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Archive-name: Changes/bates18.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story- 18

                  Chapter 18 

                  ANSWERS II 

   The Town Car pulled into the FBO parking area.  Jay and Joe quickly got 

out, and went to the desk.  The others, Karen, Dave, Mike, remained in the 


   Jay went over to the desk, and began speaking to the girl there. 

   "No sir, they haven't started working on your plane yet."  She said. 

   "Can I talk to the mechanic?"  Jay asked. 

   "Sure.  I'll call him."  The girl said, picking up the phone. 

   In a few moments, a heavy set, middle aged man came from the door to the 

hangers.  He walked up to Jay, and shook his hand. 

   "Hi.  We'll be getting to that Mooney in about fifteen minutes."  He said.  

"I think we'll have you two back in the sky before ten." 


   Jay looked at Joe and grinned, but said nothing. As Jay  described the 

symptoms he had the night before, the service manager listened intently. When 

Jay was finished the he spoke. 

   "It sure sounds like a pump has packed up."  He said, and went back into 

the hanger. 

   "The girl behind the desk spoke.  "We have coffee, and rolls over there."  

She said, pointing to an area with a coffee pot, and a couple of boxes of 

doughnuts.  "Please make yourself at home." 

   "Well, it looks like you'll be ok."  Joe told Jay.  "I'd better get 


   "If you get back tonight, give me a call."  Jay said. 

   "Yeah, I will."  Joe said.  He was noticing something very different in how 

Jay was relating to him.  He wasn't sure how to take it. 

   Joe left Jay at the desk, and went back to the parking lot.  As he walked, 

he could feel the gentle breeze on his legs, and felt it billow under the 

little sun dress.  The feeling was very different from anything he had felt 

before.  He had only been outdoors wearing a dress a few times before, but 

then he always wore pantyhose or stockings.  This morning he wore only 

panties under the dress.  His legs were bare, and the breeze made him feel 

sexy, almost naked.  Joe smiled to himself, enjoying the feeling as he got 

back in the Lincoln with his friends. 

   "He'll be OK.  I think we can go."  He said. 

   Karen was driving, and quickly got back on the road to the clinic.  In 

about eight minutes, they pulled into the small parking area beside the 

clinic. They all went in, and checked in with the receptionist.  Then they 

took seats until called. 

   In less than five minutes, the receptionist called Tim, who followed her 

into Dr. Krell's office. 

   The receptionist came out, and spoke to them, looking mostly at Karen. 

   "Why don't you take them into the classroom, if you like. Susan has some 

tapes for them to watch.  They might be in there already." The receptionist 


   The others followed Karen into the little classroom.  On one of the tables 

were three video tapes.  Karen went over and looked at them. 

   "How about 'OURSELVES'"?   Karen asked, holding up one of the cassettes.  

"I believe it's meant for girls going through puberty, but I perhaps you'll 

find it interesting too.  It's probably quite relevant." 

   "Yeah, it's just what we need."  Mike said sarcastically.  "Adolescent 

health films." 

   "Never know,  you just might learn something, Mike."  Karen answered back.  

She went to the VCR, and put the tape in. 


   On a large color monitor, they watched as the educational film ran.  It was 

obviously meant for young women, but it carefully explained the workings of 

the female, and male, organs of reproduction, showing them as fairly accurate 

drawings, rather than photographs.  As the female organs were explained, the 

four former men watched intently as the anatomy they now possessed was 

covered in considerable detail.  A cartoon like segment showed a girl as she 

developed into a young adult, from pubic hair, to breast development, and 

menstrual periods.  Then, it showed a cartoon of an adolescent boy and his 

journey to maturity, explaining it from the point of view of a young woman.  

Joe found it quite different to watch this now, from the last time he watched 

a somewhat similar movie. Then, he was thirteen, and a curious young male.  

He looked over at Mike, who was also showing a lot of interest in the tape.  

As his eyes moved to his pal Dave, he noticed that while he too was 

transfixed by what he watching, his right hand was idly kneading the soft 

bulge of his left breast as he watched.  Dave must have felt Joe's eyes on 

him because he looked over, and saw Joe smiling as he watched him.  

Embarrassed, he folded his hands on the table. 

   When the tape finished, Karen went to the VCR and  rewound the cassette.  

She held up the other two. 

   "Do you want to watch these now, or take a break?"  She asked. 

   "Let's watch em."  Mike said quickly.  "What are they about?"   His 

attitude had changed quickly. 

   "Well, this one is about clothing, and cosmetics.  It's an introduction to 

the Real Life Test.  Dr. Krell has this to show his reassignment patients." 

Karen answered.  "It's pretty long." 

   "What's the other one?"  Dave asked.  His interest had obviously been 

peaked by the first tape. 

   "This covers contraceptive methods."  It's actually intended for medical 

students, or doctors, but you all of you can probably appreciate it. It's 

thirty two minutes long.  I don't think I've seen it either." Karen answered. 

