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Archive-name: Changes/bates20.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story- 20


              Chapter 20


     As Joe drove to Linda's house, he passed the building which housed the

local office of the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Seeing the sign made him

think of all the paperwork Dr. Krell's attorney had given him.  He needed to

take a letter fhe was given by Dr. Krell, along with his old operators

license, and obtain a which properly indicated his changed

status.  He had already passed the entrance when he decided to stop in, and

get it over with.  He quickly turned around and pulled into the parking lot.

There were only three other cars there, maybe they wouldn't be so busy now. He

wondered what might be said when they read the letter...what they would think.

Nothing he could do about that, he decided.  He removed the manila envelope

from his bag and looked through it till he found a smaller envelope containing

the letter.  He took it out and read it.  It was on Dr.  Krell's letterhead

and was really quite short, only two paragraphs, but it said a lot.  He read

the first sentence. "I have examined Joel Bates and have determined from the

results of that examination, that her body is anatomically female, and that

all legal records should reflect that status." Joe could feel a rush of blood

come to his cheeks as he read those words.  It made everything which had

happened seem so permanent.  It was also perhaps, the only place he had seen

himself referred to, in writing as a "she", and it put a lump in his throat

when he read it.  He carefully folded the paper and put it back into the


     Joe opened the small bag he carried and removed his billfold.  He found

his drivers license and looked at it.  A male image stared back from the

photograph under the laminated plastic.  His old male face. When he thought of

his appearance, that face was still how he thought of himself in his minds

eye, but he knew that wasn't really the way he looked anymore.  He ran his

hand along his soft cheek, feeling its smoothness, and brushed his fingers

through the hair of the wig which now covered his ears.  No, he certainly

wasn't like that anymore.

     He placed his things back in the purse. Then, with very weak knees, he

got out of the car and entered the building.  He found that there was only one

other person there doing business, a young mother with two small children.

She was not in line, but was sitting in the seats along the wall, probably

waiting for her paperwork, or something, Joe thought.  He went to the counter

where a middle aged woman was standing.  He was glad it wouldn't be a man who

waited on him.  That might be even more embarrassing.

     "Can I help you?"  The lady asked. 

     "Yes.  I need to change my drivers license." Joe said nervously.  He

opened his purse, and nervously retrieved his old certificate. 

     "Just married?"  the woman asked, a big smile forming on her face. 

     "No, not really." Joe answered.  He handed her his license, and then took

the envelope containing the letter from Dr. Krell.  

     The woman looked at the old certificate, looked at Joe, then back at

the certificate.  She had a confused look as Joe handed her the paper.  She

opened it and read it, then again looked at Joe very carefully. 

     "My goodness." she remarked  "This is most unusual."  

     "Yes, mam." Joe said simply.  He didn't know what to say anyway, and

decided that as little as possible might be the best.

     "I've read about this kind of thing." the lady went on.  "But you're the

first person I've actually seen who's had that operation." 

     She thinks I've had a "sex-change" operation, Joe thought to himself.

Then he considered it.  Maybe just let her think what ever she wants.  He said


     The woman looked at Joe his face, and then lower, at his

figure.  She re-read the paper, and then looked at the photograph on his

license.  Finally she spoke.

     "Honey, that doctor sure did a fantastic job on you." she said.  "I only

wish I looked that good." 

     "Thank you."  Joe replied. 

     "I'll have to check the book on this." The woman said, reaching under the

counter, and pulling out her dog-eared copy of the regulations.  

     She went to the index, and then started thumbing through the book,

reading a paragraph here, and another there.  Finally, she looked back up at

Joe, who was so nervous he was almost shaking visibly. 

     "I can't find anything that says I can't do it, so why not?" she said.

"I can see that you're a woman.  There is no reason the state shouldn't

correct your certificate." she said, winking.

     Joe felt relief spreading throughout his body.

     "Please come over here, hon." the woman said, pointing to the Polaroid

camera that would take his new picture. 

     In a few minutes he had his picture taken, filled out the form, and paid

the fee.  Then he went to the seats by the wall to wait for the new

certificate to be prepared.  He sat down next to the woman, who he decided was

probably close to his age, maybe a bit younger.  He smiled at her.  She smiled

back, but her main concern was the two year old boy by her side, who seemed to

want to do nothing but squirm around.

