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Archive-name: Changes/bates32.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story- 32

     Joe was awaken by the sun streaming into the window of his hotel room. It

took a moment, but soon felt the arm which encircled him, and the hand which

held one of his bare breasts.  He remembered... Jay was still with him.

     Slowly and quietly he pulled the sheet away from his body the best he

could.  Jay was snuggling up close against him.  He could feel his warmth.  He

could also feel something, probably Jay's limp penis, gently poking him in the


     Joe enjoyed the warm secure feeling of lying in Jay's arms.  It was easy

to understand why women liked doing that.  It felt so safe.  As he lay there,

he looked at his chest.  Jay had his hand cupped over Joe's left breast.  He

could even smell Jay's cologne.  Joe couldn't remember ever smelling it before

now... It seemed his nose, like most of his other senses, had become so much

more acute with the change.  Then again, he had really never been this close

to Jay before either.

     He thought about last night.  They had gone to bed quite early, but Joe

figured that he probably had no more than four hours of sleep.  They spent the

night together... experimenting sexually in all kinds of ways.  They fondled

each other, hugging, eventually even kissing, that first initiated by Jay, who

probably started it from habit, but Joe found his body responding to it as

they both adjusted to a quite different relationship.

     They must have engaged in intercourse at least five or six times.  Joe

had quickly lost count.  The sensations he experienced, once he overcame the

self consciousness of acting the new gender roll, could only be described as

extremely satisfying.  Joe couldn't help but be amazed at Jay's stamina.  Jay

had gone out of his way to do everything necessary to make Joe climax, and Joe

quickly lost track of how many times he had done so.  Jay had also experienced

orgasm many times, usually while inside Joe.  They acted like a honeymoon

couple, continuing until Joe simply hurt too much to continue.  He had worn

the sensitive skin of his body sore.

     Joe reached down to feel between his legs.  He was still wet there, and

the extent of his previous excitement was quite obvious by dampness of the

sheet under his butt, but now he could feel only sore tenderness when he

stroked his sensitive pubic area.  It really stung.  No more messing around

for a while, he decided.

     He retrieved his wristwatch from the night stand.  Holy Cow! It was after

eight o'clock.  He had to be at the doctor's office by ten.  That gave them

less than two hours to get ready and get over there.

     Joe moved Jay's hand from his chest and quickly got out of bed.  All the

moving around woke his sleeping pal.

     "What's up?" Jay asked.

     "Get up." Joe insisted.  "It's past eight o'clock.  I have to be there at


     "We can make it." Jay said, still half asleep.  "Let's screw again one

more time."

     "Forget it." Joe said.  "We don't have time, and even if we did, I'm too

sore.  I'll be lucky if I can even sit down without hurting."

     Jay grinned at his pal.

     "No kidding?" He said.  "I made you sore?  What's that feel like?"

     "It hurts." Joe said, showing his irritation. "Trust me, I wish I could

share the pain." Embarrassed, he shyly rubbed his pubic area, being careful

not to touch the sensitive parts.

     "I have to shower and decide on what to wear." Joe said, mainly to

himself, as Jay slowly sat up in bed.

     "Can we do that together?" Jay asked. "It might be fun."

     "Yeah, maybe it would." Joe agreed. "But we don't have time to find out.

You get in your own room and let me get ready."

     Jay looked at Joe. It was obvious that he had become strangely enthralled

with his old buddy now that he had acquired the appearance of a beautiful


     "You want me to leave?" He asked incredulously.

     "I think you got the idea." Joe insisted.  "It was fun, and maybe we can

do it again, but now get out of here so I can get dressed.

     Jay gathered his clothes, not putting anything on.

     Joe, also still nude, watched as his pal picked up his clothes where they

were strewn about, mesmerized with how Jay's partially erect penis bobbed

around as he walked.  He realized that he couldn't remember ever seeing

another naked man standing or walking with a hard-on until right now.

     Jay looked over and saw Joe staring at his erection.  He grinned, then

his face began to redden.

     "What are you looking at?" Jay asked, embarrassed by being the object of

such obvious interest by his friend.

     "Nothing...  Not much any way." Joe said.  He grinned at Jay's shyness.

It was good to see him feeling embarrassed for a change.

     Jay gathered up all his clothes and went to his room.  He didn't close

the door.  Joe looked at the open door, wondering if he should close it.  He

decided to leave it open.

     He went to his clothes bag and rummaged through it.  He was looking for

more underwear.  He found a pair of light blue cotton hip-hugger panties.  He

had never worn them before.  He held them up, examining the tiny scalloped

edge of the waist and leg openings.  It wasn't lace of course, but the trim

was more feminine than on most of his new underwear, with the inscription

"Jockey for Her" encircling the narrow white waistband.  By now, Joe was

completely accustomed to wearing female clothes, but, just as before the

change, he still didn't like lacy undergarments.  He found he did enjoy the

feel of nylon and silk against his skin.  The blue cotton panties were just

plain everyday underwear. The scalloped elastic and maybe the light blue color

were the only concession to femininity.

