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Archive-name: Changes/bates04.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story-  4

                                  THE MEETING

   The traffic was  heavy, as Joe drove as quickly as he could to his lunch

appointment with his attorney and best friend, Jay Logan.

   It was about ten minutes after the agreed on time when he finally pulled

into the parking lot of the Beacher Restaurant. He parked, awkwardly got out

of his sportscar wearing the skirt and heels, and tried to walk into the

establishment with as much dignity as he could muster. He stepped up to the

head-waiters podium, and told the young lady that he was to meet with a

friend, who might already be here. She asked his name, and he said Joe Bates,

she looked at her notes,  and said "Please follow me, Ms. Bates." Joe walked

behind her and almost fell against her as they went down a few heavily

carpeted steps. She lead him to a softly lighted table where he saw his pal

Jay, seated, sipping on a Corona.

   Jay looked up at him, confused, and said, "May I help you maam?" Joe didn't

know exactly what to say, or how to start. He didn't want to go into an

explanation with the waiter standing there, so he just said, "may I sit down,

Mr. Logan?" Jay stood, and pulled out a chair for him, as he took his seat. At

the waiters request, he ordered some white wine. The waiter said "of course",

and went away. Jay looked at him, puzzled. Joe just stared at Jay. Before, he

was larger, and heavier than Jay, who now seemed huge.  Joe got up his

courage, and blurted out, "Jay, It's me, Joe!"  Jay grinned, "Right, and I'm

Margaret Thatcher" Joe hadn't realized that he might have trouble convincing

his best buddy, who he was. But the problem was quickly becoming evident.

"Jay, I don't know what has happened to me," he pleaded, "but I need your

help." Jay looked at his watch, and said, "It's a little late for an April

fools joke, don't you think?" Then he said, "I'm pleased to meet you" "I

didn't even know Joe had a sister, much less one as good looking as you." Oh

no, thought Joe, now he thinks I'm my sister. "Jay, I don't have a sister, and

you know it, and don't give me any come-on crap."  Jay looked at him closely.

"What's going on here?" he asked. "I really wish I knew," Joe said, "I woke up

this morning, looking like this, and I don't have clue as to what is going

on." "Your serious, aren't you." Jay said. "Never been more serious in my

life, Jay, "I really know what I should do." "If you saw what I did this

morning, you wouldn't believe it." Joe said.

   "I'm not sure I do." said Jay. "Ok" Joe said, "Remember Wednesday evening,

at the health club, you snapped the ball at me, and I almost broke my neck

trying to get to it." "My knee still hurts." Joe said, his eyes on Jays face,

watching for signs of acknowledgment. "Ok, let's say you are my friend Joe,

And I must admit, your face does look a lot like him, what can I possibly do

for you?" Jay questioned. "I have to prove to everybody, that I am still Joe

Bates, no matter how I look on the outside." "I know you can help me do it."

Joe returned. "Then, I need to get medical help to get my normal features

back, or, God help me, If I'm stuck like this, I've get to get my records

changed so that I can function, with out the legal problems I know that I will

have." "My personal problems, I'm not sure about." "I don't even know what

they all are yet." Joe said, looking down. "Well don't worry, Joe, I'll help."

said Jay, seeing his friend looking so grim. "I'm not sure what will have to

be done, but we will do whatever is necessary to help you." "Can I ask a

rather personal question, Joe?", said Jay. "Sure, Jay, I trust you, and

besides, you're my only hope right now." Joe said. "I'm embarrassed to ask,

but I'm about to die of curiosity." Jay asked,  "Joe, you sure look like a

woman." "Are you female?" Joe looked at his buddy, and saw his longtime pal

was eyeing his curves. "I don't know Jay, I don't really know what I am."

"But, I can tell you that what you see is all me." "You should see me in Jocky

shorts." he grinned, "I don't believe I'll be chasing babes with you, for a

while at least, much as I would like to." Joe said, as humorously as he could.

"I don't feel like a woman, in fact, I feel like a rooster in the hen house."

"You can't imagine what it's like, just to take a shower, looking like this."

