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Archive-name: Changes/bates19.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story- 19

                      CHAPTER 19

                THE CAUSE (part 1)

   The group in the car was quiet as they drove to the hotel.  The short

briefing by Dr. Krell had given them all something to think about.  Each had

always feared that their condition might end up being permanent, but until Dr.

Krell's admittance, they  held out hope that something could be done right

away.  Now, they were being told they could expect to stay as they were for an

indefinite period. The realization of what it all meant was just setting in.

Tim broke the silence.

   "God, I never thought I'd be worrying about having periods, or getting

pregnant, or anything like that."  He said.

   "I never considered that I wouldn't get to be a father."  Joe added.

"Even if I could have children now, I don't know if I'd want to be a mother."

   "At least you ain't a father already."  Dave added.  "I am, and now...I

told can be a mother too."

   It was obvious that the tapes they had watched earlier  that day at the

clinic, as well as Dr. Krell's statements, had made an impression on each of


   "Well, it'll still take some getting used to I guess, but, you know,

I'm sort of starting to like looking like a girl...I think it's kinda fun."

Mike added.

   "Those clothes seem to have  have changed attitude, as well as your

appearance."  Tim said to  Mike.

   "Yeah. I know, but I think the hair is what really makes the

difference."  Mike said, smiling happily. "I don't even recognise myself when I

look in the mirror."

   "I guess I'll need to get one too."  Tim said refering to the wig Mike

was wearing. 

   "Why don't we stop at Barbara's shop."  Mike said. "She's probably

still be open.  It's only four-thirty."

   "Ok.  We can do that."  Joe agreed.  Longer hair had made such a

difference in he and Mike's appearance, as well as  confidence, he figured Tim

shouldn't have to wait either.

   Instead of going directly to the hotel.  They went to the little shop

by the mall.  It was still open, and Barbara had two customers in the shop when

they entered.  She recognized them as soon as they entered, and greeted them

with a friendly smile. 

   "I'll be with you as soon as I can."  She said. 

   They sat waiting for maybe twenty minutes while the other customers,

two older ladies, completed their fittings and left the shop.  Barbara came

over to them.

   "And what is this?"  She said, looking at Tim. "Do you people have a

machine to do this?"  

   "I believe we do."  Joe said.  Without completely realizing it,

Barbara's attempt at humor had probably been quite accurate.

   Barbara asked Tim to sit down, and then tried on various styles of

hairpieces.  The only one that matched his original hair color was a somewhat

short, pixy cut, but it was definitly attractive on Tim's now quite feminine

facial features.  As it had been with Mike, the change in appearance was almost

unbelievable.  As each of them concealed the last vestige of their maleness,

the masculine looking short haircut, they looked feminine in all respects.  Tim

sat in front of the mirror behind the table, and gazed at his reflection.  It

was his turn to be transfixed by the face of a pretty young girl staring back

at him.

   "I think it looks very nice."  Barbara said.  "But if you want another

style, it'll have to be another color, or else you can wait three days."

   "Oh no, I don't want to wait."  Tim insisted.  "This will be fine.  I

like it."  He didn't want to have to wait to have the look he was seeing in the


   Joe paid Barbara since Tim didn't have enough money for the hairpeice.

As he paid the money, he realized that Tim probably didn't have much money, and

was probably at a distinct disadvantage to the others when it came to buying

the clothes he needed.  Joe thought about what Jay had told him, and kept the

reciept.  He asked Tim if he needed some more clothes.

   "Well, everything I have on right now is borrowed, either from you, or

Karen."  Tim said.

   "Then I think we need to get you some more."  Joe suggested.  "I'll pay

for them, and I'll give Honeybone the bill." 

   "Do we have to do it now?"  Tim objected.  He was embarrased to shop

for women's clothes. 

   "It's really not so bad Tim.  I thought it would be horrible too, but

once you start, it's really kinda fun...the things are so soft and slick, and

they fit so good.  I now understand why girls like shopping for's

totaly different than I what thought."  Mike was sounding almost excited as he

talked about his own experience shopping that afternoon.

   "Besides pal, you signed're legally a girl now anyway."  Joe

couldn't resist teasing the young man who now, especially with the new hair,

looked so attractive.  Of course, he knew better...he was in the same

position...but maybe it was just that he still had at least a bit of his old

masculine mischievousness, but he just couldn't resist teasing the cute Tim.

   "Yeah, I know, but it's just not easy to accept not being a guy...and

it's even harder to try to think of myself as a girl...I always think other

guys are staring at these boobs, or ogling my butt,"  Tim said,

   "And they are, too."  Joe said grinning.  "You know that.  This time

last week, you would have been looking at a butt like yours too."

   "Yeah, I guess's kinda that I'm this way, women

just don't seem nearly as sexy to me as they used to.  I wonder why that is?"

Tim asked.

   "Maybe it's because you don't just look like a girl, you actually are

one."  Joe reasoned.  The same thought had already crossed his mind.

   "I guess I do kinda seem like a girl now, and maybe I've even turned

into one...I suppose I probably have, but, when I close my eyes...and when I

think of who I am...what I look like, I still feel like I'm a guy inside."  Tim


   "Yeah?  Maybe so, but not on the outside."  Dave added.  "Any one of

you have a body that most of the natural women out there would die for."

   "Hey, don't forget, I didn't ask to be this way."  Tim said.  He wasn't

sure if it was envy, or resentment, showing in Dave's voice.

   "I know, but damn it, you three have it easy...all you have to do is

get used to the new parts...then, you can just get on with your life.  I've got

a family   I can't just put on a wig, buy some clothes, and then learn to be a

woman.  But, don't forget, the the same thing has happened to me too, I have

the same feelings...  What the hell am I supposed to do?"  Dave was almost


   They got in the Lincoln, and Joe drove the short distance to the main


   "It'll work out, Dave.  They'll figure out something for you."  Joe


   "Oh, yeah?  What?"  Dave snapped.  "Right now, it looks like the most I

can hope for is some kind of fake cock, which apparently won't have any

feeling...even Dr. Krell don't seem to think much of that idea."

   "Is that what you want?"  Joe asked.  "Maybe you should stay a woman,

if that's what you really want."

   "Hey, I don't know what I want."  Dave answered.  "I don't have any

idea what I want."

   "Then what ever you do Dave, don't let 'em cut on you unless you can't

stand it any other way.  Joe advised.  "If you don't mind me asking, have you

and Cindy slept together?"  Cindy was Joe's wife.

   "We were in the same bed, but we never touched each other.  I can't

expect her to become a lesbian, or whatever, just because this...this thing has

happened to me." Dave answered.

   "Don't worry about what to call it."  Joe said.  "You are both still

married to each other...what you do together can't be perverted or anything

like that."

   "Hey, old buddy, I know I'm not gorgous, but there's not much I can do

in bed with my wife, or any other woman.  I've undergone the same changes you

have.  I probably have the same feelings you have, too."  Dave returned.

   "Do you want to sleep with Cindy...would you like to make love to her?"

Joe asked. 

   "Sure, she's my wife...I still love her."  Dave answered.

   "Then do it.  Don't worry about what others might think.  It's nobody's

business anyway.  She'll accept probably even smell better than you

used too."  Joe teased.

   "Aw Joe, what can we do?"  Dave asked.  "You know I'm not a man

anymore.  And I'm not sure I even feel like one."

   "Don't be an idiot Dave."  Joe insisted.  "By now...especially know what will make her feel good.  Just do that.  She'll probably

want to do the same for you.  You might be suprized how much fun you both can

still have...and heck, now you won't have to worry about birth control either."

   "How do you suddenly know about all this stuff?"  Mike asked.

   "I live with Linda, remember?"  Joe said, winking at him. 

   Joe opened his door, and got out.  They went into the mall at the same

entrance as that morning.  Mike took Tim by the hand, lead him right to

Victoria's Secret.

   "You just gotta get some of this stuff."  He said.  "It just look's and

feel's so sexy.  I just love it."  Mike had really made a complete transition.

   Tim was less sure of himself, but Mike, who was still much bigger and

stronger, just pulled him in the store.  They were acting like teenagers, out

the first time without their parents.  Tim was already wearing a bra, and Joe

knew it was his size, since he had loaned it to him the day before.  He told

Tim what he thought his new sizes were, and Tim reluctantly started looking,

and selecting items to try or buy.  Mike was acting as the expert advisor the

whole time.  The sales girl from earlier in the day was still there, and it was

obvious she recognized the group.  She looked carefully at Mike, sure she

recognized him, but was wracking her brain to figure what was so different

about this big woman.  She now looked far less masculine.  The hairpiece, and

the women's clothing had made a big difference in Mike's appearance.  But the

girl just couldn't place what the difference was.

   Tim finally picked out some underwear...probably more to please Mike

than himself, and then he even followed Mike into the fitting room to try some

bras on.  Joe could hear Mike talking to Tim the whole time they were in the

small room.  He couldn't get over how Mike was acting.  This big macho guy, who

now seemed suddenly fascinated with the details of being a woman.

   Maybe it's a good thing.  Joe though.  He considered his own feelings 

and reactions to what had happened to his own body, and he realized that maybe

he wasn't that much different than Mike.  Would this acceptance of their new

sexuality touch each of them eventually?  He wondered. 

   After Mike had helped Tim find his selections, and had tried on each

item that was practical to try on, they went on to other stores.  Tim, having

just turned twenty one, had much different tastes in clothes than the older

"women".  Even Mike, who was only twenty six, had much different ideas about

what looked good on Tim's attractive form.  It soon became obvious from the

type of things he stopped to look at...the kind of questions he asked, that Tim

liked the short skirts and tight, stretchy tops that were "in".  Although he

was embarrassed to wear them, those kind of things were what he thought he

needed.  Of course Mike, who's taste in fashion never went past exercise wear,

knew or cared little about things like that.  When Mike showed less interest,

Tim began to look at the things he thought he liked.  As he was looking, a

sales girl, probably about his own age, came over to help Tim.  The former

young man certainly needed her assistance, but he could hardly speak.  It was

very difficult for a twenty one year old male to ask a twenty one year old

female to help him select a skirt and top for himself, no matter what he looked

like. It didn't make any difference to Tim that the friendly young lady was

actually somewhat jealous of his shapely figure.

