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Archive-name: Changes/bates15.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story- 15

                                  Chapter 15


   Before long a middle aged man entered the room.  He was followed by Karen

Simpson.  The man was carrying three manila folders.  He took them,  and

placed them on the table in front of Joe, Dave, and Mike.

   "Hi.  My name is Norman Peterson."  The man said.  "I'm an attorney, and

I've been asked by Dr. Krell to help you with the legal ramifications of your


   "Joe Bates."  Said Joe, extending his hand.  Mike and Dave did the same,

introducing themselves.  Norm Peterson seemed to know who they were already.

   "Dr. Krell told me a little about your problem."  He said.  "While I guess

I'm getting familiar with the many different situations that exist here at the

clinic, I must admit however, this is the most unusual I've seen."

   "Norm here is Dr. Krell's attorney.  He's familiar with the requirements of

most state's laws, including Arizona's."  Karen added.

   "I have some questions to ask you."  Dave said immediately.

   "No problem."  Norm said.  "But I think it would be best to work with each

of you individually.  It might be easier to talk in private."

   "Ok."  Dave agreed.  "Good idea."

   Norm explained California law on changing one's legal status.  He explained

what had to be done to get a revised birth record, and changing all other

legal records.  He explained that with proper endorsement by qualified medical

representatives, just about all records could be changed, with the exception

of records kept by the Department of Defense.  Those were truly permanent, and

he knew of no way to change them.  He didn't offer alternatives to changing

status legally, figuring that everyone there had already decided on that

course of action.

   After talking for about ten minutes, going through a seemingly well

rehearsed format, Norm said he was finished, and ready to talk to each of the


   Dave wanted to go first, and the others took their manila folders, and left

the room.

   Joe went back to the waiting room, and sat down.  Mike sat next to him,

with Karen on the other side.  No one else was in the waiting area.

   "Sounds like he expects us to all want to become women."  Joe said,

breaking the silence.

   "He sure does."  Mike agreed.  "I have no intention of doing that, today

anyway, at least not until all hope of getting back is used up.  Even then, I

don't know if I would want to be a woman."

   "I wonder if we really have a choice?"  Joe asked, to no one in particular.

   "Well, I do."  Mike declared.  "My records say I'm a man, and nobody can

change that, unless I agree."

   They sat there in silence.  Joe went to the rack, and retrieved the Cosmo

magazine and found the  story he had started previously.  He started to read.

Karen peered  over his shoulder, and saw what he was reading.

   "PMS, huh?"  She asked.  "Are you worried that you might get bitchy one of

these days?"  She teased.  Karen seemed to know how to lighten up the moment.

   "Well, I guess it has to be a concern now."  Joe said seriously.  "I really

do wonder what it would feel like."

   "I'd like to know too."  Karen said.  "But you...both of you...will

probably get to find out."

   "Well, I'd gladly give you MY opportunity, if I could."  Mike said.  "I

have no desire to go on the rag."

   "I don't know how I feel about it."  Joe said honestly.  "If I'm stuck like

this, I guess it has to be considered a natural function, something to get

used to."

   "There's nothing natural about any of this!"  Mike objected.

   "Yeah, Yeah, I know.  But until we can figure out what can be done, we

might as well do the best we can."  Joe tried to calm his friend down.  It was

strange how tolerant of their situation he was becoming.

   Before long, Dave came out, carrying papers in his hand.  He came over and

sat with them.  The nurse called Joe.

   Joe got up, and followed the nurse back into the room with Dr. Krell, and

Norm.  They were sitting on one side of the table, and motioned for him to sit

on the other side.

   "Well, Joe,  and what is you're choice?  Do you wish to remain a male too?"

Dr. Krell asked.  It was obvious that the interview with Dave hadn't gone


   "Sure.  I'd like to remain male, but it don't look like I have that choice,

do I?"   Joe said, grinning slightly.

   "You don't have to sign these papers."  Norm said.  "I'm not sure what we

can do about your legal status if you don't, but nobody can force you to do

anything you don't want to do.  With the way you look, I suspect you might

have difficulty trying to convince anyone that you're a male, but that is one

of your options, if you want."

   Joe crossed his leg under the table.  The two men couldn't see his legs,

and he slid one of his hands along his smooth, nylon covered leg.  He rubbed

the slickness, as he thought.  If I sign this, I will legally be a female, an

most of my records will reflect the change in status.  If I don't, I'll

legally be a guy, but with this woman's body, not fitting in anywhere.  What

choice is that, really?  He took the pen in his hand.

   "Will my school records, my drivers license, pilots license, and all other

records reflect the change?"  He asked warily.

   "That is correct.  We will help you change all the records that it is

possible to change.  The DOD stuff will have the change noted in your record,

but they will not change what is already there."  Norm said.

