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Archive-name: Changes/bates23.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story- 23

                               Chapter 23



     "Joe, could you escort Dr. Krell, and whoever he has with him into the

building?" Jim asked.

     "Sure." Joe replied.  He quickly left the room and walked back to the


     By now Joe was at home enough with his new physique and the feel of his

clothes that he sometimes forgot, if only for just a moment, that his

appearance had changed significantly.  As he traveled the familure hallways,

he absent-mindedly attempted to move along with the long, easy stride he

always used.  When did, he felt the restricting hem of the skirt at his knees.

He looked down, and was instantly reminded that some things were quite

different now.  He could feel the slight bounce of his breasts moving, and

hear the gentle rustle of his pantyhose when his thighs sometimes rubbed

together as he walked.  He placed his hand on his hip just to feel the satiny

slickness of the slip against his stockings.  He liked the sensation and kept

his hand there, letting it gently brush the side his leg as he walked.  There

were so many interesting things about being this way...wearing clothes like

these...always some new feeling or sensation to experience.  To be like this

forever wouldn't be so bad at all, he thought.

     When he arrived at the entrance, Joe recognized Dr. Krell, Karen Simpson,

and two other people...both men, probably doctors or lab technicians.  He

didn't recognize either of them.  Dr. Krell smiled in recognition when he

spotted Joe.  Karen raised her hand in greeting.

     "Good morning Dr. Krell." Joe said.  "Hi Karen." He added.

     "Good morning." Dr. Krell repeated. "How are you doing this fine day,


     "Just fine, I guess." Joe said, smiling.

     "You're certainly are looking good." Karen said.

     "Thanks.  You are too." Joe said.

     They all signed the log, and Dr. Krell introduced the other two men.

     "Joe Bates, I'd like you to meet Dr. John Schwab, and Dr. Richard

Roberts. Among their talents, they're associates of mine.  John is into

genetics research, and Dick's specialty is urology, and they're both very

interested in what's happened here.  If it turns out our research continues

very long, I'm sure we'll have others wanting to get involved on it too." The

little doctor said.

     "I've heard all about you." Dr. Schwab said holding out his hand to Joe.

     Somewhat embarrased, Joe shook his hand, and then took the hand of Dr.


     "I've got to talk with you." The big, friendly looking guy said.  "What

has happened to you is almost unbelievable.  I can hardly believe my eyes."

Dick Roberts said.

     "Well believe me, nobody's having a harder time believing I'm like this

than I am myself." Joe said.

     "If you'll follow me, I'll take you to the others." Joe continued.  "Jim

Matheney, he's our Certification Manager...and my boss, and I guess he's your

primary contact here at Honeybone." Joe told them as they walked along.

     "This is quite an impressive complex." Dr. Roberts said.  "I've always

wanted to see how avionics are designed."

     "Do you have an interest in aviation?" Joe asked.

     "Yeah, I guess I do.  Dr. Roberts said. "I've got my commercial ticket,

and a five year old, A-36 Bonanza."

     "That's a pretty good plane." Joe said truthfully.

     "I guess you get all kinds of interesting hardware around here." The

doctor said.

     "Well, sometimes we get a new airframe to use, but usually we gotta use

our test aircraft, and they're hardly new." Joe said. "But, we do work with

the latest in avionics, of course."

     "I have King gear in mine." Dr. Roberts said.  "I have to admit, except

for the DME, I haven't had any real trouble with any of it yet."

     They arrived at the Certification Section offices, and Joe led them into

Jim's office, where the others were waiting.  He introduced them to each

other, noting that the two new doctors carefully eyed Mike, Dave, and Tim

carefully as they were introduced.

     "All of you were together when this happened?" Dr. Schwab asked, looking

at Mike.

     "Well, we were pretty near each other for some of the time." Mike

answered.  "Three of use were in the Lear, and Tim here, he came over to fuel

us, and stayed around to watch us calibrate.  I guess that's really the only

time we were actually together for any length of time."

     "And this GPS transmitter...was it on all the time?" Dr. Roberts asked.

     "Once we turn it on, it stays on all the time. We were real close to the

"A".  The "B" was located at the other side of the airport.  Me and Joe

were the only ones really close to that one while it was turned on." Mike


     "What kind of power do those transmitters operate at?" Dr. Roberts


     "Well, it's adjustable over a considerable range." Mike said.  I've got

records of the settings used last thursday, or any other day, for that


     "So this thing has been used before?" Dr. Roberts asked.

     "Oh, sure.  We've been testing recievers for more than a month." Joe

chimed in.

     "But you've only now had a problem?" the doctor asked.

     "If there was anything happening to me before last week, I certainly

didn't realize it." Joe said.  "Friday morning came as a complete suprize,

that's for sure." He added.

     "Same here." Dave said.

     "Like wise." Mike added.  "In fact, when when I first realized something

strange was happening...that I was changing, or whatever...I hadn't really

changed very much yet, but I could feel something, like an itch or something,

before I could see any change.  Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm still changing,

but its happening slower now."

     "Yeah. Same here." Tim said. "When I got home Thursday night, I felt

really terrible.  I couldn't sleep, my chest felt so strange, and I had a

really bad upset stomach.  I was just laying there, in bed, when I first

realized that something really peculiar was happening. First, I just had to go

to the bathroom really bad. I went to pee and that's when I saw that my, my penis was shrinking or something...anyway, it was really hard to pee with it pulled in like that, but it felt like I really had to, so

I did.  Afterwards, I went back to bed, but I could still feel was

sort if tingling and felt really strange, like it was trying to pull up

further inside me.  It continued that way until it was completely gone, it

feels like its up inside...changed to the way it is now.  I guess I can still

feel it there when I think about it.  But I suppose I am sort of getting used

to it this way."

