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Archive-name: Changes/bates03.txt


Archive-title: Joe Bates' Story-  3

                                 Chapter Three

                                 GETTING READY

   Joe parked his car in the parking area. The back of his sports car was

filled with packages from his morning shopping spree.

   Returning to the apartment, Joe felt exhausted, but relieved.  The shopping

trip had been only moderately difficult since he still felt like a man, and

was still dressed like one.  But meeting with Jay for lunch, while pretending

to be, and dressing like, a woman.... The very thought of going out in public

still embarrassed him, and left him with a queasy feeling in the pit of his

new, flatter, stomach.

   A part of his brain kept waiting to wake up, this had to be one wild dream,

but another part seemed resolved to the changes, which were beyond his ability

to accept. So far, his disciplined mind was experiencing them with curiosity,

and humor. He considered everything to be temporary, to last only until he

could figure out what had happened to him, and correct it.

   He went to the bedroom to change clothes, and started removing the

underwear from the packages.  One by one, he examined each item, and tried to

imagine wearing it. As  he started to unbutton his shirt, his eyes were fixed

on the things he was about wear. As he undressed, he again became aware of the

sensations caused by his new shape. Having breasts was different. He could

feel his nipples rubbing on his clothing. Having smaller biceps and triceps

was different too. His arms actually seemed longer because they were thinner.

Sliding the shirt off his narrow shoulders, he looked down at his chest, which

was partially covered by a white bra. The bra was without lace, or decoration,

just functional underwear whose primary purpose was the support he now needed.

He carefully opened the front clasp and opened the bra, exposing his breasts.

His chest, which only hours ago was flat, broad, and covered with dark hair.

Now, it was smooth, soft, and rounded, with large pink nipples. Free from the

covering of the bra, his breasts felt cold, and, he could feel their slight

added weight on his chest.

   He touched his left breast, and could feel his nipple harden between his

slim fingers. The feeling made him quiver, and his breasts shook like they had

a mind of their own.

   He sat on the edge of the bed. Removing his socks and jeans, he stood

before the bed in his men's black lo rise briefs, he hooked his fingers into

the waistband, and pulled them down his hips.

   The sights and sensations he was experiencing, should have given him a

raging erection. In fact, it felt like he had one, but when he looked "down

there", he felt and saw the crotch of his underwear was damp with secretions.

The moisture made him feel uncomfortable. A musky scent was noticeable.  Time

for a another quick shower, he mused, and walked into the adjoining bathroom.

Turning on the shower, he felt the water temperature. As it warmed, he again

noticed that his skin felt thinner, more sensitive to touch and heat.  He

entered the shower and soaped down. The soapy water on his body felt great.

At least this situation isn't all bad, he thought. He lingered in the shower,

enjoying the sensations, but when he turned toward the spray, the streaming

water hit his soft breasts, he was jolted awake by a sharp stinging sensation.

Enough of this, he thought, and attempted to wash his unfamiliar genitals. He

wasn't exactly sure how to begin. He soaped his hands and rubbed the soap bar

on his pubic hair. Then, using his fingers, he carefully cleansed the creases

and folds which replaced his penis. It felt good. Innocently, he gently began

exploring a sensitive little bundle of tissue near the top of his genital

opening. Could this be what a clitoris feels like?  With the added lubrication

of the soapy water on his fingers, the feeling was familiar, yet different.

   When he finished his cleansing exploration, he rinsed off the remaining

soap, and noticed that although his body was now almost completely hairless

compared to before, he did have considerable hair under his arms. He thought

about it for a moment, and decided that he had better remove it. He had never

shaved that area before, but there were all kinds of new things today. He went

to the cabinet and got his Trac II, and a can of shaving cream. He squirt some

cream into his small hand, and rubbed it on the soft hair under his arms. He

then took the razor, and began shaving the light hair. I never imagined I

would be doing this today, he thought to himself. As he was shaving, he

noticed his legs, and thought about the pantyhose he bought. I suppose I'd

better do those too, he decided. Feeling and seeing the jiggle of his breasts

as he was applying the shaving cream to the light hair on his legs, he

chuckled to himself about the irony of his situation. "If Linda could see me

now" he said to himself, out loud.

