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Archive-name: Changes/bates11.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story- 11

                                 Chapter 11

                                   A Clue

   When Joe followed Karen out of Dr. Krell's office, he saw Mike and Dave

waiting outside, for their turn to talk to the doctor.  Mike Osborn looked

very uncomfortable next to his rotund partner.  Joe greeted them,  and asked

what they had be en up to.

   "Well, I've had a blood drawn, they even took hair samples, and they gave

me a CT scan."  Mike replied.  Dave was cordial, but didn't add  to the

conversation.  Joe told them Jim Matheney would be there at 2 o'clock,  and

that he would see t hem in a little while.  Then, he followed Karen down  the

hall to leave the building.  They went out to the employee parking  garage,

where Karen's car was parked.  She walked up to a glistening white,  Toyota

Supra, with expensive alloy wheels, and very wide tires.

   "I'm crazy about cars." Karen said.  "Maybe I'm a woman, but I still love a

good handling sports car."  She added, grinning as she buckled in.

   "Me too." Joe said.  "I have a RX-7 GXL, and I love it."

   Karen's Supra ran great, and she knew how to drive, making the  short trip

to Wendy's a brisk experience.  She drives like I do, Joe thought, grinning as

he watched her go through the gears, her white, uniform skirt hiked well above

her knees, exposing more of  her long, white hose covered legs than most women

would  allow.  Karen saw Joe looking at her legs, and pulled the skirt down to

a more demure position.

   "I know I should be more careful about that."  She said, looking at Joe.

"It's been about two years now, and I just love it, but I don't always

remember to sit like a lady."  She said, with a devilish grin.

   They pulled into the Wendy's lot, and parked the car in the back, so that

the car would be less likely to be subjected to door dings.  They walked

inside, and looked at the menu board.

   "I come here a lot, cause it's close, it's cheap, and I like the salad

bar."  Karen said.  "In the last year, I have really had to watch what I eat,

since it all seems to go to my butt, and I absolutely don't want to be a fat

broad." She s aid grinning widely.  Karen sure seemed happy to be a female,

Joe  thought.

   They ordered.  Karen ordered the salad bar.  Joe, deciding that he might as

well try to get used to the birdlike portions that women seemed to eat, did

the same.  They took their plates, filled them, and sat down  across from each

other at a little table.  Joe was dying to ask Karen some  questions about


   "Dr. Krell told me a little about you." He said, not really knowing how to

start the conversation, and not really sure if Karen would even want to talk

about her transfiguration.

   "I figured he might." She said, with a smile.  "He's a great doctor, and I

know he's as proud of how I've turned out, as I am."

   "So you really were a guy then?"  Dave asked, with a trace of skepticism.

   "Well, I was married to a very nice woman, for about a year, and we even

had a child together."  Karen said.  "I tried to be a 'guy', and I suppose I

was one physically, but I've always felt I was really a female as long as I

can remember.  I never felt right acting like a man, but since I looked like

one, I did all the 'guy' things, and I even enjoyed a lot of them.  I still

like to do some of them.  Cars and computers don't seem to care of  you're an

innie, or an outie."  The grin never left her face as she spoke.

   "Well, you sure fooled me." Joe said.  "I never would have guessed that you

were an outie."  Dr. Krell was right, He and Karen were a  lot alike.

   "Joe, hormones and Dr. Krell's magic worked so well that even I sometimes

forget that I used to look a lot different than I do now."  She said proudly.

"For a while, after my surgery, just looking in the mirror was one of my

favorite pastimes.  I couldn't imagine I would ever look like this.   It's

like a dream come true."

   "I'm still in the 'looking in mirror' phase."  Joe said.  "Of course, it's

hardly a dream come true for me.  But it is interesting.  And I guess I'd

better try to get used to it."  He added.

   "You are certainly attractive, Joe." Karen said.  "And you have a big

advantage over me, since you've even changed biologically.  You probably won't

have to worry about hormones, or anything like that.  Dr. Hopkins thinks you

can even menstruate.  I wish I could.  A lot of  women think of it as  an

inconvenience, but it's a significant part of being female.  You can  probably

have children someday.  That's impossible for me now, of course."   Her grin

subsided for the first time, but only for a moment.

   "I don't think that I'd ever have children."  Joe said.  "Not if it meant

having sex with a man."

   "It's not that bad."  Karen said, grinning at Joe.  "You quickly get used

to the differences."

   "Have you slept with a guy?"  Joe asked.  Joe didn't feel strange, asking

Karen such personal questions, since they thought so much alike.

   "Yeah, I have.  A few times now."  Karen answered simply.

   "Did you like it?"  Joe asked.  He was curious what it felt like, and

wondered if he could ever get up the nerve to try it.

   "Well, I was sort of like you, I never thought I would ever want to get

intimate with a male.  I knew them too well.  I liked being around women, they

were so soft, smelled so nice, and wore such sexy clothes.  I didn't want

anything to do with my old world.  But, after about a year, it sort of just

happened.  I didn't plan it, or anything.  I met this guy at an auto-cross, a

student pilot from Williams Air Force Base.  He was racing his car, an '86

Corvette.  We started talking about cars, and he asked me to dinner.  I had

never gone on a date with a guy before, or anything like that.  But almost

before I realized it, we were in bed together.  You know how pilots are."

Karen grinned, and winked at Joe.

   "What was it like?  Was it better than when you were married?"  Joe asked.

He felt like a anxious teenager, questioning a more experienced peer.

   "Gee, it's hard to compare.  I never felt comfortable having sex as a male.

It did feel good when I'd ejaculate though.  I guess I do kinda  miss that, in

a way."  Karen seemed to stare into space as she spoke.

   "Don't you climax?" Joe asked.  He was thinking about his recent

experiences with Linda.  He never missed the ability to ejaculate.  He really

wasn't even sure he had lost it, he got so wet, and his climax was so


   " be honest... Joe, as far as I can tell, I look exactly like a

normal woman.  My breasts developed, my body has changed so much that even my

weight distribution has shifted to be more like a female.  I think you know

what I mean.  My body... my genitalia is completely functional.  I can have

intercourse.  But, the sensation is not all that great.  It feels sort of

numb.  Oh, I guess it's getting better, I could hardly feel anything at all,

for almost the first year, but it's got better.  It's still getting better, I

guess.  But, I've never been able to come since my surgery.  I don't regret

the change, and I would never want to go back, even if I could.  Intercourse

isn't that big a deal for me.  I can live with it, or without it. I kinda like

the closeness.   I love to cuddle."  Karen tried to explain her feelings to

Joe, who listened intently to every word.

