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Archive-name: Changes/bates06.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story-  6

                                   CHAPTER 6


  Joe arrived at Linda's home more than thirty minutes before the time they

had agreed upon. He sat in the driveway, wondering if he should go to her

door, or wait a while. He decided to go up and ring the bell.

  Linda called out, "Just a moment." and then "Who's there?"

  "It's me, Joe." Joe returned. "I'm sorry, I'm a little early."

  "Hi, Joe." Linda said, opening the door.

  Linda was not ready yet, and was wearing a satin robe. she looked at Joe.

"Joe?" "Are you Joe?" she questioned. "You told me something was wrong, but I

don't understand. "You look different, smaller."

  "Unfortunately, size isn't the only difference." Joe said, entering her

apartment. "I'll tell you about it, as much as I know anyway.

  "Why are you wearing that jumpsuit?" Linda asked. "It makes you look sort of


  "Linda, I... I, When I woke up this morning, I found that I've gone through

some kind of change, I.... I don't know what caused it, but there are some

significant differences in my appearance." Joe stammered. "In fact, I look

VERY feminine." He pulled the zipper of the jumpsuit down a few inches,

revealing his hairless chest, the cleavage of breasts, and the lacy top of a


  Linda's eyes widened when she saw his chest. She reached out and touched the

edge of the bra, and quickly drew her hand back.

  "Your not Joe." she said "I don't know what you're trying to do, but this is

not funny."

  "Linda, I AM Joe." "I know I don't look the same, but I am still Joe." "I

don't know what has happened to me, but I'm still the same person, and I still

love you." Joe sprawled in a chair, and looked like he was ready to cry.

  "Joe..... It is you, isn't it." Linda went over to him.

  "Linda, I'll understand if you don't want anything to do with me." Joe said,

reaching out for her.

  She sat down and he pulled her to his lap. It was awkward since she was now

about the same size as he was, and he wasn't  as strong as he thought he was.

They wrapped their arms around each other, and hugged each other tightly.

Linda looked into his face, and could see that it was really Joe, the guy,

with whom last night she had talked marriage plans. The man she loved.  The

man who loved her. As their breasts touched, Linda pulled back. She grabbed

the tab of his zipper, and pulled it down further, below the front clasp of

the bra. With her finger, she pulled on the lacy edge of one of the silky cups

exposing a nipple. He looked into her eyes.

  "They're real, aren't they." she said, seeing the nipple erect to her touch.

  "Well, they sure feel real to me." he said, taking her hand, and squeezing

it. "I don't know what's going on, but I'm going to correct it."

  "Where did you get those clothes" she asked.

  "I've made two trips to the mall today already." Joe said "None of my old

clothes fit, and I'm really at a loss as what I should do." "Jay knows, and

he's helping to find a way to solve my identity problems, and I've got to find

a doctor, to get me back to normal."

  "What can I do to help, Joe?" "I'll gladly help you in any way I can." Linda

said. "I still love you too, no matter how  you look."

  "I'm waiting for a call from Jay." Joe told her. "He knows people who can

help, at least I think he does." "Until then, I just have to make the best of


  "What do you want me to do?" Linda repeated.

  "I don't know Linda, just let me with you." "I need a somebody to talk to

right now." Joe said. "I don't even know what kind of problems I'll have


  "Do you want me to stay with you?" Linda asked. "I might be able to help

with some of your problems." "I am a woman."

  "I don't know." Joe said again. "I guess I could use your advice though."

  "Ok then, I'll do whatever you want." Linda told him.

  "Are you hungry?" Joe asked. "I did say we would go to Bennegans."

  "I haven't eaten since lunch." Linda replied.

  "Well then, let's go get something to eat." Joe said. "I'm famished."

  Linda got up from the chair, and Joe stood and zipped his jumpsuit.  Linda

watched him as he straightened his clothes.

  "Are there any other changes?" she asked, her eyes on his crotch.

  "I'm afraid so." Joe said. "I'm not completely certain, but it's likely we

could be mistaken for sisters."

  Linda went to her bedroom to finish dressing. Joe sat down, and waited.

  When Linda came back, she was wearing jeans, and a white cotton top.

Usually when they went out on Fridays, she dressed up more. She's probably

just trying to match my jump suit, Joe thought.

