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Archive-name: Changes/bates24.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story- 24

                                  Chapter 24

     Joe wondered what he should wear to meet Jay.  He didn't know why

exactly, but he felt a strange indescribable feeling whenever he thought about

his pal. He didn't know what was causing it, but knew he was abnormally

anxious to meet him again.

     Going to the bedroom closet, Joe looked at the male clothes hanging

there.  He went back out and opened a dresser drawer.  There he found his

undershorts and T shirts. These T shirts could still be worn, he decided.

They might be a little big now, but he had noticed that Linda liked them too

large when she wore them. Most girls seemed to wear them that way.  He began

looking through the assortment, the many logos, some displaying airplanes,

airshows, or automobiles on the front or back.  He picked a few he liked the

best, the ones he thought would still look ok now, and tucked four of them

under his arm. He slid the drawer closed as he considered trying to find some

jeans.  Nope, he decided, none of these, they were his male pants, and they

wouldn't fit his now maybe only a little smaller, but definitely softer and

rounder shape.  He rubbed his his butt with his hands. It felt like it was

probably still changing, getting a little softer each day. If he was ever

going to wear jeans again, like almost everything else, he would have to get

some new ones.  Or maybe borrow some from Linda to try on.

     Joe looked around his bedroom .  The feeling he got from seeing the

familiar room made him wonder if he should move from Linda's and return home.

He still liked Linda, and she seemed to still like him, but it was easy to

tell their relationship was changing.  He now no longer thought of her as his

fiance, that was fairly impossible now...but rather more like a friend...maybe

a best friend and confidant...and, strange as it may seem, sort of like a big

sister, even if they were practically the same age. With the changes he was

going through, and the things he had to adapt to, he needed someone to explain the way things worked...sometimes even the proper way to

dress or act.  Linda did that.  She seemed to love doing it.  Their new

relationship sometimes seemed awkward, but he couldn't imagine anyone else who

could make learning the things he had to learn any easier. It was embarrassing

sometimes though, for both of them. But it did make them close, in a different

kind of way than before, as Linda introduced Joe to the trials and pleasures

of being female.

     Walking into the living area, Joe gathered up the pile of mail that he

had collected.  He stopped in the kitchen and decided to check his

refrigerator.  It had been some days since he had been home, and he had left

kind of sudden.  A quick peek and he decided that all was Ok.  He usually

never kept much in there anyway.  Plenty of beer though...and that stuff

wouldn't spoil.  He thought about it, and realized that he didn't really think

he liked the taste of it anymore.  Was his enjoyment of a cool brew also a

victim of these new hormones coursing through his veins?  What was next?  Of

course, that he already knew.  He could tell by the way his heart seemed to

flutter as he was on the phone with Jay, what another difference was.  It

embarrassed him to think it could happen, but he now knew for sure...he

actually found himself feeling excited as he thought about meeting Jay.

Jay...his best friend...his college roommate, drinking buddy, and car hobby

pal. He had always considered Jay his friend...his best friend...but he never

before found himself feeling like this.  Many things concerning his body had

changed...changed a lot in some ways...but Joe still knew when he was being

sexually aroused. There were differences, of course.  An 'erection' no longer

showed now, and he was quite familiar with the uncomfortable feel of wet

underwear that now often accompanied excitement.  It was difficult to accept

that even thinking about his pal Jay sometimes made that happen, but it was

undeniably true.  He made a fist with his hand and rubbed it along the front

of the short skirt he was wearing, feeling the slight bump of his pubic bone

and, below that, the hollow area where his male parts should have been. Like

it or not, what had happened was real, and when he stopped to consider it all,

it really wasn't so strange...his body had changed, probably now even his guts

were female, and his brain was simply trying to catch up, reacting to the

chemicals his changed organs were sending it.  The only thing about him still

male were his memories.  Apparently, he had no more control over these new

feelings and desires than he did the changes in his shape.  Truly a strange

predicament to be in.

     Joe took one last look around the apartment, then took the clothes and

mail, which made quite a handful, and went to his car.  With such a load, he

found it impossible to lock the door, so he went to the car and came back.  As

he was locking his door, a woman who lived a few doors down from him came down

the walk.  She saw Joe locking the door, and looked him over carefully. Who

was this woman coming out of Joe's apartment, she wondered?  She was passing

friends with least Joe the male.  Though she was happily married, she

had often watched the attractive guy who lived next to her washing or

tinkering with his car.  What a hunk, she had thought.  She had seen Linda

around Joe's apartment quite often, and figured that they were probably

getting serious.  She hadn't seen Joe all week, and now here's this girl

coming out of his apartment.  It wasn't Linda, but someone younger, and also

quite good looking.  She felt a slight trace of envy as she walked toward the

young woman.

     "Hi." She said innocently.  "Is Joe back?"

     Joe eyed the woman suspiciously.  He knew her. Her name was Kathy Baker.

She was lived two doors down and was married to an accountant.  Joe had always

considered her attractive and thought she always showed an unusual interest in

him whenever they met in casual conversation.  Now, of course, it was obvious

that she didn't even recognize him. She probably thought he was one of his

girlfriends.  What to do?

     "No, he's not here." Joe lied.  "He's on a trip for the company, and he

asked me to watch his place."

     What else could he say?  He just wasn't prepared to explain what had

happened to this woman.  It wasn't her business anyway.  Of course, she was

probably just trying to be friendly.  She'd probably find out the truth soon

enough if he stayed this way.