   "Gee, I don't think I have any problem with feelings, or sensation." Joe

said.  "Actually I think I have even more feeling than before.   My whole body

seems much more sensitive.  It even feels like I still have a  penis.  It's

just kind of ' recessed' now.  And, I think I can get off, just by having my

boobs touched in the right way."  Joe admitted.

   "Yeah, mine are kinda sensitive too." Karen said.  "At first, after I

started on hormones, when they were just starting to develop, they were way

too sensitive and they hurt all the time.  But after the surgery, they really

grew, and yeah, I guess they're my most sensitive area.  Sounds like you've

been trying out the new equipment." She said, with a chuckle.

   "Well... I have this girl friend, my fiance actually, or at least she

was....  If I'm gonna stay like this, I guess I have to stop thinking  of her

like that...Anyway, Linda and I have continued sleeping together since  this

has happened to me.  It's been an experience."  Joe said.

   "When I first started down this path, I only wanted to be around girls,

women, too."  Karen admitted.  "But as time went on, and I got used to the new

ME, I've been more willing to experiment, to see what it's all about.  Joe,

I'm..We're.. women now, and there's nothing wrong with us experiencing ALL

the pleasures of being female.  God knows, there's enough pain." She said.

   "Speaking of pain, I have to go to the bathroom.  I just know that my sore

bottom isn't going to like it." Joe said, grinning at Karen.

   Joe got up, and excused himself.  He walked down the short hall, and almost

entered the men's restroom, catching himself as he put his hand on the

doorknob.  He walked on to the ladies, feeling like an invader as he did so.

In all his experiences so far, he had not been into a public women's restroom.

This would be the first time.

   Joe opened the door. As he went in, he noticed that the room had a small,

padded couch to sit on.  There were no urinals along the wall.   He very self

consciously went to one of the stalls, and closed the door. Joe unzipped the

blue jump suit, and pulled it off his shoulders.  Before the change, he

thought to himself, I could just stand here, whip it out, and be done with it.

Now I have to practically undress.  He took the down to around his knees.  He

tucked his thumbs into the narrow waistband of the nylon panties, and pulled

them down.  As he did, he could see that the white cotton lined crotch of his

beige nylon panties were stained with a little streak of blood.  It wasn't

much, it didn't penetrate to the out side, but it was another reminder that he

was a  lot different than he used to be.  You really are an 'innie' now, Joe

Bates. he thought.  He was relieved to find it didn't hurt when the urine


   He finished quickly, and found no more blood on the tissue when he wiped.

He hurriedly pulled his clothes back on, and left the stall.  Joe went to the

sink and was washing his hands when someone else, a teenage girl, of maybe

seventeen, came in and went into a stall.  She didn't even seem to notice the

nervous woman at the sink.  Joe dried his hands, and went out.

   Karen watched Joe walk back to the table. As he sat down she looked at him

with that perpetual grin she had.

   "Joe it must be 90 degrees outside.  Why in the world are you wearing that

long sleeve jumpsuit?  Aren't you hot?  Karen questioned.

   "Yeah I guess I am, a little."  he said. "I just feel better, more secure

with this on."

   "Well girl, if you are going to be one of us, you're going to have to get

used to dressing lighter.  If I wasn't working, I'd be wearing cutoffs and a

tank top."  Karen said  "We're going to have to get you some proper clothes,

if you're going to make a go of it."

   "I have other clothes." Joe said.  "Linda helped me pick some out. I just

ain't used to wearing that skimpy stuff yet." He said grinning.

   "I saw what you look like under that coverall, and you haven't got anything

to be ashamed of."  Karen went on.  "If you got it, flaunt it a little."

   "I'm still getting used to just having it.  I don't think I'm quite ready

to 'flaunt' it yet."  Joe countered, smiling.

   "It's about twelve forty-five."  Karen said.  "You don't need to be back

for about thirty to forty-five minutes.  Anything you want to do?"

   "I don't have anything in mind.  Do you?"  Joe asked, wondering what the

tall blond was thinking.

   "I thought we might go over to Dillard's, and find you some summer

clothes."  Karen said.

   "I have stuff at home.  It's only about ten minutes away, if you want to

take me.  It's Linda's house, but she won't home till about three of four."

Joe said.

   "I've got some time to kill, and I'd just as well not rush back to work."

Karen said, getting up.

   She walked out, and Joe followed her out, telling her the way to Linda's.

She listened, and repeated his instructions back after he gave them, almost

like a pilot's  'read back' of his clearance.

   "You read that back like an IFR clearance."  Joe said, figuring that the

term wouldn't be understood by the tall nurse.

   "I used to be in the Air Force."  Karen replied.  "I guess I still have

some old habits left."

   "You were a pilot in the Air Force?"  Joe was impressed.

   "No, not a rated pilot."  Karen answered.  "I was a flight simulation

specialist.  I did learn to fly instruments, and get my private while I was

in, though."

   "Where were you stationed?" Joe asked.  "I was in the Air Force, too."

   "I'm originally from Tulsa." Karen said.  "I went to school at Chanute Air

Force Base, in Illinois.  From there, I was assigned to  Davis-Monthan, in

Tucson.  That's how I ended up here in the Phoenix area.   I went to school at

University o f Arizona while I was in, and for a year  after I got out.  While

I was at D-M, my mother died. My dad died when I was a  little kid. I was kind

broken up about it, and went into a kind of depression.  I guess I always had

a problem with my gender, b ut it really came to the surface after my mom

died.  I decided I would look into what I could do about it.  That was not too

long after this male ophthalmologist, Richard Raskin, decided to have gender

reassignment surgery, and became Rene' Richards.  You may  have heard of him,

or her, she also was in the news as a tennis player for a while.  Anyway, I

took pre-med courses at UA, and spent most of my spare time studying about

transsexualism.  I met Dr. Krell some time later, and this is how I've turned

out.  I'm a licensed RN, but now I've got about six years of schooling behind

me.  I guess, if I got my act together, I should become a doctor.  My family

was well off, and I don't need to work.  I've just been working for Dr.

Hopkins because I find it interesting.

   They pulled up Linda's drive, and parked on the side, near the entrance to

the pool.  Joe got out, and Karen followed.

   "Nice place."  Karen said.  "This is your girl friends house?"

   "Yeah, she's in real estate, and she got a good deal on this place." Joe


   Joe went to the door, and opened it.  They went inside, and Joe  went

straight to his room.  Karen followed closely behind him.  He went in  and

went to his closet, and turned on the light.  His few items of women's

clothing hung on hangers in the large closet.

   "This is what I've got, so far."  Joe said. "It isn't a lot, and if I'm

gonna stay this way I guess I'll have to get some more.  I had been hoping

that they'd have something that could change me back."