  They went out to Joe's car. Joe opened the door for Linda, and she smiled at

him, and got in. He went to his door and buckled in.

  As they drove towards the restaurant, they didn't talk much. Linda put her

hand on Joe's arm, as he kept his hand on the shift lever. Joe looked at

Linda, and smiled.

  "Whatever has happened, I'm sure there is a biological reason, and if there

is, there must also be a way for me to get back to normal." Joe said, not sure

if he was trying to convince Linda, or just thinking out loud.

  "Don't worry, Joe." Linda returned. "We'll work it out, whatever happens."

  When they arrived at Bennegans, they were quite busy, as they usually were

on Friday evenings. They had to wait for a table. Joe told the girl at

the door they would sit at the bar until they were called. He and Linda went

to the bar and found two stools. There were other couples at the bar, and five

men. Joe and Linda took their places. The bartender asked Joe what he would

like to drink. Joe looked at Linda, letting her order first, as he usually


  "I'll take a Michelob Dry" Linda said.

  The bartender looked at Joe. "How about you, miss?"

  Joe could feel his face get red from embarrassment from the bartenders

words. He looked at Linda, but she didn't notice, or pretended not to.

  "I guess I'll have the same." he said.

  As they sat at the bar, waiting for their table, Joe noticed that the men at

the bar were watching Linda and him. Suddenly he realized why. They figure

we're two single women, out on the town, and they're sizing us up, he thought.

  Before they were done with their beer, the waitress came to them and

directed them to a table. Joe started to help Linda with her seat, and then

reconsidered. He would have to stop that kind of stuff in public, he thought.

  They ordered, Joe passed up his usual big order, and tried to copy Linda in

the amount and type of things he ordered. with his smaller size, he probably

couldn't eat as much anyway, he figured.

  Every time he looked at Linda, their eyes met. He realized she was watching

him very closely. He looked at her and smiled shyly.

  "Don't worry, I'm the same guy." he offered. "I feel the same, I think the

same, (at least that's the truth), I just look different.

  "You certainly do look different." Linda said. "What does it feel like?"

  "What do you mean, what does it feel like?" he asked. "I feel just the same

as always, and sometimes, that's a problem."

  "I guess I do look like a woman, but I don't know what it feels like to be

one." he continued. "I still feel like a man, and men don't usually go to the

places I've been today."

  "How do you feel about me.... now?" Linda asked.

  "Damn it Linda, I feel the same as I ever did." he replied. "I love you as

much as ever, but, I guess I just can't do much about it." he said, touching

her hand discreetly.

  "Don't worry Joe, I'll help you get through this, no matter what happens."

Linda said, looking at him, and smiling. "I love you, no matter what you look


  "It really helps to hear you say that." Joe said honestly. "You don't know

how alone I've felt sometimes today."

  The waitress brought the food, and they started to eat. Linda started taking

about what happened with her that day, and Joe almost forgot his predicament

for a few minutes. Linda worked as a Realtor, and spent her days showing

houses. She always had a story to tell about the people she met while showing

houses. She was good at her job, and made good money.

  When they were finished eating, Joe picked up the bill. Linda got out her

purse, and pulled out a twenty. She dropped it on the table, and looked at


  "Let's split the bill, OK?" she said looking at Joe for understanding.

  Joe saw what she was doing. She was not "with him". They were together, as

equals. Joe pulled some crumpled bills out of one of the pockets of his

jumpsuit. He wasn't used to taking a purse, and just had his credit cards,

drivers license (which he hoped he wouldn't need to show), and some folding

money stuffed in the pockets of the somewhat loose fitting jumpsuit.

  Joe and Linda walked out of the restaurant to Joe's car. This time, Joe

didn't open the door for her first, but got in on his side, and then unlocked

the door for Linda.

  "Where to now?" he asked.

  "Do you have anything you need to do?" Linda asked, looking at him.

  "I don't think I should push my luck in public any more than I have already

today." Joe said. "And that beer really made me tired."

  "Yea, me too." Linda said. "I worked my butt off today."  "I would be happy

to just go home, and watch a movie, till I fall asleep, which won't take


  "Your place, or mine?" he asked grinning. Then he again realized what he was

thinking. He was no longer capable of doing what he was thinking.

