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Archive-name: Changes/another.txt

Archive-author: She Devil

Archive-title: Yet Another She Devil Story

     I went through the windshield after I hit the pickup.

Witnesses say that I impacted on the flat bed's side panel and

bounced across the street.  I don't remember anything at all.

     I do remember the Hospital. First as a blur.  Lots of people

coming and going, prodding me, poking, sticking me with needles. I

was in traction, arms and legs casted and pulled up at odd angles.

I slept a lot.

Sheila was great.  Sheila De Ville was my fiance.  I'd just met her

when it happened.  We had a whirlwind romance and the doctors told

me she came to the Hospital every day.  She seemed so concerned,

they said.  I was just glad for the company.

     It was during the surgery on my knee that my susceptibility to

a weird side effect first became known.  I was under a local

anesthetic boosted by sodium pentothal.  The surgeon asked for

assistance, for someone to hold out their arm to allow him to blot

his brow.  My arm slowly rose.  He handled it well.  Put your arm

down and stay relaxed.  Do not move during the surgery.

     In one out of every 125,000 cases, the combination of drugs

that put me under had the side effect of producing a profound

hypnotic state.  An oddity, certainly of no great concern - after

all,  I wasn't planning any more surgery.

     Sheila took me home.  I was on crutches but she had everything

set up for me.  Things were lower, doors off the hinges.  I hated

the awkwardness but it was all going to be temporary, right? The

doctors said that I was going to be good as new.

     I mended slowly, first crutches and then, a cane.  Sheila was

by me every step.  She seemed to be treating me like a baby.  I

tried to tell her but she burst into tears.  I was so damn mad at

myself for that.  She had been super to me and, as thanks, I made

her cry.  I resolved to shut up and let her mother - really,

smother - me, if she still wanted to.

     Things had settled down to a nice routine.  A late awakening,

breakfast, a few things done around the house, easy healing days.

Today, we were going out to get me some new clothes.  I had lost so

much weight that nothing fit.

     "Are you ready, Honey?"  I made my slow way to the back door.

Sheila was already seated in the car.  I slid in and she pulled out

of the long driveway.

     "I brought along a couple of things of juice to drink on the

road", Sheila announced.

     I took the juice box.  The straw was already in.  Sheila was

greedily sucking down on her's.  I tried mine.  It tasted good but

as I got to the bottom a chemical aftertaste crept into my

mouth.  Never sell, I thought, and gave  it no mind.

     We were walking along through the mall and as we passed a

woman's clothing store, Sheila turned in.

     "Hey, aren't we supposed to be shopping for me?"

     "Come here, Sweetie, and be quiet."  Obediently, I turned in

and stood next to her, my lips sealed.  What the Hell was going on?

     "Miss, I want to purchase some jeans and stirrup pants, all in

pastels.  Matching tops and accessories."

     "Yes, Ma'am", replied the salesgirl.  "What size are you?"

     "Oh, they're not for me.  They're for my friend here.  I found

him fooling around and his punishment is to be dressed like a girl

for a month."

     The salesgirl exploded into giggles but scurried around

fetching a mound of pale  shades.  Helpless, I could only watch.

     "Sweetie, I want you to go into the dressing room and take off

all your clothes."

     I stood naked and cowering before the mirror in the ladies

dressing room.  At Sheila's instruction, I pulled the lacy thong

panties up my thin legs and allowed her to slip a teddie over

my slim chest.  Next came opaque white pantyhose and black spandex

stirrup pants.  I slipped my arms into the back-buttoning white

satin, stock-tied blouse and the little pastel pink bolero jacket.

     In front of the mirror, I stood absolutely still as Sheila

added touches.  Black patent flats with a fancy buckle on the toe,

white gloves, big button clip on earrings, necklaces, bracelets and

a little satin' covered girl's bowler.

     "He's adorable", the salesgirl enthused.  "What a perfect

sissy!  No woman would want him now."

     "I just love him this way, don't you?"  Sheila was walking

around me, inspecting, tugging my jacket a bit here, fitting the

spandex deeper into my rear crease.

     "I can't believe any real man would stand for this.  He must

really be a sissy boy to let you get away with this."

     Sheila took the girl to the side and whispered conspiratorial.

"Can I tell you a secret?"  Wide eyed, the salesgirl nodded that

Sheila's confidences would go no further.

     "I drugged him.  He has to do whatever he's told.  For the

next month he'll be perfectly obedient to me.  No more beating me

and cheating on me.  No more making me wear slutty clothes."

     "He did all that to you?   He..he beat you?"  Sheila solemnly


     "Well, I want to help you", the salesgirl added.  "I know the

lady who runs the beauty shop across the way.  Let's make your

sissy hubbie a very special appointment."

