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Archive-name: Changes/bates10.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story- 10

                                 Chapter 10


   Joe Bates drove into the drive at the home of his flying buddy, and fellow

engineer, Dave Skinner.  When he got out of his sports car he smoothed his

clothes, the loose fitting jumpsuit that hid his new curves.  He slowly walked

up to the front door, and rang the bell.  Cindy Skinner, Dave's wife, opened

the door, and peered out.  She smiled when she recognized Joe, and opened the

door.  Joe went inside, feeling a bit self conscious as Dave's wife watched

him walk in.  He couldn't conceal the look of surprize when he  saw Dave.

   The last time Joe saw Dave, he was about six feet tall and weighed two

hundred pounds.  Dave was thirty two years old, and was not in as good shape

as Joe, and, a decade of married life had endowed him a small pot-gut which he

couldn't get rid of, no matter how hard he tried.

   The Dave Skinner who came out of the family room didn't look anything like

that.  This one nervously entered the room was wearing a woman's  white

blouse, with loose baggy shorts, also obviously a  woman's.  Since he  wore

nothing under the blouse, the dark outline of his now large areola could  be

seen through the thin fabric.  He walked uncomfortably, not yet familiar  with

much wider hips, and a shorter gait.  Were it not for his short haircut,  he

could easily be mistaken for a typical, almost middle aged, somewhat plain,

sloppily dressed, housewife.  Dave always had the beginnings of a six o'clock

shadow, even in the morning, but now his face was as smooth as a young boy's.

Joe saw that Dave's legs were hairy, maybe not as heavy or thick as before,

but still covered with soft black down.  It looked unusual to see someone who

looked so female, have such hairy legs.  Joe couldn't help but look at Dave's

chest.  Through the thin fabric of the blouse, he could see that the heavy

chest hair Dave had was gone, replaced by a voluptuousness that was a source

of embarrassment for its owner.

   "Hi Joe, what's new with you?" Dave asked, somewhat sarcastically.

   "Not much, Dave, Just thought I'd stop by , and see if you want to  go bar

hopping this evening" Joe teased.

   "Nope, I don't think I'm up to it, old buddy."  Dave answered.  He had

trouble returning the humor that his pal was using to break the tension.

   "I talked to Mike while ago, and he's got trouble too, but it sounds like

he's a little different from me, or you."  Joe said.

   "What do you mean? Is he still a guy, or what?" Dave asked, the sarcasm

creeping back into his voice.

   "I can't really tell from how he described his symptoms, but if he has

changed, he isn't as far along as we are." Joe said, not taking his eyes from

his buddies chest.

   It was strange seeing a matronly body below the almost familiar  face.

Dave's face was little changed, but maybe ten years younger looking.   He

wondered what Dave was thinking about him.

   "Good for him.  He would REALLY make an ugly woman."  Dave said, smiling

for the first time.

   "I think I talked him into coming over here.  He should be  here soon." Joe


   "Well, you sure look  good, Joe." Dave returned, eyeing his buddy, trying

to imagine what he looked like under the loose clothes.

   "Linda has been helping me try to make the best of this." Joe said.

   "It looks like you even have lipstick on.  Do you?"  Dave asked, moving


   Joe grinned. He said.  "Well, yea, I do.  I even had a make-over at the

Mall the other day.  With Linda's help, I've been able to make the best of it.

Some of the things I've done have actually kind of interesting.

   "Well, I haven't done much that's interesting."  Dave said, with not a

little disgust showing through.

   "We both might as well treat this as an experience, Dave." Joe recommended.

"As I see it, were stuck like this, at least until we can find out what's

causing it.  Hopefully, it's not permanent."  He tried to sound more confident

than he actually was.

   "It's easy for you, old buddy. You're not married, with a family...  A

wife... and kids...  Hell, Joe look at you, You're practically beautiful."

Dave lamented.

   Cindy went to him, but Dave pushed her away.  She looked at Joe.  Joe

didn't know what to do, or say.  Dave walked back into the family room.  Joe

followed him to the family room, and he saw Dave sit down on the couch, with

his four year old son, David.

   "Joe Joe, are you a mommy now too?  David asked innocently.

   "Hi David." Joe replied. "No, I'm not a mommy.  I just sort of look like

one, I guess.  Your dad and I have a problem with how we look. We don't know

what's wrong with us yet."

   "You're pretty" David said.

   "Thanks David.  I guess."  Joe replied, looking at Dave.

   There was a ring of the door bell.  Joe quickly got up, and went to the

front door.  Cindy opened the door.  The familiar hulk of Mike Osborn loomed

in the doorway.  Mike's eyes widened when he saw the new Joe.

   "Holy cow, Joe, You ARE a woman, ain't you?"  Mike almost shouted, his loud

voice seeming to be almost unchanged.

   "I suspect so, Mike." Joe replied.  "Come on in."

   Mike walked in, and followed Joe back to the family room.  He walked right

over to the couch, to look at Dave.

   "Damn, Dave, You seem to have the same problem as Joe."  He said.

   "Clever observation, Mike."  Dave said.  "It looks like you escaped

whatever happened to us."

   "Well, not exactly Dave."  Mike said, not wanting to talk with young David

listening intently to the unusual conversation.

   "It seems you haven't changed at all."  Joe said.

   "Can we go somewhere private." Mike asked.

   "I suggest you all go to our bedroom."  Cindy said.

   Dave got up, and awkwardly went into the bedroom, his substantial butt

jiggled and swayed as he walked.  Mike and Joe followed.  Dave closed the door

after them, stopping David, who wanted in.  Cindy led him away from the door.

   "You think I haven't changed?"  Mike asked, pulling his sweatpants down.

   Mike pulled his royal blue Calvin Klien men's undershorts down.  He looked

down at his pubic area, and pushed the hair away from around his penis, which

was now very small.  It could have been  no more than an inch or so long.

There were n o testical's evident, and his scrotum  was split down the

middle, looking somewhat like a vagina.

   "See, I got problems too." Mike said, displaying his little penis.