     Joe had only one bra he had not already worn this trip.  It was the other

flesh-tone, seamless cup, front hook, underwire.  Joe pulled it from the small

tangle of things in the bag.  He now liked the secure feel of a bra, but he

still felt uncomfortable when he had to select one to wear.  It was like

having to admit to himself that he now had breasts.  He did... He knew he

did...  Sometimes he even somewhat enjoyed the fact that he did... But he

didn't like to admit it, even to himself.

     Taking underwear in hand, Joe went into the bathroom, closed the door,

then started the shower running.  While he waited for the water to reach a

comfortable temperature, he used the toilet.  He was a little suprized to

discover that his overused bottom didn't hurt when he peed.

     Joe was in a hurry, so he quickly showered.  He dried off, slipped the

underwear on and applied makeup as carefully as he could.  Everything was

getting much easier, but he was still not very good at it.  He had already

decided it was best to error on the side of too little rather than too much

with regards to makeup, but it was hard to determine when everything was as

good as he could make it.  It took so long to get ready, he thought.  Much

easier when he just had to shower, shave, and brush his short hair into

approximate position.  It was a lot harder now, trying to look like a

"together woman", as Linda called it.

     When he thought he looked as good as he could, he put all his things into

his new cosmetic case and took everything into the bedroom.

     He was suprized to find Jay, already dressed, sitting on his bed.  He had

the black panties in his hand, examining then.

     Joe looked at his pal, who held out the tiny underpants.

     "I just can't believe what's happened to you." Jay said.  "I mean I know

it's you, but you...  To be wearing stuff like this, and then looking so good

when you do..."

     "How do you think I should handle it?" Joe asked, his face reddening with

embarrassment.  "Should I continue wearing guy stuff?" He took the panties

from Jay, balled them up and put them in his bag.

     "No. I sure don't think you should do that." Jay said.  "Besides, I can

see it wouldn't fit you now anyway." He grinned, leering at Joe's feminine

form the one over as he stood in bra and little blue panties.

     The look on Jay's face embarrassed Joe.  Sometimes, when everything was

right, he actually enjoyed being an object of lust.  But other times, it was

just an embarrassment.  This was one of those times.

     "Take a last look if you want, but then get back in your own room." Joe

insisted.  "Get your bags ready to go."

     "I've got them all packed." Jay said. I've been waiting for you."

     "Damn it Jay, get over in your own room." Joe ordered again. "I need a

little privacy once in a while."

     "Ok. Ok. I'll leave." Jay said. "I'll even close the door.  Knock when

your decent, mam." He teased, as he closed the door.

     Joe had to smile as he thought about his pal.  Had the roles were

reversed, he would probably have acted the same.  He and Jay had been so

close, closer than brothers really, it was difficult for either of them to

adapt to this changing relationship.  Joe, of course, had the added difficulty

of having to adjust to a quite different status and developing appreciation of

men, as well as discovering his own reactions to his newly formed womanhood.

For Jay, he faced the dilemma of feeling sorry for what happened to his best

friend, as well as being enthralled with Joe's beautiful metamorphosis and

subsequent clumsy adaptation to femininity.

     Going to the hangers, Joe looked at one of the new dresses he bought

yesterday.  It was an ivory colored wrap dress, made of an almost silky

fabric.  Joe loved the feel.  It looked spectacular too, he thought... Not too

sexy, and it felt great to wear.  It was easy to put on too, since it had no

zippers up the back like so many of the other clothes he tried.  He took the

dress from the hanger and laid it on the bed.  He dug out the black panty

hose and tugged them on.  Then he pulled on a half slip.  He decided to not

wear anything under the dress on top except a bra, hoping it wouldn't be too

cold outside.  He carefully put the dress on, watching his reflection in the

mirror as he did.  He ran his hands down his body, feeling the soft curve of

his still developing breasts and hips.  Sometimes, he simply loved what was

happening to his body. And the fabulous feeling of these clothes...

     Next Joe gathered up all his clothes and shoes and everything, putting

them in his bag.  When he was finished, he looked at his watch.  Nine thirty.

If they didn't eat breakfast, and drove right over to the office, they might

make it on time.  He knocked on the connecting door.  Jay answered



     "I'm ready to go." Joe told him.  "If you'll take the bags, I'll check

out." He handed Jay the car keys.

     "Sure.  You want me to carry the heavy stuff." Jay said in mock protest.

     "I didn't hear you complain when I acted like a girl last night." Joe


     Jay looked at him, his face turning serious.

     "I was serious about everything I said last night too." He said solemnly.

     "Ok." Joe answered. "I'll remember that."  

     He wondered what Jay meant by that remark.  In the throes of passion, did

he miss something his pal had said?

     Joe quickly settled up with the girl behind the counter.  He noticed that

when he had dealings with women now, they generally didn't treat him with the

same courtesy or respect.  At least that's the way it seemed.  Of course, to

them he was no longer a young handsome young man either.  Women considered him

to be one of them.  It was still very difficult for Joe to consider twenty or

thirty year old women as peers.  As his sex drive changed, and his sexual

preferences adapted to a new anatomy, Joe was beginning to loose some the

sexual desire he had for women... It wasn't completely gone, just changing,

but he still had difficulty with how they reacted to him, now that his body

was so much like theirs.