   The sales girl was finally able to get this stuttering customer to tell

her what she  was looking for. This tall, very shy girl didn't even know what

sizes she was looking for.  When she finally helped her pick out some

selections, she even seemed reluctant to go into the dressing rooms.  She kept

looking back at her three older friends, one of whom looked like she had her

hair cut like a man.  When the girl finally came out of the fitting room (it

took forever) so that she could see herself in the full length mirror, she

seemed quite embarrassed to be seen in the short skirt, even though she looked

fantastic in it.  She acted like she had never worn anything like it before,

even though she had one of the trimmest shapes the sales girl had ever seen.

When she looked at herself inthe mirror, the girl seemed almost like she was

looking at someone else, she touched her hair, her hips, even felt at her

breasts, as if she had never noticed them before.  It was strange to watch her

as she turned about, observing herself in the three sided mirror.  Then, the

other three women came over and looked too.  They all seemed to be seeing this

young lady for the first time.  Finally one of the women spoke.

   "I think it's you."  Joe said. 

   "I just can't believe it.  I feel like I  have to pinch myself, to

believe this is me."  Tim exclaimed.

   Oh, come on, thought the sales girl.  You do look good, but not that


   "I think it's just right for you." The sales girl said.  And I think a

some black shoes would go nice with it."  She pointed to the mannequin, which

was wearing almost the same choices.

   "Oh, yea...I guess I'll have to get some shoes too..."  Tim muttered.

He was still admiring his new look. 

   "They're down on the lower floor."  The sales girl said.  "Will there

be anything else?" 

   "Yeah,  I'll need some more...I guess a few more..."  Tim said


   The sales girl looked at him.  What was with this girl?

   They spent anothe hour selecting things with the young sales girl, and

then went walking throughout the mall shops, each of them looking, sometimes

trying something on, sometimes even buying.  The only one who didn't seem to be

having fun was Dave, who looked, sometimes touched, but never tried anything

on, and refused to buy anything.  Mike was able to get both Tim and Joe to get

some colorful exercize wear for themselves.  Joe already had some which he had

bought the first day, but Mike insisted, and Joe was in the buying mood.

   Finally, loaded down with packages, most of them Mike and Tim's, they

struggled back to the car.  Driving back to the hotel, it didn't sound anything

like four men in the car, as Joe, Mike, and Tim discussed the different things

they had seen, as well as the things they had purchased.

   When they went in, they got their rooms, and had their bags brought to

the rooms.  As agreed, Mike roomed with Joe, and Tim and Dave were together.

Jeo went into his room, placed his bags of purchases on the end of the bed, and

dropped down on it in exhaustion.  He had long ago decided that the pumps he

was wearing surely had not been made for walking in.  Though they looked great,

they lacked the comfortable support of the more substantial men's footware.  He

kicked them off, and pulled the sun dress up to his hips and began to massage

his sore feet while  enjoying the cool air on his tired legs.  When he looked

over, he saw that Mike was watching him, eyes wide, grinning.  Suddenly he

realized that that by pulling his dress up so high, he had exposed his bottom,

and the sight of his panties had caught Mike's eye.

   Mike realized he was staring when he saw Joe cover himself in

embarrassment.  He quickly appoligized.

   "Gee Joe, I'm sorry.  I know we're both women now, but I couldn't

resist looking when I saw you laying there like that. were just so

sexy looking, I just couldn't help looking..."  He stuttered with


   "Hey, don't worry about it."  Joe said grinning.  "I know how you

feel.  I find myself looking at you sometimes, too.  And Tim...ain't he


   "Yeah, SHE sure is."  Mike agreed.  "Do you think we should start

calling ourselves women?  I mean, if we want everybody else to treat us like

women now, I guess we should do the same ourselves."

   "Yeah, I guess we should, but it's sure a hard thing to do...I still

think that deep inside, I'm a guy.  I guess I'm sort of getting used to the

idea of looking this way, but it still seems strange to think of myself as a

"she".  Joe said as he sat back up on the bed, smoothing the dress over his


   "Same here.  Mike agreed.  "But you know, if Dr. Krell called right

now, and said he had just discovered the secret to get us back...I don't know

if I'd rush to go and do it.  Ain't that wierd?  What's going on anyway?  Why

am I suddenly starting to enjoy this so much?"

   "Don't worry, you're not the only one who feels that way.  Joe said.

"I'm starting to like it too.  It must be the different hormones, or


   "So do you think we're really turning into women?" Mike asked.

   "Well, let's see, we just came back from a shopping spree where you and

Tim looked at more clothes in one afternoon than I did in a year...and I even

liked it too.  Now, I'm sitting here, wearing a dress, and I just realized I

need to pee.  Now, if after this afternoon's little shopping trip, I still have

any doubt that I've turned into a woman, I'm fairly sure I'll be reminded of it

when I go in the john, and pull down these panties I'm wearing."  With that,

Joe got up and went into the bathroom.

   When he came back out, Mike was standing in his underwear, looking at

each of his purchases, laying each item on the bed. 

   "You know, I think just looking at this stuff gives me a hard-on."

Mike said, grinning.

   "It is some nice looking stuff." Joe agreed.  "But you've gotta do

something about those hairy legs."  He started to look through the bags which

contained his new purchases.

   Joe found the little black bra and panty set.  He held up the little

wisp of black nylon which was the little thong bikini.  It didn't look like it

would cover him, even with the changes.  Mike saw it too, and grinned.

   "Come on Joe, try it on."  He asked.

   "I don't know..."  Joe really wanted to put it on, but he didn't really

want to put himself on display. 

   "I just know you'll look great wearing that stuff."  Mike continued. 

   "Aw, all right..  I would like to see how they fit." Joe admitted.  He

carefully unbuttoned the red sun dress and stepped out of it.  Looking down

at his chest made him smile.  His nipples were quite visible through the thin,

almost transparent fabric of his bra.  It was still a strange experience having

tits, he decided, but he was beginning get used to the idea, sort of.  He

reached behind his back with both hands, unhooked the back strap, and felt his

bra loosen.  He squirmed out of the tangle of straps and then scratched under

his soft mounds at the red marks made by the underwires.  Joe dropped the old

bra, and picked up the new little black one.  This one had the catch between

the cups, and he could see what he was doing as he fastened it.  He ajusted the

cups over his breasts until they felt just right.  This new lighter bra felt

as if it might provide somewhat less support that the one he had just removed.

It sure did look sexy though, but in a very different way than the sheer one.

   "You have such a great body." Mike said softly.  Admiration, as well as

perhaps a bit of envy, was quite evident in his voice.  "It sure makes me wish

I hadn't taken those steroids."

   "You look ok, Mike."  Joe said truthfully.  "They don't seem to have

affected you that much."

   "Maybe it don't look like it much, but I sure do feel like I'm still a

guy sometimes, like my cock is still there.  It's almost embarrassing feeling

sometimes."  Mike rubbed the front of his panties, where his penis should have


   "Actually, I think that sensation might be normal."  Joe said.  "I feel

the same way too.  I'd bet that even natural women feel like that.  They

probably just don't realize what it is."

   Yeah, you might be right, but I know I've never seen a woman with a

clitoris as big as mine."  Mike retorted.

   "And I guess you've seen 'em all?"  Joe said. 

   "Well, I've seen a few."  Mike said.  "So your still sleeping with

Linda, even now?"

   ", I ah, Yeah, I...we have slept together."  Joe cautiously

admitted.  "And it was pretty good too."  

   "But, what did you do with her?   How...what can you do now?"  Mike

asked innocently. 

   "Maybe I ain't a man anymore...and maybe I don't have male equipment,

but I still know what women like...maybe even better now than before."  Joe

said.  "And I can tell you, these new parts ain't missing a thing when it comes

to erotic sensation.  It feels like all the old nerves are still there, maybe

moved around a bit, and I think they've even have had the gain turned up a

little, too."   He grinned as he spoke.

   "You've noticed that too?" Mike asked.  "I was thinking that I must be

really screwed up, after having my cock kinda shrivel up, and then still being

horny all the time.  The urge does seem to be tapering off a little bit lately

though."  Mike announced.

   "Yeah.  For me too." Joe said. "Dr. Krell said that maybe I was getting

familure with the new sensations, and that maybe my testosterone level would

start to decrease.  It was far too high for a female, he said."

   "Do you ever thought about what it would be like to

sleep with a have sex with one?"  Mike asked.

   "Well...I'll admit, the thought has crossed my mind." Joe admitted.  He

wasn't about to say anything about last night.

   "I don't know if I could do it...I mean...some other guy's cock...all

that...but I don't know, I just can't seem to get the idea out of my mind.  I

find I'm constantly wondering how it would feel."  Mike wondered out loud.

    "I suppose it just might be pretty good." Joe answered.  "Dr. Krell

says all our organs are normal, even the stuff that's changed, and that

everything should work just like any normal woman's...and heaven knows, they're

sensitive enough, that's for sure."  He was actually relieved to hear that

somebody else was experiencing the same feelings he had been having lately.

   "Yeah, but the thought of laying next to another guy,  I don't know if

I could that."  Mike continued.   "It would have to feel weird."

   "Maybe it wouldn't, once you know...into it."  Joe countered.

   "Yeah. Maybe you're right.  I just don't know though."  Mike said. 

   "There's no need to rush something like that." Joe mused.  "It looks

like we might have plenty of time to get used to the idea."

   "Yeah, it does look like that, don't it." Mike agreed.  "I sure have

trouble with the idea of spending the rest of my life as a woman...hell, I just

can't see myself looking like my grandmother."