     Finally, the woman behind the counter called his name, and Joe went up to

retrieve his new drivers license.  The woman had a big smile on her face as

she handed it to Joe.

     "Welcome to the sorority, darlin." she said.  "I know it took guts to do

what you've done, and I just want you to know I'm behind you." 

     "Thanks. I really appreciate that."  Joe said, flashing her a smile.  

     Great, Joe thought.  She probably had just recently watched an segment of

Donohue, or maybe even read some article in the National Enquirer, and now she

thinks that I'm like one of the characters on that show.  Oh well, at least

she's not some kind of female red-neck, he decided.

     He walked out of the DMV office with his new license in his hand, and a

big smile on his face.

     Joe got in his RX-7 and drove to Linda's, relieved that one major hurdle

had been overcome.

     It was three in the afternoon when Joe drove up the driveway.  He hadn't

eaten since breakfast, and he was getting hungry.  He was a little surprized

to see Linda's car sitting in the garage.  He took his bag from the car and

carried it into the house and put it in his room.  Linda was nowhere to be

found, so he went to the glass doors and looked out at the pool. He found her

there, asleep on a lounge, an open book lying across her chest.  Joe opened

the sliding doors and went over to the sleeping woman.  She heard the clicking

of Joe's heels as walked alongside the pool and she opened her eyes.

     "Hi Joe.  You're finally back, I see." she said, smiling.  "I was

expecting you yesterday." 

     "We had to stay over until this morning." Joe replied.  "Another person,

a line boy, was also affected by this thing.  We only found out about him

yesterday, and Jay flew him over in the afternoon. They weren't finished till

this morning."

     "There's another guy changed like you are?" Linda asked.  "My god, have

they found out what's causing this yet?"

     "Well, this guy, his name is Tim, he was probably with us when he got

it." Joe explained.  "He was watching as we calibrated the transmitters."

     "And so now he's become female too?" Linda asked, looking amazed.

     "Yeah.  So it seems."  Joe said. 

     "You look very nice in that outfit, Joe." Linda said.  "It's hard to

believe that its really you." 

     "Yeah.  I know."  Joe said.  "I've been told that." He smiled thinly.

     "Are you finished for the day?"  Linda asked. 

     "I don't have to go in till the morning." Joe said.  "They have the

transmitters set up in a sort of containment cage, and tomorrow we'll be

trying them out." 

     "On you?"  Linda asked, showing concern. 

     "No, not yet anyway." Joe said.  "I really don't know what the actual

agenda is gonna be."

     "If you're done for the day, why don't you get into something more

comfortable, and then come out here with me for a while?"  Linda asked. 

     "Ok.  I guess I can do that." Joe agreed.  "But I have to find something

to eat first." 

     "You go change clothes, and I'll fix something." Linda said.  "What

would you like?" 

     "Oh, I don't know."  Joe said.  "Do you have any tuna salad?" 

     "I think I can make some." Linda said.  She got up and walked into the

house.  She was wearing her black one-piece swimsuit, and Joe walked behind

her, watching her movements as she walked.

     As Linda prepared the sandwiches, Joe went back to his room.  He opened

his bag and removed all the clothes inside.  He took the dirty underwear and

piled it on the dresser.  He would hand wash those things later, he decided.