   "My birth certificate?  How will that be changed?"  Joe questioned.

   "An amended certificate will be issued, and that will be in your file.  You

may personally keep the original, if you desire."  Dr. Krell answered.

   "What if I can change back?  What If you figure out how to make me a male

again?"  Joe wondered aloud.

   "If we can discover a way to get you back, and we will keep trying...  it

will be simply a matter of repeating this same process."  Dr. Krell advised.

"What ever status you prefer, will make no difference on our course of action

in that matter."

   Joe ran his hand up his leg, beneath the soft silk of the slip.  He got to

the top of the hose, and felt the warm softness of the skin of his inner

thigh.  He really liked the way it felt.

   A nervous Joe Bates took the pen, and signed the first paper, he folded it

back, and started to read the next one.  It was a form used to change his

legal name.  He hadn't considered that.

   "What's this?  I haven't even considered a name change."  Joe said.  "Do I

have to do that?"

   "No, of course not."  Dr. Krell said.  "I just thought you might want it,

however.  Of course, Joe is not that unusual as a feminine name, especially if

you shorten it to "Jo" jay-oh, when you sign you name.  I don't see any

problem with keeping the legal name Joel."  Dr. Krell said.

   Joe skipped that paper, and went to the next one.  It was a form for

requesting a new operators certificate, and he signed it immediately.

   "Since that has your picture on it, you will have to go to the DMV, and get

issued a new license.  with this paperwork, it will be like renewing you

certificate.  No tests, and no questions."  Norm told him.

   Joe looked at the next form.  It was a FAA form for requesting a

replacement pilot certificate.  He signed it after he read through it.

   "I don't have a lot of experience with that one."  Dr. Krell said.  I have

talked with the FAA Flight Surgeon at Oklahoma City, and he explained what was

needed.  You will get a new certificate in the mail.  All your ratings remain

the same."

   The next group of papers was DOD related.  Joe read through it carefully.

It was some forms filled out by Dr. Krell, as well as about a six page summary

of what had happened t Joe, and his new status as female.

   "I'm not sure what effect this will have on your security clearance status.

I would think it would have none, but I have no precedent."  Norm said.

   The last paper was for changing his birth record.  He really had concern

about that.  No matter what happened, or how he decided to deal with his

bodies physical changes, Joe still felt that deep down, somewhere inside, he

was STILL a male.  If his birth certificate said he was born a girl, could he

still feel that way?  He thought of the way he now looked, the way he now

felt, and how, even his personality seemed to be changing.  He didn't even

know how he would feel tomorrow.  It was likely he would be even more

feminine, since he was still feeling the changes happening.  It was probably

inevitable, and he might as well admit it.  He took a deep breath, and signed

the paper.

   "You can take the rest of these things with you."   Norm said. "I'll have

these things copied, and give you the forms you will need.  That's all for


   Joe go up, and shook Norm's hand.  It was difficult to get used to having

such small hands.  All the other men seemed to have a much stronger grip now.

Joe went back out into the waiting room as the receptionist called Mike.

   Joe sat down next to Dave.  Dave was looking through his paperwork.

   "What did Norm advise?"  Joe asked his friend.

   "Well, he figured I was just going to sign the papers, and that would be

it." Dave said.  "When I explained my concern, he was sympathetic, and all,

but he didn't really have any good advise.  He thought it would be best if I

changed my legal status to female, as far as my relationship with Honybone,

but when I asked about Cindy, then he thought I better wait.  I guess it's

going to be up to Dr. Krells guy's to get us back."

   "Yeah.  I signed the papers"  Joe said.  "Dr. Krell said if they do find a

way to get us back, I can go through it all again.  It's amazing how simple it


   They sat and waited for about twenty minutes as Mike had his interview with

Norm.  Finally, Mike returned to the waiting room.  He had a smile on his


   "Good news?"  Joe asked, curious to know the cause of Mikes obvious joy.

   "Dr. Krell said he would accept me for reconstructive surgery, if that's

what I really want."  Mike said.  He was almost back to his normal friendly


   "When does he plan to do that?"  Dave asked, showing interest.

   "He said I better wait until they have exhausted attempts to return us

using the equipment back at Honeybone."  Mike said.  "That might take a month

or so.  I guess I can wait that long.  As long as there is light at the end of

the tunnel."

   "I hope he can do something for me."  Dave said.  "Can he give you a

working penis?"

   "He said that they were making advances every day, and that I might at

least have some feeling.  Anything's better than this."  Mike said, placing

his hand on his crotch.