   "When I pee, it comes out from under here."  Mike said, as he lifted his

penis up, he then spread his split scrotum, and pointed to an area close to

the base of his tiny organ.   Joe looked carefully, but could see no evidence

of an opening at the tip of his penis.

   "Looks like you've gone only part way to what's happened to me." Joe said,

looking with interest at his friend.

   "What do you look like, Joe?"  Mike asked.  "You sure look like a girl on

the outside."

   "Yea, and I guess that's what I am, on the outside."  Joe admitted.

   "Could I see?" Mike asked.  "If I'm gonna be...... I might still be

changing, and I'm wondering what I can expect."

   "Well, I don't know...." Joe was reluctant to show his buddies his new

body, and his closely trimmed bush.  Not that he was ashamed of  his body and

the way it looked, he just felt strange putting it on display.  He knew that

he was the mo st feminized of the three of them.  Hell, Mike could hardly pass

as a woman if he tried.  Dave was probably as changed as he was, but his large

hips and buttocks didn't look good on him at all. Dave didn't carry his new

shape well either.

   "Aw, show us Joe, Mike showed us what he looked like, and he's embarrassed

too."  Dave said.  "We're all in the same boat."

   "Ok, then, I'll show you." Joe said slowly.

   Joe unzipped his jumpsuit, and pulled it from his shoulders.  He pulled his

arms from the sleeves, and let the suit drop down his hips, and settle around

his knees.  Joe looked at his friends while he stood there, in his underwear,

his face red with embarrassment.  Mike didn't even pull his pants up, but

stood staring, mesmerized by the shapely body of his friend.  As Joe carefully

lowered his panties, Dave and Mike's eyes widened when they saw his carefully

trimmed hair.

   "Damn Joe.    You really are a girl, ain't you."  Mike exclaimed.

   "I guess I am Mike, and I would bet that you are too."  Joe said.

   "Well, I sure don't look like that." Mike said, pointing to Joe's pubic

area. "And I feel like a man, no matter how small my cock is.  At  least I

still have one."

   "Don't be so sure." Joe said.

   Joe reached down and separated the folds of his genital opening.  A

glistening little nub peeked out as he did so.  He put his finger next to  it,

and pointed it out to Mike.

   "This is what my penis looks like now, Mike.  But it still feels like my

cock to me, too.  But it's not a penis, not anymore.  I think my penis has

become a clitoris.  And I think yours has too.  It's just a little bigger for

some reason." Joe carefully voiced what he thought to be fact.

   "I don't know, I sure don't feel like a woman. I feel exactly like a man."

Mike said, as he watched Joe pull his panties back up.  "In fact,  look at


   Mike pointed to his penis, which could now be seen protruding  through his

thick hair.  It was erect, and it stood out, ready for action.  It was about

the diameter of a pencil, and maybe an inch and a half long.

   "Pull your pants up big guy. I can still get hard on too." Joe said.  "Tell

me, do you get wet down there when you get a boner?"

   "Yea, I do." Mike said.  "I don't know what causes it though."

   "I think it's what happens when a woman gets excited." Joe  answered.  "And

that's probably what you are now, just like Dave and me."

   "Joe, I know something is wrong with me, but look at me, I just can't be

female.  Not with a body like this."  Mike's words were more of a question

than a statement of fact.

   "I don't know, Mike.  I just don't know.  But I want both of you to come

with me to the hospital.  My attorney friend Jay Logan put me on to a guy

named Dan McQuire.  He is a lab technician or something, in Forensic Medicine.

He does things like trace identification from hair, or blood samples, in

homicide cases.  He is working on proving my identification,  but some doctors

there want to see me, and run some other tests, maybe they  will be able to

help.  I told them I had two friends who also had similar problems, and they

would like to examine you guys too.  We should go over there this afternoon,

if you guy's are free."  Joe said, and grinned.

   "If it'll help get me back to normal, I'll do almost anything." Mike said,

as he pulled his sweatpants back up.

   Throughout the whole discussion, Dave said little, but watched  his friends

as they showed their changed bodies, and discussed what to do about them.  He

finally spoke.

   "What can doctors do, Joe?  Look at me, I know what I am, I'm a  fat, dumpy

guy with a woman's body.  A fat WOMAN'S body.  But I've got a  wife and two

kids.  What can the doctors do about that?"  Dave looked like he  might start

to cry.

   "Dave, I don't know what they might be able to do.  I do think we should

give them a chance to look at our problem though.  If we are stuck like this,

the sooner we know it, the better.  If there is a way out, then as far as I

can see, th y will be the people who can help us find it.  We  can wallow in

self pity, but that won't get us back for sure.  Joe tried  to sound confident

for his depressed pal.

   "When do you guys want to go over to see Dan?" Joe asked.

   "Whenever you want, Joe.  I'm ready.  Mike said.

   "Well, let's get ready then.  Dave can you find something a little better

to wear?  At least put a T-shirt on under that blouse, or something.  Maybe

Cindy can help."  Joe tried to get his pal to dress with a little  more pride.

   "What's the difference?" Dave said, "I'm just too fat.  I'm a fat, ugly,


   "I don't care what sex you're body is, it's still YOUR body.   Show a

little pride, Dave."  Joe insisted.

   Joe opened the bedroom door, and walked out.  Cindy was in the kitchen, and

young David was at the table.

   "Cindy, would you help Dave find something to wear?  I want him  to come

along with Mike and Me to Hillcrest Hospital, to see if they can  do anything

for us."  Joe asked.

   "Joe, I've been trying to get him to wear something more appropriate, but

he will only wear what he has on, or one of his old T-shirts.  His pants don't

fit at all.  I had those old shorts from when I had Suzie.  He won't even try

anything else."  Cindy said.

   "Come with me." Joe ordered, and walked back down the hallway, where Mike

and Dave were coming back from the bedroom.

   Joe took Dave's arm, and led him back to the bedroom.  When Cindy came in

the room, Joe closed the door.

   "Dave take that shirt off, and pull those shorts down." Joe insisted.

