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Archive-name: Changes/bates17.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story- 17

            CHAPTER 17 


   It was still dark when Joe woke up.  He could feel an arm across his 

chest.  He wondered what time it was, and looked over at the glowing display 

of the clock radio on the nightstand.  It said five AM.  Joe wondered if it 

was accurate. He decided it must be close.  

   Joe Bates lie deep in thought.  What was it now... Tuesday?  He had been 

this way only five days, and already, here he was, in bed with a man.  Not 

just any guy either, but his best friend, Jay Logan.  He thought about last 

night.  Neither of them had planned what had happened, but what did come 

about was beyond his wildest expectations.  

   Only yesterday, Joe had signed papers changing his legal gender to match 

his new anatomy.  That alone would have been enough for most guys.  Then, 

that same evening, he ended the day by sleeping in the same bed, and actually 

having intimate relations with, his long time best friend.  What was next?  

What was happening to him?  Here he was, in bed with Jay, and he realized, he 

was actually enjoying it.  Was he now homosexual?  He considered the 

possibility.  Of course, he still thought of himself as  male, at least in 

his head.  But, there was no denying that his body, and now, even his body 

image, was becoming quite feminized.  He couldn't deny it any more than he 

could change it.   Joe hadn't asked to be this way.  He had no control over 

the new  feelings...the new urges, the change had given his body.  

   Joe peered over at Jay.  In the semi-darkness, he could see the faint 

outline of his friends face.  He watched Jay breathing, and wondered what 

they might say to each other in the morning.  The whole thing was a strange 

combination of familurarity and curiosity, a mixture of old, and, at least 

for Joe, very new sensations.  He was suprised at how natural everything had 

seemed.  He never thought he would have the nerve to get this near to a man, 

but now it had happened, and it didn't seem so unusual at all.  As gazed at 

his pal, he felt a strange contentment begin to overtake him.  For some 

reason, he was glad that he had been able to share  this new experience with 


   Suddenly, Jay stirred slightly.  He coughed, and moved his arm.  His hand 

was now directly on Joe's right breast, and although he was obviously still 

asleep, he instinctively stroked it once, and cupped his hand over it. This 

sensation felt strange to Joe.  When he wasn't walking or moving around, he 

usually couldn't really sense the new tissue on his chest.  Even when he did, 

it sort of felt like a lump of soft fat, bouncing and jiggling with any 

movements that he made.  But, it didn't feel particularly sexy, or erotic. It 

was now just another part of his body, if anything, a source of 

embarrassment, at least for someone who still considered himself a man 

inside. That was most of the time.  As Joe  became more familure with his 

changed body, he had begun to accept the presence of the soft mounds on his 

now quite hairless chest.  He was even starting to like the way he looked, 

enjoying the feel of soft, feminine clothing which defined his new curves.  

At those times, those little fleshy bulges became more...a mark of his new 

femininity, a source of pride,  and sometimes...pleasure.  Usually, when Joe 

touched his own chest, the sensation was nothing special.  But, when anyone 

else touched him there...well, that was different.   As Joe lay there, 

contemplating the touch of Jay's hand, he felt his crotch muscles tighten 

involuntarily. Strange the way it does that, he thought.  He tensed the 

muscles himself. He couldn't feel any difference there from yesterday, even 

though he knew he had changed...perhaps more psycologlicaly than 

physicaly...with what had happened just a few hours ago. 


   Joe ran his hand over the soft hair on his now somewhat prominent pubic 

mound.  Lower down, between his legs, it was still damp and matted.  Touching 

there felt good, so he kept his hand there, gently rubbing the still somewhat 

unfamilure, silky soft folds of tissue which replaced his male parts. Even 

when it was your own, a female body felt so different than a male, he 

considered.  Now, everything about it was was soft and pliable.  His male 

body had been so much harder and rougher.  Even his pubic hair, which was now 

closely trimmed, felt much softer, finer than before. I guess I can get used 

to this, Joe thought.  Seems I'll have to, in any case.  Then, he fell asleep 

again, the contented smile still on his face. 


