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Archive-name: Changes/bluebox1.txt


Archive-title: Bluebox, The - 1

                               **Chapter 1**

     "I knew  it," Jeffrey  muttered to  himself.   "One letter  in my

INBOX, and  it had  to be  this one."   In the past three years of his

dealings with the government, they had always used private couriers to

correspond, or  more often  the telephone.   But when the message came

via  MCI  MAIL,  he  knew  that  his  three-year  project  was  at  an

unsuccessful end.


          From: George F. Frankel    MCI ID: 213-9164

          To:  * Jeffrey Landers     MCI ID: 150-1060

          Message-ID:  5M113684/818802K3

          Subj: Final Project Decision - Confidential


          Dear Mr. Landers,


          It is  with great  regret that  we must inform you

          that your  proposal to  refine, and  implement the

          use of,  the device  we have  discusssed has  been

          denied.   Unfortunately with  budget cuts applied,

          this department  does not  have the  resources  to

          properly   administer   programs   which   consist

          primarily of  research and  development.   I  will

          personally keep  the proper information on file so

          that, if  the situtation changes, we might be able

          to continue  work on what could be a valuable tool

          to our  society.   I also  commend your  work  and

          thank you  for your efforts to this point.  Formal

          notification will  be sent  to IDT  shortly  along

          with cost recovery information.


          Sincerely Yours,


          Gen. G. F. Frankel

          Human Services



     He switched  the terminal  off.   Government Imbeciles.  Not only

did they make any sort of effective demonstration impossible, but they

had to break the news through MCI MAIL.

     Strangely, he  felt little  anger.  He had a good time working on

the project,  excellent pay,  at the  mere expense of his social life.

His time  had been  devoted to  endless revisions,  modifications, and

testing of  the Device.   It  wasn't his fault that the Federal people

who came  to  test  it  were  just  too--  too--  boring  to  use  it.

Unfortunately he'd never be able to prove that.  He wasn't sure of the

situations that caused the tests to fail.  It worked for him, he felt,

because he had a good imagination.  Good enough to think up the device

in the first place means that one must be good enough to use it.

     The Device  was a  thought amplifier.   Bred  from some  licensed

Japanese electro-encephalographic  technologies that never saw any use

outside some  experimental psychiatric  clinics that (giggle) were now

being sued  for some  sort of  fraud, the  Device was  a miracle  more

stunning than  the space program, the new light-speed superprocessors,

or Ronco's solid-state IR laser turkey carving set.  It started out as

a device  which could clarify thought patterns for analysis by trained

therapists, for  use in  mental hospitals.  The Feds got involved when

the NSA  wanted to  know if  it could  be used to read minds.  Even if

Jeffrey could  have spent a few years researching that application, he

wouldn't think  of it--  because certainly  he wouldn't  be ALLOWED to

think of  it if  the device became a reality.  But Jeffrey's employer,

Interactive  Device   Technologies,  liked   the  idea   of  lucrative

government  contracts   and  encouraged   him  to  continue  with  the

development.   Three years  later, Jeffrey  and IDT  had finished  the

thought amplifier,  but this  last MCI  letter meant  that  there  was

NOBODY, and  that meant nobody, interested in continuing with it.  Now

that IDT  had no  hopes of  a  $12  billion  contract,  Jeffrey  would

probably be out of job.



                            *** Chapter 2  ***

     Cheryl walked  into the  Lab.   "Is that the TA-12?" she queried,

pointing to  the metallic blue box on the counter, without even saying


     Jeffrey knew  at that  instant he was being set up.  Cheryl never

had anything  to do  with the technical staff.  He had seen her around

the building often enough, but learned quickly of her distaste for the

techies, and  had properly ignored her ever since.  Undoubtedly one of

the IDT  managers got  a carbon-copy of the MCI letter and sent Cheryl

in to  cheer Jeffrey  up, rather  than stopping  in themselves.    How

unthoughtful.   He didn't  want to  be cheered  up.   Cheryl was still

standing there,  though, and  Jeffrey racked his mind to remember what

she had asked him.

