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Archive-name: Changes/bates05.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story-  5

                                   Chapter 5

                                   THE GAME

  Joe drove home from the mall with his latest purchases.  He took the clothes

and placed them into the new blue bag. He went to the bathroom, and selected a

large bath towel to take along. He dumped the sack of drug store items onto

the bed. He placed the  bath powder, and the deodorant into a little

compartment on the side of the bag. He looked at the box of panty liners,

wondering what he should do with them. Should he put some of them into the

bag? Should he put some into the purse he started carrying? He didn't know if

he would need them, and carrying them around seemed to put more of a

permanence to his situation. He just couldn't accept that. Everything was just

temporary. It had to be.

  Leaving the box lay on the bed, he removed his blouse, and blue skirt.

After struggling out of the pantyhose, he flopped down on the bed. Sometimes,

the situation just overwhelmed him, and he found he was having one of those

times. He looked at the clock radio beside the bed. It said four thirty.  Just

one hour till he had to meet Jay again, this time under much more difficult


  Again, he doubted if it was a good idea. The health club was, among other

things, somewhat of a "meat market". Muscular studs went there to show off

their bodies, and stare at the attractive women working out.  Although Joe

appreciated good looking women, he didn't go to the club to ogle women. He

didn't go to strut his stuff either. Now, he didn't know. He never did

consider himself a "muscular stud", but this was completely different. He

couldn't even use the men's' locker room.  Under different conditions, the

idea of invading the private domain of the ladies' locker room might perk his

interest. Not now. He wouldn't just be a fly on the wall. He would be going in

there to change his clothes. Women's clothes. With other women around. And he

would look like a woman too. Hell, he might actually BE a woman... for the

rest of his life. He couldn't accept that.

  Laying there, he felt  tired, but decided he better get dressed. He got up

off the bed, and picked up the royal blue jumpsuit he just bought. He stepped

into it, and zipped up the front. He looked at himself in the dresser mirror.

It fit well. It was attractive, and yet didn't place a strong emphasis on his

new shape. He liked it immediately.

  He went to his old gym bag, and removed his racket from the side.  It seemed

too large now. It would have to do, he thought. He looked through the bag, and

found his safety goggles. He put them on, and they were too large for his

smaller features. He threw them back into the bag in disgust.  He could feel

tears welling up in his eyes. He noticed that happening quite often today. It

seemed that he was more emotional now, or at least, it was much harder to

contain his emotions. Was that part of the change?  It was difficult to tell.

He knew that women cried much easier than men, but he always thought that was

because of differences in the way they were brought up. Maybe there was a more

physical difference, hormones maybe, and now maybe those things were affecting

him. What else would they do to him?  He decided that no matter what he looked

like, he was still a man. But, would he still feel the same way next week, or

next year? The problem would be solved before it lasted that long, he decided.

He didn't think he could stand to grow old looking like this. There had to be

a way back.

  Joe went into the bathroom mirror, and made one last check of his hair, and

general appearance. Ready to go, he decided.

  He took his bag, and racket, and went to his car. It was getting easier.  He

had no trouble walking in the new Reboks, and the jumpsuit seemed more

familiar than the dress he wore last time out. I can almost forget about the

changes, he thought. Putting the seat belt on again made him aware of his new

body. There was no forgetting it. Just as well, he considered, it might really

be embarrassing to forget at the wrong time.

  He pulled into the club parking lot. His heart was pounding with fear.  He

noticed Jay's car in the lot, and pulled next to it. Jay was waiting for him.

As he got out of his car with his gear, Jay walked over.

  "Hi Joe" "I'm glad to see you made it." Jay said.

  "I'm still not sure if this is a good idea, Jay." Joe returned.

  "It will be ok, Joe." "Where do you get all those sharp clothes?" Jay asked,


  "Come on Jay, You know everything I do now seems to involve getting

different stuff." "Nothing fits, and I have more differences than just a few

inches shorter." "If I don't figure a way out of this, I'll go broke buying

all the stuff I need, if I don't go nuts first." Joe replied.

  "Well, you look real good, If that helps any." Jay said as they walked up

the steps to the entrance to the club.

  "I guess that's the problem, isn't it." Joe said, as Jay held the door for


  Although both Joe, and Jay were regulars at the club, and were known on

sight by the attendant at the counter, Jay sidestepped Joe's possible identity

problem by telling the girl at the counter that Joe was his guest.

