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Archive-name: Changes/bates29.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story- 29

     JOE29 The 29th Chapter of the Joe Bates Story


     Jay looked at his buddy.

     "Yeah...Yeah... except for the hair...I guess maybe you do...sort of look

like her." He exclaimed.

     "Do you think she's attractive?" Joe asked carefully.

     "Attractive...yeah...sure...absolutely.  She's beautiful...almost angelic maybe a quirky kind of way." Jay said, laughing.

     "Quirky?  Just what the hell does that mean?" Joe continued.

     "Oh, I don't know exactly.  She acts kinda weird sometimes...but then

everyone on that show is kinda weird I guess.  She is beautiful, that's for

sure." Jay explained. He was trying to choose his words very carefully.

     "So you guys think I've started looking like some quirky woman on a TV

show, huh?" Joe asked, not expecting an answer.

     "Hey, I can't help it.  You just do." Jay said, laughing.

     They finished their lunch and then went down to the garage.  They got in

the rental car and Joe drove them to the Honeybone offices.  When they

arrived, they walked into the reception area and told the person behind the

desk who they were.  She cleared them on down a long hallway to another

reception area.  This was where Mr. Peterson's office was.

     Joe introduced himself to the young lady behind the desk.

     "Hi.  I'm Joe Bates.  This is a friend Jay Logan.  We have a meeting with

Mr. Peterson." Joe said.

     "Hello Ms. Bates...Mr. Logan." Said the young woman, eyeing Joe

carefully.  "Pleased to meet you.  I'll tell Mr. Peterson you're here."

     She punched some buttons and spoke softly into the tiny headset she was


     She looked up at them.

     "You can go right in." She said.

     Joe again felt the burn of self concousness as he walked to the office

door.  He was becoming quite accustomed to the way he looked and felt now, but

the feeling still hit him whenever he knew he was going to be looked at

carefully.  He looked down at his clothes and smoothed his skirt.  He

carefully adjusted the collar and checked his chest.  The soft mounds there

suddenly felt much bigger than they were, and Joe could actually feel his

nipples where they rubbed against the bra.  He hoped that they couldn't be

seen.  But the relatively thick cloth of the dress hid everything well.  He

thought he looked attractive, but dignified.

     Mr. Peterson was standing behind his desk when Joe entered. He walked out

from behind it and held his had out to Joe.  Joe shook it and then introduced


     "Mr. Peterson, this is my friend Jay Logan.  He's been a great help to me

so far.  He's an attorney, but I hope you don't hold that against him." Joe

said smiling.

     "Mr. Logan." Mr. Peterson shook Jay's hand and eyed him warily.  He

obviously didn't know how to take him.

     "I hope we can work this problem out." Mr. Peterson said to Jay directly.

     "I think we can." Jay said smiling.  He could feel the tension in the


     "Jay has been my best friend for years." Joe said.  "I hope you aren't

interpreting him as some kind of threat."

     "Joe...have they been treating you...all of you...acceptably?  Is there

anything you need?  Anything at all we can do?" Mr. Peterson asked.  He was

obviously saying it "for the record."

     "Well, I think everything is going about as fast as it can." Joe said.

     "You look you in any pain...or anything like

that?" Mr.  Peterson asked.

     "No. I think everything is OK.  I've just changed...a lot." Joe said,

smiling at the man.

     "They've told me what happened.  Are you absolutely sure that the GPS

caused this?" Peterson asked.

     "We're not sure of anything yet." Joe said. "But I think we'll find out."

     "I hope so." Mr. Peterson said as he walked back behind his desk and sat

down.  "Please be seated.  I'd like to talk a few minutes."

     Joe sat in one of the overstuffed chairs.  Jay sat next to him.

     "So you just woke up one morning last week looking this way?" Peterson

asked.  "Are sure you weren't taking hormones or anything like that?"

     "Well, no of course I wasn't...why would I do that?" Joe answered. "Most

of this happened overnight, but there are still changes taking place.  I can

actually feel them."

     "And it doesn't hurt?  There isn't any pain or other problems?" Peterson

asked.  He was obviously very interested in Joe's health.

