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Archive-name: Changes/bates31.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story- 31

     They didn't speak as they rode the elevator the five floors to the rooms.

Jay held Joe's hand firmly, and Joe walked close to him.  Joe felt strange

acting subordinate to Jay, but at the same time he experienced an oddly

comforting feeling of safety.  Jay wasn't really that much larger, but he was

stronger than Joe.  Before the change, it was Joe who had been the bigger and

stronger.  Not anymore.  It was a hard thing for both to get accustomed to.

     When they reached the hallway, Joe stopped at the door to his room and

fished his key from his pants' pocket.  Jay nervously watched as Joe opened

the door, then followed him inside.

     Joe could feel his heart pound as he slowly walked to the opposite end of

the room.  He had been at this point a few times before, the awkward start of

a possible night of sex, but never in this position.  He looked at Jay, who

stood self conciously at the other side of the bed.

     "Lighten up, Jay." Joe said. "You know I'm not going to bite."

     "It isn't very easy doing this, Joe." Jay responded. "We were buddies."

     "I thought we still are." Joe responded.

     "Buddies don't usually get into bed together." Jay countered.

     "Hey, if you don't want to do this, I understand." Joe said, smiling.

"God knows, you can probably hear my heart from where your standing."

     "No. I can't." Jay said. "But then, mine might explode at any minute.  I

know I've been teasing you all day... and I think I meant it too, but now... I

just don't know if I can go through with this."

     "I know." Joe said. "I find myself wondering why I would even want to get

in the same bed with you too.  I must be absolutely going nuts." He grinned at


     "Let's just see what's on television." Joe continued.  "We can lay here

and watch that, and forget about all this sex crap."

     "You really think that'll be possible?" Jay asked."

     "Probably not. But if something else transpires, what the heck." Joe

grinned mischievously.

     Joe went to the television set and snapped it on.  He pointed to the

remote control fastened to the stand between the beds.

     "See if you can find something good." Joe said. "I'm going to hit the


     He went into the bathroom.  As he peed, he thought about the birth

control sponge and wondered if he should try one on, just in case.

     He retrieved one from his shaving kit and examined it.  Wrapped in it's

protective wrapper it looked sort of like a tiny catcher's mitt.  He ripped

open the plastic and held it by the little tab.  This looks too big to put

inside me, he thought.

     He remembered how he thought the same thing about Jay, and how easy that

went.  He carefully read the instructions on the little paper. Using toilet

tissue, he dried then stood up.  With jeans and underwear around his ankles,

he bent to a squatting position and looked down at his crotch.

     Everything is so much easier with a penis, he thought to himself.

     With his left hand, he spread the sides of the opening and probed around

with the ring finger of his right hand. When he located the exact position of

his vaginal orifice, he took the little sponge, carefully held it as the

directions said, and placed it inside.  Using his index finger, he adjusted

the contraceptive until it was in a location he hoped was covering the cervix.

Though he had explored himself, he had never probed this new part of his body

quite this way before, and it came as a surprize when he actually touched his

cervix with his finger.  It was just another confirmation of the extent of

what had happened.  There actually was a cervix in there, just like in the

picture.  Not only had his external appearance become female but, like the

doctors had said, his internal organs were changed too.  If there was a cervix

in there, there surely had to be a uterus. If he had a uterus, it was only a

matter of time before he would ovulate, then menstruate.  If he did that,

well... He hoped the sponge performed as advertised.  He wasn't ready to try

everything his body might now be capable of.  Not yet anyway.

     With the sponge inserted, Joe stood up.  He examined his reflection in

the mirror.  He couldn't see anything new, it all looked the same.  Everything

was completely hidden inside his body.  He was somewhat surprized that he

couldn't really feel anything either.  He tensed the muscles down there and

confirmed it.  Other than a strange residual feeling from having just probed

around down there, stretching things with his fingers, he felt nothing

different at all.  He realized that his fingers were a wet with his juices.

He held them under the sink and quickly dried his hands on a towel.

     Joe pulled the diminutive panty to his hips, then raised and buttoned his

jeans.  He pulled the sweatshirt back down and examined his appearance in the

mirror.  He decided to give his disheveled hair a quick brush.  With that, he

went back out to where Jay was resting on the bed watching TV.