  As they arrived at the men's locker room, Joe said, "This is where we part

company, Jay." "I'll see you on the court."

  Joe walked over to the door to the ladies locker room. He took a deep

breath, and walked in. As entered, he noticed other women, some of whom he

recognized as regulars to the club.

  Well, it does smell better in here, he thought. His nose, which seemed more

sensitive now, picked up the scent of perfume, and cosmetics, not the old

sweat sock smell of the men's locker room.

  Although the layout of the rooms were similar, this one was arranged to

provide more privacy. There were still rows of lockers, with benches down the

center, but the showers were partitioned, and there were some couches, and

vinyl upholstered seats available. I've moved up-scale, Joe thought to


  He chose a row with only one young woman seated on the bench, tying her

shoes. Selecting an empty locker, Joe opened his bag. He removed the capri

tights and leotard, and quickly hung them on a hook in the locker.  He slowly

unzipped his jumpsuit. Nervously, he looked around. The girl at the bench paid

him no attention. He pulled the suit off his shoulders, and stepped out.

Standing there in his underwear, he rummaged in the blue bag, for the running

bra, and exercise brief. Finding them, he laid them on the bench.  He quickly

unhooked the pink bra, and took it off. Feeling vulnerable, he looked at the

running bra. It didn't have any hooks, or adjustments. He had to pull it over

his head. It fit snugly, and sort of pressed his breasts against his chest.

He shook his chest, and for the first time since the change, he didn't

experience the jiggling he felt even while wearing the other brassiere.  He

liked the feeling, it was almost like before... almost. He removed his

panties, and could feel the cool wetness as the air circulated around his

crotch. He looked down, and saw that the pubic hair on his mound was matted

flat. He reached down and roughed up the hair, the way he might have scratched

his balls yesterday. Again, he looked over at the woman, but she didn't even

notice he was there. He took the stretchy white brief, and pulled it on. It

was a good fit, not tight, but the cotton lycra fabric followed his contours

like second skin. Looking down at himself, again he felt the first sensations

of arousal. Lucky me, he thought, Now I can get a "boner", even without

clothes on, in public, and nobody can tell.

  He picked up the tights, and put them on. The glistening slickness felt

great. He rubbed his hips and upper legs. He stepped into the light blue

leotard, and pulled it over his shoulders. The light blue color emphasized his

shape, and buttocks. His breasts, flattened to his chest by the sport bra,

looked smaller. He took the crop top and pulled it over his head, thinking

that if he got too warm, it could be removed. He decided to leave the little

nylon shorts in his gym bag. He liked the way he looked and felt in the

leotard and tights. He thought of Jay. What will he think when he sees me? he

thought. He wasn't sure how his friendship might be affected by the change. He

seemed to treat me the same to this point, he thought, and I certainly need

his help.  He put on the white and pink Rebok socks and shoes, and tied them.

He got up from the bench, and hopped up and down. Since the change, he of

course, felt smaller, but also more flexible. It seemed he could bend his body

easier now than he could ever remember before, even when he was a small boy.

Actually, he considered, he felt great. He took a towel, and his racket, and

closed his locker. Walking towards the door, he passed the sinks, and mirrors.

Looking at himself, he brushed his short hair with his fingers. He looked

pretty good too, he thought.

  From the locker room, Joe walked to court three, the one they had reserved.

He entered the small door. Jay was already on the court swatting the ball

against the wall. When he saw Joe, his eyes widened. Joe suddenly felt self

conscious with Jay looking at his body, and crossed his legs, and held his

racket in front of his body. He could feel the blood rush to his face.

  "Wow, you are gorgeous, Joe!" Jay exclaimed. "I didn't know you looked like


  "Just keep your mind on the game, you horny toad." Joe said. "Don't forget,

it's me in here, and I'm not about to put up with any shit from you."

  "I'm sorry, It's just that.... I knew you looked feminine, but I wasn't

ready for this... You... you're beautiful." said Jay, continuing to stare at

Joe as he walked to the corner and bent over to put his towel on the floor.

