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Archive-name: Changes/become2.txt


Archive-title: Becoming WANDA   Part 2

    What a night Wayne, WANDA, and I were having.  I felt sexier than ever

in those sheer panties, high heels, nylons, lipstick, and a red wig.  My

erection just wouldn't go matter how much I "came"!  And sucking

cock, eating pussy, and having  a husband and wife suck my dick certainly

made me want to cum.  I don't know how pretty I looked in the outfit, but it

turned me on..and Wayne too.  He wanted to eat my ass, lick and suck my

cock, and fuck my ass; but I opted for eating more of WANDA in  her

identical outfit instead.  I ate her more fervently than I ever had

before...I guess trying to escape the realization that I had eaten Wayne and

enjoyed swallowing his cum...that I loved having his swollen dickhead, big

as it was at the end of his 8  inch cock, in my mouth.  I still get hot

thiking about that first time orgy with them, each of us dressed

WANDA.  She was the most beautiful, of course.  But Wayne and I were sexy to

each other; and WANDA was always turned on to sex.    So the re we were on

the bed, my face in WANDA's cunt, licking up the seeming gallons of cunt

juice, as she climaxed over and over again...almost each time my teeth

nipped her clit, or I slipped my tongue out of her pussy and stuck it toward

her asshole.  Meanw hile, WANDA was sucking Wayne's big penis out of the

tight sheer panties he had on.   And he was doing the same to my erect

little pecker, having pulled my panties down to my knees so he could not

only suck my prick but lick my asshole easily.  

    When he got me the hottest, with WANDA's wonderful cock-sucking help, he

turned on the projector again to show me a very weird, but sexy film, of the

big busted transsexual again.  He was having another woman lick his nipples

this time and her tongue action excited me even as I watched...WANDA

imitated everything she saw o n my nipples...and Wayne kept sucking on my

dick.  The woman slowly took of her clothes and revealed a very sexy ass,

much larger than WANDA's, but beautifully proportioned to her body.  As the

woman licked her way down the transsexual's body to his now  erect cock, she

kept her ass to the camera.  With his wand in her mouth, she reached back

and spread her cheeks, revealing her sexy asshole, which seemed to be

inviting a fuck.  When she got into 69 position over the guy, she showed

that her tits were bi gger and more beautiful than his.  She sat her ass on

his mouth and directed him to lick that sexy asshole; and WANDA did the same

to me...while Wayne kept on sucking on my cock.  I licked WANDA's sweet ass

for a long time with my eyes on the wall, watch ing the similar action in

the porno flick.  When they  began to suck each other off, her sucking his

erect seven inch semi-hard dong and he eating her juicy, sopping cunt; I

shifted to eating WANDA with delight; and she helped Wayne lick and suck my

cock .  But I still kept an eye on the movie, which intrigued me. Until

there was a break in the screen action.

    When that flick resumed in a second or two, the guy with the tits looked

transformed...more beautiful in the face.  The smile on his lips seemed

sexier.  The camera panned down his torso lingering over the erect nipples

on those big jugs.  I wanted t o suck them!  And then down past his smooth

belly and his miraculous crotch, which no longer had a penis!  He

had finished the operation, and had a cunt!  He was clean shaven, no pubes

at all.  He actually had cuntlips, though you couldn't tel l how deep a

vagina they had constructed for him...until the action resumed.  The same

sexy broad whose ass he had eaten earlier proved to be "lesbian" because she

resumed the 69 action with him.  The camera caught some great cunt licking

tongue action w hich also excited me and made me wish that I was in her

posiiton.  Then the camera pulled back as she sat on his face and he ate her

the way I still love to suck pussy with a woman on my face and my hands free

to stimulate her nipples and fondle her brea sts and ass.  While she was

cumming all over his/her face, a huge donged Hispanic entered the scene with

at least ten inches of dick.  He knelt and licked the new cunt for a while. 

Then he stuck his big dickhead in the opening of those sexy lips.  And i n a

few minutes he was fucking her passionately, as she was passionately eating

the other woman's overflowing cunt and pulling on her tits.  When the

sexy-assed broad climbed off his face, she bowed, revealing her sexy ass to

the camera and made an exit.   The other two began to 69; and you could tell

that they loved the taste of the Hispanic's cum, his dick was dripping with

it...and he shot another wad into that new woman's eager mouth.  I shot my

cum then too.  And both Wayne and WANDA enjoyed every drop.  I was so hot

and felt so naughty that I pulled my sheer panties completely off, wagged my

ass at Wayne and WANDA, spread my cheeks and said, "Lick my ass. you tw o! 

Give me lots of tongue.  I'm your private whore.  I want you to lick my

hole...then I want Wayne to fuck me while I fuck your sexy ass, WANDA.  And

that's what we did....   (But you can read about that in WANDA's Wonderful

Ass, the next story.)  



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