     "No. Absolutely nothing like that." Joe explained. "Everything is much there is no pain.  It feels...I don't know...sort

of normal, I guess."

     "What about the others?  I understand there are four of you." Peterson


     "They've all experienced basicly the same thing." Joe said. "Dave Skinner

is married.  I think it's affected him even more than the rest of us...its a

little hard to relate to a wife when you're like this."

     "Just how extensive are the changes, if I might ask." Peterson asked.

     "Extensive?" Joe looked at him.  "I think can say this...the only thing

still male are my memories...and maybe some of my habits.  They tell us that

even our genes have been altered...damaged is how it was described...and

that's what has caused our bodies to feminize."

     "Genetic damage?" Peterson asked. "In what way?"

     "Well...I'm not the expert here, but apparently our normal XY chromosomes

have been altered...they now appear XX, like female genes.  That's probably

the reason our bodies have changed like this...and changed so quickly." Joe

explained the phenomenon the best he could.

     "And do you anticipate that a way can be found to change you back?"

Peterson asked.

     "I really don't know." Joe said.  "I think they're still trying to figure

out how it occured in the first place."

     "The no-shit truth now Joe.  What do you really want Honeybone to do

about this?" Peterson asked.

     "Mr. Peterson...for now anyway, I think everyone's doing all that can be

done." Joe responded. He had expected this question.

     He continued.  "Please, just don't give up on this...or the project for

that matter.  I think this can be worth much more valuable than a GPS system.

Even if it isn't reversiblebut especially if it is."

     Peterson looked at Joe. "Call me Pete.  Just what exactly do you mean by

that, Joe?"

     "Well, the other day, when I was at a clinic in San Diego, I met a few

people who are having problems like I have now...but they've been like this

all they're lives.  They feel like they were born with the wrong body and it

gnaws at them constantly.  Doctors like Benjaman Krell attempt to help these

people with therapy and sometimes surgery.  I guess it helps, but it's nothing

like this...  This changes everything." Joe said.  "For some people...I think

this could be a dream come true."

     "You said one of you were married...what's's

ah..Dave Skinner..  What's he doing about it?" Pete asked.

     "Well, right now, Dave still lives with his family. Three of us have

completed paperwork to legally change our I guess you can refer to

us as women.  But Dave didn't, since he was married...he couldn't without

getting a divorce...and I really don't think he wants to do that if he can get

back." Joe explained.

     "Do you prefer that I address you as a woman?" Pete asked.

     "You can do whatever you like." Joe said smiling, somewhat embarrassed.

"At first I wanted to deny what happened to me, But now I guess I'm getting

used to it."

     "Won't you have to readjust again if we can change you back?" Pete


     "I guess I will, but I'm sure it'd be easier to get used to being male

again...I mean I've got thirty years experience at that." Joe said smiling.

     "Don't take it the wrong way Joe...I didn't know you before, but you're

quite attractive the way you are now." Pete said.

     "Thanks." Joe said.  "I'm getting used to it...and I've got to admit,

sometimes it is kind of interesting to look like this."

     "But let's not forget that what happened was caused by job related

genetic damage." Jay interrupted.

     Mr. Peterson looked at Jay.

     "Just what do you think we should do, Mr. Logan." Pete said formally.

     "I just want to remind both of you that Honeybone is ultimately

responsible for all job related matter how unusual they might

appear." Jay continued.

     "Do you feel that our friend Joe here is unusual?" Peterson asked.

     "I have never heard of anything like this happening before, have you?"

Jay returned.

     "No...No, I guess I haven't." Peterson agreed.

     "Well, Joe... Mr. Bates here has been inflicted with some serious

problems." Jay said. "Think about it... and try to for get what his body looks

like now...  While on the job he was subjected to radiation which permanently

damaged his chromosomes...the basic building blocks of his physical being.

This injury has caused significant changes to his body.  He can no longer

function as a normal male...technically he's impotent now. In fact, the damage

has actually caused his male genitals to atrophy...why, he can no longer even

urinate normally.  And further, it has caused him to lose weight and

considerable strength.  In almost every way, he is no longer the normal,

healthy man he was just a week ago."