     The woman smiled and continued on, suspecting nothing.  Joe, his heart

pounding like a hammer, walked to his car and awkwardly got in.  He saw Kathy

again, still watching him. She was sitting in her car, getting ready to drive

away, when she saw that the woman who had been in Joe's apartment also had his

sportscar.  Joe smiled at her and started his engine.  He left the parking

lot and drove to Linda's house.

     When Joe arrived at Linda's, her car was not in the drive.  He looked at

his wristwatch. Four thirty, Linda probably wouldn't be home for at least an

hour.  Just as well.  He preferred to be alone as he tried to find something

to wear to go flying with Jay. What a strange paradox.  He felt he wanted to

do familiar 'guy' things with his pal, but at the same time, for some

unexplained reason, he also wanted Jay to find him attractive.  It was a weird

feeling, and he couldn't completely understand why he felt this way.

     Joe took his things straight to his room.  He piled the mail on the bed,

and put the T shirts on the dresser.  When he did that, he saw his reflection

in the dresser mirror.  He couldn't help looking, and it took a second to

realize that the attractive woman on the other side of the glass was his own

reflection.  He rubbed his hand across his chest, squeezing the softness of

his left boob. Would there ever be time when he became accustomed to all this?

     He flopped on the bed, and pulled his shoes off.  Boy, that feels good,

he thought. But these pantihose are just plain hot.  He tried to pull them

down from under the short skirt, and then decided maybe it would be best if he

took that off first. He stood up, unbuttoned and then unzipped the skirt, and

stepped out of it.  Still wearing the full slip, he pulled it up his hips a

little, then reached under it and tucked his thumbs into the waistband of the

hose and pulled them down, leaving the panties on and relishing the exquisite

coolness as he removed the hose.  I sure wouldn't have thought something so

sheer could be so hot, he thought as he rubbed his hands along the smooth bare

skin of his upper thighs.

     Joe carefully hung the skirt on its hanger, then pulled the slip over his

head. Then he unbuttoned his blouse and took it off, putting it on the same

hanger as the skirt, then put them both in his closet.

     Wearing only bra and panties made Joe feel strangely sexy.  He didn't

know why, but now, sometimes, right after he undressed and almost naked,

wearing only underwear usually, Joe felt weird...kind of voluptuous or

something.  His changed body...his breasts...not that he was really that big

or anything...he sometimes just felt fertile.  It was a of

course, feeling he had never experienced before the change, and right now it

felt so good it actually made his skin tingle.

     Joe went to the dresser to pick out a T shirt.  As he walked, he could

felt his bladder remind him it was full.  He went into the bathroom and, as he

sat there, he looked up and saw the underwear hanging on the shower door.  It

was dry, and ready to put away.  When he finished, he gathered up the dainty

things and took them back into the bedroom.  As he did, he examined each item

as he folded it and placed it in the drawer.  Holding up the black thong

bikini, he was again amazed at how tiny it was.  It was hard to accept that

something like this even fit him.  It took some getting used to the feel of

having that narrow strap in the crack of your butt, but it sure did look sexy.

Joe was tempted to try it on again.  But black will show through under a T

shirt, he thought. But not a black T shirt.

     He went over to the pile of shirts he brought from his apartment.  One of

them had an picture of an SR-71 on the back. He bought it at a airshow in

California last summer.  And it was solid BLACK. No problem with show through

wearing this.  He held it up in front of him.  Yeah, it was a little big now,

but it would be ok.  He decided to put it on.

     Joe located the little bra that matched the bikini.  He unhooked the one

he was wearing and quickly put the black one on. He liked the way it looked

and felt.  Like the panty, it was shiny black, made of nylon, lycra-spandex,

or some slick fabric like that, with no decoration but a tiny pearl between

the cups.  It was slightly stretchy, and it fit his new shape perfectly. He

removed his panties and stepped into the tiny black thong.  He pulled it to

his hips, adjusting the waist so that everything fit smoothly. There wasn't

much to it, but it covered everything that needed to be covered.  It felt a

little strange to wear, cause it touched places that weren't usually touched,

but it sure looked sexy as hell. He almost hated to get dressed.

     Taking the black T shirt, Joe pulled it over his head.  He looked down

and grinned when he saw the way his breasts distorted the drawing of the

SR-71.  Never thought it would look like this when I bought it, he thought.

     He didn't have jeans, so Joe looked at the small assortment of shorts he

and Linda had bought. Before, he almost never wore shorts when flying. Now, he

didn't even have any long pants. Unless he wore a skirt or the pants suit,

he'd have to wear something chosen from this stack. He had worn the white ones

before...and besides, black underwear might show through...the

green? gray...yeah...excellent. He pulled them on, tucked the T

shirt in, studied his reflection in the mirror, and then pulled it back out.

It looked ok, he thought, kinda casual, not too feminine, but it didn't hide

the fact that he was now a girl. He finished by putting on some white sport

socks and then his new Reboks.

     Joe went back into the bathroom and started to brush his hairpiece.

It'll sure be better when I don't need this anymore, he thought as he preened

the short hair into place. When he thought about it, the wig felt like a hot,

snug fitting cap. He still wore a trace of lipstick from earlier, and he

decided to wipe it off.  He wanted to look as natural as possible, and found

that a damp washcloth worked pretty good to remove lipstick and mascara. When

he was done, he decided to try a little of the perfume Linda had left on the

sink.  Joe daubed a bit behind each ear, not really knowing how it should be

done, but quessing what might work.  He just knew he liked the way it made him


     All finished, Joe found his flight bag. He noticed the small handbag

laying on the bed, and wondered if he should take it too.  He didn't want to.