  "Now you have some idea what I'm going through." said Joe. He could feel

that the bottom of the leotards had ridden up on his buttocks.  He grinned at

Jay as he pulled them down. "I feel just like you do, I just look like Debbie


  Jay had the ball. He said, "Ladies first." and tossed the ball to Joe,


  Unsure of his abilities, but wanting to do well, Joe served with what he

felt was more power than usual. The ball went where he aimed, but didn't have

the speed he wanted. My arms just don't have any strength, he thought sadly,

and felt his small bicep muscle. I not only look like a girl, I guess

I play like a girl.

  Jay easily returned the ball, but, not taking advantage, he hit the ball

back to the wall with an easy lob, which Joe had no trouble hitting.  Joe ran

and back handed the ball with all the force he had. He felt awkward when he

ran, since he still wasn't used to his wider hips and lower center of gravity.

The ball went right to Jay, who snapped it back with his old familiar speed.

The ball ricocheted to the opposite corner. Joe dove for all he was worth, but

he couldn't get to the ball. Jays point. The game progressed in this manner

with Joe getting a point for every two or three scored by Jay.

  The game progressed, with Joe getting trounced. As Joe stood at the back of

the court, and prepared to serve. Jay, standing in front, was bent over, ready

to receive the serve. Joe hesitated, looking at Jay, at his buns and broad

shoulders. He studied Jay, checking himself for signs of arousal, but he found

he was not nearly as interested in Jay, as Jay obviously was in him. He saw

the bulge in Jays shorts, He knew an embarrassing erection when he saw one,

but doubted that he had ever caused one before. Jay saw him staring.

  "Sorry Joe," Jay said. "I don't know what's come over me."

  "No sweat, Buddy." Joe replied, grinning. "I just wish that Woody would slow

you down a little, so I could catch you." "Looks like I'm going to need all

the advantage I can get." Seeing male arousal from the other side for the

first time, he realized that no matter how Jay felt about their friendship, as

long as he looked like he did, it would never be the same as before.

  The game continued quickly, with Jay scoring at will, and Joe getting run

all over the court. His light blue leotard was getting dark spots where the

sweat was beginning soak through.

  At the end of the third game, and near the end of their hour court time, Jay

came up and held his hand out. Joe took it, and shook the big hand of his


  "Good game, Jay." Joe said. "You beat the pants off me."

  "Considering the pants, you did pretty good." Jay joked.

  They picked up their stuff, and walked out of the court, towards the locker

rooms. As they passed the exercise machines, Joe could see that the guys

working out were eyeing him as he walked by. He knew that he probably looked

appealing to them, but he just felt tired.

  "I'll see you in a few minutes." Jay said, as he walked on towards his

locker room.

  Joe entered his locker room. He wiped the sweat from his forehead as he

walked to his locker. There were three women on the benches near him.

  "Looks like you had a tough workout." One of the young women said.

  "Yea, I got beat three times." He said, wishing they  would leave.

  He opened the locker and removed his gym bag. He pulled the crop top over

his head. He was soaked except for the outline of his bra. He pulled his arms

out of the armholes of the wet leotard. He then realized he still had his

shoes and socks on and sat on the bench. He removed his shoes and socks, stood

up, and pulled the leotard down and stepped out.

  He looked over at the women getting dressed to exercise. He was too

embarrassed to get completely undressed with them there. He fumbled around,

hoping that they would finish and leave.

  After a bit the women gathered their things and walked out. Joe removed his

underwear and taking a bar of soap, and a towel, which he held in front of

himself, he walked quickly to the showers.

  Joe hung up the towel and turned on the shower head. As it warmed, he

adjusted it to a comfortable temperature and stood under the streaming water.

It felt great as it pelted his tired sweaty body. He let the water stream on

his face, holding his hands over his sensitive breasts. Suddenly, he felt the

sting as the water washed some of the mascara into his eyes.  He realized then

that he was washing off all the cosmetics that the lady in the department

store applied. Though it had held up well during his earlier shower, now he

had washed it away, or at least he had messed it up so bad that he would have

to wash it all off. He didn't think he could put it back on with the skill of

the sales lady, but it was too late now.

