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Archive-name: Changes/bates28.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story- 28

                   THE 28th Chapter of the JOE BATES saga.

     It seemed that Joe had just fallen asleep when the clock radio sounded

the alarm. He gently unwound himself from Linda's arms. Another

morning...another day.

     Looking at the glowing numbers on the radio, Joe saw they read 04:00.

Four in the morning. God, it felt like he had just crawled in the sack. He had

to get up immediately though, since he had promised a show time of six at the


     Without making his regular morning examination, Joe sat up and put his

legs over the side of the bed. His bare legs poked from under the top of the

new pajamas.  The bottoms lay on the floor next to the bed.  He grinned when

he thought about the way Linda pulled them off of him last night. He had never

had anyone actually pull his pants off before. Of course, things were a lot

different now. Especially after what Linda told him last night. He still

didn't know how to take that.

     Joe didn't turn the light on, but used the glow of the clock radio

readout to walk into the bathroom. He closed the door before turning on the

light in that room, sparing Linda the glare, in case she happened to be awake.

But she gave no sign of that.

     As his eyes adjusted to the light, Joe looked at himself in the mirror.

The new hair cut was all mussed up, the styling stuff causing it to stay the

way it was rumpled by the pillow as he slept. Before, he used nothing on his

hair, and while it was hardly ever really what could be called neat, it never

looked like this in the morning. He took his hair brush and carefully

straightened it, thankful that it practically fell back the way it was

yesterday.  Maybe having this "girl" hair wouldn't be as hard as he figured.

     As he raised his arms up to brush his hair, Joe could see pubic hair peek

from under the pajama top. Still look like a girl, he thought to himself.  Not

a trace of his old genitals. With one hand, he felt there.  The fine pubic

hair was stiff with the dried secretions resulting from last night's

excitement. He rubbed it briskly with his fingers making it soft again and as

he went lower he touched wetness still there.  Hmmm...  don't remember feeling

like this in the morning before, he thought.

     Joe had to pee so he sat on the toilet, relieved himself and when

through, wiped and carefully examined the tissue. Everything looked normal.

He worried that maybe his period had begun, but the toilet paper was clear

with not a trace of red or brown.  Must just be wetter than usual, he

concluded.  Some of this female stuff is gonna be nerve wracking.

     Joe got up and flushed, then unbuttoned the pajama top with its tiny rose

blossom print. He removed it and lay it on the counter, then inspected his

bare chest in the mirror. It seemed that the growing curves still forming

there looked slightly fuller when he peered down on them than they appeared in

the mirror.  Could it be his boobs actually any bigger this morning?  He

looked carefully.  Hard to tell...but certainly no smaller.  He stood at an

angle to the mirror in an attempt to get a profile view of his new shape.  As

he looked, it again dawned on him that last week he didn't look at all like

this.  Only last thursday night his chest was broad and hairy...not curvy and

soft.  It was so wierd...sometimes...these new breasts seemed like they were

somehow something foreign, and yet these little mounds of fat or whatever they

were...were part of him.

     Standing there looking at his reflection, Joe couldn't resist shaking his

shoulders, causing all the new softness to bounce around provocatively. He

still found it a source of amazement how flexible his chest had become in just

a week. And his days ago less than a twenty-five cent piece in

size, now they were now larger than half dollars and while they were usually

soft pink cones, could harden to stiff points for almost any reason...and

often did.

     Joe took a washcloth and wet it with warm water. He carefully cleansed

the folds and creases his recessed genitals to remove the wet discharge.

Although he hadn't really thought it uncomfortable before, he was quite

surprized at how much better he felt afterward. He rinsed the washcloth in the


     Standing naked, Joe carefully applied makeup. Not too much, since he was

still quite inexperienced at it and he felt that none was better than too

much   He finished with a little perfume putting some of that at what he

thought were stratigicly correct locations on his body. The smell reminded him

of Linda, but he realized now was probably his scent too.

     Joe looked at the black underwear hanging on the shower door. He was

temped to put it on again, but though he was hoping for the opportunity to

show it to Jay, he had already worn it two days consecutively. Maybe he better

try something else. He took the black bra and panties from the door and

carried them into the bedroom.

     Joe retrieved his bag from the floor and placed it on the bed. He

unzipped the side pouch that contained his underwear and placed the little

black set in with the rest. He then went to his drawer and tried to decide

which he wanted to wear today. It was so different than before.  Then, he wore

white Jockey shorts every day, he didn't have this assortment of colors,

textures and styles.

     Joe chose the beige hi-leg brief. Nothing all that sexy really...just

normal everyday underwear...normal now that he was like this anyway. Compared

to the feeling of the thong panty, he couldn't even tell he had this one on.

Peering down at his body, he rubbed the slick nylon between his legs. So smooth...