     "What's on?" Joe asked.

     "Well, Showtime has a comedy special, and HBO is showing Memphis Bell."

Jay said.

     Without looking at the screen, Joe could tell from the 40's big band

sound that Jay was watching the story of flying in world war two.  He had seen

it before, at the movies and also on television.  It was worth watching again.

But right now, his mind wasn't on airplanes, movies, or TV.

     Joe lay down on the other double bed, and then got up again and pulled

the spread away, leaving only the bare sheets.  Jay apparently was trying his

best to keep his attention on the small screen.

     Joe removed his Reeboks and socks, then, leaving his clothes on, he

dropped back on the pillows.

     He tried his best to get interested in the movie, but soon the warm room

and the heavy sweatshirt began to feel uncomfortable.  It also gave him an


     Without saying anything, Joe sat up and pulled the sweatshirt over his

head, placing it at the edge of the bed.  He watched Jay's reaction out of the

corner of his eye.  He raised his arms over his head and stretched,

emphasizing his new breasts as much as he could.  He knew the shiny little

black bra made his new shape look its best, and he could tell Jay was

transfixed, watching his every move.  He pawed his left breast as if

scratching an imaginary itch.  Joe found it was actually sort of fun to play

this little game and discover Jay reaction.  It was quite exciting being the

tease. He lay back on the pillow to let the bait work.

     At first it seemed that Jay was just going to lie there, doing nothing.

Joe began to feel embarrassment, as if he had just been caught dressing in

drag.  But soon he saw his actions had the desired effect.

     "You look pretty good laying there." Jay said simply.

     "Thanks." Joe said, attempting a demure smile. "That big sweatshirt was

just too hot.  You don't mind, do you?"

     "Heck no." Jay said with uncharacteristic abandon.  "I like it."

     "I do too." Joe said, momentarily sitting up.  "It's kinda funny.  I

thought it would be embarrassing to wear stuff like this, but actually, it's

worse without it.  I mean... the boobs are always there." He shook his chest

provocatively, making his breasts sway slightly.

     Jay watched his friend flaunt his new software.  Joe did look so fine.

     You make it difficult to watch the movie, when you sit there like that."

Jay said.

     "I'm sorry. Do you want me to wear a shirt?" Joe teased.

     "Not at all." Jay answered. "You look beautiful like that."

     "Yeah? Really?" Joe asked.  "I mean... I know I don't compare with Barb,

that's for sure."

     Barb was Jay's current girl friend.  She was rather well endowed.  Joe

had his first glimpse at her generous assets when they had changed clothes

together in Linda's bedroom, some days ago.

     Jay's face showed a look of surprise and then humor.

     "What's this... Do I detect that you're jealous of Barb?" Jay questioned.

     "No. I'm not jealous." Joe objected.  "I'm just wondering how you think I

compare.  I can't even attempt to judge myself that way, but I guess I would

like to know."

     "Well, you are different than Barb, that's for sure." Jay said.  "But I

like the difference.  Sure, you haven't got quite as much on top as she does,

but... like you said yourself, you're still growing." He laughed.

     "But do I look like a REAL girl to you?" Joe questioned. "I mean, I know

I'm kind of female looking... sort of... but do I really look like a woman to

you...  a real woman?" Joe wanted to know.  His confidence in his ability to

pass in his newly adapted gender needed bolstering.

     "Joe, I don't think you look like anything BUT a woman." Jay said.  "What

are you worried about?"

     "Damn it Jay... I guess I don't know." Joe said.  "I realize that I

probably won't ever be male again... and I guess I'm trying my best to get

used to the whole idea.  But I don't feel like a woman.  Hell, I don't know

what a female is supposed to feel like... maybe I really do, and don't even

realize it.  But if I'm going to live like this, I need to know what you, and

others, really think."

     "Look at yourself." Jay admonished.  "You remember what women look like.

You said yourself you saw three of them undress right in front of you, just

this afternoon.  You can answer the question better than I can."

     Jay, I know what I see, but when I look at myself... I can still see the

male me.  I mean... Sure I can see the differences... But, I feel like it's

just me with female parts added... (he grinned) Or with my male parts


     "OK." Jay ordered.  "Stand up."

