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Archive-name: Changes/bates07.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story-  7

                                   Chapter 7

                                THE SECOND DAY

  The sun was just making itself known as Joe woke up. The first thing he

noticed was the snowy glow coming from the TV on the other side of the room.

He also realized that Linda was with him. She was still asleep, her arm laying

across his chest. He looked at her. She was lovely, he thought.  The dim light

made her look almost angelic as she lay there, breathing softly. He thought of

last night, and the things they did.

  He felt his body. He somehow hoped that he would find he had changed back to

normal, but the now familiar softness told him that he was entering the second

day of his new body. And, he was doing it in bed with his girl friend.

  Joe reached for the remote control laying on the stand at the other side of

the bed. Moving as softly as he could, he reached over Linda to get the

device, and switched off the TV. His movements woke her. She mumbled

something, and reached out for him. He took her hand, and started stroking her

arm. She closed her eyes as he rubbed her back. She was so soft, he thought,

and so beautiful. The way she made him feel last night, and the way she taught

him to please her, still seemed like a dream. He didn't feel self conscious

around her at all. He began to wonder about himself. Was he destined to be a

lesbian? No, he figured, he didn't think, or act, like a woman. But, last

night, he did experience better sex than he could ever remember. He really

hadn't missed his penis.

  Joe rubbed his crotch. The excitement last night left his pubic hair matted

and stiff with dried juices. He roughed it up with his hand, until it became

soft again. He was getting accustomed to his new shape, but it still felt

strange when he touched himself there. He wondered what the doctors could do

to give him a working male organ. He had to be able to be changed back.  This

body was an interesting experience, but nothing more.

  He looked at Linda. She had not fully awake, but had rolled over to face

him. She was naked also, and breathing moved her breasts very provocatively.

Joe could feel himself becoming aroused again. You horny dude, he told

himself. You can't let up one minute. He thought about it. It was true, it

seemed he was much more easily aroused now, and had far quicker recovery, than

even when he was a teenager. He wondered, do women all feel like this? If they

do, how do they keep their composure the way they seem to. Linda was always

great in bed, but never before did she take the initiative like she did last

night. Did his new body turn her on? Was he less intimidating now? Or, was she

just more uninhibited, now that the risk of pregnancy was nil.

  The thought of Linda getting pregnant made him consider something else. He

loved Linda, and he was sure she loved him too, but he realized that no matter

what happened, if he stayed as is, or submitted to doctors and surgery, or

whatever, he would probably never be able to give her a child.  He stared at

the ceiling. Hell, I just realized, he said to himself. I'm sterile. Then, he

reconsidered. Maybe I'm NOT sterile. That was even a bigger problem. Until

this minute, he had never really even considered that HE might become

pregnant. Was it possible? He certainly looked female, and everything SEEMED

to work. Of course, he thought, relieved, he couldn't get knocked up without

having sex with a guy, and he could never do that. He mulled it over.  No

matter who he considered, he couldn't picture himself having sex with them.

No, pregnancy would not be a problem. Oh God, he prayed, please, just give me

my normal body...

  Joe lay there thinking, and looking at Linda, when he had the urge to pee.

It seems I have to go so often now, he thought. I must have a smaller bladder

too, I guess. He pressed on his abdomen, trying to feel for differences

between his male organs and whatever he had now. His stomach was a little

flatter than before, and a little softer, but, he couldn't tell any

difference, otherwise. I wonder if I've got female internal organs, he

considered. His testical's were gone. Maybe he had ovaries. He remembered from

biology that ovaries were connected to a pear shaped organ, the uterus. Do I

have a uterus? he wondered. It was at the top of the vagina, he remembered.

He had personally explored a few vaginas, and some, he knew, had something

inside, which felt sort of like the head of a penis. That, he knew, was the

opening to the uterus. He considered probing his vagina to check for a uterus.

Although he had already examined his new parts somewhat with his fingers, it

was a little uncomfortable to do, and he hadn't gone in very deeply.  He now

realized how difficult it was for women just to see their genitalia, much less

examine them. Till now, he hadn't actually seen his own vagina except while

standing at a mirror. He couldn't see much that way, and what was visible, was

partially hidden by his pubic hair. He needed a hand mirror, but he didn't

have one.

