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Archive-name: Changes/bar-babe.txt


Archive-title: Bar Babe

Keywords: trans

        When I walked into the bar, I didn't notice her at first.

I sat in a  booth in a dark  corner and ordered a  drink from the


        The waitress returned with my  drink, and when I went  to

pay her for it, she said it had already been taken care of by the

blonde at the  end of the  bar.  I  looked, and there  was Sandy,

sitting  on  a  stool  at  the  end  of  the  bar.   God, she was

gorgeous!   Wearing  a  white  blouse,  short  black  skirt,  and

black fishnet  stockings, she  sat with  her legs  crossed, and I

could  see  far  up  her  skirt.   She  was, without a doubt, the

best looking woman in the place.

        Sandy smiled at me, and, as she walked over to my  table,

I couldn't help  but notice her  nipples, erect against  the soft

white silk of  her low cut  blouse, and the  slow swaying of  her

breasts.  She  stood in front  of me and  asked if she  could sit

with me.  "Sure", I said, and she slid into the booth with me.

        She told me that she was a receptionist in the hotel, and

that she  had just  gotten off  work a  few minutes  before.  She

said I  looked like  the kind  of man  she'd like  to spend  some

time  with,  as  she  traced  patterns  on the inside of my thigh

with her  long nails.   As she  stroked my  leg, her  firm,  warm

breast pressed against my arm with urgency.

        Sandy looked  me in  the eyes,  and said  she had  a room

upstairs and she'd  like to take  me there.   She stood, took  me

by the hand, and led me out  of the bar to the elevator.   Arm in

arm, the warmth  of her body  and the scent  of her perfume  were

really getting to  me!  My  cock was straining  against the front

of my pants, my balls tight and full.

        After  we  got  into  the  elevator, our arms went around

each other, and we kissed a long, wet, deep kiss.  Sandy's tongue

probed gently  into my  mouth and  dueled with  mine.   Her mouth

tasted  of  the   strawberry  daquiri  she   had  been   drinking

earlier.   We  lingered  over  the  kiss,  and Sandy was nibbling

and pulling  on my  lower lip  and thrusting  her hips against my

hard tool when we arrived at  her floor and the door opened.   If

that  door  hadn't  opened  just  then,  we  probably  would have

fucked right  there in  the elevator,  but a  hotel room  service

waiter entered the elevator, so we got out.

        We walked down the hall  to Sandy's room, and she  opened

the door.  I sat on the  couch, and Sandy went to the bar  to mix

us some  drinks.   When she  returned, we  started kissing again.

My hands traced the outline of her nipples through the thin  silk

of the  blouse, and  I could  feel the  lace of  her flimsy  bra.

She   leaned   back,   unbuttoned   the   blouse,   arched    her

shoulders, and slid it off.

        Her  tits  were  clearly  visible  through the black lace

of  the  bra,  and  overflowed   the  top.   About  1/2  of   the

aureolea  of  her  breasts  was  exposed.   I cupped her breasts,

and could  feel their  warmth and  weight.   She shivered when my

thumbs began caressing her taught  nipples, and her hand went  to

my crotch.  Sandy firmly  massaged my aching cock, and  opened my

zipper.  She reached inside, and freed my aching penis.

        Sandy asked me to lay back on the couch and I did.   She

took off her bra  and leaned over me,  brushing my eyes with  her

soft  tits,  and  then  unbuckled  my  pants and slid them and my

briefs  down  over  my  legs.   After  she  got my pants off, she

straddled my chest with her  lovely ass near my face,  still clad

in the black skirt and stockings.

        She leaned forward and took  my cock into her mouth,  her

lips gently sliding up and down the shaft.  As she did this,  her

crotch gradually moved  down to my  face, heavy with  perfume and

musk.  My  eyes were closed,  and I felt  something smooth, warm,

and wet sliding across my face  and lips.  I opened my  eyes, and

there, swinging slowly back and forth, was a big COCK!

        At first I was  a bit shocked, to  say the least!   I had

heard stories of the "she-males" in San Francisco, but had  never

dreamed I would meet one, and that she would be such a  beautiful

woman!  I was  so overcome with passion  from the actions of  her

mouth and tongue on my cock that I decided to just let it happen.

I reached up and touched a  cock other than my own for  the first

time.  Funny,  it felt much  like mine, but  was much warmer!   I

could see that Sandy had  shaved her entire crotch, and  her sack

hung below her large dick.

        She  was  uncircumsized,  and  the  head  of her cock was

swelling up out of the foreskin, purple and moist.  I brushed  it

back  and  forth  across  my  lips  and  could taste the slightly

salty taste of  the drop of  pre-cum hanging from  the hole.   It

was delicious, and I found  myself wanting more, so I  slipped it

into my mouth.

        As we both  suckled, our hips  were undulating.   I could

feel her breasts pressed against my stomach.  Sandy had the  best

of both worlds to offer me.  Suddenly, she released me, stood up,

and peeled her skirt  off.  "I want  to have your cock  up my hot

asshole", she murmured as she reached for the jar of love oil  on

the coffee table.  She applied  the love oil to her asshole,  and

her now hard cock swung back and forth as she approached me.

        She got on her hands  and knees on the couch  and reached

behind herself  to guide  my hot  cock into  that waiting cavern.

Her ass was slippery  with the scented love  oil, and I held  her

hips as my cockhead slid  past the gripping muscles of  her hole.

Sandy let out a  contented sigh as the  eight inches of my  thick

cock entered her.

        I leaned forward  and cradled her  swaying breasts in  my

hands as  I began  slowly thrusting  my turgid  manhood back  and

forth, my balls  slapping against Sandy's  as I buried  it to the

hilt.  We continued our movements, and one of my hands moved down

to encircle her rigid cock.  I pulled the foreskin back and forth

across her cockhead, and massaged the shaft and head with some of

the love oil.

        Sandy  arched  back,  so  her  back was against my chest,

both of us on our knees.   She turned her head, and we were  once

again locked in our tongue dueling.   I began to feel like I  was

going to cum, and could feel Sandy's cock twitching in my hand.

        The hot cum exploded from my balls and coursed up through

my cock, headed  for its new  home in Sandy's  ass.  At  the same

time, Sandy started to come.  I cupped my hand over her  cockhead

as  the  thick  white  come  began  spurting  out.   As it did, I

massaged it  over her  cockhead, shaft,  and balls.   She was  so

slippery, and so warm, and the weight of her cock and balls  felt

good in my hand.



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