  "You pick." Linda said.

  Joe looked at her. She looked at him, and grinned a devious grin.

  "Don't worry Joe, we can have a slumber party." she teased.

  "That's about all I'm capable of." Joe replied sadly, not feeling any

reaction to her attempts at humor.

  They arrived at Joe's apartment. Linda got out, and Joe reached in the back

of his car and retrieved his new gym bag.

  "What's in there?" Linda asked.

  "Believe it or not, I played racket-ball with Jay today." Joe said.  "These

are the clothes I wore, and I'd better let them dry out."

  "You went to the health club?" Linda seemed surprised. "You are a brave


  They walked up the steps to his door, and Joe opened it with his key.  Linda

entered first. Joe followed, and went straight to the bedroom.  Linda followed

him. He opened the gym bag, and removed the damp towel, and the sweaty

clothes. Linda looked at the leotard, bra, and panty.

  "I'm sorry, I just can't believe you're wearing things like this." Linda

said, holding the leotard up.

  "It's much harder for me, I assure you." Joe said. It was easy to talk with

Linda. She seemed to understand him better than anyone.

  "I'll throw these things in the washer." Joe said, taking the clothes and

walking to the laundry area, in the hallway.

  "Better take these too." Linda said, holding up the men's black bikini

briefs she found laying at the side of the bed.

  Joe grabbed the underwear, and added it to his pile of clothes.

  "Those things will last longer if you hand wash them." Linda said.

  "Hand wash?" "I hope I don't need them long enough to wear them out." Joe

said. "They'll stand up to at least one machine washing, I think."

  "Then use the delicate cycle." Linda called from the bedroom.

  "Yes mother." Joe whined. He put the things in the washer, added some other

items waiting to be laundered that were laying on the dryer, put some

detergent in the machine, and, setting the controls to delicate, he started

the washer.

  When he was finished, he returned to the bedroom. Linda was holding

the box of panty liners he bought at the drugstore that afternoon.

  "What are these for?" She questioned.

  "I was at the drug store this afternoon, getting some things I would need,

and I saw those. I don't know if I need them, but then, I don't know

what I'll need next, and I thought I better be prepared for anything."  Joe

said, taking the box from her, and putting it in the under-sink cabinet in the


  "You seem to be adjusting pretty well." Linda said.

  "No, I'm not really." Joe replied. "I am able to handle it because I'm sure

it is only temporary." "I know I won't be like this very long."

  He came back into the bedroom, and from the gym bag, took some deodorant and

bath powder and carried it into the bathroom.

  "I bought this powder this afternoon, but I don't really know when to use

it." He told her.

  "What do you mean, don't know when to use it?" Linda said. "After your bath,

or shower, you just dust it on." "It makes you feel soft, and smooth."

  "Well, I feel too soft and smooth right now." Joe said. "I hardly need

something else to help with that."

  "Joe, I know you aren't a woman, and don't want to be a woman, but as long

as you look like one anyway, even temporarily, there is no reason you

shouldn't enjoy the things which can make a woman feel good." Linda told him.

  "I'm doing my best to make this a learning experience." Joe said.

  "I don't think I could do as well as you, if I were put in the same

situation." Linda said. "It's almost possible to forget that you are not a

"real" woman."

  "I don't forget." Joe said. "I'm getting stiff from the workout I got

playing Jay this afternoon." "I got beat three out of three." "That never


  "What you need is a hot bath." Linda said. "I know you never take a tub

bath, but you might like the feeling of a warm soak in the bubbles."

  "I don't have any bubbles." Joe said. "But a warm soak might feel good."

"It's amazing how much more sensitive my body feels now."

  Linda went into the bathroom. She looked through the cabinets.  Finally, she

said. "Your right, you don't have any bath beads."

  "Why would I?" I've never had the desire for a bubble bath before, and my

girl friends never found time to soak in my tub, until now." Joe said, winking

at Linda.

  "No matter, the warm water will feel good anyway." She said, and started to

fill the tub.

  Joe watched her as she filled the tub. He still felt the same about her, but

wondered how she really felt about him, now that he looked like

this. He decided that he wouldn't worry about it until it became a problem.

  "Come on Joe, get out of that jumpsuit." Linda said. "I'll have the tub

ready in just a minute."