   "Nope, there's no magic pill, I'll attest to that." Karen said. Let's

see... how about this.  It would look great on you."  She picked out the

little top with the balloons, that Linda had picked out for him.

   "Yeah, I've worn that once already.  I guess it's OK, but I always feel

like I'm hanging out of the big armholes."  Joe complained.

   "Ridiculous.  I'm sure you look great in it.  Get that hot coverall off,

and put this on.  What do you have to wear with it?"  Karen asked.

   "I've got some shorts.  I don't have any longer pants, yet."  Joe said.

   "Get the shorts."  Karen ordered.

   Joe went out into the bedroom, went to his dresser, and found the white and

the blue shorts.  He had just put them there that morning.  He placed them

both on the bed and sat down on the side, taking his Rebok's off.  He pulled

the jumpsuit off and lay it on the bed.  He stood there, in his underwear,

waiting for Karen to bring him the little tank top.  She came out of the

closet, and looked at Joe.

   "My God, you're beautiful." She said as she looked at him.  "And you just

woke up the other day, looking like that?"  She asked.

   "Yeah. I guess that's about it.  I haven't any idea what has caused it."

Joe said.  "That's what I'm trying to find out.  Something apparently happened

to me, Dave, and Mike, while we were flying.  We all have similar symptoms."

   "Gee, I wish I could have made the change that easy."  Karen said.  "Maybe

we should go flying together." She said, grinning.

   She gave Joe the top, and he slipped it over his head.  He looked at her

and showed her the way his bra peeked out the large arm openings.

   "Aw, Don't be so paranoid."  Karen said.  "It's not that noticeable.  You

can't really see anything.  Guy's will think it's sexy, and women either won't

notice, or won't care."  Karen advised.

   Joe decided Karen must be right.  Linda had basically said the same thing,

so it must be true.  He grabbed the blue shorts that Karen handed  him, and

slipped them on.  It was more comfortable out of the warm, but wonderfully

concealing, jumpsuit.

   "I guess we better be getting back."  Joe said, looking at his  alarm clock

by the bed.

   "Give me a minute, I need to use your bathroom before we go back." Karen


   Joe pointed to the door to the attached bath.  He sat on the bed  and

waited for Karen.  As he did, he thought about his tall new friend.

   They were so alike, and yet, so different.  They had both started  out in

life as males, and even had relationships with women.  Now they  were both

learning to live as women.  Karen was much further along, having  been living

like this for almost three years.  Joe had only four days behind  him.  And,

Karen WANTED to be this way.  He wasn't a volunteer, but now they  were both

in similar situations.  They had almost identical interests, and  seemed to

get along very well.  He was glad to have found her when he did.   Karen might

be a good person to have around when learning to cope with the  things he

would probably need to learn in the next few months.  But, what  would Linda

think of Karen, or how would she feel about him having another  female friend?

Joe was pulled away from his thoughts by the sound of the  toilet flushing.

   "Ok. Now I'm ready." Karen said, as she re-entered the bedroom.

   Joe got up, and arranged his credit cards and ID in the tiny  pockets of

the blue shorts.  He would have to do something about where to  put this

stuff, if he wasn't going to carry a purse.  Karen saw what he was  doing, and


   "I still have the same problem."  She admitted.  "I just can't get used to

the idea of carrying a purse around all the time, but there just aren't enough

pockets in women's clothes.  Luckily, these uniforms have pretty large

pockets."  She said, pulling a few dollars, and her hospital ID, out of a

pocket of her white uniform dress.

   Joe went out, and locked the door.  Karen looked at the pool area.

   "Linda sure has a nice place here."  She said.  "How does she take it, with

you looking like a woman now?"

   "I don't know."  Joe answered.  "She says she don't care what happens, that

she wants to be with me, no matter what.  But I have always insisted to her

that this was a temporary thing for me, and that I would do all I could to get

back nor mal.  If I come to her now, and say that this is how it will be....I

don't know.  I don't know how she'll take it, and  I don't know what I'll want

to I get used to the idea myself, if  that's possible.  It still

seems like a strange dream to me. so far."

   The drive back to the hospital was quick, and they didn't talk much.  As

they neared the parking lot, Joe started to get apprehensive.  Although the

little top and the shorts he was wearing were much more comfortable in the

heat, they were also much more revealing.  Except for his experience in the

health club, he had never been in a public place with so much of his new shape

exposed.  It seemed different when he was around strangers, or, close friends,

but Jim Matheney, and who knows who else,  would be there this afternoon.

They'd be in for a surprise when they saw him like this.  Oh well, I might  as

well get used to it, if I'm going to be like this for the rest of my life.

The rest of my life.....

   It was about 1:45 when they got back up to Dr. Krell's reception area.

There was nobody sitting in the waiting area, and Joe wondered where his two

friends were.  He sat down on one of the couches. Karen sat down behind the

reception desk, and started to read something, probably the appointment


   "Your friend Dave is at lunch, and Mike is up stairs at OB-GYN.   Dr.

Krell is at lunch.  He might have Dave with him.  They should be back  by

two."  Karen said.  She got up, and started down the hall.

   Joe called out to her.  "Will be seeing you again today?"  He asked.  He

didn't want her to leave.   He felt better having Karen around because  she

gave him hope that he could still have a normal life, even if he stayed  the

way he was.

   "Sure Joe, I'll be back down later."  She said.  "You'll be here all

afternoon.  I'll see you before you leave today."

   As Joe sat there, waiting for everyone to return, he used the time  to

think.  If he was going to be this way permanently, he had to make some plans.

He didn't have enough clothes, of course.  His identification problems would

be taken care of, he hoped.  He wondered about his job.  Surely, if he, Dave,

and Mike all had problems, it must be job related, so he doubted that they

would fire him, or anything like that.  But, would he even want to go back

there?  What would his friends say?  The guy's who knew him as Joe, the

airplane and sports car nut.  Joe, the bachelor.  Joe, the guy.

   He looked down at his smooth, tanned legs.  If they were somebody else's,

he would be one of the guy's, critically checking them out. But these were

his.  They really didn't look all that much different than they used to,

except that they were now smoothly hairless.  He rubbed his upper leg with his

hand.  It felt different than before, though.  Much softer.  He was in good

shape before this happened, and he still had good muscle tone, but now he

also had that thin layer of fat, just under the skin, that makes females feel

so soft.  He thought it might be even softer than yesterday.  Maybe he was

still changing.  The skin felt more sensitive, too.  His light touch felt

good....kind of sensuous. He could feel his breasts, his nipples actually,

stiffening.  Whenever they did that, he could feel them when they rubbed the

soft material inside his bra.  He liked that sensation, too.  It was a sort of

tickling feeling, different than anything he knew as a guy.  When you really

thought about it, having breasts wasn't bad at all, he considered.  It was

going to be a little more difficult getting used to not having a penis any

more, though.  Even though it usually felt like it was still there, it wasn't.