   "Don't give up on getting back the way we came."  Joe said.  "There is

still a lot of things we don't know about that."  He didn't want his buddies

to blow the chance for a normal recovery.  Changing themselves by surgery

would eliminate any chance to reverse the process, without causing


   "Don't worry about it."  Mike said.  "Dr. Krell won't let us do anything

until all possibility of that is exhausted."  Mike sounded like he didn't

expect much from that possibility.

   Dr. Krell came out, and walked over to his three patients.

   "Well, I think we're finished with you for today."  He said.  "Come back

tomorrow morning, about nine thirty, and Susan will be ready with her little

seminar."  He smiled.

   "Is Karen free?"  Joe asked.

   "I'm sure she is."  Dr. Krell answered.  "You'll probably have to track her


   Joe went back down the hall, and found Karen back in the classroom, still

talking to three of Dr. Krell's patients.

   "Dr. Krell say's we are through for the day."  Joe said.  "Do you want to

come with us, back to the hotel?"  He asked Karen.

   "Sure.  I'm ready any time you are."  She said, gathering up her purse, and

a book.

   They walked back out to the waiting area where the others were standing.

They gathered their things and walked out to the car.  As they were driving to

the hotel, Karen looked at Joe.

   "When do you have to back tomorrow?" She asked.

   "We don't have to be in until nine thirty."  Joe replied.  "I guess we just

have the classroom stuff to do, and then we can go back to Phoenix."

   "You got everything done today?"  Karen asked, seeming to be surprized.

   "I suppose so, I don't know what you were expecting, but the interview, a

physical exam, and changing my legal status to female seems like plenty for

one day to me."  Joe said.

   "Yeah, I guess looking at it that way, it was a big day for you." Karen


   "You don't know how big it was."  Joe said.  "Except for last Friday, I've

never had another day to compare with this."

   Karen turned into the drive at the hotel.

   "What do you guy's want to do this evening?"  She asked, looking at Dave

and Mike sitting in the back seat of the big Lincoln.

   "Get some food, and stay in my room."  Mike said.

   "Me too."  Agreed Dave.  "I don't want to go out in public like this any

more than necessary."

   "How about you Joe?"  She asked looking at him.  "You want to sit in your

room and mope too?"

   "Well, I am hungry, but I don't know about anything else.  I don't think

I'm ready for it."  Joe said.

   "Hey, you're officially a woman now, if you like it or not.  You look

passable, that's for sure, and you're learning how to act like one very

quickly.  This is the place to learn...away from home, where you won't find

anyone who would recognize you."  Karen argued.

   Joe thought about it, and realized she was right.  He didn't want to go

out, but if he was going to be this way for a while...or forever...he had to

get used to it.  And there was no better place than away from home to make the

inevitable mistakes.

   "Well, ok, I'll go with you, if you think I should."  Joe conceded.

   "How about you two?  Mike, you don't look any different, come on along."

Karen asked again.

   "I'll think about it."  Mike said.  "I don't feel too good right now.


   "What's wrong?"  Karen asked.

   "I don't know.  I don't know...Hell, I've been feeling all kinds of strange

sensations.  I don't know which ones are normal, and which ones are a problem.

My belly hurts, and my nipples, they  hurt when anything touches

them.  My shirt feels like it's rubbing them raw."  Mike complained.

   Joe knew what his buddy was feeling.  He had the same feeling when he wore

his T-shirt the first day.  He hadn't seen Mike's chest, but Joe guessed his

friend had some changes there too, even though the clothes he wore concealed


   "Mike, are you developing breasts too?"  Joe asked.  "Are they real sore?"

   "'m still...I'm not..."  Mike stammered.

   "Damn it, Mike!  You don't have to act macho or anything like that.  We're

all in this together.  It's nothing to be embarrassed least around

us."  Joe was irritated at the way his friend was denying the problem.

   "Ok..Ok..Yeah, I guess I'm getting tits too."  Mike admitted.  I got a

cunt, and now I'm getting breasts.  I admit it.  Are you happy now?"  He

almost shouted at Joe.

   "Mike, don't feel so sorry for yourself.  I know you don't like what has

happened, none of us do, but denying it won't fix the problem any quicker.

You know that."  Joe said.

   "What the hell do you want me to do?"  Mike asked.  "I'm not beautiful,

like you are.  I can't put on women's clothes, and fit right in, like you

have.  What do you want me to do?"  He repeated.

   "Mike, if you need help coping... if there is anything I can do...don't be

too shy to ask."  Karen said.  "I think I can help you get through this.  I

have some experience with it, you know."

   "I don't know what I need."  Mike said.  "I think my body is still

changing.  I don't know...I just don't know what's going on."

   They all got out of the car, and went up to their rooms.  As they walked

down the hallway to their room, they agreed to call each other in about a half

hour, to decide what they would do.