     Jay had carried the bags to the car in the basement garage and already

returned to the counter when Joe turned to look for him.  His friend held out

his hand.  Joe eyed it suspiciously, then took it.  They walked hand in hand

to the car, Joe feeling very self conscious the whole time.  To anyone

watching, they were simply a couple very much in love... The happy grin on

Jay's face could have been caused by nothing else... But for Joe, it was

simply an awkward moment.

     They had ten minutes to reach the doctor's office.  Joe doubted they

could make it on time.  He hoped that there would be no traffic delays.  He

hated to be late.  It was embarrassing enough, with all that had happened to

him, without arriving late, holding up a busy medical practice.  If he was

called and wasn't there, he figured he'd miss his appointment and have to stay

longer.  Of course, doing that might be fun too...

     Jay drove to the office following Joe's instructions.  When they arrived,

Joe walked in the office with Jay following behind.  Joe was wearing pumps

with the fairly low heels.  He was glad he had adapted so well to walking in

them, but he was still not comfortable.  He doubted if he would ever be.

     They sat together in the chairs in the waiting area, after Joe signed in

at the desk.  Joe was only seated about five minutes or less when the

assistant opened the door and called his name.

     "Ms. Joel Bates." The woman said awkwardly.

     Joe wondered if she knew what he was there for as he rose from his seat

and followed the woman into one of the examination rooms.

     "Please be seated." The woman, who wore a nurses uniform, said in a kind

voice.  "The doctor will be with you in a moment."

     Joe sat down on the armless chair, and looked around the room.  The tiny

room was typical of most examination rooms he had ever been in.  There was the

table, with the white paper cover, and the little metal stirrup things. He

knew what they were for.  God he hoped the doc wouldn't want to check him

there... but he knew that was wishful thinking.  In fact, it was probably the

main reason being here.  That area was the main item of interest in his body

these days, it seemed.

     There was a quick knock on the door and the doctor immediately entered.

Joe saw that he was young, probably not much different in age than he was.

And he was good looking too.

     "Ms. Bates?" The doctor asked.

     "Please, call me Joe." Joe answered, his face reddening, and his heart

beginning to pound.

     The doctor closed the door.

     "My name is Mike Morgan" The young doctor said.  "Joe, I've read your

file and I've got to admit I find it most interesting."

     "Yeah, I guess a lot of people do." Joe said.  "It's been kind of

interesting for me too sometimes." He smiled thinly.

     "I would think it has." Dr. Morgan agreed.  "I suppose you've had to go

over it too many times already, but how about explaining what happened once

more, to me."

     Joe looked at the handsome man.

     "Well, last Friday morning, I woke at the normal time, about six or so...

and when I did, I realized something was wrong... different.  My skin felt

softer... my face... I usually have some whiskers in the morning...  But my

face was smooth.  I wondered what was going on, and when I sat up, I realized

that my body had changed.  I... I... Well, I had these breasts... I noticed a

strange feeling and I then realized that my genitals were changed too.  I

didn't know what was happening, but it appeared that my body had changed.  It

seemed that I had turned into a girl."  Joe explained.

     "It all happened over night?" Dr. Morgan asked incredulously.

     "Well, not all of it I guess, I think I'm still changing, even now." Joe

continued. "But most of what has happened had already taken place when I woke

up Friday morning.  I sure didn't notice anything unusual when I went to bed

that night." Joe explained.

     "And the others, the same thing has happened to them too?"

     "Basicly, I think so." Joe answered.  "I don't want to speak for what

happened to the other guys though."

     "It says here that your body is completely femininized... and that you

now appear to be a completely normal, healthy, woman." The doctor continued.

     "I don't know how normal I am." Joe said, smiling.  "But to the best of

my knowledge, I guess I am female now.  At least my body is anyway."

     "And how do you feel about that?" The doctor asked.

     What kind of question is that?  Joe thought to himself.

     "How do I feel?" Joe exclaimed.  "I think its pretty weird, I guess, but

I maybe I am starting to get used to the idea."

     "Who has examined you?" Dr. Morgan asked politely. It was obvious that he

was very interested in Joe's situation, but not sure how to approach this very

attractive woman with the strange, almost unbelievable problem.

     "Well, I guess Dr. Krell has been in charge of everything." Joe said,

unsure of what else to say. "There have been a lot of others.  I can't even

remember all their names."

     "Have you had a... a pelvic... er... an internal examination?" Dr. Morgan


     "I lost count at four of them I think." Joe answered. "And I guess you'll

want to look at me too?"

     "Well, I will need to examine you to complete my report." Dr. Morgan

answered almost apologetically. "I'll try to be quick.  I guess it is a little

embarrassing.  But I assure you, there is no need to feel self conscious."

     "You tell me that after you have some guy stick tools up your butt." Joe

said trying to be polite, but the irritation still came through.

     "Mmmm. Yeah, I guess it is a new thing for you isn't it." Dr. Morgan


     "Trust me doc." Joe answered.  "There have been a lot of new things in

the last week.  That's just the most humiliating."

     "But it's just normal procedure during a gynecological examination Joe."

Dr.  Morgan said.  "I'm sorry, but there is no other way to do it."

     "I know that, Dr. Morgan." Joe continued.  "But remember, I'm not really

a female.  At least I wasn't.  I'm a guy, just like you are.  It's just that I

woke up last week looking like this.  I'm doing my best to cope, but it all

takes some getting used to."

