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Archive-name: Changes/bates13.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story- 13

                                  Chapter 13

                                   San Diego

   Linda could sense that something was wrong.  She backed away from Joe, and

just stood there, confused.

   "What's the matter, Joe?"  She asked.  "Did I do something wrong?"

   "No, you haven't done anything wrong."  Joe answered.  "I don't know what's

wrong.  I'm having such strange feelings.  I don't know what's going on.  I

can't explain it.  I first noticed it today, at the mall.  I  watched a woman

undressing, and I didn't even feel anything.  Nothing.  It was weird, and I

can't explain it.  I was hoping I wouldn't feel the same about you, but right

now, I just don't get the old urge.  Since the change, I have been feeling

hornier than ever, but now, suddenly, it's gone. Don't get me wrong, I still

love you, but I'm just not sexually aroused."  He sat down on the bed.

   "Maybe it's just temporary."  Linda said, as she stroked his back.

   "Yeah, maybe it is. Or, maybe, my head's changing...maybe I'm destined to

be female in body, and now, in mind too.  I don't know. I don't know."  He

began to sob.

   Suddenly, he realized what he was doing.  He was sitting there feeling

sorry for himself, and he was crying like a a woman.  What was

happening?  Linda saw it too, and was surprised at this reaction.  She could

see that Joe was changing...that he was becoming more emotional.  She put her

arm around him.

   "Is there anything I can do?"  She asked.  "I want to help in any way I


   I'm sorry."  Joe said.  "You've been so good to me so far, just help me to

deal with this.  I just don't know what's happening."

   "We'll both get through this, don't worry."  Linda said.

   "I've go to finish getting ready for tomorrow."   Joe said.  "Help me to

get enough stuff to hold me for about two days."

   "Sure, we'll get you packed in no time."  Linda said.  "What do you plan to

wear in the morning?"

   "That's a problem."  Joe replied.  "I like the sundress, but I don't know

if it would be a problem flying with that full skirt."

   "How about the new suit then?"  Linda continued.  "That would probably be

the equivalent of what you'd wear as a guy."

   "You think so?"  Joe asked, wiping his eyes.  He liked the suit.

   "Sure, and you look good in it, too."  Linda said.  "We'll pack the red

dress, and your shorts, too.  I think you should also take another skirt and

blouse along.  If you can't find anything in you're closet, you're welcome to

look in mine."

   Joe went into his closet, and took a white blouse, and the blue A line

skirt he wore on the first day.  Linda folded, and packed them in his B-4 bag.

She went to his drawers, and took out some underwear, as well as pantyhose,

and athletic socks.

   "I bought some nylon stockings today."  Joe said.  "I hate to wear panty-

hose, cause I have to go to the bathroom so often."  He got the nylons from

the bag, and showed them to Linda.

   "You'll probably want to wear these in the morning then."  She said,

holding up the blue ones.

   "Yeah, If you say so."  Joe was happy to have her pick out his clothes.  He

liked her tastes, and her eye for color.

   "Well, I guess you're about ready.  Just your bath items yet." Linda said.

   "I'll get them in the morning, after my shower.  I hope I can get you to

help with those cosmetics again, in the morning."  He asked.

   "Sure, but I guess that means I have to get up at four o'clock." Linda


   "I do have a show time of six."  Joe admitted.  "I don't know how long

it'll take for me to get ready."

   "Set the alarm for four, at least."  Linda groaned.

   "I guess we better hit the sack early then."  Joe decided.

   "I'm going to wash my face, and take a bath."  Linda said.  "If you're

planning to shower in the morning, I suggest you wash that makeup off, anyway.

I have cleansing cream in my bath, if you don't have any yet."

   "Ok, I'll take it off." Joe said.

   Linda went back to her bedroom, and Joe removed his underwear.  He decided

that he should wear something, and remembered the little terry romper he

bought at She-Sports.  He got it from a drawer, stepped into it, and pulled it

over his boobs. He walked to Linda's room, and went into her bathroom, where

she was standing at the sink, in her panties, while the tub was filling.  He

watched her.  She looked so sexy standing there, in black panties, getting

ready for her bath.  The bra she had just removed had marked her skin with the

same little pink lines that Joe noticed around the edges of his breasts.  Joe

watched her with interest, but felt  little excitement, as he watched her

remove her makeup, breasts bouncing as she rubbed her face.

   Soon she finished, and she looked up at him.