   Dave unbuttoned the blouse, and took it off.  He pulled the shorts over his

big hips and buttocks, and stood there, with nothing on, but men's boxer

shorts.  He was quite a sight, and Joe fought to suppress a grin.

   "Cindy, do you have any underwear that will fit this guy?"  Joe asked.

   Cindy, who was attractive looking, but perhaps a little overweight herself,

went to her dresser.  She rummaged through her drawer until she took  a pair

of white cotton panties, and put them on the bed.  She opened another drawer,

and from the back of the drawer selected a white cotton bra.  It looked too

big to fit her, but looked like it might fit her husband.  She held  the up

the bra by the back strap.

   "This is from before I went on the diet, after Suzie." She explained.  "It

might fit you though."  She said to her husband, who just stared at it.

   "Go ahead Dave, try it on, you'll probably appreciate how it feels, if you

try it."  Joe insisted.

   "Joe, I don't think I can wear something like that." Dave complained, his

higher voice sounding slightly whiny.

   "Why not?  Are you afraid you'll look like a woman?  No problem, old buddy,

you already do, so you might as well get used to it."  Joe tried to speak with


   Dave took the bra from his wife, and pulled it around his chest.  Cindy

helped her embarrassed husband put it on, and adjusted the straps to fit his

slightly larger shoulders.  The support made D ave's breasts look much less

saggy.  He shook his chest, feeling the support and comfort the bra provided.

Dave went to the dresser mirror, and looked at himself.

   "See, it's improvement already." Joe said encouragingly.

   Joe went to the bed, and picked up the white underpants. He held  them out

to Dave.

   "Ok pal, now, take off those baggy shorts, and try these." He said.

   Dave took the underpants, and held them up by the waist band.  To Joe, they

looked twice as big as the ones he was wearing.  Dave shrugged his shoulders

in resignation, and put them back on the bed.  He then pulled  the boxers down

and stepped out of them.  Dave had never seen a large naked  woman before,

and was amazed at the size of Dave's large, soft buttocks.   Dave took the

panties from the bed, and stepped into them.  He pulled them  up and over his

large butt.  When he had them on, he went the mirror, and  looked at himself.

Dave watched, as his friend saw himself in women's  underwear for the first

time.  He knew what Dave was going through.  Dave  just stood there and stared

at himself.  He reached down, and touched the flat area where his male organ

used to be.  Joe remembered how he felt,  the first time he saw himself the

same way.  It seemed so much different  with the snug fitting panties on, than

even when you were naked, when your  pubic hair somewhat hid y our new


   "Cindy, do you think you'd have something to fit this guy?" Joe asked,

breaking the silence, as Dave looked at himself in the mirror.

   "I'll see.  I might have something from before the diet.  What do  you

want, Dave, shorts, or a dress?"  Cindy asked.

   Dave stood there.  Cindy repeated her question, and only then did Dave look

at her.

   "Ah.. I don't know, do you have something like Joe's wearing? " Dave asked.

   "I don't think so, but I'll see what I have." Cindy replied.

   She went to the closet, and soon returned with some pink pants, and a loose

fitting pull over top.

   "Pink?  Does it have to be pink?"  Dave asked.

   "Sorry, it's what I have, and of what I have, I think it's the best thing

for you." Cindy said.  "Try it on."

   Dave took the pink pants and pulled them on.  They fit fairly good, only a

little tight across the butt.  He pulled the top over his head, and

straightened it across his chest.  It also fit better than expected.  With

Cindy's old clothes o n, Dave looked like a young, plump, woman, with a butch


   "Not too bad, old pal.  Maybe we need to go to spend some time at the

health club, though."  Joe said, putting his hand on his friends back as he

inspected himself in the mirror.

   Dave went to the bedroom door, opened it, and went back out to Mike, who

was sitting on the couch, playing with David.  Mike looked up when Joe came in

and saw Dave in his new clothes.

   "Big improvement, Dave."  Mike said.  "You kinda looked like a slob

before."  he said.  Mike wasn't known for his tact.

   "Well, I think we ought to go see Dan Mcquire." Joe said. "Can I use your

phone, Dave?"

   "Sure." Dave answered.

   Joe got Dan's phone number from the pocket of his jumpsuit, and punched it

into the phone.  Almost immediately, the phone was answered.  It was Dan.

   "Forensic."  the voice on the other end said.

   "Dan?  Joe here. Joe Bates."

   "Hi Joe. What Can I do for you?"  Dan asked.

   "Dan, I'm at my friends house.  I'm with the other two guy's who are having

the same problem I am.  Can we come over and see you?"  Joe asked.

   "Absolutely.  There are some people here who can't wait to examine you

guy's.  I'll call the doctors now. When can you get here."

   "We're getting ready to go right now."  Joe replied.  "About thirty to

forty minutes should do it."

   "See you soon then."  Dan said, and hung up.

   "How do we want to go?"  Joe asked.  "Do you guy's want to each drive over

separately, or does anybody want to ride with me?"

   "I don't want to drive looking like this."  Dave insisted.  "I'll ride with


   They all went out to the driveway.  Mike's big 4WD pickup was parked behind

Joe's car.  Mike got in and started his engine while Dave and Joe got belted

in.  They backed out, and Mike followed Joe to the hospital.

   When they arrived, Joe led his strange crew directly to Dan's office.  Dan

was there waiting.  He introduced himself and Joe presented his two shy


   "Well, I guess we might as well go upstairs and meet the Dr. Krell, and Dr.

Loe.  They're sure anxious to meet the three of you."  Dan said, after shaking

hands with Dave and Mike.

   They followed Dan to the elevator, and rode it to the forth floor.  There

Dan took them down a long hall, and into some offices.  They sat down in some

chairs, as Dan talked to the receptionist or secretary behind a desk.  In

minutes, they w ere all asked to come to the next room.  There, they met a

small man, with thick glasses.  Dan introduced him as Dr. Krell, and described

his as a specialist in gender and genetic research.

   "I'm pleased to meet you Dave, Joe, and ah Mike, is it?"  Dr. Krell said,

smiling.  "Don't worry about a thing, I'm not sure what is going on here, but

we are learning new things concerning  genetics every day, and I'm certain we

can come up with some answers in your case."