     "How much did you weigh before this happened?" Dr. Morgan asked, as if to

change the subject.

     "Well, about One-seventy-five, one-eighty." Joe answered. "It varied a

bit. I think I was leaning towards one-eighty."

     "And how about now?" The doctor asked.

     "There's a scale." Joe said, pointing at the device by the wall. "Let's

find out." With the changes still happening, he didn't want to venture a


     Joe stood and walked over to the scale and stood on the platform.  He

carefully moved the weights till the bar balanced at one-forty-two.

     "One hundred and forty two pounds." Dr. Morgan said incredulously. "You

lost almost forty pounds in one week?"

     "Doc, I lost a lot more than weight." Joe said.  He slid the measurement

bar out of the scale, trying to adjust it for height.

     Dr. Morgan assisted until the bar was at the right spot.

     "One-oh-nine and one-half." The doctor called out.

     "I was six foot even before." Joe said.  "Now I'm closer to five-nine."

     "Incredible."  Dr. Morgan said to himself.

     "I guess that accounts for some of the weight loss." Joe said. "But, I

can tell you, I'm sure I've lost a lot of muscle mass too.  Although I think

some of the mass has been going to my butt." 

     Joe put his hands on his hips and ran them around to his buttocks.

     "What else have you noticed that has changed?" Dr. Morgan asked.  He was

obviously in awe of what he was seeing and hearing.

     "As I said, doc." Joe said, stepping off the scales. "I was a MAN before

this happened.  My body was male.  I had a penis... And I didn't have

these..." He cupped his hands over his breasts.

     "Before, I could beat my best friend at racquet ball every time." Joe

continued.  "Now, he can play circles around me, even when he's having a bad

day.  I just don't have any strength anymore."

     "Well, I guess you would lose a considerable amount of upper body

strength with what happened." Dr. Morgan said, as if to himself.  "But it's

hard to believe this all happened in a week."

     "Not a week doc." Joe corrected.  "Over night.  One day I'm a normal guy,

the next day I wake up looking like this."

     "Don't take this wrong, but you are quite attractive." Dr.  Morgan said


     Joe grinned at him.

     "That's what everybody tells me." Joe said.  "I guess I should feel lucky

I didn't wake up as an ugly woman, but it's still a hell of a shock to lose

your masculinity.  And I'm pretty sure it even has affected the way I think."

     "For better or worse?" Dr. Morgan asked.

     Joe looked up and saw the man had a grin on his face.  He had a sense of

humor too.

     "I won't comment on that." Joe said.

     How are you taking this?" Dr. Morgan asked.  "Are you experiencing

depression, or anything like that?"

     "I don't think so." Joe said honestly.  "In fact, sometimes I feel

absolutely great.  There are some good things about this, I guess."

     "How about sex?" The doctor asked. "Have you noticed a change in your


     "Look at me doc." Joe said. "What would you think?  I still like girls,

if that's what you mean.  Of course, there's not too much I can do with one

these days.  But guess I am starting to notice guys too.  That's a weird

feeling, I've got to tell you.  And of course, the reality is now beginning to

dawn that I could be spending the rest of my life like this."

     "How would you feel about that?" The doctor asked,

     "Would you want to be a woman?" Joe asked simply.

     "This whole thing is so amazing." Dr. Morgan exclaimed.  "It's hard to

believe you were ever a man."

     "Not for me it isn't." Joe said.

     "Were you ever on hormones or any other such medication before or after

this occurred?" Dr. Morgan asked.

     "No. Not ever." Joe answered. "Why would I do that?"

     "Just what is your sexual orientation, if I might ask?" The doctor


     "Orientation?" Joe asked. "do you mean am I a homosexual?"

     "Yes, I guess that's what I mean." Dr. Morgan agreed.

     "Well, before this happened to me, I liked women.  ONLY women." Joe said

slowly, as if he was thinking about what to say.

     "But now... I can tell I'm becoming interested in men.  I'm even starting

to appreciate what they look like...  This is embarrassing." Joe said, his

face reddening noticeably.

     "Please.  I understand.  Don't be embarrassed.  You're doing great." Dr.

Morgan insisted.

     "So does that make me homosexual?" Joe asked.

     "I don't know how that term applies in your situation." Dr. Morgan said


     "Well, I don't think of myself as one, if it makes any difference." Joe


     "So noted." Dr. Morgan said.

     The man rose from where he was sitting and stood near the door.

     "Joe, I'd like for you to undress completely and put this on." The doctor

said, pointing to the hospital gown hanging on the door hook.  I'll be back

shortly." He went out the door and closed it.

     There were some hangers and things next to the seat Joe was sitting in,

along with a little partition, probably made to undress behind.  Joe got up

and slipped the pumps off.

     With the dress off and placed on the hanger, Joe stepped out of the slip,

struggled out of the panty hose, and then unhooked the bra.  He got the

hospital gown and slipped it over his shoulders, then pulled his underpants

off.  Wearing the revealing outfit, he sat there waiting for what was to

happen next.

     Soon there was a soft knock on the door, and a nurse poked her head in.

     "Just checking to see if you were ready." She said, smiling kindly. "Dr.

Morgan will be with you in a moment."