   The sun was shining around the edges of the drawn curtain when Joe woke 

again.  When he opened his eyes, he saw that Jay was awake, watching him.  He 

returned the look, and smiled.  

   "Who'd have thought this, huh?"  Jay said, returning the smile. 

   "Yeah, who."  Joe repeated.  He yawned, and raised his arms over his head 

to stretch.  It was only then he realized that he was still wearing the 


   "I don't know about you, but it was quite an experience for me last 

night."  Jay said.  "You were fantastic." 

   "Well, I guess we both just did what comes naturally."  Joe replied.  "I 

suppose it helps that I know how it feels like from your side."  He grinned 

with embarrassment. 

   Jay kept looking at Joe.  He reached over, and gently ran a finger along 

Joe's soft breast, watching its pink tip change from a soft, full cone, to a 

firm point as he did so.  Joe found that Jay's light touch tickled the 

sensitive skin, and he involuntarily shook his chest slightly, which made his 

breasts jiggle. 

   "That tickles."  Joe said, feeling an embarrassed blush warm his face. 

   "Joe, I still have trouble accepting what has happened to you."  Jay said.  

"You're so beautiful, it's hard to believe that what happened was caused by 

an accident." 

   "But it's still me Jay, don't forget that."  Joe reminded him. "And if you 

that's a problem for you to should spend a day in my shoes." 

   "What do you have planned for today?"  Jay asked. 

   "Well, we all have to go to the clinic at about nine.  We have some kind 

of class, or briefing.  I think its about hygene... stuff like that. We might 

even talk about contraception too, I think."  Joe explained. 

   "So the doctors think you can actually get pregnant?  Jay asked with 

curiosity.  "How do they know that?" 

   "I don't know."  Joe answered.  "I suspect they are making an assumption, 

based on what they found during the physical examinations." 

   "What did they find?"  Jay continued. 

   "Nothing, I guess, just that we all seemed to have undergone a more or 

less complete transition to a female appearance.  Apparently, even my 

chromosomes are now XX, rather than the male pattern XY.  That means that 

even my bodies cell structure has become feminized."   


   "I suppose it's hard for you to live with, but it sure improved your 

 appearance."  Jay said, a big grin on his face. 

   "You're just horny."  Joe said, punching Jay's hairy chest lightly with 

his fist.  "Seriously, it is hard to adjust to the differences, but...I will 

admit, it's not all bad though.  And I can still feel changes happening... 

physical, as well as...I guess...mental.  I think it's actually affecting the 

way I think." 

   "Well, we both have said, on more than one occassion, that women process 

information differently than men.  Maybe it's really true."  Jay said, 

becoming serious again. 

   "Yeah, I suspect it is."  Joe reasoned.  "But I still have the same kind 

of thoughts...sort of anyway...but I'm certain I'm more emotional now.  I 

still like the same things...maybe feelings about sex excepted...but I know 

I'm looking at things...reacting to them differently.  It's quite a strange 

thing to experience actually."  

   "Do guys really turn you on now?"  Jay asked seriously.  "Did you really 

want to have sex with me, or did you just want to know what it would feel 


   "I don't  know."  Joe said.  "Last night, I could feel myself being taken 

over by something...I don't know what...I just had to do it... I don't know 

if that's the way it is for all females, or if my male head was having a 

strange reaction to the new hormones that must be getting to it... I don't 

know.  I can tell you it felt great.  It really did.  Thanks for being there 

when I needed you."  He grinned. 

   "My pleasure."  Jay said.  "If you find you need to do it again, just let 

me know.  I'm always willing to help you with a problem like that." Jays face 

displayed a wicked grin. 