While its substitute might be interesting, it was certainly a lot less

functional at least for what it was used for the most.  Like urinating.  It

sure seemed like he had to do that a lot more often now.  And, of  course the

darn thing even might have some other surprises.  Dr. Hopkins said  he could

probably get pregnant.  No immediate problem there, but it meant that  he

would also probably have menstrual periods.  What would that be like?   Would

it hurt?  Would he have cramps, and get bitchy, like Linda did,  sometimes?

He didn't want to think about that.  But having blood, and other  yuck, coming

out of your body, as a 'normal' occurrence?   His examination  today, and the

probing, made him painfully aware of this new orifice.   No, he  decided

, having a vagina wasn't all that great.  It might feel good...great  even,

sometimes, but it was probably more of a liability, than an asset.   Then

again, if I gotta be a girl, it's best to have ALL the parts...  He was  glad

he wasn't stuck halfway, like Mike seemed to be.  That seemed like a real

problem.  Maybe he was lucky to have the body he did.  It could sure be worse,

he thought, lightly stroking a breast with the tips of his fingers.

   "Got a little itch there, Joe?"  The tall nurse asked, grinning widely as

she walked up to him.

   Joe could feel his face turning red.  He had been so deep in thought, that

he didn't notice Karen and Mike come up the tiled hallway.  Mike was walking

stiffly, and looked uncomfortable. Karen motioned for him to sit down, and

when he tried, Joe understood what his problem was.

   "I've got to go back upstairs.  Dr. Krell should be here any minute.  It's

almost two.   Karen said, excusing herself.

   "Well, how's it going Mike?"  Joe asked.  He was trying to picture him on

the examining table with the stirrups.

   "Don't ask.  You wouldn't believe what they did to me upstairs."  Mike

said.  He seemed to be in very low spirits.  Joe could imagine why.

   "If it's the pelvic exam, I had one this morning, and I know what you mean.

The pain has just recently wore off for me."  Joe said, trying to make Mike

feel like he wasn't alone in this.

   "Joe, Dr. Hopkins said it looked like I was a completely 'functional'

female." Mike went on.  "He said it's possible I might even have periods.  He

stuck a thing, sort of a 'stretching' tool, into my vagina.  My VAGINA.  I've

got a vagina.  ..Can you believe it?  He even said I had an 'intact hymen'.

On  top of all this, I'm a virgin."  Mike was so shaken, it looked like he

might  cry.

   Joe didn't know what to do to help his friend.  He thought about  what Dr.

Krell told him about gender reassignment.  Maybe, for Mike, it would  be the

thing to do.  He knew Dr. Krell would know what would be the best for Mike.

He touched Mike's shoulder, and Mike looked at him.  Tears were welling  in

his eyes.

   "Joe, I just can't be a woman.  I just CAN'T.  Look at LOOK like

a woman.  A good looking one, too.  I don't even look like an ugly woman."  He


   "Did Dr. Hopkins have any thoughts as to why your body has stayed masculine

looking?"  Joe asked.

   "Yeah.  He did.  He looked at my vagina...I guess...  And

he asked me if I have been taking anabolic steroids."  Mike said.

   "Did you?"   Joe asked, knowing the answer before he heard it.

   "Joe, I was careful...I didn't take too many...Just enough shots to get my

pecks in shape.  I never thought, hell, who would, I never thought that it

would make me look like a man, when I changed into a GIRL.  Joe, I didn't

know.  I just didn't know."  Mike was almost pleading with him.

   "Mike, don't worry, I think you'll find Dr. Krell can help.  I don't know

how, just yet.  But I'm sure he can help."  Joe said.

   "Can he change you back into a guy?"  Mike asked.

   "Well, for me, he recommended that I stay this way, at least until  we can

figure out what caused it.  For you, maybe he'll recommend something else.

You look a lot more like a guy than I do, now."  Joe said honestly.

   "Yeah, a guy who has periods... A guy with a cunt.... Joe, he's just GOTTA

help me."  Mike pleaded.

   Joe looked down the hall, and saw Jim Matheney walking their way.  Well,

here it goes, he thought.  He felt the blood rush to his cheeks, and tried in

vain to arrange the tank top so that his boobs wouldn't be so obvious.

   Suddenly, Jim Matheney realized who it was, sitting there on the couch.  He

recognized Mike first, but his eyes did a double take when he saw the other

person, one of his engineers, maybe his best pilot, sitting there, wearing

women's clot hes, and, did he see it right, he even looked like a woman.

   No doubt about it, Joe Bates looked like a woman.  He seemed much smaller,

especially sitting next to the big technician, Mike.  Holy cow,  Jim thought,

he's got knockers, and everything.  What's going on here, anyway?

   "Hi Jim."  Joe said, breaking the awkward silence, as Jim stared at him,

his eyes wide, and his mouth speechless.

   "Joe, what the hell is going on here?"  Jim asked.  "Mike what's the matter

with you?  Where's Dave?  He was overwhelmed with what he saw.

   Joe tried to give a quick explanation.  "Well, Jim, we don't know what's

happened, exactly.  Me, Dave, and Mike here, seem to have received some kind

of chromosomal damage, or something...  Our genes have been changed somehow,

so that we're all females now, at least genetically."  He was careful  about

what he said in front of Mike.  He didn't want him to break down again.

   "Females?  What do you mean females?"  Jim asked.

   " know.  Damn it Jim, look at me.  This ain't some kind

of costume.  We've undergone some kind of transformation, or something.  When

I woke up Friday, I looked like this.  And, I guarantee it was much more of a

surprise for me then,  than it is for you now."  Joe explained.

   "All three of you?  What caused it anyway?"  Jim asked.

   "Well, that's what we're trying to find out.  Since it happened to  us

three on the GPS test program, it must have something to do with the  Learjet,

or somewhere we went in it.  Damn if I can figure it out."  Joe said.

   "So, you're telling me you've all become females?  Then what about you

Mike?" Jim asked.

   Before Mike could say anything, Joe broke in.  "Mike has changed too, but

mostly internally.  His secondary characteristics just haven't developed." Joe

explained, voicing what was his best guess, but not wanting to bring up the


   "Jim, there's something wrong with that damn Lear."  Mike said loudly.

"Look what it's done to us.  You gotta find out what's causing it.  The

company's gotta help us get back to normal"

   "Mike, if Honeybone is at fault, they will do everything possible to help

you.  How do you know it's the Lear, anyway?" Jim asked.