  "You're gonna  get in with me, aren't you?" Joe asked, grinning.

  "I don't know, do you think I should?" She looked concerned.

  "We're consenting adults, aren't we." "And besides, what would it hurt?" Joe

asked. What indeed, he thought.

  Joe went back to the bedroom. He unzipped the jumpsuit, and pulled it off

his shoulders. He sat on the bed, and was removing his Reboks and socks, when

Linda came into the room. She saw him sitting on the bed, removing his socks,

and stepping out of the jumpsuit. She stopped, and stared at him, her eyes

wide with curiosity.

  "You really do look like a woman, don't you." She said. "I'm sorry,

but I just keep getting confused by the contrast of who I think you are, in

my head, and what I see with my eyes."

  "I know, I have the same problem, but you can bet it's even worse for me."

Joe said.

  "Forgive me for staring, Joe, I just can't help myself." Linda said.  "I

still think of you as a male, but as I see you standing there, you look so


  "I think of myself as male too, and I hope you continue to feel that way

about me." Joe said, removing his bra. The bra had made lines in his breasts

where it rubbed the soft skin. He scratched at the area with his hand.  He

walked into the bathroom, still wearing his panties. Linda followed, just

watching him walk.

  "Amazing." She said. "Except for your hair, you look like an exact copy of

yourself, except female." "What could have caused this to happen?"

  "I wish I knew, and I WILL find out." Joe said firmly, removing his

underpants. Again Linda couldn't take her eyes from him. He felt self

conscious.  "Except for this damn wetness, I feel almost exactly the same.

Sometimes, I even feel like I'm having an erection." "I just can't see it,

that's all." "Do you ever feel like you're having an erection?" He asked


  "Gosh Joe, I don't know, I've never had an erection." Linda said.  "Unlike

you, I've never been a man, you know" "How would I know what one feels like?"

  "Yea, I guess your right." he said sticking his foot into the tub, to test

the temperature.

  He got in the tub, and sat down slowly. The temperature was just right.  He

leaned back. The porcelain was cool on his back, but warmed quickly.  He

closed his eyes. He heard Linda wet her hands, rub them with soap, and then

felt her soft hands massaging his tired and sore neck muscles. It felt good.

He kept his eyes closed, and enjoyed the relaxing feeling.

  "I must be doing something right." Linda said, breaking the silence.  "Your

grinning like a cat."

  "It's unbelievable how different everything feels now." Joe said, looking at

Linda. "It seems like all my senses are much sharper." I feel hot, cold, pain,

and pleasure, in such a different way." "I kind of like it."

  "So being a woman isn't so bad, huh?" Linda said, grinning. She reached down

and gave his right nipple a little tweak.

  "Ow!" Joe exclaimed.

  "You've done that to me so many times, I just couldn't resist."

Linda said, laughing.

  "Are you going to take off those clothes, are will I have to pull you in

here with them on?" Joe asked, pulling on her arm.

  "Ok, Ok, I'll get in, but you'll have to promise you'll be nice." Linda


  "What could I possibly do?" Joe said, trying to look as innocent as he

possibly could.

  Linda removed her jeans and blouse. Joe watched her, as she removed her

underwear. In his mind, he was comparing her body with the one he now had.

They were about the same size, Joe maybe an inch taller, and probably about

the same weight. Linda's hips were larger, he thought, even though his seemed

larger than before. They had about the same size breasts, but his were a maybe

little firmer. Of course, mine are only a day old he thought, and he touched

them, just slightly. As Linda got in the tub, at the other end, he grinned at

her, and poked her butt with his foot. They interlocked their legs to find

room in the tub. Linda rubbed Joe's leg, which was practically tucked behind

her back.

  "Your legs are so smooth." she said. "Where did the hair go?"

  "Well, I don't have as much hair as I did before, but I did shave my legs

and underarms this morning. Joe said. "I didn't want to look like a french

farm woman."

  "Certainly not, my dear." Linda teased. "We must look ladylike."

  "I've never seen a naked woman with hairy legs, and armpit hair, so I

thought I better clean it up before I went to buy some clothes." Joe

explained. "I wasn't sure if I should, but I didn't like the way I looked the

other way." "When I get normal again, I guess it will have to grow back."