   "We'll see."  Joe said, making an attempt at an innocent smile. "We'll 


   "Do you think we should get up?"  Jay questioned.  "It's almost seven." 

   Joe modestly pulled the sheet over his chest.  

   "Yeah, I guess I should."  He said.  "I have to shower, and its taking me 

longer to get ready now.  Actually, I haven't even done it all by myself 


   "You can go in first."  Jay said.  "Can I use your razor to shave?" 

   "Sure."  If you don't mind that I'm  using it on my legs."  Joe said, 

grinning.  "You can put a new cartridge in though." 

   "Ok.  I'll do that."  Jay returned the grin. 

   Joe got up, and began to look for his terrycloth outfit.  He found it 

embarrassing for him to be around Jay while nude.  Jay reached down to the 

floor on his side of the bed and retrieved the little light blue cover up. 

   "Cute"  He said, as he handed it to Joe, who quickly stepped into it, and 

pulled it over the soft mounds of his chest.  

   "I know, I know.  It's hard for me to get used to this stuff too."  Joe 

said.  "But, I'm a little smaller, and shorter now.  My old clothes just 

didn't fit at all, and I've got to wear something.  This is what fits." 

   "You really look great."  Jay said again.  "If you gotta be a woman, at 

least be glad you're so attractive.  It would be a bitch to be changed into 

an ugly girl." 

   "You know, that's an unusual thing about it."  Joe related. "When I first 

see myself in the mirror, I don't always immediately recognize that its me.  

I guess I'm not used to what I look like yet.  But when I see myself as I 

dress...put makeup on, or whatever, I don't really feel all that 

attractive...I just feel like me.  Sometimes, when I put this stuff on, I 

kinda feel like I'm just dressing in drag." 

   "Well, trust me, old buddy, you're a looker."  Jay said.     

        "I'll try to remember that"  Joe said, and turned and walked into the 

bathroom, pulling the door closed. 

   In the bathroom, Joe looked at the items on the counter.  There were 

little complimentary bottles of shampoo and conditioner.  Also, there was a 

packet of bubble bath, and soap.  Joe remembered the pleasant feeling when he 

soaked in the tup with Linda, and decided he would try a bath rather than 

shower. He put the stopper in the tub, and started the hot water running.  

Pouring the packet of bath beads into the flow, he watched the bubbles begin 

to form.  While the tub filled, he decided to use the toilet.  He removed the 

little terrycloth coverup, and dropped it to the floor.  He sat on the stool 

to relieve himself.  He was curious if the changes to his body caused by 

losing his new virginity would change the way the flow left his body, but 

decided that he really couldn't tell any difference.  The procedure required 

to urinate was already much different than when he had a penis.  He 

didn't...he couldn't aim...but just sat there, and sort of let it happen.  

But the result was the same. 

   He quickly finished, and saw that the tub was almost filled with warm 

water thick with bubbles.  He looked at the tub, and thought about what he 

was doing.  This time last week, he wouldn't even have considered doing 

anything like taking a bubble bath.  But then, last week he didnt have this 

soft, sensitive body to deal with.  He stuck a toe into the water to feel the 

temprature.  It felt hot, but tolerable, so he went to the counter, took a 

wash cloth, and the bar of Caress bath soap, and settled into the bubbles, 

and let the warmth engulf his body.  Joe took the soap, and begun rubbing it 

over himself, making his soft skin soapy slick.  He soaped his chest, 

enjoying how his breasts felt when they were covered with the sudsy water.  

Suddenly, he realized he was still wearing the wig, and carefully removed it 

with wet hands.  As carefully as he could, he tossed it over onto the counter 

top.  With the wig off, his scalp felt cool, since it was now covered only by 

his relatively short, male hairstyle.  He scratched his head. The shorter 

hair now felt unfamilure.  He went back to soaping himself, and carefully 

washed his genitalia.  When his soapy fingers found his clitoris, he spent 

perhaps a little more time than necessary making sure that the little nub of 

flesh, which now seemed to contain all the sensitive nerves that had been in 

the head of his penis, was spotlessly clean.  