     For on top he picked one of his two beige seamless cup front hook bras.

Although it was everyday wear too, the undecorated sheer cups looked almost

transparent...enough to let the dark circles of his areola show through. Joe

loved the way his boobs looked whenever wore it.

     Feeling quite sexy with the underwear on, Joe went to the closet to try

to decide what to cover it with. Although they had gone shopping last night to

buy clothes for him to wear today, and had left the mall loaded down with

bags...they had completely forgot to buy a cool weather dress.

     Joe saw the olive green dress that Linda bought for him, the one he wore

yesterday...that would be the best...he thought. Hardly anyone had seen him in

it, it was reasonable for cool weather, and it wouyld probably be OK with his

new coat. He took it off the hanger and lay it on the bed.

     He got a chemise from the drawer and the silver-grey half slip. Then he

went back to the bathroom and retrieved the pantyhose he wore yesterday. He

sat on the bed and went through the grunting and tugging process required to

put them on. He hated to wear them, but he did love the way his legs looked

once they were inside the Hanes Silk Reflections. He just hoped he wouldn't

have to pee very soon.

     Finally, he put the dress on, then went to the mirror. His image pleased

him. He went to the bathroom and used his hairbrush to organize his hair. Not

bad...not bad, he thought.

     Linda had helped to pack most of the things into his bag.  Joe wasn't

even sure what all she had put in there.  He was still using the same military

issue looking bag as before...if I'm going to stay like this for a while,

perhaps I'd better get some more feminine luggage, he decided.

     Getting his shaving kit and checking that the few cosmetics he used were

in it, he then stuffed the kit into the bag too. He found his black pumps, and

his Reboks.  He started to put his Reboks into the bag, but changed his mind

and stowed pumps, going to the drawer and getting the last pair of athletic

socks to wear. He put them on over the pantihose. He decided to wear the

Reboks to fly, having found it difficult to do that wearing the pumps.

There'd be time to change when they arrived in Minneapolis.

     When he was all dressed and packed, Joe looked at the time. It was only

four-fifteen.  He still had forty five minutes till he had to be at the

hanger. He wondered if he should eat something, or if he should get something

along the way. The trip north would take three or four hours...he could

fill the coffee pot on the plane, maybe he could pick up a few doughnuts.

Yeah, that's what he'd do. He gathered up his flight bag, and remembered his

hand bag. Taking both in hand, he started out of the room. Before he left,

Linda spoke.

     "Aren't you going to say goodbye?" She asked.

     "I thought you were still asleep." Joe said. "I'll see you tomorrow

night." He said, going to her.

     She put her arms out, and hugged him tightly. They kissed, the same way

they had done so many times before. For Joe, it simply wasn't the same. He

looked at Linda and smiled.

     Linda looked into his eyes.

     "I think you need to have your ears pierced." Linda said


     "Why do you say that?" Joe asked.  

     "Oh, I don't know." Linda replied. "I just think it would look right on

you, that's all."

     "Gee, I don't know..." Joe responded. "Would it hurt?"

     "Hardly." Linda said, laughing. "Hey, what's the matter?  Are you afraid

to try something that probably most thirteen year old girls do?"

     "I'm not afraid." Joe countered. "But remember...I was a guy...maybe I

still think like a guy...sometimes anyway, but all the external things which

made me a man have either disappeared, or I can tell they're going fast.  I

just know I don't have the pain tolerance I did before.  Everything is just

too darn sensitive now.  I can't help it."

     "It don't hurt that much." Linda said. "I had mine pierced

twelve years ago.  I think I was seventeen."

     "We can talk about it when I get back." Joe said. He wasn't looking

forward to it however.

     "I'll look for some earings for you this evening." Linda replied. It

seemed she really liked to buy female things for Joe. 

     "See you tomorrow." Joe said. 

     "Call me when you get there." Linda said.

     "Ok. I will." Joe promised. One final hug and he gathered his things and

went out the door. 

     Joe drove the distance to the airport, stopping at a doughnut shop, and

picking up dozen. Far too many for Jay and him, but there would probably be a

couple of mechanics on duty at the hanger, and he knew they could inhale them.

     The sun was up in force when he drove into the lot at the airport. He

didn't see Jay's car yet. Five-forty-five. Plenty of time. Jay was never late.

     Joe went in the gate. As he guessed, Bill and Rick, two Honeybone

Aircraft mechanics, were already there, and were sitting in the break room.

The 425 was already on the ramp. Joe knew they had already topped the fuel,

and probably even had the coffee urn filled. 

     Joe greeted them and they returned it pleasantly. They never commented on

his new status, probably too embarrassed to even mention it. Joe had been

friends with each of them before the change, and it was initially awkward to

be seen by someone he previously knew looking the way he did now, even if he

had already become fairly used to the idea himself.