     Tim started to touch himself, but then he realized everyone was watching

and stopped, looked embarrassed, but then continued speaking.

     "I really didn't know what the hell was going on...I couldn't

be real...maybe I was just dreaming.  I didn't realize I was...I guess...

turning into a girl until I got up again, early in the morning, and saw just

what I looked like in the mirror. Of course, even then I didn't completely

realize what had happened.  My boobs hadn't grown that much by then, and I

guess I didn't realize the full extent of what had happened to me until

sometime the next morning...I mean...its easy to look and see what's happened

now, but...I'm telling you...there is no way to prepare yourself for something

like this...I mean, I never heard of anything like it before." His soft voice

raised and fell as he described what it was like to watch his body undergo the

changes that had affected each of them.

     As Joe listened to the Tim describe what had happened to him, he decided

that maybe it was better to go through the change like he did, sleeping

through the whole thing.  He didn't even know that anything had happened until

he woke up.  To actually see it feel wonder Tim hid in

his apartment for days rather than face other people the way he was.  How do

you explain something like that happening to you?

     The doctors listened to Tim's story with interest.

     "I've read you're file." Dr. Schwab said.  "But your description of the

experience really brings out the trauma.  I'm not sure what has happened

exactly...and I'm certainly amazed that something like this could happen

overnight...much less at all."

     "As long as you guys can figure a way to get us back, I don't care if you

can explain it or not." Dave said.

     "Why don't we go and look over the test cage?" Jim suggested.  "We have

everything that was used on Thursday set up, and we're ready for whatever

experiments you might want to try."

     "Good idea." Dr. Krell answered, and looked at Joe to lead them to the


     Joe looked at the little doctor.

     "Follow me." He said.

     He lead them down the hall, and opened the double doors, holding them

open while the others went inside.

     "It's larger than I thought it would be." Dr. Schwab exclaimed.  "We

could try a number of experiments at the same time with this much room."

     "How will we know how much power to use at this close range?" Dr. Roberts

wondered aloud.

     "I suggest we start with very low power, then increase it in small

increments, never exceeding the settings used outdoors.  The whole system can

take full transmitter power, but maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to use it

all, no matter if we get the desired results or not. It's really close

quarters for that much power, and I doubt that it would help anyway." Jim

suggested.  He was always concerned about safety, since he was responsable for

safety in the lab.

     "We will defer to your judgment on that, Mr. Matheney." Dr. Krell said.

     "Please call me Jim, doctor." Jim said.

     "Sure Jim, and of course, please feel free to call me Ben." Dr. Krell

said, smiling.

     "I'll try to remember that." Jim said.  He was very serious about work,

but liked informality among professionals during operations like this. Of

course, there had never been operations like this before.

     "What do you have planned?" Mike asked, his curiosity hard to contain.

     "Well, now that we know what we have to work with I think we have room

for primates.  I thought we would have to use mice, but this is much better.

We could even use human volunteers, when we get to that point." Dr. Roberts


     "I volunteer for that whenever you want to try it." Dave chimed in.

     "I'm afraid that we would need a control subject for the first attempt."

Dr. Roberts said.  "But you will probably get your chance too." He smiled.

     "It can't be too soon." Dave said.

     The men looked over the equipment, and at the lab in general, appearing

to be concerned about the size of the unused space.  They murmered to

themselves, and then walked over to where Jim and Joe were standing and


     "I think this will be enough room." Dr. Krell said.  "We'll need room for

some cages, if we are to bring some lab animals in.  I think we can have some

of what we need here by this afternoon, tomorrow for sure."

     "What will we need to do today?" Joe asked.  He was curious what they

would be doing.

     "Well, I think these two gentlemen would like to interview each of you."

Dr. Krell said.  "Perhaps you could come over to Hillcrest, to my office

there, for a while this morning?"

     "Sure.  I can do that." Joe said.  Oh damn, more hospital, he thought.

He was anxious to see what they would be doing in the lab, not answering

questions, or getting examined.

     "I think we need to get to a telephone." Dr. Krell said.

     "Right here." Jim said. "This desk, and this phone is available for your

use.  Please make yourself at home."

     Dr. Krell sat down, picked up the handset.  Dr. Roberts walked over to

Joe and the others.

     "Do you all think you could meet me over at Hillcrest in about two

hours?" He asked.  "It shouldn't take very long, but I do have some

things...some questions to ask.  I think it would be best to do that over


     "A couple of hours?  Sure." Dave responded.  "Will we be coming back here

then?" He was impatient with the seemingly slow progress.

     "I don't think there will be any need for that." Dr. Roberts said.

"Maybe tomorrow afternoon, but not before.  We have a lot of setting up to do

in here till then.  There is no reason for any of you to get involved with

that.  We'll have a number of assistants taking care of it."

     Joe was hoping to get some "hands on" of the equipment himself, but he

was beginning to see that the plan was to sort of let them "be involved," but

probably not use their expertise.  They were now simply part of the

experiment, as far as the doctors were concerned.

     They went back to the offices, and Joe went directly to his desk. Karen

was with them and Tim, since he had no where else to go, followed Joe and

Dave.  Joe looked at Karen, trying to tell if she had any idea of what was


     "So what now?" He asked.  "Do we just sit and wait till they call us?"