   "Well. we don't need that one."  Dave said.  "At least I won't." 

   "It might be worth watching."   Karen returned.  "You are all probably 

fertile females now, and you had better understand what that means." 

   Joe understood all too well the significance of his situation.  He thought 

about last night, and how it seemed he was almost beside himself, seemingly 

unable to control his new desires.  He couldn't remember ever being that 

overwhelmed by masculine passion. 

   "I'd like to see it."  Joe blurted out.  The others looked over at him and 

grinned.  Mike spoke. 

   "You ready to try out the new equipment"?  He said. 

   "We might be this way for a long time...maybe for the rest of our lives."  

Joe said matter of factly.  "We might as well face that reality." 

   "Joe's right.  I don't know how you feel right now, but you might change 

your mind as time passes."  She put the tape in the machine, and pressed 


   This film was obviously meant for a mature audience.  It was a no nonsense 

review of birth control methods, showing the advantages, disadvantages, and 

performance statistics of each form, from the condoms, to oral 

contraceptives.  While watching it Joe decided he would ask Dr. Krell about a 

diaphragm.  He wondered how he could bring the subject up. 

   As the tape finishing with a review of the various methods, the instructor, 

Susan Stevens entered the room.  She took a seat next to Joe, but said 

nothing.  Joe could detect the pleasant scent of her perfume.  When the tape 

finished, she walked to the front of the room. 

   "Good morning."  The nurse said.  "My  name is Susan Stevens.  I'm a 

registered nurse.  I've been married for ten years, and I have two children. 

I've been informed as to what has happened to you, and I'm here to help.  

Feel free to ask any questions you want.  You won't embarrass me.  I'll try 

my best not to embarrass you.  Susan Stevens was a very attractive woman, 

perhaps in her early thirties.  She sat on top of the small desk in the front 

of the room, and her fitted white uniform did little to hide her attractive 


   No one wanted to be the first to speak,  preferring to wait for others to 

break the ice.  Susan looked at each of them, the friendly smile never 

leaving her face. 

   "I work here at the clinic on a regular basis, so I see many examples of 

gender disphoria.  I must admit, however, I've never heard of a case like you 

three have experienced.  I've seen your files...quite interesting.  Before I 

joined you here, I was in the examination room with Dr. Krell as he checked 

over your friend Tim.  It is really quite amazing."  Susan said. 

   The others just looked at her, saying nothing. 

   "Come now.  You've been like this what...five..six days?  You must have 

some questions about yourselves, your anatomic changes, in that time. 

   Surprisingly, Dave spoke first. 

   I'm a married man.  The father of two kids.  How do I explain to a four 

year old son why I look like this?   And my wife, how do I relate to her?"  

The feminine tone of his voice had a bitter edge. 

   Well, I'm not sure about what can be done about your marriage." Susan said.  

"Dr. Krell has people looking at the problem.  For the immediate future, how 

does your wife feel about it?  Does she reject you?" 

   "Well, no."  Dave said. 

   "Then don't reject her."  She went on.  "I don't know how you feel about 

her, or will feel about her as time goes on, but if you can...if you still 

have feelings for her, tell her.  Let her know.  I think she'll understand.  

Give her some time." 

   "Yeah, but look at me.  I can hardly please her, looking like this." Dave 


   "Give her a little credit."  Susan said.  "I doubt that sex is at the top 

of her priority list right now. She's probably most concerned for your 

feelings, and with trying to help you cope.  Talk to her.  Ask her.  Just 

don't push her away." 

   "But what about my kids?"  Dave asked again. 

   "Answer the questions when they ask.  Don't tell them more than they want 

to know.  You might find that at such a young age, they'll accept almost 

anything as normal."  Susan advised. 

    Dave shook his head in agreement. 

   "What does a period feel like?"  Mike blurted out.  "Will I know its going 

to happen before blood comes out?" 


   "Well, that's a tough one."  Susan looked at Mike with a understanding 

grin.  "From personal experience, sometimes I feel like hell for a day or two 

before my flow, and sometimes it comes as a complete surprise.  Most likely, 

you'll know something is going to happen before it does.  You'll probably 

retain water, and your breasts often feel very tender because of that.  All 

women are different though, and it will probably take time to learn your own 

bodies pattern.  Also, I don't know about a situation like yours, but when 

adolescents get their first menses, it's often irregular for some months, 

then it settles into a predictable pattern, more or less.  Of course there 

are always exceptions.  Are any of you menstruating now?" 

   They all looked at each other, and shook their heads. 

   "Well, don't lose any sleep worrying about it.  It really isn't that bad. 