The other clothes he either piled up to put in the laundry, or hung them on

hangers in the closet.  He went back to the dresser and, from his underwear

drawer he pulled out the lime green swimsuit Linda had given him.  He held up

the little green bottom, placing his fingers in the stretchy waist band.  It

was still difficult to accept that things like this actually fit him now.  He

looked at the bra-like top.  He knew that fit him even better than it did

Linda, and she knew it too.  That's why she told him she didn't want it back

after she had loaned it to him last Saturday.  He shrugged his shoulders, and

tossed the two pieces on the bed.  He took off the gray suit and satin blouse,

then stood there, looking at himself in the mirror over the dresser.  Although

it had been five days since he had awoke to find himself like this, but it was

still difficult to believe his own reflection. The feeling was as if he was

inside some one else's body.  As he gazed at his reflection, he found he just

couldn't resist running his hands along the profile of those soft breasts, and

then down...feeling the slickness of the satin slip covering his hips.  He

could feel the very pronounced hump of his protruding hip-bones.  He wasn't

sure...could it be it felt a little more evident than the last time he had

examined this part of his anatomy.  Could it be that he was still subtly

changing?  Possible...but he hoped not.  He thought about what Mike said that

morning, about how he felt that his breasts might still be

developing...getting larger.  He touched his breasts, enjoying the feel of the

slick softness.  Unlike Mike, Joe considered that his new breasts were quite

big enough, and it didn't seem that there were getting any bigger.  His touch,

as well as the thoughts that were going through his mind, made his nipples

harden...he could feel them, even through the thin, seamless cups of the

little black bra he was wearing.  He liked the sensation.  Of all the changes

his body had undergone, his new breasts, and these sensitive nipples, were

probably the most noticable difference.

     Joe stepped out of the slip, and removed his bra.  His breasts always

felt cool right after they were exposed to open air.  He couldn't remember his

chest ever feeling like that when he removed his T-shirt.  Probably his skin

was just more sensitive now.  He started to pull down the tiny black G-string.

Looking at the tiny underwear caused smile to appear on his face.  There was

hardly anything to it...the black nylon barely even covered his closely

trimmed pubic hair.  He slowly pulled it down his hips, watching himself in

the mirror as he did so.  He inspected the narrow triangle of soft, dark blond

hair, trying to decide if he should trim it so that it wouldn't peek out from

the hi-cut legs of the suit bottom.  Joe could feel some stubble, but decided

that it would probably be ok, at least for now.

     He went over to the bed and picked up the little suit bottom, then

carefully stepped into it and pulled it up his hips.  Joe found that just

doing that gave him a strangely erotic feeling.  The snug fit of the stretch

fabric always seemed to emphasize the amazing change his anatomy had

undergone, and he was finding that he actually liked the soft, rounded

sleekness that accompanied this new gender.  If, before the change, you had

asked Joe which part of his body had been the most important to him sexually,

he likely would have said it was his penis.  But that it was no

longer there...he discovered that he didn't really miss least not for

sexual purposes anyway.  This new genitalia was, he decided, a quite suitable

replacement for what had been taken from him...even if it did take some

getting used to.  He did miss the convenience of male parts when it was time

to urinate, though.  For simplifying the task of taking a pee, he had quickly

found that having that penis dangling down there had been quite handy.  That,

and maybe the fact that the (almost identical) sensation of an erection was

now also accompanied by the uncomfortable feeling of wetting his underpants.

Those were the only things about his changed body that he didn't find to be at

least as good as before.  Much of the time, he didn't even think about having

a vagina.  It was so tucked away, down there, between his legs, not really

visible without a mirror. You almost had to touch it to know it was even

there...most of the time anyway, when it wasn't uncomfortably wet from

excitement.  He remembered last evening...watching the changed young

man had been confused by his own body after his brain had been dulled by

alcohol.  He closed his was really true... if you couldn't see what

you looked like...and if nothing was touching you down there, the sensations

of female genitalia really was not that much different.  When he really

thought about it, it did feel was somewhat as if his penis was being gently

pulled down...sort of tucked in...between his legs. Since it now felt like

that all the time, he had become used to it.  He couldn't even tell, there

wasn no sensation, that his balls were no longer there.  Of course, that

change was likely to make itself known once a month. He looked at himself as

he slowly ran his hand along the gap between his legs, tracing his fingers

along the narrow crotch strip of the swimsuit.  What he had become, under that

sleek suit bottom, looked and felt pretty good. Sometimes...(he thought about

Jay, and what they had done the other evening)...being stuck like this might

even be kinda interesting.

     Joe looked at himself in the mirror again.  He put the swimsuit top on,

and then wondered if he should remove the wig.  It was hot, but he was getting

used to the feeling.  It might feel cooler without it, but as he checked his

appearance, he knew he liked the way the longer hair made him look.  I'll

leave it on, he decided.  I probably won't be getting in the pool anyway.  He

went to the bathroom and got a beach towel, then went to the kitchen.  Wearing

only the bikini, he felt self concous as he walked through the house, so he

wrapped the towel around his hips like a sarong.

     Linda was standing at the counter, scooping tuna onto slices of bread,

and then adding a leaf of lettuce to each sandwich.  She made one for Joe, and

one for herself, adding a handful of chips to each plate before bringing them

to the table.  There was already a pitcher of iced tea on the table, and Joe

poured a glass for Linda and then one for himself.  They sat across the small

table from each other.