     "I suppose that's all there is to do." Karen said.  "Of course, it's only

about an hour and forty five minutes till you need to be at Hillcrest."

     "Oh yeah.  I almost forgot about that." Joe replied.  "I wonder what

that's going to be about?"

     "I'm not sure really." Karen surmised.  "But I overheard the discussion,

and I think they are still trying to determine the full extent of the changes

your chromosomes have undergone.  They can't understand how this could have

happened in such a short time period.  It's starting to become obvious that it

isn't really over yet, since you all seem to be still changing, at least a

little, don't you agree?"

     Joe looked at Karen.  "I didn't know it was that obvious.  How can you


     Karen smiled.  "I'm not sure really.  Mike of course is the most

noticeable, it's easy to see that he's still developing."


     "Joe, you and Tim, I guess it's different...not so physical, or

something, more in the way you act...the way you talk.  I can tell you both

becoming more familure with what has happened." Karen said.

     "I guess I am getting a little used to it." Joe said.  "But it's more

than that, I can't explain's like my brain is changed or

something...Hell, I think I'm even beginning to like being like this, like

it's the way I'm supposed to be. Until a couple of days ago, all I could do

was think about figuring out how to get back, try to hold on to my

masculinity...I guess.  Now, I don't care about that anymore. I guess its

taken over my head or something.  I can't really explain it."

     "Yeah.  I think it's the same for me, at least a little." Tim said.  "At

first I hated this, but I guess I'm beginning to accept it all now."

     "How about you, Dave?" Karen asked.

     "Is is really important how I feel?" Dave said sullenly.  "I can't just

decide that I'm gonna be a girl, even if I happen look like one, or whatever."

     "Even you can't change what's happened." Karen said.  "If you try to go

against your feelings, it will just make you unhappy and hard to be around,

and won't change a thing.  I'm speaking from personal experience."

     Just then Jim Matheney walked from his office and came over to Tim.

     "Can you come with me for a few minutes?" He asked.

     "Sure." Tim answered, and followed Jim back to his office.  Jim closed

the door.

     "This has all just got to be temporary." Dave said. "Even if I would get

used to this, I still have to change back."

     "Maybe you do." Joe said.  "But before that, why don't you try to lighten

up?" He tried to cheer up his pal, who seemed to be depressed.

     "What do you want me to do, Joe?" Dave asked.  "Buy a bunch of dresses,

or something?"

     "Hey, I don't know what you want, but you must have something you'd like

to try, I mean, I know your curious, why don't you kick back a little, and try

to enjoy what has happened, rather that fight it all the way.  LIke Karen

said, you've become a Sad Sack, and it ain't helping you, or your family.

What ever happens tomorrow, why don't you try to enjoy today?" Joe tried to

sum up what he had wanted to say to Dave for some time.

     Dave grinned at his friend.

     "I'm sorry if I've become a pain in the ass." He said.  "You know that's

not the way I am."

     "Yeah, I know that." Joe replied, grinning.  "That's why I've put up with

it till now."

     "So what should I do?" Dave asked.

     "What would you like to do?" Joe asked.  "How do you feel about


     "I don't know exactly." Dave answered.  "I guess I'm having some of the

same feelings you are, I don't know.  It's hard to know what I feel like."

     Joe knew what his friend meant.  Even if he was starting to except

himself the way he was, Joe also experienced the strange paradox. Sure, he

looked like a female now, and he was even beginning to like how he looked, as

well as the feminine feelings he was experiencing, at least that's what he

figured they were, he didn't really know what it was supposed to feel like to

be female, he only knew what HE felt like.  But even though he liked it...a

lot, he still felt like he was male...deep inside.  There was just no way he

could change his past.  Until a week ago, everything he did, his every

thought, was naturally from the male perspective.  That was hard...maybe

impossible to change.  The sensation was sometimes as if his changed body was

somehow not really his, that he was inside somebody else, even though he knew

that was not the case. Sometimes, he still felt pretty much like a guy, and

sometimes the new feeling of femininity almost overwhelmed him.

     Karen Simpson joined them.  "It looks like they won't need you guy's here

today.  When you leave for Hillcrest, let me know.  I need to go over there


     Joe looked at Dave.  "Are we ready to go over there?" He asked.

     "Yeah, I guess so...not that I'm looking forward to getting prodded and

poked again." Dave said.

     "I don't think there will be much of that." Karen said.  "Then again, I

don't know what Dr. Roberts might have on his mind."

     "Let's go find Mike." Joe said.


     I guess Tim is getting a job offer, Joe thought.

     "We can wait for Tim." Joe said.  "I'll try to track Mike down."

     Joe went out in the hallway.  He wondered were the big woman might be.

He was with them in the lab, and came back out with them, bu then he was

suddenly gone.  He looked into the offices and cubicals along the way as he

toured the hallways.  When he came to the word processing area, he could see

Mike's new hairpiece over the top of the partition.  What was he doing in

here?  He thought. He went over to Mike, who was engaged in conversation with

an attractive young woman, Melody Meyers, who he recognized as having gone out

with Mike in the past. Mike must have seen her in the hall, and is trying to

explain.  Joe thought.  It was hard...Yeah, sure...its still me... Joe had

gone through the same thing with Linda.  It was impossible not to be

embarrassed to have to try to explain to your girl friend that something like

this had happened to you.  First they didn't believe it, and then' if you

could convince them, they felt sorry for you and wanted to help.  At least

thats the way it had been for him and Linda.  He didn't really know the extent

of the relationship that Mike had with Melody.  