   "It is kinda hard to accept isn't it."  Joe admitted. 

   "So far, everything has been interesting...sort even feels

kinda exciting, and I'm even learning to like some of the things about this.

At first, I thought I was really gonna miss having a cock, know...I

really don't...except for taking a piss.  I just don't think I'll ever get used

to peeing like a girl."  Mike said, rubbing the soft little bulge between his


   "It is different, isn't it.  I guess I miss that part of being a guy

too." Joe agreed.   

   "Of course, there are some compensations."  Mike continued.  "Have you

ever made yourself come yet?"  Mike wasn't one to mince words.

   "Well...yeah, I suppose I have..."  Joe said cautiously.  He wondered

what Mike was leading to.

   "Pretty wild, isn't it?"   Mike said, grinning.  "First time I washed

myself, I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  And it just keeps coming

back for more.  Hell, I almost rubbed myself sore.  I still feel a little

tender down there."

   Joe pulled his panties off, and tossed them on the bed.  He picked up

the little thong bikini, stepped into it and pulled it over his hips, The tiny

wisp of black cloth covered most of his pubic area, narrowing to a thin crotch

strip that went between the legs, riding up the back in the cleft of his

buttocks.  He could feel it where it touched sensitive areas.  His entire rear

end was essentially bare.  He looked down, over his breasts, and saw that the

front of the bikini at least covered his bush, but even with his close trim,

some pubic hair showed around the edges.  Joe pulled the tiny "V" of cloth away

from his crotch, and let it spring back, which helped to cover some of the

hair.  It felt very sexy just wearing it, and Joe thought it probably looked

that way too.  He liked it immediately.

   "That looks really great."  Mike exclaimed.  "Damn it Joe, you are

just so damn beautiful." 

   "I know I've changed, but I don't know about beautiful...  And this

thing feels like its riding in the crack of my behind...I guess it is."   Joe

still felt awkward getting compliments on his new appearance.

   "Well, it's true, you really are beautiful.  Tim is too, in a sorta

"teenage" kind of way...but if I still had my old body... I don't

know..." Mike grinned a wicked grin as he said the words.

   "Well, don't forget, you look pretty good too."  Joe returned the

compliment, feeling his face reddening.  "You seem to be still changing.  Am I


   "Yeah, I think so.  I'm pretty sure my boobs are still growing, or

filling out, or something.  I don't know...but I feel like I'm still getting

softer...all over."  Mike ran hand over his breasts as he spoke.

   "Maybe the steroids only slowed the change, but can't stop it."  Joe


   "Well if it was going to stop the change, it's too late now."  Mike

said.  "I not only look pretty much like a female, I even think I feel like

one, at least most of the time."

   "Well then, shave those hairy legs, will you."  Joe teased. 

   "Yeah, I will."  Mike said.  He began going through his small bag,

looking for his shaving kit.  When he found it, he went into the bathroom, and

shut the door.  Joe could hear the toilet flush, and the shower start to run.

As Mike cleaned up, Joe removed the sexy feeling new underwear and put his old

things back on.  He found some shorts, and a light blue top, and put them on.

Using the remote, he snapped on the television, and lay back and watched the


   In a while Mike came back out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around

his body.  He had removed the hairpiece, and with the towel hiding his curves,

again looked a just bit like his old self.  Mike had obviously shaved his legs

bare only moments before.  Joe watched him as he dressed, and smiled when Mike

removed the towel. It was strange to see the familure head of his friend, above

a now quite hairless, and very curvy, female body.  He realized that his own

reflection was probably quite similer.

   Mike stepped into, and pulled on one of his new stretchy bodysuits, and

covered it only with colorful nylon shorts.  He was obviously enjoying the way

he now looked, eyeing his reflection in the mirror over the dresser as he put

the things on.  Joe had to admit that Mike was becoming quite attractive.

   "Want to work out with me?"  Mike asked.  "There is a great exercize

room downstairs." 

   "Aw, I don't know...I know I should...but..."  Joe protested.

   "Come on, you know you need it too."  Mike said.  "And I'd sure like

the company."

   "Ok.  I'll go with you."  Joe answered.  He went to his bag and took

out the exercize clothing he just bought.

   When Joe was ready, they went down to the exercize area.  There were

three guys there, and  Joe and Mike found that they were immediately the

primary object of attention of the others in the room.  Joe went to a

stationary bicycle and climbed on, and Mike tried his new, muscles on the

weight bench.  As Joe sat there pedaling, he watched Mike strain to find his

new lower limits.  Then, one of the young men came over, and climbed on the

other bike.  At first, the guy said nothing, seeming to feel out the situation,

but in a few minutes, he spoke, obviously very nervous.

   "This is a nice place, isn't it?"  The young man asked, making small


   Joe looked over at him.  "Yes.  It is nice."  Joe said, smiling.  He

tried to sound and act as feminine as he could, but was feeling terribly self


   "Is that your friend over there?"  The guy continued. 

   "Yeah.  He...she's my roomate."  Joe answered. 

   "She can sure lift."  The man returned.  "She looks pretty strong." 

   If you only knew.  Joe thought.  But he said.  "She's been lifting for

quite some time." 

   "Are you gonna be over in the lounge later?"  The guy blurted out.  It

was obvious that he was even more nervous than Joe, but not much.

   "I don't think so."  Joe answered.  "I have to get to sleep early."  He

wasn't ready to fight off the lounge lizards. 

   "Oh, you should come down.  The place is swinging every night."  The

guy continued.

   Then you won't need me there.  Joe thought. 

   "I just don't think I can."  Joe repeated.  He turned back and looked

at Mike, who was now dealing with one of the other guys.

   "Sure you can.  What did you say your name was?"  The guy wouldn't be

shot down.  Joe found he admired his tenacity. 

   "I didn't say, but it's Joe."  Joe answered, trying to appear more

friendly than he was feeling just then.

   "Joe?  What's that short for?  Jo-ann?"  He asked. 

   "No.  My name is Joel.  But I've always been called Joe."  Joe replied.


   "Joe sounds like a guy's name."  The guy went on.  "But it sounds good

on you.  My name's Mike."

   "Thanks Mike."  Joe answered.  Great.  Another Mike,  He thought.   

   "What's your friends name?"  Mike asked.  He was running out of things

to say, but was desparately trying to continue the conversation.

   "She' name is Mik,,,ahh...Michelle...I call her Mike too."

Joe stammered. 

   "That's interesting."  Mike said.  "We have the same names." 

   "Look Mike...I don't think I'll be at the lounge tonight.  I'm really

sorry."  Joe said, trying to sound kind, as well as apoligetic. 

   "Ok. But you'll be missing out on a good time."  Mike said. 

   Joe rode on in silence, and Mike continued pedaling too.  Joe was aware

that the young man next to him was watching him move out of the corner of his

eye.  He had done the same thing himself, eyeing a good looking girl, using

that image to keep his mind off aching muscles.

   Joe felt a bead of sweat trickle from under the hairpiece, and then run

along his ear.  He reached up, and pulled the hair away from his face.  He

would have liked to remove the wig but knew that would have caused a real stir.

He just kept pedaling, enjoying the feeling only vigorous exercize can produce.

   After twenty minutes on the bike, he found that his new body was

getting tired.  BEfore the change, he could have kept this pace for an hour.

He stopped pedaling and went over to Mike, who was seeming to enjoy the company

of the the other guy, who was hanging around him like a puppy.

   "I think I'm going back to the room."  Joe said.  "I'm tired, and I

need a shower."

   "Ok.  I think I'll hang around here for a while yet."  Mike said. 

   "Later."  Joe said, and walked out of the room rubbing his face with a


   "Bye, Joe."  Mike (the guy) said.  "Come back down later, if you can."

   "Yeah.  See you later Mike."  Joe said, and walked over to the


   Joe went to his room, and went straight to the shower, and started it

running.  He had worked up a good sweat, and his clothes were quite wet, but he

noted that, even when he was sweating,  he still smelled different than he did

as a guy.  He quickly removed his clothes, and in a few moments, he pulled back

the curtain and stepped in, enjoying the warm spray on his back, but

remembering to shield his sensitive breasts with his hands whenever he faced

the spray.  He lingered in the warm spray for a while, and then hopped out of

the shower, drying off quickly.  He was now  starting to get familure with the

new curves and crevases his body had acquired with the change.  He left the

hairpiece off, and, finding his terrycloth romper, he slowly pulled it on.  Joe

then pulled the spread back from the bed, and collapsed on it.  Joe's tired,

soft body, smelling fresh from the shower,  felt good, but  very sleepy.  He

closed his eyes.

   It seemed like Joe had only been sleeping a few minutes, when he heard

Mike enter the room.  He opened his eyes, and saw his friend, his new leotard

soaked with persperation, come in, and go straight into the bathroom.  The door

closed, and almost immediately, Joe could hear the shower start to run.  He

looked at the clock radio.  He was suprized to find that he had been sleeping

over an hour.  Joe closed his eyes again, and again he was awakend by Mike.

This time when he came out of the bathroom, again wearing only a bath towel.

   "Joe...I just met a saw him...Gordon...he thinks I'm a real

girl...  He wants me to come down to the lounge later."  Mike said. sounding

almost like he asking Joe for permission.

   "Are you gonna go?"  Joe asked. 

   "I don't know.  Do you think I should?"  Mike questioned. 

   "Well, do you want to?"  Joe returned. 

   "Yeah, I think I do, but maybe I don't.  I don't know...I'm scared.

What if he finds out that I'm really a guy?"  Mike asked. 

   Joe looked at his friend standing at the foot of the bed, wearing only

a bath towel.

   "Mike, open the towel, and let it drop to the ground."  He said. 

   Mike opened the large white towel, and let it fall to his feet. 

   "Now, look down.  What do you see?"  Joe asked. 