     "Jay...I don't..." Joe attempted to stop him.  He certainly didn't like

to be referred to as impotent.  Maybe everything was a lot different now, but

it seemed that impotence was hardly a proper description of his affliction.

     "I'm not trying to threaten anyone." Jay continued.  "But I think we all

must consider exactly what happened here.  I feel that's my responsibility to

my best friend."

     "Yes... You're right of course." Peterson agreed.  "If it can be

determined that Honeybone is responsiblethen we will do what we must.  But on

the other hand...I must be sure that Honeybone is responsible."

     "Mr. Peterson...Pete...  I want you to understand that I'm not out for my

own personal gain...I can't speak for the rest of the guys...but...I just hope

that the Company don't desert us either." Joe said.

     "Joe...Joe... I don't think you've anything to worry about in that

respect.  Honeybone is a people company...we're not about to let any of you're all far too valuable to lose anyway." Peterson smiled.

     Hearing the president of the company say those words were comforting to

Joe.  Although he wasn't particularly worried about his job, he wasn't sure

what that job would be now.  With Peterson on his side, he had less even less

to be concerned about.

     "One thing... Joe, before you go back to Arizona, could I get you to stop

by at this clinic.  I'd like some of our doctors to examine you...a sort of

second opinion, if you will."

     Oh great, Joe thought.  Another physical exam.  He had been subjected to

four already in just a week. Would everybody in the medical profession get to

look at his changed body?

     Mr. Peterson gave Joe a paper which contained an address and phone


     "I think I'll come down to Phoenix in a few days to meet each of you

personally and see what's going on for myself." Pete said.

     "Is that all you wanted?" Joe asked.  He was expecting more to happen.

     "Do you have anything to add?" Pete countered. "I think I have to see all

if it for myself.  The whole thing seems intriguing."

     "Yeah, I guess it is." Joe agreed.

     "It has been a pleasure to meet you Joe." Pete said. "And you too Jay.

Don't worry... Honeybone will stand behind you're friend.  And I appreciate

your concern."

     They shook hands once more, and then Mr. Peterson excorted them to the

door of his office.

     "I'll be seeing you in a few days." He said.

     Joe and Jay said bye to Mr. Peterson's secretary.  It was obvious that

she was dying with curiosity.  Joe just smiled at her and walked on.  Last

week he might have asked her to dinner.  Now, he just followed Jay down the

hall to the entrance.

     "Peterson's secretary is sure a looker, ain't she." Jay said.

     "Yeah, I guess so." Joe agreed. He had paid as much attention to what she

was wearing as to her physical appearance.

     "You guess so?" Jay said, looking at Joe and grinning. "What's wrong with

your eyes pal?"

     "It ain't the eyes, Jay.  It's everything else, I guess.  I'm impotent

now, remember." Joe said, grinning.  He could remember the old feelings, but

they just weren't the same anymore.

     "Yeah...yeah, I guess you can't help it, can you." Jay said.  He looked

into Joe's eyes and smiled as if he understood.

     When they arrived at the front desk, Joe asked for a phone.  The

receptionist pointed to the couch and the phone located at the end table.  Joe

took a seat and opened the small sheet of paper.  He punched in the numbers,

and waited for an answer.

     "Dr. Morgan's office." A feminine voice said cheerfully.

     "Hi. My name is Joe Bates." Joe said, not sure how to start the

conversation.  "I was asked by Mr. Peterson of Honeybone to give Dr. Morgan a


     "Oh, yes...Ms. Bates... Dr. Morgan can see you at ten tomorrow morning."

The voice on the other end said.

     Joe looked at his wristwatch. It was only two in the afternoon.  They

would have the entire afternoon with nothing particular to do.

     "Ok.  I'll see you then." Joe said, and then hung up.

     "Well, now I have a doctors appointment for ten tomorrow morning.  Can

you stay another day?" He asked Jay.

     "Why not?" Jay answered.  "We maybe can have some fun on this trip." He

grinned deviously.

     "Yeah, I know what kind of fun you have in mind." Joe said.

     "What?  And you don't?" Jay countered.

     "Well, like it or not, I don't go around thinking with my least

not anymore." Joe said sarcastically.