He looked inside the bag.  It contained his keys, his license, and his cash,

and credit cards.  He really needed to take it, but where?  Seeing the flight

bag, he put the handbag inside. He took the flight bag into the living room

and sat on the couch.  If Jay was running on time, he would be here soon.

     All of a sudden, Joe started to feel apprehensive again. What causes me

to feel this way, he wondered? Was it his friend Jay?  Could that be what was

making his knees weak and his pulse rise?  Why should Jay cause this?  They

were just going flying...Jay was his student...and besides, I asked him. He

thought.  Nothing about any of this to be nervous about.  They had flown

together maybe hundreds of times.  Yeah, but I didn't have tits then, Joe


     Joe sat reading yesterdays newspaper for maybe fifteen minutes when he

heard the sound of Jay's Porche in the drive.  He went over to meet him at the

door.  It was so be picked up like this.  He would

have preferred to meet Jay at the plane like always. This seemed more like a

date or something.  He wondered if that's what Jay had in mind. Surely

not...Joe didn't feel ready for that, even if he might have to stay this way


     Jay rang the bell, and smiled when he saw Joe open the door. Jay had

obviously changed clothes too, and was wearing a sport shirt and jeans. He

looked at Joe, and grinned broadly.

     "You look great Joe." He said approvingly.  Joe looked at his pal, who he

thought seemed to be acting kinda strange.

     "Thanks Jay. You do too." Joe replied nervously.

     "Are you all ready to go?"  Jay asked. 

     "Sure." Joe said. "All I had to do was change clothes.  I brought this T

shirt from my apartment.  It still looks ok, don't you think?"

     "Yeah, it looks great." Jay said with a strange admiration in his voice.

     The way Jay looked at him, and spoke to him, made Joe feel self concous.

He couldn't understand why Jay was acting this way, and he didn't know how to

ask him about it.

     Carrying his flight bag, Joe locked the door, and followed Jay to his

car.  He felt awkward when Jay unlocked his side, opened the door, and held it

open for him. He put his bag behind the seat, and then climbed in. It was

quickly becoming obvious that Jay was treating him the way he treated women.

Joe wanted to object, but decided to hold his tongue.  He couldn't deny

looking like a girl.  He figured that he probably felt, or was beginning to

feel like a girl too.  And it was possible, maybe even likely, that he would

have to be a girl, maybe for the rest of his life. Perhaps he should try to

get used to being treated like this.  It may seem strange, but then, it was

kind of nice too. What could it hurt? Jay seemed to love doing it. He wondered

if he had acted the same way around women. If he did, he hadn't realized it Of

course he now he was seeing it from a completely different perspective. Maybe

something he had read somewhere was really true...anatomy is destiny.

     Joe fastened his seat belt as Jay strapped into the left seat.  They

drove quickly to the airport and pulled into the parking area.  They walked

the hundred yards to Jay's Mooney, and Jay unlocked the door. When Jay hopped

off the wing, Joe crawled up on it and dropped his flight bag on the back

seat. The bag really wasn't heavy, but Joe noticed that carrying it required

noticeably more effort to lift than it used to. Just another result of the

damn feminization his body had undergone, he realized.  He really hadn't lost

much height with the change, and therefore was probably somewhat taller than

average for a female.  He hoped he wouldn't continue to lose muscle mass, but

it was probably unrealistic to expect to remain strong as before, considering

all that had occurred.

     "Where do you want to go?" Jay asked.

     "Do you have a preference."  Joe returned. 

     "Your the one who wanted to fly." Jay said grinning.  "You pick where."

     "I'm sorry Jay, I hope I didn't push too hard." Joe said softly. "I just

want to get away from all the female stuff for a while.  I thought maybe if we

went flying, it might be more like before."

     "Joe, you know I'll help you however I can." Jay said, looking into Joe's

eyes. "But I really don't see how it can ever be like before. Not after the

things we've done."

     Standing close to Jay, behind the wing of the plane, Joe looked into his


     "Are you sorry it happened?" Joe asked.

     "Absolutely not." Jay responded quickly. "But I don't see how I can treat

someone I've slept with, had sex with, for god's can we just go

back to acting like old buddies after that?"

     "Jay, I don't care what I'm like on the outside, I'm still the same

person I was a week ago. Joe said. "I know there are differences, a lot of

them.  I'm sure I'm more aware of them than anybody. I don't even know all the

things that have happened, and maybe are still happening, but I do know it's

still me here. Maybe I look do like a girl, and I may even try to act like one

sometimes, but I still feel like a guy most of the time.  I guess maybe my

sexual preferences are changing...hell, I know they are (he lowered his eyes,

feeling embarrassment)...but I still have a need to be treated like a guy, at

least sometimes.  That's all I'm asking from you."

     "Damn Joe, look at you." Jay said.  "How could I treat you like a man?

Your just too damn beautiful."

     "Can't you just try to forget what I look like?" Joe asked.  "At least

just once in a while, pretend that nothing has happened." He knew, even as he

spoke the words, that they sounded ridiculous.

     "Give me a break Joe." Jay protested, grinning. "Maybe you can forget,

but I'm still male, and for me, I think that's just about impossible. Too many

things keep reminding me." He pointed to the noticeable bulge in his pants.

     Joe felt a warm flush come to his reddening face.  He wasn't used to

causing that kind of reaction in his friend, and he found it quite

embarrassing.  He wished he could just go somewhere and hide until the feeling

went away. It wasn't Jay's fault, he knew he would have done the same thing

himself...sometimes did, even now...slightly different of course, when

confronted by his own reflection in the mirror.