   "I don't get it, what do you mean?"  Mike asked, confused.  

   "Unless you tell him, there is NO WAY he'll know that you USED to be a

man.  You aren't one now   You don't even look remotely like one."  Joe said.

   "Yeah.  Yeah.  I guess you're right."  Mike agreed. 

   "By the way, I told your guy's partner, the one who was trying to hit

on me, that your name was Michelle, but that I always called you Mike." Joe



   "Oh yeah.  I didn't even think of that."  Mike said.  "I even told him

my name, that I was Mike Osborn."   

   "Did he say anything about that?"  Joe asked  "It sounded too wierd

when I told the other guy, who's name was Mike too, that I was Joe, and you

were Mike."

   "Michelle huh?  Michelle...Michelle....I kind of like it.  You know, I

never thought of using another name, but maybe I should."  Mike said, beaming

with a strange happiness.

   "Well Michelle, are you going to go to the lounge tonight?"  Joe asked.

   "Will you go with me?"  Mike, now Michelle, asked.

   "Nope.  I'm going down to the restaraunt and get something to eat, and

then I'm going straight to bed.  That Air-Dyne wore me out."  Joe said,

yawning, and raising his arms over his head.

   "But if I go, what should I wear?"  Michelle asked. 

   "Man, I don't know.  You only bought jeans and shirts, and all that

exercize stuff.  Joe said.  "Call Karen.  She'll help you out." 

   "What's her number?"  Mike asked. 

   "Hey,  I don't know.  She went home with that receptionist.  I'm not

even sure what her name was."  Joe replied.

   "I'll look at what I've got here.  Michelle said. Maybe I can find

something ok  to wear." 

   "Don't ask me."  Joe said.  "I have enough trouble of my own, I'm the

last person to ask for fashion advice."

   "Aw, Joe, you're easily the best dressed of all of us."  Michelle said.

"You always look great." 

   "It's Linda...and Karen....I don't have any idea what I should wear."

Joe said.  "I just wear what they tell me to wear." 

   Watching Mike/Michelle standing there, naked, looking through his/her

bags, Joe thought he should remind Michelle about something. 

   "Don't forget what Dr. Krell and Susan said."  Joe reminded. "If you

decide to try out the new equipment, make sure you and Gordon use some

protection.  If anything happens, it'll be YOU getting pregnant now."

   "Aw Joe, don't worry about that, I have absolutely no intention of

sleeping with anybody."  Michelle said.

   "But it's not sleeping that causes the trouble."  Joe said, thinking

that he was sounding like Michelle's father, or more likely, her mother.  

   Joe remebered how he had felt when he was with Jay, and "Michelle"

seemed at least as infatuated as he had been then.

   "Ok, Mother."  Michelle teased, as she pulled a new pair of panties on.

   Mike/Michelle carefully put on one of her new bras, and again went to

the mirror.  She looked at herself criticly. 

   "You know, I ain't too bad looking, I guess.  But sure I hope my boobs

get at least a little bigger yet."  She said.

   "I didn't know you were a 'tit man'"  Joe teased. 

   "Aw, Joe, you know what I mean.  I have such big shoulders, bigger

breasts would play them down a little."  Michelle decided.

   "Now you're really sounding like a woman."  Joe said. 

   "But it's true, ain't it?"  Michelle asked. "They would, wouldn't


   "I don't know, maybe they would."  Joe said.  "You already look ok to


   "Yeah, but what would a guy think?"  Michelle asked, and then realized

what had just been said. 

   "Well excuuuse me."  Joe mocked.  "I'm sure I don't have any idea what

a GUY might think."

   "I'm sorry...but you know what I mean.  I Gordon."

Michelle said.

   "Oh, yeah.  Gordon."  Joe continued.  "I'm sure Gordon likes women with

big tits." 

   "Lay off Bates."  Michelle said in a way which might have sounded

menacing, if it hadn't come from someone wearing a pink bra, with matching


   "Yes mam"  Joe mocked.  But he stopped the teasing.  It was so amazing,

seeing what had happened to this big guy, just one week after his chromosomes

had been jumbled, or whatever.  He knew the same thing was happening to him


   Michelle found a pair of jeans, and picked one of the tops they had

just bought.  He clothes might be ok, if it was real casual in the lounge. 

   "It'll have to do."  Michelle said, arainging the hairpiece, and

brushing it with Joe's hair brush.  "I don't know about this long hair though."

   "Let's get something to eat, what do you think?"  Joe asked. 

   "Yeah, I am getting hungry."  Michelle agreed.  "We should call Dave

and Tim, I guess." 

   They called the other room, and made araingments to meet down stairs in

a half hour.  Joe got dressed in shorts and a top, and he and Michelle left the


   Next....PART II of "THE CAUSE" 

                                   CAUSE II 

                             CHAPTER 19 (PART 2) 


                             THE JOE BATES STORY 

     Joe called to Tim and Daves room.  They agreed to meet in fifteen 

minutes, downstairs in the hotel lobby.  When they arrived, Tim and Dave were 

already there.  Tim was wearing some of his new purchases and now, along with 

the physical changes brought about by the metamorphosis and his new hair 

style, the young man's very feminine body looked exactly what Joe thought of 

as "cute".  Dave of course still wore the now familure yellow coverall.  It 

seemed to Joe that Dave's hips and butt looked little larger each time he saw 

him, but his friend didn't seem to notice. 

     "Where do you want to eat?" Joe asked. 

     "I don't have a preference." Dave responded.  "Right here will be fine 

with me." 

     "Yeah, Sounds ok to me too." Mike added. 

     "How about it, Tim?" Joe asked.  "Is this place satisfactory to you?" 

     "Sure, absolutely." Tim said.  "I only hope I can afford it." 

     "Don't worry about paying for it." Joe said.  "I'm putting this on 

expenses.  I'll cover yours too." 

     "Great!" Tim said. 

     Everyone followed Joe and Mike into the quite formal dining area of the 

hotel.  They stood at the podium, and in a moment the head waiter came to 

them.  He looked at the group of women with a critical eye.  

     "Good evening ladies." He said.  "Will there be just four of you?" 

     "Yes." Joe answered. 

     "Follow me, please." He continued. 

     Joe, Dave, Mike and Tim followed the waiter single file to a dimly lit 

table in a quiet area of the restaraunt.  He positioned the chair out for 

Joe, who looked at him a moment, until he realized what was going on, and 

then carefully sat down.  Using Joe as an example, the others followed suit. 

     "Your waiter will be with you momentarily, ladies." The waiter said, as 

he smiled and left. 

     "Well.  That was sure the royal treatment." Mike said. 

.     "Oh, I don't know." Joe said.  "It's probably just the way they treat 

women here.  Maybe we'll just have to get used to it, if we can." He grinned. 

     "It is kind of nice." Tim said.  "I guess not everything about this is 


     "How's it going, Tim?" Joe asked.  "Are you getting used to it yet?" 

     "Well, Yeah, I guess so." Tim answered.  "That is, if it's possible to 

get used to something like this happening to you." 

     "Well I guess I just gotta be the first to tell everybody" Joe 

announced. "Our Mike here, Mike has decided to answer to the name Michelle.  

And...he's, she's... even going on a date tonight." Joe teased. 

     "A date?" Tim asked incredously. 

     "Don't listen to him." Michelle (Mike) said.  "I'm not going on a 

'date', that's just his bullshit." 

     "But what about the 'Michelle'?" Tim asked. 

    "Well...I don't know, I was kinda thinking...maybe it might not be such a 

bad's kinda like my name, and it don't sound so strange when I tell 

people...people who don't know about name.  Telling people my name is 

Mike sounds kinda strange now, don't you think?" Michelle asked. 

	"No worse than Tim, or Joe." Dave answered. 

     "Tim and Joe can do whatever they want." Michelle said.  "I'm going to 

try it for a while at least, and see how it works.  Maybe you guy's should 

consider other names too.  If we're going to have to live like this, we might 

as well blend in as well as we can...make the best of it." 

     "I wonder what name I could use?" Tim thought aloud. 

     "How about Tina?" Michelle suggested.  "I used to know a girl with that 

name.  She looked a little bit like you do, too." 

     "Naw, I dont like it." Tim said.  " I don't care wha you guy's think I 

look like, I don't want a "cutsy" name like Tina.  My sister's name is Becky. 

I wonder what she'd say if...when she see's how I look...hell, I think I've 

got bigger boobs than she does." He suddenly went quiet as he considered his 

now changed relationship with his sister. 

     "How old is she, Tim?" Joe asked, trying to keep him talking, and not 

feel sorry for himself and what had happened to him. 

     "She's about a year older than me." Tim answered.  "I just turned twenty 

one, and she'll be twenty two next month." 

     "Does she still live at home?"  Joe asked. 

     "Well, right now she's at home, but she'll be moving to Flagstaff as 

soon as schools out." Tim said.  "I don't know if I want her to see me like 


    "If you plan to go home, I don't think you'll be able to hide it." 

    Mike/Michelle said. 

     "Don't remind me." Tim said.  "I don't know how I can ever tell my dad 

what has happened to me.  I think he'd just die." 

     "Maybe not."  Joe said.  "I take it you haven't told them yet." 

     "God no." Tim said.  "I havbe been hoping that somehow I'd be able to 

change know...wake up, and look like a guy again." 

     "It don't look like it'll be that easy." Joe said.  He was glad that he 

didn't have to face his own father, who was deceased, looking as he did.  He 

didn't know about telling his own mom that her only son was now her only 


     "Yeah.  I think your right"  Tim said. 

     The waiter came to the table with menus.  He asked if anyone would like 

a drink.  Joe asked for a beer.  Mike thought that sounded good and did the 

same.  Dave asked for scotch.  Tim said nothing, but the waiter stood waiting 

for the young lady to order.  

     "I'll have a Michelob too" Tim finally said, looking up from the menu, 

and seeing that the waiter was waiting for his response. 