   When he completed shaving his legs and underarms, he rinsed the remaining

cream off his body and stepped from the shower. He grabbed a bath towel and

dried himself. He felt better now, and actually smelled good. He felt his

smooth legs and was actually impressed with his looks. "I'd better be careful"

he thought to himself, "I might actually start to like this 'female' stuff."

He then found some underarm deodorant, the most "feminine" he had, which was

Right-Guard Musk. "It smells OK to me" he thought to himself. Naked, he then

went back to the bedroom to attempt to dress.

   Fresh from the shower, he went to the dresser mirror. He looked into the

glass.  What he saw looking back was a young woman. He didn't have a sister,

but if he had, she might have looked like he did now. He hadn't washed off the

makeup the lady at the mall had applied, and it had held up well in the

shower. He actually looked quite attractive, with only the short hair on his

head to raise any question of his sex. He had seen women with hair as short as

his, but he didn't like the way it looked on them.

   Even though he certainly looked like a woman, he still felt he was a man,

and his brain still thought like a male, and he could feel a trace of lust

surfacing, as he gazed at this naked person in the mirror. "Well, this is one

babe you won't be screwing, you horny stud" he thought to himself. As

he could feel himself getting aroused, he looked at himself in the mirror. His

new clitoris felt just like his penis. It didn't feel nearly as small as it

looked. In fact he couldn't even see it, but he could certainly tell it was

there when he became aroused. He figured he better get dressed if he was going

to make his appointment with Jay. He would have to go with wet underpants

again, if he continued to gaze at his new shape.

   Trying focus put his mind on something else, he moved away from the mirror.

He looked at the array of new clothes on the bed. He picked up a pair of

panties, and held them up. Well, they sure don't look like they'll fit.

he thought. He looked at the narrow, cotton lined, crotch strip, and sighed.

He felt perverted, like he was considering putting on Linda's underwear.

Bending down, he placed one smooth leg into the small pink panty, and followed

with the other.  He pulled them up, over what seemed to him, his huge, soft,

butt, and found that they came up only to his slightly protruding hip bones.

He looked down at himself, and what he saw was both familiar, and unusual.

He had seen quite a few girls, women, in their underwear before. Now, as he

looked at himself, he could see he looked just like they did. He felt the same

as always too, but when he looked in the mirror, the familiar bulge of his

penis and testicles was gone. The snug fitting panty emphasized a small mound

which was a little higher up than where his penis had been. Below that, the

crotch gusset outlined, with sexy sleekness, a flat area which replaced his

absent male parts. He reached down to feel the smoothness of his mound, and

could feel his pubic hair through the thin fabric. He went down further, and

felt the warm softness of his crotch. The touch made unfamiliar muscles in his

groin contract, and he moved his hand away. He grinned, and put it back,

pressing on the slick softness. It seemed the changes he had undergone were

never more evident than right now. As he gently rubbed the silky area, he

began to feel moisture.  "I suppose I'd better stop this" he said to himself.

He had to keep his mind on getting dressed. He had to meet Jay for lunch.

   He looked over at the bed and picked up the white bra he had worn home from

Sears. He was about to put it back on, when he decided to wear the pink one,

also laying on the bed. While the white one was plain and simple, this one was

different. It was sheer, with small lace edges around the cups.  It was an

underwire, and even felt different than the white one did.  He was talked into

this one by the sales girl, who said it would be just right for his figure

type. He had no experience in that area, but it was a front close, the one

thing he insisted on, and the girl was cute, so he bought it.  Now, as he

carefully untangled the thing, put his arms through the straps, and was

clasping the plastic latch between his breasts, he realized that he could see

his nipples right through the sheer seamless cups. He squeezed the softness

with his hand, and just stared at his new shape, and his erect nipples

pressing against the thin fabric.

  He reached down and grabbed one of the packages of pantyhose. The wrapper

said, Hanes Silk Reflections, 'Barely There'. He ripped open the package and

looked at the wrinkled mass of nylon. "OK" he said "lets get on with it." He

decided that the best way to approach it was to sit on the edge of the bed,

and slide the hose up one leg at a time. He eventually had both legs in and

the waist about mid-thigh. Awkwardly, he struggled to stand up, and finished

pulling the tight fitting monstrosity up above his natural waist.  He looked

down at his legs. Pretty good, he thought, but the crotch was still about

three inches from his butt. He grabbed and pulled some more until he had them

fitting the way he thought they should. They made his legs feel slick, and

very warm.