     Joe smiled coyly at Jay. "Just keep that thing away from me." He said

grinning, trying not to stare at Jay's crotch.

     He didn't know why he was so embarrassed, but he was.  There was no way

either of them could forget that some things were very different now.

     "Let's go to Tucson." Joe said quickly, in an attempt to change the


     Tucson was about one hundred nautical miles from their home base.  It was

an a easy hop in the Mooney.  Almost too easy. They could fly there, shoot a

couple of instrument approaches, and be back in a couple of hours.  It would

still be daylight when they got back.

     Together, they walked to the Thunderbird office.  Thunderbird was one of

two FBO's which served the Deer Valley airport, and was where Tim worked, at

least before the change. They went inside, and Joe was suddenly aware that all

eyes were on him. He recognized most of the people there, and he just knew

that they recognized him.  He was sure that the news of what had happened had

reached Thunderbird, especially since Tim had stopped showing up at work so

suddenly and uncharacteristically.

     Joe was relieved when they retreated to the seclusion of the Planning

Room.  They had both made the Tucson trip many times before, and niether

really needed to do much planning, but Jay was building hood time for his

instrument ticket, and Joe insisted that they follow all procedures, as if

they were going one thousand miles, rather than a hundred.  Jay went through

the motions of checking the usual, it was severe clear, and then

filled out a flight plan.  Joe passed the time looking at the wall chart,

hoping Jay would finish quickly and they could get in the air. When Jay

finished, he filed on the computer at the end of the room. When he finished,

he went over to Joe.

     "Are you ready?" He asked.

     "Is it safe to fly?" Joe teased. 

     "Yeah, as soon as I stop at the head." Jay answered. 

     Joe thought a moment.  No doubt about it, he better do the same. He no

longer had the endurance he had before the change, and it was better to be

safe than sorry.  He followed Jay down the hall, but stopped when he turned

and entered the men's restroom.  Joe continued on to the next door, and went


     Even after almost a week, it still made him feel like an invader each

time he went inside a public ladies room.  He just couldn't shake the feeling

he didn't belong there.  It didn't matter how he looked, or that it would

certainly raise more eyebrows if had followed Jay into the men's room, going

in here just didn't seem right. Joe walked in timidly, and looked around.  The

place was empty. He entered a stall, closed the door, and quickly emptied his

bladder. He finished, and went to the sink to wash up.  While there, he

carefully examined his hair and appearance.  He was trying to develop the

habit of doing that whenever he had the opportunity. It was difficult for a

guy, especially one who usually gave little thought to such things as he had,

to place the same emphasis on looking nice that most women displayed.

     With one last look, and a quick straighting of his clothing, Joe went

back out into the hallway. Jay was waiting for him.  It seemed to Joe that his

pal now often looked at him with a mixture of admiration, humor, and perhaps

curiosity.  It embarrassed Joe whenever he did that. And he was doing it now.

     Joe followed Jay out the door, glad to be back out on the empty parking

ramp. When they were away from the buildings, Joe walked along side Jay.

     "Why do you look at me that way?" Joe asked.

     "What do you mean?" Jay returned.


     "I think you know...that shit-eating grin...those cow eyes...I think you

know what I'm talking about. Joe countered, grinning.  He was serious, but

didn't want Jay to take it the wrong way.

     "I do that?" Jay asked incredulously, teasing, but with a huge grin that

was evidence he knew what Joe meant.

     "Yeah, you do, and you know it too." Joe went on, trying his best not to

let his voice sound like a whining woman.

     "Why do I do it? Why do I look at you in a different way than I used to?

Is that the question?" Jay questioned. Without waiting for an answer, he


     "Could it be because my best college roommate,

partner in womanizing, one of the best practical jokers I know, the best

practical mechanic I of the best pilots, except for me of course,

that I know...this macho guy...suddenly calls and tells me he's been

transformed into one of the finest looking women I've ever seen. And it

doesn't even seem to phase him. Frankly Joe, I'm impressed. I just don't see

how you do it.  I think if it happened to me, I'd either spend the whole day

at home playing with myself, or else I'd jump off a bridge." Jay said.

     Joe grinned. "Of course, I haven't tried the bridge yet, but I can tell

you'd probably get tired of staying home."

     "Joe, we've been friends a long time, what is it now, eleven...twelve

years?  We have about the same interests. We both like cars, airplanes, and

even the same taste in least we did. Jay said, chuckling as he

spoke that last sentence.

     "What are you getting at?" Joe asked. 

     "I think we get along pretty well together. We always have. I like you.

I'm sure you like me too, or you wouldn't have tolerated my constant bugging

you for help with my car. But now, with what has happened...with you like

that...  I don't know for sure, but I think my feelings for you are

changing...I think maybe...Damn it Joe, I don't even know how if I can say

it...I...I think I might even be falling for you, you were a real

woman. Is that a kick in the head, or what?" Jay seemed relieved after he

finished speaking.

     Joe felt a flush come to his face as he listened to Jay. It really didn't

come as a surprize though.  It only confirmed what he had suspected.  Jay no

longer thought of him as just his "buddy". It was obvious by the way he looked

and acted that he considered Joe a "real" woman, and felt he had to treat him

as such. That's why he was so uncharacteristically polite, sometimes even

condescending, and why he was always grinning, and acting awkward around him.

