thoughts

 and sort  out the  neural patterns  that probably were responsible for


      "We don't have each other's instincts yet.   We can try it anyway

 and see  what happens."   As Jeffrey said this, his fingers were still

 on the  part of  Cheryl's penis  he knew was effective when it was his


      "No, not  yet", she  replied.  "Let's get a feeling for it first.

 I mean--  we're just  out of puberty and rushing to lose our virginity

 before we even understand ourselves.   You haven't even had your first

 period-- no,  I guess I'll spare you that.  You probably wouldn't like

 it and we don't have the time."

      Jeffrey was  thusly reminded  once again  of the power the Device

 could vest  in someone.   He started thinking of the political uses of

 it.   Literally, you  could cause  someone great  mental  duress  even

 though the  Device would prevent someone from inflicting much physical

 pain.   You could  have someone raped by a goat in the middle of Times

 Square, and  although it  wouldn't do  any physical  harm or  even  be

 painful, it  would be  humiliating and  unpleasant, and  enough things

 like that  could persuade  anyone to do anything.  Certainly something

 to look into if the Device gets any further "official" interest.

      Cheryl was  up now,  and Jeffrey  got up  too.   She dressed them

 both, in  clothes similar  to the  ones they  were really wearing.  It

 happened suddenly,  and Jeffrey realized that the tightness around his

 bosom meant  that Cheryl  had decided to outfit him with a bra.  Given

 the size  of its  contents, it seemed necessary.  Everything else felt

 normal except  the lightness  between his  legs.   Cheryl looked quite

 normal in her selection of clothes.

      Jeffrey looked  in the  mirror.   It  took  a  moment  to  really

 convince himself that the female in the mirror was, in fact, him.  The

 fact that he couldn't hide his new figure, and that he didn't want to,

 piqued his  interest.  Cheryl took a quick glance at herself, adjusted

 her shirt a bit, and walked towards a door near the bed.

      "Where are you going?"

      "The bathroom.   I'll  be back."    Cheryl didn't bother to close

 the door, and Jeffrey didn't look to see what she was doing.

      Again, puzzling.   The only time anyone would actually have to go

 is when  they REALLY  had to go in real life.  The Device would create

 that sensation  when it  sensed that  condition in  reality.  It meant

 that it was about to shut off the simulation.  But that didn't happen.

      He heard  the sound  of a  zipper, then the sound of urine in the

 toilet, silenced  for a  moment, along with Cheryl's giggle.  "I guess

 my 'aim'  needs practice."   He  sat on the bed and waited.  The sound

 stopped,  another  zip  followed  by  a  flushed  toilet,  and  Cheryl


      "Neat", she  said.   "I guess  that's really handy at times.  Not

 that I'd  want to  live with  it forever, but it is definitely a plus.

 It really  does feel different.  You ought to try too.  Maybe it would

 help this identity thing work faster."

      Jeffrey answered  "You mean  instinct.   I don't  have to...  You

 can't get the feeling unless you really have to go.   Besides..."

      "Nonsense.   You just  tell yourself you have to go, and suddenly

 you do.  Go ahead, I'll wait."

      "Wait a  minute, that  means you  can actually  imagine  internal

 FEELINGS directly--  without first  imagining some physical event that

 causes it.   That's way beyond the design expectations that the Device


      He was  cut off  by a  sensation from  his bladder.   Cheryl had,

 essentially, decided  that he  had to  go, and  now he did.  He didn't

 finish his  thought, but  merely sighed  "Okay",  and  walked  to  the

 bathroom.   He didn't bother to close the door either.  Why should he?

 He found  it a  sudden inconvienence  that he  had to  remove half the

 clothes that  Cheryl had  just given  him.   He saw the panties he was

 wearing, for the first time.  That elicited a chill along with a "what

 am I  doing?" feeling.   He  sat on  the toilet  and relieved himself,

 surprised once  again to  find that  the feeling  did go  away  as  he

 emptied himself.

      He was  surprised  to  find  Cheryl  looming  near  the  doorway,

 watching him perform this animal function.  "Different, huh?  Now just

 imagine that  every day  for your  whole life.   Imagine being used to


      "Yea...    I  guess I  might.   Oh well."  He got up, flushed the

 toilet, and  dressed again.   "I think I know what you're doing.   The

 clothes... the  bathroom...  You need to make me feel like a woman, in

 addition to just looking and sounding like one.  Right?"