"I don't know if my heart can take it." he grinned at his buddy. He figured

Jay would understand his predicament, if anybody would, or could.

   The waiter returned with Joe's wine, and brought the menu. Jay said, "Give

us a few moments, please.", the waiter nodded, and left. "I think I'll have

just the salad bar." said Jay. Joe agreed, he wasn't even hungry. His stomach

had never quit feeling like a can of worms. He felt the warmth of the wine as

it went down. Everything was more pronounced now, he thought.  I could

probably get tipsy on this little glass of wine, especially since I have yet

to eat anything today.

   When the waiter returned, and they ordered. They both went to the salad bar

together. Jay followed, watching his friend walk awkwardly in the heeled

shoes. When they returned to their tables, he said. "Joe if I had any doubts

about you telling the truth, watching you walk to the salad bar removed them."

"No real woman would walk like that if she tried." "You should try it some

time, pal." Joe said smiling demurely. "And walking in these shoes is not the

half of it."

   As they ate, Jay discussed some of the things they would need to do.  He

said he had a friend on the police force, who was a specialist in proving

identification, usually on murder related cases, where the victim is unknown.

"You were in the Air Force, so there is a record of your fingerprints." "Do

you think your prints have changed?" he asked. Joe said "I don't know, Jay, I

do know that my knee is still sprained, from the other night with you." "And,

even though my arms are smaller, my right one still has scars I received from

an auto accident twelve years ago." "Damn it, I don't know what has happened

to me." "I feel the same, at least as much as is possible, but I do seem to

look female." "If you are having a problem with this, think about it from my

side." "I have to live with it continuously." Joe looked like he was ready to

burst into tears.

   "I'll call you as soon as I make some contacts, probably tomorrow morning."

Jay said, as they finished lunch. "We'll get this worked out as quickly as we

can." "What are you going to do now? he asked.

   "I can't go to work like this, so I guess I'll go home." said Joe.  "I have

to call Linda, but I don't know what I'm going to tell her." "Hell, I've got

her slip on." he said, blushing. " This is so embarrassing." "I am so worked

up, and tense, I don't know what to do."

   Jay looked at his confused and dejected friend, not knowing what to say.

"Hey, it's Friday, let's meet at the health club at five-thirty, for our usual


   "Aw, uh, Jay I don't know, I don't know If I'm ready for that." Joe


   "Hell, Joe, Exercise is just what you need to relieve tension, and it might

take your mind off your problems for a little while." Jay countered.

   "Well, ok, I'll be there, but I don't know how well I can play, I haven't

been myself lately." Joe said, realizing how funny it sounded only after he

said it.

   "I'll get this one." Said Jay, as the waiter came up with the check when

they were finished with lunch. "But, I expect to see you this evening."

   "I'll meet you there." Joe promised. He was concerned about how he would

react in a meat market like the health club. But,, he decided, he couldn't

hide under a rock either.

   As he walked out to his car, he thought of what he would need to play

handball, and where he would go to get those things. He decided that he must

go back to his apartment to take stock, and plan another shopping sortie.

   Joe drove back to his apartment, thinking, and decided that he should call

Linda. She would be expecting a call, and he decided,

   As he sat by the phone, he considered what he should say... What he would

do. He dialed Linda's number. After a few rings he heard Linda answer,


   "Linda?" Joe asked, "What's up?" he asked, trying for something to say.

   "Who is this?" she asked, confused.

   "Linda, It's me, Joe" he answered.

   "Joe?" " Joe, What's the matter?" "You sound strange." "Is something


   "Linda, I have to talk to you.." " I have a little problem." "Can I pick

you up about seven thirty, so we can talk?" Joe asked, nervously.

   "Sure Joe, what's the matter?" " Do you have a cold?" "What do you want me

to wear?" Linda sounded confused, but concerned.

   "Lets go to Bennigan's." "You'll find out when I pick you up." Joe said.

"See you about seven thirty."

   Joe quickly hung up the phone, not knowing how to deal with Linda.  Their

relationship was very close, but he didn't know how she would take him in his

present condition. Hell, I don't even know what sex I am, he thought.