     Joe put his bags on the table, and went to the coffee pot and filled a

cup. He could feel the eyes of the two young mechanics on him as he walked to

and from the pot. He didn't blame them...he knew he was a curiosity. 

     He took his cup and sat with them at the table.  

     "So...anything new with you guys?" Joe asked with a grin, trying to break

the tension.

     Bill and Rick broke into laughter. Joe joined them. It was obvious that

they had been uncomfortable, and his simple yet obvious attempt at humor over

the situation was all that was needed to break the ice.

     "God Joe, I really can't believe its you." Rick said. "I heard something

had happened to all you guys, but it sounded like a bunch of bullshit. I can

see it's true."

     "Yeah, it's true all right." Joe said. "It's been a week now, and I'm

starting to get used to it a little bit, but it is different."

     "You sure do look like a woman." Bill said. "Sound like one too.  How far

does it go?" He asked curiously.

     Joe grinned. "All the way, I guess.  The doctors say even our genes have

been altered."

     "You mean...even your...I can see you breasts, but what

about...ah well, you know..." Bill stammered.

     "Everything." Joe said. "Like I said, it'll take some getting used to.

For all of us."

     "What's it feel like?" Rick asked. It seemed everybody wanted to know


     "Well," Joe said, trying to explain for the umteenth time. "It really

isn't as different as you probably think. My muscle strength is still

changing...stuff like that, but otherwise I guess I look more different than I

feel.  A few things that are a lot different, of course." Joe grinned.

     "I guess so." Rick said. "Are you going to have to stay like that?"

     "I don't really know." Joe said. "So far, they're trying to figure out

just how it happened. When they can do that, then maybe they can find a way to

change us back, if it's even possible."

     "Are Dave and Mike changed like that too?" Bill asked. 

     "Yeah, they sure are.  And Tim Werner, you know...the line boy at

Thunderbird, it happened to him too. I guess it has something to do with the

GPS tests. Tim was watching us calibrate the transmitter boxes." Joe


     "What's the Company doing about it?" Rick asked. "Do you think it might

affect us too?"

     "I don't know who else it might affect, but if you haven't noticed

anything yet, it probably hasn't done anything to you." Joe answered. "So far,

the Company has been pretty helpful. I gotta go see Peterson this morning."

     "You sure don't act like you're pissed off, or anything." Bill noted.

     "Well, at first I was I guess...all I could think about was to find a way

to change back, but after a while...I don't know...that don't seem as

important now. I guess it's chemical...the hormones, or something. I really

don't know." Joe explained.

     "You mean you like to be like that...I mean you sure look great and

everything for a woman...but...I mean...your a guy. Don't you want your own

body back?" Rick asked.

     "Yeah, I know it seems funny. It does to me too." Joe said. "But you said

I was a guy, and that's right...I WAS a guy. Now, I guess maybe I'm sorta

somehow getting acustomed to the idea of being female. I can't help

just don't seem that bad anymore.  This IS my's a little different,

sure...but its still mine. " He shrugged his shoulders.

     "So you'd like to stay like that?" Bill asked. "How do you feel about

women?" He added.

     "I don't know, Bill. I don't really know." Joe said. "Women... Of course,

my feelings ARE different... I still like em...but in a different way, for

sure. As you can imagine, I have to relate differently with them now. I guess

I'm starting to get that way with guys too." He added, grinning.

     "You're starting to like men?" Bill asked.

     "Well, I don't know about LIKING them...just...I guess I'm starting to

see them in a different way.  But don't worry, I won't start chasing you

around or anything." Joe said, smiling.

     "Man, this is kinda wierd." Rick exclaimed. "You sure kinda

pretty... Joe. I hope you don't take that the wrong way." He smiled as he said


     "Hey, I changed...but I didn't go blind." Joe said. "I know I look

different. I can tell you...I feel different too.  But it is still me here. I

still remember everything...and I know everything I did last week...last

month.  I guess I just gotta get used to wearing different clothes." He

grinned and pushed his chest out as he spoke the last sentence. Ricks eyes

went to Joe's breasts.

     "Damn." Rick said. "Hard to believe those little yellow transmitter boxes

could cause that." He said, ogling Joe's curves.

     Joe felt a little like he did in the pharmacy, with the young check-out

boy undressing him with his eyes.  Again, he found he sort of got a charge out

of being the object of attention.  Was it just another normal "female"

response coming out, he wondered to himself?  Was this what life around men

was going to be like from now on?  Constant subtle...sometimes not so subtle


     Joe sat up straight in the chair and subconcously touched his hair.  He

didn't say anything, but just smiled at the two guys.  He was still trying to

think of something clever to say when the door opened and Jay walked in.