   "Shows over, Joe."  She teased.  "Time for you're lesson in makeup


   She showed him what to do, and he did as he was told.  When his hair got in

the way, he removed the wig.  He looked at his now more familiar face.  As the

light makeup came off, he saw his former features seem to return, but not

completely.  Usually, by this time of the day, his beard was beginning to show

as a noticeable stubble.  Now, it was still smooth as a babies behind.  It

felt almost as soft too, Joe thought.  He found the makeup was far easier to

take it off, than it was to put on, and he finished quickly.  The tub was

ready too.  Linda removed her undies, and stepped into the bubbles.

   "I think there's room for you, if you want."  She said enticingly.

   It was tempting, but Joe just didn't feel like messing around.

   "Maybe another time."  He said.  "I better get to bed."

   Taking his hairpiece, Joe left her room, and went back to his own.  He took

the remainder of the things laying on the bed, and either put them away, or

laid them aside, to wear in the morning.  He saw the underwear he wore that

day, and considered whether he should wash it out in the sink.  No, he

decided, I'll do it later.  He just didn't feel like hand washing panties

right then.  He opened the bed, and sprawled out on it.  He had left the

overhead light on, and had to get up again.  He reluctantly got back up, and

was going to switch off the light, when he noticed the book that Karen had

given him to read, laying on the dresser.  He took it, and switched on the

light next to the bed, then went over and turned off the over head light.  He

layed back down on the bed, and covered himself with the sheet. He picked up

the book, and looked at the cover.  GENETICS, and SEX DETERMINATION, it read.

He opened it, and started to read.  The book's subject had always held a mild

interest to him, but now, of course, it had a special significance.  He

started to read, and quickly became engrossed in the subject matter.  He had

been reading for some time, when Linda quietly came in his room, and sat down

on the edge of his bed.

   "What are you reading?"  She asked.

   "Oh, this is a book Karen suggested I read."  He answered, and continued

reading, trying to finish the chapter.

   Linda sat there, watching him, and looking around the room.  She looked

down at the pile of his clothes laying at the side of the bed, and saw Joe's

underpants.  They had sort of rolled up when he had pulled them off, and the

narrow crotch section was face up, and visible.  She saw the little stain of

blood, and picked them up.

   "Joe, have you noticed your discharge?"  She asked him.

   Joe was still trying to finish the chapter before he put the book down.

"What discharge is that?"  He returned.  He wasn't really listening.

   "Look at your underwear.  Are you starting you're period?"  She asked


   "Period?  I'm not having a period."  He said, as he finally put the book

down and looked up at her.  He saw that she had the underwear he wore that


   "Are you sure?" She asked again.  "It looks like your starting to spot."

She showed him the bloody stain.   Mixed with the normal vaginal secretions,

it appeared to her like the light menstrual flow at the start of a period.

   "Oh, that."  He said, grinning.  "Hey, I'm a virgin.  What do you think

about that."

   "What do you mean, you're a virgin?"  Linda scoffed.  "What are you talking


   "It's true."  He said, still grinning at her.  "Dr. Krell examined me

today.  He said I had an intact hymen.  That makes me a virgin, technically,

at least."

   "So where did the blood come from?  Did he break your "intact hymen?" Linda

asked.  She thought he was teasing her.

   "Well, Dr. Krell put a speclum inside of me when he gave me a pelvic

examination.  I think maybe he stretched it a little.  I know it sure hurt

like hell.  But, he said that he was able to keep it intact. It bled a little

bit, though.  Do they do that to you every time they examine you?"  Joe asked,

as innocently as he could.

   "So you had a pelvic exam today, huh?"  Linda asked.  "What did you think

about it?  What did they find?"

   "Well, it's a lot different than any physical I ever had before." He

answered honestly.  "Dr. Krell said that I looked like I had normal, female,

internal organs.  And yeah, he said he thought I probably would have normal

menses.  That's what he called it."

   "So you really are a woman."  Linda said, as if she didn't really expect it

to be true.  "Did he tell you anything else?"

   "He said he could tell that I was circumcised, when I still had my penis,

because he found unexplained scar tissue around the clitoris.  He said he

figured that was it was probably the result of penile circumcision." Joe


   "I didn't see any scar tissue on your genitals." Linda said.

   "Did you really look?"  Joe asked.  "I know that female's all look slightly

different in that area.  I know I don't look exactly like you.  I think you

have more tissue over your clitoris, compared to me." He continued.

   "Does it feel different?"  She asked.