     I could hear the snickers as I walked through the Mall,

trailing after my captors.  I was taken right in back and seated,

sans jacket and blouse, in a salon chair.

     "Mrs. Jenkins, he's the one I told you about.  She's got him

drugged so he can't beat her anymore or sneak around behind her


     I tried to say something but Sheila curtly told me to shut up.

And then she told me to smile. A sweet simpering smile.

     "I wouldn't have believed it with my own eyes.  Well, what do

you have in mind for this pig?"

     Sheila hesitated.  Apparently she hadn't thought that far

ahead.  But the salesgirl jumped right in.  "Let's bleach his hair

peroxide blonde and perm it with lots of waves.  Then we can cut it

into a sissyish half-boy and half-girls sort of a ducktail."

     Mrs. Jenkins smiled.  "I've got it.  You don't want him to

look like a girl.  You want a very effeminate boy."

     Sheila and her accomplice looked at each other for a moment

and together exclaimed, "Exactly!"

     Hours later, I stood waiting for my next command.  Sheila had

given me a booster injection.  I wasn't about to regain my self-

control.  I had been to the make-up counter and now wore a heavy

coating of what seemed like ever color in the rainbow.  My blush

was very pink and thick.  Passersbymust have thought I was

embarrassed bymy condition.  My ears had been triple pierced.

     And I held a shiny black patent purse in my hands, showing off

my now inch long red nails.  And my chest was perfectly flat.


     "Why are you dong this to me?"

     I was dressed in hot pants and an Eton jacket, little white

anklets and black patent pumps.  A white pinafore covered all that

and I was ironing.

     "You were going to leave me."  What was she talking about? "I

could see it in your eyes.  After I nursed you back to health, you

were going to leave me.  I couldn't have let that happen. THEY

would come.

     "They would come from the Clinic and take me back.  I'm well

but they don't ever listen.  They want you to be sick.  Sick so

that they can keep you prisoner.  And you were going to leave but

I won't let you and now you are my prisoner!"

     My  God, she's out of her mind.  I'm the mind-slave of a

madwoman!  "Please, Sheila, I never wanted to leave you."

     "LIARLIARLIAR!!  For that you'll be punished."  My wrists were

connected to the lacing bar and slowly the edges of my corset were

closed by Sheila another inch.

     Red faced with exertion and hysteria, Sheila proudly produced

the tape measure.  "Let's see how slender you're getting, my prissy

little pet."

     "Twenty-two inches.  My isn't that sweet, your waist is

smaller than mine, and daintier too.  I'll keep cinching you in

until you're under twenty inches.  Now bend over."

     The medication was kept at a maintenance dose.  I could speak

on my own but I had no will to resist.  Dutifully, I presented my


     Sheila injected two hypodermic needles each into my bottom

cheeks.  Another two went into my male breasts.  Next, she took my

penis and fondled me to erection.  As I came, she injected the

final needle into my scrotum.

     Female hormones!

     I had been on them for a month now.  Getting something like

one hundred and forty times the recommended dosage.  The results

had been devastating.  Aided with a fatty diet, I was developing

wide hips, well padded and jiggling.  My chest needed a bra now and

Sheila made sure that I was always well wired,  lifted and


     I dried my tears and waited for Sheila to say something. I had

been conditioned to speak only when spoken to.

     "Sweetie, when you're done with your ironing, your

hairdressing subscriptions are in.  Make sure you read them all."

     "Yes, M'am, I will read them all. May I ask a question?

     "Certainly, you may.  If you are willing to do so while I

spank you."

     "Why are..OUCH, making..OUCH read those ..0OUCH

..magazines, the ones ..OUCH ..about hairdressing?,,

     "You can be so silly, Sweetie.  Were else could an effeminate

boy like you get a job?  A beauty parlor of course.  Sissies like

you, make fantastic hair stylists. I've spoken to Mrs. Jenkins and

she plans  to put you to work  any day now."

     "Yes, M'am.  It's just's just that.."

     "Are you crying, Sweetie?"  I couldn't hold back the tears. It

was so humiliating, crying like the sissy I was being forced to be.

     I nodded my head, my blonde waves bouncing.

     "How precious.  I want you to say Boo hoo hoo."

     "Boo hoo hoo" I replied dully.

     "Now faster and over and over."

     "Boo hoo hoo, boo hoo hoo, boohoohoo."

     "Louder and rub your eyes."

     "BOOHOOOHOO0!"  I could see myself in the mirror.  Dressed

like a sissy and crying like an oversized child in a second rate


     "Whenever you cry, you will cry just like this, Sweetie."