   Joe could see Dr. Krell looking each of them over very carefully.  He sort

of felt like a lab specimen, as the little man inspected him and his friends.

   "I have been looking at the records of Joe Bates."  Dr. Krell went on.  "I

don't have anything on you two."  he said, looking at Mike and Dave.

   "I just found out about them this morning."  Dan said.  "I'll take them,

and get their records, as soon as you're done with them."

   "I would like to work with er... Mr. Bates here.  You may take the others,

and get them to fill out the paperwork to get their records."  Dr.  Krell

said.  "I'll see each of you in a little while."

   Dan got up, and Mike, and a nervous Dave Skinner, followed him back to his


   Dr. Krell looked at carefully at Joe.  He made Joe a little nervous.  Dr.

Krell saw Joe's concern, and attempted  to reassure him.

   "Relax, Joe.  I won't harm you, and we just might be able to help." the

little man said.

   "I'm Ok."  Joe said.  "I just wish I knew what was going on here."

   "You are an engineer, is that right?"  Dr. Krell asked him.

   "Yes, I'm an electrical design engineer, and I work for Honeybone

Avionics."  Joe volunteered.

   "Well then, you might understand that there are methods that we must use,

or follow, which are necessary to eliminate as many variables as possible."

Dr. Krell went on.  "I think you realize that we don't really know what has

caused your condition, but if we can figure that out, it might be possible to

reverse it.  The 'state of the art' in genetic engineering is probably the

fastest advancing area of biological science these days.  I hope we can help

you, but I'm sure YOU can help us."

   "Will I ever get back to normal, Doc?  Joe asked.  "What are the odds?"

   "It is far too early to tell, Joe, we want to give you a complete

examination, to find out the extent of the changes."  Dr. Krell explained.

   "I'm ready for whatever you need to do."  Joe said.

   "Good.  That's good." The Dr. went on.  "Did Mr. Mcquire tell you the

results of your blood group?"

   "No, I don't think so, he said the results would be in soon."  Joe replied.

   "Well, they're in, and they are VERY interesting.  Mr. Bates, the  DNA

tests show your chromosomes to be female.  You have the  normal XX cell

structure of a normal genetic female.  However, your blood shows an  extremely

high levels of testosterone for a female.  If it has always been at  these

levels, I would expect you to exhibit masculine secondary characteristics."

   Joe looked at Dr. Krell in confusion.  "Exhibit masculine secondary

characteristics?  Doctor Krell, five days ago, I was a MAN.  That's about as

PRIMARY as it gets.  I think you'll find, if you'll read my records, that I

fathered a child when I was seventeen."  I'm not a girl who's changing into a

man.  I'm a guy, who woke up Friday morning with female body."  Joe was

irritated, and it was starting to show.

   "Joe, calm down, calm down." Dr. Krell said.  "I have read your records,

and I know your history.  I'm just stating the facts as they appear.  No

matter what you have been, if your body and blood chemistry stay as they are,

you will surely begin to develop, or redevelope the secondary sexual

characteristics of a male. That is, increased facial and body hair, upper body

muscular development, and other changes. Perhaps you have already experienced

one or more of them.  That's why we need to conduct a complete physical

examination.  To find out what's going on."

   Joe sat back in his chair, and tried to relax.  He was worried that the

specialists wouldn't understand his problem, and was probably a little

"spring-loaded" for confrontation.

   "I'm sorry, Dr. Krell, I'm ready for whatever you've got." Joe said, with


   "I'll call Dr. Hopkins, he's expecting you, so I don't think you will have

to wait long.  He will be conducting the physical examination.  Are you ready

for it?"  Dr. Krell looked at Joe, as if to see his reaction.

   "I guess so" Joe said.  "I just had a class two flight last month."

   "I doubt you've ever had one like this, Joe." Dr. Krell said, smiling.

"Dr. Hopkins is a gynecologist.  He's anxious to do a full pelvic examination

on you."

   The muscles in Joe's crotch tensed as he heard the little doctor say those

words.  He had almost forgotten that he was different now, much different in

some places, and a physical for a woman included an internal examination.  He

hadn't thought about that, until now.  He wondered what it would feel

like.... If it would hurt....

   "Don't worry, Joe, Dr. Hopkins is very skillful, and he won't harm you in

any way.  And, we might even find out what is causing your symptoms." Dr.

Krell saw Joe's apprehension, and was trying to arrest his fears.

   Dr. Krell picked up a phone on the desk, and punched a three digit number.

He spoke into the phone.

   "Our patient is ready, Karen." He said.  "Ok, we'll be down in ten

minutes."  He put the phone back on the desk.

   "They'll be ready for you in ten minutes." Dr. Krell repeated.

   "Ok, then." Joe said.

   "Tell me, Joe, Did you put the make-up on, or did someone help you" Dr.

Krell asked, as if to make small talk.

   "Linda, my er....fiance, was my fiance, is helping me to cope with the

situation."  Joe explained.

   "Well, you are certainly attractive, if you don't mind me voicing a

personal opinion.  You seem to handle the change extremely well." Dr. Krell


   "I'm getting used to it, a little, I guess." Joe said.  "It's  almost

possible to forget it happened, sometimes, but only for a few minutes.

looking at myself in the mirror is even a strange sensation, I don't know If I

could ever get used to looking like this." Joe cupped one of his breasts with

his hand.

   "It must be quite a change." the doctor agreed.  "I don't know how I would

handle something like that if it happened to me.  Are you experiencing any

health problems?" He asked.

   "No, I don't think so." Joe said.  "I haven't gotten used to being wet

practically all the time, and ...I guess.... well, I just get

turned on from almost anything anymore.  I don't have much to see, but I have

had more erections , that's what they feel like, than I ever had before, even

when I was seventeen.

   "Interesting." Dr. Krell said. "It's possible the high levels of

testosterone in your system has played havoc with your metabolism.  That

could account for the increased libido.  Of course, the wetness is the result

of sexual excitement.  It would follow that if you had an "erection" as you

call it, you might now also experience vaginal lubrication.  It's a natural

female reaction to sexual stimulation."