     "Yes, that's it."

     Cheryl didn't waste a second.  "It doesn't work, huh?"

     Nice cheering-up  job, Jeffrey  thought.   He answered  in a tone

normally reserved for when you lose your best friend.  "It works fine.

It just  doesn't work  for everyone,  that's all.   All the government

people who  tested it  were so skeptical, so narrow-minded it couldn't

have possibly  worked."    He  wondered if  he was rationalizing it or


     Cheryl continued  her insistent questions as if she had a list of

them.  "It works for you?"

     "Yes.  And most other people can use it too."

     "Oh."   It sounded like she just ran out of questions.  "Sorry to

be ignorant.   I just don't pay much attention to what our experiments

do, that's all."

     Jeffrey reached  behind him  and picked  up the  Device.  "Have a

seat", he  said, pointing  to a  chair across  from him.   Cheryl sat.

"All it  is, primarily,  is a  thought amplifier.   It  looks to  what

you're thinking,  and retransmits  it so  that you  can  see  it  more

clearly.   But the big advantage is that it transmits to others within

a few feet.  Want a sample?"



                             *** Chapter 3 ***

     Cheryl nodded  without saying  a word.  Jeffrey started his long-

rehearsed demonstration  speech, required  so that  the visitors would

know what's  going on  and would  have some  margin of  safety  should

something go wrong.

     "Touch your  finger here  for a  second", he  said, pointing to a

small metal circle on top of the Device, which was in his lap.  Cheryl

did.   "All you  did was  allow the  device  to  calibrate  itself  to

your..." (he  hated the  oversimplification)... "'wavelength',  so you

can participate.   You  know what  the Device does, and it's easier to

show you  it's abilities  than to  tell you.   All you have to know is

this:   This box  cannot reproduce  itself in this color in your mind.

It's a  safety device  that took  almost nine months to install.  If I

were to try to fool you into thinking that the demonstration was over,

you'd notice  that the box was red, not blue, because it won't let you

see it  any other  way.   There's a timer on the top that will end the


demonstration in..."  (he set  the timer) "about ten minutes.   That's

another safety  device in  case for  some reason  I can't turn it off.

It'll also turn off on any sort of sensory disturbance, so you have to

be comfortable  before you  can start."   He elected to omit the usual

comment about  using the  rest-room first.   "The  final safety device

limits the  amount of  pain and  suffering you can feel no matter what

happens to  you.   In the  image that the box presents, you could stab

yourself with  a knife  and would feel only momentary discomfort.  And

of course,  you wouldn't  sustain any real-life damage.  That prevents

the Device from being used to torture someone, for the most part.  Now

just clear your mind for a moment, and relax."

     He looked up at her.  She closed her eyes.  He stole a quick peek

at her uncrossed legs and the space between them, that had crossed hi

mind many  times before.   Why  didn't she  like the technical people?

Such a  waste.   Oh well.   He  leaned back  and pressed the switch to

start the demonstration, then put his hands at his sides.

     He opened  his eyes.   "Cheryl?"   She opened hers without saying

anything.   The box was red, instead of blue.  It was incredible-- she

could have,  by any other measure, been actually sitting there staring

at a  red box  there with  Jeffrey.  But no, the box was blue, and her

eyes were closed.  It just SEEMED that way.  She moved her arms.  They

moved.  Fingers too.

     "Everyone always  does that",  Jeffrey giggled.    "Obviously  it

works with  you.   Yes, everything seems normal.  Your fingers wiggle.

And no,  they aren't really wiggling in real life.  But, for now, they

might as well be."

     "Incredible.  You did this?"

     Jeffrey smiled.   "Yup.   Three  years for this.  But you haven't

seen anything yet!"

     They both  got up.  Just as they got to their feet, the walls and

ceiling of  the building  vanished, revealing  the trees, sky, clouds,

and such  outside.   It may  have  been  41  degrees  on  the  outdoor

thermometer 5 minutes ago, but it was a comfy 70 or so now.