  He got out of bed as quietly as he could. He tip-toed to the bathroom, and

closed the door without latching it. He went to the toilet, raised the lid and

sat down. Soon, he felt relief. He was getting familiar with this difference

too. No real problem, as long as you're not dressed, he thought.  He finished,

and returned to the bedroom.

  Linda was awake, and watched him walk back to the bed. She smiled at him.

He laid down next to her. She moved over to him, and kissed him on the lips.

  "I heard you in the bathroom." she said. "It must be difficult for you, to

be like this."

  "I guess I'm getting used to it, a little." Joe replied, "But being a guy

definitely has some advantages, especially in the bathroom." he grinned.

  "You don't miss what you never have." Linda said. She hopped out of bed and

scurried to the bathroom. Without shutting the door, she went sat down and

relieved herself too. It was the first time Joe had seen her do that. She

quickly finished, and returned to the bedroom. She didn't get back in bed, but

stood at the end, looking at Joe.

  "What are your plans today?" she asked.

  "I'm expecting Jay to call, or I'll call him soon." he said. "He said he has

a friend at the police who can help me prove my identification."

  "What will he do?" Linda asked.

  "I'm not sure, but I think he will want to take my fingerprints." Joe said.

"I think I'd have a problem if I had an auto accident, or something like that

right now.

  "Do we have to stay here at your apartment?" Linda asked.

  "I don't see any reason to." Joe said. "Why, what do you want to do?"

  "I would like to go over to my house." Linda said. "I have a few things to

do there, and if you like, we can swim, or lay at the pool a bit."

  "Ok" Joe said, "I'll get my swim trunks"

  "Trunks?" "You gonna wear your trunks?" Linda laughed.  "Well, no one but me

will see you, so you can, if you want. She winked.

  Joe grinned, and said, "Ok, Ok, so I forgot. I'll get a girls swimsuit."

  "You don't really need to, Joe." Linda said, seriously. "That blue leotard

would be ok, and I probably have a suit that would fit you." "I'm sure a two

piece would."

  "I don't know, Linda." Joe said, "Wearing one of your suits might make me

feel strange."

  "Whatever you want." Linda said.

  "We can try it." Joe said. "I'll call Jay in a little while, and then we can

do whatever we want."

  Joe got out of bed. He walked into the bathroom.

  "I'm gonna take a shower." he called, noticing all the underwear hanging

from the shower door. A little embarrassed, he removed the dainty things, and

took them into the bedroom, and put them on the bed. He walked back to the

bathroom, and started the water flowing.

  He adjusted the water temperature, and got in the shower. He stood under the

streaming water, holding his hands over his sensitive breasts.  He soaped

quickly, and rinsed. The warm water felt good, but he didn't want to linger.

He finished quickly, turned off the water, and got out of the shower. Taking a

towel from the cabinet, he dried off, and walked into the bedroom, where Linda

was sitting on the bed, looking at his clothes.

  "You played racket-ball with Jay yesterday." Linda questioned. "Why did you

wear clothes like this?" She held up his blue leotard.

  "What do you mean?" Joe asked. "What should I wear?" "My regular gym shorts

and T-shirt wouldn't fit me, and I don't think I need my jock strap in my

present condition."

  "And what did Jay think of you, in this sexy outfit?" Linda asked jealously.

  "I guess he was surprised that I looked like this." Joe replied. "He saw me

earlier, at the restaurant wearing a skirt, but I don't think he got the full

effect of what has happened to me, until he saw me wearing this.

  "Why did you wear it?" Linda asked. "Were you trying to excite him?

  "Excite him?" "Excite him?" Joe was getting confused, and irritated.  "Hell,

I was trying to be as inconspicuous as I could be, considering I woke up that

morning with a body of another sex." "I wasn't trying to 'excite' him, it

never really occurred to me that I might be able to." "I went to the store to

get some gym clothes, and this is what the lady recommended." "I guess I

should have worn a coveralls or something." "Damn it Linda, give me a break,

will you?"

  "I'm sorry Joe." Linda said. "I guess I'm just a little jealous, and of Jay,

no less." "Considering how you .. look now, I'm trying to sort out how I

should feel about that."