Joe's eyes brightened when he saw his pal.

     "Good morning everyone." Jay said. "Where's the coffee?"

     Joe pointed to the counter. Jay went to the pot and filled a styrofoam

cup. Then he came to the table where the others were seated.

     "I feel like I just got to bed." Jay said. "I don't see how you guy's can

get up this early every day."

     "You get used to it." Rick said.

     "When you finish the cup, call DUAT and check the weather." Joe said to

Jay, suddenly going into flight instructor mode.

     "What airport At Minneapolis?" Jay asked.

     "St. Paul, actually." Joe answered. "Downtown Airport."

     Jay got up and went to the PC. After a few seconds trying to figure out

how to use it, he go the terminal program to auto-dial the Direct User Access

Terminal.  He could use that to check the enroute and terminal weather.  He

figured out the airport identifier for St. Paul Downtown, Holman Field, STP.

     After typing in a few numbers, Jay sat back and waited. Soon the printer

started churning out four pages of weather reports and NOTAMS. He took the

paper to the table and handed them to Joe.

     Joe looked at the weather carefully.  Jay stood behind him, looking over

his shoulder.

     "I like your hair." Jay said.

     Joe looked back over his shoulder at Jay. He could tell he meant it.

     "Thanks...I guess." Joe said. "It's still a little short, don't you


     "Looks OK to me." Jay said. He was obviously still in some kind of awe of

his changed friend.

     "It looks like we can make it." Joe advised. Plan a route for best

winds...not over...say...Flight Level 250."

     Jay went to his brief case and started to remove some charts.

     "Use the charts and flight manual in that Jepp case over there." Joe

said,, pointing to the rack by the wall which held three large, well worn

cases. He planned to help Jay only if he asked for it. The Turbo Prop Cessna

was capable of better performance than Jay's Mooney, but the procedures were

essentially the same.

     Jay had both the Victor and Jet Route charts spread out on the table by

the time he had decided on a route. He presented it to Joe, who had been

observing him carefully. Joe looked at it, and almost instantly accepted what

he proposed. Joe had more flight experience than Jay, but actually he didn't

make that many cross country trips either.

     "Go ahead and file it." Joe said. "Plan Takeoff for 1200 Z."

     Bill and Rick had been watching them plan the flight. Although they both

were A&P mechanics, only Rick was a private pilot too.  Bill, although it was

possible to get him in a plane if you had to, didn't really like to fly at

all. But he was a very good mechanic.  When they heard the proposed takeoff

time, the two mechanics went out to the plane leaving Joe and Jay alone.

     "Are we ready?" Joe asked. 

     "I think so." Jay said. "I know I have everything I'd need for the


     "I think we're ready too." Joe agreed. "I want to stop off at the

restroom one last time."

     "Yeah, me too." Jay said, and followed Joe.

     Joe went into the ladies room.  Jay entered the men's. Jay finished

first and was waiting for Joe when he came out.

     "You reallly are looking good today Joe." He said to his pal.

     "Thanks." Joe returned. "You are too." He smiled.

     Jay took his bag, his flight bag, and Joe's B-4 bag. When Joe objected,

Jay just pointed to the Jep case.

     "You carry that." Was all he said.

     Joe picked up his flight bag and the Jepp case. It was all he could carry

to bring them. He had forgot that he wasn't as strong as before. He followed

Jay to the plane, walking a few paces behind his friend. Jay looked so big and

strong carrying the baggage. Joe couldn't remember thinking of Jay as

particularly strong before. He had always been slightly smaller than Joe. Not


     The cabin door was open on the 425 and Rick was inside. The doughnuts

were in the box on a seat and Joe saw that the coffee container was full. He

hoped he wouldn't need to urinate on the flight. There was a potty under one

of the aft seats, but he didn't want to go through the gymnastics required to

get his skirt up, his pantyhose and underwear down, then squat on the little

commode, just to pee. Three or four hours had been no problem before,

now...Oh...for a zipper and cock, he thought, grinning silently to himself.

     Rick squeezed passed Joe in the cabin, and Joe felt his right breast

brush against Rick's arm. Joe looked at Rick, and Rick returned the glance,

slightly embarrassed. Joe smiled and winked at him, then felt the blood rush

to his face...what was he doing?  Flirting with one of his former buddies?

Rick just smiled and went out.

     Joe placed his bags on the seat and went back out too. The mechanics

always did a thorough job with preflight, but Joe always performed his own

quick walk around. Jay followed him around the plane. He had place thier bags

at the rear of the cabin. As they walked around the fair sized twin with its

paint showing its age, Joe pointed out the things he was looking for and


     Joe found it very difficult to inspect the wheel wells wearing the skirt,

so he asked Jay to look for any signs of leaks or foreign objects. Jay checked

under the wing as Joe stood at the leading edge.