   "Jim, us three were the only one's working the ground tests, with the

portable transmitter.  We were all on the airplane for the touch and  go's

too.  It has to have something to do with the Lear, or where the Lear  went,

on Thursday."  Joe reasoned.

   "Where did you take the damn thing?"  Jim asked.

   "We hardly got out of the pattern.  I know for sure we never got more than

eight DME from Deer Valley."  Joe said.  Deer Valley airport was north of

Phoenix and was where the Learjet was based.

   "What can we do?  How do you think we can test it?  I wouldn't  want to be

the pilot on this one."  Jim said.

   "I don't know how we can do it.  Maybe somebody here has some ideas.  I

don't know what we gotta do, but I don't think anyone should fly the Lear till

we figure out what's going on."  Joe suggested.

   "Yeah, but don't worry, when the guy's find about this, I don't think I

could drag anybody into that airplane."  Jim agreed.

   "Jim, I don't know what's going to happen, but it's just possible that

we're stuck like this.  What's you're opinion on what Honeybone will do about

it."  Joe asked.

   "Damn Joe, I don't know.  I never heard of anything like this.  I do think

that they should do everything possible.  They will, if I have anything to do

about it.  What do you want Honeybone to do, Joe." Jim answered.

   "I don't know.  I know I look different, but I just hope that the company

don't decide that I would be better off unemployed."  Joe said.

   "If Honeybone is at fault here, I'll raise all kind's of hell if  they try

to get rid of any of you."  Jim said.  He meant it, too.

   Doctor Krell, followed closely by Dave Skinner, came through the door at

the end of the hall.  Jim turned around and watched as his other

pilot/engineer came down the hall.  Dr. Krell held out his hand to Jim.

   "Mr. Matheney, I'm Benjamin Krell.  I guess you see what kind of situation

you're guy's are in."  The little doctor said.

   "What's causing this, doc?"  Jim asked.  "What can be done about it?" Jim

Matheney was a problem solver, and he was used to getting things done, not

just talking about it.

   "It is a difficult problem.  I know of nothing, no phenomena, which can

cause this.  It seems as though their bodies chromosomes have  been altered.

We have just started the analysis, and that's all we have so far.  I will have

to look at the results of the other physical examinations, but  I know that

Joe here, has the total outward appearance of a normal female."   Dr. Krell


   "Can you correct or reverse this thing?"  Jim asked.

   "I don't know. I don't see how, but I really need to study the problem some

more.  I'd like to see what you have at work, what they were operating in the

Learjet airplane.  I'd also like to get them to my clinic  in San Diego where

I can run more tests, and where we have more people   skilled in this area.

   "If you need to go to San Diego, then get over there.  Joe, you can take

the 421 if you want.  Nobody's using it, and there is nothing scheduled on it

for the rest of the month.  Can you still fly?"  Jim asked.

   "I don't know why not, Jim.  Maybe I look like a woman now, but I haven't

had the urge to sit home and bake cookies, or anything like that.   If course

I can still fly."  Just the question rankled Joe a bit.

   "Sorry Joe, I didn't mean to offend you.  It's a little difficult to

comprehend that you're the same person.  You sure look a lot different."  Jim


   "It's ok, Jim.  I know I look different.  I feel different too.  But

inside, it's still me.  I'd sure appreciate it if you'd try to treat us the

same as before,  much as possible anyway.  It's hard enough to get used to

this, without every body treating us like we were entirely different people.

Our bodies have changed, but our brains are the same."  Joe said.  He hoped

that was true.  He was starting to have doubts.

   "Joe, can we get you over to San Diego tomorrow?" Dr. Krell asked.  "I'd

like all three of you there, if possible."  I have called, and we can begin

running tests in the afternoon, if possible."

   "What about the Lear?"  Joe asked.  He wanted to know what caused this to

happen to him.

   "I'd like to go over to where the airplane is, later this afternoon.  Maybe

we can figure out a way to run some experiments on it.  I'll need to see what

you are talking about.  You won't have to be involved in that, however.  Some

of my people, and maybe Mr. Matheney here, can do that.   I want to find out

the extent of your symptoms, as soon as possible."   Dr. Krell ordered.

   "If Dave and I fly the 421 to San Diego, we might get checked by the Fed's.

What do you think they would say about us, our tickets still have  an M in the

sex column."  Joe asked.

   "I'll call Fred, and get an opinion from him.  Maybe he can make a decision

himself, or can call Ok City."  Jim answered.  They both had a  low opinion of

their FAA representatives ability to deal new situations.

   "Well, I've got to get back to my office." Dr. Krell said.  "Dave, I think

they're about ready for you upstairs."

   Joe looked at Dave.  He saw that Mike look at him too.  They both knew what

was in store for their friend.  Dave just looked at both of them, with a

confused look on his face.  Mike and Joe just grinned smugly.   Dave followed

Dr. Krell into his office.  Mike sat down on the couch, and  began squirming

around trying to get comfortable.  Jim saw him wincing, and  asked what his

problem was.

   "Well, ah...I ah..Jim, well, you see, they have this stainless  steel tool,

it looks kind of like a safety wire pliers with spoons on the  end.  Well,

they take this thing, and they put it inside you, and they open  it up.  I'll

tell you, you wouldn't want to try it."  Mike, with his face  red with

embarrassment, as he tried to describe his pelvic exam.

   "You had one of those?  Mike, you've changed that much too?  I didn't

know..I didn't realize you had changed that much.  You look pretty  much the

same."  Jim said, eyeing the big guy carefully.

   "I'm not the same, Jim.  I'm not the same.  You should see what I look like

without this stuff on.  I may still look like a guy, but right  now I don't

feel like one.  Right now, it feel's like my balls were cut off  with a dull

knife.  Hell , it kinda looks like it, too."  Mike said, a bit of sarcasm

creeping into his voice.

   "Well, if there is any thing that can be done, it will be done." Jim


   Joe, Mike and Jim sat outside Dr. Krell's office for about forty five

minutes.  Dr. Krell had taken Dave upstairs after interviewing him.  He came

down alone about thirty minutes later, and went into his office.  About ten

minutes after that, Karen brought a stiff walking Dave Skinner back down,

and took him into Dr. Krell's office.  She came back out alone, and sat down

on the couch with the three of them.  Joe introduced Karen to the others.  He

didn't mention her past.

   "This is Dr. Krell's nurse, and assistant, Karen Simpson.  Among her other

talents, she's an instrument pilot."  Joe added.

   Karen said hello to each of them, and asked Joe what he was doing later.

Joe looked at Jim.

   "I guess we're going to look at the Lear, to see what, or how we can try to

find out what happened."  Jim said.  "We'll have to wait for  Dr.  Krell's


   "Would you like to come along?"  Joe asked. He liked to be around Karen.

