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Archive-name: Changes/bates12.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story- 12

                                  Chapter 12

                                Shopping Again

   "Come on in."  Joe called out.  "I've been waiting for you."

   Karen Simpson entered the house.  She was taller than Joe by about two

inches.  Joe was shorter since the change, but still felt a little strange

having to look up to a woman.  At about five foot eight or nine, he was still

taller than most of them.

   "I want you to meet Linda."  Joe said, and walked down the hall towards

Linda's bedroom.  Linda heard someone at the door too, and met Joe as she left

the bedroom.  She now wore  shorts, and a light cotton top, somewhat like


   "Linda, I'd like you to meet Karen Simpson.  Karen is a nurse, and she

works for Dr Hopkins, at Hillcrest."  Joe introduced them.  "Karen, this

is my friend, Linda Mitchell."

   Karen held her hand out,  Linda took it, and shook hands with Karen.

   "Pleased to meet you, Karen."  Linda said, smiling.

   "Joe has told me about you."  Karen said.  "We hope to help him with this

problem if we can."

   "I've never heard of anything like this, have you?"  Linda asked.

   "Well, no.  I haven't.  I don't think Dr. Hopkins, or Dr. Krell have

either.  But if anything can be done to make him normal again, they'll find

it."  Karen said.

   "Linda, Karen and I are going over to the mall to get some stuff I'll be

needing if I've got to spend a couple of days away from home." Joe said.  "Are

you sure you can't come along?"  He asked, but really didn't mind that he and

Karen would go alone.  He felt that Karen understood his feelings better than

Linda ever could.

   "No, you two just go ahead.  I'm sure Karen can help you find the things

you need.  I have to get this proposal ready for the morning."  Linda begged


   Joe checked his pockets.  He had his drivers license,  Master Card, and

American Express. That, with about twenty five dollars cash, would be enough.

He was feeling better about shopping, knowing that he could spend some money,

and not have to worry if he was still employed or not.

   "You better drive, if you will."  He told Karen.  "I'm worried about

getting stopped, with my license out of synch, such as it is."

   "No problem.  It'll take a few days maybe, but I think Dr. Krell can get

the paper work you need to change your license, and other records.  Even your

birth certificate."  Karen said.

   Joe didn't know about that.  Did he want his birth certificate to show him

as female?  The thought of it, the first record of his very existence, saying

that he was a girl.  Did he really want that?  Did he need that?  He wasn't

sure.  He would have to talk to Dr. Krell about it.  If they did find a way to

get him back, to make him a man again, then he'd have to change all that stuff

back again.  Of course, if that happened, it would be worth it.  As they drove

out of Linda's drive, and down the street, Joe tried to imagine the

scenario... He wakes up one morning, just like last Friday.  But...this time,

he looks down at his chest...his hairy chest...his broad, muscular, flat

chest.  He reaches between his legs, and touches his penis, and scrotum.  He's

a man again.  Instinctively, Joe reached up to touch his chest.  But, instead

of  hard muscles, and hair, he still felt the soft roundness of his breasts

under the lightweight top.  Joe realized he actually felt relieved.  Relieved?

What did that mean?  What sort of game was his mind playing on him?  He was

really a man, at least mentally, wasn't he?  And yet, he could hardly deny the

feelings of satisfaction he experienced as he touched his feminine softness.

Was his head beginning to accept the fact that his body was now female?  Or,

had his brain also become feminized, and he was to be left with only memories

of his former masculinity?  Whatever was happening, Joe realized that the

change was starting to effect how he thought about himself.  He was beginning

to feel more at ease with his changed body.  But, it seemed, he might be

losing control of what HE wanted.  It almost seemed that he was developing

another, a second almost FEMININE personality.  Was it inevitable?

   "Where do you want to stop first?"  Karen asked.  The sound of her voice

returned Joe from his thoughts.

   "Gee, I don't know, exactly."  Joe said.  "I guess I need a bit of almost

everything.  I probably have enough underwear, but that's about it.  What

should I wear to Dr. Krell's office?"  He asked.

   "If you have the time, I have something at my apartment that I'd like to

show you."  Karen suggested.

   "Sure I think we have three hours till the stores close.  Unless you shop

like Linda, that should be enough time."  Joe said, grinning at Karen.

   "The stop at my place should only take a minute or two."  Karen said.

   They drove quickly down the street towards the MALL, but turned down a side

street a few miles before it.  Karen then turned into the parking area of a

very nice complex.  The apartments were more like condo's, with large attached

garages.  The area reeked of money.

   "This is where you live?"  Joe asked.

   "Yeah, I bought one of these, since I like to keep my car in a garage I can

lock, enclosed garages are uncommon around here, and I don't want to buy a

house here in the Phoenix area."  Karen said.

   The garage door opened as Karen pressed a button on the automatic

transmitter.  She drove in, and Joe followed Karen inside.

   Karen's apartment was an combination of fine, heavy furniture, and filled

bookshelves. Joe looked at the titles and saw that they were mostly medical

books, with a few biographies, and technical paperbacks on computer related


   "Nice place."  Joe said.

   "Thanks.  I like it."  Karen said.  "It kinda reminds me of home."

   "Come into my bedroom."  Karen said.  "I have something I'd like to show


   She went into her bedroom.  Joe followed, and Karen went into her large,

walk-in closet.  She came out almost immediately with a wig on a styro-foam

stand.  It was the same color as her own hair, blond, with a slightly brown

cast.  It was medium length, and a slightly different style than Karen now


   "I want you to try this on."  Karen said,  "I know it's not your color, but

I'd like to see how you look without that GI haircut.