   Joe entered his room, and sat down on the bed.  The early morning wake up,

and the events of the day had left him tired.  His old strength wasn't the

same anymore.  He hadn't exercised for a few days..since his racquetball game

with Jay..and he missed that.  He would have to get back on some type of

exercise program, no matter what he looked like.

   It was awkward laying on the bed in the suit, and he didn't want to wrinkle

it, so Joe decided to change clothes.  He knew he wouldn't want to wear it

anymore this late in the day anyway.  He sat up, and removed the gray heels.

He was now used to walking in the low heeled shoes, and knew he looked good

wearing them, but they sure were not the most comfortable shoes he ever had

on.  He placed them by the bed, and stood to remove the skirt.  When he had

the skirt on a hanger, he started to remove the silk blouse.  He started to

unbutton it, and as he did, his hands brushed against the softness of his

breasts.  It felt great, just to touch himself.  It wasn't a sexual thing

really, but it sure was sensual, and he found he couldn't resist fondling the

softness.  The silky blouse over the slip, and his bra, made his breasts feel

wonderful.  He had always loved the feel of women's breasts, but it was even

better to feel them from both sides.  The soft touch, and the thin, slippery

fabric, made it easy to see, as well as feel, that his nipples had become hard

and stiff.  The sensation was quite intense, and Joe was starting to feel the

familiar dampness that now accompanied his "erection".  It was the first time

he had experienced the pleasurable sensation for a while, and he was relieved

to find that it could still happen.  He had been beginning to worry that he

was going to loose these new feelings.

   Joe quickly removed his blouse, and slip.  He slipped out of the nylon

hose, carefully placing everything either on hangers, or carefully piling them

on the dresser.  He looked over at the full length mirror, and saw himself

standing in his underwear.  He was becoming used to the feelings, the clothes

and all the other things about being a female.  He wondered when he'd ever get

used to his reflection in the mirror.  It's a lot different than Jockey's and

a t-shirt, he thought to himself.  He started to remove his bra, but decided

against it.  He liked the secure feeling it gave to his breasts.  Joe went

over to the TV, and turned it on, looking at the little placard to find the

channel for CNN.  When he found it, he went over to the bed, and lay down

without pulling back the spread.

   Joe lay there, watching the news, and idly rubbing his left nipple through

the thin material of the bra.  If he ever got back, if he ever became a man

again, he would certainly miss this experience.  Of course, right now it

didn't look like that was going to happen any time soon, and he realized that

he was starting to hope he could stay this way, at least for a while.  He had

never been more aware of his body, and now it seemed like everything that

touched it made him tingle.

   As he watched the news he found himself watching the newsperson's, both men

and women.  He found that what he looked at was changing.  While he used to

ignore the men, he now looked at them critically, even their clothes.  He had

always eyed the women, but now, he found himself looking at what they were

wearing, rather than just trying to undress them in his mind, as before.  He

tried to determine why he was now feeling this way, but had no answer.  Maybe

I'm starting to accept the fact that I don't have a penis anymore, he

considered.  With that thought, he tightened the muscles in his crotch, and

felt the now familiar sensation as his vaginal sphincter tightened.  It was a

pleasant feeling, at least as good as if his cock was there, twitching,  He

reached down, and placed his hand on the slick fabric covering the soft, flat

area between his legs.  Touching there felt good, and with his hand, he could

feel that the wetness was beginning to soak through the cotton lining.  It was

making even the outer surface of the black panties damp.  He was enjoying the

caress of his hand on this sensitive area, when he was interrupted by the

ringing of the telephone on the night stand.

   It must be Karen, wanting me to get going, he thought as he picked up the


   "Joe here."  He answered.

   "Joe?  I'm glad I found you."  The voice on the other end said.

   "Who is this?"  Joe asked.  It obviously was not Karen.

   "It's me, Jim Matheny."  The voice said.  "I just got some more news, and I

think you should hear it."

   "Go ahead, shoot."  Joe said.  He wondered what they had discovered.

   "I was over at Firebird, and I was talking with the line chief.  He asked

when we would be running the GPS tests again."  Jim said.

   Firebird was the FBO that supported Honeybone's flight department with fuel

and any other services.  They were based at Deer Valley Airport.

   "I told him that I didn't know for sure, since it looked like there was a

possibility that the equipment we were using might be causing injury to our

personnel."  Jim went on.

   "He asked what kind of injury, and I explained that it might be causing

cell damage, which had unusual symptoms on the persons affected.  I didn't

want to go into detail, you understand."  Jim continued.

   "Go on please."  Joe interrupted.  "What did you find out?"

   Jim continued.  "Well, he asked who go hurt, and I told him that you, Dave,

and Mike did, but that you were not in any danger."

   "Yeah, ok....ok...go on.."  Joe was anxious to hear what ever news he had.