     "You're 'falling' for me?" Joe asked. "Just what are you trying to say,

Jay." He tried to act as if it was all a surprize. He seldom saw his friend at

such a loss for words.

     "Damnit Joe, I don't know...Maybe it sounds crazy to you.  But I can't

help it...I really think you make a pretty nice woman. I hope you don't take

that as an insult, because it isn't meant to be." Jay tried awkwardly to


     "Well, considering that my chances on getting changed back don't look all

that great, maybe it's a good thing...that you think I make a pretty nice

girl, that is." Joe said.

     "Is that what they're telling you?" Jay asked.

     "I'm sure that they don't even know for sure what caused it yet." Joe

responded. "And even less about how to change us back."

     "So what do you plan to do about it?" Jay asked, wondering aloud.

     "I don't have a lot of options, as far as I can tell." Joe answered. "I'm

just trying to make the best of what I've got."

     "And doing pretty well it seems." Jay complimented. "Most of the time

it's hard for me to remember that you weren't born like that.

     "I guess I am getting accustomed to my body being like this." Joe said.

"But I don't know if I'll ever get used to the way I get treated because of

the way I look."

     "How's that?" Jay asked, "Do you mean bad, or good?"

     "Oh, I guess it's mostly good." Joe answered. "I haven't really found any

real discrimination so far. Of course, it's only been a week, and I haven't

been around that many strangers."

     They were getting near the plane, and Joe was slightly ahead of Jay as

they walked toward it.

     "Well I still think you look gorgeous." Jay said. "You think like a man,

but your more attractive than any woman I know. What more could a guy ask


     "I don't know about thinking like a man." Joe countered. "And I don't

really think I'm all that good looking either." He ginnned shyly.

     "You don't?" Jay asked. "Why not?  I think you're fantastic looking."


     "Do you really?" Joe wondered. He considered the feminizing of his body.

Sure it was erotically interesting to be changed overnight, and then wake up

looking like this, especially at first, and he certainly liked the sensations

from his now softer, thinner, more sensitive skin.  He didn't consider himself

ugly, but he really didn't think he was all that beautiful either.

     "Don't you?" Jay asked. "I don't know if I'd want to stay that way, but I

wouldn't mind spending a day looking like that." Jay volunteered. "I think it

would be interesting to see how the other half lives."

     "Oh yeah?" Joe retorted. "I guess I am one of the 'other half' now, and I

can say this, it's not all that special."

     "You told me you liked it." Jay countered. "And you can't tell me you

haven't played with those boobs."

     "Ok, Ok, I do kind of enjoy it sometimes." Joe admitted.  "Some of the

things about being like this aren't all that bad." He grinned mischievously.

     "Not all that bad?" Jay said. "It hasn't even been a week, and you've

already been in the sack with a guy." Jay teased.

     "And I'm really sorry about that Jay." Joe blurted. "I shouldn't have

come on so strong the other night. I hope you're not too mad.  I guess I did

take advantage of you."

     "Take advantage of me?" Jay retorted. "Hey I'm a big guy. I can take care

of myself." He grinned.

     "Maybe so." Joe continued. "But I think I moved a little fast."

     "Move like that anytime you like, old pal." Jay commended. "It was

probably the best sex I've ever experienced."

     Joe looked at Jay with a frown. "So you think maybe all girls should have

to spend some time as a guy before they become women."

     "If they turn out like you, I think it'd be a good idea." Jay agreed.

"Maybe you can make the equipment that did it to you available to everybody."

He suggested, probably half joking.

     "If only a way can be found to make it all work both ways." Joe added.

"Then we would really have something."

     "Now that you've been a woman for a while, if you could change back and

forth, which way do you think you would stay most of the time?" Jay asked


     Joe looked at his pal. "I was male for thirty years. I experienced about

all that was possible a man. On the other hand, I've been only been

like this for a week...less than a week even.  It's too early to know. I

probably experienced most of the things a guy could experience.  Now I've been

changed like this. There are still a lot of things about this female stuff

that I haven't even begun to consider yet.  And I might add, it scares me to

death when I do."

     "Oh?" Jay said. "And what are they?"

     "Well, you know about as well as anybody what my body is like now." Joe

explained. "I guess its pretty well completely know as well as I

that its all female now, right down to the chromosomes." He held his hand out.

"Look at me. There's no way to describe the feeling of finding that even my

hands are smaller...they look pretty much the same, but they'er smaller,

thinner, feminine...I'm that way all over.  In some ways I feel the same as

always, but when I really look at myself, I can tell that I'm softer, weaker,

different in all kinds of ways. On top of that, the doctors say it's highly

probable that I'll...we'll...experience menstrual cycles.  I'll probably have

periods now.  Can you believe it?  And of course, if I have periods, I can

probably conceive.  I could get pregnant, Jay.  Pregnant!  Me!  I wouldn't

know how to be mother to a baby!  What would I ever do if something like that

happened?" He put his hand on Jay's shoulder, squeezing it, as if asking for

for reassurance.

     "Why are you so worried about getting pregnant?" Jay asked. "You know

there are things that can prevent that."

     "Yeah, I know, but I also know how I felt the other night, when we were

together. I've ever felt that way before." Joe explained. I don't know if I

could have controlled myself...if you hadn't known about those condoms in my

shaving kit...I'm sure I would have wanted you to do it any way.  I know I

couldn't have stopped you if you had really wanted to do it. Heck, I wanted it

even more than you did, I think."

     "But it was good, wasn't it?" Jay asked with a smile.

