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Archive-name: Changes/bates09.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story-  9

                                    Chapter 9


   Joe woke Sunday morning in Linda's arms. He carefully untangled himself

taking care not to wake her.  He pulled the sheet away, but was no longer

surprized by his appearance.  He was getting used to the way he felt too.  He

gazed at his body, and  contemplated the way it looked. He was always amazed

at how some women's breasts seemed to flatten, almost disappear, when they lay

on their back.  Now, as he looked at himself, he observed that his own chest

seemed flatter too.  It was still hairless, and the larger areolas affirmed

that he still looked feminine.  He touched them, feeling the now familiar

softness.  No, they  weren't getting smaller, and he was entering his third

day as a woman. The third day.  How many more would he have to endure?  Would

he ever be back to normal?  The question began to haunt him again.  He could

hardly wait for Dan to call.  Dan McQuire was Jay's friend, and Dan was going

to help him with the reason why his body had somehow become female, apparently


   Changed to female....  He was starting to accept it. At first, he reacted

by denial, he wasn't really a woman, no matter what his body looked like.

Yesterday, when he had seen what he looked like, all over, he began to realize

the situation he was actually in.  His engineers mind, trained to trust the

facts and to keep an open mind, was now fighting with the obvious fact that

his body was no longer masculine, and no matter what he thought, or what he

said, people now reacted differently to him.  He would have to relate

differently to them too.  That included his friends.  Friends both male and

female.  That included Linda too.

    Linda.  He thought about her.  She was unusually understanding and

tolerant  of his strange problem.  Sometimes, she almost seemed amused to

watch his reactions, and the way he handled the differences.  He couldn't

complain about her help or understanding.  He really couldn't understand why

she was so understanding.  In fact, it almost seemed like she enjoyed his

predicament.  He knew he loved her, and that she loved him.  But now.  What

about now?  How should he feel about her?  He felt the same as before, as when

he was male, and she was his fiance.  That would probably have to change.

Even if something could be done for him, and he could become male again, even

if not a completely functioning male, it was unlikely they could, or would,

continue as before.  Hell, they had even made lesbian love together.  At least

it was like lesbian love.  He didn't consider himself  homosexual, but if he

was now  female, then he must be, since he still loved women, loved to be

around them, and loved to look at them, and touch them.  Just like before.

Just like a man.  Even his own body now turned him on sometimes.  But then

why not?  The change had transformed his body into a quite attractive, female


   Joe got up, and went to the bathroom.  As he sat there, he noticed the hand

mirror laying on the sink. He took it, and after he finished relieving

himself, he stood, and raised his leg on the closed lid of the toilet. He

positioned the mirror to get another look at that new genitalia.  He could

hardly resist looking at himself.  It was so different.  It was like looking

at someone else, but there was no doubt that the image in the mirror was the

reflection of his own body.  Truth be known, he even sort of liked the way he

now looked.  But... he knew he would have problems if he tried to forget his

past, and resume his life with this new body.  He couldn't expect everybody to

suddenly accept him as a girl.  He didn't think he could accept it himself.

He had thirty years of experience being a boy and a man.  He didn't even know

how to act like a woman.  He didn't want to be treated like a woman either.

He was a man.  He knew how to be a man.  He liked to be treated like a man.

He wished, with all his heart, he could look like a man again.  It would make

everything so much easier.

   Disgusted, Joe put the hand mirror down, and looked into the mirror over

the sink.  He saw himself, his almost familiar face, and his new body.  He

turned to the side, looking at his profile in the mirror.  His new shape would

be a problem if he was to become a man again.  He looked at his shoulders.

They were not as wide as before, but might possibly pass for a man.  He looked

at his waist and hips.  His waist was much smaller, and his tummy flatter.

That could easily change.  His hips.  He put his hands on his hips, and ran

them up and down, following the shape.  Maybe they were not much different

than before.  Maybe he was just smaller everywhere else.  He turned and

examined his butt.  Now that sure didn't look like it did before.  It was

softer and rounder, and completely hairless.  He rubbed it with both hands,

feeling the softness.  It was nice.  Maybe his best female attribute.  He

turned back, and faced the mirror.  Yea, his butt was his best feature.  He

examined his breasts.  They were pretty good too.  They were firm, and nicely

shaped, but were, just maybe, a bit small for his body, since he was somewhat

tall for a woman.  He had been almost six feet tall, but now he measured about

five eight or so, and he was thin, noticeably thinner than Linda, which made

him look even taller.  It might be difficult to pass as a man, but not

impossible, if that's what he decided to do.