     "I'm sorry, but I'll have to ask for your ID." the waiter said, 

apologicly looking at the young girl. 

     With extreme embarassment, Tim took his wallet from the small hand bag 

he had just bought that afternoon.  From it he retrieved his drivers license, 

which still had his male photograph, and of course, there was still an "M" in 

the block labled sex.  The waiter looked at the card, and then back at Tim. 

He looked again, and with a totally confused look, he gave the ID back.  He 

said nothing, probably so unsure as to what was going on that he thought it 

best to do nothing.  This young lady...and it was quite obvious that Tim was 

female...was either an idiot trying to use her brothers drivers license, or 

something very wierd was going on.  He decided it best to leave it alone.  He 

had asked for ID, that's all the manager had ordered him to do.  Let the cute 

kid have a drink if she wants one. 

     In a few minutes, the waiter returned with their drinks, and asked if 

they were ready to order.  They were, and in turn, they told him what they 


     When the waiter left, Joe took a swig from his glass.  It still tasted 

great, but he knew from experience that one maybe two of these now had the 

effect of twice that number.  Tim drained his glass in very few swallows.  It 

took more than just becoming a girl to change the way he downed a brew.  He 

put the empty glass back on the table. 

    "You better watch out." Joe advised.  "If your at all like me, I think 

you'll find that you can't hold anything like you did before." 

    "Aw, it went down just the same." Tim said, a big grin forming on his 

face.  "Besides, your paying the bill, aren't you?" 

     "Yeah.  I'll pay for it." Joe said, grinning.  "But I'm not sure I could 

carry you upstairs anymore." He grinned, flexing his arm, and rubbing his 

firm but small bicep. 

     The service in the hotel restaurant was good, and almost immediately the 

waiter noticed Tim's empty glass.  With some suprize, he asked if Tim would 

like another. 

     "Sure.  Keep them coming." Tim responded, the words sounding funny 

coming from such a feminine voice and person. 

     Tim was well into his second Michelob when Joe finished his first.  Mike 

and Joe were hardly drinking at all.  Before Tim could order another, the 

waiter brought out the salads.  They started eating immediately, and again, 

Tim acted more like the twenty-one year old guy he was born as, than the 

soft, feminine person he had become. 

     "I guess didn't realize how hungry I was." Tim said, hungrily wolfing 

down the salad. 

     "Your acting like you haven't eaten in a week." Joe said, watching him 

in amazement. 

     "I haven't eaten very much lately." Tim answered.  "I just haven't been 

hungry, until now." 

     "Your going to have to watch how much you eat, too." Joe advised.  

"Karen said that it's really easy for a female to gain weight.  And, every 

bit if it goes to the hips and butt." 

     "I don't think I have any problem with that, do you?" Tim asked.  Like 

Joe, the change had left his body with very trim hips, especially for a 

woman, and a firm derrier, and he knew it. 

     "Maybe not today, but if you don't watch it, it'll grow on you."  Joe 


     "Just look at my ass if you want to know what it can be like." Dave 

added.  "I didn't really lose my gut, I'm just sitting on it now." He said, 

somewhat sarcasticly. 

     "Exercize with me." Michelle (Mike) said.  "We'll have that butt off in 

no time."  He said to Dave with a grin. 

     "I'll have to think long and hard before I could step inside a gym 

looking like this."  Dave replied. 

     "Hey, but it's kinda fun." Michelle said.  "You wouldn't believe the 

sights in the locker room." He winked at Joe.  As far as Joe knew, Michelle 

had never even been in a women's locker room yet. 

     They finished their meal, but not before Tim downed two more beers.  

When they were ready to leave, it was becoming obvious that Tim was feeling 

the effects.  His speech was becoming a little slurred, and he was speaking 

much louder, his inhibitions almost completely gone.  When he got up, he 

clung to the back of the chair for support.  Joe saw his young friend had a 


     "Having some trouble Tim?"  Joe asked with a chuckle. 

     "I  I'm ok." Tim insisted.  "I'm just a little dizzy, that's 


     "Yeah.  We can see that."  Dave said.  "You're shit-faced Tim." 

     "I admit, I do think I feel a little buzz.  But really, I'm just fine." 

Tim again insisted.  "I think I better just go up to the room for a while." 

     "That's a good idea."  Joe agreed.  Are you going to go with him Dave?" 

     "Yeah, I'll take little miss muffet up to her room." Dave said, trying 

to hold back a laugh.  It was quickly becoming obvious that Tim could barely 


     It was all Dave, with Joe's help, could do to get the very tipsy Tim to 

the elevator.  Tim kept objecting to their assistance, and sometimes did so 

quite loudly.  When Joe's hand accidently touched Tim's breast, slightly 

pinching it between him and his arm, Tim objected loudly. 

     "Hey, lay off the boobs." Tim said.  "You think just because I'm a a 

little drunk I can't feel you touching me?" 

     "I'm not trying to touch you." Joe said with a snicker.  "I'm trying my 

best to help you walk." 

     They finally got Tim to his room.  They sat him on the bed, and then 

stood there a moment, wondering what to do next. 

     "Now what?" Tim asked.  "You two just going to stand there, and look at 


     "We're trying to decide what to do next."  Joe said laughing. 

     "Ok then, stand there.  I'm going to go take a piss."  Tim decided. 

     He tried to get up, but was having dificulty rising from the bed.  Joe 

grabbed his arm, and pulled him to his feet. 

     "Can you make it to the bathroom?"  Joe asked. 

     "I'd prrreacheat it if you'd help me get in there."  Tim conceded. 

     Joe assisted Tim to the bathroom.  When he got to the stool Tim stood 

there, and fiddled with the zipper at the front of his shorts.  He finally 

got the zipper down, and with his finger, started to probe around inside his 

shorts, as if looking for something.  Joe watched him, trying to figure out 

what he was trying to do. 

     "Just what are you up to now?"  Joe finally asked. 

     "Well, what does it look like." Tim said.  "I'm trying to take a piss. If 

I can just get my damn dick out, that is." 

     His foggy, confused mind had apparently forgot about the changes which 

had occured. 

     "I don't think that's going to work Tim." Joe said.  "Maybe you better 

just pull your pants down." 

     The results of the probing and Joe's words started to bring Tim back to 

reality.  He unbuttoned the waistband of the shorts, and pulled them down.  

He stood there, looking down at the blue panties he wore.  He looked over at 

Joe, and then back down at himself.  Finally, he broke out in laughter. 

     "You know what?" Tim asked.  "I forgot I was a girl.  I was thinking I 

was still a guy, and I was trying to piss standing up.  For a second there I 

was just having trouble finding my cock...It felt like it was just somehow 

caught between my legs or something.  Ain't that rad?  I thought it was just 

caught or something." He kept laughing, seeming to be amused by how his new 

body had tricked him. 

     Joe and Dave watched as Tim pulled down his underwear and then awkwardly 

sat on the stool, then they left the room. 

     "Think you'll be ok with him?"  Joe asked Dave. 

     "Sure.  If he don't come out in a few minutes, I'll go in after him." 

Dave said.  "You know, if a few beers made him forget about this, even if for 

a minute, I think I envy him." Dave said.  "I might just go out and get a 

six-pack myself." 

     Joe grinned at his friend.  "If you think it'll help, go ahead and try 

it, but you know as well as I do, it really won't change anything.  And just 

don't get so screwed up that you can't get up tomorrow." He said. 

     "Don't worry." Dave said.  "I'll probably just stay here and nursemaid 

 our little miss muffet."  

     "I'm going back to the room and hit the sack." Joe said.  "I don't know 

why I'm so tired." 

     "Maybe it's because you didn't get much sleep last night." Dave said, 


     Joe went back to his room, wondering what Dave meant by that last 

statement.  Did he know what he and Jay had done the night before?  

     Mike (Michelle) was standing in front of the dresser mirror, looking at 

him (her) self, and trying on each the tops she had bought that day. 

     "What dou you think?  What should I wear?"  Michelle asked hopefully. 

     "I think what you have on is as good as any." Joe advised.  "Maybe you 

should get some other things tomorrow." 

     "Yeah.  That won't help me tonight though."  Michelle said. 

     "What time are you going down there?"  Joe asked. 

     "I guess about eight." Michelle answered.  "I'll go down in a half hour. 

If nothing is going on, I'll only stay an hour or so." 

     "Are you sure you're really ready for this?"  Joe asked. 

     "Hell, I don't know Joe." Michelle mused.  "I thought it was a good idea 

when he...Gordon asked me...I'm more than a little nervous now, though." 

     "Don't go if you don't want to." Joe advised.  "Nobody's expecting you 

to do anything like this so soon." 

     "I might as well give it a try." Michelle said.  "As you said, nobody 

can tell I ain't a natural woman, and it'll be a challenge to try to act like 



     "Just don't get in any deeper than you really want to."  Joe said. 

     "Hey, I'm a big bo...girl.  I can take care of myself." Michelle said, 

grinning at her slip up. 

     Joe quickly removed his clothes, including his underwear, then pulled on 

the comportable little terry romper.  He snapped on the TV with the remote, 

and then pulled back the spread from the bed.  He lay down, bunching the two 

pillows up behind his head.  Remembering the hairpiece, he took it off and 

carefully placed it on the nightstand.  The air felt cool on his head as the 

conditioned air blew through his short hair.  He ran his hand through it, 

wishing it were as long as the wig so he could forget about wearing that.  In 

due time, he knew, all in due time... 

     Finally, Michelle left, and and Joe was left alone.  He tried to watch a 

movie, but was soon fast asleep. 


     Mr. Bates....  Mr. Bates....  Joe could hear someone calling his name. He 

looked around.  He was in a looked a bit like a hospital room, or 

maybe a laboratory of some kind.  A young, very pretty nurse was standing 

over his bed, shaking him and calling his name. 

     "What do you want?  Is something wrong?"  Joe asked. 