   He decided his next task was deciding what to wear to play racketball with

Jay. In a way, he was glad to have something to take his mind off his

relationship with Linda. One problem at a time, he thought.

   He went to the foyer closet, and retrieved his athletic bag. He carried it

to his bedroom, and emptied it on the bed. The bag contained one smelly towel,

his running shorts, an Adidas T-shirt, his safety goggles, racketball glove,

three racketballs, and an athletic supporter. His racket was attached to a

holster on the side of the bag.

   Well, it don't look like much of this is salvageable, he thought, picking

up the jockstrap, and stretching the waistband. Another trip to the mall would

be required."

   He looked at what he had on, the white blouse, blue skirt, and heels, and

decided that would be appropriate to wear to the mall.

   He arrived at the mall, and entered Sears for the second time that

day. He was thinking about what he would have to get. He remembered a small

shop called 'She Sports', and decided to look there.

   Walking into the little shop, he was surrounded by ladies athletic, and

dance wear. As he looked at the colorful leotards, bike shorts, and form

fitting bra tops, he thought about how he might look, wearing things like

this, playing racketball with his buddy, Jay. Hell, I'd still beat him, he

thought, grinning. He couldn't keep his eyes off my butt.

   He was stretching the spandex of a jogging bra, when the young sales woman

walked over, and asked, "What can I do for you, miss?"

   "I am looking for something to wear to play racketball." he said.  He felt

much more confident than this morning, but he didn't know if it was because he

was more familiar with his anatomy, or his clothes.

   "What did you have in mind?" the woman asked.

   "I don't know, what do you recommend?" he replied.

   "What is your size?" the woman countered, eyeing his body through the skirt

and blouse.

   "Thirty four, twenty two, thirty four." Joe replied, grinning smugly.  He

knew what he was doing now, he thought.

   "Well, you are in shape, aren't you, but what are your clothing sizes?" she

said with a laugh.

   "I think I wear a size seven or eight." he said, embarrassed.

   "How much coverage are you looking for?" she asked.

   "Coverage?" he looked confused.

   "Do you wear tights?" "Do you want shorts, or pants?" "What kind of top are

you thinking of?" the woman asked, holding some of the items up as she talked.

   Joe decided to use his standard, "What do you recommend?"

   The young woman looked at Joe, "I think a leotard, under some nylon shorts,

with a crop top, would look great on you." she said. "Do you have underwear?"

   "Sure, Joe said, I've got panties, and a bra."

   "How about an exercise bra?" "You will feel more confident with the support

of JogBra like this." "I also suggest a cotton sport panty, with an absorbent

terry liner." the woman suggested.

   "Ok." said Joe, "Sounds like what I need all right."

   "Let's see which colors look best on you" said the woman, walking to the

colorful leotards.

   Joe followed, thinking, colors again, I didn't realize women's clothes

revolved around color, until now.

   "I think royal blue sets off your figure." said the woman "And some white

tights will make a nice contrast. "Maybe with this little short to set it

off." she continued, holding up matching blue light nylon shorts, which seemed

to have a panty built in. She also had in her hand, a little blue thing which

looked like a short tank top. Joe figured that it must be a crop top.

   "Come with me." said the woman, taking the selections, and leading Joe to a

small fitting area at the back of the store.

   He followed and she hung the items on a hook in the little cubicle, and

left Joe to try them on.

   He closed the curtain, and removed his blue pumps. He wasn't sure if needed

to remove the pantyhose, with all the trouble that entailed, but decided he

better if he wanted to see if the snug fitting clothing fit properly. He

removed his skirt, and carefully hung it, and his blouse on the hanger

provided. He stood there in his pink panty and bra. He looked at the capri

type tights, and figured that they would be a lot like pantyhose, so he pulled

them on. They made his legs look great. Be wasn't sure if he should remove his

bra, and decided it was best to leave it on. He squirmed into the leotard, and

arranged his breasts and buttocks. It felt snug and sleek.  Finally, he pulled

on the little shorts, and felt his slick butt. He was glad that the crop top

concealed his nipples, which when erect, as they often were, poked through,

even with the bra, and snug fitting leotard.