     Mike saw him when he turned the corner.

     "Hi Joe." Mike said.  "Here Mel, see...this is Joe Bates, you know him

too.  He's had the same thing happen too." Mike explained to a wide eyed


     "Oh God.  I heard the rumors that something like this had happened...but

I thought it was a strange joke.  But I see its really true." Melody said,

leaning back in her swivel chair.

     "Yeah, I guess its really true." Joe said, smiling at the attractive

young woman.  He didn't really know her, but he had often noticed her in the

hall.  She was easily one of the best looking girls in word processing, and he

always noticed the good looking girls.  As he eyed her, he realized that they

were probably almost the same size now...even their figures were very similer.

Hell, they could probably share clothes.

     "Well, I'm sorry for you both...and the others too." Melody said.  "Are

you having problems, or anything?"

     Joe looked at her.  "I don't know about the others, but I guess I'm

getting used to it...the best I can anyway.  It's a heck of a change to wake

up looking like this." He smiled.

     "I just can't believe it." Melody said.  "You both look so

look just like real women.  That skirt looks positively marvelous on you,


     "We've been told that we more than LOOK like 'real' woman." Joe added.  I

think we have all the required parts...inside and out.  It certainly feels

like we do anyway." He grinned at Melody as he rubbed his hand along the soft

curve of his right breast. Even though he looked, and now felt, quite female,

he still had a weakness for pretty girls.  Perhaps not like before. It was

much more subtle now.  But it was making for strange conversation.  He tried

to change the subject.

     "We're going to go over to Hillcrest now." Joe told Mike.  "Are you


     "Yeah, I guess so." Mike said.  He looked back at Melody.  "I'll call you

tonight, all right?" he asked.  "We can talk about it."

     "Ok.  Sure." Melody answered.  "Good luck.  You too, Joe."

     "Thanks." Joe said as he turned, and began to walk away.  He was aware

that the other women were looking at him and Mike as they walked passed them.

He understood their curiosity, and smiled at them as he passed.  So these are

my new peers.  He thought to himself. I think this is gonna take some time....

     When Joe and Mike arrived back at Joe's desk, Tim was sitting in the

chair beside it.  He was obviously pleased about something.  He and Dave were

engaged in conversation, and Dave continued to speak as Joe arrived at his

desk and sat down.

     "Yeah, but I'll be willing to bet that over the course of your entire

life, you'll find your earning power reduced. I don't care who you end up

working for." Dave said.

     Dave was giving the young man, who like him, was now a young woman, his

opinion of life as a female.  Tim obviously did not completely agree with his

older friend.

     "I think it depends on the individual." Tim objected.  "If I'm qualified

to do the same work, I should earn the same income."

     "Let me know when you arrive on earth." Dave said sarcasticly.

     "Joe, what's your opinion?" Tim asked.  "Dave thinks that our lifetime

earning power will be reduced if we decide to stay this way."

     "Hell, I don't have any idea." Joe said.  "I suppose women do earn less,

on the average than men, but I think there are many reasons for that.  I'm not

sure that all those reasons would ever apply to us, considering our unusual


     "Well lets get going." Karen said as she came walking down the hall, and

saw them all together.

     "Do you want to ride with me?" Joe asked her.  "No need to take both

cars, is there?" He didn't mind company on the short drive to the hospital.

     "Ok.  I'll be glad to." Karen said.  I don't know if we'll need to come

back here or not, but its mor or less on the way anyway, isn't it."

     "No problem." Joe replied as they walked down the hall.

     They got in his car and buckled in.  Joe drove to the hospital and didn't

say a word.  Karen spoke first.

     "I was listening to them discuss your problem." She said.  "I don't think

they have any idea as to what has happened to you guys, or what to do about


     "Do you think that means we're stuck like this?" Joe asked.

     "Its hard to say." Karen replied.  She looked over at Joe.  "Would you


     Joe grinned.  It must really be obvious that he was beginning to enjoy

his new gender.

     "I don't know how I should answer that." He said.  "Sure, it seems to be

getting easier each day.  I have to admit, I guess I'm starting to like it.

But I really haven't experienced everything yet, have I?" He gave Karen a

questioning look.

     "You are more female than I will ever be." Karen said.  "I'd give

anything to have what you were given by accident."

     "And I wish I could give it all to you." Joe said honestly.  "I guess I'm

getting used to it, maybe even starting to like it, but I really hadn't

figured I'd be spending my whole life as a girl...a woman.  Maybe I'm just

starting to realize what it all might mean."

     "Joe, its hard to change your gender, even when that's what you want more

than anything else in the world.  I am impressed at how your dealing with this

all.  All of you are simply amazing in how well you all are handling it."

Karen said, the admiration in her voice showing through.

     If it was as hard as the first day, I know I wouldn't be taking it this

well." Joe admitted.  "But something...some chemical or hormonal change or

something is affecting head.  Thats actually making it all pretty

easy. I'm actually starting to like it now.  I really can't explain what I


     "When I started hormone therapy I noticed a feeling like that too." Karen

said.  "I thought I wanted to be female more than anything else, but when I

started therapy, in a few months I KNEW I was female.  I felt like a woman,

even before I started to look like one.  Of course, after the surgury, the

feelings really kicked in. I guess you got both barrels at once." She grinned.