   The discussion moved to questions about hygiene, and self examination, how 

to keep their new female parts healthy, and working properly.  Mike was 

asking most of the questions.  It was obvious that he had been at a distinct 

disadvantage compared to Joe and Dave, both of whom were assisted with the 

changes by the women already in their lives.  Mike asked what he could do 

about his sensitive nipples.  Susan gave him advice similar to what Karen had 

recommended, and advised that he wear a bra, or a silk camisole under 

clothes. Mike said he didn't know how to buy, or wear a stuff like that.  

Susan said that they should view the other tape, and Karen told him she'd 

help.  The conversation continued until Tim came into the room, and took a 

seat.  Susan greeted him, and quickly went over her self introduction again.  

She quickly went over the questions which had already been discussed, and 

asked Tim if he had anything to ask, or to add. 

   "I feel strange...well...kinda horny or something...I don't know..." Tim 

said with great embarrassment.  "Often...sometimes, I feel like I'm getting 

an erection.  I know that can't happen, its obvious when I see myself that it 

would be impossible now.  But, I...I feel like I still have my cock, but know 

I don't.  It seems all I can do now is wet my underpants.  What the hell am I 

supposed to do?"  Tim asked. 

   "Tim, I think you must try to get used to the way you ARE.  I've seen what 

you look like.  You aren't deformed, or anything.  Sure, your genitalia is be sure, but you are still normal...for a genetic female, and it 

appears that's what you have become, at least that's what your body is now.  

We can try to help you get accustomed to the differences...adapt to what you 

have become."  Susan said. 

   "Yeah, I know.  I just came from Dr. Krells office.  You saw what he did to 

me in the examination room.  Just now, he just told me he thought I was 

healthy, and normal, FOR A FEMALE!   A girl!   He said I was a probably a 

girl! You can't possibly  realize how hard that is for me, just to walk 

outside looking like this."  Tim said loudly.  His now feminine voice showed 

his frustration.  "I'm a guy...I just turned twenty one.   Hell, I just had 

sex for the first time last year...and cock is gone, and I've got 

tits...real ones...and it seems that nobody can do anything about it." 

   "Please.  Calm down."  Susan said with authority.  "I realize it's 

difficult.  Mike here, and Dave, and Joe too...They have the same adjustments 

that you do.  We don't know for sure that it's permanent, at least not yet. 

But even if it happens to be, you're going to have to quit feeling sorry for 

yourself.  You say you're a still man.  Well then...quit whining." 

   The hard way Susan spoke to Tim surprized Joe.  He looked over at the young 

man with the body of a young woman, as Tim wiped the tears welling in his 

eyes.  Joe knew the way Tim was feeling...the emotional roller coaster they 

were all on.  He reached down, and took Tim's hand in his own.  It felt very 

soft.  He gave it a squeeze, which Tim returned. 


   Tim looked at Joe with desperate eyes.  "Joe, what am I going to do? What 

will my parents say when they find out what's happened to me?"  He asked. 

   "Don't worry.  I'm sure they'll understand, when they find out what 

happened.  This certainly isn't your fault.  Ease up.  You just gotta ease 

up." Joe said, continuing to hold Tim's hand. 

   "I don't know.  I just don't know."  Tim said. He was holding Joe's hand 

tightly, and Joe could feel him shaking.  It amazed Joe just how feminine Tim 

now looked and felt. 

   "We've all got to help each other get through this."  Mike said.  He now 

had suddenly become more accepting to their plight. 

   The receptionist came to the door to the room, and said something to Susan.  

She went back to the front of the room. 

   "Why don't you all watch the last tape, and then I'll take some more 

questions, and then Dr. Krell wants to See Tim again.  The rest of you will 

be free to go."  Susan said. 

   "Will Tim be able to leave for Phoenix with us?"  Joe asked. 

   "I'm not sure.  Maybe, if you don't leave until later in the day.  Do you 

have reservations?"  Susan asked. 

   "We have our own plane, and can leave whenever we are released."  Dave 


   "Well, that's convenient."  Susan said, obviously impressed. 

   She put the last tape in the player, and they all watched.  It had 

obviously been made at the clinic, and Joe recognized many of the people in 

it, including Susan and the nurse-receptionist. 

   The tape was unusual, but informative.  It covered such diverse subjects 

as choosing and applying cosmetics, how to measure for, and purchase clothing 

and undergarments, how to sit, tips on how to walk in women's shoes, and 

skirts,  detailed procedures for performing a breast self exam, and even the 

proper method they should use to wipe themselves to prevent vaginal 

infection.  It apparently had been created for voluntary gender reassignment 

patients, and it included a section on post-operative care.  The pictures 

displayed made Joe wonder why anyone would subject themselves to such a 

terrible hardship.  They had to really be displeased with the anatomic 

features they were born with, to be willing to undergo such pain and 

suffering, both mental and physical. 

   They watched in silence, and when the tape was rewinding, Tim spoke. 

   "I guess that's our fate, huh?   We might as well get used to it. Nobody 

really knows how to bring us back...and we're stuck like this forever." He 

said with uncharacteristic sarcasm. 