   "Well, when he heard that, he thought for a minute, and said that he

thought that one of his line boys...a college student named Tim Werner, was

hanging around you guy's last Thursday, while you were calibrating the

transmitters."  Jim revealed.

   Joe thought about it.  Yeah, he did remember Tim being with them while they

were working.  Tim was going to college, and working at Firebird part time so

that he could make a little extra money, as well as hang around airplanes.

Tim was an intelligent, friendly kid, maybe twenty, or twenty-one, and was

about the same size as Joe.  He was always hanging around, watching what they

were doing, hoping to bum a ride in the Learjet.

   "Bob,  that's the line chief's name,  Bob said he hadn't seen Tim since

Thursday.  He was supposed to work Friday morning, and all day both Saturday,

and Sunday.  He didn't show up, and he didn't call.  Bob called his apartment,

but nobody answered.  Bob said Tim was a very reliable guy, and he couldn't

figure out what happened to him."  Jim continued.

   "I asked Bob if he knew Tim's address.  He did, and I suggested that we go

over there, and check for ourselves."  Jim said.

   "I figured that if something happened to Tim, like happened to you guy's,

he might hole up, and be to embarrassed to come out.  Well, we went over to

his apartment, and knocked on the door.  Nobody came to the door right away,

but Bob saw Tim's Camaro on the parking lot, so he figured he was in there.

We kept ringing, and knocking, and finally, somebody came to the door.  It was

a girl,  wearing jeans and a T-shirt.  She had short hair though, like you

guy's, and she looked a lot like Tim."  Jim continued.

   "Oh, shit, another victim."  Joe said aloud.

   "Yeah, I believe so." Jim said.  "I asked the girl...she looked like a

girl...I asked Tim if it was him.  He said yes.  He was too embarrassed to

come out of his apartment looking like he does, and of course, he thought he

was the only one that had the problem."

   "Where is Tim now?"  Joe asked.

   He's still at his apartment."  Jim answered.  "He didn't want to come out,

or go to the hospital.  Bob and I brought him some burgers.,  he

said he was hungry.  He's scared to death, Joe."

   "He needs to get over here."  Joe said.  If he see's us, at least then

he'll know he's not alone."

   "That's what I was thinking.  I can't get him to go on an airliner, and I

don't have a plane available to get him there.  Can you maybe fly back, and

pick him up?"  Jim requested.

   "Yeah, I guess I can."  Joe said.  He thought about the flight back, and

had another idea.

   "My pal Jay Logan has a Mooney 252."  Joe said. "I'll call him.  He knows

Tim, since he keeps his plane at Deer Valley.  I think I can get Jay to fly

over and bring Tim to us.  We're getting a briefing tomorrow which might help

him too."

   "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.  Tell your friend to fuel up at

Firebird, and Honeybone will pick up the expenses."  Jim said.  "And you do

what you can to help that kid."

   "I'll call Jay, and tell him to get in contact with you.  Where will you be

for the next few hours?"  Joe asked.

   "I'm at Firebird, and I'll stick around as long as I need to."  Jim


   "Ok then.  I'll call Jay.  If I can't reach him, or he can't get away, I'll

fly back with the 421.  I think I an get hold of Jay though." Joe said.

   "Thanks Joe.  I knew I could count on you."  Jim said.

   "No sweat Jim.  I appreciate the backing you've given us."  Joe said


   Damn, Joe thought, another victim.  Were there others?  How many people

would have their lives screwed up like this. He hung up the phone momentarily,

and then picked it back up.  He dialed the number of his best friend Jay.  The

phone rang three times, and then the familiar sound of his buddies voice on

the other end.

   "Hey pal, what you got planned for this evening?"  Joe asked.

   "Not much, I guess.  I just got home, and was getting ready to find

something to eat."  Jay said.

   "How would you like to drive your plane over here to Lindbergh Field?"  Joe


   "Sure.  I can do that.  You have something you want me to look at?" Jay


   "No...nothing like that."  Joe answered.  " My boss, Jim Matheney just

called.  They have found another person with my problem.  A line boy named Tim


   "Oh shit, yeah, I know Tim."  Jay interrupted.

   "Well, he was watching us Thursday, and I guess he was in the wrong place

at the right time." Joe said.  "Can you fly him over here?   Honeybone will

pick up expenses."

   "Sure, I'll take him over there.  I need the time anyway."  Jay agreed.

   "As soon as you can get ready, get over to Firebird.  They should have Tim

there by then.  I'll meet you on the ramp at JimsAir, on Lindbergh." Joe said.

   "Ok.  See you in a few hours." Jay said.  The phone clicked off.