   "How would I know?  I can tell you this, it feels way more sensitive than

my penis did, but only if something touches it.  When it's left alone, it

feels just like it did before.  Since it has the same nerves, and I guess, the

same number of nerves.  To me, it feels like it's much bigger than it appears.

I think it's kinda like a cold sore in your mouth.  It seems bigger than it

looks, I guess, because the nerves are so closely spaced, compared to before."

   "Can I look?" Linda asked.  I want to see the scar tissue he told

you about."

   "Sure, I guess so."  Joe answered.  He sat up, and pulled the sheet away.

   Joe parted his legs, and gently spread the moist folds of tissue.  The

little glistening bud of flesh protruded near where the folds sort of joined.

   "So this is really your penis now?" Linda asked.  She was inspecting him

with intense interest.

   "Well, It feels like my penis.  It's not a penis anymore, obviously, but it

still feels like it, to me anyway."  Joe repeated.  "My guess is, it's the

same parts, nerves and such, just arranged, or repackaged.  And, a lot

different looking, obviously.  You probably have the same parts, too."

   "You think so?"  Linda asked.  "You really think a clitoris feels like a


   "From my experience, and that's all I go to go on, it sure does.  Almost

exactly the same, as long as nothing touches it.  Then, it's much more

sensitive than my penis was."

   "Overall then, is it better, or worse?"  Linda asked, curious to know.

   "Just what are you trying to find out?"  Joe asked her.  It was becoming

obvious that there was a reason for her questioning.

   "I'd just like to know what it feels like.  I've always wondered what it

would like to be a have a penis, and everything."  She answered,

slightly embarrassed.  "I've always been curious what it felt like for you,

when we made love."

   "It felt great.  Absolutely great."  Joe said, and put his arm around her.

   "Do you miss it then?"  Do you miss your penis?" She asked.

   "Do I miss it?  Sure I do. Every minute.  But not because I constantly have

the urge to have sex.  Hell, until today, I've been hornier than ever, and

I've hardly had a chance to know it was gone when we've been together.  Of

course, I'm having new feelings now, some of them seem even better than

before."  As Joe spoke, he thought of their times together, before, and after

the change.  He thought of the new sensations, and his apparently hightened

senses.  Yeah, he thought, he missed it, but there were compensations.

   "So, if you had a choice then, would you want to be a man, or a woman."

Linda asked.

   "For Pete's sake Linda, that's a hard question to answer.  Of course I

would rather be a man.  It would simplify everything.  But, if I had been

born a woman, and suddenly turned into a man, I'd probably want be a woman

again.  It's not what FEEL'S better that causes it, it's how you're raised.

There's nothing wrong with being a woman, of course I'm still having problems

with having to sit to pee (he grinned), but damnit it, otherwise it feels

pretty good.  I'm starting to like wearing the clothes, too.  I never thought

I'd say that.  And I kinda like the sensation of having these boobs too, even

if I'm still usually embarrassed by them."  Joe told her.

   "Do you like Karen?"  Linda asked.

   The question surprised Joe.  What was she thinking about now?  Maybe he was

starting to think like a woman, but, he thought, he still had a long way to


   "What do you mean by that?"  He asked.

   "You've just met her today, you said, but you two seem to get along so well

together.  It's like you were old pal's."  Linda answered.

   "It's different with Karen.  She understands my problem." Joe said


   "What does that mean?" Linda asked.  "I'm trying to understand it too.

What does she do, that I don't."

   Joe decided to tell her about Karen.

   "Does Karen look different... unusual to you, in any way?"  He asked.

   "Unusual?  No, I don't think so. She's kinda tall, that's all."  Linda

answered, wondering what he was getting at.

   "Four years ago, Karen was a medical student at UA.  Her name was Kieth

then, and she was a guy.  She underwent hormone therapy, had an operation, and

now she's a woman."  Joe revealed.

   "The woman who was here, tonight, in this house, she was a MAN?" Linda

asked, completely amazed.

   "Yeah.  That's right.  About two years ago, she had surgery, in San Diego,

and now she's physically, and legally, a woman.  She can do about everything,

except get pregnant."  Joe said.

   "I've heard about that operation, but I never knew anyone who underwent

it."  Linda said.

   "Now you do."  Joe said.  "Dr. Krell says he has performed many operations

like Karen's."

   "Can he do something like that for you?"  Linda asked.