   Karen walked over to the dresser, and Joe obediently followed.  She stood

behind Joe, and placed the hairpiece on his head.  She made sure that none of

his own short hair was hanging out.  As she smoothed the hair in place, Joe

watched his reflection in the mirror.  With longer hair, he could hardly

recognize himself.  The new, smooth contours of his face, and the emphasis of

his cheekbones by the hardly noticeable makeup, gave him a totally different

look.  As he stared at himself, trying to be detached, he couldn't believe the

change in his appearance.  Without the short, male hair style, practically

nothing remained to remind him of his former appearance.  He raised a hand and

touched his face, and then ran a finger along his cheek.  He could feel it all

right, it WAS him in the mirror.  Karen's hairpiece had transformed his face,

almost like the other changes had transformed his body.

   "Unbelievable."   Was all he could say.

   "I thought you might feel that way."  Karen said.  "You can wear it if you

like.  I don't use it anymore."

   "I would like to try it, if you don't mind."  Joe said, as he felt the

hairpiece, and arranged the hair which completely covered his ears.

   "It isn't the right color, but it still looks good on you."  Karen said.

"I think that style would even look good with your own hair, when it grows


   Joe continued to gaze transfixed in the mirror, as Karen poked thru a

little chest on her dresser.

   "Try these."  She said, and clipped some small gold disks on Joe's ear


   Joe felt Karen snap something on his ears.  He looked in the mirror, and

saw small earrings protruding out from under his new longer locks.  He didn't

like the way they felt, but had to admit they did look appropriate.

   "Unbelievable."  He said again.

   The image in the mirror was completely that of an attractive young woman.

Joe felt as if he was looking at somebody else.  His body image, already

stretched to the limit, was now completely overcome.

   "I think you'll pass."  Karen teased.  "I've got something else I think you

might want to see."  Karen said, as she walked out of the bedroom.

   Joe followed Karen into the large living area.  One wall was completely

covered with bookshelves.  Karen went to the shelf, and took a book down.  She

handed it to Joe.  He looked at the cover.  "Genetics and Sex Determination"

it said.

   "You might scan this."  Karen said.  "It might give you some insight on

what might have happened to you, and maybe, what you can expect.  With the

unique experiences you're having, you might even be able to add to it."

   She was right.  It was possible that no one else on record made such a

complete transition.  Whether he liked it, or not, Joe and his friends

situation would probably be one for the medical books.

   "Ok, I'll read up on it."  Joe promised.  He did want to learn more about

genetics, and chromosomes.  Biology was always mildly interesting for him, but

now the interest was much more personal.

   "I guess we better get going."  Karen said.  She took a small purse, and

began walking toward the door to the garage.

   Joe went out with Karen, and they get into her car.  The garage door

opened, and Karen backed her white sports car out.  They quickly drove the

short distance to the mall, and parked.  They walked into the mall, and Karen

went to a back-lighted diagram showing the various stores.

   "Where to?"  She asked.

   "I wish I knew."  Joe said.  He wasn't used to shopping for women's

clothes, and really didn't like to do it.

   "How about a skirt?  I saw that you hardly have anything but dresses that

look like they belong to an old lady."  Karen suggested.

   "What do you mean?"  Joe objected.  "My new stuff don't look THAT bad."

   "We can do better."  Karen insisted.  "Let's find something to show your

legs a little.  You have a really nice figure, too."  She went on.

   "I don't know...I really don't think I should get anything too wild.  Give

me some time to get used to this."  Joe begged.

   "You're doing fine, and you look great.  I think we'll find some things

that look good, and maybe you'll even like to wear them."  Karen repeated.

   Together, they walked into Goldwater's.  Joe could smell the cosmetics that

were displayed on the counters near the entrance.  They walked passed the

glass and shining plastic, and then through the hosiery section.  Joe looked

at the bottom half of mannequins showing the different styles, and colors of

pantyhose.  He thought about his own limited experience wearing them, and

realized that from now until a way was found to return his masculinity, they

would probably be part of his wardrobe whenever he needed to dress more than

casual.  He considered how Linda dressed that morning.  That suit was probably

the feminine equivalent of what he normally wore to work, except when flying,

or working in the lab.  He wondered what the other engineers would think when,

or if, he came to work wearing stuff like that.  They had a few secretaries,

and administrative women in his section.  Since he had worked there, there had

been no female engineers.

   Joe and Karen walked into the clothing section.  Down the aisle, Joe

spotted a light gray suit, with a gray silk blouse.  His first thought was how

Linda would look in it, and then realized that he should be thinking about

what HE would look like wearing it.

   "I want to look at this."  Joe told Karen, as they walked past the outfit.

They went into the racks of skirts, and jackets.  Immediately, a sales lady

came to their assistance.

   "Can I be of help?"  She asked.

   "Yes.  I'd like to try on an outfit just like that one."  Joe said,

pointing to the mannequin.

   "What are your sizes?"  The woman asked.

   Joe told her, and she went to the racks, quickly selecting the style, and

size, Joe suggested.

   "What type of blouse did you have in mind?"  The lady  questioned.

   "Just like the dummy."  Joe answered.  He thought he told her he wanted an

outfit JUST like the one on display.  He felt no desire to experiment.

   The woman looked at Joe.  It appeared that she wasn't used to a woman who

knew exactly what she wanted, without wanting to search the racks herself.

Most unusual...