   "I don't know Tim.  You might be right.  Then again, we won't know unless 

we give Dr. Krell and the doctors a chance to find out what caused it. Since 

we don't really know that yet, there is no way to say it's permanent. As 

everyone has told you, it would be best if you can learn to adapt to the 

situation.  You might not like it, I realize that, but, your not in pain. You 

still have perfect health, and there is no reason you can't try to adjust. 

Everyone is trying to help...everyone wants to find out how to change you all 

back.  If it's possible, and I think it is, it will happen.  We just can't 

predict when that might be."  Susan again spoke to Tim with that somewhat 

harsh tone.  Joe realized that she was right.  It would do no good for any of 

them to mope, and feel sorry for themselves.  That wouldn't change a thing. 

   "If there are no other questions, you three are free to go.  Please take 

an information packet with you."  Susan pointed to the four large manila 

envelopes on the table behind them.  "Tim, You need to meet with Dr. Krell 


   "I'd like to talk with Dr. Krell too."  Mike said. "I have something to ask 

him before we leave." 

   "I'll ask."  Susan said, leaving the room. 

   "Well, she was certainly the prettiest drill sergeant I've ever seen." Joe 



   "She's right though."  Mike said.  We might as well do the best we can, if 

we're gonna be stuck like this for a while." 

   "That's certainly a change."  Dave said, looking at Mike, his raised 

eyebrows showing his amazement at Mike's new attitude. 

   "Yeah, I know.  But while I was watching the film...I don't know...I guess 

I just realized...maybe it really ain't so bad to be like this.  Maybe I'm 

just getting used to it, or something, but for some reason, I'm starting to 

like the way I am.  It's not so bad."  Mike said, saying the words to himself 

as much as speaking to the others. 


   Joe looked at Mike.  He wondered what had come over his friend.  Just 

yesterday, Mike had been so resentful of what happened to him, and now... It 

was the same feeling that had come over Joe a few days ago...a feeling of 

acceptance...a strange contentment.  Joe realized that he was no longer even 

concerned whether he could ever get back to normal.  It was as if his 

definition of "normal" had changed...was still changing.  Would this happen 

to each of them? 

   Tim followed Susan out the door, and Mike followed them both.  They went 

to Dr. Krell's office, and soon Susan and Tim came out, leaving Mike to talk 

with the doctor.  

   In maybe fifteen minutes, Mike came out.  He walked to the waiting room 

and told Tim that Dr. Krell wanted to see him.  He then took a seat next to 


   "Well, I did it."  Mike said.  "I signed the papers." 

   Joe knew exactly what he meant.  Yesterday, he too had completed the 

paperwork changing his records to match his new gender.  Even with the 

strange change in attitude that had overcome him, it was still a big step to 

take.  He and Mike were now legally as well as physically, women.  Only Dave 

and Tim had not made the switch, and Tim was in Dr. Krell's office right now.  

   Susan came and Karen came out of Dr. Krell's office.  

   "You three are free until four thirty.  Tim will be busy until then. If 

you want to go out for a while, that would be ok.  Tim can go to lunch with 

me."  Susan said. 

   "It's about ten.  What would you like to do?"  Joe asked. 

   "How about helping me with some of those clothes I'll need."  Mike 

suggested shyly.  He still had trouble saying the words. 

   "Yeah, we could do that."  Karen said.  "The mall is open.  It's only a 

few miles away." 

   "Ok then, lets go."  Joe said. 

   The three went out and got into the Lincoln.  With Karen driving, they 

proceeded to the large shopping mall. 

   "Mike has done it, he's signed the papers.  I still can't believe it." Joe 

repeated to no one in particular, as they drove along.  

   Mike had been the most "macho" of the group.  He had also been the most 

unusually changed of the four, since he had been taking steroids at the time 

of the genetic "accident" which had affected them.  His body had feminized, 

but, probably due to the foreign substances in his system at the time of the 

change, he had retained more muscle mass than the others, and some parts of 

his body had developed somewhat ambiguously.  His genitalia had metamorphosed 

to the feminine form, he now possessed a normal vagina, but the clitoris was 

quite large, though not nearly large enough to function as a penis.  His 

chest was wider than most women's, but his body hair had now reverted to a 

feminine distribution, and his apparently still developing breasts that were 

now about the same size and shape as Joe's, though on his larger torso they 

seemed to be smaller. 


   They pulled into parking, and walked into the uncrowded shopping mall. 

Mike, who was still wearing male clothing, was getting nervous as he walked 

alongside Joe. 

   "Do you think this is a good idea?"  He asked.  "What will they think when 

they see me?" 

   "Don't worry about it."  Joe said.  "Nobody knows you here.  And besides, 

once you get those clothes replaced, you won't raise an eyebrow." 

   "You really think so?"  Mike said. 