     When they satisfied themselves that there were no problems with the

airframe, Joe and Jay reboarded the aircraft. Company regulations required

that Joe fly from the left side since he was the only company employee on the

flight and was pilot in command for insurance purposes. Since the Cessna was

usually used for avionics development it was configured a little different

that a typical mid-seventies small turbo prop.  On the left side there was now

a single large CRT called an EFIS display. It was driven bu a black box in

the nose and could display all the information usually found on the attitude

director and horizontal situation indicator found in most 425's. On the right,

an extremly capable, but conventional and reliable previous generation HSI and

ADI was fitted. Jay would be well equipped to fly the aircraft cross country

IFR, even from the right side.

     As they were also required to do, Rick positioned himself at the front of

the aircraft, in clear view of the aircrew, so as to stand fire guard while

Joe started the noisy Garrett turbines. Joe adjusted the headset to his head,

trying not to muss his hair too much, Jay was on intercom too, but he just

watched as Joe went through the starting engines checklist, reading off and

performing each line item as he got to it. Joe flew by the book, and while

flying wasn't his primary duty it was the one he enjoyed the most, and he was

pretty good at it.

     When the engines were started, Rick waved bye and went inside, away from

the incessant scream of turbines and props. The tower wouldn't open for

another two hours so Joe looked around to confirm no other traffic around the

aircraft, then began to taxi to the runway. When they were ready to go, Joe

made the take off, then handed the plane over to Jay and made contact with

Phoenix departure. For the rest of the flight Joe would handle the radios,

while Jay flew and navigated.  The two had flown together enough that they

could anticipate what the other needed, and therefore worked pretty well as a


     When they reached cruising altitude, Joe switched on the autopilot. 

     "How about a doughnut and some coffee?" He asked.

     "Sound good to me." Jay agreed. 

     Joe reached around and filled two styrofoam cups, handed one to Jay, and

placed the other in the cup holder beside his seat. He pulled the box of

doughnuts off the seat and placed it between the crew seats.

     Jay selected a doughnut and watched as Joe did the same. He grinned. 

     "I'm suprized that your eating those." He said.

     "What do you mean?" Joe asked.

     "From the way you talked on the phone, I thought you were going on a

crash diet or something." Jay continued.

     "Oh, that. Yeah, maybe I should too. I swear my butt is starting to get

bigger already. I guess it's probably inevitable if I'm going to be like this

that I get wider hips and all that. But I don't want to be one of those women

with big butts.  God, I really don't." Joe lamented.

     "Like I said, your butt looks pretty nice to me." Jay said.  "I think you

have a long way to go before its too big."

     "But I'm telling you... Its only been a week, and I'm sure that I can

tell it's getting bigger, and softer."

     Jay looked over at Joe as if trying to see his hips. He looked into

Joe's eyes.

     "Damnit Joe, I really don't see anything wrong with you. It's probably

just your imagination."

     "No its not." Joe objected. "I know its not my imagination. I'm sure I'm

still changing. My boobs are still getting bigger, my arms and shoulders

smaller, and my butt is getting bigger. I'm sure of it."

     Jay grinned and raised his eyebrows. 

     "Boobs still getting bigger, eh?" He said. "I'd like to see that." He

said teasingly. 

     Joe looked at him and acted as if he was offended.

     "Cut it out Jay." He said, trying to sound hurt. He felt this strange new

urge to flirt with guys beginning to affect how he acted. He still liked to

joke around with Jay but he didn't know exactly how to do it and still

maintain some level of decorum.  When it came to feelings about sex, Joe

figured he still pretty much thought like a guy even though his tastes were

changing and now he really had no choice but to argue the female point of

view. It was a strange position to be in, and he was still learning the rules.

     "I'm sorry." Jay said, trying to sound repentent.  He really wasn't sure

if Joe was teasing or not.  Although his old friend acted and spoke pretty

much like before the change, it was wierd to hear such words in the voice of

the attractive woman he had become.

     Joe looked at Jay and smiled. 

     "They're not that much bigger." He admitted. "But I'm pretty sure they

are still growing."

     "You'll have to let me judge that." Jay said jokingly.

     "Well...maybe you'll get a chance." Joe said seductively. "But for now, I

think we better keep our eyes on the sky."

     They flew on, sipping coffee and munching on doughnuts. In the course of

three hours, Joe downed three of them. When he and Jay each took their third

one, Jay looked at him.

     "If you're really worried about the size of your butt, maybe you better

lay off those things." He said.

     "Yeah, I know." Joe said. "But I'm getting hungry.  I just ain't used to

eating like a bird.  Do you really think it's getting bigger?"