   "Yeah, I would.  This whole thing is so bizarre, I'd like to know what

caused it myself."  She answered.

   She remained sitting on the couch.  It was obvious that she was waiting for

Dave to finish with Dr. Krell also.  Finally, the door opened, and a long

faced Dave skinner came out.  Dr. Krell was right behind him.

   "Would it be possible to see this airplane, and the equipment they were

using?"  Dr. Krell asked.

   "I'm ready to go, whenever you want."  Jim answered.

   "Dr. Krell, if you have no objections, Joe's invited me to come along, and

I'd sure like to."  Karen asked.

   "Sure Karen, It might be helpful to have you along anyway."  Dr. Krell


   They all followed Jim out, but when they got to the parking lot, they

stopped to decide how to split up.

   "Dr. Krell, I have a company Ford sedan, and it will hold four, or five,

easily."  Jim said.

   "I'll take Joe me, and follow you."  Karen said quickly.

   "Mike, you and Dave want to ride with us?"  Jim asked.

   "Sure, why not?  Mike answered.  He and Dave followed them to the Ford in

the public lot.  Joe followed Karen to her car, in the employee  lot.

   Karen and Joe were out first, and they headed straight for Deer Valley

airport.  When they came down the road near the field, Joe pointed  out the

hangar, and Karen drove right up to it.  Joe was getting nervous  again, as he

knew there was a guard on duty who knew him as a male.  He didn't  have his

company ID, and he didn't want to have to explain his problem to the guard

anyway.  He suggested that they wait for Jim to arrive with the others, in the


   Before long, Jim drove up, and parked next to the white Toyota.  Joe and

Karen got out, and went over to the others.  They went to the gate, and Jim

showed his badge to the person in the guard shack.  The guard handed them a

clipboard, and asked them to sign in.  Joe quickly signed his name, and hoped

that the guard wouldn't look at their names.  He was wrong.

   "Joe?  Joe Bates?  We have somebody here by that name."  He said.  When

Dave, and Mike signed on, he looked at them carefully.  Joe didn't  say

anything, and neither did the others.  They quickly walked through the  gate,

and into the hanger .

   "There's the Lear."  Jim said, mainly for Dr. Krell's information.  They

walked over to the sleek aircraft, and Joe spun the handle, and opened the two

piece door.  He peered inside.  What's in here that could have caused this to

happen?  he thought.  He looked around at the test gear that was attached to

the seat tracks.

   "I believe there is a portable transmitter, or something?"  Dr. Krell


   "Yeah, that's over in the lab."  Joe answered.  "We can go look at that if

you like."

   "I believe it may be something worth looking into."  Dr. Krell said.  "I

have heard that high power radio energy can cause cell damage, and there is

very little information compiled about how it effects the chromosomes."

   "Well, it would be easy to set up, and operate, but how would we test it?"

Jim said.  "We have a cage back at the plant, that we could isolate the RF

from everybody.  Maybe we should try that."

   They walked passed the Cessna 421.  Karen walked over to one of the

engines, and ran her hand down the leading edge of a prop blade.

   "How long since you've flown?"  Joe asked.

   "Almost four years."  Karen said.  "I've never renewed my medical since I

started on hormones.  I guess I do miss it a little."

   "Maybe you could come along the San Diego."  Jim said.  "I'll get you a

time in this thing, if you want."


        "Wouldn't miss it, if I can get away."  Karen said.  "I'll have to ask

Dr. Hopkins."

   "Well, if you can get away, I'd like it if you could come along." Joe said.

He liked having Karen around.

   Jim and Dr. Krell discussed the possible ways they could run tests on the

equipment.  The possibility of using animals was considered.  Dr. Krell said

he'd have to study the idea, since he wasn't familiar with that type  of

testing.  He said he would consult some of his colleagues.

   Finally, they were finished looking at the aircraft and equipment.

   "Let's go talk to the guys in the lab."  Jim said.  "I'll show you the


   Joe, Karen, Mike, and Dave all followed Jim, and Dr. Krell into one of the

labs located in the rooms on the sides of the big hanger.  They went in, and

saw the yellow painted chassis which contained the relatively low powered test

transmitters used to functional test the new GPS nav receivers.

   "How close to the antenna are you, during ground tests?"  Dr. Krell asked.

   "Well, as close as a few feet, to as far as a mile."  Mike said.  The

operation of the transmitters was his area of expertise.

   "How can we test this in a controlled environment?"  Dr. Krell asked.

   "Back at the plant we have a radiation containment room, a type of wire

cage."  Jim answered.  "Little or no radio energy escapes from the cage."

   "I think that's what we should use to test the transmitter."  Dr.  Krell

said. "Since we are unsure of the area of danger, it would be best to contain

it completely."

   "We'll bring a transmitter to the plant tomorrow."  Jim said.  "How can we

test this?  Don't we need a test case, a volunteer?"

   "I'm not sure yet."  Dr. Krell said.  "I can get access to some animal

subjects, and I think we should start there.  If it happens that it seems to

be the transmitters which cause the cell changes, and I would suspect that it

is, I think w e could easily get human volunteers, if it was likely that they

might result in changes like those on Joe here."

   Joe blushed as everyone looked at him.  It was probably true, if there were

others like Karen, this machine could be the answer to their prayers.  An

operational "Instant Sex Change" machine would surely be a revolutionary piece

of hardware.  A far greater technological advance than the GPS Nav program.

Unfortunately, he was perhaps a victim of this new discovery, and might have

to live the rest of his life with the result.

   "I think we should call the Feds."  Joe said.  "I want to know if I'm legal

when I fly.  I'm worried when I drive, and if Me and Dave have to go to San

Diego tomorrow, I want to know what my status is."

   "Well, let's call Fred."  Jim said.  Fred was the FAA GADO Rep, which dealt

closely with Honeybone.

   They went into the empty flight planning office and picked up the phone.

Fred Holms office number was on the quick dialer.  He answered almost


   "Fred, we seem to have a little problem that we need an opinion on." Jim

said.  Three of my guy's seem to have received some kind of cell change or

something, and we think it might be something we're doing here on the GPS

project.  We don 't yet have any proof of that yet, but we'd like to run some

tests on it.  We have a Dr. Krell who specializes in chromosomal problems, and

he'd like out people to come to his office in San Diego.  I'd like to let them

go in the 421, but they aren't sure what the FAA's feeling are on things like


   Jim stopped talking for an instant, as he listened to what the FAA man was


   "Yeah, it's my two pilot/engineers, Joe Bates, and Dave Skinner."  He said.

"Well, it's kinda weird.  They seem to have changed sex or, at least they look

like it."