   The woman retrieved a gray silk blouse, and took the hangers of clothing

back into the fitting area.  She hung the items on a hook in a small closet

sized room with a small couch.  There really wasn't enough room in the cubical

for Karen to stay with Joe, so she stayed out, and sat down on one of the

chairs outside.

   Joe looked at the clothes hanging on the wall.  The silk blouse was at the

front, and he touched it, enjoying the soft, smooth feel of the fabric.  Of

course, he had never worn anything like this before.

   Joe pulled the top he was wearing over his head.  It was made more

difficult by the extra hair he now had when wearing Karen's wig.  He felt

it snag on the earrings he wore. He layed the little top on the couch, and

took the blouse from the hanger.  He carefully placed his arms into the

sleeves of the blouse, and buttoned it.  He only fumbled a little with the

backwards placement of the buttons, and then, did his best to tie the bow that

was at the neck.  He hadn't expected the bow.  The blouse fit well, and the

soft fabric followed his shape perfectly.  He looked down, and saw how the

fabric almost flowed over the mounds of his new breasts, and the way the

glistening silk attractively emphasized his form.  Joe couldn't resist

touching his chest, feeling his own softness through the silk.  He loved the

sensation of feeling the fluid silk from both sides.

   Joe quickly removed his shorts, and tossed them next to the top.  He took

the skirt, looked at it, and tried to decide how to put it on.  He decided to

unzip the back, and step into it.  That seemed to work ok, and he tried to zip

it up by reaching behind his back.  That was difficult, but the skirt was a

little loose around his waist, so Joe spun the skirt around so that the zipper

was almost at the front. He finished zipping it up, and then buttoned the

little tab.  When it looked right, he spin the skirt back around so that the

zipper was aligned with his backbone.  The skirt felt a bit loose, but looked

good.  Joe  removed the jacket from the hanger, and easily slipped it over his

silk covered arms.  He wanted to look in the mirror.  He pulled the hair out

from under the collar of the jacket, opened the door, and stepped out.  Karen

was waiting for him and smiled widely when she saw him.

   "You look great."  She said.

   Joe stepped to the three sided mirror, and looked at himself.  Again, he

was amazed how different he looked with the hairpiece.  The suit looked good

on his new shape too.  He was impressed with his appearance.  I didn't ask to

be like this, he thought, but I might as well look the best I can.

   Joe looked at his legs in the mirror.  He had left his shoes in the

cubicle, and his white Reebok athletic socks really didn't go with his outfit.

He looked like one of those secretaries in the city, who wore jogging shoes

for the walk from the car, or train station, to their office.  He walked over

to the mannequin, to see what else it was wearing.  He saw that it wore sheer

white hose.  He didn't like that color much when Linda wore it.

   "I don't like those white stockings."  Joe said to Karen.

   "That color is very popular."  The sales woman said.  "But a darker color

would also look good."

   "Get some Sheer Blue, or, I've found Dark Sand to match my hair color."

Karen said.

   "I'll take this stuff."  Joe decided.  "And, I'm going to look around some

more."  He was starting to get into this shopping thing.

   Joe looked at the other mannequins for ideas.  The others were either not

suitable to his taste, or were too 'evening dress' styled.  He couldn't think

of any place he would be going where he would wear things like that.  His

taste leaned towards the tasteful, conservative, business suit styles.  Most

of the dresses were far too feminine for him.  It was early spring, and most

of the things were summer styles.

   "How about something like this?"  Karen asked.  "You can't wear suits when

you aren't at work.  What if you want to dress up to go out in your off time.

   Karen pulled a sundress from the rack.  It was sort of faded red-orange,

and had straps over the shoulders which crossed in back.  It had a slightly

low top.  It was tasteful, and sophisticated.  Joe liked it, but wasn't sure

about the low cut top.

   "Gee, Karen, I don't know.  Isn't that a little breezy?"  He asked.

   "No, it isn't.  It's summer.  You can't wear long sleeves all summer."

Karen insisted.   "If you don't buy this, I  might."

   "Ok, ok, I'll try it on."  Joe said.

   He tried to sound like he didn't like this task, but deep inside, he was

beginning to enjoy trying on these new things.  As a man, he usually shopped

just to replace worn clothes, with little thought to fashion, or style.  Now,

trying on new clothes was an experience in textures, and feel.  Women had such

variety to select from in color, style, and fabric.  He was beginning to

understand why Linda loved to shop for clothes.  Compared to buying men's

clothes, it was a most sensual occasion.

   Joe took the red sundress from Karen, and walked back to the fitting area.

He entered the cubical, and hung it in the hook.  The removed his top again,

and slipped out of his shorts.  He took the dress from the hanger, and pulled

it over his head.  Closing the buttons at the back of the dress was a

difficult process, but he did it.  He looked down at himself.  The straps

of the little dress didn't cover the shoulder straps of his bra.  He tried

to tuck them under the dress straps the best he could, and went out to look

in the mirror.

   He was inspecting himself in the mirror, as Karen came up behind him.  She

touched his back, and snapped the strap of his bra.

   "You're going to have to do something about this."  She said.  "You can

either forget the bra entirely, or look for one of those strapless, or cross-

over types."

   Joe thought about it.  Without a bra, he felt insecure, and even more self

conscious.  When he thought about it, maybe he was foolish to feel that way.

But, he realized, the new shape of his body was more noticeable, to him, and

probably everybody else too, when he didn't have one on.

   "I'll look for one that works with this."  Joe insisted.