   When Joe felt he was finished, and the bubbles were waning, he got up, and 

hopped out of the tub.  His slick, wet, hairless body was still covered with 

soapy suds.  Joe wondered how he could get the stuff off.  He remembered why 

he liked showers better, and reached for one of the large, thick bath towels 

on the rack.  The absorbant towels quickly took the water off, and the soapy 

residue actually seemed to make his skin softer.  As he dried his legs, 

stubble, which had formed since the last time he had shaved, could be felt. 

What whould he do about that?  He decided to let the water out of the tub, 

and when it was gone, he took his razor, and shave cream from his kit, and 

stepped back into the tub.  He put some cream on his legs, and then a little 

under his arms, Then he started the shower and began shaving.  From longtime 

habit, he felt his face, and the softness he felt there reminded him that he 

no longer had to worry about shaving that part of his body.  The hair on his 

legs didn't seem to go as high up as the first time he had shaved there 

either.  He had some sharp stubble on his calves, but only light down was 

forming on his upper thighs, in sharp contrast to the hairy legs he had as a 

man.  Then of course, he also had a dark thicket of hair on his chest too.  

That had been replaced by firm breasts, with only a few hairs around much 

larger areola.  Joe  had plucked those out when he first saw them, and they 

had yet to return. 


   When Joe finished shaving his legs and underarms, he rinsed the shave 

cream off under the shower and turned the water off.  He got out of the tub 

and again dried off with the thick towel.  When he finished, he looked at 

himself in the mirror over the sink.  What he saw was now familure to him.  

Only the short hair was left as a reminder of his former appearance.  To be 

sure, his face still had some resemblance to his male look, but now his 

reflection was more like that of his sister, if he had a sister.   His trim, 

shapely body looked much younger than its thirty years.  He wondered why, and 

decided that since he had just developed feminine secondary sexual 

characteristics, time and gravity hadn't done their work on his new shape 

yet. Everything...his skin, his hands...everything about him seemed to have 

shed ten years.  He even felt younger, much more flexible.  But, he could 

tell that he had lost significant strength.  His body was still well toned, 

but the large chest and shoulder muscles he once had, were replaced with the 

thinner, trim, upper torso of a young female.  Examining himself in the 

mirror, Joe was again amazed at what he had become.  He bent his left arm 

like a muscle man, and looked at his small bicep muscle.  He reached over 

with his other hand, and felt it.  It was not big, but it was still firm.  He 

had no flab on his body anywhere. 

   Joe took the cosmetics out of the bag, and carefully tried to fix his 

face.  He intentionally made sure not to use much makeup, prefering a well 

scrubbed, healthy look.  

   When he was more or less satisfied, he was ready to dress.  He looked at 

the underwear that had dried overnight.  Should he put the same stuff back 

on, he wondered?  What would he be wearing today?  He couldn't remember what 

Linda had packed for him, so he put the terry romper back on, and, taking his 

clean underwear,  he went back out into the main room.  

   Jay was still laying on the bed.  He had turned on the TV, and was 

watching CNN.  Joe went to the closet, and looked over what he had to wear 


   "Are you finished in the bath room?"  Jay asked. 

   "Yeah, you can go in if you want.  I'm trying to figure out what to wear 

today.  Linda picked my clothes, and I guess she expects me to wear this 

dress.  I don't have anything else here but a suit, this, and some shorts."  

Joe said, holding up the red-orange sundress. 

   "That looks like it would look good."  Jay said, getting up, and walking 

naked into the bathroom.  

   Jay went in, but didn't close the door behind him.  Through the open door, 

Joe watched his friend stand in front of the stool and urinate.  It reminded 

him that he wasn't like that...he wasn't a man anymore, and he felt a slight 

twinge of envy.   