      "Exactly.   I'm starting  to feel  a little  more like  a man,  I

 think.   I want  to know what it's like before our time runs out.  So,

 do you feel the part, or what?"

      "I think  I am.   The hardest part right now is convincing myself

 that I might want to make love to you-- you're a MAN."

      Cheryl had  an answer ready.  "I know.  But then, you're a woman.

 That should  make it easier.  It's natural, now."  She took his arm as

 he re-entered her bedroom, guiding him towards the bed.

      Jeffrey took  a look  at Cheryl's  pants, which started to show a

 bulge.  "You're getting horny, aren't you?"

      The bulge  continued to  grow.    "Well..."    Cheryl  looked  at

 herself.  "I guess I am.   It's just that you're so..."

      Jeffrey interrupted as Cheryl trailed off.  "Hormones.  Instinct.

 It's working.     You've been looking at me.  I've been turning you on

 all this time."

                             *** Chapter 11 ***

      "Geez, I  never thought  I'd feel like this.  I DO want you.  And

 the longer  I think  about it,  the harder it gets to take my mind off

 you."  Cheryl started to unbutton and unzip the jeans that Jeffrey had

 only finished with.

      Jeffrey stopped her, then looked up into her face.  "I don't know

 if I'm  ready.  This body's too new to me.  I'm not sure if I want you

 doing that... with..."

      Cheryl put  both arms around Jeffrey, which was now very easy for

 her.   Jeffrey put  his head  on her  shoulder.   "It's my fault", she

 said.   "This is  really spectacular.   I  know what  it  feels  like.

 You're ready.  You're just not as excited as I am.  What did you do to

 excite a female when you wanted to...?"

      "I was  gradual.   I'd touch  innocent places  at first...  Kiss,

 touch her  nipples, rub where she liked it, put my fingers between her

 legs..."    Jeffrey realized that he was now telling Cheryl what to do

 with him.  The words, and the images, started to work on him.

      Cheryl took  him to  bed, and kissed him.  He didn't resist.  She

 played with  him, gradually  stimulating him,  like he had done to her

 before.   She put  her hand under his blouse, and touched his bra.  He

 still didn't resist.  Jeffrey's pussy was getting wet.  The Device was

 even able  to produce  his scent's  effect on  Cheryl.   It caught her

 attention, and  made her  anticipate the  copulation she  wanted.  The

 bulge in  her pants  had grown,  and she  removed her jeans and shirt.

 Then she  put her  hands in  Jeffrey's pants,  and quickly  found  the

 opening of  his pussy.   She  stroked him for a while before sliding a

 finger inside.  It was very wet.

      "Wow..." was  all that  Jeffrey could  say.   Cheryl stopped long

 enough for  them to undress.  She now inserted her finger all the way,

 feeling the  softness around  it, and  watching Jeffrey fade away into

 ecstasy.   Finally she  couldn't stand it.  She climbed on top of him,

 but couldn't  manage to find the opening with her penis alone.  In the

 ultimate act  of consent,  Jeffrey reached between his legs and guided

 the tip  of her  cock into his pussy.  Her cock was dry, and it didn't

 go in  at first.   Jeffrey's touch on her penis was driving her crazy.

 She started  moving, in  and out, and with each thrust was moistened a

 bit, and  slid further  in.   They both chimed together; "Oooh" as she

 penetrated him, her penis finally vanishing into his body.  Copulation

 lasted for  several exhausting  minutes...  Jeffrey  keenly  aware  of

 Cheryl's presence  inside him,  and Cheryl  feeling the semen building

 inside her,  ready for  the climax.  They came a moment later, Jeffrey

 feeling his  cunt tightening  involuntarily around  Cheryl's member...

 and Cheryl  feeling the  hot come  traveling through her body, through

 her penis,  and finally  relieved as  it quietly  spurted out from her

 penis and  vanished into  Jeffrey's body.   She collapsed, penis still

 inside, and  a few moments later found the energy to move.  Her penis,

 which was  smaller now,  slid lazily  out of Jeffrey.  Neither of them

 talked for about 10 or 15 minutes, it seemed.

                             *** Chapter 11 ***

      Cheryl was  the first to speak.  "I'm never going to forget this.

 Now I  know just  how it  feels.  I can be a perfect lover, now that I

 know what  does what!     But you  know  something?    We  COULD  have

 forgotten something."