  "How you should feel?" Joe asked. "How should I feel, for that matter?" "I

know I look different, like a woman, but I don't want to be treated like one,

not by people who know me." "At least not yet."

  Joe went on. "I know our relationship might have to change, but I don't want

it to, unless it has to." "I still think of you as my girl, but I realize it

may be difficult for you to think of me as your guy, especially when you can

share swimsuits with me, and all." "But I won't look like this forever." "I

won't, so don't worry." " I'll be your man again." "It will just take me some

time to sort this out."

  "Joe, I'm sorry I jumped on you." Linda said. "I know you're doing your

best." "We'll both have to be understanding, if we're going to get through


  "Lets get dressed, and I'll call Jay." Joe said. He looked at the underwear

on the bed. He sorted his from Linda's, then put it in his underwear drawer

with the other things he bought yesterday, as well as his men's underwear.

  He selected pastel blue panties, and a beige bra like the kind he knew Linda

wore. He tossed them on the bed beside Linda. She was dressing too, and the

bra she was wearing was like his.

  "Is this stuff OK with you?" Joe said, joking.

  "Yea Joe, It's fine." Linda said, smiling. "I'm sorry."

  Joe took his underpants and slipped them on easily. He was now familiar with

the way they fit his hips, and the new sleekness of his crotch.  He picked up

the bra, and sorted the tangle of straps. When it was arranged, he stuck his

arms in the appropriate places and fitted the cups around his breasts. As he

was hooking the plastic clasp, he noticed Linda was watching.  He looked at

her, grinned, and shrugged his shoulders.

  "Hey, I'm doing my best." he said. "This is only the fourth time I've ever

put one of these things on."

  "It's not that, Joe." Linda said, smiling. "I guess I was comparing your

boobs with mine." "Yours are so firm, and you don't even want them."

  "If I could give them to you, I would." Joe replied. "I know they look OK."

"I still have a male brain you know, but it just ain't the same when they're

mine." He grinned, stuck his chest out, and shook it suggestively.

  Linda wore the clothes she came with, but Joe didn't know what he should

wear. He didn't want to wear a dress, and the only thing that he could think

of was the jumpsuit, or maybe try some of his men's clothes that might be made

to work.

  "What do you think I should wear?" he asked Linda. "I don't have anything

but this jumpsuit, and some dresses,  or, maybe I can try some of my

bluejeans, but they're way too big for me now."

  "Wear the jumpsuit." Linda said. "I'll help you find something later."

  Joe got the jumpsuit, and stepped into it. It was his favorite thing to wear

now, it didn't emphasize his new shape, but it did look attractive.  He zipped

up the front, and smoothed out the sides. Covering up his new body helped him

forget his problems, just a little bit.

  As Linda finished dressing, Joe lay on the unmade bed, and picked up phone.

He punched the autodialer for Jay's house. He waited while it rang, for about

a minute. He then hung up, and selected the number for Jay's office.  Jay

himself answered, almost immediately.

  "Good morning Jay, Joe here." Joe said. "Have you found anything?"

  "Hi Joe, Yea I've got some news." Joe responded. "I just got off the phone

with a friend of mine, his name's Dan McGuire." "He works in the coroners

office, at the hospital." " He is familiar with proving identification,

usually on unknown murder victims, but he said he could work on living persons

too, as a favor to me."

  "The coroners office?" Joe said. "I hope he don't want to hang a tag on my

toe." Joe laughed.

  "No problem there Joe, but you can go over there anytime you want, even

today, between nine and five." Jay said.

  "Ok, Joe said, I'll run over right now." He glanced at the bedside clock.

It said ten minutes after ten.

  "Let me know what happens." Jay responded. "And what did Linda say when you

told her?"

  "Linda is understanding." Joe said, watching Linda as she buttoned her

blouse. "She's gonna help me with the things you can't." "She's with me now."

he continued.

  "Well, that's great Joe, I'm glad you are getting by." Jay said.  "Be sure

you call me with what ever Dan finds."

  "Thanks Jay, I'll let you know as soon as I find anything out." Joe said.

"See you later."

  "Later Joe." Jay hung up.

  Joe looked at Linda. "I need to go to the coroners office for a little

while." he said.

  "The coroner?" "What can he do?" Linda asked.