     "Stand up?" Joe looked at him.

     "Stand up, and walk around to the front of the bed." Jay said, clicking

the light on bright.

     Joe went to the foot of the single beds. He stood there in jeans and bra,

with his hands held clasped in front of him.  Jay looked him over critically,

saying nothing for about almost a minute.

     "Off with the Levi's." Jay commanded.

     Joe gave him a confused look and then smiled shyly.

     "Come on, off with the Levi's." He repeated.

     Obediently, Joe unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down.  He stepped

out of them, retrieved his sweatshirt, and placed both on the dresser.  When

he turned around, Jay saw the thong back underwear.

     "Turn around." Jay ordered.

     Joe did a slow three-sixty.  He looked at Jay, the shy smile still on his


     "You wear clothes like that, and you still say you're unsure of you're

sexuality?" Jay asked.  "I'm sure you look better, and more female, than at

least ninety percent of the women in this place, that's for sure."

     "So you like it, huh?" Joe asked, making his hip jut out in a mockingly

sexy pose.

     "Sure.  Black really looks good on you." Jay said.

     "Yeah, I think I like it too." Joe agreed.  "Who would have thought I'd

ever be standing in front of you, or anybody, wearing stuff like this?" Joe

wondered allowed.

     "It's hard to believe you were ever a guy." Jay agreed.  "I know I've

asked you this before, but... what's it feel like to have your body changed

like that?"

     Joe looked into Jay's eyes and grinned mischievously.

     "Well, right now...  it kind of itches." Joe answered, using his

fingernails on both sides of his pubic area at the edge of the panty's narrow

crotch band.  "I think there's a little stubble there.  I haven't trimmed it

for a while"

     "Do you want me to scratch it?" Jay offered.

     Joe grinned nervously.

     "I thought you'd never ask." He said, in his best Madonna imitation..

     "Get your butt over here then." Jay ordered.

     Joe went slowly to where Jay was sitting. Jay reached out and put his

hand on Joe's hip, then ran it down his soft, bare backside.

     "You are so soft and smooth." Jay remarked.  "You feel like a teenager."

     "Have you been feeling up any teenagers lately?"" Joe asked teasingly.

     Jay grinned.

     "It's true, Joe." Jay continued. "I think your skin is softer now than

even a few days ago."

     "That's what I've been telling you." Joe said. "I'm still changing.  I

can feel it happening. I guess it's the hormones or something, I don't know."

     "Well, what ever it is, it looks and feels great." Jay said.

     "Unless your the guy who's body it's happening too, that is. Then it

takes on a whole different aspect." Joe reminded.

     "Yeah, I guess it would at that." Jay agreed.  "But my god, it's just so

amazing... you're so beautiful."

     "Do you know how hard it is to think of yourself as beautiful?" Joe


     "I'm sorry." Jay said. "But you really are. The change is phenomenal.

The way your voice has changed, you even sound like a woman."

     "Yeah.  But with no balls comes no muscles." Joe reminded him, rubbing

his palm over his pubic area, as if to emphasize the difference. "I was

playing as hard as I could, but you walked all over me today."

     Jay moved his hand away from stroking Joe's smooth buttock, and placed it

on the black nylon covering his genital area.  He could feel Joe's pubic hair

through the soft cloth..  The gentle touch felt great to Joe, and he stood

still, with his eyes closed, taking in the sensation.

     It's a shame." Jay said. "To look so fine, and still want to be a hairy

guy again." He smiled at Joe in a kind of condescending way.

     Joe put his somewhat smaller hand over Jay's, and slowly guided jay's

fingers over the outside his underwear around his pubic mound. Then he moved

his legs apart slightly and moved Jay's fingers to the softness between them.

     "What does that feel like to you?" Joe asked.

     "What does it feel like?" Jay repeated.  "What do you mean, what does it

feel like?"

     "Just what I said." Joe asked again. "You're touching me.  What does it

feel like?"

     "I don't know... What do you want me to say?" Jay stammered.

     "Does it feel like you're touching a woman? " Joe asked. "Does it feel

like you're rubbing a pussy?"

     Jay looked up at Joe. He was sitting on the bed, and Joe was standing

beside it.