   Joe went back to the bedroom, and sat on the bed next to Linda.  She was

awake and turned to face him.

   "What's up for today?" She asked.

   "I don't know." Joe said "I hope I get a call from Dan, but I doubt he

works on Sunday."

   "Yea, I'm sure you want to know what's going on, as soon as you can, but I

doubt that anybody is working around the clock on your problem." Linda said,

smiling sweetly at Joe.

   "Mind if I take a shower?" Joe asked.

   "No, please do." Linda quipped.

   Joe looked at her, and stuck his underarm up to his nose.  He smelled

different, even to his own nose.  Like a woman.

   "I'm only teasing Joe." Linda said.

   Joe didn't say anything, but went into the bathroom, and turned on the

shower.  He looked through Linda's drawers until he found a razor.  He found a

pink plastic Daisy.  He found some Noxema shave cream, and took them into the

shower with him.  He carefully adjusted the water temperature, and then wet

his body down. He took the shaving cream and applied some under his arms. He

then took the razor and shaved himself smooth.  His underarms felt real good

without the soft stubble, which didn't feel at all like the stubble he used to

get on his face.  He touched his face, and felt a softness unlike anytime as a

male, even immediately after shaving.

   He put some shave cream on his legs, one at a time, and carefully shaved

them. feeling them for stubble, and removing it with the razor.  His legs felt

great after shaving too.  He felt his "bikini line", as Linda called it.  He

carefully applied shaving cream there. He carefully used the blade to keep the

outline of his pubic patch a narrow triangle as Linda had done for him on


    When Joe finished shaving, he rinsed off, and soaped himself all over with

the bath soap Linda used. He loved the way his body now felt, and enjoyed the

sensations when he caressed his body.  He never felt like this when he had a

male body.  He wondered if the feeling would go away when the doctors changed

him back... if they could.  Probably would, he decided.

   Joe rinsed, dried off, and went back into the bedroom.  He found the

underwear they bought yesterday.  He looked, and realized that he only had

fresh panties, no clean bra.  His other clothes were still over at his

apartment.  Linda saw his problem, and went to her lingerie drawer, and tossed

him one of her bras, just like the one he wore yesterday.  He took it, and

then decided not to wear it, but put his old one back on.  He was getting

accustomed to wearing a bra, and even liked the more "secure" feeling he had

when he did.  Besides, his breasts seemed to bounce around embarrassingly when

he didn't.

   Joe found the white shorts, and the other new top, and put them on.  He was

hunting around the side of the bed for his socks, when Linda went into the

bathroom.  She closed the door, but Joe could hear her pee, and then turn on

the shower.  He finished dressing, and went out into the hallway.  As he

passed the open door to the hall bath, he noticed that Jay's swim trunks were

still hanging in the shower. He walked into the bathroom, and picked them up.

They seemed very large. Before, he was slightly bigger than Jay, but now,

holding his trunks, Jay seemed huge.  They were dry, and Joe held them up to

his waist.  No, they wouldn't fit. He held open the waistband and looked

inside.  His groin muscles tensed slightly when he saw the mesh pouch designed

for male organs.  It seemed strange now.  It had only been a few days but he

was already used to the contours, the sleek fit of feminine attire.  This

men's stuff, huge and baggy, already seemed alien to him.  It was weird.  He

put the trunks back, and wondered about it.

   Joe went to the kitchen, opened the fridge, found some orange juice, and

took it out. He went to the cabinet, and found a large glass and filled it

with juice.  He took the glass and went to the breakfast area.  He was looking

through yesterdays paper when Linda came into the room.

   "Would you like some breakfast?" She asked.

   "No, thanks, I usually don't eat breakfast." Joe said.

   "Well, I'm going to have a bowl of corn flakes if you don't mind." Linda


   "Not at all." Joe replied.

   "I think I'll go over to my place for a while." Joe said. "I will wash some

things, and straighten the place up."  Joe said.

   "Joe, can we talk?" Linda asked.

   "Sure, absolutely." Joe returned. "What about?"

   "Joe, You have some real problems..... changes facing you in the next few

days, or weeks, or maybe even months." Linda went on. "What ever happens to

you, you are going to need some help. Even if you can change back, I doubt

that it can happen over night, and you will need someone to take care of you.