     "It don't look any different to looks fantastic.  And don't see

how you do it." Jay told his friend. "I think I'd go nuts if that happened to

me, but you seem to be adjusting so well."

     "I don't know." Joe said.  "The longer I stay this way, the easier it

gets.  At first, all I could think about was getting back.  Now, I worry more

about why I don't seem to care anymore.  I really think its even affected the

way I think and everything."

     "Well, I know its affected the way I think about you." Jay revealed.

"You're practicaly all I can think about anymore.  If I didn't know better, I

think I'd have to say I'm crazy about you. best buddy."

     Joe looked at his friend.  He knew how Jay felt.  He was starting to feel

the same way, and he was finding it very difficult to think about a man...any

man...the way he found himself thinking about Jay. They had been close friends

for a long time.  Ten years.  They were probably closer than brothers, and

they had always shared the same interests.  Now, this new relationship that

was beginning to develop was hard for both of them to accept.

     "Yeah, I know... Who would have imagined it would work out like this."

Joe said. He just looked ahead, and smiled.

     "What should we do about it?" Jay asked.

     "Jay, I don't know." Joe answered. "But lets not rush into anything.  Why

don't we just let the chips fall where they will, and see what happens.  All

this is still too new to me. I don't even want to consider committments

now...hell, I'm still living with Linda, for God's sake."

     "I know your right." Jay agreed. "But damnit Joe, I think you should know

how you're making me feel."

     "Hey, I think I'm starting to feel the same way, and I gotta tell's a strange feeling.  Never in my life did I ever think I'd think the

thoughts I think now...about a guy." Joe felt himself blush, and he grinned as

he said the words into the headset microphone.

     When they were one hundred DME from the last enroute Vortac, Joe

requested a lower altitude.  The kept the power up, and let the Cessna speed

increase as the descended. Before long, Minneapolis center handed them to

approach control. The approach and landing were uneventful.

     WHen they taxied to parking, Joe shut the engines down and secured the

gustlock. He got up from his seat, and retrieved his flight bag. He had placed

his purse in it and he would need that to check his hair and makeup.  But

first, he had to pee.  He was sure his bladder had been effected, become

smaller, since it seemed he had to go at least every three hours now, and it

had been almost four since they had left Phoenix. He hoped he could make the

restroom before an accident.

     "Tell these guys they can move the plane if they need to." Joe said.

"We'll be staying overnight, leaving sometime tomorrow. I just gotta go to the


     "Well, get going then." Jay said jokingly. "I'll take care of things


     Joe took his flight bag left the aircraft and quickly walked across the

ramp to the lounge. As he walked he could sense that the eyes of every male

on the ramp were watching him. It was a strange, not totaly unpleasant

feeling, but one that he never had before the change. Sometimes the planes he

had flown and the equipment installed in them would attract some attention

when he landed at an airport unfamilure with Honeybone test aircraft, but this

was different. If he had just go out of Concord, most of the most of the male

eyes would have still been on his butt as he walked across the ramp.  If they

knew that the reason for his brisk walk was because he was trying not to pee

his pants...would they still watch?  He wondered to himself.

     In the restroom, he quickly relieved himself, then went to the mirror to

freshen up. Wearing the David Clark headset had pressed his hair down, but it

fell right back into place with a quick brushing.  It was not as difficult to

keep his own hair organized as it had been with the much longer length hair of

the wig. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. Joe smiled at his reflection

in the mirror, quite pleased with his appearance.

     Joe went back out into the lounge area. Jay was seated in one of the

plush chairs, waiting for him. Joe returned the big grin Jay had and walked

over to the young woman at the counter.

     "There should be a car reservation for us." Joe announced. "Joel


     "Yes, Ms. Bates." The woman said. "Its parked just around the side of

this hanger." She went to the rack of keys behind her and selected one. 

     "Here it is...Budget."  She said, handing Joe the keys.

     Joe knew they had reservations at the Radisson Plaza Hotel downtown. He

wondered if they should check in there first, or go straight to the Honeybone

offices. It was not lunchtime yet, but if they did go directly to the office,

they would get there about one half hour before everyone would be at lunch. If

they went to the hotel, they could eat at one of the many restaurants at the

downtown complex and then go to Honeybone. He walked ever to where Jay was


     "Do you want to check in and eat before we go to Honeybone, or just go

directly there?" Joe asked.

     "Hey, I'm following you." Jay replied.  "I really don't care. What time

is your appointment?"

     "Well, I really don't have an appointment." Joe answered.  "I guess I

could call..."

     "Yeah, Maybe you should." Jay agreed.

     Joe went back to the desk. 

     "Is there a phone I can use for a local call?" He asked.

     "Right over there." The woman answered with a smile, pointing to the

table next to the chair Jay was sitting in.