     "Well, yeah, I guess it does.  It does.  It feels like I'm touching a...

a female sexual organ." Jay said clinically.

     "Well, I feel it too." Joe said.  But do you know what it feels like to


     Without waiting for Jay to respond, he continued.

     "I hope this don't turn you off, but it feels like you just ran you're

fingers along my cock, and now you're touching my balls." Joe said. "That's

what it feels like to me."

     "Really?" Jay exclaimed, moving his hand away. "It feels like that?"

     "Yeah." Joe said. "Does that help you understand what it's like to be

like this... To have everybody start thinking of you as a woman, just because

you look like one?"

     "Gee. I'm sorry Joe... I never knew... I thought you wanted to do this...

I mean... I said I only wanted to if you did." Jay apologized.

     "That's the second paradox." Joe continued.  "My body looks female, but I

feel male, and yet... female too... I guess.  But even though I usually think

of myself as a guy... still male, I'm starting to have these thoughts...

these urges...  It makes me wonder if maybe I'm really homosexual or at least,


     "I think you're trying to tell me that you're starting to notice men, and

you don't know what you should do about it." Jay summarized.

     "Yeah.  I think maybe that's what I'm trying to say." Joe agreed. "It's

so confusing."

     "Let's see." Jay said. "You've undergone this change... You're body looks

female.  It still feels male, but also female.  You think of yourself as male,

but at the same time, you're starting to acquire an interest in men.  Does

that sum it up?"

     Joe looked at his pal.

     "Yeah, I guess maybe that's the problem." He agreed.

     "Humm... You've said that it you feel it isn't likely that they'll figure

out some way to get you back... and make you look male again." Jay was

speaking methodically.  "It looks to me like what's happening is probably the

best thing for you.  I mean... If you have to live as a woman, wouldn't you

want to be heterosexual?"

     "I guess I do." Joe said, without conviction. "But what about Linda?"

     "What about her?" Jay asked.  "In you're present state, why not just

think of her as a friend?  With your body like this, I'd say you have little

need for her in bed, wouldn't you?" Jay had begun rhythmically moving his

fingers between Joe's legs.  His action was making concentrating on what they

were saying to each other very difficult.

     "Do you know what she wants to do?" Joe asked.  She wants me to help her

use the machine to make her male."

     "Linda wants to be a man?" Jay said in amazement. "Why would she want to

do that?"

     "I think because she's in love with me." Joe said simply.  "I think

because she realizes that I can't love her like I want to, and she can't give

me what I need.  The other night I told her that I might not mind staying this

way, and the next day she told me she wanted to be a guy."

     "Can they make her one?" Jay asked.  It was a strange question, but with

what had happened already, not unreasonable.

     "As far as I know, If the machine could masculinize her, it could change

us back too." Joe explained. "I don't have an answer for that right now."

     If she was a guy, would you... could you feel the same about her?" Jay


     "That's a hard question." Joe considered. "I mean... I do love her, but I

don't know if I'd want to me married to her this way... not as her WIFE."

     "What about sometime." Jay continued.  "Would you consider being a wife,


     Joe looked at the wall, deep in thought.

     "I'm young.  I'd hate to think I'll have to spend the rest of my life

alone.  I mean I was just planning to settle down and marry Linda... But to

get married... like this, as a woman, to become a wife, maybe get pregnant,

have babies... God Jay, it's too early to think about stuff like that.  I'm

still having to remember to sit when I pee." Joe laughed as he voiced the last


     "Is it too early to think about trying out the new equipment?" Jay asked,

giving Joe's crotch a squeeze.  He could tell Joe was enjoying his actions

since the little black panties were becoming quite damp.

     Joe looked down at Jay.  It was so strange.  It seemed he was slowly

being overcome by an intense desire to make Jay feel good.  He was finding

that the sex urge manifested itself much different now.  Before, the main

interest was to get his penis inside his partner's vagina.  Now it was all

much more subtle.  He could still detect a strong feeling of desire emanating

from his genitalia, but it was different.

     "No. I think I could use the practice, don't you." Joe teased.  His urge

to get down to business was overcoming his embarrassment.

     "What do you suggest we do?" Jay said.