  "I see you still have the scar on your arm from the auto accident." Linda

noticed. "It seems that you are feminized, but still have the same body."

  "Yea, I guess so." Joe said. "I know I sure feel mostly the same, except for

the different equipment, of course." He grinned at her, and stuck his chest


  "Do you like it?" Linda asked. "You look so good, so natural, wouldn't you

like to stay this way?"

  "I'm a man." Joe insisted. "I'm still a man, and I want to remain a man."

"This whole thing is an interesting experience, but I couldn't imagine staying

this way." "I don't want to grow old looking like a woman."

  "Would it be so bad?" Linda countered. "I'll be a old someday, and, although

I can wait, I don't dread it."

  "But, you were once a little girl." Joe said. "You probably dreamed of

becoming a woman, maybe a mother, and all that." "Someday, I would like to be

the FATHER of your kids, not the mother of some guy's."

  "Yea, your right, I guess if I were suddenly  changed to a male, I would

react pretty much the same as you." Linda said. "I probably wouldn't handle it

as well as you though."

  "It sure ain't easy." Joe said. "Sometimes, I want to cry, and sometimes I

just want to punch something."

  Joe started rubbing his leg against Linda's smooth upper leg. She looked at

him and smiled.

  "You feel so nice, now that your soft too." she said. "But of course,

I like you the old way better."

  They lingered in the water for a while longer, enjoying each others company,

until the cramped quarters became uncomfortable. Joe felt his legs going to


  "I'm going to have to get out of this tub, or, you will have to help me

out." Joe said. "My butt is completely numb."

  Joe got up and stepped over the side of the tub. He wet to the towel closet,

and removed two bath towels. He gave one to Linda, as she got out of the tub.

They dried off, watching each other, and smiling.

  "Show me how to use this bath powder." Joe said, getting it out of drawer.

  "There's no secret, even a GUY could use it if he wanted to." Linda said.

  "Ok then, I want to try it." Joe said, and opened the cap. He gave it to

Linda. "Show me."

  She finished drying, and took the powder, sprinkled a little in her hand and

rubbed it on her breasts, buttocks, and legs. Joe watched intently.  When she

finished, she gave the powder to him.

  Joe awkwardly sprinkled some powder on his hand. He rubbed it on his breasts

very self consciously. He took some more, and applied it to his legs

and soft butt.

  "There, don't that just feel great?" Linda asked. "It makes you feel

so soft and smooth." She touched Joe lightly on his arm.

  Joe went to her, and put his arms around her. Both naked, they just hugged,

standing right there in the bathroom. Joe thought that Linda seemed

so big, but realized it was his smaller size which made the difference.

He was just a little taller than Linda now, and didn't have to look down at

her as he held her close. Hell with it, he thought, and kissed her. Linda

tensed up at first, but then she reacted like always, willingly kissing him

back, and rubbing his soft back.

  It feels the same, he thought, she just seems bigger, that's all.  He

wondered what Linda was thinking. He decided to ask her.

  "Does this bother you?" he asked. "I'll stop if this seems perverted, or

anything, to you." "I'll understand, but I just need to hold you if I can."

  "Joe, I told you, I still love you, and it doesn't seem at all perverted to

me." "You are a man, after all, no matter what you look like, and besides,

you're so soft, and smell so nice." she said, winking at him.

  Joe picked up his underwear, and took it into the bedroom. He was

going to put it in the laundry room, when Linda called from the bedroom.

  "Do you have any Ivory Snow?" she asked. "Those things should be hand washed

here in the sink."

  "I have Ivory Liquid dish washing liquid in the kitchen." Joe replied.

"I'll get some."

  Joe quickly went to the kitchen, and got the squeeze bottle of detergent.

He gave it to Linda.

  "Now, where is your lingerie?" Linda asked.

  Joe looked at her. "Lingerie?" he questioned.

  "Your underwear, Joe." "I'll show you how to wash it out." Linda said,

shaking her head. "Men."

  "Oh, I see, I didn't think about doing that." he said, and went to retrieve

them from the top of the washer.

  "And bring your exercise clothes from the washer while your there." she

called. "They are surely done by now, and we can hang them in the shower with

our other things.