   Joe looked at Mike.  His friend was now maybe five foot eleven, or so. He 

had been at least six foot tall before... A big guy.  He was still big, at 

least as tall now as Joe had been before the change.  But big as he was, 

there was now little doubt that Mike Osborn was a female.  The shirt he was 

wore was not tailored for the breasts which seemed to want to tear the 

buttons out.  At times his sore nipples would make themselves evident by 

appearing to try to poke through the fabric.  Mike's hips...even with his 

wide chest, there was little doubt, from the look, to the way he slightly 

swayed as he walked, that they were the hips of a woman.  His bluejeans, 

which had been quite snug fitting on his male shape, were now strangely tight 

in some areas, baggy in others.  The blue fabric was lighter beside the 

zipper, where the bulge of his male appendage had worn it.  Now it was now 

loose and baggy in that area, testament to the change that had occurred. 


   "I think you'd have more trouble passing as a man than a woman now." Joe 

said honestly. 

   Mike seemed relieved.  Joe knew how he felt.  No matter what he looked like 

in the mirror, Joe had felt extremely self concous when had gone to buy 

clothes, especially the first time.  The feeling that all around him thought 

he male attempting to dress in drag was almost impossible to overcome. 


   They walked passed a Victoria's Secret store, and Mike stopped at the 

window.  He looked at the silks and satins.  The display included a sexy 

sleep set, many styles of lacy bras, and colorful panties of all types.  Even 

though Joe was now accustomed to wearing female things, even to the point of 

enjoying it, he still didn't like the lacy stuff.  His taste ran more to the 

soft slick silks and colorful satins and nylon fabrics.  When his body was 

male, he had loved the sophisticated, sexy look of a woman's body in snug 

fitting, unadorned, shiny, nylon panties.  Of course, now that he had 

actually worn those things, he found he liked the feel of the softer, more 

absorbant cottons better.  They looked almost as good, and his now more 

sensitive skin loved the soft feel of cotton. 

   "Find something?"  Karen asked Mike. 

   "I don't know...I'm just looking...Gee, I don't know if I can wear stuff 

like this, no matter what I'll look like."  Mike said to quietly to Karen, an 

embarrassed smile on his face. 

   "Maybe you should consider something a little plainer for your first." 

Karen advised, trying to ease his concern. 

   "Yeah.  Let's go inside."  Mike said, showing a sudden burst of 



   The four of them went inside the store, which was decorated to look like a 

Victorian era shop, and was scented with a potpourri of floral odors. Silks 

and Satins hung everywhere.  There were drawers filled with panties, matching 

bras, and all types of ladies lounging and night wear.  Karen, who had 

obviously been there before, went to a table which displayed many styles of 

panties.  She picked up a white cotton hipster, which was styled a bit like 

men's briefs, but had leg openings cut almost all the way to the wide elastic 

waist band. She held them out to Mike. 

   "How about these?"  She asked. 

   Mike took them and held them up.  He looked at the very narrow band 

separating the leg openings, and grinned with embarrassment. 

   "I hate to think that these would fit me."  He said. 

   "They're pretty stretchy."  Karen said.  "I think they will." 

   "Ok. I'll take them then."  Mike agreed.  "I guess I'll need a few pair 

won't I." 

   "Yeah.  You might look for some other styles you'd like.  They don't all 

have to be plain as those." 

   As Mike and Karen were looking at the selection, an attractive young sales 

woman joined them. 

   "Are you finding what you want?"  She asked.  She had obviously thought 

that Mike was a guy, shopping with Karen.  She realized her mistake when she 

saw the mounds under his shirt.  She looked at Mike carefully, trying to 

figure this tall man-woman. 

   "I'm just trying to buy some underwear."  Mike said to her with an 

embarrassed smile. 

   The saleswoman was embarrassed at her mistake. But...he looked so male from 

a distance, she thought.  His hair.  His size.  She excused herself 

awkwardly, and started to help another shopper. 

   While Karen was helping Mike, Joe began looking at the many feminine things 

offered for sale.  On a table, be saw a shiny black thong bikini panty, with 

a matching bra.  It made him think about the sexy black things Linda wore the 

other day.  He wondered how his new shape would look in these.  Only one way 

to find out, he thought.  Joe went through the selections until he found both 

items in black, and in his size.  He found the bra first, and then found the 

tiny panty.  The bottom consisted of an elastic waist band, with a thin 

triangle of fabric cut to just about cover the pubic area with very narrow 

strip which went around the back and connected with the waist band.  The back 

strip would probably be completely concealed in the cleft of his butt.  Joe 

found himself wondering what Jay would think about the outfit.  He suddenly 

realized that he was thinking more about how Jay would like it, than how he 

himself felt about it.  Another change in his personality?  He realized that 

he was thinking about quite a bit that morning. 