     "I was trying to wake you." The woman answered.  "You've been sleeping 

for hours.  I was beginning to wonder if you were ok."  

     "Yeah, I'm fine." Joe answered, taking stock of his senses as he woke. He 

pulled the sheet back, and saw that he was wearing a hospital gown.  He 

acidently brushed his chest, and didn't feel the familure softness of his 

breasts.  That's strange, he thought.  He placed a hand under the gown, and 

as he felt his bare chest, he realized that it was again covered with hair, 

and the only bulges evident were those of his well developed pectoral 

muscles.  It seemed that his soft breasts had departed as quickly as they had 

appeared. What's going on here, he wondered again.  The nurse saw his 

suprize, but remained silent and watched as he inspected his body.  Joe 

reached down and carefully felt between his legs.  There, instead of a tiny, 

sensitive, clitoris imbedded in the cleft of a moist vulva, he discovered a 

semi-erect penis, and under that, a testicle filled scrotum.  Since he had by 

now become familure with his new feminine shape, these male organs seemed 

unfamilure, and strangly huge. 

     With a start, Joe rapidly sat up in the bed.  This movement suprized the 

nurse, who jumped back quickly.  He swung his legs over the side of the bed, 

and stood up.  With that, it was obvious that he had also returned to his 

former height.  He ran his hands over his chest, his hips, and again touched 

himself between his legs, finding it difficult to believe what he was 

feeling. But, it was perfectly clear, his body had become male again. 

     The nurse, who had been watching in interest, finally said.  "Mr.  

Bates, I think you better get back into that bed.  I'll have to call the 


     "What is going on anyway?" Joe asked, confused.  "How did this happen to 


     "But don't you remember?" The nurse said.  "They've discovered the way 

to change you back to normal.  They tried an experiment on you yesterday, and 

as you can see, it worked.  But you better lay back down, until the doctor 

can check you over." 

     "But I'm ok...can't you see that?" Joe insisted.  He could feel the new 

strength in his muscles as he stretched his arms over his head. 

     "I'll call the doctor right now.  The nurse said, as she backed out of 

the room.  

     "I want to put some real clothes on." Joe told her as she left the room. 

     Joe then went over to the dresser near the wall.  When he opened a 

drawer, he found it contained only his female underwear...panties and a outer clothing at all.  He went to the small closet.  When he 

opened it he again found only his women's clothes.  He took out a hanger 

which held a top and pair of shorts.  It obvious that these things wouldn't 

fit him now, even if he dared try putting them on.  He went back to the bed 

and sat down on the edge, quite confused. 

     He was sitting there only a minute when the door to his room opened, and 

woman entered.  Joe was suprised to see it was his girl friend, Linda. 

     "Linda!  Look at me, I'm a man again!"  He exclaimed.  

     "I heard Joe, and I came right over." Linda said.  "Are you happy about 


     "Sure I am.   Aren't you?" Joe asked.  

     Linda walked over to his bed, and slowly pushed him back, until his head 

was again resting on the pillows.  Seductively, she put her soft hand under 

his hospital gown, and grasped his penis.  She slowly, gently ran her fingers 

up and down along the stiffening shaft, and Joe closed his eyes, enjoying the 

familure old sensation...a feeling he thought he would never again 

experience. As she stroked him, Linda placed her lips on his.  Joe could 

smell her and taste her sweetness as they kissed deeply.  He reached up and 

tried to put his arms around her, but she kept pushing them away, so that he 

couldn't get them around her.  Finally, he gave up trying to hold her, and 

just let her pleasure him.  In a very short while, he experienced the release 

of orgasm, and then felt Linda slide into the bed along side him.  He put his 

arms around her incredibly soft body, and held her tightly.  He suddenly 

became very tired. With Linda firmly in his arms, Joe fell fast asleep.  It 

seemed everything was working out after all. 



     Joe woke as he heard a key fumbling at the door to his room.  From the 

glow of the TV, he could see someone enter, and go over to the other bed. 

When the light on the side of the bed snapped on, Joe could see that it was a 

woman.  He looked down at Linda, and saw that he was hugging his pillows.  

The "other woman" was Michelle, coming in from his/her evening out.  Joe 

looked down at himself, and saw, as well as felt that his boobs were 

back...he was still a woman.  As a final confirmation, he tensed the muscles 

in his crotch, and could tell by the now familure sensation, that his new 

penis had only been a dream. 

     "Are you awake?"  Michelle asked, looking over at Joe. 

     "I am now." Joe said.  "But you wouldn't believe the dream I just had." 

     "Sorry I woke you." Michelle said as she removed her top, then softly 

scratched her breasts as the bra came off. 

     Joe looked over at the clock, it was two-thirty.  Mike/Michelle must 

have had a good evening. 

     "Well, how'd it go?"  He asked.  

     "Not so bad...not really bad at all." Mike/Michelle said, a smile 

forming on her lips.  "You know, I think I'm really gonna like this." 

     "Anything you can tell me about?" Joe asked.  He was curious how his 

friend did on his first social evening as a woman, in mixed company. 

     Michelle smiled broadly.  "I though I'd kill somebody if they suggested 

I'd ever dare kiss a man, but tonight I actually did just that...just a 

little peck, and just outside that door, and my heart is still pounding from 


     "So you kissed Gordon, huh?" Joe asked.  "Was it as good as kissing a 


     "Hey, you know, it wasn't really that much different." Michelle 

answered, still smiling.  "But I'm not sure if I'll ever get used to all the 


     "What touching?"  Joe asked. 

     "I think Gordon really is a "tit man".  Michelle answered, grinning.  He 

kept trying to sneak a feel of these things whenever he had a chance." 

     "Did it bother you?" Joe asked, about ready to laugh at his friends 

description of his introduction to womanhood. 

     "Well, I guess it didn't 'bother' me.  At first, I would just push his 

hand away, but he persisted, so I decided to let him go...get a good feel if 

thats what he wanted...and then see what he would want to do next." 

     "What did he do?" Joe asked, his interest becoming peaked. 

     "Nothing.  Nothing except feel my boobs...touch them all over...and I 

admit, it did start to feel kind of good, too.  I think if he had just kept 

it up, he could have done anything else he wanted...I thought I was going to 

leave a puddle on my seat...I finally had to go to the bathroom and freshen 

myself up." Michelle grinned.  "I found out something else too." 

     "What's that?" Joe asked. 

     "I think females get 'blue balls' too." Michelle said indelicately.  

"And tonight, I had em...bad." 

     "Sorry to hear it." Joe said, almost cracking up.  "And what did you do 

about that?" 

     "Nothing...what could I do?" Michelle asked.  "When I finally went to 

the bathroom, it was so crowded, I could hardly 'do' myself there.  I'm ok 

now though." 

     "Well, I'm sure glad to hear that." Joe chuckled. 

     Michelle went into the bathroom, and came out a few minutes later.  She 

put on one of her old T shirts to sleep in.  Like Joe, Mike had always slept 

in the nude before, but now prefered to wear something while she slept. 

     Joe snapped off the TV, and lay there in the darkness, trying to get 

back to sleep.  He began to think about the dream he had been having.  It had 

all seemed so real.  He could feel it, just as if he had really been changed 

back. It was the first time since the change had occured that he had 

experienced the feeling of having his maleness, and he realized that though 

he had become resigned to his present fate, he still missed his old status.  

He closed his eyes to the darkness and tried to sleep, hoping that at least 

the dream would return. 


     Joe was awakened by the sound of the clock radio as it blasted out a 

Beatles tune.  The first thing he did when he woke, as was becoming a habit, 

was feel between his legs, never giving up hope that he might awaken in his 

old body.  But as usual, his fingers only brushed along the moistness of his 

vulva.  He continued to stroke the silky softness lightly, enjoying his light 

touch to that sensitive area. 

     Swinging his head around in the darkened room, Joe looked at the red 

glow of the LED's on the radio.  Seven-thirty already.  The night had gone by 

quickly.  He loo ked over at Mike/Michelle, and saw that she was also 

stirring, not wanting to get up, but knowing it was that time. 

     Joe crawled out of bed and staggered to the bathroom.  He started the 

shower running and pulled down the terrycloth romper, stepping out of it, and 

then sat and relieved himself as the water temprature stabilized.  He 

finished on the toilet, and felt the shower stream.  Satisfied, he took his 

soap and wash cloth, and stepped in.  He finished quickly and stepped out to 

dry off. When he finished doing that, he wrapped himself in a towel and went 

out into the main room.  He decided to dress before applying makeup.  

Michelle was still in bed, the covers pulled over her head.  Joe shook the 

bed with his foot. 

     "You got the bathroom, sleepy head."  He said.  

     Mike/Michelle pulled the covers off her face, and gave Joe a mean look. 

     "What time do we have to be at the clinic?"  She asked. 

     "I think we should get there at least by nine-thirty." Joe said.  

"That's only an hour and a half from now." 

     Michelle sat up in bed, and then reached down, and carefully felt her 

breasts.  Joe smiled as he watched his friend inspecting her body. 

     "Find something you like?"  He asked. 

     "I was just checking, trying to tell if I'm any bigger this morning." 

Michelle answered.  "I'm not sure, but I think they're still getting a little 

bigger every day." Mike/michelle smiled, somewhat embarrased. 

     "Well, Gordon will like that."  Joe teased. 

     "Hey, what the hell, we all have to deal with this thing in our own way, 

right?" Michelle protested. 

     "Yeah, I guess that's true." Joe agreed.  "If your way is to want to 

look like Dolly Parton, that's ok with me." 