     "I don't know." Joe said.  "But right now, I don't know if I could even

handle being a man anymore.  It just feels too good this way."

     "Yeah.  Yeah, it does doesn't it." Karen said with a knowing smile.

     They arrived at Hillcrest Hospital and Joe drove into the parking area.

They quickly walked the short distance to the office that Dr. Krell maintained

there.  Karen went to her desk, and Joe sat down in one of the seats nearby.

Soon the others followed, taking seats next to Joe.  

     "I wonder what they want now?" Tim asked. 

     "I don't have any idea." Joe said. "But I guess the more doctors we have

working with us the faster we'll find the answer." 

     "Yeah, but what will it be?" Dave asked, speaking to no one in


     They were sitting only about fifteen minutes when Joe heard his name

called. He went up to the window, where Karen was standing, talking with the

nurse, or receptionist, who she obviously knew quite well. 

     "Joe, Karen will take you to one of the examination rooms." the nurse


     Karen began walking down the hall, and Joe followed.  When she came to a

door, she knocked, and when there was no answer, she opened it and motioned

for Joe to go inside. 

     "Go in and have a seat." She said.  "I don't think this will take very


     "Whats going on?"  Joe asked. 

     "Well, I think Dr. Roberts would like to examine you himself." Karen

said.  "I don't think it will be much, or take long." 

     She closed the door behind Joe, and he was alone in the room. 

     Great, he thought.  Another examination. Since he had undergone the

change a week ago, Joe felt he had undergone more physical examinations than

he could remember.  And they were very different than he was used was

bad enough to have to get used to his new body, without persons prodding and

probing it in areas he was just learning he had.  He looked around the small

room.  The examination table was there, a little partition to undress behind,

and a door, probably a small room for a toilet.  He wondered if he should

undress.  Karen hadn't told him to, and he certainly didn't want to go through

the process if he didn't have to. He just sat there, waiting for orders.

     A quick knock on the door was followed by Dr. Roberts poking his head in.

He handed Joe a small plastic container.

     "There is a restroom in there." He said pointing to the door at the back

of the room.  Please fill this cup, and then remove your clothing.  There is a

gown on the hook.  I' be with you in a few minutes." He closed the door behind


     Joe looked down at the little plastic cup in his hand.  Sure, fill this,

he thought.  Easy for you to say.  

     Though after almost a week of living with it, Joe was familure with

urinating with his feminized genitalia...feels like peeing with your butt, he

thought to himself the first time he did it. He had never attempted to aim the

urine stream as it came out.  When he first realized that he couldn't go as he

always had, from a standing position, he had automaticly adapted what he

considered was the female...sitting...position.  Of course it worked, you

didn't have to do aything but sit there and let it happen.  But now, he had to

pee into this tiny cup.  How would he do that?  He went into the small

restroom.  There was a stool in there, a sink, and a mirror, nothing else.  He

would have to get the skirt off, and the pantyhose...maybe he should he

undress first.

     Joe went back out into the examination room, and looked behind the

dressing curtain.  There were hangers for his clothes.  He sat the cup on a

little stand and began to unbutton his blouse.  He slipped it off, carefully

placed it on a hanger, then kicked off his shoes.  As Linda had showed him, he

spun the skirt around to the side, and then easily unzipped it.  He stepped

out of the little skirt and then pulled the slip over his head.  He felt the

chill of the room as he stood wearing only the bra, panty hose and panties.

Joe carefully removed the sheer hose, being careful not to snag it with his

fingernails.  A quick flick on the clasp between his breasts and his bra lay

with the hose.  He then pulled the panties down his legs, examining the short,

matted hair which covered his greatly changed genitalia.  His appearance was

all still new to him, and every time he saw himself, the way he was now, he

just had to look.  He tossed his underpants with the bra, and slowly ran his

hand between his legs, feeling the damp hair, enjoying his own touch. No time

for fooling around now, he thought to himself.

     Joe took the short hospital gown and put his arms through the sleeves,

and attempted to tie the little strings behind his back. Luckily, there were

also small velcro tabs, and he satisfied himself with rubbing two of those

together, which at least kept the little gown from opening in back and falling

off. Not that it covered much but his boobs anyway. Joe found that his butt

was exposed, and though the fabric covered his front, if he happened to sit

down, his bottom would certainly be exposed.  What the heck, he decided,

they're going to be looking at all that stuff anyway. He picked up the plastic

cup, and went into the restroom, and from habit, shut the door.

     Joe eyed the cup, and went over to the toilet.  He stood in front of the

stool like a guy, holding the cup below his crotch. No, I don't think so, he

considered, and spread his legs apart, attempting to straddle the stool.

Holding that position, he positioned the cup between his legs, in the

approximate spot he guessed the pee would come out.  He wasn't exactly sure

where that spot was, however.  He tried to relax his muscles, in a attempt to

start the urine flow.  Nothing would come...he was just too nervous. He tried

to think about something else, but it was almost impossible.  What an strange

position for a guy to be in he thought, and started to giggle.  Jay would

probably die laughing if he could see him like this.

     Holding the cup with one hand, Joe rubbed the area around his clitoris.

Although the tissues which were now his clitoris still felt amazingly similar

to the tip of his penis, though much more sensitive, it had none of the

sensations his penis had when he used that to pee.  Now of course, his urinary

opening was located much further down, sort of between what had become the

inner lips of his vaginal area, but to Joe still felt somewhat like the shaft

of his penis, or maybe his scrotum. It was hard to be definite, the nerves in

the area seemed to sort of blend together.  Sometimes now, he could feel a

slight burning sensation from there as he urinated, and he could tell that

that was where the pee was coming from.