   Joe thought about what he had just heard.  If Tim had been affected, that

meant that they were probably exposed to whatever changed them, while they

were on the ground.   That information would probably be a significant break

through. It also meant that the GPS was almost certainly responsible for the

problem, since there was unlikely to be any other common denominator.  Maybe

there was hope yet.

   Joe lay back on the bed.  The news from Jim had his adrenaline flowing

again.  Maybe he should call Karen.  He thought about it, and realized that

she was just on the other side of the wall.  There was a locked, connecting

door, and he went to it, and opened it.  On the other side was another door.

He knocked on it, and in a few seconds Karen opened it.

   She stood in the open doorway, and asked what Joe wanted.  She had taken

off the clothes she had been wearing too, and had on only a bra and panties.

   "What's up, Joe?"  She asked.

   "I just got a call from Jim Matheney, at Honeybone."  He said.  "Jim says

that they've found another person who has been changed.  It's a line boy who

was watching us set up, and calibrate the GPS equipment BEFORE we flew."

   "That's interesting."  Karen said.  "That means you all were probably

exposed on the ground, right?"

   "Yeah, I think it does.  That narrows down the cause, at least a little."

Joe said.  "I talked to Jim, and my pal Jay is going to fly the line boy, his

name is Tim Werner, to us here in San Diego.  If all goes well, he will be

here in about three hours, maybe less."

   "That's a good idea.  That'll give Dr. Krell a chance to look him over, and

see if he's ok, as well as maybe help him with the adjustment." Karen said.

   "Right.  Jim said he's really scared, and embarrassed.  I know how he

feels...I know it'll help him just to find he's not the only one." Joe said.

   "How old is he?"  Karen asked.

   "I don't know for sure, but he's a college student.  I'd say twenty ...

twenty one or so."   Joe guessed.

   It must be quite a shock....waking up...finding you're changed...that

suddenly, you aren't a man anymore...."

   "You bet it is."  Joe confirmed.  "I'm just now starting to accept the idea

of looking like this for a long time,  maybe forever."

   "What do we need to do for him here?"  Karen asked.

   "I don't know....Why don't  you come on in...lets talk about it." Joe said.

   Karen came into his room, and Joe closed the door.  He followed her back

into the room, looking at her figure which was easy to see since she wore only

light blue, nylon panties, and on top, only a matching bra.  She turned and

saw that Joe was staring at her butt.

   "Like what you see?"  She teased, grinning.

   "Well, no, I mean...yeah,  I mean...well you know, it's hard to get used to

seeing pretty women running around in their underwear, and keep from staring.

I'm sorry."  Joe apologized.

   "No, don't be.  I'm pleased to find I'm worth looking at."  Karen said,

laughing.  "And I love that description."

   "But, it is true.  I'm really impressed at how you look.  If I didn't know,

I'd never guess you're past."  Joe said truthfully.  Karen, although she was

almost six feet tall, was very feminine looking.  Only her wide shoulders

looked out of place, giving her the look of a swimmer, or athlete. Her breasts

were average, well developed; and were about the same size as Joe's.  Both her

and Joe had smaller than average hips.  But Karen's were maybe narrower,

though her upper thighs were, perhaps, a little heavier.  Hormones were

redistributing her body fat to follow the female form.  Joe, though he was now

genetically female, still had very little extra body fat.  His hips were a bit

wider than before the change, but it was due mostly to changes in his skeletal

structure, rather than changes in amount of body fat.  In that respect, Joe

was more like a young girl, just thru puberty.  He had the curves, but only

starting to acquire all the fat distribution of a female.

   "I wasn't always this way."  Karen said. "When I started on hormones, It

seemed like nothing happened for months.  Then my breasts started to grow, but

just a little.  It really wasn't until after my surgery that they really came

on.  In the last year, I've found that  I have to watch what I eat, I think my

butt  will really spread, if I let it."  She said, bending her fanny around so

Joe could see it.

   "Nothing to complain about as far as I can see."  Joe said, grinning.  "It

looks like Dr. Krell does good work."

   Dr. Krell didn't cause this to happen."  Karen said, smiling, and rubbing

one of her buttocks.  "Hormones did.  Dr. Krell is responsible for this."  She

turned around and patted her crotch.

   "The other day you said you didn't have much feeling in it."  Joe said.

"Does it look real?"  He asked.

   "Well I don't know.  You've got a real one now.  Would you like to see it,

and compare?"   Karen asked.

   Joe thought about it.  The whole thing was intriguing.  Surgically changing

sex. She looked so female....He was curious what she really looked like.

   "Well....are you sure you don't mind?"  Joe said reluctantly.  "I

don't want to seem nosy, but I am curious."

   "Heck, it's only fair.  I saw what you looked like when I assisted the

other day.  I guess I can't complain if you see me.  Besides, we're both

women, aren't we?"  Karen said, logically.