Sheila lead me over to the picture frame.  A gilt edged picture

frame - as tall as I - stood in the middle of a room.  I stood

framed in its center as Sheila took plenty of snaps of the

Sniveling Sissy she had created.


     Most of the woman assumed that I was a girl.  I was dressed in

white stirrups, a size too small to show off my plump fanny, and a

fluffy pink angora sweater.

     "Cissy, get over here.  There's someone I want you to meet."

     "Yes, Mrs. Jenkins."  I tried to stand behind her when I saw

who it was.  Sheila had tracked down my first wife,  Christine.

     "Is that thing really him?"

     "You betcha, Chris.  I really put him in his place, didn't I"

     "I'll say!  So you thought you could beat up and abuse women.

You weren't much of a husband with me but at least you never tried

any of that stuff.  Sheila tells me that you used to tie her up and

rape her."

     I tried to answer but, as usual, Sheila cut me off.

     "Don't you have anything at all to say?  It's all true, huh?

I don't think they've been half-enough hard on you."

     Sheila slipped her arm around Christine's waist.  What was

that all about? Were Christine's eyes a little glazed?  Not enough

to turn her into a pliant zombie like me but enough maybe to plant

a suggestion about liking lesbian love.

     "What do you have in mind, Darling?"  I could see the evil

glint in Sheila's smile.

     "I think he's pouting over his lost manhood," Christine said.

"I think he's a pouty sissy but his lips don't pout."

     "Let's give him fat pouty lips."

     "I know just the place", Mrs. Jenkins added gleefully. 

"There's an M.D. - he's a real butcher - in the Medical Arts

building by the Orange entrance who thinks he knows how to do it."

     I was marched over and carefully instructed.  Go in and fill

out the forms.  Tell the doctor you want your lips enlarged to

maximum pout.  Pay in cash.  Be happy with the result and tell the

doctor how happy I am.

     It didn't take long.  I was left at the make-over counter in

the middle of the Mall, a make-up cape covering my sweater and one

color after another was painted on my extremely pouted lips and

photographed.  I bought over fifty different tubes.

     "Let me say good-bye to my old ex", Christine said as she was

leaving.  She whispered in my ear.  Everyone wanted to know what

she had said. Christine made me repeat it.

     "Christine said that she gave me these big lips to suck cock

with.  Whenever I change the color of my lipstick, I will have an

irresistible urge to suck cock.  I will suck it until it creams

down my throat.  When I am done, I will thank the cock for letting

me suck it."

     The gathered women laughed loudly at my fate.  Mrs. Jenkins

checked her watch.

     "Look at the time.  Look at the time",  she  exclaimed.  The

afternoon delivery was due.

     Christine handed my a golden lipstick tube and told me to wait

by the backdoor.  Wait until I heard the knock and then change my

lipstick.  Change my lipstick and open the door!

     They hid in the lavatory in the dark with the door ajar,

watching me go down on the  deliveryman.  I swallowed every drop

and thanked the cock for letting me suck it.

     Christine's parting promise to me was to call me often to see

how I was doing.  And maybe, if she was feeling evil, she might

tell me something to do.

     I now own over seventy different colors of lipstick.  I

counted them.


     I looked at myself in the mirror.  I had  a  35C-19-38  figure

in black thong panties and spike heels.  Otherwise I was naked.  My

pathetic male equipment barely made a bulge in my panties.

     The man in front of me was seated.  They call it couch

dancing.  I can move all around.  He stays on the couch.  Sheila

wanted me to experience how humiliated women can get being ogled by

lecherous men.  I danced topless, jumped out of cakes, and couch


     I ground my hips and rubbed my breasts.  Standard stuff.  The

timer went off and he left.  There was another surprise Sheila had

promised.  Lately, she had seemed more crazy than ever.  I had

become very scared of her.

     The bell chimed and the door opened.

     Sheila walked in.  Next to her stood my mother.  Her eyes were

glazed like mine.  She was as deeply in thrall as I was.

     Denise, my mother, had me when she was only 16.  I was 21 and

she was a very attractive  woman.  Sheila clicked her fingers and

Denise opened her black vinyl raincoat.  She was dressed exactly

the same as I was.  Sheila hung big rhinestone chandeliers from our

earlobes and wide matching chokers around our necks.

     Denise's nipples were pierced and wide hoops were inserted.

Soon, so were mine.  We danced and pranced for Sheila, made it with

each other for Sheila, and spanked each other for Sheila.  Sheila

handed me the vinyl raincoat and told me to stand by the door.

     Denise's black thong came down to reveal her shaved pussy.