     The door closed again, and in a few seconds Dr. Morgan and the same nurse

entered the room.

     "Please come over here and stand." Dr. Morgan asked in a businesslike

voice.  Joe complied.

     Dr. Morgan turned Joe so that he was facing away from him, and started to

place the stethoscope at various places around Joe's bare back.  The

instrument felt cold to his sensitive skin.

     Dr. Morgan placed his hand on Joe's shoulder and turned him again, so

that they were facing each other.  The doctor looked into Joe's eyes and

throat with a small light.

     "Please remove the gown." Dr. Morgan said.

     Joe opened the little velcro tabs and let the little cloth fall away.  He

held it in his right hand.  

     Dr. Morgan stepped back and carefully looked at Joe's body. Joe could get

no indication from his expression.

     "Please turn slowly." Dr. Morgan ordered.

     Joe slowly did a three-sixty.  He felt very much on display.

     "Ok." Dr. Morgan said. "Please get up on the table."

     Joe hopped up and sat on the edge of the examining table. When he was

nervous he tended to sit bolt upright, as if at attention.  Perhaps it was his

military training.  Now, it served to make his chest very prominent.

     Dr. Morgan came close to Joe and with his surgical gloved hands, he

gently, then firmly examined Joe's breasts.  He felt each nipple, squeezing

the tender breast tissue till Joe almost voiced a painful objection, then he

moved his fingers around as if feeling for something...  anything.

     Joe wondered just what the man was looking for.  He had examined his new

breasts himself many times in the last week.  The first time he did he had

been suprized just how breast tissue really felt.  On the surface, his boobs

looked so very smooth, but when you touched them, really felt them, you could

detect the underlying nodules, and they felt like they were full of little

lumps.  They certainly weren't just mounds of fat, as he had always thought

before.  He even thought there might be a problem, till Dr. Krell assured him

everything was normal.

     "OK. You can put the gown back on." Dr. Morgan said in a very

business-like way.  "And then lay back on the table.  Mrs. Becker will help


     Joe put his arms back in the gown and touched the velcro together.  He

then lie back on the table as the nurse lowered the extension on the end.

This part was the most embarrassing.  Joe wondered if real women ever got used

to it.

     The nurse covered Joe with a lime green sheet, which felt warm in the

cool examining room.  Dr. Morgan pulled the lower part of the sheet away,

and Joe could tell that the most changed part of his body was being stared at,

by a man.  With his view of Dr. Morgan blocked by the sheet, Joe had a

sensation more of being an observer rather than a participant in the


     That changed as soon as gloved hands touched him.  He could feel it as

his external genitalia was examined.  Dr. Morgan then placed his palm on Joe's

abdomen, just above his pubic hair.  Joe felt his penis, or clitoris now,

being touched lightly, then fingers feeling the sensitive labia.  He wondered

what was going through Dr. Morgan's mind as he methodically did his job.

     Joe felt fingers enter his vagina.  They quickly came back out.

     "Hmmm.  What have we here?" Dr. Morgan asked, as if really speaking to no

one but himself.

     What could be the problem?  Joe wondered.

     Dr. Morgan retrieved a plastic speculum, and warmed it with his hands.

Then, after putting a small amount of lubricating jelly on the surfaces, he

placed it inside Joe.  As before, the sensation was just slightly painful, but

mostly now it just felt very strange.  Joe's brain had still not really

adapted to the new opening between his legs, and sometimes when it received

sensations caused by something in there, it was still quite an experience.

     "And what is this?" Dr. Morgan asked.  Joe could feel him poking inside,

but with the speculum in there, any other sensation was limited.

     Dr. Morgan held up a forceps. On the end was a small round object.

     The sponge!  The contraceptive sponge!  Joe had forgotten about it.  He

couldn't feel anything, and he had forgotten all about it.  Oh god.  How


     Dr. Morgan knew what the contraceptive was. He looked at Joe, a knowing

grin beginning to form on his face.

     "Had to try it out, huh?" Dr. Morgan asked.

     Joe looked up at the man at the other side of the sheet.  If he could

have willed to happen, he would have died right then and there.

     "Well, I... Ah... I wanted to know what it felt like." Joe stammered.

     "Hey, I don't blame you.  I think I would too." Dr. Morgan said, a very

big grin on his face.

     "I do hope you used something in addition to this if you think you need a

contraceptive." Dr. Morgan advised.  "I think these things statistically are

only about seventy percent effective."

     "Is that all?" Joe asked in suprize.  "I thought they would be as good as

using a condom."

     "No way." Dr. Morgan returned. "I suggest at least you better use some

extra spermacide."

     Dr. Morgan placed the little round sponge in a kidney shaped pan.  He

then continued with the examination.  He spoke as he worked.

     "How long since you er... experimented?" Dr. Morgan asked.

     "Well..." Joe, highly embarrassed, didn't really know.  "I don't know for

sure.  I'd say at least four hours at least."

     "Not really a very good idea to remove it then." Dr. Morgan answered.

"I'd recommend that you use something else the night before a pelvic

examination...  if you plan to do this again."

     Dr. Morgan wrote something on a sheet of paper, and handed it to the

nurse, who left the room.

     When she left, Dr. Morgan spoke again.