   He took his selections over to where Mike, Karen, and Dave were continuing 

to shop.  Dave just walked along with the others, not saying much, pausing 

now and then to feel or hold some item.  He showed little interest in buying 

anything for himself. 

   Karen looked at what Joe held in his hand.  She grinned broadly. 

   "Couldn't resist, huh?"  She said to Joe. 

   "Hey, if I gotta be a girl, I might as well try it.  Right?" Joe said. 

   "Right."  Karen agreed.  "I bought something like that, first chance I had 

after my operation.  Just to celebrate being able to wear it."  Karen went 


   Mike, his selection of underpants in his hand, had moved on to another 

table on which many styles of bras were carefully arraigned.  He held one up 

and looked at it curiously. 

   "How do I know what size to wear?"  He asked. 

   "We'll have to measure."  Karen said.  She went to the desk where the sales 

woman was standing, now watching the curious group out of the corner of her 

eye.  At Karen's request, she handed her a measuring tape. 

   Karen came back to the table. 

   "Let's go in here Mike."  She said, taking his hand. 

   She lead him to one of the two dressing cubicles.  In a minute, Karen came 

out, and sorted through the assortment, searching for a bra.  She didn't find 

what she wanted, so she went to the saleswoman, and spoke to her.  The woman 

went to a drawer in the many cabinets by the wall, and began showing Karen 

various bras also stored there.  Karen selected one, white, plain, and made 

of cotton, and took it into the dressing cubicle where Mike waited patiently.  

In a few minutes, they both came out of the cubicle.  The white outline of 

the bra was evident under the shirt Mike wore, and his uplifted breasts now 

strained even harder at his shirt buttons.  They went over to the drawers and 

Karen held up different styles, and types of bras, with Mike shaking his head 

in agreement, or dissatisfaction at one type and the other. They soon had 

about three choices, and they went back into the cubicle. Another five 

minutes passed, and they came out again.  Mike's face was red with 

embarrassment, as he went over to where Joe and Dave were standing.  He was 

still wearing one of his could be seen where it stretched the 

fabric of his shirt apart between the buttons.  He now needed a top that fit 

his new shape. 

   "I think the next stop should be for a new shirt."  Joe said, grinning, and 

pointing at Mikes chest. 

   "Yeah, I guess so."  Mike said.  "I didn't realize I was this big." He 

continued.  "It does feel kinda good though...not so loose."   He shook his 


   "I know exactly what you mean."  Joe said.  It hadn't taken him long to 

appreciate the secure feeling he got when he put on his first bra. 


   They paid for their selections, and left the store.  The next store they 

came passed was JC Penney's.  They went inside, and strolled into the women's 

casuals section.  Joe looked at Mike, and decided that they might have to 

move to area with larger sizes.  There, Mike found a number of stretchy tops 

that fit his somewhat unusual contours.   Mike also found some slacks, and 

some denim jeans.  He didn't even bother to look at skirts or dresses.  As 

they were leaving, they passed the exercise wear.  Mike who's life had always 

revolved around athletics, or body building, stopped to look at the colorful 


   "I always thought this stuff was sexy."  Mike said.  "I never guessed that 

I might be able to wear it myself someday." 

   He looked at the exercise wear, holding up stretchy bodysuits, and colorful 

sweats.  When a young sales woman came up and offered assistance, he asked 

about sizes, and colors, showing no embarrassment.  The girl helped, seeming 

unphased by the big woman with the short hair, who didn't have any idea what 

her sizes were.  Watching Mike, Joe realized that he himself would have no 

trouble being taken for a natural woman.  If Mike could do it, any of them 


   After trying on various items, even coming out of the dressing room to get 

their opinion, his still hairy legs, and armpits not withstanding, Mike 

purchased a number of leotards, some in cotton, others in shiny spandex.  He 

really seemed to like wearing the form fitting clothing.  Joe had to admit, 

Mike's new shape was somewhat attractive, in a female body-builder kind of 

way. He just needed to do something about his short hair, which made him look 

like a dyke. 

   "You need to do something about that hair."  Joe said, as they left 


   "I know how to help with that, too."  Karen said.  

   They went out of the mall, and went to a little shop outside the main part 

of the mall.  In one of the little shops along the periphery.  It specialized 

in wigs, and hairpieces, for men and women.  Karen told them that she knew 

the owner, Barbara Simon, who had been one of Dr. Krells patients. They went 

inside, and Karen introduced them to an attractive, middle aged woman.  Joe 

looked at her, and wondered if she had once been a man also.  If she had, it 

was impossible to tell.  She looked, and even talked just like a normal 

woman.  If she was a guy, Joe thought, Dr. Krell was good at his work. 

   Karen explained what their problem, and the woman seemed unphased.  She 

immediately went to the back, and brought out some examples, mounted on 

velour covered heads.  She sat Mike down, and tried a few on him, the third 

try was a perfect match...It  changed Mike's appearance dramatically.  Mike 

looked at himself in the full length mirror, but didn't say a word.  He 

rubbed his hand along his cheek, as if needing to prove to himself that the 

reflection was his own. 