     It was so true, although he did somewhat look forward to more exploration

of his new sexuality with Jay, somehow sex just didn't control his practically

every waking thought as it did when testosterone had him in its fierce grip.

     "What do you want to do then?" Jay asked.

     "I don't know...I think we should go back to the hotel.  I better call

Linda like I promised.  We can discuss what we want to do after that." Joe


     They drove back downtown to the Radisson.  When they go to their rooms,

Joe closed the door between the rooms and called Linda's office.

     "I'm here, and I'm still alive." Joe told her when she came to the phone.

     "Will you be home tonight?" Linda asked.

     "No. They have me scheduled for another physical tomorrow morning." Joe


     "Another examination?" Linda asked. "Aren't you getting tired of that?"

     "Sure." Joe said. "But I guess Peterson wants another opinion or

something.  Really, everything is going Ok I guess."

     "You'll be staying overnight then?" Linda asked.  "Jay too?"

     "Yeah. We're at the Radisson. It's a pretty nice place." Joe answered.

     "Do you have separate rooms?" Linda went on.

     "Of course." Joe answered. "Why do you ask a question like that?" He

wasn't going to bring up the interconnecting door.

     "Oh...I don't know...just wondering...I know you two were best

friends...I didn't know how you'd handle being together now...with the way

you've changed.  I mean...I've seen the way he looks at you." Linda said.

     "And so you think we would want to sleep together?" Joe asked.  Linda was

obviously much more observant than he gave her credit for being.

     "Joe, it's you're life.  You've got to live it.  I just want you to

know...I'd understand if you want to see what its like." Linda said.

     "What its like... What are you talking about" Joe asked incredulously.

He knew exactly what she meant.  He wondered if he should ask about the silk

chemise.  He decided against it.

     "If I could show you what being with a man is like...I would...but I

can' least not yet anyway.  If you and Jay....  Well, I just want you to

know...I understand." Linda said haltingly.

     "And you think that's what I want?" Joe asked.

     "No.  That's not what I mean...its just that...I mean...I can see what's

happened to you feel.  It would be understandable for you to want to

experience everything about being a woman.  I know you've got to be curious."

Linda went on.

     This woman can read my mind, Joe thought.  No wonder he had always

thought they were so right for each other.

     "Well, we've got separate rooms.  If something happens between us, maybe

I'll tell you about it.  Joe said, trying to make the whole idea sound far


     He didn't know if it would be prudent to tell her if anything did happen.

But could he keep it a secret even if he wanted to?

     Linda seemed satisfied with that.

     "I'll miss you tonight." She said.  "I've been getting used to having

someone in my bed every night."

     "I'll miss you too." Joe said.  "But I'll be back tomorrow."

     "Bye." Linda said. "I love you Joe Bates."

     "See you tomorrow." Joe said.

     Joe hung up the phone and stared at the mirror over the desk across the

room.  What was happening to his life?  Here he was, sitting in a hotel room,

wearing a dress, talking on the phone to his girl friend...his fiance...with

his best friend waiting in the next room.  When would everything settle down?

And what path would it take?  Was he really destined to start a new

a woman...maybe with Jay...or Linda...or somebody...maybe even some other

male?  Is that what his life was to be?  Would he have kids with Jay?  He

tried to imagine what being a mother would be like.  It was almost impossible

to picture.  Sure, it was likely he was now physically capable of conceiving

and giving birth...but could he stand being a a newborn?  He went

to the television set and switched it on in an attempt to get his mind off the

whole concept.

     The low volume of the television must have been loud enough for Jay to

hear, because Joe had only lay back on his bed when there was a knock on the

connecting door.

     "It's not locked." Joe called.

     Jay came in the room.  He saw his friend resting on the bed.

     "So...what are we going to do this afternoon?" Jay asked. "What's the

excitement in the Minneapolis area?"

     "I really don't know." Joe said.  "I've only been here a few times. I've

been to this hotel, Honeybone, and shopping in the stores around St. Paul."

     "Do you want to go looking around?" Jay asked. "Or, we can just stay in

here the room if you like." He grinned.

     "Damn it Jay.  Is that really all you think about?" Joe asked, laughing.