   "I asked him about that, and he said it was possible, but that he didn't

advise it.  At least not yet."  Joe answered.  "He suggested that I try to

live like this, for a while at least, so his team can try to find a way to

change us back by reversing whatever process caused it in the first place.  If

he were to change me using surgical procedures, and then they did find a way

to get us back, it would leave us mutilated.  Anyway, he said that the female

to male operation isn't as satisfactory.  I wouldn't be pleased with the

results, that's how he put it."

   "Well, if it was half as good as Karen's, it would be acceptable, wouldn't

it?"  Linda asked him.

   "Maybe so, but he told me it's not nearly as easy to transform female

genitalia into functioning male equipment.  He said it often didn't even work

for urination.  It might look passable, but it was easily infected, and it had

usually no feeling at all.  I can't get very excited about the idea of having

a numb, useless piece of flesh hanging between my legs, just so that I could

say I was a man.  Besides, I'd still be smaller, and look different than I

used too."  Joe explained.

   "So you're going to stay female?"  Linda asked.

   "I don't know.  Well, yeah, for a while anyway.  At least until Dr. Krell

attempts to find a way to get us back.  I don't think I have any other choice,

really.  Joe said.

   "What about Dave, and what's his name..Mike?  What will they do?" Linda

continued.  "Will they stay as they are, too?"

   "I think so, but I don't know for sure.  Dave is married, and his little

boy don't understand.  Mike still looks more like a man, even if his internal

parts are feminized."  Joe answered, matter of factly.

   "Why is Mike so different?" Linda asked.

   "Well, of course it's only a possibility, but it's probably because he was

taking anabolic steroids when he went through the change."  Joe said.  I've

seen him, and he sort of looks like a hermaphrodite.  He still has his male

body shape, but he's got a beaver, and he said Dr. Krell told him he thinks he

has normal, female internals."  Joe said.

   "Heavens, that must be horrible."  She said.  "How is he taking it?"

   "I don't know.  He seems to be doing ok, I guess.  I don't know if he's

really thought much about it.  He's still in the denial stage.  He sort of

refuses to admit that it's happened.  I think it's just starting to sink in

for all of us.  Dave is the one I'm must worried about.  He hardly talks.  I

don't know what to think about him."  Joe said, scratching his crotch.

   "I'll give Cindy a call, while you're gone."  Linda said.  "Maybe I can

help her."

   "That's a good idea."  Joe said.  I have another idea.  Let's get to sleep.

It'll be four am  soon enough."

   "Can I sleep with you?"  Linda asked.

   "I'd love it."  Joe said honestly.  He set the alarm, and switched off the


   Linda snuggled up close to Joe.  Joe held her close, and could feel his

breasts touch hers.  They stroked each others back, and cuddled until they

fell asleep.

   It seemed like only moments later, Joe heard the noisy buzzing of the cheap

alarm clock.  He turned it off, and lay there, trying to find the strength to

get up.  He finally did, and struggled in the dark to find the bathroom door.

He went in, shutting the door before turning on the light.  He had to pee, and

sat down and relieved himself.

   Joe quickly showered.  He rubbed his legs, checking them for stubble.  They

weren't bad, but his underarms had stubble, and needed a quick cleanup.  With

the shower running, he used his shave cream, lathered, and quickly did the

job.  Much easier than doing my face, he thought.

   After Joe finished in the shower, he got out, and dried off.  He watched

himself in the mirror over the sink as he did so.  He was now familiar with

his new body, and looked at it critically as he rubbed his soft skin with the

towel.  A strange feeling of contentment came over him as he examined himself.

His breasts no longer seemed alien to him, and as he softly touched them, he

could hardly remember looking any other way.  His body image was becoming

female...he could feel it happening.  Is this what HE wanted?  Was there

anything he could do about it...even if he wanted too?

   As he was drying, and examining himself in the mirror, He could hear Linda

get up, and leave his bedroom.  The sound of his girl friend caused him to

finish drying off, and continue to get ready.  He took out his tooth past, and

brushed his teeth.  Even they seemed different, probably because of the

somewhat smaller size of his face.  He looked at them in the mirror, and saw

that he still had the same fillings in his back teeth, as far as he could


   Joe finished brushing, and as he was putting the dental things in his

shaving kit (he still used his male kit), he saw the after bath powder.  He

decided to apply some of that, since the scent reminded him of Linda.

   I guess it's my smell now, he thought to himself.  He took out his

deodorant, and applied it to his smooth underarms.  It stung slightly, since

he just shaved.  He was trying to decide what to do next, when a sleepy

looking Linda, tapped on the door.