  Joe brought the blue leotard, the little top, and the underwear.  Linda had

the sink full of soapy water, and was already washing out her panties, and

bra. She took Joe's things, and put them in the sink. As she finished each

item, she carefully wrung the soapy water out, and placed each garment on the

counter in a little ball. When she finished washing Joe's things, she drained

the sink, and rinsed each one under the tap.

  "Dainty things last longer, and look better, if you hand wash them." She

said. "You may be a 'temporary' woman, but I'm not, and I hate to see you wash

them in the machine." "Besides, they can dry hanging in the shower, and

they'll be ready in the morning."

  Linda took each item, and hung it over the glass doors of the shower.  Joe

got a strange feeling, seeing his underwear.... his panties, his bra, hanging

side by side with his girl friends.

  "I hope you're happy now." Joe said. "You have my bathroom looking like two

women live here."

  Linda pinched his breast again. "They do, Joe, They do."

  Joe went into the bedroom. He and Linda usually slept in the raw, but now,

he didn't know. He went to his drawer, and got two old football jerseys.  He

would at least offer one to Linda. Linda came out of the bathroom, and Joe

held up a jersey.

  "Do you think we should wear these?" he said.

  "Why?" " Do you wanna play football?" Linda teased. "Will it make you feel

better?" "If it bothers you, I'll wear one."

  "It don't really 'bother' me, but I am a little self conscious letting these

knockers hang out." He grinned, shaking his breasts provocatively.

  "Wear one if you want to." Linda said. "I don't think I love you for your

bustline." she teased, as she went over to the TV, and turned it on.

  She turned on the VCR, found a cassette, and popped it in, without looking

at what it was. When it came on, she saw it was a X rated movie they had

watched together, some weeks ago. She left it playing.

  Joe was busy cleaning off the bed, and turned around when he heard moans of

ecstasy coming from the TV. Linda pulled back the spread and sheet, and spread

out on the bed. Joe put the football jersey on the dresser and lay down on the

bed next to Linda.

  "What are you trying to do to me?" Joe said laughing. "Here we are, in an

almost perfect situation, and I'm stuck looking like this."

  "Are you having an erection?" Linda teased.

  "I've had one, ever since you hopped in the tub with me." Joe said.  "Can't

you tell?"

  Linda reached down, and with her soft hand, touched him  lightly.  She

cupped his new parts with her hand. Joe closed his eyes, and became very


  "Do you like this?" she asked.

  "It feels pretty good." he said, not wanting to open his eyes.

  "I know." Linda said. "I know what it feels like." "Light touches are the

best." "Always remember that."

  As Joe lay there, enjoying what Linda was doing, he thought of the things he

and Linda had done in bed, other times. He realized he had been much too rough

with her. Now, she was showing him the error of his ways.

  With the fingers of her other hand, Linda gently circled the nipple of his

left breast. It felt like there was a warm wire, stretching from his nipple,

to his crotch. He began to feel a now familiar warmth. He reached

over to Linda, but she pushed his hand back.

  "No, you just lay there." she said firmly. "I am doing this for you."

  He lay back, and enjoyed the feeling. He relaxed his muscles, but constantly

had the urge to push against Linda's hand. Linda barely moved, but kept slight

pressure on the sensitive area at the top of his opening.  It felt so good,

that he was gasping.

  "Oh, God... Oh, God." was all he could say.

  Linda continued in with her manipulations, until the sensation became so

intense that Joe thought he would die, and held his breath as waves of

pleasure flooded his mind. He fell back to the bed, and Linda took him in her

arms and hugged him tightly.

  When he recovered, Joe looked directly into Linda's eyes. She was smiling

sweetly at him.

  "You devil." he said. "How did you know about that?"

  "Joe, I'm a woman, remember." she said. "I would know about things like


  "Why didn't you tell me to do that to you a long time ago?" Joe asked.  "I

would love to make you feel this good."

  "It's hard to tell a man how to do it." She explained. "You have to

be a woman to understand." "You're fortunate to have had the experience."

  He thought about what she was saying, and he understood.

  "You can pay me back for the lesson anytime you'd like." Linda said, winking

at Joe.

  He moved toward her, and gently touched her, the way she had just done to

him. They continued  throughout the night, waking in the morning, in each

others arms, to the glow of the TV which had glowed unnoticed all night long.



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