   He looked at himself in the three-sided mirror.  He couldn't deny that he

really was attractive.  He guessed that maybe, because the change was so new,

it didn't seem that he was looking at himself, but that he was seeing somebody

else in the mirror.  Almost like he was INSIDE another person.  The illusion

was made even more interesting by the fact that this other person was a very

attractive member of the opposite sex.  And, the fact that he could feel

everything the other person felt, made the experience almost overwhelming.

Maybe that was how he was able to cope, he considered.  The only problem with

the whole thing was, there was no way to stop the illusion.  He had to live it

full time.  That made it difficult.  If only he had the ability to change from

his normal, old appearance, to the illusion, at will. Then, this might be the

ultimate experience.

   "I think you better get it."  He heard Karen say.  "You sure seem to like


   "Yeah, I guess I better."  He answered, jolted back to reality by her


   Joe went back to the fitting room, and removed the sundress.  He slowly put

his shorts and top back on.  He took the clothes out and gave them to the

sales woman.

   "Will there be anything else?"  She asked.

   "Yeah, I'll need some kind of slip or something, for the suit, and I guess

I should get another bra.  One that don't stick out of the sundress." He said,

speaking more to himself than to her.  "I better get a purse, or handbag, or

whatever you call it, too.  And I just got to buy a watch.  My old one just

falls off my wrist now, and I can't get used to not wearing one."

   The woman looked at him strangely.  She began ringing up the things, but

kept her eye on Joe.  She sensed that there was something very unusual about

this woman, but she couldn't place it.

   "The lingerie section is down this aisle, and to the left."  She said

carefully.  "The better handbags are upstairs.   Ladies watches can be found

in the jewelry section, over there"  She pointed at another counter, two

aisles away.

   Joe noticed his words were unnerving the sales woman.  He was becoming more

confident now, and decided to play with her head a little.  He looked around.

There was no one in the area but him, Karen, and the sales lady.  When she

presented him with the bill, he gave her his American Express card, and when

he was finished paying, he thanked the woman, then went over to the nearby

mirror, looked at himself critically, and took off the wig.  The saleswoman,

who never took her eyes off him, let out a noticeable gasp.  Joe smoothed his

short hair, pretended to adjust his bra, and then, carefully replaced the wig.

He walked out of the saleswoman's section without looking at the woman.

Karen, who had been silently watching what was happening, followed, trying her

best not to laugh.   When they turned the corner, walking towards lingerie,

she spoke.

   "Joe, I can't believe you did that."  She said, laughing.  "You are simply


   "You said it, didn't you?"  Joe said.  "If you got it, flaunt it."

   They went into the lingerie section, and Joe again began to feel like out

of place among the silky, feminine things hanging on the racks, and hooks.

But, he had always liked the look and feel of these things on a woman, and

now, it seemed, he was starting to enjoy the feel of wearing them, too.

   Joe tried to remember what he needed to buy, as he looked at all the sexy

things.  He remembered that he needed something to wear under the suit, as

well as the skirts he already had.  The only other time he had worn a dress,

he had borrowed a slip from Linda.  She called it a "half slip".  What ever it

was, he needed one.  He went over to the rack, where they were hanging, and

took one.  He held it up to his waist, to see how long it was.  He looked up,

to get Linda's opinion, when he saw a guy, who was probably self concisely

waiting for his wife to try something on, watching him.  He began to blush.

Since he had begun to wear Karen's hairpiece, he had become much more

confident, probably because he looked so female.  But his confidence went out

the window when he saw this stranger, who surely suspected nothing, innocently

watching him pick out a slip.  His heart began to pound, and he could feel

sweat beginning to form on his forehead.  He took the slip, and went over to

Karen, who was looking at teddies.

   "Did you find something already?"  She asked.

   "Yeah, I...I think I need this."  Joe stuttered.

   Karen could tell that something was wrong.  She looked at him.

   "What's the matter, Joe?"  She asked.  "Do you feel sick?"

   "No..No nothing like that.  I just suddenly realized, again, that I'm

really still a guy inside.  I don't know what I'm doing here.  A guy over

there is watching me.  I can't buy stuff like this with a guy watching." Joe

whispered nervously.

   "Joe, think about it.  Look at yourself.  Put yourself in his place.  He's

just watching a good looking woman.  It's probably a little turn on for him,

or something, just to watch you.  But, there's no crime with that.  You

probably did it too.  There, look."  Karen motioned at the man.

   The man's wife came out of the fitting room, with a couple of slips she had

been trying on.  The man began talking to her.  He wasn't even looking at Joe,

or Karen.

   "There, see, He didn't think you were a guy in drag, or anything." Karen

teased.  "My God, Joe,  You look more like a woman than I do."

   "Ok, I guess you're right.  I'll try to hang in there."  Joe said.

   A sales woman, maybe twenty years old, came over to them.

   "Can I be of assistance?"  She asked.  She saw the half slip Joe was

holding.  "Did you want to buy that?"

   "Well, I need a slip to wear under a suit." Joe said, hoping he used the

right terminology.

   "Did you want a half, or a full slip?"  The girl asked.

   "I don't know."  Joe answered honestly.

   "Well, if you want a half slip, you might also consider a matching teddy."

The young woman said.  She was trained to suggest items.

   "I'd like to see the choices."  Joe said.  His confidence was returning.

   They walked back to the area where Joe had found the slip, and the sales

girl pulled a white teddy, which matched the slip he still held.  The white

nylon fabric had no lace, or decoration, but looked silky, and sexy, just like

Joe liked it.  The crotch, which closed with three little snaps, hung open.

Joe just had to try it on.