     Joe smiled. "Sure. I was disappointed at first. I really don't know if a

real woman feels what I feel...I would guess they do...but there really isn't

much feeling after you're in there. It sure feels great as it goes in though."

He smiled as he recalled the sensation.  "I can't even describe it, its so different, especially the second kind of hurt the first

time...but then, after you were inside me, I really could hardly feel a thing

till you started moving around.  No offense." Joe squeezed Jay's shoulder

again, winking seductively.

     "You mean you could feel more whith your penis?" Jay asked. "Does it feel

better now, or was it better before?"

     "I don't's hard to compare. It's really surprizing just how

similar it does feel, most of the time anyway." Joe said. "In some ways, it

feels better now...but in others...maybe not as good. I guess I really don't

know how to answer you."

     "But which do you like better?" Jay persisted. "I've always wondered who

got more out of sex, men or women.  Your the first person who might be able to

answer that."

     Joe grinned. "If real women feel the same thing I do, if they tell you

they don't like oral sex, they've got to be lying through their teeth."

     "How do you know that?" Jay asked, genuinely surprized. "We never did


     Joe didn't say anything, just smiled knowingly. He would just let Jay

wonder about it. If he was going to live as a woman, he'd have to develop his

own version of the feminine mystique.

     Jay looked around.  They were at least a hundred yards from the line

office, and there was no one else around.  They had reached the Mooney, and

were standing behind the tail, out of sight of the office, with its big

picture window.  Jay bent down slightly and planted a kiss on Joe's lips.  It

happened so suddenly, so unexpectedly, that it took Joe completely by

surprize.  After realized what was happening, he relaxed slightly, and let

nature take its course.  It was a feeling he couldn't describe.  Excitement,

mixed with fear, and concern that they might be seen. Still, Joe felt a

strangely pleasant feeling overtake him. In the arms of a man, his pal Jay,

Joe just let his body melt...and loved the way it made him feel.

     After an indeterminate time, Jay released him, and Joe was again aware of

what was going on around him. He pulled his shirt down, and straightened his

hair.  Jay watched him with that cow eyed look that before had irritated Joe,

but now, it didn't concern him at all.

     "Why did you do that?" Joe asked, still recovering.

     "Did you like it?" Jay asked in response.

     "Why did you do it?" Joe repeated. 

     "Why not?" Jay said simply.  "I wanted to, and I thought you might too.

Now I did."

     Joe smiled, embarrassed.  He was at a loss for words.  The way he had

responded to his friends advance proved, to both of them, that he was no

longer the old Joe Bates.  Of course, he had already suspected it himself, but

he didn't really want to admit it, at least not yet, and certainly not to

others. And not to Jay.

     "Jay, I don't know what to say...I guess I'm going to need some time.  I

can't figure out what's going on in my head...sure, I guess my body knows what

it likes, it really does feel good when you touch me...but I just can't get

caught up in the physical aspect of all this so quickly.  Joe said finally,

after thinking it over for a moment.

     Jay kept his arm around Joe, with his hand rubbing his back, feeling the

strap of his bra.  He just looked into Joe's eyes, saying nothing.

     "We better get going, don't you think?" Joe continued. He didn't know

what to do. He hadn't expected Jay to react like this.

     "Uh, yeah, I guess so." Jay said, as if not really listening.

     "Don't worry, Jay." Joe said. "We'll work this out.  I just ain't ready

to be somebodys girlfriend. Not yet, if ever. But if I ever do, you'll be the

first to know." He grinned at Jay, who looked lost in thought.

     After the quick walk-around, they climbed aboard and Jay went throught

the checklist.

     When the engine was running, Jay called clearance delivery, and copied

the transmission.  Cleared as filed.

     They recieved clearance to the runway and after a quick runup, they were

on their way. Joe worked the radios as Jay proceeded on course. The little

Mooney climbed swiftly to the ten thousand feet they had requested. That

altitude would keep them out of some of the thermal activity which caused the

ride to be uncomfortably rough when flying low in the desert. It would be

cooler on the return trip, and they could request a lower altitude.

     Before long, they needed to begin decent to Tucson. The Mooney was fairly

slick, and it was hard to descend without over cooling the engine.  Jay's

plane didn't have the speed brakes which made later models easier to fly in

the terminal area.

     They shot three ILS approaches, and then canceled thier flight plan, and

went over to Ryan Airport to practice NDB non-precision approaches.

     When they finished that, they landed at Ryan, and refiled for the IFR

return trip to Deer Valley.  After another uneventful flight, they landed and

taxied to the parking ramp.  Throughout the flight, Jay had hardly spoken to

Joe, except things relating to the flight, or to make some comment about

something they saw on the ground. After the engine was silent, Jay turned to


     "Would it offend you if I asked you over to the Airport Inn for a drink?"

He asked. "I promise I won't try to make a pass, or anything." He said,


     "Sure, I think that would be ok." Joe said stiffly. He didn't kow how to

react with Jay anymore.

     They took their bags and drove to the bar just on the other side of the

road from the airport. Joe, Jay, and lots of other pilots who flew from Deer

Valley made it a regular stop after flying, and it was often the scene of some

fantastic hanger flying.

     As they drove up, Joe was glad to see there were only two other cars in

the lot. He didn't recognise either of them.  He was embarrased to have to

explain his situation to people he knew...people who wouldn't know what had

happened to him and the others, but he wasn't going to hide and hope it would

all go away.  That probably wasn't going to happen. Besides, his mood had

changed again, and he wasn't feeling so bad right now. Something...the

hormones...something was giving him an emotional roller coaster ride, and the

highs sometimes felt as good as the lows felt bad.