     Using the fingers of one hand, Joe separated folds which formed the lips

of his vulva, attempting to expose the opening of his urethra. He rubbed

around the area where he figured it would be, and could feel the little bump

with his finger near the bottom of his pubic bone.  He could certainly tell

when he touched the right spot.  Keeping his lips spread apart as well as he

could, he held the cup to his crotch, and again tried to relax.  This time he

felt the urine start to come, and was ready to reposition the cup if his guess

was wrong.  As the warm flow arrived, it trickled into the cup, over his

fingers, and to his dismay, a small amount even ran down his leg. He carefully

moved his fingers around in an attempt to get it all to go only into the cup.

     Joe finally captured about half a cup full, and decided that it was

probably enough. His bladder was empty, in any case. He put the cup down,

grabbed some toilet paper and quickly wiped the wetness from his hands and

legs. After carefully drying off, he threw the wet tissue into the toilet in

disgust.  There just had to be a better way to do this. Women couldn't

possibly have this much difficulty doing this, could they? He would ask Linda,

if he could think of a way to bring up the subject.  All cleaned up, Joe took

the cup back out and placed it on the work stand.  He then sat down on the

edge of the examination table, to wait for the embarrasment which he knew was

to come.

     He had been sitting for about ten minutes, at least it seemed that long,

when there was a knock on the door. Before Joe could answer, Dr. Roberts poked

his head in.

     "Are you ready to go?" Dr. Roberts asked.

     "Ready as I'll ever be." Joe replied.  He wasn't looking forward to any

of this.

     Dr. Roberts entered the room, and went over to the stand. He looked at

the sample, then turned and looked at Joe.  He had a little device with a

light on the end that Joe recognized was used to examine ears and eyes. He

came over to where Joe was now standing next to the examination table.

     "Dr. Krell and Dr. Schwab will be here soon." He said.  "Just relax."

     "That's easier to say than do." Joe said, smiling nervously.

     "Yeah, I guess it is." Dr. Roberts said. "I imagine it is a little hard

to get used to all this."

     "That's sure an understatement." Joe exclaimed.

     Dr. Roberts took the light, and peered into Joes eyes, shining the light

into his pupils. Joe wondered what he was looking for, and asked. 

     "Oh nothing really." Dr. Roberts answered.  It's just routine when

checking on a patient to check the eyes.  I guess you might say they're sort

of a window to the brain."

     "Oh yeah?" Joe said.  "And how does my brain look?"

     "Do you think there's a problem with it?" Dr. Roberts asked, grinning.

     "I don't know." Joe said truthfully. "I know there sure have been some

strange thoughts in there the last few days."

     "I'll bet." Dr. Roberts replied.  "I guess this must be hard to take, I

mean I haven't seen you any other way, and you look perfectly normal to me,

but of course, you are actually a least you were." He smiled.

     "Yeah." Joe said.  "I really was.  Now, I don't know what I am.


     "Sometimes, I still feel like I'm still a guy, believe it or not, I can

actually forget what what I look like now." Joe went on.  "But just moving

around, or have something touch me, then it's all back again. Of course, I

guess it isn't really that bad though. Actually, sometimes, maybe even most of

the time lately, I guess I kinda like being this way. Is that wierd? I don't

know if maybe my brain is changing too, or what, but its starting to feel

kinda normal, even kinda good.  Do you have any idea what I'm trying to say?"

He looked at the doctor, who had a puzzled look on his face.

    "Well, I'm trying to understand.  As far as I know, there have never been

any other cases like yours.  You guys are writing new chapters in the books."

Dr. Roberts said.

     There was another quick knock, and Dr.'s Krell and Schwab came in

followed by Karen, who was now wearing a white nursing outfit.  Dr. Krell was

engaged in conversation with Dr. Schwab.

     "Yes, and the hormone levels are different each time we check." Dr. Krell

said.  Dr. Schwab only rubbed his chin thoughtfully. 

     Dr. Krell greeted everyone, and then looked at Joe.

     "Joe, would you remove that gown for a moment and show these doctors just

what has happened to you?"  Dr. Krell asked.

     Feeling a flush come to his face, Joe reached behind his back, and pulled

the velcro apart, letting the little gown slip down his arms.  He lay it on

the table, and stood naked in front of the three doctors and Karen.

     "There seems to be normal skeletal and breast development." Dr. Schwab

said.  "And you say this all occured overnight?"

     That's what was reported." Dr. Krell answered.  "One of the others, Mike,

seemed to develop secondary characteristics much more slowly." 

     They were talking about him and his condition as if he wasn't even in the

room.  Joe wondered if there was a reason for acting in this detached way.  He

had noticed it before.  When two or more of them would get into a discussion,

they seemed to ignore him, even if he was there and could hear everything

being said. It was a strange, somewhat degrading thing for him to experience,

as if they felt he was incapable of comprehending what was they were talking


     "You can put the gown back on." Dr. Krell said. "And then please lay down

on the table."

     Joe quickly pulled the gown over his shoulders, and hopped up on the

table.  Karen helped him get into position, and covered him with a sheet.

     Joe saw Dr. Roberts go to the cabinet and watched him retrieve a dreaded

speculum.  He held the metal ends in his surgical gloved hands to warm them.