   Well, if I'm going to wear this, I'll have to find the right stuff to wear 

underneath, Joe thought, trying to take his mind off things he couldn't 

change.  He went to his B-4 bag, and located the bra with the wide set 

straps, which wouldn't show from under the straps of the sundress.  He then 

found a matching panty, and took the things over to the bed. He didn't remove 

the cover up, but pulled it down to his waist as he put the almost 

transparent bra on.  Wearing it felt strangely sexy, just as when he had 

tried it on in the store.  Joe found that wearing women's clothing, even 

underwear, sometimes seemed so frivolous.  But, for some reason, it made him 

feel good about himself again. 

   Next, Joe stepped out of the romper, and quickly pulled on the nylon, nude 

colored panties.  He found a half slip, and pulled it over his hips.  He 

decided he would see how he looked without nylon hose, since that would be 

much cooler.  

   Slipping into the red dress, Joe struggled to fasten the buttons at the 

back.  When he finally got them closed, he checked his reflection in the 

mirror.  The dress fit his shapely contours, and was quite feminine looking.  

Without the wig, his face seemed somewhat out of place above his attractive 

figure.  He needed the hairpiece to give him the look he wanted.  Joe 

carefully moved his own hair around, trying to find some way to comb it that 

might make the length seem even a little feminine.  He decided that, at least 

for a while, he would need the wig. 

   Joe walked over to the open bathroom door.  Jay was in the shower, and the 

curtain was drawn.  Joe went into the bathroom, grabbed his wig, and quickly 

left the steamy room.  

   He placed the hairpiece on his head, and found that it needed a little 

brushing to get it back into the shape it was in yesterday.  The steam had 

caused the wig to get slightly curly, and it was difficult to get into place.  

Joe needed his hairbrush, which was in his shaving kit. 

   With the disheveled wig on his head, Joe went back into the bathroom and 

began looking for his brush in the little cosmetic bag Linda had prepared for 

him.  As he was doing that, Jay turned off the shower, and slid the curtain 

open.  He looked at Joe who felt a bit embarrassed, standing next to his wet, 

naked pal. Jay looked at him, and grinned widely. 

   "Hey, you look good in that, Joe."  Jay said, as he stepped from the tub.  

"The hair makes you look even more beautiful.  I even like that unruly look." 

   "I'm trying to get rid of the 'unruly' look."  Joe said.  "I left the wig 

in here, and the steam  hasn't helped it any.  I hope I can get it back into 


   "Don't worry, I know you'll look fantastic either way."  Jay advised. 

   Joe quickly left the bathroom.  He stood in front of the mirror, and 

brushed the hairpiece until it was as close as he could make it to how it had 


   As he examined himself criticly, he remembered the little ear rings. He 

found them, and snapped them on his ears.  He didn't like the way they felt, 

but they did set off his face.  The little golden disks contrasted well with 

his tanned skin.  He smoothed the dress down his hips, and adjusted the way 

it fit around his bosom.  He was doing that when Jay came out of the 


   "I know I'm impressed."  Jay said.  He had seen Joe feel and squeeze his 

boob while adjusting his bra. 

   Joe didn't say anything.  He was too embarrassed. 

     "The dress looks good on you."  Jay said.  He came over to where Joe was 

standing.  Coming up behind Joe, he reached up touched one of the small 

earings Joe had carefully snapped on, and were just visible below his 


   "These are nice too."  Jay said.  "Where did you get them?" 

   "Linda sent them with me."  Joe said.  "I wore them yesterday, too.  

They're hers.  I don't have any of my own, so far." 

   "Are these your clothes?"  JAy asked. 

   "Yeah.  I bought this the other evening, before we came out here.  Karen 

helped pick it out."  Joe said, he spun around, so Jay could look at him. 