   "Can I come in?" She asked.

   "Sure.  I can use your help."  Joe answered, and opened the door.

   Linda was wearing a satin robe, and simply went over to him.  She examined

his naked body carefully.

   "You are simply beautiful."  Was all she said.

   "I could use your advice."  Joe said.  "I still don't know exactly what to

do with this makeup."

   "You're going to have to learn."  Linda admonished.  "I won't be there

tomorrow morning."

   She took the shaving kit, where Joe had put his supplies, and arraigned the

things she needed, on the counter.  Working swiftly, she used each item, and

then dropped it back into the leather case.  As she worked, Joe was

transformed back into the clean, understated look he had the day before.  He

looked at his image in the mirror, and smiled with satisfaction with his


   When Linda finished, she left the bathroom, went to Joe's bed, and lay

down.  Joe gathered up the remaining supplies into his shaving kit, and

followed her.  He put the kit into the side compartment of his B-4 bag.  I

guess I should get a more feminine looking bag, he thought to himself.  He

had used the handy B-4 since he was issued it in the Air Force, and had never

used anything else.

   He went to the dresser, and found that Linda had layed out his clothes the

night before.  She had selected black, high leg, bikini panties, and one of

his seamless cup, "nude" color bras.  He took the underpants, and easily

slipped them on.  He had never worn them  since Linda had suggested he buy

them the other day.  He looked at his reflection in the mirror, the leg

openings reached almost up the waist band, and made his legs look even longer.

Since he was thin, and rather tall for a woman, it  made him look rather

leggy.  He liked the look, and turned, so that he could see his backside in

the mirror.

   Linda saw what he was doing, and said.  "Ok, Ok, We both know you got a

nice butt."

   "Hey, can I help it?"  He said grinning.  For some reason, he was feeling

very pleased with himself this morning.

   He took the bra, and deftly put it on.  He was now familiar with the

procedure, and the feeling, of wearing women's clothing.  Feeling strangely

sexy, he took the silk blouse, and put it on, covering his already silky

breasts.  As he buttoned the blouse, he was again amazed at how luxurious the

silk felt on his body.  Even if he never got back to normal, this sensation

alone would almost make it all worth while.  He resisted touching himself,

knowing Linda would tease him if he did.

   Joe picked up the grey skirt, and stepped into it, turning it around,

as he had done the last time, so that he could zip and button the smooth

fitting garment.  As he spun it back around he saw himself in the mirror

again.  He looked good, but still needed the hairpiece, to make the

trans-figuration complete.  He took it from the dresser, and carefully put it

on his head, covering his male hairstyle, and the last remnant of his former

appearance.  No one could confuse him with a male.  And, he was beginning to

realize, he was glad they couldn't.

   "You forgot your nylons."  Linda reminded him.

   "Rats.  I guess I have to take the skirt off."  Joe said, and started to

spin the skirt around again.

    "No, I think you can just pull the skirt up, and pull the nylons on." She

suggested.  "Be careful, they're very sheer.  Don't snag them on your nails."

   Joe took the dark colored nylons from Linda, and sat down on the bed.  The

slight roughness of the blended wool skirt reminded Joe that he wasn't wearing

the slip he bought either.  He wanted to try it, so he removed the skirt, and

unbuttoned the blouse.  He loved any excuse he could find to feel the silky

fabric.  He found the little slip with the fitted top, and pulled it over his

head.  The stretchy fabric covered his curves with even more slickness.  He

took the nylons , and carefully pulled them up his legs, after Linda showed

him how to roll them, and then place his foot inside.  When he had the nylons

on, and pulled the slip down, his legs felt almost as sleek as the silky

blouse.  He put the blouse back on, and again pulled the skirt on.  He sat on

the bed, and marveled at the feeling.  It felt like he could just slide off

the bed.

   Joe found his new watch, and fastened it to his wrist.  He took the new

gray shoes he bought, and slipped them on.  With their low heel, he had little

trouble walking in them, but he wondered how they would work on the rudder


   He took the jacket and decided that, for now, he wouldn't wear it.  Linda

found the handbag he had purchased the night before, and handed it to him.  He

looked at it in confusion.

   "Put your wallet, and any other things you're  always complaining about not

having room for, in it."  She suggested.

