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Archive-name: Changes/become1.txt


Archive-title: Becoming WANDA   Part 1

    When this story began, you may remember, I slipped WANDA's panties and 

little bra from her basement laundry shoot, took them upstairs to my room 

one afternoon after school, thinking I was all alone in the two family house 

we shared.  After I put them  on, masturbated, sniffed, and rubbed them all 

over myself (I was careful not to cum on them, but into my hand, which I wiped

carefully with tissues as well); I returned them to her laundry shoot when I 

started to do my family's wash for my mother, who had left instructions in a 

note.  While I was in the basement, WANDA came down from her first floor 

apartment, aroused me, and led me upstairs to my room again, for my virgin 

fucking and sucking.  I had little reason thereafter to put her panties on, 

fucking and eating her delicious cunt was far more exciting that masturbating 

with nylon panties on! I loved cunt-licking far more than anything else sexual

I had ever even dreamed about.  Now you're about to read about the second 

adventure with WANDA and her bisexual husband, Wayne.

    The following Saturday night, after a boring, sexless week of impatient

waiting, Wayne and WANDA had invited me downstairs for more sex play with 

them, begining again at 8:30.  My friend Richard agreed to cover for me again,

if my parents called, and  I had given him Wayne & Wanda's phone number to 

alert me to call home or to come home.  (I was lucky enought to go until 

11:30 again with no call, so the second Saturday night orgy was uninterrupt 

and wonderful. 

    When I knocked on their door at precisely 8:30, two, not one, sexy women

greeted me: WANDA, the delicate, and a stranger with big tits, which a jersey 

top could hardly contain.  I wanted immediately to release those jugs from her

blouse even before WANDA told me that she was Wilma, her sister-in-law.  It 

was dark in the living room, and again WANDA led me down the hallway to their 

back bedroom.  In the darkened front part of the apartment, however, Wilma 

grabbed me in her strong big arms, pressed me to her voluptuous chest and 

french kissed me with the largest, searching tongue that ever entered my 

mouth.  She turned me on good; and I had already come downstairs with an 

erection.  I reached up for her mammoth mammaries, but she forced my hand 

away from them casually.  I accepted that and figured that I could wait until 

she took them out to show me and to have me suck them later.  As soon as we 

hit the bedroom, though, she pulled down my pants, unfastening my belt in a 

jiffy, knelt in front of me, pulled down my jockey shorts, and locked her 

bright red-lipsticked lips around my cock.  I put my hands in her golden, 

bleached blond thick hair and pulled her toward me as she sucked.  Since I 

refused to masturbalte all week, knowing that I would have incredible sex 

that made jerking off unsatisfactory, I shot cum into Wilma's mouth in less

than a minute!  "Oh, you naughty boy, you're delicious, but you've cum way 

to quickly!" she said.  Wilma stood up with cum all over her mouth, kissed me 

full on the lips, turned and kissed WANDA on the lips too, and even longer, 

sharing the cum with her; and then pulled off the wig to reveal that she was 

actually WAYNE.  We all laughed, but I felt a little cheated that I would get 

a gigantic set of tits to suck that night!  I remember immediately the porno 

flick of the previous Saturday night, and wished that Wayne were the trans-

sexual with the huge tits.

    Wayne and WANDA laughed longer than I did because I wanted to get the 

taste of my cum off my lips and replace it with the flavor of WANDA's cunnie, 

which I had missed for seven days and nights.  She wanted to give me that 

pleasure quickly too, while  Wayne slowly stripped for us, putting the blond 

wig back on to look a little more feminine, even though I now recognized him 

in the bright bedroom.  From the back, with sexy, black stockings and high 

heels, he seemed pretty sexy with that mane of bleached blond hair, but his 

hairy arms and chest from the front destroyed the illusion and turned me off

...until he was down to nothing but the high heels, a very sexy pair of black 

nylons, a black garter belt, and a pair of see-through nylon panties, which 

revealed his 8 inch cock clearly.  His dickhead stuck up over the waistband of

the panties, and the panties compressed his balls, making them look huge too.

I noted a drop of cum at his meatus, brought there by his excitement in cross-

dressing (I learned about that in more detail later in my life).  His cum and 

the sexy look he had in those panties, kept my eyes on him for a while even 

when I was eating WANDA's tasty pussy.  He broke my train of fantasy by 

asking, "Wouldn't you like to try a pair on, HAL?  I bought a smaller pair 

for you.  You can put on a pair of WANDA's stockings and high heels, I think.

She has a wig that's a lot like her hair, only red, instead of brunette.  

You'll look a lot like WANDA!"  And, I did, when the two of them finished 

dressing me, making me up, and licking my nipples, my dick, my asshole, 

fondling my cock and sucking it plenty, both of them simultaneously some of 

the time to keep me in the mood and accepting of their plan.  I was to become 

a red-headed WANDA so Wayne could have both of us...anyway he wanted us...and 

want us, he did!

    We were both to dress exactly as he stood before us: high heels, nylons,

black garter belts, sheer, sheer panties, bare-breasted, thickly made up lips 

and eyes.  He instructed me to act lusty and uninhibitted in my desires, to 

follow WANDA's lead, to  do what she did, with the exception of fingering my 

cunt, so I was to finger my asshole instead.  I felt funny with the makeup on,

my lips felt unreal with all that red on them.  The eye makeup disguised me so

well that I wouldn't have recognized myself under the wig if someone showed me

my own picture!  I could, of course, recognize my erect cock in those see-thru

panties! I felt sexier than ever before in my life, and I was aware of some of

the things that Wayne desired, because I desired similar things from him and

from WANDA.  They had demonstrated the two at a time blowjob as they undressed

me and dressed me as WANDA, running their lips along the length of my penis

simultaneously, licking the length of my erection, one sucking the end, while

the other licked my balls.  They showed me how to mouths could bring four lips

together at the head of a dick, ready and eager to share the shooting cum when

a man ejaculated, as I was sure I would; & in fact, Wayne did soon. We started

the session by giving him a double blowjob, pulling down his panties so his 

long dick was free to please our eager mouths.  He shot most of his jism into 

WANDA's vigorously sucking mouth, but I caught at least a spoonful in my, 

rolled it around for taste in my mouth and decided to be totally wicked and 

swallowed it.  It was like an aphrodisiac; I swallowed Wayned's cum and 

immediately had this uncontrollable desire to suck him I did.  I 

mouthed the head of his 8 inch dick and sucked like I was sucking one of those

big tits I desired when I entered their apartment.  I put my hands on the 

cheeks of his ass and pulled him into my mouth, deeply, sucking all the time.

His cum was all over the head of his dick, and I loved it.  I had just become 

WANDA!  I wanted cock and cum as much as she did!  I wanted all the sexy 

juices I could get.  Wayne pulled out of my mouth before he "came" again.  He 

pulled up the sheer panties over his big, hard dick, and led me to the bed, 

where WANDA was rubbing her clit and vagina throught he sheer panties.  He 

said, "Lick her through the panties, HAL; eat her juicy crotch, while I eat 

you."  And that's when we became a human chain again; each mouth had someone 

else's genitals in it.  And I was still eager to drink down as much cum as I 

could.  (And in the next episode, you'll read how much more I got!  Becoming 

WANDA  part two.) 



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