   "I know what you mean." Joe agreed.  "I guess I didn't realize  women went

around with wet underpants, or worse, when they get excited." Joe said, and

grinned at the little doctor.

   "With the levels of male hormone in your system, it's understandable that

you might excite easily.  Tell me, what causes the excitement?  Is it women?

Men?  How do you feel about your fiance, since the change?  Forgive the

personal questions, Joe, but I have never experienced a subject who  made the

transition from male to female, completely, and apparently fully functioning,

in one day.  I've worked with a few male to female transexual patients, but

for them, the transition literally takes years, and the result, while

sometimes amazing, is nothing like your situation.  Even your DNA indicates

that you are female."  Dr, Krell could scarcely contain his interest in Joe's


   "Well, doctor,  the first thing you have to remember, is that this is

Monday."  Joe said.  "Last Thursday, I was a thirty year old MAN.  I went to

work, flew an airplane for about two hours, went to the health club, played

racketball with a buddy of mine, and then picked up my girl-friend, and spent

the evening discussing getting married.  That was four days ago, and I still

totally remember what it was like.  I still appreciate a good looking woman,

and now it's awful easy to see m ore of them than ever before.  You wouldn't

believe it, well maybe you would, you're a doctor."  Joe grinned at Dr. Krell

as he spoke.

   "How about men?  Have your feelings toward men changed in any way?" the Dr.


   "I'd like to say no, absolutely not, but actually, I'm not really sure.  My

senses seem sharper now.  I feel things differently.  I smell things I never

did before.  My own sweaty T-shirt, from before the change, gave me the

strangest feeling.  I don't know if it was sexual, but it could have been."

Joe admitted to the doctor, things he didn't want to admit to himself.

   "Interesting." Was all Dr. Krell said to that revelation.

   "When you look like this, it's impossible to relate to men the  same way as

before.  I've tried, but it just don't work."  Joe said, thinking  of his

experience with his best friend, Jay.       "I think we can go down now." Dr.

Krell said, an d got up from behind his  desk.  "If you don't mind, I'd like

to observe the examination.

   "No, I guess not, sure come on."  Joe said, nervously.  He was actually

somewhat glad Dr. Krell would be there.  He kind of liked the little man, and

felt he could trust him.  He didn't know what was going to happen next, and

felt he knew him, even though they had just met.  He followed Dr.  Krell out

the door.  Even with his smaller body, he was maybe six inches taller than the

doctor.  They got on the elevator and rode down one floor.

   The door opened, and Dr. Krell went out and Joe almost had to run to keep

up with him.  They entered some doors, which were painted with the words

OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY.  As a single male, Joe had never been in a place

like this before .  He could feel his heart pound as he stood at the desk

behind Dr. Krell.  The Dr. said something to an attractive nurse behind the

desk, and she immediately got up and motioned for them both to follow. She

lead them to an examining room.  It had a chair, a stool, a table, the type

with stirrups, and a cabinet full of paraphanalia.   There was a paper cover

on the table, and on the end, the paper was stained with a few drops of what

looked like blood.  The nurse spotted the soiled paper, an d pulled it down,

and ripped it off, creating a clean cover.  The nurse the went to a drawer,

and removed a hospital type smock, the kind that is open in the back.  She

gave it to Joe, and told him to undress, pointing to a small clothes tree in t

he corner, which had three hangers on it.  Then, she and Dr. Krell left the


   Joe unzipped his jumpsuit, and sat on the stool at the end of the table.

He removed his Reboks, and socks.  He quickly slipped out of the jumpsuit, and

felt very cold standing in his underwear.  He looked at the little smock, and

had to suppress a laugh. Even with his smaller size, it was far to small to

cover much of his bottom half, and his rear end would be completely uncovered.

Right, he thought.  He removed his bra, and slipped out of his panties.  He

put the little smock on, and wondered what to do next.   He decided to sit on

the edge of the table.  He hoisted his butt up, and was  looking at the

stirrups, when he heard a quick knock on the door.  Before he  could even

acknowledge, a handsome man of about forty years, entered the  little room,

followed by the tall, dark-blond-haired, nurse, and Dr. Krell.

   Joe sat there, extremely self conscious.  Dr. Krell spoke.

   "Joe Bates, this is Doctor Joe Hopkins.  Joe, meet Joe." Dr. Krell smiled

broadly at his little attempt at humor.

   "Hi, Doctor Hopkins." Joe said.  Try as he might, he couldn't  forget he

was sitting in a room, with two men, and a woman, almost  naked, his butt

hanging out from the little smock.

   "Hello, Joe.  I hear you have had a very interesting weekend."  Dr.

Hopkins said, with a rather deep voice.

   "Yea, it's been a grin a minute." Joe snapped back.

   "How about standing right here, Joe." Dr. Hopkins said.  "Maybe we can

figure out what's going on with you."

   Joe stood before the big man.  Dr. Hopkins took each of Joe's arms and

looked at them, one at a time.  He looked at his hands, his elbows, and took a

small light, and looked into his eyes, and ears.  He turned him facing away

from him, and thumped, and pressed on his back in various places.  So far, it

was familiar to Joe.

   "Please remove the smock." Dr. Bates said.

   Joe untied the little tie behind his neck, and pulled the cloth off of him.

He stood there, naked, and could feel the warmth as he blushed from showing

his body to these strangers. He moved his leg to cover his genitalia,

embarrassed by Linda's trim job on his pubic hair.  No one in the room seemed

to notice, however.

   Dr. Hopkins firmly pressed Joe's breasts between his fingers.  He used

enough force that the slight pain it caused made Joe wince.

   "Does that hurt?" Dr. Hopkins asked.

   "A little." Joe replied.  "They seem a little sensitive to me."

   "More than normal?" The Dr. asked, and then grinned when he realized what

he said.

   "They've felt the same ever since I've been like this." Joe said.