     "Well, how did it go, Joe?" Linda asked.  "Have they come up with

anything yet?" 

     "I don't really think so." Joe said.  "I think they're just trying to get

us to accept the situation the best we can." 

     "You mean they still don't have any idea what caused it?" Linda


     "Well, I think we have some idea about that, but just knowing that is a

long way from knowing how to correct it." Joe answered.

     "So then what?" Linda asked. 

     "I don't know." Joe said.  "I guess I better get used to wearing your

clothes." He grinned, and snapped one of the shoulder straps of the swimsuit. 

     "But, how can you stand it?" Linda asked. "I look ok...and I

know you're healthy, and all that...but...I mean...your a man.  How can you

stand it, having to go around looking like a woman?" 

     "I guess I could ask you the same question, couldn't I."  Joe said. 

     "Yeah, but I was always like this, I didn't have a choice." She retorted.

     "Choice?  What do you mean by choice?" Joe objected.  "I don't have any

more choice about this than you do.  I certainly didn't ask for this to

happen, and I sure ain't trying to keep from changing back."

     Linda was silent minute or two as she thought about what was said. 

     "I'm sorry Joe.  I shouldn't have said that." She apologized.  "I just

don't know what to think about this.  I just want it to be the way it used to


     "I know.  I do too." Joe said.  "I just don't know when, or if, that will

ever be possible.  Until then, I guess I'm stuck like this."

     "I'm sorry." Linda said again.  "I didn't mean what I said.  I just don't

know what to do to help you." 

     "You are helping me." Joe said.  "You have helped me a lot already...just

by being around...teaching me how to live with the changes.  I'm sorry I can't

be what you need.  Sometimes I think it might be worse for you than for me, in

some ways."

     "I don't see how that could be." Linda said.  "You have to live day and

night with that body." 

     "Yeah, but it is MY body." Joe said.  "I realize it looks different...a

lot different...believe me, I KNOW that. But it's still mine."

     "But, you're a man.  How can you stand it?  Having to go around looking

like a woman." Linda questioned.

     "But that's just it." Joe said.  "I more than just look like a woman.  I

guess I actually am a woman.  Hell, sometimes I believe I'm even beginning to

think like a woman, if that's possible.  Believe me, it's weird...and I know I

can't explain it."

     "But..what about us?"  Linda asked.  "How do you feel about me?" 

     "I don't know...I mean...look at me...hell, I'm wearing this

swimsuit...its yours...and it fits me." Joe said.  "Things just can't be the

same between us with me looking like this."

     "What are they doing...what do they do at this clinic?" Linda asked.

"Can't they operate...can't they perform surgery, make you a male again?" 

     "Yeah, they could probably do some things to make me look more masculine

than I do, but Dr. Krell says that it wouldn't make me a real male, not like I

was anyway, and also, if they would do something, and then if they found some

way to really change me back...I'd be stuck...I don't know what I'd look like

if they tried to change me back after cutting on me.  Some kind of mutilated

freak...probably.  I don't want to try least not yet." Joe explained


     "So you're going to stay that way...looking like this?"  Linda asked. 

     "I just came from the Department of Motor Vehicles, I'm now legally

female."  Joe said.  "I even have a new drivers license." 

     "Really?" Linda said in amazement. "They gave you that?  Just for


     "Well...I do have an letter from the clinic...from Dr.  Krell...and it is

all I need to change my records.  At least all my civilian ones anyway."

     "So you're a woman now?" Linda asked, looking at him from across the


     "I think I've been one since last Friday." Joe said.  "But I signed the

papers yesterday." 

     Linda just sat there silently...looking at what the man she loved had

become...not knowing what to do...even what to think about the whole thing.

     Finally, she spoke again. 

     "So what should we do?" 

     "What do you want to do?"  Joe asked back.

     "I don't know.  How do you feel about you still want to stay

here, with me?  I...ah...I you still like women?  And how do you

feel about men?" Linda asked. 

     "Do I still like women?" Joe asked.  "Yeah, I guess I do.  I mean...I can

feel myself changing...changing in all kinds of ways, I don't know what I'll

want to do, what I'll feel like wanting next.  This whole female thing...I

think now I can understand why a guy can't figure women out...Hell, I guess I

am one...and I know I can't figure myself out." Joe said.