     Jay was lying on the bed, but he was still fully clothed.  He had slipped

his shoes off, so Joe reached down and pulled his socks off, running his

fingers along the soles of Jay's feet at he did so.

     "Loosen that belt." Joe said.

     Jay did as he was told, and helped as Joe pulled his trousers off. Joe

dropped them on the floor and sat on the edge of the bed next to Jay.  He

began unbuttoning Jay's shirt, and Jay reached up and fondled Joe's breasts.

Joe gently pushed his hand away.

     "You can look, but don't touch." Joe said softly.  He knew that if he

held Jay off, his interest would peak even higher.  When he had Jay's shirt

unbuttoned, with Jays assistance, he removed it and placed it with his


     Now Jay lay on the bed wearing only royal blue jockey shorts.  Joe looked

at his friend's crotch, where his erection strained at the cotton fabric. He

was finding it difficult to accept that he could actually want to touch

another man's penis.

     "My goodness." Joe said in mock surprise.  "What do we have here?"

     He placed his hand on the bulge at Jay's crotch.  He gingerly wrapped his

fingers around Jay's manhood and then softly squeezed.  It amazed him how hard

the thing was.  Only a week, and already I can't remember what a real hard-on

feels like, he thought to himself.

     Jay closed his eyes as Joe stroked his penis with one hand and ran his

soft fingers through the hair of his chest with the other.  Maybe Joe was

really a guy and all that, but he looked so good, and smelled so good.  His

hands were so soft too, and he knew exactly what kind of touch felt good to a

guy.  He reached out and put his hand around Joe's back, feeling the strap of

his bra.  He ran his fingers along the strap, hunting for the catch.  It took

a moment, but Joe finally realized what he was trying to do.

     "It opens here." Joe said, reaching between the cups.  

     With one hand, he easily worked the little clasp and the bra separated,

exposing his breasts.

     Jay reached around and fondled one, then the other.  Joe worked his arms

out of the bra and let it fall onto the bed.

     "God, I never thought I'd be doing this." Joe said, as he looked down at

his bare breasts.  "Much less that I'd even want to."

     "What's the matter?" Jay asked.  "Am I doing something you don't like?"

     "No. Not at all. Not at all." Joe answered. "Quite the opposite. I can't

believe how much I'm enjoying what you're doing."

     "Your boobs are fantastic." Jay complimented.  "I can't believe how firm

they feel."

     "I guess that's because they're so new." Joe said matter-of-factly.

     "Yeah, maybe so." Jay agreed. "They're a week old now, aren't they."

     Joe moved his hand which was stroking the light hair on Jay's chest down

until he came the band of his jockey shorts.  He slowly slipped his fingers

under the elastic and felt around until he found what he was looking for.

Using only the tips of his fingers, he rubbed the bottom side of Jay's organ

and as he did, he felt Jay tense up as he experienced the intense feeling.

     While Joe was pleasuring Jay, Jay was softly stroking his breasts.  Joe

continued to sit beside him on the bed while Jay lay back on the pillows.

Both wanted to do more, but were too self conscious to proceed faster.  They

continued until Jay spoke.

     "If you keep that up I'm going to come real soon." Jay was almost


     Joe looked at him.  He wasn't sure if it would be best to let him, or to

stop what the was doing and try something else.  It was easy to forget that

even though his own sexual endurance had changed, Jay's still followed the

male pattern.

     "Do you want to?" Joe asked.

     "Well, if you want to get down to business, don't use it all up like

this." Jay said.

     "I want to make you feel good." Joe responded. "But I don't think I'm

ready yet."

     "Lay down here." Jay said.

     As Joe lay down on the bed, Jay got up and knelt next to him.  He began

to stroke Joe's flat stomach and continued to fondle his breasts.  After a few

minutes of that, with Joe just lying back with his eyes closed, Jay touched

Joe's genital area.

     He was still wearing panties, but the thin material only seemed to help

make the sensation feel even better.  Joe opened his legs to give Jay better

access.  It wasn't long before he was moving his hips along with Jay's hand.

     "May I take these off?" Jay asked, pulling Joe's panties down a little."

     "Sure." Joe breathed.  "What ever you want."

     Jay slowly and carefully slid the little black panties down Joe's smooth

legs.  As he did that, he would sometimes stop and massage the soft skin of

Joe's legs.  When he had them off, his attention turned to Joe's crotch.