   Jim waited, as the man on the other end did something that took a few


   "No, they haven't been taking any drugs, or hormones, or anything like

that. I don't think so anyway."   Jim looked at Joe, and Dave, who shook their

heads to the negative.

   "No they haven't had surgery, or anything like that." Jim said into the

phone.  "They have just come from Hillcrest were they were given a clean bill

of health.  There don't seem to be any health problems at all, it's just that

they have undergone some unusual changes.  They both look  sort of like

they've changed into females.  That's all we know. so far."

   Yeah. that's all, we've just turned into women.  That's all.  Joe thought.

It's a lot different to say it, than to have it happen to you.

   "Sure their medicals are current.  Yeah, I can give them a quick check

ride.  I know that they don't have any physical problems."  Jim said.  Jim

was a flight instructor, as was Joe, but he was also a designated flight


   "Ok, sounds reasonable to me."  Jim said.  He hung up the phone.

   "Fred says that if you two haven't been taking any drugs or other

prescription chemicals, and haven't been subjected to any major surgery, he

can't find anything in the books to keep you from being legal.  He suggested I

give each of you a check ride.  He said that a note from your doctor would be

necessary to get your ticket changed, and to present at your next physical."

Jim said.

   "Well, that sound's unbelievably easy."  Joe said.

   "I'll give you the papers you need tomorrow, at my office."  Dr. Krell


   "If you have an hour, right now, I'll take both of you up in the 421, and

make a logbook entry."  Jim said.

   "Can you wait?"  Joe looked at Karen.

   "Sure, no problem."  Said the tall nurse

   Joe and Dave took the little tug, and pulled the 421 out of the hanger.

Joe went to the phone and called the fuel truck to top off the tanks, as Dave

started the preflight inspection.

   When they were ready, the three of them boarded the little twin.  Jim sat

in one of the passenger seats, as Joe and Dave adjusted the crew seats  to

their new proportions.  Soon the engines were started, and they taxied out  to

the run-up area .  They checked the piston engines, and called the tower for

takeoff clearance.  Jim told them to remain in the traffic pattern.

   Jim sat on the left, and made the first takeoff, and landing.  Then Dave go

the chance to show his capability.  Then Jim asked that they set the left

engine to minimum thrust, and Joe made a simulated single engine landing.

Dave also demonstrated he could still fly the 421 on one engine, and then they

returned to the Honeybone hanger.

   "Nothing wrong with your ability to fly."  Was all Jim said.  They both had

their flight bags in their lockers, and they presented their logbooks to Jim,

who made an entry as suggested by the FAA rep.

   When they had the 421 chocked in the hanger, they were ready to return to

the hospital.  Jim took Dr. Krell, Dave and Mike along in the Ford sedan,

while Joe again rode back with Karen.  When they arrived back at the hospital,

Karen parked the car and they walked in.

   "Let me find Dr. Hopkins, and see if I can take a few days off."  She said.

"I don't think there will be any problem.  He has three assistants, and I

usually just answer the phones."

   It was about four thirty by the time they had talked to Dr. Hopkins, and

made an appointment to meet with Dr. Krell and his staff, in San Diego,

tomorrow at noon.  Dr. Krell suggested that they plan on remaining in

California for at least two days.  Jim said it would be no problem for them

to take the plane, and keep it as long as they needed it.

   "Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow morning, about eleven."  Dr.  Krell

said.  "I'll probably leave here tonight."

   Karen, Joe, Dave, Mike, and Jim  walked to the parking lot.  They discussed

the plans for the trip in the morning.  Dave and Joe decided to meet  at the

hanger about six o'clock.  The rest could arrive about seven, or seven thirty.

Jim said he couldn't go tomorrow morning, but if they wanted him there, he'd

come up in the afternoon.  They said they couldn't think of any reason why

he'd have to be there, but they'd call if they needed him.  That seemed to

satisfy him.  To Joe, Jim seemed to be worried about the liability that

Honeybone might incur with all this.  Joe asked him about it.

   "I talked to Mayer on the phone.  (Mayer was Jim's supervisor, the  VP of

operations.)  He said that I should do everything I could to help figure out

what was going on.  He was worried about you guy's too.  Don't worry, Joe, the

company is going to help you with this."  Jim said, putting his hand on Joe's

shoulder, but quickly pulled it away when he felt it's feminine softness.

   "Thanks Jim.  I appreciate your concern.  I don't know what's going to

become of this, but I appreciate your concern, and I appreciate what the

company is doing to help."

   "What you got planned for the evening, Joe?"  Karen asked.

   "I don't know, I guess Linda is home by now, I'll have to tell her I'll be

out of town for a couple of days.  I guess I'll have to get some things to

take along.  It looks like I'm gonna be this way for a while, so  I guess I

better invest in some more girl stuff."  Joe said. A funny grin formed on his

face as he talked.

   Joe looked over at Dave.  "What about you, pal, are you going to need some

things if you're going to be away for a couple of days?"

   "Yeah, I guess I do.  I'll get Cindy to help me find something.  I'd like

her to come along to San Diego, but I guess she'll have to stay home with the


   "If you want to go with me, give me a call.  I'm staying at Linda's house,

at least for now."  Joe said.  If he was to stay a woman, it might be best if

he moved away from Linda.  he thought.

   "I wouldn't mind if you came over, maybe about six, or six thirty." Joe

said.  "We can go to the mall and get something to eat.  Linda might  want to

come along.  I'd like you to meet her."  Joe said to Karen.

   Joe went to his car, and Dave go in with him.  They drove to Dave's house.

Dave didn't say much, until they were almost to his house.

   "Joe, Dr. Krell said that I was a genetic woman now, and that he knew of

nothing that could make me a functioning, normal male again."  Dave said.

   "Yeah, I figured he did.  That's the same thing he told me.  He said that

any operation to make me a male wouldn't be acceptable to me, and that he

thought it would be best for me to remain the way I am, until they can find a

way to reverse the process, or just get used to being a woman."  Joe said.

   "Basically the same thing he told me."  Dave said.  "I told him I was a

married man, and I just couldn't buy some dresses and get on with a new life.

Dr. Krell said he wasn't sure how to handle my problem, but he would look into

it, and h e would get therapy for me.  I told him therapy wouldn't help me to

sleep with my wife.  It wouldn't explain to my son why his daddy was now a

woman.  He didn't have any answers to help me at all."

   "I guess they haven't had a situation like your's before."  Joe said.  "But

Dr. Krell is pretty wise, he might be able to come up with something that will

help you."

   They pulled into Dave's driveway, and Dave got out.  "I'll see you in the

morning."  Dave said, the frown momentarily turning to a tiny smile as he said

bye to his pal.