     "What can I do?" Linda asked.  "How can I help?" 

     "Just be here for me...don't push me away...not yet anyway."  Joe asked. 

     "I won't do that."  Linda said. "I would never do do that." 

     "Why not?" Joe answered.  "I mean...what if turns out I'm gonna be like

this for the rest of my life?  That's entirely possible you know, maybe even

probable...what then?  How do YOU feel about women?  And what about men?  I

know you like men.  Won't you want...won't you need a man once in a while?" I

know I can't be one for you now, damn it...maybe I might even want to find one

of my own." He looked at her, and grinned.

     "Are you serious?" Linda asked.  She wasn't sure what to think, but it

was becoming obvious that anything might be possible. 

     "Hey, I really don't know, but until I know what's happening to me, I

can't rule anything out." Joe said.  He didn't want his new feelings to come

as a shock to her.  He still loved her, but he knew his feelings were changing

quickly, and he didn't know what would happen.

     "Well..." Linda said.  Then she was silent as she considered it all.  It

was hard for her to accept Joe looking like this, but to think that he might

actually want to be with a man...that was really hard to swallow...

     When they finished eating, Linda got up and went back out to the pool.

Joe quickly washed the plates, and then went to the pool and stretched out

next to her.  Linda look at him, and reached her arm out, placing it on his


     "Whatever happens...I'll understand." She said. 

     Joe looked into her eyes, and could feel the tears welling in his own as

he rubbed her arm with his hand. 

     "Linda, I don't know what's going to become of all this, but what ever

does happen, it's not you're've been fantastic throughout all

this.  I don't know if I can ever really be a man don't look too

promising to me...but no matter what...I know I'll always love you.  I just

don't know how I'll be able to express it." He said. 

     "Well, if we can't be lovers, at least we can be best friends, can't we?"

Linda asked smiling. 

     "At least." Joe answered, a big grin forming.  "But...maybe we can still

try to be lovers too." He winked.

     "Yeah.  I'd like that." Linda said, she got her finger under the shoulder

strap of Joe's top, and teasingly pulled it away from his shoulder. 

     "Do you?"  Joe asked her.  "Do you really want that?"

     "Of course."  Linda said.  "I said I do, and I do." 

     "Are you think we're lesbians?" Joe asked, hoping the question

wouldn't offend her.

     "I don't know...I guess I was wondering that myself...I mean, I never

even considered playing around with another woman...I're not...I

mean we're...Oh, you know.  Maybe you really are a woman now, and maybe you

even feel like one, but I still think of you as you used to be, no matter what

you look like now.  Maybe we can't have heterosexual sexual relations anymore,

and because of that some people might think we're acting like lesbians...I

don't know...and I don't even care.  I only know I still like being with you,

in every way." Linda tried to explain.

     "Yeah.  Same for me." Joe agreed.  "The feelings I've been having...I've

never had them...never even considered things like this before.  But...when I

was told that I might be this way for the rest of my life...I mean,

well...we're both young, and that could a long time..." He didn't know how to

put into words, the confusing thoughts going through his mind.

     "Let's just let it happen...see how it works out.  Ok?" Linda suggested. 

     "Not much else we can do, as I see it." Joe said.  He leaned back on the

lounge and scratched an itch where the suit was starting to irritate the light

stubble begining to form at his bikini line.

     Linda saw what he was doing, and grinned. "Does it itch?" She asked. 

     "Yeah." Joe said.  "I guess I'll have to clean it up with the razor

again.  It sure grows out fast. I guess didn't realize it would itch like


     "I told you to keep it trimmed, or it would do that." Linda admonished,

with a grin. "Either let it grow out, or keep it shaved." 

     Joe looked over at her.  

     "I guess I'm starting to get used to this, at least a little...but it's

so different..."  He said. 

     "I'm amazed at how you've adapted." Linda said. "Less than a week, and

you're acting almost like you've been a woman all your life." 

     "Maybe that's what it looks like." Joe objected.  "It seems a lot

different from this side." He grinned. 

     "What is it like, really?" Linda asked.  "I mean...which way is

better...being a male, or female?"