   "Could I try it?  Joe asked.

   "Certainly."  The young woman answered.  She handed Joe the hanger

containing the silky wisp of cloth.

   Joe gave Karen the bags he was carrying, and took the slip and teddy into

the fitting room.  This one was like the first women's fitting room he had

ever been in.  The doors were really like shutters.  They didn't go all the

way to the floor or top of the door opening.  The middle part was just wooden

slats, mounted like louvers.  The person inside could see over the door (if

they were tall), and could even see through the slats of the door across the

aisle.  Joe hung the hangers on the hook provided, and began removing his

outer clothing.  He started to remove his shorts, but had to sit to pull his

Reeboks off first.  He did that, and when he stood to pull his shorts off, he

noticed a woman enter the cubical across from him.  It made him think of the

first morning, only four day's ago, when he came to the mall to buy some

clothes, confused, and almost scared to death.  That's when he got his first

view of a woman, in an adjoining cubical, also trying on undergarments.  That

time, the strong male urge he still possessed, almost made his heart explode.

He wasn't yet used to seeing so much of his new peer group.

   As he continued to undress, Joe watched as the young woman in the other

cubical removed her blouse.  She carefully hung it on the wall hook, and then

unfastened the strap of her pink bra.  She removed it, and tossed it on the

padded seat.  Through the wide gaps in the door slats, Joe could see the

woman's breasts.  He waited for the familiar feeling of his penis (that's what

it still felt like to him) swelling  as it became aroused.  That would shortly

be followed (since the change) by a somewhat uncomfortable feeling of wetness,

as his new vagina started to lubricate, and made the crotch of his underwear

wet.  He watched, and waited.  Nothing.  The woman scratched an itch on her

left breast with her right hand.  The innocent action caused the breast to

jiggle like Jello.  Joe tensed the muscles in his groin.  Before, this scene

would have caused a pants ripping erection.   Now, although the sight was

still interesting, he felt about the same excitement as if he was watching his

friend Jay change clothes next to him at the health club.  What was happening

to him?

   Concerned, Joe touched the crotch of his panties.  They were warm, maybe a

little damp, they were always a little damp, but they weren't soaking wet, as

they would have been on previous days.  Was he losing his old desire?  Maybe,

as Dr. Krell suspected, his libido was enhanced by the extra testosterone,

left over from when his gonads were testicles.  The ovaries he had now would,

of course, eventually cause his sex drive to change, and probably become

somewhat cyclic.  If he was really female, it was probably inevitable.

   Joe gently stroked the smooth nylon that covered his soft crotch.  It felt

good, not in an erotic way, but rather, he liked the slick feel of the fabric,

which felt so different from the cotton jockey shorts he had always wore

before.  He looked over at the woman.  As she placed her arms into the straps

of the new bra, Joe could see the outline of her bosom.  Her boobs are no

bigger than mine, he thought.  In fact, mine are better.  No wonder she don't

turn me on.  I'm getting used to seeing female anatomy every time I look in

the mirror.  He went back to his task of trying on his new underwear.

   Joe pulled the teddy over his head, and down his body.  It was silky and a

bit loose around his chest, but, below the light elastic waistband, it was

made of a stretchy, lycra fabric.  He reached between his legs, grabbed the

little crotch strap, and snapped it closed.  There was no mirror in the

cubical, so he couldn't see himself.  He looked down, and was satisfied that

it fit ok.  He grabbed the slip, and stepped into it.  He really wanted to

see himself in a mirror, but that would have to wait.  Satisfied, he took

the silky things off again.  That was when he remembered.  He still needed

to get a bra without straps.  He quickly put his shorts back on, and slipped

the top over his head.  Joe decided that he wouldn't need to take his shoes

off anymore, so he put them back on, and tied them.  He grabbed the silky

items, and left the cubical.  He put them on the counter by the cash register

and went over to where Karen was standing, casually looking at slips.

   "What kind of bra do you think I should get?"  He asked.

   "What kind do you like?" She asked.

   "I don't like a lot of lace, and stuff like that."  He said.  He had always

liked the simple, silky, sheer underthings better than the lacy stuff, even

when he didn't have to wear them himself.

   They went over to the wall where all types, and colors of bras were

displayed, arranged by brand name.  Karen went to the Maidenform section, and

selected a sheer cupped bra, with straps which were convertible from cross-

over in back, to looping around the neck like a swimsuit.  It met Joe's

requirement, in that it had no lace at all.  The nude colored bra had cups so

sheer they were almost transparent.

   "How about this?" She asked.  "You wear a B cup, don't you?"

   "Yeah, I guess so." Joe said.  "I think I'm 34 B."

   He took the bra from Karen.  He held the flimsy thing up.  He saw the

sheerness of the cups, and grinned sheepishly as he looked at Karen.

   "Well, this is about as see-through as it gets, ain't it."  He said,


   "It's underwear Joe, you won't see it under your clothes."  Karen said.

   "Yeah, but I'll know it's there."  Joe objected.

   "That's the whole idea, isn't it?"  Karen returned, and winked at him.

   He thought about it.  She was right.  The only reason for the design of

this little item was because it made a woman look good.  Maybe feel good too.

He might as well get it.

   "Ok.  I'll buy it."  He said simply.

   "You better try it on." Karen suggested.  "I don't know about you, but I

hate a bra that don't fit right."

   "Ok.  I'll try it then."  Joe said.  He didn't mind.  He was really

wondering what he'd look like in it, anyway.