  Looking at the mirror again, he saw himself in panties, pink bra, and the

shiny pantyhose. Seeing himself, all he could do was sigh in a defeated

manner. Am I going to be stuck like this forever, he thought?  He couldn't

even imagine such a thing. No time to worry about it now, he decided.

  Glancing at the clock told him the time for day-dreaming was running short,

and that he had to get moving. He reached for the new white blouse and slipped

his arms through the sleeves.  Then he buttoned the blouse starting

at the bottom until he had buttoned all the way the neck. Then, realizing that

he was not going to wear a tie, he reached unbuttoned the top button.  He

looked down to see of his nipples could still be seen through the bra and

sheer white fabric of the blouse. He looked carefully, and imagined that he

was staring at a woman's breasts. "These little babies are yours, big fella"

he said, out loud. He decided that the outfit wasn't too risque, and went back

to the pile of clothes on the bed. He decided that the navy skirt would look

the best. He always did like solids anyway. He took the skirt and slipped it

up his smooth legs, and fastened it around his thin waist. The darn zipper is

in the back, he thought to himself. He looked at himself in the full length

mirror on the closet door. "Looking good" he said, turning around. But

something didn't seem right when he walked. The skirt clung to his legs and

bunched around his crotch when he bent over. He thought about the problem,

and concluded that he probably needed a slip. He forgot about that. Heck, I

couldn't think of everything, he thought. He was trying to decide what to do

and, when he went to the closet, he spotted some of Linda's clothes hanging

on hangers. Too bad she's smaller than I am he thought, and then reconsidered.

Although he used to push six feet, now he was closer to five feet five, or

six, about the same as his girl friend. As he poked through her things, he

decided that she wouldn't mind, and would probably get a chuckle out of it, if

the shock didn't kill her first. There were slacks, a shirt, and her red, one

piece swimsuit. He began to think of Linda. She looked great in that red suit.

How would she feel about him, now that he could probably wear it too. The last

hanger held a short black skirt, and under it, he found a silver colored half

slip. Just what I need, he thought. He took it off the hanger and stepped into

it. It was a struggle to get it up under his dress, but when he finally did,

it felt OK. Now, when he walked, the skirt moved smoothly and didn't stick to

his legs.

  Looking at the clock, he saw he had just enough time to look in the mirror

and he brushed his short hair into the most feminine look he could muster. He

then looked into his plastic bag of cosmetics, and decided that maybe just a

little lipstick touch up would be good. He wanted to be careful, he didn't

want to get carried away, and end up looking like a clown.

  He took a last look into the mirror and decided he was ready. He felt a

strange feeling around his upper legs and pulled up his skirt and slip.  His

pantyhose was hanging down again, and he contorted about in a struggle to get

them where they belonged. That's better, he said to himself, and stepped back

from the mirror for a last look. "My god,.. now I've got to take a leak" he

said out loud.

  He walked back to the bathroom and stood in front of the toilet.  Suddenly,

he realized that he couldn't just stand there, unzip his pants, and relieve

himself.  He had to turn around,  pull up the skirt and slip, hold it, and

slide both his pantyhose and panties down, only then could he sit and pee.

Unbelievable, he thought. As the flow started, he felt familiar relief.  He

carefully wiped, got up pulled up his under-pants, which were around his

ankles, then the pantyhose, went through the whole tugging and stretching

thing again, and then smoothed his skirt down. All this, just to pee, he

thought. I'll sure be glad when I get back to normal. When he finished, he

back to the bedroom.

  He looked at the stuff he bought, and found the shoe boxes. Well, he

thought, we have a choice of white and pink Reboks, or blue pump "girl shoes"

with a medium heel. The Reboks were definitely out with this outfit, but the

"high-heels" were downright scary. "Take it like a man" he joked to himself,

and slipped the blue heels on. He stood up and felt like he was on stilts.

The heels seemed much higher than the two or three inches they appeared to be.

Also his jerky movements made his breasts bounce when he walked.

  From habit, he felt for his wallet, feeling only his very soft, slick, and

rounded butt. Realizing his mistake he grabbed his new purse, and checked that

his wallet was in it. After locking the door to the apartment, he rushed down

the stairs, well... not exactly rushed, but he hobbled down the stairs in the


  As he reached the end of the staircase he stepped out into a beautiful

spring day, with fragrant flowers blooming, and tree buds bursting into




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