     He first ran his finger tips along the little folds, which by now had

spread open and were oozing with natural lubricant.  As he touched Joe, his

hips would rise to meet him, and it was plain that Joe was now quite sensitive

in this area.

     "Does this feel good?" Jay asked.

     "Hell yes." Joe said urgently. "It's fantastic."

     As he fondled Joe, Jay examined his pals changed body.  It was amazing

just how feminine he had become.  Except for possibly somewhat wider shoulders

than most women, there was no real evidence that Joe had ever been a man.  He

looked at Joe's genitalia.  Maybe the clitoris was a little more obvious than

some he had seen, but the transformation from male to female appearance was

total.  As Joe had been telling him, his pelvis had acquired a feminine shape,

with hip bones and pelvic bone protruding from a quite flat belly.  Joe's

pubic hair had even assumed the female pattern of a narrow "V", with the top

edge bordering the top of his prominent pubic bone, and from there, a very

narrow strip continued down, between hairless legs.  He could tell that Joe

had trimmed the hair, and when he ran his fingers along the area between cleft

and leg, he could feel a slight stubble.  Jay's face was less than a foot away

from Joe's crotch, and he could detect the sweet, musky scent of an aroused

female.  There was no doubt about it, Joe was all woman now, whether he felt

like one, or not.

     Jay looked at Joe's face.  Joe was laying there with his eyes closed, his

features drawn into a strange grimace.  It was obvious to Jay that his

manipulations were very pleasurable to his pal.  His gaze went back down at

Joe's lower body.  Spreading them, and then moving between Joe's legs, Jay put

his face on Joe's crotch.  He even tasted good.  He began to tease Joe with

his lips and tongue, and as he did Joe instinctively moved his hips, trying to

maneuver his most sensitive parts to Jay's tongue.  After about two minutes of

this, Jay felt Joe's legs tense up and his hips raise off the bed.  Then he

dropped back to the bed.

     "Did you come already?" Jay asked, even though the answer was obvious.

     "God, yeah." Joe breathed.  "How about going inside?" He pleaded.

     "Sure." Jay said. "Give me a minute." He got up and started to go to his


     "Where are you going?" Joe asked.

     "I came prepared this time." Jay said, a big satisfied grin on his face.

     "Get back here." Joe said. "And sit down."

     Joe sat up in bed.  His body desperately yearned to have Jay, but he did

his best to speak.

     "You've been tested for HIV, haven't you?" Joe asked.

     "You know I have." Jay answered. "We both have."

     "Well then, unless you have any objection, let's not use a rubber." Joe


     "But I thought you were so worried about getting pregnant." Jay

questioned.  "Do you know something I don't."

     Joe grinned seductively.

     "Maybe I was." He said. "No, I still have to worry about that, I guess,

but I've got something else to try."

     "Have you ever seen those commercials on TV about that contraceptive

sponge?" Joe asked.

     "Yeah, sure." Jay answered. "I think I have."

     "Well, I bought some." Joe continued. "If you don't mind, I'd like to try

this without a rubber."

     "Any reason?" Jay asked.

     "I know how it feels for a guy to do it wearing a rubber... it's not as

good.  I wonder if the same thing is true for me this way." Joe explained.

     "You're right about that." Jay agreed. "What's the old saying... like

taking a shower wearing a rain coat?"

     "Something like that." Joe agreed.  "Anyway, I bought some of those

little sponges, I've got one on now.  I can't even feel its in there."

     "If you're willing, I'm willing, and ready." Jay said, pointing to his

rock hard erection.  Just looking at Joe's attractive body was keeping it

stiff as a poker.

     Joe lay back and moved his legs apart.

     "Come on down." He said sexily.

     Jay went to the bed and lay down next to Joe.  Joe reached for Jay's

appendage and gave it a gentle squeeze.  Not too gentle.

     With that, Jay moved on top of Joe's body and Joe, his inhibitions

overcome by desire, maneuvered Jay's hardness into the soft wetness between

his own legs.  When he found the right spot, Jay came down with one good

thrust and went all the way in.

     "Oooh." Joe moaned softly.  "God, that feels good."