      "I know  we didn't  need it here, but I bet you didn't even think

 of it.   Protection.   Birth  Control.  For all you know, I could have

 just made you pregnant!   To think!  I could have made YOU pregnant!"

      "Well... Hmm.   No, I guess I didn't.  As a man, I would have.  I

 did when  we mated  the first  time.  Eeeks, you're right.  I'm on the

 other end now, huh?   At least..."

      With a  bit of  pride, Cheryl  resumed.   "Well, you  never know.

 Right this  second *MY*  sperm are swimming around inside YOU, hunting

 for an  egg that  may or  may not be there.  If they find it...  Well,

 let's just  say you'll have another use for your tits besides exciting


      Jeffrey was  suddenly concerned.   She had done strange things in

 the past.  "You wouldn't...."

      That's the  question Cheryl  expected.  "Relax.  I've never had a

 baby.  So even if I was going to be mean about it, I wouldn't know how

 to make you feel it.  And it takes a while before you'd know, anyway."

      They continued  talking for  a  while,  mostly  exchanging  their

 experiences so far.  They played with each other some more.  They made

 love again,  this time  with Jeffrey  sitting on top of Cheryl.  After

 that, they  learned that they could "reset" right away if they wished,

 and started  again, side  by side.   But  this time, just after Cheryl

 pushed inside  Jeffrey, he  tightened up and motioned her to stop.  He

 proposed an experiment.

                             *** Chapter 12 ***

      "Let's try  something.   Let's switch  back to ourselves, and try

 again that  way.   I want to feel the difference now that I've had sex

 as a woman."

      Cheryl nodded,  but didn't  move from  her position.  She was too

 far along  to just  stop.  She pushed her penis into Jeffrey as far as

 she could, and pressed herself tightly against him.  Then she held him

 still.  Jeffrey didn't say anything.

      She had  pressed her  chest  against  Jeffrey's;  nipple  against

 nipple.  They adhered to each other.  Jeffrey started to feel his size

 changing.    Cheryl's  body shrank  in Jeffrey's arms, and he felt his

 former strength  returning.   She planted the penis firmly inside him.

 It fused  to his  vagina as  his breasts  fused to Cheryl's chest.  He

 felt the sensation between his legs changing.

      She started  to pull  away from  him, tugging  on his  chest  and

 groin.   As she  did, Jeffrey  started to  feel  a  stickiness  within

 Cheryl; it  grew, and  started to  change to slipperiness.  He was now

 moving within  her.   She tugged  once again on his chest, and now the

 breasts were Cheryl's.  The secondary changes had all happened-- hair,

 voice, and such, but nobody noticed.  Without even separating, Jeffrey

 started sliding *his* penis in an out of *Cheryl's* pussy, and started

 towards his  orgasm.  It didn't feel better or worse to invade than to

 be invaded,  he decided.   Different,  but he liked it both ways.  The

 contractions of his pussy were now the pulsations of his cock.

      He nearly  lept out  of his  chair.  The Device had switched off.

 Cheryl opened  her eyes  and set  the blue  box down  on the  counter,

 panting even  though she  couldn't have  possibly been  out of breath.

 They sat  for a  moment.   Jeffrey could tell that Cheryl was wet;  He

 grew hard  for a minute or two, carrying over from the fantasy just as

 Cheryl had.  The erection subsided.

      Jeffrey broke  the silence.  "That's too bad.  It always seems to

 happen at a bad time.   Oh well, I promised you a dinner, and you must

 be hungry.  It's after 9."

      Cheryl sighed  one last  time.  "No, it's not 'too bad'.  Uhh.. I

 don't know  what to  say!  Thanks very much.  Mind, though, if we save

 the dinner  for some other night?  All I want tonight is a quick pizza

 or something."

      Jeffrey tried  not to look too dejected.   He got up and switched

 off the  equipment and  a few  lights.  "No, that's OK, I can take you

 out some other time."  He continued locking up, and headed with Cheryl

 towards the door.

      "Good.   It's getting  late, and  I want  to have as much time as

 possible... That  is, if  you don't mind spending the night.  Or a few

 nights.  Just this time, let's remember the birth control, okay?"

      Jeffrey laughed,  then embraced  his mate  for a long kiss.  With

 that, they headed out for a pizza.




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