   Joe drove to Linda's house.  When he pulled in back, he saw Linda's car in

the drive.  Joe got out of his car, and walked into the house.  Linda was

sitting at the table in the dining area, going over some paperwork.  She still

wearing the clothes she put on that morning.  Joe walked up to the chair  she

was sitting on, and put his hands on her shoulders.  He started to massage her

neck.  She leaned back, and, putting her head back, looked up at Joe.

   "Hi there."  She said, almost purring as Joe rubbed her neck and soft


   "Hi."  Joe said.  She looked so sexy, and he could see her black teddy

through the neck of her suit.

   "Did you find anything out today?"  Linda asked.

   "Well, I guess I did."  Joe said.  " I found out that I'm genetically a

woman.  Which is what I already suspected"  Joe said.

   "Can they help you get back?" She asked.

   "They recommend that I stay like this at least until they can figure out

what has caused it, and can try to reverse the process.  That's all the hope

they can provide."  Joe said.  "So I guess I'll be a girl, for a while anyway.

I gotta try to get used to it."

   "We can make the best of it. Linda said.  I think it will be ok, even if

they don't ever find a way to make you a male again."

   "Dave Skinner, and Mike Osborn have the same problem."  Joe said.  "They

were with me in the Lear Thursday, and they found the same symptoms when they

woke up Friday."

   "You mean that you're not the only one changed like this?"  Linda asked,


   "That's right, and Dave is married, with two kids.  He's really got  a

problem."  Joe replied.  "Mike Osborn, you've never met him, Mike has  changed

too, but he's a muscle builder, and was taking steroids.  Now, he's  female

internally, but he still looks like a guy.  Compared to my problem,  it's

really a bad situation."

   "I've got to go to San Diego in the morning.  Dave, Mike and I will fly

over in the 421.  A Specialist named Dr. Benjamin Krell has a clinic, or

something there, and he wants us to come over so he can examine us."  Joe


   "When do you have to leave?" Linda asked.

   "I've got a six o'clock show."  Joe said.

   "Will you need anything?  How long will you be staying?"  Linda asked.

   "Well, I guess I should look through my things, and see if I have

everything I'll need.  If I'm going to stay this way, for a while at least, I

guess I can invest in some more clothes."  Joe said.  He knew Linda liked to

shop more than any thing else.

   "You'll have to go to the Mall then." Linda said.  "I have to finish this

paperwork.  It looks like I've got a buyer on that big place over on Canyon


   "I've met a nurse, she works for Dr. Hopkins, the Gynecologist who examined

me this morning.  She's coming over in a little while.  I'd like you to meet

her."  Joe said.  He hoped Linda would like Karen but he wasn't  sure how she

would fee l about him having a woman as a friend.

   "Oh, really?  I'd like to meet her."  Linda said.  "If you don't mind, I'd

like to get out of these clothes, and into something more comfortable."

   "Sure, good idea.  Karen should be here in about a half hour."  Joe said.

   Joe went to his room.  He looked through the few item of clothing he had.

He wondered what he should take to San Diego.  He wondered what he should wear

when he flew the 421.  He had a Nomex flight suit in his locker at the

Honeybone hanger, but that wouldn't fit now.  Besides, this was more of a

personal trip, than a work trip.  He seldom flew now, except as part of his

job.  He was instructing Jay so that he could get his instrument  rating.  He

used Jay's plane for that.  Jay had a Mooney 201.  He used it to  fly from

Phoenix to Tucson, Casa Grande, and other points around Arizona.   For that an

instrument rating wasn't really necessary, the weather was almost  always VFR,

but since he bought the speedy little Mooney, Jay' s insurance took  a big

hike, and he was advised to get his instrument rating.  Joe brushed off  his

instructor ticket, and was getting Jay ready for his check ride.  Jay let  him

use the speedy single whenever he wanted, but he seldom felt the need to  fly,

except for work.  He decided he better call Jay, and tell him what was

happening.  He went to the phone by the bed, and lay down as he punched in

Jay's number.

   Jay answered.  "Hello."

   "Jay, this is Joe. What's up?"

   "I was hoping you could tell me."  Jay answered.

   "Well I do have a bit of news.  I saw a doctor today.  He confirmed what I

already suspected.  I'm genetically a woman as well as physically.  I also

found out that two of my crew on the Lear have also have the same symptoms."

   "They've turned into women too?"  Jay asked, as if he couldn't believe it.

   "Yeah.  Dave Skinner, and Mike Osborn, have turned genetically female too.

We think maybe it's the GPS test transmitter which has caused it.   Jim

Matheney, and Dr. Krell are trying to set up some tests to find out what  and

how it could cause such a thing.  It looks like Honeybone is worried  about a

lawsuit, and is doing everything to help, and keep us satisfied."   Joe said.

   "Well, they better."  Jay said.  "If they are responsible they better be

willing to help all they can."  Jay was an attorney.

   They're going to do all they can, I think"  Joe said.  "We have to go to

San Diego in the morning, to see specialists.  They will help us get our

records in order there too.  Dr. Krell say's he's familiar with this type of

problem since he deals with transsexual patients."

   "Do you want me to go with you?"  Jay asked.

   "I don't think it will be necessary." Joe said.  "Unless you want to go


   "If you don't need me, I'd better stay here.  I've got plenty to  do, and

I'll get behind if I go off to California with you.  But, if you  feel you

need my assistance, just call, I can be there in a couple of hours."  Jay


   "Since I don't know what they'll be doing with me, I don't think you need

to come along, at least this time."  Joe said.

   "Be sure to take all your license, birth certificates, and military

records."  Jay reminded him.

   "Yeah, I'll have to go to my place to get them.  I don't know if I should

move back there, or what.  It's beginning to look like I'm going to be like

this for a while, maybe forever.  I don't know how to deal with Linda, if

that's the way it's going to be."  Joe said.  He didn't know how his buddy

would take the news either.

   "They can't change you back?"  Jay asked.

   "Hell, they don't know how I got this way, much less know how to get me

back.  They recommended that I don't resort to surgery, or anything like that.

They said that would surely leave me disfigured if they did find a way to

change me back to a male, and recommended that I stay this way until they

examine all options.  I guess I'd better get used to being like this."  Joe

replied, wistfully.

   "Well, try to make the best of it."  Jay said.  "We'll have to get together

again, when you get back in a couple of days."

   "Yeah, we will."  Joe said.  The relationship was changing, between him and

Jay, and they both knew it.

   "See you in a couple of days."  Joe said, hanging up the phone.

   He went back to his drawers to decide what he needed when he heard the door

bell.  That must be Karen, he thought and went to the door.  He opened it, and

the tall attractive blonde came in. She was wearing bright pink, sort of

florescent, shorts with a white top.  Out of her nurses uniform, she looked

even more attractive.




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