   "She has good taste."  Jay said. "Is Honeybone paying for all this new 


   "Well, no, not so far.  I haven't give it much thought.  I've just been 

getting what I need...whatever I need.  I haven't thought much about who 

should be paying for it."  Joe answered. 

   "I think, if you keep the reciepts, and keep a record of all the expenses 

you incur.  You'll probably find them more than willing to cover them.  I'm 

sure they're worried stiff about the legal ramifications of what has happened 

to you girls...ah women."  The attorney in Jay was again struggling 

to come out. 

   "I guess I've still got most of my sales slips."  Joe said.  "I'll ask Jim 

about it when we get back." 

   "I really think you should."  Jay said.  "Especially if you're going to 

stay this way." 

   "What does that mean?"  Joe asked curiously.  "If I'm going to stay this 


   "You know...if you're going to remain a might find that a lot 

of things about your life are going to change...and you might be needing all 

the financial help you can get." 

   "Jim said that he thought Honeybone would let us keep our jobs."  Joe 

said.  "Whatever I look like now, I still have the same skills...the same 

education, as I always had.  I may not be quite as strong as before, but I 

can still do everything I have to do."  Irritated, Joe heard his voice rise 

as he spoke. 

   Jay quickly dressed wearing the same clothes as he came with.  When he was 

ready, he turned to Joe. 

   "Are you going to check out this morning"?  Jay asked. 

   "I guess we should."  Joe answered.  "I'll see what Karen thinks."  He 

went to the phone, and dialed the room next door. 

   "Karen,  Joe here.  Are we going to leave from the clinic?"  Joe asked. 

   "Yeah.  I think so."  Karen said.  "I don't know what they will want to do 

with Tim, but he can probably leave with us too." 

   "How's he doing?"  Joe asked.  He wondered how the newest victim of the 

change, was adjusting. 

   "Well, I think Ok."  Karen answered.  "He took a shower, and now he's 

trying on some clothes.  I think he's facing the same problem adjusting as 

you are.  I think he likes some things, but is having a problem accepting it, 

especially if it might be permanent." 


   "Yeah, I know exactly how he feels."  Joe said knowingly.  Everything was 

much easier to take, if you could think of it all as temporary. 

   "I think we should bag up."  Karen said.  "If we do have to stay tonight, 

we can check in again." 

   "I'll call Dave, and Mike."  Joe said.  "I'll see you in about a half 

hour, for breakfast."  He hung up the phone. 

   Joe called the others, and told them to get ready to check out.  He hung 

up the phone again, and got his things together.  He picked up the B-4 bag, 

and was starting to carry it out, when Jay took it away from him. 

   "I'll carry that for you."  Jay said. 

   With a bit of irritation in his voice, Joe started to object.  When he 

looked at his friends face, he saw a strange he had never 

seen before. 

   "I...I can carry this.  Joe said faintly.  

   "But, you know I can do it easier."  Jay said, the look still in his eyes.  

"And anyway, I want to." 

   Suddenly, Joe realized that the relationship with his best friend was now 

very different.  They may still have the same interests, and hobbies, but 

now...there was at least one big difference...they had slept in the same bed. 

They had made a man...and a woman.  They had been close friends, 

but now, they were also lovers.  It was very obvious that Jay could not 

ignore the fact that his best friend was now an attractive woman. 

   Joe and Jay found seats in the lobby. Before long, Dave joined them, and 

he was soon followed by Mike.  Dave was wearing another jumpsuit, this one in 

a yellow color, which fit his new shape quite well.  Although Joe was 

becoming familure with what had hapened to his own body, it was still always 

a little shock when he saw what had happened to his friends. 

   Mike was still wearing his male clothing, but his braless chest was now 

quite evident, his prominent nipples poking at his shirt, bobbing as he 

walked towards them.  Joe wondered if Mike was still changing, developing, or 

if it just seemed so, now that he knew what his friend looked like.  Mike 

seemed oblivious to his appearance.   

   Mike greeted them, and found a seat on the couch, next to Joe. 