     "How did that happen?"

     "Easy.   I just  decided that  the walls should go away, and even

before I  imagine it  happening, it  does.   The Device reads what I'm

thinking, and makes it seem like it's happening.  It was all so simple

once we got the basic theories straight.  Notice how there's no detail

left out?"

     Cheryl looked around the room (what was left of it) and nodded.

     Jeffrey continued.   "In  actuality, that's not true.  For all we

know, none  of the things we're not looking at this second exist.  But

once we  go to look at anything, the image gets filled in from our own

thoughts.  For the most part, what we see, hear, smell, feel, or taste

depends on  who looks  at it  first-- it fills in the detail from that

person's memory.  The other person sees that as the first imagined it.

But the  person who's  holding  the  physical  box  has  the  ultimate

authority.  Watch."  A small metal box appeared on the counter, with a

lid that  was closed.   "There's  an index card inside that box with a

four-digit number  on it,"  he said,  "but I  don't know  what  it  is

because I  haven't decided on one.  Why don't you open the box and see

what it says?

     Cheryl walked  over  to  the  box  while  Jeffrey  looked  around

outside.  It was mid-afternoon.  Some birds flew nearby, something not

formerly present.

     "It's 9601,  the last  four digits  of my  phone number",  Cheryl

reported.  How did that happen?"

     "Either because  you wanted  it to, or because the Device decided

that it  was the  most likely  thing to  put there.  I don't know your

phone number and couldn't have put it there.  See?"

     Again, Cheryl  just nodded.   With  that, the numbers on the card

changed  to   2066,  Jeffrey's   office  extension  number.    Jeffrey

explained.  "You might create something out of your imagination... but

if there is a conflict, the box-holder gets his way with reality.  The

problem with  the tests was that the people who tried it either didn't

have the  imagination (faith  if you like) to make the device work for

them, in which case the only effect they ever saw was the box changing

color, or  they couldn't mentally lock on to the signals from the box,

which meant that even THAT didn't happen."  Again, did he really know?

Maybe not.   It  could take  years of  research.   Oh well.  "Come on,

let's go."



                            *** Chapter 4  ***

     Cheryl wheeled  around and discovered that Jeffrey had sprouted a

perfect pair  of wings,  feathers and all.  It was one of his favorite

diversions, which  he had developed after weeks of testing.  He picked

Cheryl up  from behind;  his arms  fitting into  the somewhat innocent

space below  her breasts.   She  was very light because he had decided

that she  should be,  at least for now.  She didn't complain about it.

In an instant Jeffrey cringed down, and leapt into the air.

     It was  too fast  for Cheryl, who felt that the exciting part had

been rushed.   They were already fifty feet above the ground, coasting

over the  trees towards  downtown.   With a  few flaps, Jeffrey lifted

them both to several times that altitude.  "Nervous?" he asked.

     "No, I'm  fine."   It wasn't  convincing.   The only other person

he'd ever  taken on  this tour  couldn't take  it too  well.   Jeffrey

pitched upwards  a little  bit and  slowed down, then gained some more

altitude, and  generally swooped  around  a  bit.    The  scenery  was

breathtaking, and the feeling was unparalleled.

     "Afraid of  heights?"   Jeffrey remembered  how he had thought of

the Device  as a  tool to eliminate such fears, the last time he asked

that question.  Cheryl didn't answer.

     With nothing  to lose  as far as Cheryl's opinion of him, Jeffrey

did the  only thing  he could  think of  to remedy the situtation.  He

dropped her.   Cheryl screamed, fell a few feet, and stopped in midair

at Jeffrey's  command.   She couldn't  have done  that  herself.    He

stopped in  midair and had her float up to him, facing him.  "You see?

There's nothing  to be  afraid of.   You  can't get  hurt here.  And I

wouldn't let you get hurt anyway.