  "It's not the coroner, but one of Jays friends, who can help me prove my

identity." Joe said. "I don't actually know what I will have to do, but I

can't prove that I'm me, with this body." He grinned, and then frowned.

  "I'll be a witness for you, if that will help." Linda volunteered.

  "I'll see what problems I'll have soon." Joe replied. "Let's get going."

  "I'm ready." Linda said, picking up her purse.

  Joe felt his pockets. He had money, identification, charge cards, and his

keys, in the pockets of his jumpsuit. He took the small handbag anyway, but

felt silly carrying it. He took it because he thought it would look more

appropriate if he did. Linda watched him, and almost started belly laughing.

  "Joe, no matter what sex your body is, you look like a guy trying to look

like a woman." she said. "Try to be more calm, and slow down a little."

  "Right." Joe said. "If you think this is easy, try dressing like a guy

today." "I'll be YOU'RE girl friend."

  "No deal." Linda said. "I couldn't act, or look like a man, even if I had

something happen to me like whatever happened to you."

  "You might be amazed what you do when you don't have a choice." Joe replied.

  They left the Joe's apartment, and walked to his RX-7. Joe unlocked the door

on his side, got in, and unlocked the door for Linda. She got in, and they

belted in, and Joe started the engine.

  "I never realized how these seat belts could pinch a boob until now." Joe

said, as he arraigned his shoulder belt.

  They drove directly to the hospital. Joe was impatient to find out what

Jay's friend would want him to do. As they drove into the lot  and parked,

Linda walked behind him as he walked onto the main entrance. They looked at

board in the entrance to find the coroners office. It said room 23, the

basement. They went to the elevator, and selected the down button. When they

reached room 23, Joe walked in. Nobody was in the office, but there was a door

in the back. Joe walked through the office, and stuck his head through the

open door. He saw a guy sitting at a desk, filling out forms.

  "Hi, I'm Joe Bates." he said. "Would you be Mr. Mcguire?"

  "Good morning, Joe, Jay told me you would probably be stopping by today."

the man said. "Please call me Dan."

  Linda peeked through the door. Joe and Dan both looked at her.

  "This is my girl.. eh my friend.. Linda Mitchell." Joe said. "Linda, this is

Dan Mcguire, Jay's friend."

  "Glad to meet you too, Linda." Dan said. "Jay told me a little about you

Joe, but I must have misunderstood." "I thought he said you were a man.

  "Dan, until yesterday morning, I WAS a man." Joe said, a little irritation

showing. "Linda is my fiance." "I don't yet understand what has happened, but

when I woke up yesterday morning, I seem to have undergone some kind of

change." I.. I eh.. I seem to have become female." "Near as I can tell, I've

turned into a girl."

  "You were a man?" Dan asked incredulously. "Have you been taking hormones?"

"How extensive are the changes?" "Do you have male genitalia?"

  "No, I wasn't, and No, I don't, not anymore." Joe answered. "I was about

five eleven, but I must be about five seven or eight, now." he zipped the

jumpsuit down a little, so that Dan could see his bra covered breasts.  "And

it seems I've got these now, too." "I think I've got a real problem."

  "Amazing." said Dan. "I have never seen anything like this."

  "Can you help me?" "Can you prove that I'm still the same person?"  Joe was

almost pleading with him.

  "Joe, if you're body is the same, I can prove it." Dan said, as a matter of

fact. "Jay said you were in the Air Force?"

  "Yea, I was in for more than eight years." Joe said. " I have a Secret

security clearance too."

  "Well then, well just take your prints, and a blood sample, and that should

be enough to do it, as long as you still have the same body." "I never heard

of anybody changing bodies, but then I never heard of your situation either."

Dan said, shaking his head.

  Dan got out a small ink roller and a card with little squares on it.  He

rolled some ink  on a little pad.

  "Please come over here, Joe." He said.

  Joe went to him, and he held out his small hand. Dan took it, and held back

all but one of his fingers, and in turn rolled each on the ink, and then

rolled each finger on the card, in the appropriate square. When he was done he

gave Joe a tube of hand cleaner, and a roll of paper towels.

  "Next we go up to the examining room, I can't draw  blood here." Dan said.