If you can't be changed back, you'll need even more help adapting to the

changes in your life.  You are doing quite well, but I can see, you would need

a woman to guide you along.  I love you.  I love you as a woman loves a man,

and, even if you must remain a woman, I will still love you.  Don't ask me

what that means, what that makes me, because I don't know, and I don't care.

Whatever you are, or whatever you become, I want to help you. I'll be your

girl friend, lover, fiance, or just your best friend. whatever you want.  Just

don't drive me away, whatever you decide to do."  She had tears in her eyes.

   "While you live as a woman, why don't you move here... with me?" Linda

asked. "I have plenty of room, I can teach you the things you need to know,

and you won't get stares from your neighbors, if you stay here."

   "I don't have any problem with staying here" Joe said. "I still think of

you as my fiance, but I don't know what we can ever do about that."

   "You deserve more of a man than what I can ever be again." Joe continued.

   "Don't worry about your damned manhood." Linda said, showing an

uncharacteristic irritation.  "That's not as important to me as you seem to


   "Ok, I'll move over here, but I'll keep my apartment, at least for a

while." Joe said. "I like it over there, and you may change your mind when

we find what's in store for me."

   "I'm going to drive over there and clean up." Joe said. "Do you want to

come along?"

   "Maybe later." Linda said. "I better work on some papers today."

   "See you in a little while." Joe said, and went into the bedroom.

   Joe found his wallet in the jumpsuit. He took some money, credit cards, and

his drivers license. His shorts had only very small pockets, too small for

credit cards.  His top has no pockets at all. He didn't know what to do, but

then he had an idea. He pulled the loose top up, above his bra. He slid the

license and credit cards into his bra, between his breasts.  He pulled his top

down, and looked in the mirror.  He felt his breasts, and could feel the

cards, but he couldn't see them. They fit ok there, but would be difficult to

retrieve if he needed them. Tuff, he thought.  A guys gotta do, what a guys

gotta do...

   With his key ring in his hand, Joe went out the patio door, to get to his

car.  He opened it buckled up, and started the engine.  He went down the

drive, and carefully drove over to his apartment.  It would really be hard to

explain to an officer, after getting his license from his bra, why although

he was obviously a woman, he had male on his license.  No, he must be careful.

   Joe entered his apartment, and looked around the familiar surroundings.  He

had lived here since he came to town, and liked it here.  He didn't know his

neighbors, and there was a good turnover in neighbors anyway, but everyone was

friendly, and there was no crime in the area.

   He went to his bedroom.  He was surprised at the smell.  It was obviously a

guys room.  He hadn't even noticed it before.  Maybe his nose was more

sensitive now, or maybe he was just used to the scents of Linda's room.  He

took a whiff of his clothes.  He didn't smell like that now, at least.  Did he

even smell like a girl now?  Probably did, he considered.  He probably didn't

smell like a man, at least.

   Joe went around retrieving his dirty clothes, some under the bed, others in

the hamper, and even a dirty shirt in the kitchen.  He sorted the clothes and

threw a load in the washer.  As he was tossing one of his shirts, he took it,

and held it to his nose.  He could smell his old familiar sweaty smell.  It

made him feel strange now. It was the scent of a male, and he was beginning to

become accustomed to the sensations, and maybe, the urges, of being a woman.

Even his own man-smell was now slightly arousing to him.  What was happening

to him?   He didn't even like to think about it.

   After he got the washer going, he went back into the kitchen.  He opened

the refrigerator, and took out a can of beer.  He was thirsty, and it was all

he had in the house.  He took the beer, and went to the couch.  He looked

through his magazines on the coffee table.  Flying, Car and Driver, PC

Magazine, and Playboy. The latest issues.  He had only quickly glanced at

the Playboy since it arrived, so he selected it.  He thumbed through it, and

as usual, stopped at the center-fold.  He looked at the pictures of the young

woman in the magazine.  She was maybe mid-twenties, and beautiful.  Joe looked

at her, and felt the same excitement as always.  As he looked, and imagined

being in bed with her, he remembered the irony of his situation.  The girl in

the pictures could now be him.  He put the magazine down.  It would take time

to get used to the different point of view.

   Joe finished his wash, and cleaned the place up a little. After all his

male clothes were washed and dried, he hung them in the closet.  He wondered

what he would do with all this stuff.  Most of it wouldn't fit him anymore, no

matter what sex he was, or would become.  Maybe Jay could use some of them.