     She didn't look resentful.  She looked down at the streets below,

then reached  down as  if to  see what  was holding her up.  It always

seemed to  take a  while for  people to  get  "the  idea"--  that  the

constraints of reality no longer hold.

     "It can  be like  an amusement  park-- thrills without danger, or

whatever amuses  you."   Cheryl was  now smiling.   It  was  time  for

Jeffrey to try and promote that idea.  It was no fun here with someone

that didn't  understand, and  it looked  like Cheryl was beginning to.

Jeffrey continued.   "Take my hand," he said.  "I think you've got the


     She did.   Jeffrey's  wings disappeared.   A  moment  later  they

started falling,  from the  five thousand feet (funny, we weren't that

high up  a moment  ago) to the town below.  Jeffrey looked straight at

Cheryl.   She looked  up at  him.   It had  worked!   She felt  enough

confidence in  him to  be able  to take  her eyes  off the approaching

Earth.  He couldn't keep his feeling to himself.

     "I'm impressed,  Cheryl.   You've got more inside than I credited

you for.  Congratulations."  He pulled her to him, and held her tight.

She wrapped her arms around him, and looked down.

     Just before  they reached  the  earth,  a  large  pool  of  water

appeared below them and they splashed harmlessly into it, coming to an

almost instant  stop.  Cheryl, who had let go just as they reached the

water, paddled  back over  to Jeffrey  and grabbed onto him again.  He

liked the feeling where she was pressing against him.

     Finally, she  spoke up  again.   "Can we  try it  again?  Not the

fall, I mean, but flying around?  I'd like to try it out for myself."

     Jeffrey nodded.   A  moment later,  they were both in midair, and

Cheryl had  developed some  nice orange  feathers.   Jeffrey  followed

Cheryl as  she flew  back towards  the company,  swooped down over the

trees, and  shrieked with  excitement.   "I want  to try landing", she

said.   "Will you go first?"  Jeffrey agreed, and lined up in front of

her, feet down, heading for the flat roof of IDT's main building.

     Then he was sitting in a chair, with the blue box on his lap.  He

looked at  the top  of it.   "Timer's...  No, there's still time left,

must be..."   He  looked towards  the door.  His supervisor had walked

in, and  the noise  had tripped the sensory-monitor device, ending the


     "Good night, you two.  Lock up the lab when you leave, OK?"

     Jeffrey and Cheryl both nodded.  Jeff added a "Good night" as the

supervisor was on the way out the door.  As the door closed, he turned

to Cheryl  once again.   "Always  happens that way...  There were only

about 30 seconds left anyway."

     "That certainly  seemed like more than four and a half minutes!",

Cheryl exlaimed.

     "It always  does seem  longer," Jeffrey  agreed.   "It  would  be

impossible to test, though, right?  A simulated clock would go just as

fast as  you would  imagine it  to go.  Everything else could speed up

too.  It just seems to be the way people think."

     Surprisingly, although  it was  a few  minutes after five, Cheryl

wasn't leaving like Jeffrey expected her to.  Did she really feel like

spending time  with Jeffrey?  Maybe her opinion about techie types had

changed a bit.

     "Can we try it again?  Everyone's gone now and I just had so much

fun with you...?



                             *** Chapter 5 ***

     Jeffrey couldn't  get his  mind off  the words  'with  you'  very

easily.  "Sure, I'm in no hurry tonight."  He started to reach for the

timer controls again, and Cheryl interrupted.

     "Could I do it this time?  You did it last time, and..."

     Jeffrey nodded  and handed the box to her, touching the circle on

the top  after setting  it in  her lap.  "We just set the timer for as

long as we want-- maybe ten minutes would be better this time, and..."

     Cheryl didn't  wait for  the explanation.   She set the timer for

four hours,  sat back.  An instant later, the box turned red.  Jeffrey

got up,  startled, and  noticed the  timer was set for 4:00, not 0:10.