     "Thanks." Joe said, wearing a fooling grin.

     Joe back over to the table and sat in the other chair. He got his notepad

from his flight bag and looked up a the phone number. He punched in the

numbers and when the operator answered, he asked for Mr. Petersons secretary. 

In a moment, she came on the line.

     "Mr. Peterson's office." 

     "Hi. This is Joel Bates. I work for Honeybone Commercial Avionics in

Phoenix. I'm supposed to meet with Mr. Peterson today.  I've arrived and I'm

at the airport." Joe spoke into the phone.

     "Good morning Ms. Bates." The woman said. "Mr. Peterson is expecting you.

Do you need transportation from the airport?"

     "No, I have a rental car." Joe answered. 

     He wondered why she called him "Ms".  She couldn't see him.  Probably

even sound like a woman on the phone too...

     "Ok then, we'll be expecting you. Will you be right over?"  The woman


     "That's what I was calling about." Joe said. "I really don't know when

you're expecting me. I figured you had been told I would be there in the

afternoon, and I wondered if I should check into the hotel first."

     "Well, I know that Mr. Peterson has two other people coming after lunch

to meet with you, but I'm sure you're welcome anytime.  I'm sure he's very

anxious to meet you." The woman said.

     "Well...I'll be there as soon as I can." Joe said. "I brought a friend

along.  We may check into the hotel before we report in."

     "That will be fine." The secretary said. "I'll advise Mr. Peterson you'll

be in at one."

     "See you then." Joe said. "Bye."

     "I'll be looking forward to meet you." The woman said.  Joe heard the

phone click off.

     "Let's go and check into the hotel and grab a bite before we go to see

Peterson." Joe told Jay.

     "You're the boss, old buddy." Jay teased.

     Jay carried the big bags and Joe drug the lighter ones to the rental car.

It was at the far end of the lot, and by the time they arrived, Joe was almost

dragging his and Jay's flight bag.  Jay had the much heavier clothes bags and

was carrying them without problem or complait.  Joe was embarrassed by the way

he had to carry the bags just to make it to the car.

     "You don't have any idea what this does to your ego." Joe exclaimed when

he saw Jay watch him struggle with the bags.  "It was all I could do to get

them here.  My arms just don't have any strength anymore.  And it's still

getting worse."

     Jay grinned widely.

     "Yeah, but you're boobs are getting bigger." He teased.

     Joe could feel his face redden with embarrassement.  Jay would never let

him live that one down.

     They put the bags in the trunk and Joe drove the car to the hotel.  He

had been to the Honeybone offices once before, to a project meeting with Jim.

They had stayed at the Raddison Plaza then too.

     The Raddison Plaza check in went smoothly.  The girl at the desk asked

Jay if they wanted adjoining rooms, and Jay answered "Sure". The girl smiled

at Jay and he smiled back.  When they had their bags in the room, Joe went

back down and parked the car in the underground parking garage.

     When he got back to the room, Joe opened his bag and took out his shaving

kit, placed it in the bathroom, and then hung up the clothes Linda had packed

for him.  He was suprized to see she had included one of her sexier chemise.

It was soft ivory colored silk, with lace at the edges and around the low top.

The straps were very thin...more like little ribbons than straps.  Joe had not

seen Linda wear it...indeed it really didn't look like it had ever been worn

before.  Why did she pack this, he wondered?

     He held it up to his body.  It barely went to the widest part of his

hips.  It's a little short for me, he thought.  Then he saw the matching silk

bikini panties.  He imagined how Linda would look wearing this.  Then he

realised...she packed this for him.  It was for HIM to wear.  Did she know

about him and Jay?  How could she?

     There was a knock at the door connecting Jay's room with his.  Joe

dropped the silk chemise on his bag and went over to open the door.  He had

figured Jay would be knocking before long.

     "Just thought I'd see how you were doing." Jay said with a big grin.

     "I'm just fine, thank you." Joe said primly.

     "Where's a good place to eat?" Jay asked.

     "There are a few restaurants here in the hotel, and we're connected to

others by the skywalks you saw as we drove in.  We can get all over down town

without even leaving the building." Joe said.

     "Are you ready?" Jay asked, looking around.

     "Yeah." Joe answered.  "I was just hanging up some of my stuff."

     Jay saw the white chemise laying on top of the B-4 bag.

     "Is THAT yours?" He asked, his eyes getting wide.

     "Quit snooping." Joe said, taking the dainty thing and stuffing it back

in the pouch.

     "Seriously." Jay persisted.  "Do you wear that?"

     "I can if I want to, can't I?" Joe answered, going on the defensive.

     "Sure, you can wear anything you want." Jay answered.  "I just have

trouble thinkig you'd want to wear something that

you wouldn't look great in it..." He stammered.