     With that, Joe went to his bag, and pulled out the little black bra and 

panty set he bought yesterday.  As he stepped into the tiny panty, he 

considered what Michelle just said.  He knew, from last nights dream, that he 

had last night, that deep down inside, he still wanted to be a man...and he 

he still liked women too.  But...the reality of the situation was...he wasn't 

a man anymore.  At least he no longer had a male body...he wasn't so sure 

about his brain.  Even if that had become female now too, at least it still 

contained all his old male memories.  And the new hormones that were now 

coarsing through his veins...well, they were making living in the body he now 

posessed than tolerable...enjoyable.  And now it 

seemed, he found that wearing this kind of stuff was why shouldn't 

he do it? It was how he dealt with this "thing".  In his own way. 

     Joe had finished putting on his sexy underthings, when Michelle came out 

of the bathroom wearing the T shirt.  She went to her bags and pulled out 

some underwear.  Joe looked at his friend.  

     "Are you done in there?" Joe asked. 

     "You want to go in there again?"  Michelle asked. 

     "I want to put on some makeup."  Joe said. 

     "Oh, yeah?  Can you show me how to do that too?"  Michelle asked. 

     "Well, I'll do my best" Joe said, and then went to the closet and took 

out the suit.  Just seeing it caused him think of Linda.  He removed it from 

the hangers, and, after donning a slip, he put the business-like outfit on. 

When he moved, Joe feel the thong back of the little panty between his 

buttocks, and that constant reminder of what he wore underneath gave him a 

strangly good feeling. 

     "What you really need is for somebody who knows what they're doing to 

help you." Joe said.  "Remember, I'm just a beginner at this stuff too.  I'm 

sure Karen would be glad to help." 

     "Yeah, I'll ask her I guess." Michelle said.  "But I'm gonna watch what 

you do anyway, if you don't mind." 

     "No problem." Joe answered.  "Just hope you don't pick up any bad habits 

by watching me.  Yestarday and today are the only times I've ever done this 

without help." 

     "It looked ok to me yestarday." Michelle decided.  "You must be doing it 

right, I guess." 

     Joe went to the bathroom mirror, and proceded to do his face.  When he 

was finished, he helped Michelle do the same, using his cosmetics.  The 

colors were not as favorable for Michelle's complexion, but were 


     "You should go to the mall, and get a makeover." Joe said.  "It's 

rediculously expensive, and they sell you all kinds of stuff, but they will 

show you what you need...what looks best for you.  And it wasn't even 

embarassing...for me at least." 

     "What do you mean by that, Bates?  Michelle asked.  "Do you think I'd 

have a problem." Mike/Michelle was still somewhat insecure about her 


     "No, nothing like that, you dope, I just wasn't sure if yould be 

emmbarrased to have a woman teach you to wear makeup.  I guess I still have a 

problem thinking of you as you are now.  You've changed so much...we all 

have."  Joe said. 

     "Yeah, I know what you mean." Michelle agreed.  "While ago, when I 

looked at myself in the wasn't really me staring back, was it?  

If it wasn't that my head has changed too...I don't really know how to 

describe what I mean...I don't think I could handle this.  Sure, at first 

it's kind of interesting...exciting wake up looking like a woman, 

but it don't take long to realize that this ain't just some fancy costume 

we're wearing, it goes all the way to the bone.  We don't...we can't just 

take it off at night. At first I thought just getting used to the physical 

differences would be the hardest part, but hell, that's 

nothing...well...almost nothing.  (Michelle rubbed her crotch). I think the 

worst of this is the different way other people relate to you...I was still 

taller than a lot of those guys in there last night, and I think I could have 

even whipped a few of them, even while I'm like this.  But to those 

their eyes...most of em anyway, I could tell that they just saw me as a dumb 

woman.  Somebody to treat 'nice' a few drinks, and maybe, if they got 

lucky, take up to their room.  I guess I can get used to that...most natural 

woman do I suppose...but that's gonna be the really hard part, as I see it." 

She looked at herself in the mirror, as Joe finished putting on the finishing 


     Michelle looked into Joe's eyes, and saw they were wet from tears 

welling in them. 

     "Are you gonna cry on me Bates?" Michelle asked, trying to sound like 

the tough guy he used to be. 

     "Damn it Michelle, I can't help it.  What you just said, it's 

the same kind of thing I've been feeling.  I guess it's the hormones, they do 

make having the bod more fun, I guess, but I think they've turned me into a 

sob sister, or something...almost anything makes me cry, it seems." Joe said, 

wiping his eyes, smearing the light makeup he had just applied. 

     "I guess we better reserve judgment on the 'fun with the bod' till those 

hormones do what they're gonna do and we get our menstrual periods." Michelle 

said.  "That's another one of my big concerns about all this.  God, I never 

thought I'd ever be worrying about least not my own period.  All 

the blood and all, I don't know if I really want to go through that." 

     "I thought you were getting all ate up with this 'female' thing." Joe 

said.  "Now you say you're afraid of having a period?" 

     "No. Not afraid.  I just don't want to have one, that's all." Michelle 


     "Well, assuming we're both normal, for women that is, I guess we'll have 

one every month for the next fifteen, or twenty years.  Unless we happen to 

fool around and get ourselves knocked up, that is." Joe said, grinning. 

     "That's another thing..." Michelle said.  "I don't know a damn thing 

about being a mother...having kids...none of that stuff like that." 

     "Hey, do you really think you would be any smarter if you were born 

looking like this?" Joe asked.  "I really doubt that natural women are privy 

to some secret knowledge, things we can never learn." 

     "Maybe you're right, I don't know, I just know I wasn't taught to put on 

makeup, and my mom surw never taught me anything about periods either.  Now. 

here I am, with a body that seems to be getting more female every day, and 

when I think about that, it's pretty damn scarry." Mike/Michelle admitted. 

     "Yeah, I agree with you, when I think about it, I'm not sure I can 

handle it.  But, if we just take it a little at a time, maybe we can get 

through it." 

 Joe said. 

     They finished dressing, and then repacked their bags.  By then it was 

time to meet the others down stairs.  They went down to the coffee shop, and 

found that Dave and Tim were already there.  Tim looked a little rough.  His 

big blue eyes were bloodshot, and he was holding his head in his hand. 

     "How's it going Tim?"  Joe asked. 

     "Don't ask." Tim said.  "I don't know what happened.  Four beers NEVER 

did this to me before." 

     "You're a different person now, you know." Joe reminded him.  "A lot of 

things are different.  You better remember that." 

     "Yeah, I know, I know.  I just didn't think it would be that different." 

Tim lamented. 

     They quickly ordered and ate their breakfast.  Tim only sipped orange 

juice, and downed a glass of alka-seltzer.  When they were finished, they 

again checked out of the hotel, and drove to the clinic.  When they arrived, 

it was still a little early, and they were not quite ready for Tim, and the 

others.  Finally Tim was called in, and he left the others sitting in the 

waiting room.  Joe gathered a stack of magazines, and started reading. 

     In a little less than an hour, Tim came back out, a strange smile was on 

his face. 

     "Well, it's done, for better or worse."  He said. 

     "What do you mean?"  Joe asked.  

     "I signed the papers...I guess it's official...I'm not a guy anymore." 

He said, sitting down next to Joe. 

     "Welcome to the club." Joe said.  "I'll let you know what the dues are." 

     "I guess we're done here." Mike said.  "I haven't seen Karen yet, 


     "Yeah, I thought she'd be here by now." Joe considered.  He got up and 

walked to the receptionists desk. 

     "Where is Karen?"  He asked her. 

     "Oh, don't you know, she's back in the classroom, waiting for you do 

finish."  She answered.  "Why don't you go back and find her?" 

     Joe went down the hallway, looking in each open door until he found 

Karen, sitting at a table, reading a book. 

     "Gee, I thought you overslept or something." Joe teased.  "We're ready 

to go back to Phoenix, I guess." 

     "Ok." Karen answered.  "I got here pretty early, and I guess I got tied 

up inside this book."  She closed it, and replaced it on the shelf. 

     They walked up to the front, and when they got there they found Dr. 

Krell was waiting for them.  

     "I'll be there tomorrow morning." He said.  "They have been getting 

things ready, and I think were ready to try some experiments." 

     "Ok.  We'll see you tomorrow morning." Joe said.  "Do you know where to 

meet us?" 

     "Honeybone will send someone to pick me up at the airport." Dr. Krell 


     After they said thier thank-you's and good-bye's, everyone again loaded 

into the Lincoln for the ride to the airport.  When they arrived, Dave went 

to the plane to preflight, while Joe went to check weather, and file.  In 

maybe ten minutes, Joe was back at the plane.  

     "Severe clear as usual, except for a little smog."  Joe said.  

     "All ready to go."  Dave said. 

     They piled into the Cessna 421 for the flight back to Arizona.  Joe took 

the right seat, and Dave made the take off.  When they were at cruise, Joe 

looked back at the others in the cabin of the plane. 

     "Do you want to fly?"  He asked Tim. 

     "Sure."  Tim said.  "I thought you'd never ask." 

     As Dave flew, Joe carefully crawled out of the right seat.  It was more 

difficult that he realized since he was wearing the snug fitting skirt.  Even 

though his changed body was more flexible, he found that he was now more 

limited in his movements by the clothes he often wore. 

     Wearing pants, Tim easily maneuvered himself into the right seat.  When 

he was belted in, Dave gave him control of the aircraft. 

     "You got it." Dave said.  "Keep that needle centered." He pointed to the 

colorful horizontal situation display on his side of the panel.  Since the 

421 was usually used as an avionics test aircraft, the panels could be easily 

changed out, and had been replaced a number of times since Dave and Joe had 

been flying it. The right side was also equipped with basic instrumentation, 

but did not have the sophisticated electronic display of the left side. 

     Tim, who was a private pilot, had only flown singles, and was cessna 

twin was the largest he had flown.  He did a good job of keeping the needle 

centered, and held the planes altitude to IFR standards. 