     He looked into her eyes.  He could tell she really wanted to know.  He

thought about it.  He had been thinking about that question too...for days. 

     "Thirty years ago, when I was born, I was a boy and of course, I was

raised a only child. When I discovered girls...the difference between

them and me, I was impressed.  They had such soft, curvy bodies...they smelled

good...they wore such sexy clothes...I really thought that girls were neat."

Joe stared into space as he thought and spoke.  "When I was...Oh...seventeen,

I finally had sex for the first time.  It was pretty good too...I couldn't

believe somebody else's body could make mine feel that good.  But, we were

dumb kids, and I got her pregnant.  She gave the baby up...I don't know any

more about it..." Joe could feel the tears welling.

     "Please go on." Linda begged.  This was the first Joe had ever told her

of this part of his past. 

     "Well, I guess what I'm trying to say is, I really thought that some

day... maybe with you... I'd get another chance.  A chance to REALLY be a

father. Now, it looks like that will never happen.  That makes me a little

sad, I guess."  Joe said.

     "What happened to the girl?  Did you love her?"  Linda asked. 

     "Hey I was seventeen.  Yeah, I thought I loved her, but I don't know...If

I really did, I guess I would have tried to find her later.  We broke up, and

I think she moved away. I only even thought about it again when they asked me

about it the other day. It's in my military records.  I didn't even know it

was there." Joe said.

     "So that's what you miss most about being a male?" Linda continued.  "The

ability to become a father?" 

     "Gee, I don't really know how to answer the question." Joe considered.

What do you want to know...the physical difference...or the way it's starting

to change the way I think?" 

     "I have plenty of time."  Linda said.  "Tell me all of it." 

     "Well, you can see the way I look, and you know what it's like to be a

woman.  What do you want to know?"  Joe asked.

     "I don't know." Linda asked again. "You woke up the other day with your

body changed to must feel sure looks different."

     "Yeah...sure.  It does feel different.  But not as much different as you

might imagine.  Usually, the only thing that feels different are these

boobs...I can almost always feel them, either bouncing around whenever I walk,

or brushing against things, or...when my nipples get hard...I didn't realize

you could feel feels pretty good, I think." Joe said, grinning as he


     "My whole body feels a lot more sensitive.  I think the nerves

must be closer to the surface, or feels different, but I'm

pretty well getting used to that now.  I don't notice it very much anymore.

I'm more sensitive to temperature changes...I think I get cold a

higher temprature." He thought some more.  

     "I can usually tell I'm a little shorter too...not really that much, but

I think its all from my body, my legs are probably almost the same length,

cause mostly I can tell the difference when I'm sitting down.  I feel weaker

too.  I know I'm not nearly as strong as before.  My butt feels like its

bigger...I know it don't look that big, but...I guess its my hips, or maybe

its just that now I'm smaller on shoulders that is." He grinned, and

cupped his breasts with his hands.

     "And of course, this..." He moved his hand down to the tiny bulge at his

crotch.  "This is a lot different.  Especially different looking.  It don't

feel nearly as different as it looks.  In fact, a lot of the time it really

don't feel any different, except when it gets wet...of course, sometimes

that's pretty often, sometimes not at all.  Just whenever something gets me

excited." He looked at her and grinned a devilish grin.

     "And who...what, gets you excited?" Linda asked.  Males, or females?"

     "Women, for sure.  Sometimes just like before it seems, except for the

physical difference of course.  I can tell it's changing though...takes

longer to get me know what I mean?"  Joe asked. 

     "Yeah, maybe I do." Linda said.  "What about orgasm?  I know you've had

one now, how does it compare to before?" 

     Joe thought about the difference in the way he experienced climax since

the change.  Yeah, it sure was different, a lot different.  It was hard to say

it was a whole lot better, maybe a little, but mostly just different. 

     "It depends." He said.  "It's a lot different.  It takes longer...not

much far anyway...but then, I guess it lasts longer too.  And I

suppose its kinda neat not having to worry about having an erection...I was

just starting to notice it was taking me longer to recover after one of our

sessions...I guess I was starting to get old. (he grinned) But now, I guess I

won't have to worry about that anymore." Joe said.

     "Don't you ever wonder what it would be like to make it with a

that you can probably do that?" Linda asked.

     Joe was silent for a moment, considering what he should say. 