"How come you--"

     "Because I don't want to be interrupted again.  I can turn it off

anytime before four hours runs out, right?"

     "Yes-- you  just IMAGINE  you're holding the box, and are turning

it off,  and it  does.   Maybe we should do that, and fix the timer--"

Jeffrey reached  for the box, but it vanished from Cheryl's lap before

he could  reach it.   She  had made  it disappear.  She could bring it

back, but he couldn't.  He felt uncomfortable at the prospect.

     "I just want to play a while.  I'm SURE you won't mind.  You said

you weren't going anyplace."  Pointing to her lap, she added:  "Pretty

good, huh?"

     "Um... Yes",  said Jeffrey,  obediently staring at her lap.  "OK,

then, let's see what you can do.  Want to go flying again?"

     "Not right  now.   I was  just thinking  how you  can do anything

here-- like  flying before.   Anything."  She looked straight into his

eyes.  "Must be pretty good when your company's getting horny, huh?"

     At first,  Jeffrey thought she was talking about him.  After all,

the thought  had  crossed  his  mind  since  they  first  started  the

adventure.   But no, he hadn't expressed that thought.  Then maybe she

was just  being hypothetical.   But  the tone of her voice was telling

him otherwise.  He didn't know what to say.

     Cheryl stood  up, and  wrapped  her  arms  around  him,  pressing

herself against  him.   "Remember?  In the air?  It was your idea, not

mine.   I don't  know whether it was all the adrenalin, the thrill, or

you personally.   And  I don't  know how  you  felt,  but  it  got  me

positively wet between the legs.  Even if I was just imagining it."

     Jeffrey restrained  himself at  the thought  of that wetness.  He

had felt  a little  something, but  at the same time was worried about

being a little too forward.  But he had to say something.  "Isn't this

a little...  fast?   I like you a lot.  But two weeks ago you wouldn't

have given me the time of day, much less admit what you just said."

     "Maybe.   I never really thought about you at all until about two

weeks ago.   I don't know why.  I guess I started feeling guilty about

the reasons I DIDN'T pay attention to some people.  So, it seemed like

the perfect  opportunity when  Dan asked me to see how you were doing.

And..." (she  ran one hand across his bottom) "...what a better way to

meet?   Perfectly romantic."   They  were standing on a boat, facing a

setting sun,  with a  violin playing  in the  background.  "Or however

else it  should be."   The corny sunset-boat-violin scene disappeared,

leaving total  darkness except  for themselves.    "Much  better  than

meeting in a laundromat."   Sounded rational.

     Of course, rational was the last thing on Cheryl's mind.  Jeffrey

had his  arms around her.  He slid his hands down across her derriere,

feeling the  soft fabric  of the jeans she was wearing.  She seemed to

approve.  But she let go of him.  She stood back a foot or so.

     Slowly, and  tauntingly, Jeffrey's  clothes began  to fade  away.

First his  shirt, then  his slacks,  and without  any hesitation,  his

underwear  began   to  become  transparent,  revealing  everything  to

Cheryl's eyes.   He  couldn't bring  his clothes  back.   The  awkward

situation made him lose what erection he had.

     "Neat", Cheryl  exclaimed.  "I just have to imagine it starting--

your clothes disappearing-- and unless I stop it, it happens by itself

without me helping".

     At first,  Jeffrey though "Neat" was referring to his naked body.

But then  he realized  that he was an unwilling accomplice to Cheryl's

vanishing-clothes trick.   She had never seen him naked before, and so

the vision  that she  now  saw  was  constructed  from  Jeffrey's  own

thoughts.   He was  beginning, more and more, to feel like the student

in this  environment, when before he was only the teacher.  He'd never

done anything quite like this in the demonstration--

     Cheryl's voice  interrupted his thoughts again.  The sexy tone in

her voice  had returned.     "YOU'RE neat  TOO, you  know."   She  was

staring, unashamed,  at his previously private areas.  She walked back

up, still  dressed, and  touched his  penis.  He didn't complain.  She

looked at him straight in the eyes, and made her own blouse disappear,

slowly like  before.   No bra--  just two  very  nice  tits  were  now

visible.  She still looked straight into Jeffrey's eyes, watching them

sweep down  her body,  hesitate, then  look back up into her eyes.  "I

want to  see you  get hard.   I want it to happen right here.  Bigger,

harder than you ever have before."