     Joe followed Jay into the dimly lit bar.  It took a while till their eyes

adjusted from the setting sunlight, but by the time they sat down at a table,

Joe could see the pictures, propellers, and other airplane stuff which

festooned the walls of the cosy little place. It was definitly a pilots


     The waiter came over immediately and waited on them. Joe recogised her,

but it was obvious that she didn't recognise him. As he ordered, he wondered

if he should tell her who he was. He decided against it, primarily because he

thought she wouldn't believe such a claim anyway.

     Joe remembering the change in his tolerance for alcohol ordered rum and

coke with ice. That would wet his whistle, and the ice would dilute the drink

if he nursed it for a while.

     The drinks came, and Jay paid for them against Joe's objections. When the

waitress left, he looked at Joe, and then started to speak.

     "So you don't think you're ready to get involved, huh." Jay asked.

     "Jay, it's me here. Joe." Joe said. "How can you expect me to want to

'get involved', or what ever you want to call it, already. Hell, I don't even

know if I'll be staying like this very long. I can't make decisions about

stuff like that now. I don't even know what I want, and I sure don't want to

get mixed up with somebody else right now. I have enough to worry about with

Linda."  He took a long gulp of his rum and coke.

     "Do you still think of Linda that way?" Jay asked. He was suprized to see

Joe, who looked for all the world like an attractive young woman, practicaly

gulp her drink.

     "What do you mean by that 'THAT WAY'?" Joe asked.  "Just because this has

happened to me, I haven't just started over from scratch. As I've said before,

I'm still me in here." He took another big swallow. He was hot and thirsty,

and the cool drink tasted exceptionally good.

     "But Joe, I've seen you, what you look like naked...and how you act. I've

even seen what turns you on. Don't tell me you haven't changed...and changed a

lot." Jay said.

     "I'm not saying that." Joe said. "Sure I've changed, and I'm still

changing...I don't know when it'll stop. But I still have my memory...I still

enjoy the things I always have...maybe it's a little different...maybe a lot

different in some ways."

     "I guess I know you feel about guys." Jay said. "Has your interest in

women changed too?" He asked.

     "Changed?" Joe asked. "Yeah, I guess some of my interests have

changed...I still like girls though, for what it's worth." He grinned. "I

still think their interesting to look at too, but maybe I'm starting to see

them in a different way now...for obvious reasons I guess. It's hard to first, it was just like always, except for the physical

differences, and that was really strange.  But more the last

couple of days especially...other things have attitude...I don't

know...maybe my brain...the way I think...its really kid of hard to describe.

Maybe I really am going to turn into a woman before this is all over." He

downed the contents, and stared into his empty glass.

     "Do you sleep with Linda?" Jay asked bluntly.

     "Is that really any of your business?" Joe snapped, but with a smile.

     "No, of course not." Jay answered. "But I am your friend, and you know

how I feel about you. Maybe it would help to talk about it."

     Joe looked into Jay's eyes. "Yeah, we still sleep together sometimes." He

admitted.  "But that's changing too...I mean besides the obvious. Linda's been

really helpful through all this...really open say the least. At

first, it was really a wouldn't believe what we did together...but

now, it's not really like that anymore. I don't know what's going on, but I

just don't find it all as interesting as at first."

     "Maybe your just not cut out to be a lesbian." Jay said, trying to help.

     "Is that what I am with her now? Lesbian?" Joe said aloud.

     "Gee, I don't know, Joe." Jay said. "With what you've gone through, I

don't see how any of the normal terms could apply. You have to discover what

it is, and then do what's right for you.  To hell with what anybody else


     "Right." Joe said. "I agree. But I haven't a clue what I want. That's the

problem. I hope that I can level off somewhere soon, so I can figure out how

to live like this. I can't stay on this pendulum for the rest of my life."

     "And if you decide that you need me, I'll be here." Jay said, taking

Joe's hand and squeezing it.

     They looked at each other across the little table. Jay took Joe's hand,

and Joe didn't pull it away. They didn't speak, but said it all with their


     "Thanks. I really mean that Jay." Joe said. He could feel the tears well

in his eyes, as his new emotions took over his personality again.

     "Damn it. I can't stand this damn crying all the time." He said. "But it

seems I just can't stop it."

     Jay looked at his friend. It was strange seeing his buddy...this person

with such a knock-out body...and believe that he was the same person he had

known for so long. It really was Joe...he could tell from their

conversations...but It was also plain that Joe was undergoing changes...not

just physical, that was obvious...but in his personality...his emotions. Look

at him, or her actually, sitting there, trying to hold back tears.  The Joe he

known before had never been like that.  It must be hard to have something take

you over your whole life, he thought.

     "What's the problem?" Jay asked.

     "Nothing...nothing...I just get like this sometimes." Joe said, trying to

force a grin. "Maybe it's some kind of female thing." He joked.

     "Amazing." Jay said. "What's it like...really, Joe?  What's it like to be

female? It seems simply amazing for something like this to

completely...even your emotions...your personality...amazing." Jay just said

over and over.

     "Like I've already said." Joe answered. "It's not as different as you

probably think it is. Sometimes, I can even forget that it happened...for a

little while anyway."

     "But that do you get any sleep?" Jay continued, speaking in an

awed wisper, and displaying a slight grin.

     "Hey, it's just me." Joe replied. "Sure, it takes a little getting used

to, and I still want to look at myself when I catch my reflection in the

mirror in the bathroom, but you do get used to it...I mean...what about you?