It was a problem for another day.

   He gathered up his female clothes, and the went into his bathroom.  He took

his shaving kit, his deodorant, and his new bath powder.  He selected his

biggest, and best bath towels, and took them also.

   It took a few trips to his car to get all the stuff loaded.  When he had it

all, he locked up his apartment, and drove back to Linda's.

   Linda was still working on her papers when he returned.  Joe made some iced

tea for both of them.  When Linda finished her paperwork, They went out and

sat by the pool the rest of the afternoon.  That evening they went to a

restaurant and then came back to Linda's. When they entered the house, Joe

went in straight to the bedroom.  He had decided to keep his things in the

second bedroom, which also had a bath of its own, and was quite nice, much

nicer than the bedroom of his apartment.  Joe removed his shorts, and top, and

in his underwear, went back to Linda's bedroom.  Linda's clothes were laying

on her bed, and she was in her bathroom. Joe heard the toilet flush, and the

shower start.  Linda would have to go to her office in the morning.

   Joe lay down on the bed.  Soon the shower stopped, and Linda finished in

the bath. She came out, wearing her short robe, and sat on the bed with Joe.

   "Would you sleep with me?" Linda asked.

   "Try and stop me." Joe responded, taking her in his arms.

   They went to sleep, caressing each other, and enjoying each others company.

   Morning came quickly, and the clock radio on Linda's night stand began to

blast out in song.  Joe woke, and looked at the digital readout. Seven A.M.

Already, it was time for Linda to get up. She had an appointment at nine.

   Linda moaned and stretched.  She got out of bed, and went into the bath

room.  She brushed her teeth, and went to work on her makeup and hair.  Joe

lay in bed, and watched her as she went through her normal routines.  He

watched as she applied the creams, powders, eye shadows, and other stuff that

woman did to make themselves "presentable".  Would this be his fate too?  He

remembered the other day, when the woman at the cosmetic counter gave him a

"makeover".  He looked so much different afterwards, much more attractive,

though he looked pretty good with the well scrubbed look too.  He touched his

face with his hand.  It was so smooth, and soft.  He closed his eyes, and

tried to sleep a little while.  He would have nothing to do until he received

a call, either from Dan, or Jay.  He didn't think he would be get a call from

work, since he said he would be going to the hospital for maybe a few days.

   Linda finished in the bathroom, and came back in the bedroom.  She was

wearing black panties, and camisole.  She looked so sexy, Joe thought.  She

went into her closet, and brought out a gray wool suit.  Joe watched as

she selected black hose, not pantyhose, but the kind that stay up by

themselves, without garters.  She put them on and when she stood, she saw Joe

was observing her.  She smiled, a little embarrassed to be watched so intently

while she dressed.

   "Is something wrong?" she asked.

   "Absolutely not." Joe replied. "I was just watching you, thinking about how

sexy you look, and the about the things women wear under their clothes, even

to work.  It seems it would make you excited, just thinking about what you

have on beneath that business-like, gray exterior."

   Linda looked a Joe with a devilish grin, and winked.

   "Maybe it does." she said.  "I guess it's one of the advantages of being a

woman.  Why don't you try it, while you can?"

   "Nope, I wore a skirt the first day, and I don't know what was more

difficult, that, or the heels." Joe countered. "It may look great, but I

know now it don't feel like it looks."

   "Well, it gets easier when you get used to it, but your right, it don't

feel as good as it looks."  Linda agreed.

   Linda finished dressing, and went out into the kitchen, to make some

breakfast.  Joe got out of bed, and went across the hall to his bedroom.  He

opened the top drawer of his dresser, and looked inside.  Yesterday he had put

his underwear there, and now he looked at the selection of panties, bras, and

pantyhose.  His things looked strange to him, there in the drawer by itself,

without any of his familiar men's underwear for company.  It sort of made his

situation seem more permanent, but for now, it was probably the for the best.

He selected the white cotton bra he bought the first day. It was the first one

he had worn.  He picked some beige nylon undies, and went into his bathroom.

This bath had a shower, and a sink with a large mirror.  He decided he didn't

need a shower, and just brushed his teeth.  He hadn't put his underwear on,

and the giggle of his bra-less chest as he brushed his teeth caught his eye.