   He walked out of the cubicle, and looked in the full length mirror. He was

impressed with his appearance. Jay won't be able to take his eyes off me, he

thought, and then realized the impact of what he was thinking. Am I turning

gay? he worried. What is considered homosexual for me?

   The sales lady returned, interrupting his thoughts, "How do you like it?"

she asked.

   "I think it's perfect." Joe said, truthfully.

   "Well you certainly have the shape for it." said the woman, walking to the

counter. Yea, that's the problem. thought Joe.

   "Did you want the underwear?" she asked, holding up a sport bra.

   "Yea, I guess I'd better." Joe said, considering. He figured he better get

everything she recommended, since this was his only chance, before the "dress


   "White?" the woman asked.

   Colors again, thought Joe. He said, "Yes, I think white would be fine,

don't you?"

   "What's your size?" she returned.

   "I need a 34B, and my hips about 34 also." Joe replied.

   "Yes, that's right." said the woman, with  a slight trace of envy in

her voice.

   Joe continued to look around the shop as he was talking. He decided he

better get one of these more feminine looking gym bags to carry this stuff in.

He decided on a white and blue bag, which matched what he had on. He also

took a little white terry cloth headband, and at the suggestion of the sales

woman, some blue leg warmers.

   "Do you have shoes and socks?" the woman asked.

   "I have a new pair of Reboks." he replied.

   He was about to say he had everything when he saw a little terry cloth

romper thing, which looked like something women might wear in the locker room.

He added it to his stack of clothes. "I believe this will be all." he said.

   After he put the  pantyhose, skirt and blouse back on, he went back to the

counter. He took his American Express card from his purse and gave it to

the woman. She rung up the sale, and he signed the bill.

   He was walking down the hallway in the mall, when in a shop window, he saw

a blue blouson jumpsuit. That is just what I need, he thought, it looks like

something a woman could wear most places, with low shoes, even Reboks, he

thought. The loose fitting top wouldn't emphasize his shape, and he wouldn't

have to be so careful about how he walked and sat. It would also make getting

into his RX-7 a piece of cake.

   He entered the store. A young girl, of about nineteen came up to him.  "Can

I help you?" she asked.

   "Yes, I'd like to buy a jumpsuit like the one in your window." he replied.

   "What size and color would you like?" she asked.

   "I guess I'd be a seven or eight, make it eight." "And do you have it in

royal blue?" He thought he looked good in blue.

   The girl went to the racks, and selected the size and color he needed.  She

asked, "Would you like to try it on?"

   He held it up to himself. It looked the right length, and it was loose

fitting enough to probably fit with no problem. He said, "If it doesn't fit,

can I bring it back?"

   "Of course." the girl said. "If you don't like it for any reason, just

bring it in." "I can give you an exchange, or a full refund."

   He didn't want to undress again, and was happy to take the jumpsuit without

that hassle. "I'll take it." he said.

   He took his packages out to his car. As he was driving through the parking

lot near the mall entrance, he saw a drug store. He figured he probably should

get some girl things like deodorant, and maybe body powder.  He wasn't sure

why he needed the powder, but he knew that Linda always had it when she

showered. He stopped and went in.

   He walked down the aisles, looking for items a person, who had a body like

a woman's, might need. He got some Secret deodorant, and looked with a new

interest at things like Massengill douche, feminine hygiene sprays and

powders.  He thought he had read somewhere that  a healthy woman didn't need

things like that. Anyway, he thought, he smelled pretty good in that area.  He

looked at feminine napkins, and tampons. Again he thought about his genitalia,

and realized that he might actually start to have menstrual periods.  He

couldn't accept that. What choice do I have? he considered.

   He looked at the little thin pads called panty liners, and thought maybe he

should take a box of those. Just in case, he thought. He didn't trust his new

parts, but he was learning to be ready for anything. Who knows, he thought,

this morning I find my cock is missing, tomorrow morning, I might be on the

rag. What's a guy to do?

   He took a box of Lightdays panty liners, deodorant, and Shower to Shower

body powder, to the counter. He paid for the items, and drove home.

   He had a racketball game to get ready for.



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