   Dr. Hopkins looked carefully at Joe's nipples, and felt each of his

breasts, apparently feeling for lumps.  It felt strange to Joe, to have such

big, strong, hands feeling the soft, sensitive areas of his body.

   "Please sit on the end of the table please."  Dr. Hopkins said.

   The nurse went to a small cabinet, and took out some metal tools.  She

layed them on a towel placed on a small rolling table.  Joe looked at  the

things on the table, but didn't recognize the stainless steel, and  white

plastic tools on the table.  Dr. Hopkins went to the table, and took  some

surgical latex gloves from a box on the table.  He carefully put them  on.

When he had them on the way he wanted, he picked up a shiny metal tool  which

looked sort of like a huge cork remover with elongated spoons on the  end.  He

held it up for Joe to examine.  Joe noticed that there were two of  them, and

he picked up the larger of the two.

   "Joe, this is called a speculum."  Dr. Hopkins said.  "I use this to do the

internal examination."  He moved the control on the end, and the "spoons" on

the end, spread apart.  Joe cringed as he thought about where that thing was

going.  I t seemed far too big to fit inside him.

   The nurse adjusted the table so that there was a slight tilt upward to the

head end.  Then she pulled Joe back so that he was laying back on the table,

tilted.  She covered his body with a small green sheet.  The warmth felt

comforting to Joe, but he just knew everyone in the room must be able to hear

his heart pounding.  The nurse pulled out and adjusted the metal stirrups and

then placed Joe's feet in them.  It was not uncomfortable, but it did  seem

strange.  Suddenly, Joe felt the end of the table, the part under his  upper

legs, go down, as Dr. Hopkins folded it down.  Joe's butt was now at  the very

edge of the table, but the weight of his legs was taken up by the  stirrups.

Next, Joe felt cool air on his bottom as Dr. Hopkins, and the  nurse adjusted

the sheet so that his bottom half was exposed.  Joe couldn't  see much, since

the sheet concealed what was happening from his view.

   Joe felt a hand touch his crotch.  He felt smooth fingers touching his

genital area, as Dr. Hopkins examined it with firm but gentle touches.  He

could feel his labia being spread wider than he had ever done, and he felt

his penis, or clitoris now, being examined.  Suddenly the touching stopped,

and Joe thought, and hoped, it was over.  Then, from over the sheet, Joe could

see Dr. Hopkins take a speculum, the smaller one this time, and put some K-Y

jelly from a large tube, on the spoons.  He held the spoons in his hand

momentarily, perhaps to warm them.  Then, Joe could feel the speculum as Dr.

Hopkins placed it at the entrance to his vaginal opening.  Dr. Hopkins

swiftly, but gently, maneuvered the metal device, until Joe could more sense

rather than feel, that it was deep inside him.  Suddenly there was a very

noticeable pain, as the speculum was spread.  Joe never felt more vulnerable

in his life.

   As he lay there, covered with a sheet, Joe was unable to see what was being

done to him, but was feeling a slight pain, as the metal object in his crotch

was moved around.  Joe began to think about something he had read somewhere,

that some women tended to develop special feelings for their doctors. Now, Joe

could understand why.  These guys saw things, and knew things about  your

body, that you couldn't even see yourself.  It was almost like you were

dependent on them to tell you that you were normal.  He never felt that way

about his male body.  This one was far more complicated, it seemed, You even

needed a specialist, just to check it out.

   Suddenly, Joe felt the speculum collapse, and  withdraw from his bottom.

The stretching it had done made him feel strange in that area, even with the

tool removed.  Before Joe was recovered from the quick removal of the

speculum, he felt a finger  in his genital opening.  What the heck is going on

now, he thought?  Dr. Hopkins felt around inside Joe, pressing on his abdomen

with his other hand as he did so.  Joe could feel him pressing on his bladder,

and for a moment had a strong urge to urinate.  Then the hand on his abdomen

went to his bottom, and he felt Dr. Hopkins insert a finger in his other

opening.  He probed and felt around, and Joe found it very uncomfortable. Then

the hands and fingers were gone, and Joe could see Dr.  Hopkins remove the

surgical gloves and toss them into a covered waste can.

   "You can dress now, Joe." Dr. Hopkins said, as he took a clipboard, and

started writing on it.

   The tall nurse helped Joe up, and held the sheet as he turned and stepped

off the table.  She gave Joe a box of large, soft tissues.

   "You can use these if you need them." She said, and she followed Dr.'s

Hopkins and Krell out of the examining room.

   Joe sat there, wrapped in the small green sheet, his crotch feeling like it

had been ripped apart.  He pulled the sheet away, and looked at the tender

area.  His genitalia and pubic hair was smeared with the lubricating jelly

that Dr. Hopkin s used.  Joe looked at the table, where he had been sitting

and saw a spot of blood on the paper.  No wonder, Joe thought.  He took a

tissue, and began cleaning himself up, wiping the jelly from his pubic area,

and found a slight trace of blood around his sore, and abused, genital


   Joe went to the clothes tree, and took his underwear from the hook.  He

pulled his panties on, and felt a slight twinge of pain as he moved his legs

with the snug fitting panty on, but he felt better, more secure, or, less

exposed.  He put the bra on, and slipped into his jumpsuit.  He wondered if he

should leave the room, and decided to wait where he was for further

instructions.  Joe sat in the chair, and squirmed around to find a position

that didn't hurt his ailing bottom.  He h ad just found a comfortable

position,  when the nurse knocked, and immediately entered.

   "If you're dressed, Dr. Hopkins would like you to come to his office." She

said, smiling.  "Did you have everything you need to clean up?  There's  a

bathroom right inside that door."  She continued, pointing at a door as  Joe

followed her d own the short hall.

   "I think I'm ok." Joe said.  "Kinda sore though."  He added.

   "Yea, It's a little painful, the first time." The nurse said.

   Joe followed her back to her desk, and then into an office on the side of

what must have been a reception and waiting area for a number of doctors.

Now, five or six women sat in the couches that lined the walls, apparently

waiting their turn for what Joe just received.