   Again, Joe went back into the cubical.  He removed his top again, and took

of the white bra.  The coolness of the air conditioning quickly made his full

nipples stiffen to little points that reminded him of pencil erasers.  He was

always amused by the way his new, larger, nipples reacted to sudden changes in

temperature.  Maybe they did the same thing when he was male. but they were so

small that he had never noticed, if they had.  He was much more aware of

things like that, since he became female.

   He picked up the new bra.  He looked at the straps, tangled as they were.

The convertible bra was configured to cross-over in back.  That's probably

what he wanted, he decided, so he left it that way.  It was a back close type,

the first of that kind he had ever tried on.  He stuck his arms in the proper

places in the tangle of straps, and pulled the sheer cups to his breasts.  He

reached behind his back and hooked the back strap without as much difficulty

as he thought he would have.  The shoulder straps had little adjustment

clasps, and he adjusted them slightly.  He felt the cups, and decided that

they fit him perfectly.  He looked down at his chest.  His nipples and areola

were plainly visible through the almost transparent fabric.  It looked awful

sexy, even to him.  Wearing T-shirts was never like this, he thought.  It

might be fun wearing this thing.  Reluctantly, he removed it, and put his

other clothes back on.

   Joe took the bra and put it with his other purchases on the counter.  He

went over to Karen.

   "It fits great."  He said.  "The darn thing's almost see-through, too.  I

kinda like it."  He said, grinning widely.

   "I just thought you might." Karen said knowingly.

   "Can you think of anything else I need from this department?"  Joe asked


   "Gee, I don't know what you might need, Joe.  I think you have all you were

really short of, but is one slip enough?"  She asked.

   "Probably not.  If I start back to work again, I guess I'll be wearing

stuff like this almost every day."  Joe said.  He was beginning to look

forward to wearing the things women seemed to take for granted.

   "Yeah, It's hell ain't it."  Karen teased.  It was almost like she

understood what was going on in his head.

   The went back to where the slips were displayed.  Joe found a full slip

with a stretchy, fitted top bodice.  He liked it immediately.  He located one

in a silver/gray color, like the one he borrowed from Linda.  The brand name

was Olga.

   "I think I want this."  He said.

   "Well, I think you should get it then." Karen said, in a similar tone.

   Joe took the slip to the counter, and took out his credit card.  As the

girl was ringing up his latest purchases, he asked Karen.

   "I still need a purse or something to carry stuff in.  What do you think I

should get?"

   "Let's go look at what they have."  Karen answered.  "You'll need at least

two types.  One for outfits like that suit, and at least one, something

simpler, to use for every day.  I have a little clutch purse.  It's big enough

for money, and ID.  It's better than lugging a purse around all the time,


   The sales girl, who could hear their conversation, looked at both of them

curiously, but said nothing.

   "I think I should get some shoes to go with the suit."  Joe went on.  "I'm

getting to like shopping for clothes, but I think I still don't like trying on

shoes.  I can barely walk in even the lowest heels."

   "I think a simple black pump would be right  for the suit."  Karen said.

"Maybe you should practice wearing them around home.  That's how I learned to

walk in them."

   The sales girl, completely confused by the unusual conversation of these

two "older" women, was getting her register entries messed up as she listened.

   "Remind me to get a wrist watch, too." Joe continued.  He was lost in his

own thoughts, and didn't notice the girl's increasingly obvious interest in

their conversation.   Karen did though, and she decided to spice up the

conversation a bit.

   "Yeah.  Your wrist is probably a lot smaller now."  She said, watching the

girls reaction.

   Joe looked at Karen.  He was surprised at her last statement, but

understood when he saw the way the girl was looking at Karen.  He might as

well play along.

   "The old one almost falls off my arm."  He added, holding his wrist.  Of

course it was true.  His large aviator's Sieko looked strange, and far too

large for his now feminine sized wrists, and hands.

   He signed the ticket, and thanked the confused girl, who looked like she

would have loved to ask what they were talking about.  They left the lingerie

section, and went to the jewelry counter.  Joe wanted a new watch.  He needed

one that would fit his smaller wrist.  He looked at the ladies styles, not

really finding one that he liked, until he found a  ladies divers watch, made

by Citizen.  It was sort of like a miniature version of his aviators watch,

with a sweep second hand, but small enough for his wrist.

   He bought the watch, and then they walked to the department that had

purses, wallets, and all types of handbags.  Karen helped him pick out a

couple of lower priced handbags, and also a better one which matched his new

suit.  He also selected, at her suggestion, a little clutch, that he could use

when he didn't want to take a purse.  He new he needed these things, but to

him, they were no substitute for a man's wallet, and pockets to carry it in.

   They then went to the shoe department, and Joe found a type which Karen

said was perfect for his new suit.  Joe tried them on, and found the heels,

which were lower than the other pairs he bought the first day, were much

easier to walk in.  He bought them from a salesman who hardly took his eyes

from him, the whole time.  Joe felt the blood rush to his face, whenever the

guy was around.  He was a good looking man, but to Joe, who to this time had

never had so much obvious male attention, there wasn't any mutual attraction.

Joe tried to ignore the guy as he made small talk.  He hoped the guy wouldn't

push the issue since he had no idea how he should react.  They walked out of

the store, and Karen couldn't resist rubbing it in.

   "That guy wanted you're bod."  She teased.  "How do you like being a sex


   "I don't know."  Joe answered.  "I guess I I'm glad I don't look like Dave,

or Mike, but I sure ain't ready to flirt with men."

   "You're doing fine, Joe."  Karen advised.  "You're doing just fine."