Your bod is interesting too, don't you think?" He teased.

     "Not like yours." Jay said. "Forgive me, but you have the firmest tits I

think I've ever seen."

     The comment about his body made Joe blush.  He arched his back, causing

his chest to become more prominent. He looked at Jay, grinning provocatively.

     "Yeah, they are kinda nice, ain't they." He drawled, chuckling. "And they

feel so good too." He said, seductively cupping one of the soft mounds with

the open palm of his hand. Joe felt his inhibitions free up as even the tiny

bit of alcohol he had consumed reached his brain. He could see Jay was

watching everything he did, and that his actions were affecting his old

friend. It was interesting to see the new power the changes in his body gave

him.  Joe didn't realize it, but he was reacting like some young girls did

when they reached adolescence and discovered the power of sexual attraction.

He found it exciting to watch Jay's reaction to his flirtatious teasing.

     Jay watched Joe carefully. His friend had only consumed half of his

drink, but it was obviously causing him to act strangely. Amazing. Before,

Joe, who really never did drink a lot, could still have easily handled three

of these rum and cokes without any obvious effect.

     "Are you feeling alright, Joe?" Jay asked.

     "Yeah. I'm feeling great!" Joe exclaimed. "It don't take much for a buzz

anymore."  He raised his hand to attract the waitress.

     "You better not have anymore." Jay said. "I don't want to be accused of

taking advantage of you." He teased.

     "I know you wouldn't do that." Joe said. "But, I do have one thing I want

you to promise me."

     "And what is that?" Jay asked.

     "Promise me...if we ever get together bed, that

you'll never do anything without using know." Joe


     "Yeah, I know. And don't worry about it." Jay said. "I always carry

something with me, just in case."

     "Just in case?" Joe asked smiling demurly. "In case of what?"

     "You never know." Jay said. "You never know." 

     "Yeah. That's right. I tell you, when it hit's me, I don't think I can

control it...I mean...I always thought sex drive was strongest for the

male...but now I don't know...when I start to feel a certain way, I almost

think my body has a mind of its own. I don't think I could control it if I

wanted too. It's that strong." 

     The waitress came to their table. Joe asked for another rum and coke. He

looked at Jay.

     "And give this handsome guy another one too." Joe said.

     When the Waitress left Jay spoke to him.

     "Don't you think you better slow down?" He asked. 

     "I've only had one so far." Joe answered. "I'll be careful. And besides,

your driving."

     Jay didn't want to sound like a worrier, but he didn't know what to

expect from his friend. He sometimes acted so different now.

     "Just be careful." Jay said.

     The waitress brought the next round. Joe immediately took a long draw

from the sweet drink. Jay paid again, but this time Joe let him without saying

a word.

     Downing the last glass so quickly made Joe realize that he needed to pee.

That observation reminded him of his new anatomy, and what he would need to do

to relieve the pressure.

     "God, I gotta pee." Joe said, snickering. "Whata pain in the ass."

     He got up, and walked straight to the ladies room. The drink had removed

some of the inhibitions he normally had. He really hadn't had that much...he

wasn't really drunk...but his apprehensions were now in the background, and it

felt pretty good to him.

     Entering the small ladies room, Joe looked around. Except for the

waitress, there were probably no other women in the place, and he was alone.

From habit, he looked around for a urinal, and then, feeling for his penis, he

touched his new anatomy. For some reason, it struck him as funny, and he

started to laugh softly. Going to one of the two stalls, he went inside and

pulled his shorts down. He looked down at his panties, rubbing the slick

fabric which covered the changes of his groin. It was all so strange...and so

funny....  He laughed some more.

     Finally, the humor was overtaken by the need to urinate, and he lowered

his sexy little undies, and sat down.

     When he finished, he pulled his panties up, and again felt the strange

sensation of the strap riding in the crack of his butt. He pulled up his

shorts, and then went back out to the table.

     "Sometime, I've just got to show you what I'm wearing underneath these

clothes." Joe said to a surprized Jay.

     "Oh, yeah?" Jay asked. "What is it?"

     "You have to see 'em." Joe said. "Words won't do it justice."

     "You've got my curiosity peaked now Joe." Jay said. "When do I get to

see?" He went along with his friends seemingly wandering talk. Joe was

obviously feeling his drink.

     "Sometime." Joe said. "Not now...not here. Sometime."

     "Have you ever pee'd in one of those little cups?" Joe continued. "You

know, at the doctors office."

     What was he getting at? Jay wondered.

     "Yeah, I guess I have." He answered.

     "Well, You didn't have to do it the way I did today." Joe said. "You

should have seen me. It probably looked like a monkey fucking a football."

     Jay had to laugh. He could imagine Joe filling a specimine cup with his

new anatomy.  Poor guy. He was probably just venting some of his frustrations.

He was just so darn could he stand it?

     "I think I better take you home." Jay said. "You gotta be at work


     "It's probably still daylight." Joe objected. "And besides they don't

need me there. They're gonna try stuff on gerbels, or monkees, or something

tomorrow. They don't need me."

     "I think I better get you home." Jay repeated. He didn't know what Joe

might do if they continued drinking.

     "Yeah. I guess I'm getting a little blitzed." Joe admitted. "I'm really a

cheap drunk now, ain't I?" He laughed.

     "Don't worry about it." Jay said. "But we better get you home."

     They finished their drinks, and went outside. It was not yet completely

dark, but it would be soon. They drove straight to Linda's house.




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