   Mike purchased the hairpiece, and Karen asked Barbara if they could use her 

dressing room to change clothes.  She agreed but said she actually had no 

special dressing area, but they could use the back room.  Mike went back to 

the car, and got his new purchases, and they all went into the back of the 

small shop.  There, in front of everyone, Mike removed his old shirt and 

pants. He took off his male underwear, and replaced them with the white 

cotton hi-leg briefs he had just bought.  The new underwear, cut to fit his 

new shape, looked quite attractive.  He couldn't resist touching and stroking 

the still unfamiliar sleekness of his crotch.  Joe remembered that he had 

done the same thing, first time he had worn panties.  Male underwear, with 

their baggy crotch, bunched up like a diaper.  They didn't look, or feel, 

like clothing cut with the female form in mind. 

   Standing there, in his new bra, and panties, Mike asked if there was a 

mirror he could use. Barbara opened a closet door, exposing another full 

length mirror.  Mike went to it, and for a few minutes, stood there staring 

at himself, sometimes touching...feeling, as if unable to believe what he was 

seeing.  Finally, he went over to the clothes.  He selected a top and pulled 

it over his head.  He  pulled the new jeans on, again returning to the 

mirror, turned and criticaly examined himself.  As all this was happening, 

the others said very little.  All understood what Mike was going through. 

   Finally, Mike turned to them, as if he again realized they were there. 

   "What do you think?"  He asked. 

   "You look beautiful."  Barbara said.  She meant it.  It was true. 

   "A complete turn about."  Karen said. 

   "I can't believe its you."  Dave said, teasing.  "You almost look good."  

   Mike paid for his purchase.  They thanked Barbara, and said goodbye. Joe 

helped mike carry his things to the car.  As he followed behind him, Joe 

found himself looking at Mike's backside, as a guy might do to any attractive 

woman.  The feminine cut of Mike's new clothes emphasized his wider hips, and 

Joe realized that though he was still big, and maybe his shoulders were now a 

little too wide, his friend was had become a very good looking woman. 

   They drove back to the clinic.  When they went in, they found that Tim was 

still with Dr. Krell.  The receptionist said she'd find out when Tim would be 

finished.  She soon came back, and said Dr. Krell would see them all in a few 

minutes.  They waited, and Dr. Krell came out and asked them all into his 

office.  He nodded approval at the transition Mike had made.  When they were 

all seated, Dr. Krell sat down behind his desk, and began to speak. 

   "I'm sure that you all would like to know what has happened to you.  We 

here at the clinic, indeed all over the country, have found your situation 

quite interesting.  I realize that for each of you, the problem is much more 

personal.  I know that, and I sincerely hope you realize that many people are 

doing everything within their power to help.  We have been running analysis 

of your examinations, your blood tests, and I believe we have determined what 

has happened.  We are also narrowing down the cause.  It appears that the 

change of your genetic make-up has been caused by exposure to some form of 

radiation. The one thing in common throughout all this has been the equipment 

that Joe, Mike, and Dave were working with.  Tim also just happened to be in 

the wrong place, at the right time.  The folks over at Honeybone are setting 

up an experiment in the lab there.  They have a large, screened room, a cage, 

which will keep the emissions from the equipment from escaping. It has all 

been set up there, and they will soon be ready to begin running tests.  I'm 

sure you will all want to be there.  I want you to be there." 

   Dave raised his hand to speak. 

   "Can we go home this afternoon?"  Dave asked. 

   "I'll be getting to that."  Dr. Krell said, smiling.  He knew they wanted 

to get home. 

   "This afternoon, I would like to get another blood sample from each of you.  

After that, you are free for the remainder of the day.  Tim has agreed that, 

like Joe, and now Mike, he would probably be able to function best if he 

changed his records.  I have them in process, but they will not be ready for 

him to sign until tomorrow morning at the earliest, around noon, the latest. 

It would be great if you stay until then."  Dr. Krell said. 

   They wouldn't be going home today after all.  Joe raised the question they 

all were thinking about. 

   "Do you have any new idea's how to get us back to normal again?" 

   Dr. Krell frowned.  "I wish I could say I did, but I'm afraid that wouldn't 

be true.  The damage to your chromosomes was so is only within 

the last three years that we could even determine exactly the changes that 

have taken place.  Something, probably some form of radiation, has damaged 

the "Y" chromosome that you were born with, and that determines the genetic 

code, and thereby, the genetic sex of the body.  That damage has made the "Y" 

chromosome appear to look and function just like it was another "X". That 

lack of a functioning "Y" is what has caused the changes you each have 

undergone.  That much we are sure of.  Exactly how it happened, I think we 

can find out.  Repairing the damage...well...maybe someday.  I doubt if it 

will happen overnight.  When we can do it, I think then we'll have enough 

knowledge of genetics, that we can solve quite a few problems, many of them  

much more life threatening than what's afflicting you four." 