     "I sent Mrs. Becker for some spermicidal creme." Dr. Morgan said.  "It

appears to me that you've got every thing you need to make a baby, if you keep

doing what you did last night."

     "What do you suggest?" Joe asked, not knowing what else to say, but

feeling like he should speak.

     "Well, I'd think you should talk that over with your personal physician."

Dr. Morgan continued. "But even a condom is more reliable than than those


     "Can I ask a personal question... sort of man-to-man?" The young doctor

went on.

     "Yeah, sure, I guess so." Joe answered.

     "So... What does it feel like?" He asked.

     Joe never spoke for a moment, trying to answer what so many had already

asked, and was so hard to answer.

     "Well...  It's hard to describe." Joe answered slowly.  "I mean...

everything is so different, and yet... in some ways, so much the same."

     "Is is better as a male... or female?" The young doctor asked.

     Joe grinned.

     "I'm still trying to decide that myself." Joe answered.  "I suppose I'd

have to say it's probably better now... I mean... every thing seems to involve

my whole body... That feels really good... But... I don't know..."

     "I've never talked to anybody who has been both ways." Dr. Morgan said.

"I find it most interesting.  Forgive me for being so personal."

     Joe smiled, slightly embarrassed.

     "No problem." Joe said. "I guess I'll have to get used to it."

     The nurse came back into the room carrying a small tube of medication.

Dr. Morgan took the ointment and did something between Joe's legs.  Joe

couldn't tell what he was doing, but it didn't really hurt.

     "I hope this will neutralize any semen which might still be alive." Dr.

Morgan said, almost apologetically.

     Soon Joe could feel the speculum retract and then he felt fingers inside

him, and a hand press on his lower abdomen.  He had felt that before, and knew

that his uterus was being manipulated, or something like that.

     In a moment, it was al finished and Joe heard Dr. Morgan speak.

     "You can get dressed now, Joe.  I'll be with you again in a few minutes."

     Dr. Morgan removed his gloves and tossed them in a can, then he left the

room.  The nurse helped Joe up and down from the table.  Joe went to where his

clothes were hanging.  He suddenly felt quite female, perhaps more than ever


     "Can I be of any assistance?" Nurse Becker asked.

     Joe looked at her. She was an attractive woman, maybe five or six years

older that he was.  He wondered what she thought about him, this guy with a

woman's body.

     "No, I think I can handle it." Joe said smiling at her. "I'm starting to

get used to all this, I guess."

     "Well, you're very attractive." Nurse Becker said, as she began to leave

the room.

     "Thanks." Joe said. "Thanks for everything."

     Joe picked up the light blue panties from the chair.  He spread the waist

band with his thumbs, and looked at the underwear he was about to step into.

He noticed that the narrow crotch was still wet from secretions from his body.

He thought about what the stain was... a combination of his own wetness, and

Jay's semen.  Jay's semen... the white sticky fluid that came from his penis

when he ejaculated.  The fluid was probably full of live sperm... sperm

looking for an egg to fertilize... An egg, which his changed body was now

probably quite able to produce.

     The thought of this was both sobering and awesome.  Joe was beginning to

realize the tremendous responsibility which came with this changed body.

     Joe touched the white wetness on the panty.  It was cool, and slightly

sticky.  This was stuff from his own body.  He ran his fingers along the

length of his genital opening, feeling slight wetness there too.  At least the

soreness caused by the activities last night seemed to be gone.  He stepped

into the underwear and pulled them up his hips, feeling the cool wetness where

it touched his skin.

     He pulled the panty hose up his smooth legs feeling their shiny sleekness

after they were on.

     As Joe bent over to touch his nylon encased legs, he became aware of his

naked breasts, since they sort of hung down when he doubled over, and without

a bra, the soft tissue on his chest swayed provocatively.  Joe saw as well as

felt his nipples, which had been full soft cones, suddenly stiffen to hard

points.  My nipples act sort of like a little penis, he thought to himself,

smiling at the pleasant sensation.

     Reluctantly, he donned the bra, then stepped into the slip.  Finally, Joe

put the dress on, using the tiny mirror over the wash basin in the corner to

preen himself.

     When he finally decided he was ready, Joe sat down in the chair to wait

for Dr. Morgan.  He didn't have to wait long.  There was a quick knock, and

the door opened slightly.

     "Are you dressed?" He called from the partially opened door.

     "Sure. Come on in." Joe answered.

     Dr. Morgan entered the room, the clipboard with Joe's papers in his hand.

He sat on the edge of the table and looked at Joe.

     "Joe, you are amazing." He said.  "From my examination, I can't

distinguish that you've ever been male."

     Joe looked at the doctor, wondering what he was leading to.

     "I've read you're file." The man continued.  "I must say I was skeptical

at first, but now I have no choice to admit that what you, and these other

doctors say is true.  Something has caused you to become a gynecoid."

     "Gynecoid?" Joe questioned.

     "Except for some slight scarring around the clitoris, you appear normal

in every way... for a mature female that is." The man continued.

     "Dr. Krell says that's because I was circumcised." Joe explained.

     Dr. Morgan looked at the attractive woman seated in the chair.

     "Circumcised?  Yeah, I guess that's what you would look like now if your

penis had been subject to circumcision as a male infant."