     "Glad you like it." Jay said as he began to slowly move in and out.  "You

feel great to me too."

     "Just keep doing it, but move real slow." Joe commanded.  "Move real


     Jay did as ordered, slowing down so that it took maybe a full minute for

one in and out cycle.

     Joe closed his eyes and savored the feeling.  Sometimes he would flex his

crotch muscles, as if trying to tightly grip this wonderfully hard, yet

velvety smooth thing inside him.  Whenever he did it, he could tell Jay could

feel it too, because he would stop moving and tense up slightly.  It was a

strange thing.  As a man, he had always felt he was the one in control of the

lovemaking situation.  Now that he found himself on the other side, he still

felt that he had the upper hand.  He was thinking about this when he felt Jay

tense up, then begin to pump furiously.  He was obviously ejaculating.  Joe

could feel Jay's penis begin to jerk the familiar way it did when he

ejaculated.  Joe remembered the feeling of ejaculation, wondering if he would

ever experience it again.  Can't have it both ways, he knew.

     Joe wrapped his arms and legs around Jay as his friend continued to

writhe in pleasure from his orgasm.  Joe tried to imagine the little sperm

which had just entered his body.  They weren't his sperm, they were Jay's, and

they were instinctively looking for an egg to fertilize.  His egg.  He hoped

the little catcher's mitt and the spermicide in it did the job it was designed

to do.

     After a few moments, Jay withdrew, and lay next to Joe.  They were both

temporarily exhausted from the exertion.  Joe looked over at Jay, and began to

run his fingers through the hair on his friends chest.

     "God, that was good Jay." Joe said.  "Much better even than last time."

     "So you like it?" Jay asked. "Do you want to stay that way?  What if they

can make you male again?"

     "I don't know." Joe said, looking up at the ceiling.  "I realize that

there's a chance I might have to choose, but I don't know what I'd want to do.

I seem to oscillate between feeling sorry for myself about what happened, to

just loving to be this way.  Right now, I don't think I've ever felt better in

my life."

     "Well, one things obvious, you've never looked any better, that's for

sure." Jay said teasingly.

     Joe moved his hand from Jay's chest to his crotch.  He pulled playfully

on Jay's penis as he gazed into Jay's eyes.

     "I guess I'm a victim of these new genes and hormones." Joe said. "Thanks

for helping me adjust to it."

     "What are you talking about?" Jay objected. "You know it's my pleasure...

And I mean that literally."

     Joe grinned.

     "No, I mean it." He said. "It's all been kind of embarrassing for me, but

you've been really nice about it."

     "Hey, once I get over the idea of who you were, it's very easy being

around you." Jay said. "I told you the other day that I thought I was

beginning to feel different about you... Do you know what I'm trying to say?"

He stammered.

     "Yeah... Maybe I do." Joe agreed. "But... its one thing to play around

like this, I mean... I was curious... you were curious... but, I don't know

about anything else.  I mean... we're really both guys... under the skin,


     Jay ran his finger along Joe's left breast, stopping at his pink nipple,

and then making a circle around it.

     "Maybe UNDER the skin you are, old pal, but your skin is all woman." Jay

said.  "You've gotta admit that."

     "But you're still all man." Joe teased, pumping Jay's erection, which

caused it to assume its previous stiffness."

     "Do you mind if I put this to use?" Joe asked, trying to make his voice

sound as seductive as he could.

     "What's with you?" Jay asked, grinning. "You look so young and innocent,

but you act just as horny as you were before."

     Joe felt his face begin to flush with embarrassment.

     "I told you, it's still me, no matter what I look like." Joe said. "I

can't help it, it all feels so good, why not just enjoy it?"

     "I guess that's what I like about you." Jay said. "A girl who thinks just

like a guy."

     "I prefer to think of myself as a guy who looks like a woman." Joe said,

twisting Jay's penis.

     "Whichever way you want, you're simply beautiful." Jay said, moving onto

Joe again.

     They continued into the night until Joe found he had become too sore to

continue.  Then they fell asleep, with Joe snuggling in Jay's arms, and Jay

relishing the closeness of Joe's soft body.  Neither bothered to set an alarm,

or phone in a wake-up call.  There would be plenty of time to make the

appointment in the morning.




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