  Joe cleaned off his fingers, and they all went up the elevator. They

followed Dan into a regular examining room. Dan asked Joe to take a seat.  He

walked out of the room, and returned in a minute, with a nurse. He quickly

introduced her, and from a cabinet she took a syringe and a small test tube.

  "Please roll up that sleeve, Miss." the nurse said.

  Joe pulled the sleeve up. He was amazed how easy it was, now that he had

such small muscles in his upper arm. The nurse wrapped a length of surgical

tubing around his arm, above his elbow, and started feeling for a vein. She

quickly found one, and deftly stuck the needle in. The syringe filled with his

blood quickly. She pulled the needle out, and gave Joe a small cotton ball to

hold over the wound. Dan gave her a form, already filled out, and the nurse

left the room with the tube of Joe's blood.

  "There, that's done." Dan said. "I should have the results by Monday at

noon." "I'll send for you're military records, and I should have them about

the same time." "Call me Monday afternoon." "Better yet, give me your number,

and I'll call you as soon as I have some news."

  Joe was holding his arm crooked, with the cotton ball soaking up the small

amount of blood which oozed out. He shook Dan's hand.

  "Thanks a lot, Dan." "I don't know what I would do without help from people

like you.

  "Well, don't worry, Joe." Dan replied. "What ever your problem is, I'm sure

we can help you out."

  "I hope you're right." Joe said, less sure about it.

  "Nice meeting you too, Linda." Dan went on. "Help this guy through this,

will you?"

  "I will." Linda said. "He's doing pretty good so far."

  "He certainly is." Dan said, lightly hitting Joe on his shoulder.

  Joe and Linda walked out of the office, and went back up the elevator.  As

they went through the hospital lobby, they saw a woman who was checking in.

When was obviously very pregnant. Joe looked at the woman, and then looked at

Linda. She saw him staring at her.

  "What will happen to us?" Joe asked. "You know, whatever they do for me, I

doubt I will ever be able to father children." "Hell, I don't know what they

can do for me, assuming they can do anything."

  "Joe, whatever happens, or, whatever don't happen, I'll be with you." Linda

reassured him. "Maybe we won't have kids together, but let's cross those

bridges when we get there."

  They went out to the parking lot, and get in Joe's car. Joe looked at Linda.

  "Where to now?" he asked. "Are you getting hungry?"

  "Yea, I sure am." Linda replied. "Let's go to the mall, and look for some

more casual clothes for you, maybe some shorts and tops." "We can get a quick

bite there."

  "Ok." Joe said. "It seems everywhere I go, I have to get clothes first."

  "Well, I wish I could get new clothes every time I went out, you're kinda

lucky, actually." Linda teased.

  "Right." I'm with my girl friend, going to the mall, to buy myself women's

clothes, because It seems I woke up one morning with a new body."  "Yea, I

guess I'm real lucky all right." Joe lamented.

  "It could certainly be worse, Joe." Linda scolded. "You're healthy, and, you

don't know, there might be a simple answer to you're problem."

  "Well, if there is I sure will have a bunch of useless clothes, won't I?"

Joe returned.

  "Don't ruin them, I think they'll fit me." Linda teased, laughing.

  "I hope I can turn'em over to you real soon." Joe said.

  They pulled into the mall. Joe parked by Sears, as usual. They went inside.

It was hot outside and very cool in the mall. They walked through the women's

lingerie section. By instinct, or whatever, Linda stopped by one of the

tables, which was now covered with colorful panties, all on sale, thirty

percent off. She rummaged through the things, sometimes pulling a pair out of

the pile, seemingly at random.

  "Now is the time to buy these things." she told Joe. "You can save a bundle

when they're on sale like this."

  "Great." Joe said grinning. "I foolishly went out and bought mine yesterday,

and NOW they're on sale." he said sarcastically.

  Linda looked at Joe, and realized that he was a little uncomfortable in the

lingerie section with her. Maybe he looked like a woman, but he was standing

there with the somewhat interested, but embarrassed look most men have when

they are in the women's section with their wives, or girl friends.

  "Lighten up, Joe." Linda tried to reassure him. "You don't look at all out

of place here, you know."

  "Well that makes me feel a LOT better." Joe said somewhat sarcastically.

"Now I look right at home, digging through the panty pile at Sears."