Never a dull moment, he thought.  When he finished, he pulled the panties on,

and found his deodorant.  He rubbed some Secret on his smooth underarms.  He

took his bra, and put it on.  It was getting easy to do, now that he was

familiar with the procedure, and he even liked the way it felt.  He shook

himself, and was pleased by the limited giggle.  I see why girls wear these

things, he thought.  He looked at his face.  His hair was still too short.  He

took his hair brush, and began brushing it back, and to one side.  It was just

too short to do much with it.  He tried brushing it forward, and decided that

was the best it could be.   He looked at his face again.  He pursed his lips.

It made him think of the cosmetics that he had bought.  He opened the drawer,

and looked at the things he had placed there.  he just didn't know how to use

this stuff.  He took the lipstick, and removed the cap.  He carefully rubbed

some on his lips, as he pursed them tight.  He did a fair job of applying the

color, which looked good as he examined himself.  Only a little got on the

above his top lip.  He took some toilet tissue, and was daubing the offending

bit of color away.  Suddenly, he realized what he was doing.  He was standing

in front of a bathroom mirror, putting lipstick on his face.... What was

happening to him.  He tried to get control of himself.  What the hell is going

on, he thought?  Am I losing control of my mind.

   Joe looked at himself in the bathroom mirror again.  The lipstick had added

some color to his tanned face, and made him look more feminine.  He was trying

to decide if he would try some of the other cosmetics when Linda entered the

open bathroom door.  She looked at Joe, and smiled when she saw what he was

doing.  She looked at the things he had in the drawer.

   "Well, it certainly looks good on you." She said.  "Why don't you try some

liner, and blush?" She asked.

   "I would, but I don't really know what I'm doing." Joe replied.

   "Here.  I'll help you." Linda said.

   She opened the lid of the powder, and brushed some on his face, and

continued until the colors were as she liked them.  She then used the eyeliner

pencil very sparingly, to put some emphasis on his eyes.  The effect was

amazing.  Joe looked even better than after the makeover at the department

store.  The tasteful use of makeup made his face look much more feminine, and

attractive.  It hardly looked like he had any makeup on at all, and yet he was

completely transformed.  He had to touch his face to believe it was him

looking back from the mirror.  Linda smiled at his reaction. He looked at her,

and back at the mirror.

   "Very impressive." Was all she said.

   She walked out of the bathroom.  Joe followed her out, into his bedroom.

She didn't stop, but went out into the hallway, and toward the back door.  Joe

followed, but realized he was still in his underwear.

   "I've got to get going." Linda said.  "I'll see you this afternoon."

   "Bye." Joe called, as she went out the door.

   Joe went back to his room.  He went to the closet, and was looked at the

few things hanging there, trying to decide what to wear.   He grabbed the

jumpsuit and took it out into the bedroom.  He still favored it most of all,

but he was getting more comfortable wearing more revealing, and cooler,

clothes.  He stepped into the light blue outfit, and zipped it up.  He then

went to the dresser mirror, and looked at himself.  The lipstick, and makeup

that Linda applied made him look attractive, but less familiar than his

"plain" face.  The loose fitting suit concealed his figure.

   Joe walked into the kitchen, trying to decide how to spend the day.  He was

snooping through Linda's refrigerator when the phone rang.  He wondered if it

was for him.  He had call forwarding at his house, and had transferred his

calls to Linda's.  He went to the phone, and picked it up.

   "Hello, Joe Bates here." He answered.

   "Joe? Joe Bates? This is Angela Beaman, from Honeybone Avionics Personal.

Sorry to bother you. I have a message for you."  The voice on the other end


   "What can I do for you, Angie?" Joe replied.

   "I had a call from Mr. Matheney, from Flight Test, I believe he's your

boss." She said.

   "That's right." Joe answered.

   Joe was an electrical engineer, and often worked in the Flight Test

Department, testing new avionics hardware. Thursday he had worked on a new

Nav receiver system which was designed to fix its position from signals from

satellites positioned around the earth by the Department of Defense.  He and

an associate had been using the company Learjet 35 conducting ground, and

flight tests on it.  Jim Matheney was the department head of the group which

conducted these type of tests.  The company Joe worked for had a number of

aircraft, A Gulfstream I turboprop, and a twin Cessna 421, as well as the

Lear.  Joe was a pilot, and was checked out in all of but the big G-I, which

was almost never used for test work anymore. It was simply too expensive to

operate, and they didn't need the room.