     Jeffrey obliged  her.   He felt himself starting to stretch right

in her  hand, growing,  getting warm,  and longer.  Her grip tightened


around him  as he  grew.   He ran  his eyes over her chest freely now,

using the  stimulation to  carry out  Cheryl's request.    Finally  he

reached up and touched her breasts, which somehow seemed to excite him

more than  her.   Her attention  was on his growing member.  He rubbed

his fingers,  then hands,  then both hands over her tits, watching her

nipples grow erect at his fingertips.

     She let  go of  him.   It felt  cold now,  but his  penis  didn't

wither.   Cheryl stood back, again, and this time revealed the rest of

herself to  him.   Jeffrey's eyes, as one might expect, focused on the

little patch  of brown  hair between her legs-- as his mind focused on

the infinite pleasure just beyond.

     At this  point Jeffrey's  mind was  so  fixed  on  the  impending

copulation, that  even the unnatural absence of background didn't seem

unnatural anymore.   This  wasn't imagination;  it was reality.  There

was Cheryl,  and Jeffrey, and that was all.  Nothing else.  And Cheryl

had decided,  apparently, that  there was  only one thing to be done--

and it  was just  minutes away.  He was impatient-- knowing that those

minutes would seem SO LONG -- until he finally reached his goal.



                             *** Chapter 6 ***

     Cheryl's voice was the sexiest he'd heard yet.  "Touch me.  Touch

me all over.  You know what I want.  You know what to do so I get it."

Jeffrey slid  one arm  around her,  pulling him  to her.    Her  bosom

pressed into his chest again, and he could feel her nipples stiffening

against him.   He wrapped his other arm around her, and slid his hands

over her  buttocks.   It was something he never thought he'd be doing.

A few seconds later they were both floating, weightless.

     Cheryl kissed  him, sliding  her tongue into his mouth, exploring

it.   Her hands  went to his bottom also, one hand between his bowels,

rubbing the  area around  his anus.   Nobody  had ever  done  that  to

Jeffrey before; he liked it.

     Jeffrey's hands approached her pussy.  It seemed warm even before

he touched the hair around it.  He could smell her wetness.  The scent

was making him lose what little control he had left.  He hesitated for

a moment,  giving himself  final clearance  to  proceed,  then  probed

through her pubic hair, touching the skin between her legs.  He rubbed

the area for a minute before one finger felt her pussy's lips.  It was

wet inside.   He  spread them  apart, and  touched it.   After  a  few

seconds he knew what was where...  She clenched him as one finger slid

by her clitoris; and when a finger finally discovered the opening into

her vagina,  she grabbed  his hand  and pushed  his finger inside.  He

slid it back and forth.  His other hand was now on her breasts.

     Cheryl came  after just  a few  seconds.   She  pushed  his  hand

against her.   He  felt a ripple inside her as her muscles contracted.

She held him there for a moment, then let him slide out.

     "Lick me," she demanded.  "Learn what I taste like."

     Jeffrey wasn't  bothered by  that prospect.  He floated away from

her for  a second,  then she  floated towards  him, aiming  her  pussy

towards his  head.   As he  started to  slide between  her thighs, she

locked her  legs around him, squeezing him, locking him in place.  Sh

was getting  him wet.   His  tongue instantly  found its target, first

sliding across  her clitoris,  and then  inside.    He  swallowed  her

juices.   She came  again, squeezing with her legs so hard that, for a

minute, he  couldn't breathe.   Her  pussy surrounded  him.   He  felt

another surge  of liquid from within her.  As soon as it was over, she

released him, and they floated alongside each other.  She had regained

some of  her control;  yet  now  her  pussy  was  aiming  towards  his

previously ignored  cock.   She held on to him, and pulled him towards

her, keeping a careful eye on his navigation.