     Before long, they were approaching the Phoenix area.  Dave handled the 

radios, and Tim followed the instructions of the controller as he gave them 

new headings and altitudes to fly, as they approached Deer Valley airport, 

north of Phoenix.  They were told to follow a Beech Baron, and Joe could see 

it about five miles ahead.  He could tell by its yellow color, and the accent 

of its pilot as he spoke to approach, that the Baron was a Lufthansa trainer, 

from Goodyear airport southwest of Phoenix. 

     "Can I land it?"  Tim asked. 

     "Think you can?"  Dave replied. 

     "Yeah, I think so." Tim said.  "If I can get the seat high enough to see 

over the panel."  

     Since he had undergone the change, Tim had become smaller than he had 

been as a male.  He had perhaps lost only a little more height than the 

others, but it seemed to come from his torso (his legs were almost as long as 

before), the change in size was most evident when he was seated.  Now, he 

needed the seat raised in order to see over the panel as he landed.  Dave 

took the controls as Tim fumbled with the recalcitrant seat mechanism.  Joe 

found it humorous to watch the young man, his breasts jiggling provocatively 

as he struggled to move the seat.  Finally he was able to make the stubborn 

seat move forward and upward, and he was finally able to see out the front of 

the plane on landing.  He held up a funnel shaped object to which a hose was 

connected, which led under the seat.  The relief tube.  On the 421, this tube 

was connected to a venturi, and it allowed the pilot to urinate without 

leaving his seat.  Joe had used it only once, as he flew the plane solo to 

Minnesota.  He wondered if it was even possible to use it now.  He decided 

that it would at least be very awkward.  Even if he could physically do it, 

it would now be necessary to pull his underwear down.  That would be a trick 

in the small cockpit.  Not very dignified, and certainly not at all ladylike. 

     Tim carefully tucked the tube back under the seat.  Then looked back at 



     "Looks like you got it."  Joe said, giving him thumbs up. 

     "Yeah, finally." Tim said, rubbing his left breast where it had been 

pinched by the seat belt as he worked on the seat.  "Seems like these damn 

things are always in the way." He grinned. 

     "But they make the clothes fit so well." Joe teased.  He just couldn't 

resist kidding the young man. 

     Tim gave Joe a dirty look.  Tim liked Joe and he knew they were just 

teasing him because he was youngest, and also maybe because he did have the 

most breast development of them all, except maybe for Dave.  And so far, Dave 

didn't count. 

     Even though he had been feminized like the others, Dave didn't try to 

look or act feminine in any way.  He had conceded enough to wear a bra, but 

it was more to keep his substantial bosom from bouncing uncomfortably than to 

emphasize it.  He always wore coveralls or other figure concealing clothing. 

He wasn't bad looking, he could actually be quite attractive if he tried, but 

he intentionally did nothing to bring attention to his new body shape.  He 

even tried to lower the tone of his voice when he talked, trying to make his 

now feminine voice sound as masculine as he could.  He would sometimes 

forget, and the difference was humorous sounding, somewhat like a young man 

going through puberty, but reversed. 

     Deer Valley Airport became visible in the windshield, maybe ten miles 

ahead.  Approach cleared them to tower frequency, and Dave reduced the power, 

so that they could slow, and configure for landing.  Soon the sound of the 

flaps moving to the first setting could be heard, followed soon by the gear. 

When they were on dogleg to final, Dave selected landing flaps, and gave Tim 

the new airspeed to fly.  Tim followed the instructions carefully, and flew 

smoothly, with a look of intense concentration on his attractive features. 

Without any assistance from Dave, Tim landed the Cessna, his first multi-

engine touchdown.  He grinned from ear to ear as he taxied the plane to the 

Honeybone ramp. 

     "Good job."  Dave conceded.  "I couldn't have done better myself." 

     The engines stopped turning, and Joe went back to open the door.  They 

were greeted by the maintenance crew.  It was only eleven thirty in the 

morning, and they were expected.  

     "Morning Joe." The mechanic said.  The mechanics name was Tom Garson.  

He had known Joe for some time and, like Joe, was a sports car nut.  It was 

the first time he had seen Joe since the change had occured and he looked the 

engineer over carefully, while trying not to seem overly curious. 

     "Hi Tom."  Joe replied. 

     "You're looking good."  Tom said absently, trying to sound nonchalant. 

     "Ain't that the truth." Joe agreed, a big grin on his face.  "But I can 

get used to it, if you can." 

     "Sure, no problem here." Tom said.  "But it is hard to believe that its 

really you there." 

     "Believe it, its still me." Joe said, as he began removing the bags from 

the plane.  

     Tom pushed Joe aside and began doing the heavy work of moving the bags. 

Not that anything was really that heavy, but Tom's instincts prevented him 

from letting a woman perform that kind of exertion. There was little doubt to 

Tom that the person next to him was anything but a woman.  Her/his clothing, 

appearance, size, shape, even the way she was straining to lift her bags, it 

was obvious that Joe Bates really had become a female. 

     At first the intrusion irritated Joe, but then he realized that nothing 

was intended by it.  It was just his own appearance which had caused Tom to 

react that way, and he might as well try and get used to it.  Tom loaded the 

bags on a little cart, and pulled it in the hanger office.  Joe went over to 

Dave, who was filling out the trip report. 

     "What else do we have to do today?"  Dave asked. 

     "I don't know, but I doubt it would be much." Joe replied.  They walked 

together into the office.  The mechanics would refuel and service the Cessna. 

     When they entered the office, the dispatcher was at his desk.  He looked 

over Joe and Dave carefully. 

     "Joe...Joe Bates?" he asked, somewhat embarrassed to have to ask such a 

question to someone he had known for a few years. 

     "Yeah Ted, its really me."  Joe said, smiling at the embarrassed man. 

     "I figured you'd look a little different, but gosh, I didn't realize..." 

He didn't know what to say. 

     "Yeah, I know." Joe agreed.  "Believe me, its not easy for us either. But 

inside, we're still the same guy's." 

     "Yeah, ok, well...anyway, Jim Matheney wants you to call as soon as you 

land."  Ted said.  "He'll be at his office all day.  

     "Thanks Ted." Joe replied, going over to the phone, and realizing that 

Ted, and everyone else in the room could not take thier eyes off of him or 

Dave.  Dave sat down at a desk to phone home, while Joe used the wall phone.  

     He dialed the number to Jim's office, and his boss immediately answered. 


     "Hi Jim.  Joe here." Joe said.  "We're back, safe and sound, relatively 


     "Well, I'm glad to here that.  What did you find out?"  Jim asked. 

     "Nothing much really.  They exmanined us again, and I guess they decided 

that we're not in any danger.  But I don't know how long we'll have to stay 

this way.  Looks to me like it might be for some time."  Joe told him. 

     "Yeah.  Dr. Krell has been talking to me.  He's hoping to get some clues 

from what we do here.  We have the cage set up with the transmitters. 

Everything can be operated from outside the cage." Jim said.  "I just don't 

know what they plan to put in the cage...animals I guess." 

     "Yeah, probably." Joe said.  "Eventually, they'll probably want to try 


     "I've heard of a lot of the things that radio energy can cause.  But I 

never thought it could cause something like what happened to you guy's." Jim 

went on.  "How's it going, Joe?" 

     "Well, I guess it gets easier as time passes." Joe replied.  "It really 

don't hurt, or anything, but it is a hard thing to get accustomed to." 

     "I guess so."  Jim said.  "I just don't know how you can do it." 

     "Really not much choice I guess." Joe said.  "Life's a bitch, and then 

you die." 

     "Do you have time to stop over here before you go home?" Jim asked. "Dave 

too, if he's still there." 

     "Sure, we'll be right over."  Joe replied.  "What do you have in mind?" 

     "Oh, nothing much really." Jim answered.  "I just wanted you to see what 

we have set up, and get your opinion on it before we meet with Dr. Krell 


     "Ok.  We'll be there in oh, maybe thirty minutes.  Is that Ok?" Joe 


     "Absolutely."  Jim answered.  "See you soon."  

     "Bye."  Joe hung up the phone. 

     Joe went over to the desk were Dave was sitting. 

     If you have the time, Jim would like us to stop by at the shop before we 

leave for the day."  He said. 

     "Yeah.  I can do that."  Dave replied.  "Any idea what he wants?" 

     "I think he just wants us to look at what he has set up for tomrrow, 

before Dr. Krell arrives."  Joe said. 

     Karen, Mike/Michelle and Tim came into the room, and Joe told them what 

he was going to do. He asked Tim and Mike if they could be at the Honeybone 

offices tomorrow morning. Mike agreed that he could, but Tim didn't know 

where it was.  Dave told him he'd take him over if he'd drive to his house.  

Tim knew where that was from thier discussion the night before. 

     Joe asked Karen if she thought she could be there.  She said she wasn't 

sure yet, but that it might be possible, since it was likely that Dr. 

Bennedict would want to be there too, and she would probably go along.  

     They said thier good-bye's, and Joe took his bag to his car.  Dave 

followed, and they drove to thier meeting with Jim, at the office.  When they 

arrived, Jim showed them the test installation.  The transmitters, each with 

thier small antenna, were set up in a large, almost cage-like "room" made of 

wire mesh.  The fine weave of the wire screen was there to shield observers 

from any effects of the radio energy by containing it within the room.  The 

size of the mesh was small enough to block transmisson of any frequencies the 

system was likely to generate.  There were closed circuit video cameras with 

recorders and monitors set up, to record all responses of the test subject, 

whatever, or whoever that might be.  Joe wondered who would volunteer for 

such an strange assignment, but then after he considered it, he figured that 

probably many of Dr. Krell's patients would be more than willing to undergo 

such an experience.  Indeed, if it could consistantly cause what had happened 

to him, people would pay money for it.  It would be an interesting task...and 

the outcome of it would certainly affect his life as much as anything he had 

ever done. 

     They agreed to meet in the morning, there at the test lab, at nine.  Joe 

and Dave left Jim, and each went home.  Dave to Cindy, his wife, and Joe back 

to Linda's house.  Tomorrow would be a big day for both of them. 




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