   "Mr. Matheney would like you to call him as soon as possible." the woman


   "Do you know what it's about?" Joe asked.

   "No, I don't really, but I think it's regarding your illness."  she


   "Ok, I'll give him a call." Joe said, not really hiding his irritation.

   "Thank you, sorry to bother you, and I hope you get well soon." Angie said,

and hung up.

   Joe hug up the phone, concerned about what he would say to Jim.  He didn't

want to go back to work like this, but what kind of excuse could he use?  He

decided to tell him that the doctor recommended a week of bed rest, and would

figure out what to do later.  Everyone would know eventually, since not only

was he a girl now, but he was much shorter, and smaller in general.  No matter

what he did, he couldn't hide that from his associates.

   Joe dialed the Jim's work number.  The phone was answered on one ring.

   "Flight Test.  Matheney." Jim answered.

   "Jim, this is Joe." Joe responded. "I had a message you wanted me to call."

   "Hi Joe, You sound funny.  I hope you are alright." Jim said curiously.

   "I have some medical problems, Jim, I think I'll be out for at least a week

of so."  Joe lied.

   "That's what I called about Joe.  I was wondering what your problem is."

he said.  "Dave Skinner called in and said he had some kind of problem, and

Mike Osborn called in Friday, but I haven't been able to call him at home.  I

was wondering if you all came down with the same thing, or what." he went on.

   "Well I got some problems, I don't know exactly what they are yet." Joe

offered.  "When I find out, you'll be one of the first to know, but I suspect

I'll be out for at least a week."  He said.

   "I was concerned when all three of you called in sick at the same time. I

had to stop testing the GPS receiver, since my two engineer/pilots, and

technician all got sick at the same time." Jim said.

   Jim's words made Joe start to think.  Could the other guys be having

problems too?  Could they all have been exposed to the same thing... virus,

or whatever?  There could be some connection.  He would have to call the other


   "I'll call in a few days, and let you know how I'm doing." Joe said.

   "Well, don't worry, just get well as soon as you can.  We need you around

here." Jim said.

   "See you later, Jim." Joe finished.

   "Later." Jim said, hanging up.

   A new turn of events.  Was there some significance in the fact that all the

persons who flew Thursday called in sick?  He would have to find out.  He got

his company phone list out and looked up the number of his friend Dave

Skinner.  Dave was married, and had two boys.  He lived about a mile from

Joe's apartment.  He found the number, and dialed it.

   "Hello." a woman answered.

   "Cindy, this is Joe Bates.  Is Dave around?" Joe asked.

   "Hi Joe." Dave's wife answered.  "Joe, Dave can't come to the phone right

now." She said nervously.

   "What's the matter Cindy?  Is Dave alright?  What is wrong with him?" Joe

asked hurriedly.

   "Joe, I can't talk about it.  But he's OK." Cindy said.

   "Come on Cindy, tell me what's wrong with Dave.  Has he changed in any

way?" Joe asked, trying to get her to tell him what was going on.

   "Nothing's wrong with Dave." Cindy almost shouted.  "He'll be OK."

   "Cindy, has Dave changed... is he feminine... female?" Joe asked, taking a


   "Uh, how...Joe...He's....Yea, Yea, he's a woman.... his body has

changed... I don't know." Cindy stuttered.

   "Ok..Ok..I understand, get him to come to the phone, I have to talk to

him." Joe said, his heart pounding.

   He won't come Joe.  He won't talk to anybody but me. He's so depressed, I

don't know what to do."  Cindy was in tears.

   "Cindy, listen to me.  The same thing has happened to me.  I know what he's

going through." Joe said.  "You tell him that, and get him to get on this

phone, or I'm coming over there.

   "I'll try." Cindy replied.

   Joe heard the phone drop, and he waited.  So Dave has the same problem.

Interesting.  What could be causing this?  He thought of Mike.  Mike Osborn

was the technician on the test crew.  He was a big guy, probably over 250

pounds.  He was strong too.  He lifted weights, and was into body building.

He couldn't even imagine Mike as a female.

   "Joe, Dave here." Joe heard a dusky female sounding voice said the words

with the curt manner of Dave Skinner.

   "Dave, this is Joe. I heard what happened, and I want you to know you are

not the only one. I have a problem too."  Joe said quickly.

   "Yea, well I bet you don't have tit's and a pussy."  Dave said. His femine

voice, with male inflection, sounding strange.