   Dr. Hopkins was at his desk when Joe entered.  Dr. Krell was sitting in one

of the chairs in front of the desk, and they were engaged in discussion.  Dr.

Hopkins motioned for Joe to sit down in the other empty seat.  He did, but

wiggled around, trying to get comfortable.  His underwear seemed to ride up,

or something, and amplified his minor discomfort.

   "Is there a problem Joe?"  Dr. Hopkins asked.

   "Well, Doc, I guess I'm a little sore, from your inspection."  Joe said,

with a slight grin.

   "I'm sorry, but I was as careful as I could be." Dr. Hopkins said.

   "Any news?"  Joe asked.  He wondered what the results might be.

   "Well, Joe.  I don't know how you feel about this, but my examination

reveals that you seem to be a normal, healthy, mature female.  I see from your

records, that your are thirty years old.  I must say, you certainly don't look

that old, externally, or internally.  Your pelvic examination is somewhat

unusual.  Internally, your condition is more like 15 to 18 years old, rather

than thirty.  Your uterus is perfect, and pink, like a young girl just out of

adolescence. Your breast development is normal female, with some slight

stretching of the epidermis.  I suppose that is because of the extremely rapid

growth.  Overnight, I understand?"  Dr. Hopkins said.

   "I didn't notice anything when I went to bed, and I looked like this when I

woke up." Joe said.  "Can you do anything for me?" He asked hopefully.

   "What do you like us to do?" Dr. Hopkins asked, watching Joe's reaction.

   "I don't know.  I feel like I'm still a man, but I sure can't resume my

normal activities, looking like this.  Do I have to remain female?" Joe asked

the ultimate question.

   "Well Joe, You have probably heard of surgical procedures to change the

bodies physical appearance to that of the other sex.  After hormone therapy,

usually lasting a year or more, it is possible to alter the appearance of the

genitalia, so that it has the appearance of the desired sex.  For a biological

male who has the need and desire to have a female appearing body, the results

are often amazing.  It can sometimes even fool a doctor.  However, for a

biological female who wishes to be male, the surgical procedure is far from

perfect.  Any penis created is basically non-functional, with little or no

sensation.  There is no natural erectile functioning, and it's difficult to

make it function even for urination, since it is often prone to infection.

Many patients don't even elect genital surgery, but settle for hysterectomy,

and mastectomy.  Hormone therapy will often give a satisfactory outward male

appearance, however.  For you, who  actually have experienced a complete,

functioning male body, I think you would be very disappointed with any result,

no matter how it would turn out."  Dr. Krell said.

   "So I'm stuck being female, unless I want to become a hermaphrodite?" Joe

asked, wondering if he really understood what Dr. Krell had just said.

   "Well Joe, I wouldn't word it like that, but I guess that's one way of

describing it.  I don't think you would be happy with the result."  Dr.  Krell

went on.  "I know it isn't easy, but you seem to be adapting to what has

happened to you very well.  I don't think it would be any easier for you, if

you would elect gender reassignment."

   "So you guy's think I should stay like this, huh?" Joe asked, a strange

feeling coming over him.  His face tingled as he considered his options.

   Female.... He had lived four days like this so far.  Sometimes, it wasn't

so bad.  But, to stay like this... Could he handle it?  On the other hand, to

look like a guy, but not have a penis, or at least a functioning penis....

Hell, he might still have to sit down to pee...  He thought of  the

feelings... the sensations.... of being with Linda.... But then, he still  had

that, it was different, for sure, but in many ways, even better.  He  didn't


   "Can I get pregnant?"  Joe asked.

   "I haven't done any testing for fertility, but I suspect you very likely

could."  Dr. Hopkins said.  "I believe you are now a mature and functioning

female, and as such, you'd better use adequate contraception if you should

choose to become sexually active.  By the way, your hymen is intact. I had to

stretch it a bit during the examination, but I believe it remained intact."

Dr. Hopkins said, looking at Joe, and grinning.

   "You mean I'm a virgin?"  Joe asked, He never thought about that.

   "Well, I don't know about that. Dr Hopkins answered, chuckling.  "But your

pelvic exam showed an intact hymen.  That's not too common for a woman of your

age.  I have a question for you too."

   "Sure, what?"  Joe asked.

   "Was your penis circumcised?"  Dr. Hopkins asked.

   "Well... Yea, Why do you ask?"  Joe was curious why he wanted to know.

   "Well I observed some unusual scar tissue around your clitoral area.  I had

never seen that before, but we decided that it might be carry-over from penile

circumcision.  I don't think anyone on record has ever experienced

what you have.  Dr . Hopkins said.

   "Will it cause problems for me?"  Joe asked.

   "If it doesn't hurt, or cause irritation, I doubt it.  Physically, your

clitoris is missing the little hood, called the prepuce, that it normally

would retract into, or under.  The extra exposure may cause discomfort during

intercourse, or when wearing tight clothes.  I don't know.  Since you've

always been like this, since the change, you may not notice anything at all.

Cosmeticly, I doubt anyone but a gynecologist, maybe a sharp general

practitioner, would even notice.  I wouldn't 't worry about it."  Dr Hopkins


   Joe thought about what he looked like in the hand mirror.  The little

sensitive bundle of flesh at the top of his opening.. Yea, Linda didn't look

like that.  But, he decided, it was probably the least of his problems.

   "What about my life, my job....Hell, I'm a thirty year old man, an

engineer, a pilot....all my records, my identification, show me to be  male.

What can I do about that."  Joe asked.  He didn't know what he wanted to do,

but he knew he needed more information.

   "Don't worry about that, Joe."   Dr. Krell assured him.  "What ever you

choose to do, it will be possible to change you records, even your birth

certificate, if you need it.  I'm not sure about your military records,


   "So what do I do next?" Joe asked.  He hadn't known what to expect, but he

had more questions now, than answers.

   "Well, I think we need to find out what has caused these symptoms in you,

and your two friends."  Dr. Krell said.  "We'd like to run more tests on you,

perhaps we could get you to come to San Diago, where there are more facilities

to research your condition."