     "What else would you like to see?" Joe asked.  He was getting tired of

the almost constant probing.

     "Well, I would like to take a blood and urine sample before I let you

go." Dr. Morgan said.  I'd like to see if the hormone levels are continuing to

change like shown on your chart.  Then you can go."

     Another blood test.  Joe thought.  He must have been stuck twenty times

in the last week.

     Dr. Morgan slipped down from the table.  He went to the cabinet and

removed a small plastic container.  Joe recognized it as a specimen bottle.

     "Take this in the restroom and fill it please." Dr. Morgan asked.  "I'll

have Mrs. Becker draw some blood when you get back." He handed the little

bottle to Joe.

     Joe followed Dr. Morgan out the door to a little restroom one door down.

     Great. he thought.  Now I'll need to pull the pantyhose and everything


     Joe struggled out of his pantyhose and pulled his panties down.  He

carefully tried to fill the bottle without peeing all over his hands.  If

there was ever a time a penis would come in handy...

     Finished, Joe capped the bottle, washed his hands, and then pulled his

panties and hose back up.  He buttoned the dress and smoothed everything, then

triumphantly carried the bottle of yellow fluid to the little window where he

was told to put it.

     Nurse Becker saw that he was finished and beckoned him back to the

examination room.

     "Please sit down, Joe." She said.  "This will only take a minute."

     The chair was equipped with a little fold up writing shelf, and Nurse

Becker pulled it in position.  Joe placed his arm on the shelf, and pulled the

short sleeve of the dress away from the crook of his arm.  He looked at his

arm, noticing how much smaller it had become in the last week.

     "This won't hurt very much." The friendly woman said soothingly.

     "Everything is just so much more sensitive now." Joe said, more to

himself than to the nurse.

     "Yes. I guess you've really been through a lot in the last week, haven't

you?"  Nurse Becker said.

     "You wouldn't believe." Joe said.

     Joe felt the felt a sharp pain as the needle penetrated the vein.  He saw

the vial fill with dark red blood, then watched as the nurse withdrew the

needle and covered the puncture wound with a cotton ball.

     "Hold that on there till it stops bleeding." Nurse Becker said.

     Joe held the cotton ball in position, his arm bent up smashing the wad of

cotton against his much smaller biceps muscle.  When no more blood came out

the hole in his skin, he stood up.

     "Can I go now?" He asked.

     "I suppose you can." Nurse Becker answered from the sink where she was

cleaning up.  "Come up front to my desk."

     Joe followed the woman down the hallway, watching her as she walked.  Her

white uniform was closely tailored to her shapely body, and the shadow of her

white underwear was plainly visible in the bright lights.  Joe was enjoying

this innocently erotic sight when he realized that the clothes he was wearing

might look the same way too.

     When they reached the nurses desk, Dr. Morgan came from his office to

meet them.

     "Well Joe, I hope we didn't inconvenience you too much." The doctor said.

     Joe smiled and held out his hand.  The man took it and they shook hands


     "Thank you, Dr. Morgan, Mrs. Becker." Joe said.  "Maybe we'll meet again


     "Perhaps we will." Dr. Morgan answered.  "Have a safe trip back."

     "I'll try." Joe answered, walking to the waiting area.

     Jay was still seated there, thumbing through a magazine.  His eyes

brightened when he recognized Joe.

     "Are you ready to go?" Joe asked.

     "Let's roll." Jay answered.  They went out the door.

     They went to the car without speaking to each other.  When they were

underway, with Jay driving, Joe broke the silence.

     "The weather here looks OK." He said.  "I hope everything is good for the

trip home."

     "Do you need to stop anywhere else?" Jay asked.

     "No, I guess not." Joe answered. "I guess we're ready to head for home."

     Joe looked down at his legs, which since his skirt had ridden high up,

were very evident.  He rubbed them, enjoying the smooth texture of the nylons,

not realizing that his idle action was very exciting to his friend.

     "I guess I should change into jeans." Joe said, more to himself than to


     "Don't do it on my account." Jay countered. "You look very good like


     "Well, thanks, I guess." Joe said looking over and giving him a grin.

"But actually, it's hard enough to walk in these shoes, let alone fly."

     "I'll check the weather and file, while you slip into the little girls

room." Jay couldn't resist teasing.

     "Yeah, you do that." Joe agreed, showing his mild irritation at the


     Joe retrieved his bag from the trunk and took it into the ladies' room.

The room was well appointed, with a couch and small table.  Joe placed the bag

on the table and unzipped it, digging out the already worn but still clean

enough jeans, and a sweatshirt.  

     Standing while he unbuttoned the front of the dress, Joe quickly stepped

out of it and placed it on a hanger, then carefully placed the dress into the

clothing bag.  He stepped out of the slip, pulled the panty hose down his

hips, then sat as he carefully removed them.

     The room suddenly felt cold as Joe sat on the vinyl couch in bra and

panties.  He stood and pulled the denim jeans, carefully buttoning the fly,

and then pulled the sweatshirt over his head.

     Digging in the bag some more, Joe found some clean socks and pulled them

over his cold feet.  He unzipped the side zipper and pulled the comfortable

Reeboks out of their pouch.  He put them on and tied the laces.  He found his

hair brush and went to the mirror to brush his hair.