   "Yea Dave, I actually do, and I know what you are feeling." Joe said


   "What?  You turned female too?  What the hell is going on anyway." Dave

almost yelled, in his new, slightly higher, voice.

   "I don't know Dave, but you can bet I'm going to find out. Somebody has to

have some idea what has happened to us."  Joe said, hoping to calm his buddy,

who was usually unflappable.

   I'll tell you what has happened to me!" Dave yelled.  "I can't pee right

anymore.  I can't make love to my wife!  That's what happened to me!  I don't

want to have breasts big as Cindy's, but I do!  That's what happened to me!

Dave's voice broke as he yelled at Joe.

   Joe wondered what he could do for his friend, but couldn't think of

anything.  Hell, he had the same problem.  Of course, he didn't have a wife

and family.

   "Dave if we both have this problem, and Mike has called in sick too, it

must be something in the Lear, or some place we went that caused it." Joe

said, thinking out loud.

   "Mike turned into a girl?" Dave said quizzically.  "Big Mike Osborn?"

   "I don't know, but I suspect he has." Joe said. "He called in sick too, and

Jim don't know what is wrong with him."

   "I can't imagine him like this. It would kill him."  Dave said, suddenly

more interested in Mike than in his own problems.

   "Well I'm going to give him a ring, and find out.  I hope he will answer

his phone."  Joe said.

   "What are you doing today Joe?" Dave asked.  "How about coming over here.

I've got to talk to somebody about this"

   "Maybe I will." Joe answered.  "I'll give you a call later. I have to wait

around here for a medical examiner to call.  I'm getting myself checked out.

   "You had a physical, looking like a woman?"  Dave asked.  "How could you

get the nerve?"

   "No, not a physical, just a blood test, and finger prints.  I'm trying to

prove I'm still the same person.  If I get stopped while driving I don't want

to get stuck in jail, because my license don't match what I look like."  Joe


   "I haven't even gone outside, much less drive a car."  Dave said.  "I'm too

embarrassed to be seen.  Besides, my clothes don't even fit.  Right now, I'm

wearing some of Cindy's clothes, and they fit better than mine do.  It's

really embarrassing.

   "Tell me about it." Joe agreed.  "But just think what Mike might be going


   "Give me a call Joe." Dave said.  "We have to get out of this one."

   "I will." Joe said.  "Dave, let me ask a question."

   "Go ahead." Dave answered.

   "Do I sound like a girl... a woman, to you?"  Joe asked.

   "Yea, I guess so... a little husky maybe, but in a sexy kind of way."  Dave


   "Funny, that's the same as I was thinking about your voice."  Joe said.

   "Call me later, Joe." Dave said, and hung up.

   Joe sat there at the phone, digesting the new information.  All the guys

who worked on the Lear crew Thursday seemed to have a problem.  At least two

were "feminized", or something.  He decided to call Mike Osborn.  He looked up

his number and dialed.  He let it ring for a long time, and was about to give

up, when he heard the phone click as it was picked up.  No one answered.

   "Hello? Hello? Is anybody there?  Mike?  Mike, this is Joe, Joe Bates,

please answer."  Joe said into the phone.

   Finally, someone answered. The voice of Mike Osborn, maybe a little higher

pitch, but not much, said haltingly into the phone. "Hello, Joe?"

   "Mike, it's Joe.  Are you OK?  Has anything usual happened to you?" Joe


   "Unusual?  No, I don't think so. Everything is OK... fine." Mike said


   "Really, or you sure?  I heard you were out Friday too, same as me and

Dave.  I thought you might have the same problems we're having."  Joe said.

   "What kind of problem is that?" Mike asked.

   "Well Mike, I seem to have undergone some kind of change... I've developed

breasts, and well.. generally seem to have turned female.  I just got off the

phone with Dave, and he seems to be experiencing the same thing.  We were

wondering if you had the same problem."  Joe said, as delicately as he could.

   "Joe, I...I don't know how to say this... I do have a problem. I don't know

what it balls are completely gone, my cock seems to have

shrunk a lot, and I can't even pee without sitting down.  I don't know what

the hell is happening to me."  Mike Osborn carefully admitted to his friend.

   Have... are you... changing into a girl?" Joe asked.

   "Hell, I don't know, Joe." Mike replied.

   "Well, have you developed women's breasts, and lost a lot of body hair?