   He took the bag, and put all his things in it.  Joe stood up, and went to

the mirror.  He looked attractive, and sophisticated.  He felt very sexy.  The

feeling of the new clothes made him feel different, more content with himself,

than he had ever been before.  I guess it's the clothes, he thought.  What

else could cause it?

   "Well, I guess I'm ready."  Joe said.  "It only took about an hour."

   Linda stood next to him at the mirror.  In the heels, he was almost as tall

as before.  He put his arm around Linda, and pulled her to him.  They just

stood there, and hugged for a minute.

   "I'll be waiting for you."  Linda said, looking in his eyes.

   "I'll miss you too."  Joe said, and gave her a peck on the lips.  It just

didn't feel the same anymore, he thought to himself.

   Joe picked up the B-4 bag, and started to carry it to the door.  It wasn't

packed to bursting, like if often was when he went away for days, but he still

had to struggle a bit to carry it.  I just don't have any upper body strength,

he realized.

   Linda opened the door to the patio, and Joe went out to his car.  He opened

the back hatch, and put the bag in, and then went around and got in.  He put

his belt on, and started the engine.  He let it warm slightly, and then turned

around, and drove out the drive.  It was about forty-five minutes till six.

   After the short drive to the airport, Joe went to the guard shack, and

showed his Honeybone ID.  The guard, looked at him, but must have been told

of his unusual situation, because he let him in without problem, almost

staring a hole in him with curiosity.

   Joe went directly to the flight planning room, and entered the proposed

flight into the PC.  The computer automatically compiled an IFR flight plan,

and checked, and printed out a weather report.  It would even automatically

file, but Joe hadn't selected that option.  If the weather was good, he was

considering VFR, and maybe letting Karen fly, if she wanted.

   The weather looked good, as usual, and he was pouring a second cup of

coffee, when Dave walked in the room.

   Dave was wearing a jumpsuit, not all that different from the one Joe had.

It was gray, with a wide belt which served to de-emphasize his somewhat large

backside.  It made him look a lot better that he had the day before.  Dave

took a cup, and went over to the planning table, next to Joe.  Joe filled his

cup with the hot brew.

   "Hey, you're looking good!"  Joe said.  "I like the jumpsuit."

   "Yeah, I saw yours, and decided that it was the best thing."  Dave said.

He still had a sarcastic twinge to his voice, and it was uncharacteristic of


   Joe handed the weather printout to Dave.  "It looks severe clear, until the

LA basin, as usual."  Joe summarized.  "I think we could go VFR, and maybe let

Karen get the feel of it, if it don't bother you." He continued.

   "Sure, that's fine with me." Dave agreed.  "I wouldn't mind getting an

hour's snooze."

   "How's it going?"  Joe asked.  "Is it getting any easier for you?"

   "Easier?  How could it?  I guess I'm getting more accustomed to the

changes, and all that,  but I don't know how to deal with Cindy."  Dave said.

   "Maybe Dr. Krell's people will be able to help us today."  Joe said.

   "If he can't make me a man again, I don't know what he could do that would

help me."  Dave lamented.

   They both looked up when they heard the outside door close, and in a few

moments, Karen Simpson entered the room.

   Karen was wearing an attractive pants suit with a sharp, tailored look.

Joe smiled a greeting to her, and motioned to the stack of styro-foam cups at

the coffee bar by the wall.  Karen smiled back, and, getting a cup, came over

to them, and held out the cup as Joe filled it.

   "Well, You sure look good."  Karen said, complimenting Joe.  "Gee, Dave,

are you going through the jumpsuit phase now?"  She teased.

   "Yeah, maybe I am."  Dave said, forcing a slight grin.  "Good morning,


   "Good morning to both of you."  She said.  "Is it safe to fly this

morning?"  She asked.

   "Yeah, I think we can make it."  Joe said.  "You want to get a little stick


   "Could I?"  She said.  "I haven't flown in years."

   "We'll see how rusty you are."  Joe said.  "Early as it is, we can probably

go VFR into SAN without a problem."

   "Procedures are where I know I'll have the most difficulty."  Karen said.

"I haven't spent much time in high density area's."

   "I can handle the radios."  Joe said.

   They heard the door slam, and Mike came in the planning room.  As before,

he was wearing male clothing.  He acknowledged their greeting, and went for

his coffee cup, seemingly not interested in joining in the conversation.

   They finished their coffee, and Dave phoned in the VFR flight plan.  And

they went into the hanger.  Joe opened the hanger doors, as Dave started a

garden tractor that served as a tug.