   "What can you do there, that you can't do here?" Joe asked.

   "I don't really know if there is anything, anyone can do for you, Joe, but

we need to find out just what has happened, and, just what caused it.  Then we

might, and it would be a big might, we might be able to somehow reverse your

condition.  If we were to alter your appearance with surgery, I don't think

you would be pleased with the result, and it would surely leave you

disfigured, if we did find a way reverse whatever happened to you.  If you

possibly can, I advise that you try to live with what you now have, at least

for a while.  I realize it isn't easy, but none of your other options are

either.  I would recommend that you consult a therapist, if you're having any

difficulty coping with the changes.  I might add, you seem to be doing quite

well, so far."  Dr. Krell advised.

   "If I decide to stay this way, at least for now, what will I have to do to

get my records changed?" Joe asked.

   "If you will come to my office in San Diego, I have all the information you

need, and there is a group of people to help, who are familiar with the legal

requirements for Arizona." Dr. Krell replied.

   "How did they get familiar with my requirements already?" Joe asked, as far

as he knew, he was the first person he ever heard of with his problem.

   "You might be surprised at the number of gender disphoric persons who elect

gender reasssignment." Dr. Krell answered.  "Only, they take years to get

where you are now.  But then they face the same obstacles, after the

reassignment surgery.  We see well over a hundred every year."

   It had never really occurred to Joe there were people on the street, maybe

people he knew, who had once been a different sex.  He didn't think he had

ever seen anyone like that.  He felt sorry for anyone who felt they had such a

problem, since he now knew what it was like to have the wrong body.

   "I didn't realize there were that many people who changed their  sex." Joe

said.  "I wonder why I've never seen any of them."

   "How do you know you haven't?"  Dr. Krell said.  "I know of at least one

that you've seen."

   "Really, I sure don't remember seeing anyone like that."  Joe said,

slightly amazed.

   "I wouldn't say anything, but I know she won't mind.  I know  you've met

Dr. Hopkins nurse, Karen Simpson.  Dr. Krell said with a grin. "When I first

met her, her name was Kieth.  That was just four years ago."

   Dave was shocked, and impressed.  He had never even considered that the

tall, friendly, and very attractive nurse could have been anything but a

natural woman.  She looked, walked, and even sounded, like any other good

looking female. So she was once a guy too....

   "YOU made, look like THAT?" Joe asked incestuously.

   "Well, I helped HER get her body in line with what she considers to be HER

normal gender.  Hormones did most of the work, and a morning on the operating

table did the rest.  I didn't make her a woman, I just helped her to get a

woman's bod y."  Dr. Krell said proudly.  He was obviously proud of his work.

   "But you can't do anything like that for me, huh?"  Joe asked.

   "Joe, I think I could make you pass as a man, in public, but I am sure that

you would not be pleased with the cosmetic, and function, of the phaloplasty.

It is just a lot harder to create working male parts.  And  you had a real

penis, so you would be expecting something like that.  And that I absolutely

cannot give you.  Again, I recommend that you try to  live with what you've

got.  If it becomes intolerable, then let's talk about alternatives."  Dr.

Krell smiled as he spoke.

   "Well, maybe that's what I have to do." Joe said.  I'll give it a shot."

   "Good choice." Dr. Krell said.  "Now, I think we need to call your

employer, what is it... Honeybone Electronics?"

   "That's Honeybone Avionics.  We design, and manufacture aviation

electronics of all types. Navigation radios, computers, flight management

systems, and a lot of other stuff.  For Civil and Military aviation." Joe

explained.  He was trying t o figure out who to call.

   "If you will give me the number, I'll call them, and explain what we need

from them." Dr. Krell said.

   Joe gave him the switchboard number, and told Dr. Krell to ask for Jim

Matheney, his supervisor.  Dr. Krell dialed the number, and in a few moments,

he was talking to Jim Matheney.

   "Good morning, Mr, Matheney, My name is Dr. Benjamin Krell." He said.  "I

have three of your employees here at the hospital, and we have uncovered some

unusual symptoms in them, and I feel that the problems may be job related. I

hope you can help us figure out what is wrong with them."

   That really is understating the problem, Joe thought.  But maybe that's the

best way to start.

   "Yes sir, that's who it is, and I would prefer not to explain their

symptoms over the phone.  Yes sir, it would be good if you could come here, to

Hillcrest. Yes,  Dr. Krell, forth floor.  Two o'clock this afternoon would be

fine.  See you after lunch then. Bye."  Dr. Krell had quickly started the ball


   Just as Dr. Krell hung up the phone, there was a knock on his office door.

   "Come in." Dr. Krell said.

   The door opened, and nurse Karen Simpson looked in.

   "Dr. Krell, the other two patients are here from down stairs." She said,

smiling. Joe looked carefully at her, and was trying to imagine her as a man.

He couldn't.  Dr. Krell saw him staring at the nurse.

   "Please have them wait outside for a moment." Dr. Krell told her. Joe

continued to watch her, and it was slightly obvious he was curious.

   "Karen, do you have plans for lunch?" Dr. Krell asked the nurse.

   "Not really, I thought I'd just go out, maybe over to Wendy's, for a salad.

It seems I really have to watch my calories." She said, with a quick grin.

   "Well, Joe here is free for a couple of hours, and I think he wouldn't mind

buying you lunch.  I've told him a little about you, and I think you two might

have something in common."  Dr. Krell said.  It was plain that he and Karen

had a mutual admiration for each other.

   "Sure Joe, let's go, if you're ready."  She said, holding out her hand in a

greeting.  "My name is Karen Simpson. I've read your records, so I know you're

Joe Bates."

   Karen and Joe shook hands like two guy's meeting for the first time.  Joe

liked the pretty nurse the first time he saw her, a now that he knew her

unusual past, he wanted to get to know her. As he stood next to her, he saw

that she was even a little taller than he was.

   "Nice to meet you Karen, let's get something to eat." Joe said, as they

walked out the door.

   "Be sure to be back by one thirty, Joe." Dr. Krell ordered as they went out

the door.



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