     Joe waited in expectation for what was to happen. 

     In a moment he felt the sheet being pulled back, exposing his bottom.  He

felt someone touching him, examining his external genitalia.  Dr. Krell began


     "As you see, there appear to be scar tissue surrounding the clitoris.  It

seems to be more exposed than is typical.  From questioning, I discovered that

he was subjected to circumcision as an infant.  That is perhaps the source of

the scar tissue."

     As he was heard Dr. Krell speak, Joe could feel someone examining that

part of his body. Then he felt his lips being spread apart.  He wondered of

Dr. Krell would notice the change in his hymen. If he did, he wasn't saying


     Joe heard a metalic clicking sound, and then felt the strange sensation

of something being inserted into his crotch.  Unlike the last time, it went in

easily, and wasn't really uncomfortable like before.  When he felt the device

spread his vaginal opening, he did feel some minor discomfort, but it wasn't

bad, and he tried to take his mind off of it by listening to what they were


     "Amazing.  It all appears perfectly normal." He heard Dr. Roberts say.

"There is normal distention of the cervix, and the upper vagina is fully

developed.  Have you performed a CAT scan?"

     "Certainly." Dr. Krell answered. "Completely normal in appearance...for a

biological female."

     "Have any of them experenced menses?"

     "No. Not yet, but I suspect it to happen."

     The speculum collapsed and was withdrawn.  Joe had to fight the urge to

reach over the sheet and rub his crotch. Dr. Krell spoke to him again. 

     "You can clean up and get dressed now Joe."

     The doctors left the room.  Karen stayed and helped Joe, taking the sheet

away.  As soon as she did, Joe put his legs down and spun around, sitting on

the edge of the table. 

     "You can wipe off with these." Karen said.  She didn't leave the room,

but watched as Joe wiped the traces of K-Y jelly from his genitalia.  Having

someone watch him do something so personal was embarrasing, and Joe wondered

why Karen was doing it. He quickly finished, and went over to his clothes to


     "I was watching when they examined you." Karen said.  "You really are

female, aren't you."

     "What did you think?  That they were making it all up?" Joe replied. "Of

course I am.  I thought you watched the last time."

     "I was there, but I didn't really look that closely." Karen replied. "Now

I know you better, and know more about you.  I guess the real facts of just

what has happened to you guy's just hit home." 

     Joe looked at the big friendly nurse and grinned.  "It hit home for me

last friday.  I guess I'm getting used to it now."

     Joe pulled his underwear up, and put the bra back on.  His firm breasts

didn't really need the support, but he somehow felt better with it on.  He

could now put it on with out even thinking about it.  Much had change in only

a few days. Joe sat in a chair, and pulled the pantyhose on, then the slip,

and then he put the outerwear on.  When he was dressed, he looked in the

mirror, and straightened his hair.  Throughout it all, Karen watched in

silence. When Joe was ready to leave the room, she spoke. 

     "You are so atrtractive, I find it hard to believe you were a guy." She

said.  "I wish something like that could have happened to me. I have to admit,

I'm feeling a little jealous of you."

     "But you're a woman now too." Joe said, refering to Karens gender

reasignment surgury.  "And you're certainly good looking.  What is there about

me to be for you to be jealous about?"

     "I may look like a woman, but you ARE heard Dr. Krell.  He

expects that you'll menstruate.  I'll never be able to do that." Karen


     "Well, I don't know if I would be envious of that." Joe said.  Of course,

even as he spoke the words, he knew that the ability to become a mother was an

important part of being female.  That element of his condition was only

recently becoming something he could bear to think about.

     "Just don't ever forget how lucky you are, Joe Bates." Karen said, and

went out the door.

     Before he went out Joe looked at himself in the mirror one last time, and

thought about what Karen said.  He adjusted the hairpiece, and wondered about

Karen. He had ever seen her act this way.  Apparently, she was not as happy

with her situatiuon as she appeared.  He felt sorry for her.  Maybe his

changed body didn't match his brain either, but he was finding that he was

enjoying it more every day.  Maybe his brain had changed too, and the only

thing about him that was still masculine were his memories.  He knew one

thing, he sure wouldn't want to change his body back to male surgicly, that

was sure. In fact, he didn't know if he would want to go back, no matter how

easy, or complete the doctors might make it.

     Joe went into the waiting area and took a seat.  Apparently, each of the

others had been called too, and were in the examination rooms.  He had

apparently been the first.  He sat there about five minutes, when Mike came

out and took a seat next to him.

At first Mike didn't say anything, but then he looked at Joe and asked. 

     "Did you have to pee into a cup?"

     Joe looked at Mike and grinned. "It was a bitch, wasn't it." 

     "How are we supposed to do that now?"  He asked. 

     "Don't ask me." Joe said.  "I'm going to ask Linda about it, if I can

figure a way to bring it up."

     "There's gotta be an easier way...I mean...the damn stuff seems to come

out all over." Mike went on. 

     He had apparently tried something like Joe did.  Both former men were

quickly learning how to live with a feminized body.

     Soon all the others came out too, and when they were all out there, Karen

came out, Dr. Krell followed her.  He spoke.

     "We are finished with you.  Thank you for your patience. I'll see you all

at nine tomorrow, at Honeybone."

     Karen looked at Joe.

     "I'll call you tonight." She said.  "I'll have to stay and work this


     "But your car is over at Honeybone." Joe retorted.  

     "I know." Karen said.  "Dr. Krell will drop me off to pick it up later."