   Karen helped Dave put the tow bar on the 421, and Dave pulled it out, into

the early morning light.  In the bright light of the hanger floods, they

performed the walk-around preflight, as Mike placed their bags on board.  When

they were satisfied that the fuel, oil, and external hardware was visibly

flightworthy, they got in, and before long, Joe had the engines warming.

   Joe sat on the left, and Karen took the right seat.  They adjusted their

headsets, and set the comm and nav radios.  The tower would did not operate

till 0800, so they called, and looked for traffic, and then took off.

   As the wheels were going into the wells, Joe called departure, and

confirmed that they were picked up on radar.  The lightly loaded twin quickly

climbed to seven thousand five hundred, and from habit, Joe requested, and

received VFR flight following.  Karen handled the plane well, holding headings

and altitudes to IFR tolerances.

   "It don't look like you're out of practice at all."  Joe complimented.

   "I love to fly."  Karen said.  "With all that has happened to me, in the

last few years, I guess I forgot just how much."

   The flight went along uneventfully, with Dave and Mike snoozing in the

back, and Karen doing the driving, Joe observing, and watching for traffic as

the sun came up behind them.

   Before long they entered the low visibility of Southern California.

The radio chatter picked up, until it was one continuous stream of

instructions, as controllers vectored IFR, and VFR traffic in one of the

busiest areas in the country.  The sun was bright as they spotted San Diego's

Lindbergh Field about eight miles ahead. They were cleared for a straight in

landing, and Joe let Karen have the landing, giving her speeds, and power

settings, as she configured the aircraft for landing.  Even though she hadn't

flown for years, and then mostly single engine aircraft, she handled the

Cessna twin like she had flown it many times.

   "You're doing great."  Joe told her again.  "How many hours do you have any


   "Actual logged hours, about three-fifty." Karen answered.  "But remember, I

worked with simulators in the Air Force, and learned to fly instruments then,

some time before I got a license.  I was trained as a primary instrument

instructor.  I probably have thousands of hours in simulators of various

kinds, single seaters mostly, but some in trainers, like the T-37, and T-38.

Compared to a lot of simulators, this thing flys like a dream."

   She landed, and taxied to the FBO Joe suggested.  They parked where a young

girl in tight shorts directed, and shut the engines down.  They got out and

stretched as they exited the tight confines of the Cessna.

   "You can smell the ocean."  Joe said.  It was so different here, than the

dry air of Phoenix.

   "Yeah.  I like San Diego."  Karen said.  "I kind of think of it as the

place where I was reborn."  She was referring to the surgical procedure which

changed her gender.

   "I hope I can get that kind of feeling about this place, in a few days."

Mike said, pulling the bags out of the plane.

   Joe went to the counter, and asked the guy about the car he made

reservations for.  The young man behind the counter gave him a set of keys

with a Budget Rent a Car tag, and pointed out the window at a maroon Town Car.

Joe hated big barges like the Lincoln, but they needed the room for the four

of them and their bags.

   "Ok if I drive out on the ramp for the bags?" Joe asked.

   "Sure, mam.  Just enter 338 and the gate will open."  The line boy said.

"Drive out, and I'll put the bags in the car for you."

   Joe wasn't used to this kind of service.  He wondered if the FBO was

changing its image, but then he realized, he wasn't wearing a skirt the last

time he was there.  He hadn't thought about it, but women did get treated

differently from men.  Sometimes better.  He kind of liked it.

   When they got their bags loaded, they went to check into the hotel.  The

Honeybone scheduler had reserved rooms at the Hyatt Regency, a nice place,

more upscale than they usually got at company expense.  Usually, Joe and Dave

performed their own "bag drag", but this time, they let the bellhop take them

to the room.

   They followed him up and Joe found that his room was next to Karen on side,

and Dave on the other.  Mike's room was directly across the hall.

   They put their bags away, stopped to clean up a bit, and then went out to

find Dr. Krell's clinic.  Karen of course, was familiar with the area, and

guided them right to it.  They met Dr. Krell again, and he introduced them all

to two other medical doctors, and a number of lab technicians and nursing


   In the small waiting room at the entrance, Joe recognized a few patients

who were obviously making the transition from male to female.  Two were easy

to spot, since they were both very tall, and towered over all the other seated

persons.  Joe went over to an empty seat next to one of the two tall women.

He smiled a greeting as he sat down.  The woman spoke, with a deep voice, too

deep to be coming from a female.