   "Yeah, I guess we are."  Joe agreed.

   Karen pulled her underwear down, and stepped out of it.  She put her arms

out slightly, and turned around.  Then she faced Joe, and put her feet

slightly apart.

   Joe looked at Karen in amazement.  Even without her panties, she still

looked completely female.  Her pubic hair was trimmed into a triangle,

probably so that it wouldn't protrude from tight fitting swim-wear, but not

nearly as close as Joe's.  Joe wondered what Karen had in place of a clitoris.

He knew that was the key to the pleasant sensations he experienced now.

   "Did they give you a clitoris?"  He asked.

   "Sort of."  Karen said.  They tried to take some of the skin from the

underside of my penis and place it where your clitoris is.  I guess Dr. Krell

did the best he could.  It looks real enough, I suppose.  I can feel it too,

but just barely.  Can't say it does much for me sexually."  She reached down

and with two fingers, spread her pubic folds.

   Joe looked at her carefully.  Unlike his own, Karen's genitalia had smaller

inner lips, and those were much smoother, without as many crinkles and folds

as his had.  It also seemed to be very dry.  By comparison, it seemed to Joe,

he was always wet.  Sometimes uncomfortably so.

   "Is it always dry like that"  He asked.  It seems like I'm always soaking

my underwear."

   "I'm sure I don't have the lubrication you have."  Karen said.  "But it's

adequate. If I was going to have intercourse for a long time, I would probably

need some K-Y jelly or something, or I'd get sore.  The same would happen to

you I suspect, but it might take longer."

   "How do you think it would work if Dr. Krell gave me a new penis?" Joe

asked, looking at the doctors work.

   "Gee, I don't know.  I've talked to a few genetic females who had

reassignment surgery to male.   Some were pleased, and others...well, they

wished they had left what they had alone.  I think it's a still few years

behind the male to female operation.  Since you had a real penis, you'd

be even harder to please."  She answered, stepping into her underwear and

pulling it back up.

   "Since I've had this body, and I've been getting used to the way it feels,

I think it would be hard enough to go back to my old body,  much less settle

for one without any feeling at all."  Joe said, thinking out loud.

   "Yeah,  I think you're right.  Dr. Krell does too, and I don't think he's

too keen on changing you guys back surgically."  Karen agreed.

   "Mike seems to think he will."  Joe said.  "He says he won't change his

records to female, no matter what."

   "I know.  And if I were Mike, I'm not sure I wouldn't feel the same way.

It's impossible, I think, to make anybody become the other sex, or to keep

them from changing, if that's what they really want.  It's whatever is in your

head that counts."  Karen observed.

   "I think even that's changing for me."  Joe said.  "The other day, all I

wanted was to get my old body shape back.  But now, I think I'm still

changing...I think I could stay like this...if I had to, that is."  Joe tried

to explain to Karen the confusion that seemed to be inside his head.

   "Interesting.  I'm sure that the gender clinic will want to know about

what's going on in your head.  Don't be afraid to bring it up."  Karen


   "Oh yeah, sure.  That's easy to say.  How do I tell somebody that, yeah,

I'm really a guy...but no I don't want to be changed back to a man...  how do

I do that?  And besides, I don't know if that's really the way I feel, or if

female hormones, or something, are just making me think that's what I want."

Joe argued.

   "I don't know Joe. I can only guess.  I know when I started on hormones, I

became much more emotional, crying for no reason, stuff like that.  No doubt,

they do affect your head.  After surgery, when my testosterone was much lower,

I began to feel a new contentment.  Maybe that's what you're feeling.  I don't

know.  I doubt if anyone could do more than guess."  Karen answered.

   "Yeah.  If I am stuck like this, I suppose it's just as well that I'm

starting to like it."  Joe said, a smile forming on his face.

   "It's not all bad, is it?"  Karen agreed.

   "No, it's not all bad, that's for sure."  Joe agreed.

   "I guess we better call Dave and Mike, and let them know what's going on."

Karen said, going over to the phone.

   Karen rang Dave's number, and when he answered, she told him to open his

door, and come into Joe's room.  Then she dialed Mike, and told him that Jim

Matheney called, and that he should come to Joe's room too.  She hung up the

phone, went over, and unlocked the door on the other side of the room from her

own.  As she was doing that, they could hear the rattle of the lock, as Dave

opened the second door.  In a few seconds, the door opened, and Dave looked

into the room.

   Dave looked surprised to see Karen and Joe standing in their underwear.

Dave was still wearing his jumpsuit.  Before they could say anything, they

were interrupted by a knock on the door.  Joe went to the door, and opened it

slightly.  It was Mike, and Joe opened the door to let him in.