     They all left the hospital. Joe wondered if he should return to

Honeybone, or if he should go home.  He decided to go home, stopping at his

apartment before going to Linda's.

     Joe drove to his apartment.  He parked in the lot, and went up the walk,

stopping at his stuffed mailbox before going to his door.  He got his key from

his small handbag, and went inside.

     It had been days since he had last been there, and he felt a certain

familurarity when he entered the room. He put the stack of bills, magazines

and junk mail on the table, and went to set the thermostat to a more

comfortable temprature. He had turned it up when he left, and it was very

stuffy now.

     Joe went to his bedroom, looking, seeing all the things of his male

world. He realized that even though he was starting get accustomed to his

situation, he was beginning to miss the more carefree life of a single male.

He wanted to find Jay and play a game of racquetball.  Sure he could still do

that, but it was different now.  Maybe, after the other night, a lot


     Stepping into his walk in closet, Joe saw the clothes hanging there.

Clothes he might never wear again. Along with the change he had experienced,

he was now an inch or two shorter...he hadn't measured...and of course, his

shape was very different. His trim, muscular, masculine body had metamorphosed

to a feminine softness.  It was still trim...but during the last week Joe had

acquired the light layer of fat under his skin that makes females so soft.

That, his changed skeletal structure...his hips were a bit wider...his

shoulders narrower, and a still decreasing upper body muscle mass, made him

look much different now. If he even tried, his male clothing would just hang

on him.

     Suddenly Joe was overcome with emotion.  He wasn't sure what it was

caused by...he just felt a flush come to his face, and tears well in his eyes.

He went over to his bed, lay down, and put his arms over his eyes.  What was

happening to him? He could tell that something...hormones or the changes in

his brain...he didn't know, was making him feel more emotional now.  He had

noticed it often, it was often very difficult to avoid tears now, usually for

what he considered were the most trivial things.  It must be part of being

female, he considered. At home alone now, he had no reason to hide his

emotions, and he began to sob. The tears ran down his face, and he knew that

he was messing up his face.  Too bad, he thought, I'm just going to let this

one go, and not even try to stop it. Was this what it was to be like from now

on...breaking into tears for the smallest things? He didn't know if he would

ever really get used to acting like this.  He wished he could go to sleep, and

wake up with his male body, and brain, again.  Maybe for just a day.  Yeah,

that would be great.  He'd call Jay, they'd maybe go flying for an hour, and

then go to the club and play a few games.  Yeah.  He just wanted to

feel like a guy again. He rubbed his hand across the softness of his breasts.

Sure, it was kind of interesting, even fun sometimes, being a girl, but he

knew that still, down deep, he was still really a guy.  He realized that he

longed to do things like a guy again.  Maybe he really should call Jay.  Jay

always had an idea. Some of them were even pretty good.

     Joe looked at the time.  It was almost three thirty.  Jay would still be

at his office...probably.  He reached for the phone...picking up the handset.

Should he dial?  He lingered for a moment, then dialed the number for Jay's

office.  His secretary answered, and he asked for Jay, using his own name when

the secretary asked who was calling.  Jay's secretary knew Joe as a man, but

she didn't recognize his feminine voice.  Too bad, Joe thought, she might as

well get used to it, if this was how it was going to be from now on.  Finally,

Jay came to the phone.

     "Hi Joe.  What can I do for you?" He asked cheerfully. 

     "God Jay, I'm sorry to be calling you at work." Joe said, sniffling, and

rubbing his nose with his hand. "I just had to talk with you...with somebody."

     "What's the matter Joe?" Jay asked.  He could tell that something was

wrong. It sounded like Joe was crying His friends now soft feminine voice was

more husky than normal.

     "I don't know...I don't know...I'm just getting so tired of all this

female stuff all day long." Joe answered.  "I just gotta get back on some

familure ground.  I didn't know what to do, so I called you."

     Jay wondered what was happening with his best buddy.  He seemed to be

handling it all so well.

     "What do you want me to do Joe?"  He asked. 

     "When will you be getting through for the day?" Joe asked.  "I was

wondering if you'd want to get some hood time?"

    Joe was Jay's instructor, and Jay was working on his instrument ticket. 

     "Fly?  Well, yeah, I guess I could get away...maybe in an hour." Jay

answered.  "Where are you?  I'll pick you up."

     "I'm at my apartment now." Joe said.  "But I have to go change clothes at

Linda's.  None of the stuff here will fit me anymore."

     "Ok.  I'll pick you up at Linda's...say in little over an hour?" Jay



     "Ok.  I'll be ready." Joe answered.  "Thanks Jay...thanks a lot."

     "No problem Joe...for you...anytime. In an hour." He hung up the phone.

     Joe hung up the handset.  He had done it.  He was meeting Jay, and they

would go flying. That would take his mind off all this...or would it.  He

thought about Jay, how they had been together only a few nights ago.  They had

slept together...made wasn' couldn't ever be like it was

before. He could even tell by the way Jay talked to him...sort of gentle or

something...Jay would ever acted like that before.  And why did he insist on

picking Joe up?  He had never done that before.  They had always driven thier

own cars to the airport.  Now, Jay wanted to come over and pick him up.  He

hadn't thought about it while on the phone, but it seemed a little strange

now, as he thought about it.  Joe bent his knees, and in doing so saw his

shiny, hairless, hose covered legs, and the short little skirt he was wearing.

Could he really blame Jay for treating him like a girl? Wasn't that really

what he really was now?




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