   "Are you saying we're going to have to stay like this?"  Tim asked. 

   "We have only begun to address the problem."  Dr. Krell answered.  "I 

wouldn't want to estimate when we'll have the answer.  At this time however, 

we do not have a solution." 

   It was exactly like Joe expected.  They had no way back, but they were 

being asked not to give up hope.  A few days ago, Joe would have been 

devastated by what he had just been told.  Only the thought that the 

situation was temporary, and for a reasonably short time, had made it 

bearable.  But something, within the last two or three days, something had 

happened...changed, he wasn't sure what it was, but now, he really didn't 

care.  As he sat there, he realized that if Dr. Krell had told them  that 

they had already found a cure, and that all he had to do to be "normal" was 

take to a pill...he wasn't sure what he would do.  It had only been five 

days...already he becoming conditioned to think about himself differently.  

The changes that had occurred to his body...changes that had made it so soft, 

so much more sensitive, would he want to give that up?  And for what?  A bit 

more upper body strength... the ability to pee standing up? 

   "All of you except Dave will sign the reassignment papers, and you should 

have no legal difficulties.  I am recommending each of you to a therapist, to 

help you to adapt, but I must say, you all seem to be doing quite well 

already.  I want to study that too.  You all have adjusted so well...  As for 

you Dave,  We'll come up with a solution, I don't know what yet.  I want to 

talk a bit more with you tomorrow, and get together with your wife too... 

Perhaps we can work something out."  The unanswered questions made the little 

man shrug his shoulders sadly. 

   "How about an operation?"  Dave asked.  "Can't you just change me back 

surgically?  Look at Karen...she used to be a man too, you turned her into a 


   "That's not quite true, Dave."  Dr. Krell answered.  "I didn't turn Karen 

into a woman.  As far as Karen was concerned, she WAS a woman.  I just helped 

to make her body look on the outside what she felt in her mind she already 

was inside." 

   "So what's so different about me?"  Dave asked logically.  "I know that I'm 

really a man.  My wife knows that I'm a man.  Why can't you just make me look 

like a man again?"  

   "If it were really that easy, I'd do it today."  Dr. Krell answered.  And 

if I did that, and tomorrow we found a way to get you back...Dave you 

couldn't go back.  I'm not sure what you'd look like, but I don't think you'd 

like it.  Your genitalia might look less masculine than it does now." 

   "I doubt it could look less masculine."  Dave retorted.  "I know a pussy 

when I see one." 

   "Perhaps reassignment surgery will be best for you."  Dr. Krell returned.  

"But don't rush it too quickly.  I'm afraid when you find what we would have 

to do to your vulva, the limitations of the surgery,  I think you need to see 

what we can do for you before you agree to surgery." 

   "What ever you could do, if it would make me look, even a little, like a 

man again, it would be worth it."  Dave answered cooly. 

   "I will give the matter some thought."  Dr. Krell agreed. 

   He rose up from behind his desk.  "And now, if you would all take seats in 

the waiting room, I'll have the nurse take samples, and then you can go for 

the day."  The busy man had spent all the time he could with them. 

   They were each called in turn, and quickly were finished.  As they were 

waiting for Dave and Tim to finish, Joe and Karen called the Sheraton, and 

tried to get their rooms back for another night. 

   "Well, if there are no others, we'll take them."  Karen finally said.  

   The area was packed with vacationers, and conventioniers, and the Sheraton 

had only two rooms available. 

   The receptionist, who was good friends with Karen, listened to the 

conversation.  She interrupted Karen. 

   "If you have just two rooms, let your friends double up, and you can stay 

with me at my apartment."  She suggested.  "You've stayed there before, it's 

close, and you can go home with me.  I'll be here at the same time tomorrow 


   "Is that Ok with you?" Karen asked Joe. 

   "Sure, Why not?"  Joe said.  "I can drive the Lincoln, and I know where the 

hotel is." 

   "It's settled then."  The receptionist said. 

   Tim, who was the last to finish, came down the hall.  He was holding a 

cotton ball in the crook of his arm. 

   "I'll tell you one thing,"  he said "Having such sensitive skin sure ain't 

good when they stick needles into it all the time."  He was grinning, and 

rubbing the soft skin of his arm. 

   They told Tim about the hotel arraignment, and then left Karen, and went to 

the parking lot.  

   "Can I bunk with you?"  Mike asked Joe as they walked to the car. 

   "Sure."  Joe said.  He wondered why Mike asked.  "What's up?" 

   "Oh, nothing much really, I just thought maybe we could talk a little."  

Mike said. 

   "Ok.  Fine with me."  Joe replied. 

   They got in the car for the drive to the hotel. 




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