   Mike came into the room, and stood there staring at Karen and Joe.  He

suddenly realized he was staring, and started mumbling an apology.

   "No reason to apologize."  Karen said. "It's time you admit that you've

changed too.  We're not embarrassed for you to see us.  Are we, Joe"?  Karen


   "Uh, no, no were not."  Joe said.  He wasn't embarrassed, but he was

uncomfortable.  Mike was still dressed like man, and no matter what he looked

like underneath, he seemed like he was one.  He felt self conscious standing

in his sexy underwear around a "guy".

   "Sit down everybody."  Karen said.  "Joe has some news.  Tell em Joe."

   Joe sat on the edge of his bed, and cleared his throat.

   "I just got off the phone with Jim Matheney.  Thursday, when we were

calibrating the transmitters, a line boy...Tim Werner...was watching us.

Today, they found him hiding in his apartment.  He has been changed too.

I don't know the extent of his changes, but we'll be seeing him in about

two or three hours.  My friend Jay Logan is bringing him over in his Mooney.

Jim wants us to help him, and make sure that he gets whatever assistance

we do from the clinic."  Joe explained.

   "So we were affected on the ground..."  Mike said. "And Tim got zapped


   "Yeah.  Jim says that Tim is really scared... we all know what he's going

through.  Does everybody want to go along to the airport to pick him up?"  Joe


   "Sure..Yeah...Of course..."  They all agreed.

   "Ok then.  Do we want to get something to eat before we pick him up, or

wait until afterward?"  Joe asked.

   "What do you think?"  Dave asked.  Dave seldom spoke lately, and it sort of

surprized Joe when he did.

   "I think we should eat first, because Tim should probably meet with us

before he spends much time in public.  I think they almost have to drag him

out of his room."  Joe said.

   "Hell, I don't blame him."  Mike said.  "I wonder of his tits hurt like

mine do."  He gently massaged his chest through his shirt.

   "Some lotion will help the irritation."  Karen said.  " Take that shirt

off, and let me see."

   "No, no, it's all right."  Mike insisted.

   "Take the shirt off."  Karen ordered.

   Mike looked at the tall woman.  He started to say something, but stopped,

and began to unbutton his shirt.  He removed it, and pulled his T shirt over

his head.  On his hairless, muscular chest, the objects of his pain and

embarrassment were very evident.  Mike's well developed pectoral muscles now

seemed even larger, due to the small, but definitely feminine, breast

development.  His nipples and areola were fairly large, easily as big as

Joe's, and they were quite erect.  The rough men's shirts Mike wore, had

rubbed the tender tissue raw, and they looked sore.  Embarrassingly, Mike took

a nipple between his fingers, showing Karen, and the others, the small amount

of blood that oozed to the surface of the thin, irritated skin.

   "These darn things really hurt."  He said, rubbing it with the palm of his


   "Just a minute."  Karen said, going into her room for something.

   In seconds, she was back, with a small plastic bottle with a pump.  She

squirt some of the fragrant white liquid onto the tips of her fingers, and she

rubbed it on Mikes tender area's.  Mike's face became red as he allowed Karen

to massage the soothing body lotion into his skin.  The softness of his breast

tissue looked out of place on his trim, muscled body.  Mike had the slightly

androgynous look of a female body builder.

   "There.  Now, if you'll just wear a bra, or at least, a silk undershirt,

you'll find that you won't have any problems."  Karen admonished.  "Mike,

you'll have to stop denying the changes that you've had.  At least keep from

hurting yourself."

   "Yeah, Yeah."  Mike said.  "That stuff feels pretty good.  What is it?"

   "It's Jergens lotion."  Karen said.  "Here, take the bottle."  She handed

Mike the bottle as he was putting his shirt back on.

   "I guess we better get going if we are going to find something to eat, and

still make the airport."  Joe said.

   Joe looked at Mike. Now that he knew  how Mike looked, he realized that he

could see the slight bulge of Mike's breasts, as well as the definite points

of his nipples poking at his shirt.  He hadn't noticed it before.  It gave him

a new understanding about the problems Mike was facing.

   "Where do we want to go?"  Karen asked.

   "I'd like a steak."  Said Mike.  "Lets go to Mongo's"

   "That sounds good to me."  Dave chimed in.

   "Suits me, too."  Karen agreed.  "I think I'll pass on the steak, but they

have a great soup and salad bar."

   "Mongo's it is."  Joe said.  "Now, let me get dressed."

   Everyone went back to their rooms.  Karen left the door open between her

and Joe's room.  Joe noticed it, but didn't say anything.  He looked at the

clothes he brought, and decided on shorts, and a new top.  The casual look was

ok in a place like Mongo's.

   The group went to Mongo's, and when they finished, they were ready to go to

the airport, and pick up their new friend.



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