     "Yeah, I guess I do wonder what it would be like." He said.  "How is it?

He asked her, wanting to get the questions way from him.

     "Oh, you've made it with me. You've seen how it makes me feel.

I guess it's pretty good. I don't know what to say." Linda said, her

embarrassement showing.

     "And what do you think it's like to make love to a a man, that

is?" Joe continued, giving her a dose of her own medicine.

     "I've always wondered about that." Linda said. "I guess everybody

does...I mean, what's the guy feeling, what's he know." 

     "Yeah, I do know." Joe said.  "He's usually thinking that this person

he's with...her body...feels fantastic...her vagina like warm silk...her

breasts like little warm pillows...or maybe big warm pillows..." He laughed. 

     "I wish I could change like you did...but maybe only for a day." Linda

said quickly.  "I think it would be very interesting." 

     "Yeah, I wish you could too." Joe teased.  "I'd probably let you go to

bed with me on the first date.  I'd show YOU just how good it can feel to be a


     "I'd like that."  Linda said, touching Joe's arm again. 

     They continued to lounge by the pool, taking in the sun, making small

talk and just enjoying each others company, for another half hour.  Then,

Linda got up, and started to go inside. Joe followed her and they both went to

thier own rooms to change.

     Joe changed out of the swimsuit, choosing a light top with white shorts.

He put the black underwear back on, but then exchanged those for more

conservative colors when he saw how easy the outline of his underwear could be

seen through the thin fabric.  As he deftly slipped into the skin toned,

seamless underwire, he realized that he had come a long way since that first

morning, only a few days ago.  Now, he didn't even have to think about it as

he snapped the little plastic clasp between the cups.  The normal every day

tasks of being a woman were quickly becoming standard practice.

     He went out to the family living area, and sat down on the couch.  He

started thumbing through the magazines on the table.  He hadn't paid it much

attention before, but now he noticed that Linda's taste in reading material

ran from Vogue, to Architectual Digest.  He looked at the small pile of

magazines and realized...before, he would dis-interestedly have thumbed

through the one, and completely ignored the other.  He had shown little

interest in fashion, especially clothing, when he was male.  Now, although he

hardly a could be considered wild about things like that, he found he did have

a mild interest.  He picked up the Vogue, examining the face of the model on

the cover. She was beautiful...maybe early twenties...very smooth just right.  Joe noticed things like that now.  Before, she just

would have been pretty...and he might have tried to imagine what she looked

like without the little silk top she wore.  Now, he found he looked at the

details...her makeup, hair, even the clothes...and then he looked at the

model. His priorities were changing. 

     Joe started thumbing through the pages, pausing with new interest to

check out the many ads for cosmetics and underwear.  He came to an article on

birth control methods.  He though about the tape he had seen at the clinic,

and about the short briefing on the subject of feminine hygene they had been

given.  With considerable interest, he read the article.  It discussed the

different types, the reliability, ease of use, and drawbacks of each type. He

read the three paragraphs about the diaphram three times.  That, he decided is

probably what he should ask Dr. Krell about.  He knew, from the things Dr.

Krell had already said, that they would be discouraged from using chemical

means like the pill.  Since what had happened to them seemed to be unique, the

doctors didn't want any foreign substances introduced into thier systems.  He

agreed with that...of course when he had been told about it, he really didn't

put birth control very high on his list of priorities.  At that time, he was

more interested in finding a way to change back to male, than going to bed

with one.  But the first time he had been alone with a guy, and his pal Jay at

that...they had been intimate.  He wasn't pushed into it either...he had

initiated it, or at least something inside him did...he hadn't felt completely

in control as it was happening. And he wasn't sure if something like that

would happen again.  But if it did, he wanted to be prepared.  He had enough

things to get accustomed to, he didn't need to add pregnancy to the list.

     Linda came into the room and walked over the couch.  She stood behind it

and started rubbing Joe's shoulders, as she had done many times before.  Joe

was engrossed in the article, and kept reading.  Linda became curious about

what Joe found so interesting and also started reading.  When she saw the

subject of the article, she spoke. 

     "Birth control?" She exclaimed. "I thought you were just telling me one

of the things you miss most is not being able to be a father."

     "Yeah, but I'm SURE not ready to be a mother." Joe said. 