  "Quit your complaining, Joe." Linda admonished. "If your problem can be

corrected, I will help you with it." "If it can't, and you have to stay like

you are now, I'll help you with that too." "Just don't bite the hand that's

feeding you." Linda was smiling, but serious.

  "I'm sorry." Joe said. "I just get so frustrated with this whole thing


  "I think you are doing great, Joe." Linda said. "Now, how many pair of

underwear do you have?"

  "I don't know, I guess I bought... lets see...  one..two..three...,yea, I

think I have five." "Three sort of like this, and two like these." Joe pointed

at styles in the pile, as he talked.

  "Well you might have enough then." said Linda. "But it wouldn't hurt to get

a few more." "If you 'suddenly' don't need them anymore, I think they might

fit me." "You do seem to have smaller hips, though."

  "Do you know what size you wear?" she asked.

  "I think the ones I have on are size five." Joe replied.

  "Five, huh." "You're smaller than me." Linda said. "I wear a six."

  "Well, they're not tight on me." Joe said, holding his arms away from his

hips, as if to show Linda.

  "Ok, Ok, You don't have to rub it in, Joe." You have smaller hips than I

do." Linda said.

  "Yea, and firmer breasts, too." he said, grinning, and sticking his chest

out as far as he could.

  "See how they look like when you've had em almost twenty years, you teeny

bopper." Linda reminded him.

  "Touche'" Joe said.

  Linda selected a few panties for herself, and helped Joe to decide on which

he would take. She suggested he get some stretch cotton type which had a

narrow "V" front, with leg openings that went high up on his hip. He was

curious how they would look on him, so he took them. Linda selected black, and

light blue, he didn't have a preference, so he agreed. They took their

selections to the cashier, and paid for them with Linda's charge card. Linda

then took Joe to Dillards, to look for shorts and tops.

  "I think you would look good in a tank top." Linda said. "What do you think,


  "I don't know." Joe replied. "Ain't a tank top a little breezy, kinda open

on the sides?"

  "No, you'd look great in one." Linda went on. "I'll show you."

  She went through the racks with the speed and confidence that showed that

she liked shopping for clothes, and did it, a lot. Joe, who was out of his

league, shopping with her, decided to watch, in amazement. Linda quickly

selected a light cotton top, with little hot air balloons across the front.

It was kinda cute, Joe thought.

  "Here, this is just the thing for a pilot, Joe." Linda said. "I'll bet you

would look good in this." she was serious.

  "Gee Linda, I don't know if I'm ready for something this 'cute'." Joe said,

but he took the top from Linda, and held it in front of himself.

  "Joe, you have to wear something other than that jumpsuit all the time."

Linda said. "Something like this is just right for you, the way you look now."

  "You don't have to remind me." Joe said. "Ok, I'll take it."

  "No, Joe, You have to try it on first." Linda said. "Never buy clothes like

this without trying them on first." "It's part of the fun."

  "Fun?" Joe asked. "I NEVER thought trying on clothes was fun."

  "Well, it is, and it's time you found out." Linda insisted. "Darn it Joe,

you look like an attractive woman, if you like it, or not." "You might as well

try to enjoy it while it lasts."

  Linda took the top and walked to the dressing rooms. Joe followed, still

feeling like an outsider in this area. They entered the small closet sized

booth, and Linda turned to Joe.

  "Take that off, and try this, I know you'll like it." she went on.

  Joe unzipped his jumpsuit, and pulled it off his shoulders. He left it

around his waist. Linda gave him the top, and he pulled it over his head.  The

cloth was so light. He still wasn't used the lighter construction of women's

clothes. The fabric seemed to float on his shoulders. He looked down

at his chest. He now had three hot air balloons aloft over the hills of his

breasts. He stood up straight and put his arms up. He let go of the jump suit,

and it fell to his knees.

  "Take the jumpsuit off." Linda insisted. "I'll find some shorts that will go

great with that top.

  She went back out into the store, and Joe sat down, and tried to pull the

jumpsuit from over his Reboks. He decided to take his shoes off, since he

figured he couldn't get the shorts Linda would soon be bringing back, over

them anyway. He stood there, in the top with the balloons, his light blue

panties showing out the bottom, and his white sweat-socks with little blue

Rebok logo's on them. He raised his arms again, looking down at the large

armhole openings on the little top. He just knew people could see the sides

of his bra through the large openings. That didn't seem to bother REAL women,

and before, he had always thought the little peek at their undies was kinda

sexy. Now that it was his undies "hanging out" he felt like he was half naked.