   "I don't know."  Mike said quietly to Joe.  "I was watching ESPN, and I 

found myself feeling strange...I was actually watching the guys...they... I 

had trouble concentrating on the game...what the hell is happening?   Am I 

turning queer?  I don't know what's going on with me."  He looked at Joe, as 

if he had the answer to the confusion. 

   "Yeah.  I know what you're saying."  Joe agreed.  "I guess we're all 

finding new things about ourselves every day."  It was hard to put into 

words, what was going through his mind. 

   They had sat there only a minute or two, when Karen walked into the lobby, 

followed closely behind by a very self concous looking Tim, who was wearing a 

feminine looking top, and pants which were almost too snug around his now 

larger hips.  The clothes were probably Karen's, and it was apparent that 

Mike was a bit more well endowed than she was.  He had never worn a bra 

before, and he self concously tried to conceal his bulging breasts, which now 

seemed even larger supported by the bra, by awkwardly holding an arm across 

his chest. 

   Tim stood next to Karen and greeted the others, who remained seated. 

   "You look real good, Tim."  Joe said, trying to build the young guy's ego, 

but not really knowing how to go about it. 

   "Yeah.  Real good.  I feel like Dolly Parton."  Tim said, cupping a breast 

with his hand for emphasis. 

   "It ain't that bad."  Joe countered.  "It just feels that way because 

you're not used to having them yet.  Before long, you'll forget their there." 


   "Do you?"  Tim asked simply. 

   ", I guess I don't."  Joe answered truthfully.  "But I think I 

have adjusted to them being there." 

   "Then maybe I will too, sometime."  Tim continued.  "But right now, its 

embarassing as hell."  He took a seat on the couch. 

   "let's get something to eat."  Joe suggested.  "We can discuss what we 

want to do as far as checkout." 

   "Good idea."  Jay said. "I know I've got to get to the airport, and see 

that the plane is fixed.  I have to be in Phoenix by this afternoon." 

   They went into the hotel Coffee Shop, and ordered breakfast.  As they 

waited, they decided on the plan of action.  

   "Ok then, as soon as we're done here, we all check out, and then we drive 

Jay to the airport.  I'll call Dr. Krell, and tell him what we have planned, 

and confirm the best times."  Karen said. 

   "What will they do with me?"  Tim asked.  He had no idea what was in store 

for him. 

   "I think you'll find out what it's really like to be a woman today." Dave 

said, breaking his now customary silence. 

   "They'll probably give want to take some blood samples, and give you a 

physical."  Karen explained to the young man. 

   "Yeah, and I'm sure you've never had one like they're gonna give you." 

Mike said. " They'll be poking things into openings you probably don't 

realize you have." 

   "Don't worry, Tim."  Joe said.  "We've all survived it. It's not that 

bad."  He was trying to quell the look of concern that was on Tim's quite 

attractive features. 

   "Will I have to get undressed around people?"  Tim asked. 

   "Well yeah, but don't worry, you'll find that Dr. Krell won't think you're 

strange, or do anything to embarrass you.  He'll only try to help you to cope 

with what's happened."  Joe explained. 

   "I hope he can do more than help me cope."  Tim said.  "I don't want to 

have to get used to the way wearing a bra feels, I want him to make me not 

have to wear it."  He pulled at the straps, which apparently were digging 

into his shoulders. 

   "If he can, he will."  Karen said.  "And if he can't, nobody can."  

   "Well, lets get going."  Joe said.  "We have a lot to do today.  Go up and 

get your things and check out.  I'll  meet everyone at the desk in fifteen 


   They all went back to their rooms.  Joe and Jay, since they had already 

brought Joe's bag down, went out into the waiting area.  

   In a few minutes, they all met and checked out.  Then they took their 

thing to their car, and drove Jay to the airport. 

      NEXT......ANSWERSII   (Chapter 18) 



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