     "No. It's not all." Jay answered, a wicked grin on his face.  "But it's

the only important thing."

     "Maybe you should try the machine too." Joe said.  "You might suddenly

find that there really is more to life."

     "Name two other things." Jay said, snickering.

     Joe looked at his pal.  He knew there was no way he could argue his

point.  The problem was that his sex drive was changing along with his

perspective of the whole concept.  He knew he still enjoyed sex, now with

either a male or a female, but it seemed that it took something to get him

going now.  His sex drive was no longer running at fast idle all the time.

The physical part actually felt just as good this way too, he considered.

Maybe the mechanics were a little different now, and would take some getting

used to, but sex was still there when he wanted it, but it just no longer

permeated every thought.

     "Ok. I guess it is pretty important." Joe conceded, not wanting to argue.

     "I don't think I would want to try the machine, that's for sure." Jay

said.  "I admit, I do have some curiosity about what it would be like to have

a body like that, but I think I'll pass on actually trying it."

     Joe looked at him.

     "But you think it's OK for me though?" He asked.

     "Hey, I didn't make it happen to you, did I?" Jay responded.

     Jay was right, of course.  It wasn't his fault that all this had happened

to Joe.  Joe knew it too, but he just didn't like the way Jay spoke about his

situation, as if Joe had any  choice in the matter himself.

     "I'm sorry, Jay." Joe said.  "Sometimes I guess I get a little short when

I think you're teasing. Of course what's happened to me is not your fault.  So

what would you want to do today?" He asked.

     "You pick something...I'll follow you." Jay suggested.

     "Ok.  Let's go look around in some of the stores for a while.  Then we

can go to the gym and I'll whip you butt at racquetball." Joe teased.

     "You want to go shopping?" Jay asked, amazed. "Those hormones are sure

affecting your head, aint they."

     Joe grinned a big grin.  It was unusual for him to ask to go looking in

stores.  He had never done that before, except maybe grudgingly with Linda or

some other girl friend.  But now, he just thought he'd like to see what the

clothes looked like in the stores in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.  They were

near some of the best shopping in the city.

     "Hey, humor me, will you." Joe said. "Besides, you might even find that

it's kind of fun."

     "I doubt that." Jay said. "But if that's what you want to do, I don't

really mind."

     Joe got up and walked passed Jay as he went to the dresser. He patted Jay

on the butt as he walked passed.  He had never done anything like that to any

man before, but just felt the need, so he did it.  He turned and grinned at


     "Now, get out of here for a few minutes while I change clothes." He said.

     "Can I watch?" Jay asked.  "I'll be on good behavior."

     "Get in your own room, and close the door behind you." Joe said.  "All

that stuff can come later."

     Although he was as interested as Jay in exploring his newfound

femininity, it was still kind of embarrassing, and he wanted to postpone it

all as long as he could.  Tonight would be soon enough.

     Joe removed his dress. Standing in his slip, Joe went to the bag to look

for something to wear.  He found the new jeans and a blouse.  It was a bit

casual, but he figured it would do for the rest of the day.  Maybe he could

find something in one of the shops around here.  He wondered of Jay would mind

shopping with him.  Of course not, he decided.  Jay seemed to like just being

around him.  What was it?  Was he really that sexy, or whatever?  He didn't

think so.  Sure, he knew he looked female enough all right, but sexy?  He

didn't feel sexy.  He was now getting used to the way he looked and was no

longer quickly driven to sexual excitement by just ogling his own curves or

his changed genitals.  Along with his acceptance of his new femininity, Joe

was slowly beginning to think like a woman too.

     He removed the half slip and the pantyhose.  He stepped into the jeans

and pulled them on.  He noticed they fit him differently than his male pants.

They went well above his changing hip line.  He ran both hands along his hips,

tracing their shape. What would his body be like when this all stopped?  When

would it stop?