     "I just saw it for the first time myself...just now." Joe explained.

Linda must have put it in my bag.  I don't know why..."

     "Does she know what we did?" Jay wondered aloud, sounding like a little


     "Man, how could she?" Joe answered quickly, sounding more sure of himself

than he really was.  Why did she put it in his bag?"

     "Can I see it on you?" Jay said.

     "Well...I don't know if I want you to." Joe said demurely.  He had

resigned himself to them getting together again on this trip...actually, he

was looking forward to it...but the thought of parading his new body in front

of his pal wearing white silk...and lace...well...a guy did have to have


     "Why not?" Jay said.  "What could I see that I haven's seen already?"

Again, to Joe, Jay sounded like a little boy... this time begging for

something he desparately wanted.

     "If you've seen it all, why do you need to see it again?" Joe teased.  It

was kind of fun watching a grown man beg.

     Jay looked at Joe, then he pulled him to him, taking him in his arms.

With absolutely no embarrassment, he kissed Joe on the lips.  Joe felt his

knees getting weak as he decided to let Jay do as he wanted.  He was suprized

how pleasant it was to kiss Jay.  He couldn't figure out what caused it...was

it the feeling of strength he could sense as Jay held him tightly?  Was it

something about the changes in his upper body, with its smaller, weaker

muscles...his sensitive breasts...which were now pressed firmly to Jay's

strong chest?  What caused his knees to want to buckle?  He never felt like

that before the change...with Linda, or any other woman.  But now...both times Jay

had kissed him it had happened...

     Jay kissed for what seemed like a couple of minutes, then let Joe stand


     "Sorry...I just had to do that." He apoligized.

     "God Jay, If you only knew how that feels..." Joe said, trying to regain

his composure.

     "It feels pretty good to me." Jay said.

     "Same here, but I'd rather you asked me first." Joe admonished.

     "Didn't you like it?" Jay asked.

     "Damn it Jay...Of course I was great.  My legs almost gave

out...I can't explain how it feels...but even so...  Please don't do it

anymore...without asking.  Joe walked into the bathroom while he spoke.

     "Well, I can hardly keep my hands off you." Jay said.  "You remember how

it is, don't you?"

     "Do you really think it's any different now?" Joe asked.  "Other than

that you're a guy, the urge is the same...maybe even stronger now.  Women have

the same desires...I guess anyway...I can't really speak for the way real

women feel..." He explained.

     "Then why don't we let our feelings come out?" Jay asked.  "We've always

been pals...and now...I don't know how to explain it

Joe, surely you realize you've changed into an extremely sensual me're absolutely gorgous.  And yet, you think like a guy...I can

talk to you." Jay stammered uncharacteristicly.

     "Yeah, sure I know I've changed...believe it...I'm sure it's even more

obvious to me than to I've said's still me

here...I'm trying my damnest to adapt to looking like this...feeling like

this.  Like you said...I think I'm doing pretty good...most of the time

anyway...but I just can't jump right into this.  I have to work it out at my

own pace.  Don't try to rush me, ok?"

     Joe spoke as he brushed his hair, and straightened his dress.  He could

sense that the crotch of his panties were wet again.  It was an uncomfortable

feeling, but he was getting accustomed to it.  It too seemed to be one of the

many things that went with being female.

     Jay came to the open door of the bathroom.

     "Ok.  I'll try to slow down." He apoligised.  "Just chew me out when I

get like that.  I guess I just can't help it."

     Joe looked over at Jay.  He smiled.

     "We'll work this out." He said.  "But...I don't know about you, but I'm


     "Where do you want to eat?"  Jay asked.

     "Just follow me."  Joe said.  

     He went into the main room, and found his purse on the bed.  He got his

new coat, and put it on.  Even though the restaurant was indoors, they could

probably go right from there to Honeybone, there would be no reason to go to

the room, and it was definitely cool enough for the coat.  Joe's more

sensitive skin seemed feel the cold more easily now.

     They went down the elevator to the ground floor.  There was a little

french style restaurant only a short walk from the elevator.  The matre-de

seated them at a large picture window that looked out on an attractive

shopping mall one floor below them.

     They ordered a light lunch and as they ate their salads, Joe decided to

ask Jay a question that had been on his mind.

     "Jay, have you ever watched the TV show "Northern Exposure"?" He asked.

     "Northern Exposure?  Yeah, I think I've seen it a few comes on

monday nights I think, don't it?" Jay responded.

     "I really don't know.  I haven't seen it yet." Joe said.

     "What's the question?" Jay asked, his curosity was awakened.  Joe didn't

watch television much. Why would he ask such a question?

     "Well, Linda says I remind her of somebody on that show...a woman, I

guess, someone named Maggie O'connell, I think it was." 




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