     "Well you know how to keep that from happening...just keep your knees

together." Linda teased.  "Or just sleep with me. (She grinned) I don't think

you'll have to worry about me making you a mother."

     "I guess that is a benefit,isn't it." Joe said smiling.  

     He put the magazine on the table, and using all the strength his body

could muster, he struggled to pull Linda over the back of the couch, and into

his arms. She willingly helped him along, or he wouldn't have been able to do

it.  He was still a little bigger and stronger than Linda, but not much.

Their lips met, and they kissed for a long time.  As they embraced Joe could

feel his own breasts press against Linda's. He found the sensation strangly

pleasurable, and wondered if Linda felt the same way.  He moved his chest

around, so that he was sure she felt his softness.

     "I don't know if I'll ever get used to having these things." He said, as

their long kiss came to an end.

     "Don't you like it?" Linda asked. "You look so really have a

good figure, you know."

     "Yeah, I guess it's ok, and I have to admit it feels pretty good (he bent

down slightly, again rubbing his breasts on hers), but...I don't

just feels I'm swollen there, or something." Joe said, trying to

describe the way his new body shape was interpreted by his old body image.

     "You'll get used to it." Linda advised.  "I feel that way too, just

before my period."

     "Gee, I hope thats not going to happen very soon." Joe lamented.  "I

think I have enough to worry about." 

     "If you really are a woman, I'm afraid it goes with the territory. But, I

think you'll find it really isn't all that bad."  Linda said. 

     "But blood...coming of's a little hard to accept."  Joe said. 

     "I had the same concern when I was a kid, I think I was twelve, when I

had mine for the first time." Linda confided. 

     "What was it like...being a little girl and all?"  Joe asked. 

     "What do you mean, what was it like?  How do I answer that" Linda said. 

     "You were a little girl, and I'll bet your mom helped you learn about

girl things...I was a boy, and now...I have to learn all the things...all the

stuff you had years to learn." Joe said.  "It scares me." 

     "I'll help."  Linda said. "But just what do you want to know?" 

     "I don't know...I mean...what was it like, when you got your first

period?" Joe asked. 

     Linda closed her eyes, and was silent.  She appeared to be thinking

deeply. Finally she spoke. 

     "My mom told me what was going to happen...I guess I thought that blood

would just start gushing out...I was really worried, I even thought I might

bleed to death or something.  She bought me some sanitary pads, and I carried

one in my purse for months...I wanted to be ready.  Then, one day, I felt kind

of funny, I thought I had a tummy ache, or gas, or something.  I never guessed

it could be that.  But when I went to the restroom, there was a little brown

stain on my gushing blood or anything like that, just a little

spot.  I didn't even realize what it was at first.  My mom saw it when she did

the laundry, and asked me about it.  That's what my first time was like." She

looked at him and smiled.

     "How long did it take before it came on full strength?" Joe asked.

     "I don't know.  It was spotty at first, I didn't even have one every

month, but finally, after maybe six or eight months, it started to get more

regular, and the flow a little heavier.  It never does just 'gush out' though.

But I guess that can happen.  I use tampons most of the time...they're much

more convienient.  Try them when your time comes.  It won't be so bad, don't

worry about it." Linda explained, with a grin.  She had begun to talk to Joe

more like a big sister.  Joe didn't mind though, he was only interested in

what she was saying. 

     Joe and Linda continued talking, with Joe asking questions, and Linda

trying her best to answer each one.  By all his questions, Joe was trying to

learn, in a short time, the things he figured he would need if he was going to

spend the rest of his life with this new body.  Finally evening came, and they

went to their respective rooms to prepare for bed.  Joe removed his makeup,

and took off the hairpiece, then showered, remembering to trim up his bikini

line while in the shower.  Whe he came back into his room, Linda was already

there, laying in his bed, wearing a satin sleep shirt.  Joe was nude, still

drying himself with a towel.  He dropped the towel, and joined Linda on the

bed. They embraced, and then lay back caressing...feeling each other...all

over.  Joe found being with her still enjoyable...she certainly knew what made

his new parts feel good...but, it seemed that something was missing, he

couldn't describe what was missing.  He just did the best he could,

reciprocating...taking turns...doing to Linda all the things that she did to

him, and then they both fell asleep, as usual, in each others arms. 




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