     He took the blouse and put it on.  Gazing down as he fiddled with the (to

him) backward buttons, he saw the noticeable cleavage of his breasts.  The

blouse fit pretty well.  Joe wondered if his chest was really still getting

bigger like it seemed.  Would this shirt...this blouse...even fit him next


     Joe found his socks and Reeboks, and put them on again.  He went over to

the mirror.  With the jeans and blouse on, he was now wearing the most

masculine cloths he least that still fit him.  They may be more

masculine than the dress, but he still didn't look like a guy, that was

certain.  He went to the bathroom and brushed his hair again. He could feel

the rough denim rubbing his legs as he walked.  It felt so much different than

the slip against his pantyhose.  He realized he was starting to get accustomed

to the feel of feminine clothes.

     He was ready.  He found his handbag and new poplin jacket.  He put the

jacket over his arm and looked in the mirror again.  Did he look too

masculine?  Why was he worried about that?  He decided that everything was Ok.

Hell he was really a guy anyway...wasn't he?

     He figured Jay would have been knocking on the door by now, but he

wasn't.  Surely he was ready to go by now too.  He decided to try a knock on

the connecting door.

     "Are you ready yet?" Joe called out.

     "Sure.  I'm just waiting for you." Jay answered. "Come on over."

     Joe opened the door and went inside.  Jay was sprawled on his bed

watching a movie on the television.  He was fully dressed and grinned when he

saw what Joe was wearing.

     "Well, you sure look different." Jay said.

     "Do you think this will be Ok?" Joe asked apprehensively.

     "Sure.  It looks great to me." Jay answered.  "I guess I've just never

seen you in jeans before, at least since you've been like this." He grinned.

     "Turn around." Jay asked.

     Joe turned away from Jay, looking back at him as he remained on the bed.

     "What's wrong?" Joe asked worriedly.

     "Not a thing.  Not a thing." Jay answered.  "And you're butt isn't too

big at all."

     Joe spun back around immediately.

     "Ok. Ok.  Are you ready to go, or do you just want to lay there and stare

at my ass." Joe demanded, trying to sound irritated.

     Jay got off the bed, the grin never leaving his face.

     "Ok. I'm ready.  Where do you want to take me, anyway?" He asked.

     "I just want to look in some of the shops." Joe said.  "Maybe I can find

something I like that the stores back home don't have."

     "God Joe, listen to yourself.  You sound just like a woman." Jay said.

     Joe looked straight into Jay's eyes.

     "I know it. And that scares me to death." He said, smiling.

     They went out and walked down the hallway and took the elevator to the

floor where the sky walk was on.  As they left the building they were in they

entered the glass walled sky walk and looked down on the traffic filled


     Joe went to the side and looked out the windows. He put his hand on the

wooden railing.  Jay placed his now larger hand on top of Joe's.  Joe looked

down at it, then pulled his hand away.

     "I'm sorry.  I just thought maybe you wouldn't mind." Jay apologized.

     Joe looked at his friend.

     "I don't mind." Joe said. "It's just hard to get used to the whole idea

of all this."

     He smiled and put his hand on top of Jay's.

     They just stood there and gazed into each other's eyes.  Nothing was

said, but a lot was communicated.  Neither could understand the new feelings

that were coming over both of them. 

     "Let's get going." Joe said.

     They walked along the wide, well lighted aisles, looking in the shop

windows.  When they came to a shop selling women's clothes Joe stopped and

looked at the mannequins in the window.

     "Do you like that?" Joe asked Jay.

     "The important thing is do you like it, isn't it?" Jay countered.

     "Yeah, I guess it's all right." Joe said. "But I want your opinion."

     "Well, it's nice, I guess." Jay answered. "Would it even fit you?"

     "Hey, I don't know." Joe said. "Every time I try something on, I'm always

suprized at what fits and how it looks on me.  Actually, I think it's kinda


     "There's no doubt about it, your brain has become female, just like you

thought." Jay teased.

     Joe looked at his friend and grinned.

     "I think you might be right." He said.  He walked into the store and Jay


     The saleswoman was alone in the store when they came in.  She went right

over to Joe and asked if she could be of assistance.

     "Yes please." Joe replied, trying to sound as ladylike as he could.  "I

would like to try on a dress like the black one in the window."

     "You look like a ten." The woman said walking to the rack along the wall.

     She took a hanger from the rack and went to the back of the store. Joe

didn't know if he should follow or what.