  After soaping and rinsing, he took the towel and dried himself quickly.  He

wrapped the towel around his body, and walked back to the bench.  He took the

towel and quickly dried his hair, and then poked through his bag looking for

his underwear. He found the panties he was wearing when he arrived, and put

them on. The silky nylon again felt unfamiliar, and he thought to himself that

maybe he should get some underwear more like the cotton lycra sport panty,

which wasn't so feminine, and also seemed to firm up his soft butt. He slipped

into the pink bra, and quickly put on the jump suit. Suitably clothed, he took

his hair brush and went around the corner to the sinks and mirrors. He studied

his face. Without the makeup and mascara, he looked much different, a little

more familiar, but not really like he used to. He decided not to try anything

here, besides, he didn't bring anything along anyway. He just brushed his hair

over to one side, making it look as feminine as it could. He went back and

collected his things and placed them into the his bag. He noticed the bath

powder, and wondered when he should have used it. He then took the bag and

walked out. It wasn't nearly as difficult as he had feared.

  Jay was not standing near the men's locker room door, so he walked to the

front alone. He saw him standing at the counter talking to the girl who

staffed the desk. Jay grinned when he saw him, and walked over to him.

  "I asked about your membership." Jay said. "They have no problem with it, as

long as you have identification."

  Joe's face turned beet red. "You told her about my problem?" he said quietly

turning away from the young lady, who knew him as a man, and was looking at

him with curiosity.

  "Well Joe, I don't know how to help you without talking to people about your

situation, and besides, there will be no way to hide from it."

"You might as well get used to it."

  "No!" " I won't get used to it." "This is only temporary, until I can figure

a way out of this situation." "I'm sure that doctors will be able to help."

"For God's sake, They can do sex change operations on men to make them women,

they ought to be able to make me look like a male again." Joe was visibly

shaken, and almost to tears.

  The girl called to him. "Joe, come over here, please." "Let me talk with

you." She had a friendly smile.

  Joe walked over to the counter.

  "I don't know what has happened to me, but I am sure it's only temporary."

Joe said quickly.

  "Whatever has happened, I'm sure we can help you. If there is any way I can

help, or, if you have any questions which I might be able to help you with,

don't be afraid to ask." "My name is Judy." Judy said, reaching across the

counter, and taking Joe's hand.

  She's treating me like a I'm really a girl. Joe thought, pulling his hand

away in embarrassment.

  "I really appreciate your concern, but I don't think you can help me much

Judy." Joe said. "I think it will take a doctor to get me back to normal."

  "Well, don't be afraid to come in here, or call me at home, if you want." "I

work from five to ten every evening except Sunday. I'll let you in here, with,

or without Jay." Judy said smiling knowingly.

  "Thanks Judy." Joe said, and walked toward the door.

  Jay followed him out, and when they were outside, walking toward their cars,

Jay looked at Joe.

  "Joe, I will help you in every way I can, but you will have to trust me."

Jay said. "I won't do any thing to embarrass you if it is possible, but your

problem is going to be difficult, I think, and you are going to have to get

over your embarrassment." "Damn it, Joe, It just might be possible that you

will have to remain as you are." "Would that be so bad?" "You are a GOOD

looking woman."

  "I'm NOT a woman!" Joe almost shouted. He looked around the parking lot, and

hoped no one heard his outburst. "I'm a man." "I will always be a man."

  "Well mister, you have the nicest ass I have ever seen, on a MAN that is."

Jay said sarcastically, but grinning. "Just in case you were wondering how you


  "I'll call my friend at the forensic lab tomorrow morning" Jay said,

suddenly getting serious again. "Maybe he will see you tomorrow, even if it

is Saturday."

  "Thanks Jay." Joe said quietly. "I'm sorry I snapped at you." "I just don't

know how to handle this sometimes."

  "That's Ok buddy, You are doing such a good job, that sometimes I just

forget that you are really a guy." "You look so much like a woman, and are

doing a pretty good job of acting like one, I just forget that you aren't

one." Jay said, patting Joe on the back, and squeezing his soft shoulder.

  "I have to meet Linda tonight." Joe said, as he remembered. "I have to tell

her about this, myself."

  "Well I don't envy your relationship with Linda." Jay said. "I'll call you

tomorrow morning."

  "Thanks for everything, Jay." Joe said. He took Jays hand and squeezed it in

his small one.

  Joe opened his car, threw his bag in the back, and slid into the seat.  He

decided to go get Linda wearing the jumpsuit. He had an hour to go until the

time he told her, and he felt the most comfortable dressed like he was.



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