   "Well, this place has suddenly become very popular."  She said, referring

to the fact that four of them came in at the same time.

   "Yes, I suppose it has."  Joe answered, uncomfortable with small talk.

   "Do you know Dr. Krell?" The deep voiced woman went on.

   "Yeah, I met him yesterday, in Phoenix." Joe answered.

   "Is he working with your husband?"  She asked.

   "My husband?  Joe asked in amazement.  "Why would you ask that?"

   I saw you walked in with that guy over there."  She answered, discreetly

pointing at Mike.  "I figured that you were here for consoling, because of

your husband's condition."

   Joe smiled.  She thinks I'm here with Mike, he realized.

   "No, I'm not married."  He said.

   "Don't tell me a woman as lovely looking as you, is gender disphoric?" The

woman went on.

   "Do you think everyone who see's Dr. Krell has that kind of problem?" Joe

questioned.  The talkative woman just wouldn't let it go.

   "Dr. Krell is one of the best gender-doc's around."  She said.  I don't

think he takes any other patients anymore."

   "So you're gender disphoric?"  Joe asked, turning the questioning away from


   "Yes, I am."  She said.  "I've been on hormone therapy for eleven months."

   "Oh, I didn't realize."  Joe lied.  "You're a transsexual?"

   "Of course.  Probably most of the patients here are.  I hope to be ready

for re-assigment surgery by fall.  I've almost completed my electrolysis.

That's one of the time consuming parts.  I've been in the real life test,

that's where you have to live as the sex you feel you are, I've been in that

for four months now.  You don't know how difficult it is for a person raised

as a male, to learn to function as a female.  You're so lucky to be born so

beautiful."  She said, enviously.

   If you only knew, Joe thought.  He didn't know what to make of this unusual

person. So he just smiled.  She continued speaking.

   "My name is Laura.  Laura Dix."  She said, presenting her hand to Joe.

   "Glad to  meet you Laura."  Joe said, shaking her hand lightly.  It was

much bigger than his.  "I'm Joe Bates."

  "Joe, huh.  Sounds like a guy's name."  Laura said.  "Women can have men's

names, they can wear men's clothes, and so many other things.  Nobody notices,

or if they do, they think it's cute.  It was cute if you were a tomboy when

you were small, but I was a sissy for wanting to be with the girls."

   "Yeah, it is unfair, isn't it."  Joe agreed.

   "So what is your real name?  You don't look like a Josephine.  Is it Jo

Ann,  Jo Ellen?"  Laura asked.

   "My name is Joel."  Joe said.  "But I've always been called Joe."

   "Well Joe, What brings you to Dr. Krell?"  Laura continued.

   "I'm hoping he can help me."  Joe said reluctantly.  "I'm really a man."

He decided that shocker would stop the questions.

   "A man?"  But, you're so beautiful.  Laura asked in amazement. "Why would

you want to become a man?"

   "Why do you want to become a woman?"  Joe returned.

   "Yeah, Ok, your right."  Laura agreed.  "I think I am a woman, and I just

want to look like one.  It has nothing to do with what we look like."

   "You might be right."  Joe said.  He was beginning to have doubts

about that, however.

   The receptionist called Laura's name, and she go up and went in.  Joe was

sitting on the end of the row of seats, and he began to look around the

waiting room.  Besides Dave, Mike, Karen, and him, there were two other

persons in the room.  One was a small young man, and the other was a man, of

medium build.  Joe wondered if they were also transexxuals.  Probably, he


   As they waited, the receptionist came into the room, and gave Mike, Dave,

and Joe clipboards which held a number of forms, and questioners for them to

complete.  Joe filled out the form, it was everything, from his name and

address, to what kind of medication he was, or had been taking, his sexual

preference, and even frequency of intercourse.  Some of the questions were

rather difficult to answer, considering the circumstances.  He did his best to

answer truthfully, but couldn't imagine what they really were trying to find

out by some of the questions.

   He looked over, and saw Dave struggling with his paperwork.  Mike seemed to

work with it without expression, writing quickly, with out hesitation.

   When Joe had his complete, he took it up to the little sliding glass window

where the receptionist sat.

   "Thank you.  Dr. Krell should be with you before too long."  The young lady

wearing a white nurses uniform said, smiling at him.

   They sat there another forty five minutes, and then door opened, and the

assistant called Joe.  He stiffly got up, and followed her into an examining

room, not unlike the one where he was introduced to Dr. Hopkins.  He wondered

what was in store for him this time.



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