     "Was there something else?" She called when she noticed Joe wasn't


     "No.  I'll be right there." Joe answered.

     He walked along, and Jay continued to follow.

     "Maybe you better wait out here." He told Jay, winking.

     "Yeah, sure. I'm sure I'll find that will be great fun." Jay said with

mock sarcasm.

     In the fitting room, the sales woman stood by as Joe removed his blouse

and jeans.  Joe could feel the flush come to his face as he stood before this

stranger wearing only bra and panties.  But she didn't seem to notice his

embarrassment as she helped him try the dress on.

     The dress fit Joe's shape perfectly.  The fitted bodice traced the

outline of his trim but growing bustline.  Joe went to the full length mirror

and looked at his reflection.  The woman staring back from the mirror was

amazingly attractive.  Forgeting for a moment that the saleswoman was standing

there watching, Joe ran both hands along his breasts and down his hips as if

needing to prove that the shapely body inside the dress was his.  The sales

woman was suprized to see this attractive but shy young woman do that.  She

said nothing but her suprize was evident.  Joe didn't notice, however, he was

completely engrossed in his own appearance.

     "Perhaps your husband would like to see it too." The woman said aloud,

breaking the moment.

     Joe gave the woman a questioning look.  Husband?  Oh, yeah... Jay.

     "Yes.  You're right." Joe agreed.

     Wearing the silky dress with athletic socks and no shoes, Joe went back

out into the shop.  Jay was seated next to the fitting room door and looked

around when Joe came out.  His look was that of impressed suprize.

     "What do you think?" Joe asked.

     "It's you." Jay answered.  He said it in a teasing way, but he obviously

meant it.

     "Yeah, I like it." Joe agreed. "I think I'll get it."

     He went back into the fitting room and the sales woman followed. She

brought a belt, and a scarf which she suggested that Joe try with the dress.

Joe looked at her suggestions and tried them on.  He agreed to purchase them

also.  He then removed the new clothing and put his jeans and blouse back on.

     The sales woman took the purchases to the counter and looked at Jay as

she asked.

     "Will this be cash or charge?"

     Joe retrieved his charge card from his handbag and handed it to the

woman.  He carried the hanger with the dress and the bag with the accessories

as he and Jay continued down the mall walkway.

     "Are you just going to buy everything you see?" Jay teased as they walked


     "Not everything." Joe replied. "But I've decided...If I want something,

I'm going to get it."

     "Hey, I don't blame you." Jay agreed. "You look good in this stuff, and

If you want to wear it, why not?  I think Honeybone is willing to cover it,

and I guess you'll be needing stuff like this if you're going to stay like you


     "Don't I know it." Joe said.  "It seems I'm always finding something else

that I don't have and that I need."

     They went along the walkway, looking in the stores, and stopping every

now and then to let Joe examine something closely, or to try it on.  Usually,

he ended up buying it and before long, both of them were burdened with


     "Do we have to go back to the rooms and unload, are will you be finished

soon?" Jay asked his friend.

     "I guess we have enough." Joe said.  "For today anyway.  Don't you just

love that white dress?"

     Jay looked at his pal.  Joe seemed to be turning into a real shopaholic.

     "Yeah, it's real nice." Jay said.

     They slowly made the trek back to the hotel rooms.  On the way they

discussed how they would spend the rest of the afternoon and evening.  Jay

wanted to play racquetball, and Joe agreed.  He really didn't have any real

urge to play, since he knew he felt he was no longer competitive with his

friend, but he did need the exercize.

     Alone in his room, Joe changed clothes again, this time to stretchy lycra

exercize wear.  The skin-tight garments felt great to wear, and he liked the

way he looked, but they were body hugging, and he was too embarrassed to leave

the room. Although the running bra minimized his new breasts and stopped

everything from bouncing, he still pulled a contrasting crop -top over his

head. Next, he stepped into a pair of nylon running shorts. His hair was still

too short to really get into his eyes, but he slipped on the matching head

band anyway.  Joe topped it all off with the terry cloth cover-up.

     He took his new gym bag, with the new smaller racket, and placed it on

the bed, then lie next to it to wait for Jay's knock on the door.




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