Are you smaller?"  Joe asked his flustered buddy.

   "Smaller? I don't know, maybe a little, but not much.  Breasts, no, I don't

have breasts, but my chest... my nipples hurt some.  I haven't lost any body

hair, at least it don't seem like I have."  Mike was recovering his composure

a little.

   "Mike, could you meet me and Dave, at his house, in about an hour?" Joe


   "Joe, I don't want to go outside." Mike said.

   "Come on Mike, do your clothes still fit?  Joe asked.

   "Yea, they fit pretty good.  I don't want anybody to see me, Joe. I have to

pee a lot, and cock seems to leak or something.  Something's sure not

right down there.  A confused and embarrassed Mike Osborn tried to explain his

situation to Joe.

   "Well Mike, if it makes you feel any better, I don't have a penis at all.

And I don't think Dave does either." Joe said.

   "What's happening to us anyway?" Mike asked.

   "I don't know, mike, but I want to find out.  That's why I would like to

meet with you and Dave, at his house."  Joe said again.

   Ok, Joe, I'll be there. Just don't laugh when you see what I look like."

Mike agreed.

   "I think you'll be surprised when you see me too, so don't worry." Dave

tried to reassure his big friend.

   "I'll see you in about an hour Joe." Mike said, and hung up the phone.

   Joe went back into his bedroom.  He went to the mirror on the dresser, and

looked at himself.  He would soon be presenting himself to his friends, people

who knew him as a man, and he was nervous about it.  Even though Dave and Mike

also had problems too, he wasn't looking forward to exposing his problems to

them and soon everybody else, it seemed.  He was brushing his short hair, when

the phone rang.  Was it Dan, with some news?  He went to the phone by the

night stand.

   "Hello."  He said carefully.

   "Joe?  Joe Bates?" A voice on the other end asked.

   "This is Joe.  What can I do for you?"  Joe answered.

   Joe, this is Dan McGuire, from Forensic.  I have a little information for

you already.  Do you have a minute?"  Dan asked.

   "You bet I do!" Joe responded.  "I hope it's good news."

   "Well, I got your military records from the DOD, it was quick, and much

easier than it is sometimes.  They had a lot on you too.  Your Top Secret

Clearance is still current and included some interesting data. You want to

hear some of it?"  Dan said, obviously proud of the job he had done so


   "Sure, fire away." Joe was impatient to hear what he had found.

   "Well, the blood types match, that's for sure.  Your prints do too.  I feel

it's fairly certain that we can prove that you are who you say you are. I

talked to some of the doctors, and they want to do some genetic tests on you.

I might have some results from that at any time.  A lot of people around here

have taken interest in your case, and you're getting top priority."  Dave said


   "What will genetic tests prove?" Joe asked.

   "Well, they'll tell us if you are a man or a woman, at least genetically.

It is easy to see if you're chromosomes are XX, or XY.  That is the basic

test.  Any and all of your cells will carry those chromosomes." Dan explained.

   "If it shows that I'm a woman, what then? Or a man for that matter." Joe

asked.  "I admit I would like to know, but what will it help?"

   "Well, If it shows you are XX, or genetically female, some real questions

will be raised.  As far as I know, no genetic female has ever fathered a

child.  Your records show that you did, thirteen years ago." Dan said.

   Joe was amazed. How did they know that?

   "Where did you get that information?  I was only seventeen then, and Jane

was sixteen.  She didn't even keep the baby."  Joe admitted. He had almost

forgotten that low time in his life.

   "When you're subjected to a National Security Agency investigation, usually

no stones are left unturned.  If you have any skeletons in your closet they'll

find them. Dan explained.

   "I didn't think anybody knew about it."  Joe said, still amazed.

   "Can you get in here this afternoon for an examination from some of our

doctors?  They sure would like to see you." Dan asked.

   "I have some news for you too" Joe said.  "I got a call from my employer.

It seems that two of my friends, who had been in the plane with me Thursday,

the day before this happened, have been inflicted with the same, or similar

problem.  What do you think of that?"

   "Can you get them over here this afternoon?" Dan asked.

   "I don't know, I'm supposed to meet them in about an hour.  I'll try." Joe


   "Well, get them over here. We'll do what we can." Dan said.  "What have you

guys got yourselves into, anyway?"

   "I wish I knew.. I sure wish I knew." Joe said quietly, and hung up.

   He had to get ready to see his buddies.



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