   They started to leave the department store, when the upside-down mannequin

legs reminded Joe that he should get some pantyhose to match the clothes he

just bought.  He went over to that section, and Karen followed.

   "I hate wearing these things." He said to her.  "It makes taking a whizz an

even bigger ordeal."

   "It is more difficult while wearing them."  Karen agreed.  "Of course, you

could wear individual hose, if you like that better.  I have both, and they

each have their own advantages.  With short skirts, pantyhose is the only way

to go.  You don't have any really short skirts."

   "Let's see what they have."  Joe decided.

   They looked at the various types, and colors, and Joe picked out two pair

of stockings, the type that stay up by themselves, with a light elastic around

the top.  He certainly didn't want to wear a garter belt.

   They were leaving the store, when Joe saw a rack containing sunglasses.  He

always wore sunglasses when he flew in the daylight, but his smaller features

made his old ones hang at the end of his nose.  He went over to the rack, and

started looking at the smaller, and women's types.  He found finally found

some reasonably good ones that fit his size, and still didn't look too

feminine for his personal taste. He bought them, and they left the store.

   As they were driving back to Joe's, or Linda's house, Joe decided to tell

Karen about the way he felt as he watched the woman changing, back in the


   "I don't understand it."  He said.  "Ever since the change, I obviously

look different, but my feelings about women, about sex, have been the same as

always.  Sometimes, it's been uncomfortable, almost embarrassing, for me.  I

was just starting to get used to the way it feels like I'm peeing my pants

when I get excited.  And that's been pretty often, too.  It seemed like my

underwear was always wet.  Linda could cause it to happen.  Barb, my best

friend Jay's girl friend, she could cause it.  It was just like I was still a

guy, but worse, since I now I'm allowed in women's dressing rooms, and all

that.  Any guy would get worked up in that position, and I did.  But while

ago, while I was trying on that slip,  I could see a woman changing clothes

in the compartment across the aisle.  I watched her try on underwear.

Nothing.  It didn't do a thing for me.  No hard-on,  no wetness.  Nothing.

It was like I was watching Jay change clothes.  What's happening to me?  Did

you notice the same thing after you had your operation?"  He asked her.

   "Gee Joe, I don't think you can compare my transition to yours, at all."

Karen answered.  "For me, it took years.  I was on hormones for almost two

years before I had my reassignment surgery.  By then, I already had quite a

bit of breast development, and I was living as a woman full time.  I wasn't

sexually active, and I guess I wasn't ready to accept men yet.  I did like to

be around women, but I didn't really desire sex with them.  I think the

hormone's caused that.  After the surgery, I did wonder what sex with a guy

would be like, since now I had the right plumbing, but I didn't really have a

strong urge to try it.  Even now, after I've done it a few times, I can take

it or leave it.  I don't know if that's a normal female reaction, or not,

though.  I do feel different, at different times during the month.  I have to

take hormones every month, for the rest of my life.  I don't have a period,

like a genetic female, like you probably will, but I do experience hormone

induced mood swings, and changes in desire, very much like I would if I had

all the female internal organs.  But, I just don't think my experience is

comparable to yours, though."

   "I guess I don't have a lot of choice, if I'm really female now." Joe

concluded.  "But it sure feels strange when the old turn-on's, suddenly  don't

work anymore."

   "Maybe you'll get new one's to compensate."  Karen said, grinning, and

winking at him.

   "That's a scary thought, too."  He returned.

   "If you're going to live as a woman, it would probably be for the best,

wouldn't it?"  Karen asked logically.

   "Yeah, I guess that's true, but I'm not sure what would be worse, not ever

making love to a woman again, or having sex with a guy."  Joe answered.

   "Well, that depends on your point of view, don't it.  And it looks to me

like yours has changed."  Karen added.

   "Yeah, it has.  It sure has at that."  Joe said.

   "You're doing great, Joe Bates." Karen said.  "Just keep it up.  You might

find you actually like your new point of view."

   "Oh, I know.  I already like some of the things about being a woman.  I

actually enjoyed trying on clothes today.  I never thought I'd say that.  I

guess that's part of the change too.  I don't know.  Every thing feels, and

looks so good.  I can't describe it.  If I could change back and forth, at

will, this whole experience would be fantastic."  Joe said.

   "Well, I think most women, and probably, most men, too, if they could try

it, would say that.  Anyone who's been on both sides would say that neither

side is definitely better.  They both have some advantages." Karen agreed.

   "You seem to have thought that the female side was better."  Joe said.

   "I always felt that I WAS female.  Changing my body to match my head, even

if it couldn't be a perfect change-over, was worth the misery.  I guess.  Once

you've done it, you can't get back anyway.  Not that I would want to, even if

I could."  Karen said.

   "I guess if I'm stuck like this, I'll manage, but If they find a way to get

me back, I'd take it in a minute."  Joe said.

   They drove back to Linda's house.  Karen parked in the drive, and helped

Joe carry his bags, and packages into the house.

   Linda was sitting at the table in the breakfast area.

   "Well, you two seem to have bought out the store."  She said, as she saw

them enter.  "Joe, the hair looks great."  She added when she saw the

hairpiece Karen loaned him.

   "I guess I have enough for the trip."  He told Linda.  "Karen loaned me

this."  He touched the long hair with his hand.

   She looked at him, and grinned.

   "I bought a suit sort of like the one you wore this morning."  Joe said.

   "You liked it so much, you went out and bought one, huh?" She said.

"Starting to like this "girl stuff", are you?"