He adjusted the top, pulling the little thing up, down, back, and forth.

It didn't make any difference, it always seemed like he was "hanging out".

  He was still worrying about it when Linda returned, with two pair of shorts,

one white, the other blue. They went to just above his knee.

  "Try these on, Joe." Linda ordered, handing him the white pair.

  He opened the zipper, and stepped into them. They were a little baggy.  He

buttoned the button at the waist, and pulled the zipper up. They were loose at

the waist too. Just a little.

  "I guess they're ok." Joe said, smoothing them down, and arraigning the top,

trying to keep his boobs from popping out the armholes, or so it seemed to


  "No they're too big." Linda insisted. "I bought the size that should fit me,

but you're a size smaller, darn it." "And yet you're still a little taller

than me too."

  "Isn't this top a little loose too?" Joe asked, hoping that she would agree.

"I seem to be hanging out at the sides."

  Linda stood back a little, and looked at him real close.

  "No, the top is just right." she decided. "What do you mean, you're "hanging


  "Just look at this." Joe explained. "You can see my underwear through the

armholes, can't you?"

  "No, it fits just right." Linda said again. "Maybe it just seems like you're

'hanging out' because you've never worn anything like this before." "Actually,

you look great in it, Joe."

  Before he could protest any more, Linda took the blue shorts back out,

looking for a size smaller. Joe decided to remove the white shorts. As he bent

over to pull them off his feet, he caught himself looking down the neck of the

little top, sneaking a peek at his own breasts. It was weird. They just didn't

seem like they attached to him, and he felt wicked staring at them. He took a

long look, and then stood up, grinning.  He rubbed his chest through the light

top, and could feel the slick nylon of the seamless cups. I guess I'm still

not used to having these things after all, he thought.

  Just then Linda returned. The big grin on his face made her curious.

  "Just what is so funny?" she asked.

  "Oh, nothing." Joe answered. What could he say, he thought, just copping a

feel of my own boobs. "Nothing at all."

  "Well then, try these on." Linda said, handing him some more white shorts,

and holding another blue pair. Joe put them on. They were much more snug

fitting.  Not tight, but they fit his hips and buttocks in a fitted way that

look just right. Joe buttoned up, and pulled the zipper. He felt his buttocks.

  "These are sure snug." he declared.

  Linda stood back again, and gave him the critical eye.

  "They are perfect!" she declared. "Here, try these on." she gave him the

light blue shorts, and went back out.

  Joe was removing the shorts, when Linda came back.

  "Leave those on, and come along with me." she ordered.

  In his socks, Joe followed politely along behind. They went to the racks of

tops again. Linda started looking for another.

  "If you see something you like, let me know." she said. "I want you to get

what you like."

  "Oh, really?" Joe asked, grinning. "Are you starting a new policy, all of a


  Linda looked at him, and saw he was grinning, almost laughing out loud.

  "What is going on with you, anyway?" she asked. "Is something funny going

on, that I don't get?"

  "No, I just in awe of the seriousness that shopping seems to envelope you

with." Joe replied. "I guess I've never shopped with a woman, for women's

things before." "It's an art form for you isn't it." he laughed.

  "Ok, Ok, I'll try to lighten up a little." Linda said. "I guess women do

take clothes more seriously than most men." "I never thought about it much


  Together they selected another top for Joe. A light blouse, tailored more

like a man's shirt, in an off white, with little trees printed all over it.

Joe liked it when he tried it on, but had a little trouble with the buttons,

which were the opposite of a men's shirt. They paid for the things, left the

mall, and went outside, to Joe's car.

  "Were to now?" Joe asked. "We've got the whole day."

  "Let's go to my place." Linda said. "I think a few hours at the pool would

feel pretty good right now."

  "Rats!" Joe said. "I forgot the swimsuit." "We have to go back in."

  "No, Joe, I think I have a couple that will fit you." Linda declared.  "I

know they're a little tight for me, at least on the bottom."

  Joe looked at her. She looked at him. They both grinned.



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