     As he stood preening himself, Joe examined his reflection in the mirror.

It was still difficult to accept that this attractive woman with the very

short hair was who he was.  He was now starting to become comfortable with the

physical aspects of being female, but down deep his personal body image was

still male.  

     Sometimes, at times like this, the feeling that he was somehow still male

and just dressing in drag would overtake him.  With his free hand, Joe felt

between his legs and experienced mild sense of relief that his hand touched

only a prominent pubic bone, and then softness below that, rather than a male


     Satisfied with his hair and with himself, Joe put his things in the bag

and zipped it up tight.  Taking the heavy bag in hand, he went back out to the

lobby.  He placed his bag next to Jay's and went to the little planning room

just off the main room.  Jay was standing at the table, looking at a long

sheet of computer paper.

     Joe walked up behind his friend.

     "Now I feel like one of the guys again." Joe said in a soft, half joking


     Jay turned around and looked at Joe.

     "Maybe you feel like one of the guys, but you sure don't like one." He

said.  A big grin lit up his face.

     "What's the weather look like?" Joe said, changing the subject.  He

didn't want anyone to overhear them talking like this.

     "We might get into some real IMC conditions on the way back." Jay said.

How about looking this over." He handed the DUAT weather report to Joe.

     Joe took the sheet and examined it carefully.  Jay was right.  Weather

along the route included two cold fronts.  It was likely that they would need

to traverse at least a few bumpy clouds, possibly some light rain.  They could

probably miss the icing by flying west for about a hundred miles before

turning south.  This deviation would add a little to the trip time, but was

still well within the range of the Cessna without requiring an intermediate


     Joe went to the table, which had IFR charts under Plexiglas for a top.

He traced a possible route along the VOR's for Jay who watched intently.  Then

he spoke.

     "Try to file this route." Joe said, quickly running his finger from one

NAVAID to another.  Jay looked at it, then started writing on a sheet of

paper.  Since Joe was the instructor, and Jay was the student, Joe would

insist on a complete flight plan, including fuel burns for each segment, for

the entire route.  Jay went to the Jepp case to get the Flight Manual to

prepare the plan manually.  It was possible to simply enter the route in the

computer and let that plan the entire plan, but Jay knew that Joe would have

none of that.  He wanted Jay to do it all manually, and he would be a stickler

for detail.  This would take some time.

     "I'm going to see if we can get some coffee for the plane." Joe said,

walking out of the planning room.  He knew Jay would need some time, and he

wanted to let him figure this out alone.

     Joe went to the main desk.  The girl there was on the telephone.  She

hung up as Joe neared the counter.

     "Can I help you?" She said.

     "Yeah.  I'm flying the 425 out on the ramp, and I'm wondering if I could

get some coffee for it?" Joe explained.

     "Sure. If you'll bring the container in, I'll show you where to fill it."

The young woman said.

     Joe turned, and was starting to walk to the plane, when the young woman

said, "I really like that Jacket.  Where did you get it?"

     Joe looked at the jacket he was wearing.  No one had really ever asked

him a question like that before.

     "Oh, a store in Phoenix the other day." Joe said.

     "It looks good." The woman said. "You remind me of Maggie on Northern


     Joe grinned.  He'd have to watch that show sometime.

     "Your the second person who's told me that." He said, and walked to the


     The 425 had already been towed to the line, and the cabin door was

standing open.  Joe went inside, and removed the coffee container from the

tiny refreshment center.  Although the plane was often used for test purposes,

it was also used to transport personnel, so unlike the Lear, it was configured

somewhat like a normal business aircraft.  There was a tiny galley behind the

right crew seat that contained an electric coffee warmer, and a place for cups

and other supplies.

     Joe carried the stainless steel container back into the building.  When

the girl behind the desk saw Joe, she came out and motioned for Joe to follow.

     They went down a short hallway, the opposite direction from the planning

room, until the came to a small lounge area.  There was an ice machine, and a

large coffee maker which looked to hold gallons of the black brew.  Joe

screwed open the lid of the container and held it under the spigot while the

girl opened the valve.

     Joe said "Enough" when the container was about three quarters full.  That

was more coffee than he and Jay could drink in two days.  No need to waste the


     As they stood together, Joe could detect the scent of the young woman's

perfume.  It smelled good, and reminded Joe of somebody he once dated.  He

looked at the woman.  She was younger than he was, maybe twenty-five, and very


     "I like that perfume." Joe said.  He was trying to make conversation by

returning the compliment she had given him earlier.

     "It's Obsession." The woman replied smiling, slightly embarrassed by the

tone Joe used when speaking to her.

     "It's nice." Joe repeated.  He didn't really know how to engage in small

talk with a woman anymore.

     They walked back out to the lobby, and Joe carried the now very hot

container to the plane.  It would stay warm till they powered up the plane,

and then the heater would keep it hot.

     Joe went back inside to wait for Jay.  He saw the comfortable seats in

the lobby, and decided to sit and rest awhile.  He didn't get much rest last

night, and now he was a little tired.  He sat down, found a magazine, and

before long, was sound asleep.



     Note: All persons depicted in this story are fictional. Any resemblance

to actual persons or places are purely coincidental.

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