   "Well, I decided, If I got to be one, I might as well be one I'd like to

look at."  Joe teased back.

   "You have to try it on, and show us." Linda insisted.

   "The suit is very nice, but you should see what Joe looks like in this."

Karen said, pulling the red sundress out of its bag.

   "Oooh, I like that." Linda said.  "I wonder if it will fit me."

   "Oh, sure.  I get some new clothes, and already, my girl friend wants to

borrow them."  Joe kidded.

   "You've got to try them both on."  Linda insisted again.  "Get in there,

and change."

   "Ok, Ok, I will, if you insist."  He tried to sound like he didn't want to,

but he was anxious to try it all on again.  What's happening to me?   He

wondered again.

   He took the bag containing the suit, and the silk top while Linda and Karen

took the rest of the packages into his room.  They layed it all on his bed.

He stood there a little embarrassed while they waited for him to try it all

on.  What the hell, he thought, they've both know what I look like, all over.

He pulled his top over his head, and tossed it on the bed.  He sat on the edge

of the bed, and pulled off the Reebocks, and the sweat socks.  He unfastened

his shorts, stood and stepped out of them.

   "Try the sundress first."  Linda asked.  "I just love it."

   Joe looked at the little red dress.  He remembered that the straps didn't

hide the straps of his bra, so he unsnapped the hook between the cups, and

took it off. He dug into one of the bags until he found the one with the

criss-cross straps.  He quickly put it on, realizing that both of the women

were watching him intently.  He looked at Karen, but she just looked back with

her usual big grin.  Linda's eyes were fixed on the almost transparent cups of

the new bra.  Self conscious, he pulled his panties up snug, and grabbed the

little red dress from the bed.  He put it over his head, and Linda helped him

fasten the buttons at the back.  He had done that for her a few times, but she

had never done it for him, until now.  Then, Karen and Linda both stood back,

and critically eyed him.

   "Joe, you're gorgeous."  Linda said.  "For somebody who still feels like a

guy, you sure look fantastic as a woman."

   "I'm doing my best with what I've got."  Joe said.  Awkwardly, he turned

about, trying to act, the best he could, like a clothes model, as he

remembered them.  He was experiencing an unusual combination of embarrassment,

and pride.

   "You look so different, with the different hair" Linda said.  "It really

looks good."

   "Ok, try the suit on."  Karen said.  "If I'm going to San Diego with you

tomorrow I've go to go home and get ready too."

   Joe reluctantly unbuttoned the red dress, and pulled it over his head.  He

really liked the way he looked in it.  He put it on a hanger and hung it on

the door hook.  He went to the bed and took the silk top, and pulled it over

his head. As he awkwardly tied the bow, he spoke.

   "It's almost worth it to go through all this just to be able to wear this."

He said, and rubbed his breasts with both hands, through the silky fabric.

   "Control yourself, you dirty old man."  Linda teased.  "We're don't want to

see you feel yourself up."

   Joe winked at her, and took the skirt from the bed, and stepped into it.

As he did before he spun it around, and zipped it, and buttoned the tab.  Then

he spun it so that the zipper was in the back.  unlike the fullness of the

bottom of the sundress, the suit had a straight skirt that felt much

different.  although the waist band was loose, the hips were more form

fitting.  He turned around once, so they could see what he looked like, and

then put the jacket on.  He pulled his hair out if the neck of the jacket, and

again turned around slowly.

   "Well, what do you think?"  He asked to no one in particular.

   "You look great."  Karen said.

   "Yeah, fantastic."  Linda agreed.  "What else did you get?"

   "Oh, just some more underwear, slips and stuff like that."  Joe said.

   Linda went over to the bed and started looking into the rest of the bags.

She pulled out the slip and the teddy, and held them up.

   "You really took me up on my suggestion didn't you?"  Linda asked.

   "I had to get something, and, I know what I like when I see you wear it, so

why not?  Yeah, I guess I did."  Joe answered.

   "You look just great."  Linda said again.  "It would almost be a shame if

they can change you back." She teased.  Joe wondered if she was really

teasing, or if she meant it.

   "Well, I've got to get going."  Karen said.  "I have some laundry to do

before I go to bed.  I'll see you at the hanger at six in the morning?"

   "Yeah, that's about it.  Joe answered.  "I think we can make Lindbergh

Field in about two, two plus thirty, depending on the winds."

   "Ok, see you in the morning."  Karen said.

   "Bye.  And thanks a lot."  Joe said.  He hated to see her leave.

   "Pleased to meet you, Karen.   Come by anytime."  Linda called.

   "You'll be seeing more of me, I'm sure."  She called back.

   When Karen left, Joe went back into his room.  He took off the suit, and

was standing in his underwear,  trying to figure out what things he should

take along, when Linda came through the half open door to his room.

   "Can I come in?"  She asked.

   "Sure, you know you're always welcome."  Joe replied.

   Linda came up behind him, and put her arms around him.  He took one of her

hands and kissed it.  She put her other hand on one of his breasts, and

pinched the nipple lightly, through the thin fabric of the bra.  Feeling the

slight pain, Joe spun around quickly.  He took her in his arms, and kissed

her on the lips.  It was pleasant, she was so soft, and she smelled great, but

it wasn't  the old zing that he always felt before, when he had Linda in his

arms.  He tried to show the same enthusiasm as always but it was difficult.

He was beginning to think of Linda as a friend, as a buddy, not as a lover.

No matter how sexy he thought she was, she wasn't making his juices flow

anymore.  What was happening?



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