     Jeffrey seemed  to have  some reservations.   He hardly knew her,

really, and  that thought  was starting  to surface.  That thought got

through to  Cheryl, who  knew better--  that they both wanted the same

thing and there was no reason not to have it.

     "You have no choice now."  The distance between their pubic areas

continued to  reduce.   "Besides, I  know what you want.  You wouldn't

have gone  this far.   You're  not getting  away now.   You want me as

much as I want you."  She was right.

     Jeffrey insisted,  though, not  because  he  was  unwilling,  but

because he  was afraid that she'd regret it later, and would blame him

for it.   "It's too fast.  Why are you rushing?  I want to learn about

you... get to know you..."

     Cheryl didn't  listen.   Jeffrey's penis  touched the hair around

her pussy.   Then he felt the warmth at the tip of it.  His cock still

had some  flexibility to it. In a short time-- almost too fast, Cheryl

took him  inside.  The heat made him grow very hard, conforming to her

shape.   She started to wrap her legs around him, and to slide against

him.   He grabbed  her body,  realizing that it was the last chance to

save his  rational self, and stopped her from moving.  He concentrated

on everything but the fact that they were now mating.

     She resented  the fact  that he  was  forcibly  interrupting  her

pleasure.   But it  did return  her faculties  to her,  long enough to

realize once again that this wasn't really happening, and that she was

in control  of things.   She  hadn't heard what Jeffrey said, but this

time decided  quite consciously to continue.  She could show her anger

now without  Jeffrey being able to do anything about it.  Besides, she

knew that  he was  struggling to  hang on to his mind, while her pussy

did its work on him, her breasts and body draining his willpower.

     "Shut up.   It's  too late.  I'm screwing you and there's nothing

you can  do to  stop me."  The words, she figured, would send him over

the edge  and he'd stop resisting.  Jeffrey never thought he'd ever be

in the situation of resisting a beautiful woman's advances, unless she

was married  or had  some disease  or something.   But neither was the

case now.

     Her words  were a  temptation of defial.  He placed both hands on

her hips,  and started to push her away, hoping she'd forgive him, and

even be  thankful that  he gave her a chance to think rationally about

her actions.   His  penis started  to slide out.  The tip was swelling

inside her,  though, at  Cheryl's command.    Jeffrey  felt  his  skin

stretching.   He didn't know how big he was, and he wouldn't feel much

pain as long as the Device was working.

     Cheryl's orifice  tightened around  the base of his cock.  It had

grown inside  her, and  she was  growing tighter.   He  pushed  harder

against her  hips, but  couldn't slide out.  He was locked inside her.

He slid  back in  to try again, and this time the sensation of sliding

into her  warm flesh  pushed him  over the  edge.   Her words had come

true.   He lost  his last  reasons for  stopping it,  and his thoughts

faded with  only one intense purpose remaining.  He started sliding in

and out, making no further attempts to escape.

     Cheryl giggled  once.  "That's it, animal.  Fuck me.  Then, maybe

I'll let  you go."  It was all a game, Jeffrey and Cheryl both knowing

the rules  quite well.   Each  word, each motion, could do nothing but

stimulate  desire.    Jeffrey's  attempt  to  "stop"  her  was  played

perfectly.   He probably  knew it  would excite  her.  And now, he was

hers, undulating  against her,  and pulsating inside her.  She giggled

again once  more, watching  Jeffrey turn  into the  animal she wanted,

before her  own thoughts  turned again towards the act of mating.  She

grew hot inside as the excitement increased.

     Cheryl was approaching her climax, but still had a handle on what

was happening.   Her  words came  one at  a time, with each breath and


each of  Jeffrey's thrusts.   "I..  want.. all  of.. you...   inside..

deep.. yes..."



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