Sheila threw Denise a fluff of red lace that turned out to be a red

thong.  Red!  That was the code to the customers that the girl was

looking for tricks.

     "Denise will be taking your place, Cissy.  I thought it would

be fun to see her pretend to be you for a while.  Denise, remember

now.  You want to suck the cock of everyman who comes in here.  And

you want them to fuck you.  But they have to pay you first.  If

they don't pay you first,  it will be very painful but when they

pay you,  you will have more pleasure than youhave ever felt


     I watched through a two-way mirror as a man entered.  He saw

my mother's panties and threw a ten dollar bill on the bed.  Denise

undulated over to him and in seconds was impaling her mouth on his

hard rod.

     "We'll leave her alone now.  It's not polite to stare.  In a

few months, we can see how she's doing."

     My ex-wife, converted into a lesbian who thinks I'm a

homosexual sissy.  My mother, another mind slave working as a dance

joint hooker.

     What else could Sheila do to ensnare me to her will?

     "I wasn't looking at her."

     "Don't lie, Cissy.  Yes, you were.  You were looking at that

woman and you know it."  I had been looking.  She was very

attractive in a sophisticated way.  Sheila had done nothing to curb

my male orientation.  I still preferred women as my sex partners.

It's just that I spent all my time getting ready for men.

     "Since you like her so much, I want you to go over to her and

tell her that you've locked your keys in the car and can she help?"

In a minute, she in her expansive suit and I in my pink stretch

pants and tube top were walking through the parking lot.

     She never had a chance.  Sheila plunged a hypo of mindtrancers

into the woman's exposed neck and in moments she was as docile as

I was.

     "Take a good look at her, Cissy.  Why is she so attractive to


     "She's pretty, she has beautiful dark hair and she dresses

very well."  I cannot lie.  It's programmed that way.

     "We can certainly fix that. ,,

     The results were amazing.  Her hair was burgundy frizz now.

She was squeezed into a cheap polyester pantsuit.  Her makeup was

applied sloppily.  Her carefully hidden moustache had been darkened

to emphasize the flaw.  Who was this changed person?

     "Now listen up, Cissy, as I punish this female for distracting

you.  If I catch you ever looking around again, I will be much more


     "As for you", Sheila shifted her attention to the hapless

woman whom I had doomed, "from now on, your name is Ethyl Blatz.

You work as a cleaning woman.  You will use the money in your purse

to buy a bus ticket to New York City.  When you get there, you will

get a job cleaning toilets."

     "Whenever you try to tell anyone who you are, you will want a

drink of liquor.  Whenever you are drunk, you will tell people who

you are.  You are the Queen of Sheba. Forget everything else, you

are Ethyl Blatz the toilet-cleaning Queen of Sheba."

     Sheila was giggling jerkily, hysterical with the excitement of

the injury she was inflicting.

     I never saw that woman again.  I never knew her name.  She had

been destroyed only because I looked at her in passing.


     Christine stood proudly as I laced her into the single glove.

She had moved in as Sheila's lover.  Sheila beat her, bound her,

spit in her mouth and Christine loved it all.

     Today, as was so often the case, was special.  Sheila had

Christine in a full body sheath that acted like a vise of leathe. 

Her elbows touched now.  Christine's breasts jutted out, small but

high set and perky.

     On her leash, she followed meto the porch.  My measurements

had continued to expand and my 40 inch hips swayed in my tight

pants.  Christine let herself be tied to the frame and made no

comment as she was tilted onto her back.  Sheila, dressed like a

surgeon, stood next to her and explained what was going to happen.

     Inside, I could see the real Christine screaming but

externally she was all smiles as the incisions in her breasts were

made and the bags were inserted.  One thousand cc's of silicon were

pumped in and sutured into place.  Tilted up, her breasts stood out

tight and taut like artificial globes.  I helped fit the post-op

bra that would allow the inserts to firm up in place.

     "Those are real DD's, Cissy.  Would you like a matching set?"

     I had C cups now and didn 't want any more to handle than

that.  No, thank you Ma'am.

     "Well, we'll see how Christine does with these big beauties."

Sheila held a mirror in front of the dazed female.

     "You have enormous breasts.  You love your breasts.  They're

the only thing attractive about you.  When you see your breasts in

a mirror, you get excited.  You want to fuck and suck a man.  But

when a man touches you, you are disgusted and you want a woman to

punish you'for letting men paw you."

     A few weeks later, I watched Christine first enamor herself in

the mirror, then throw herself at a dirty,  smelly bum. Her disgust

made her puke and, shattered, she submitted to her punishment - a

fist fucking in her ass by Sheila.

     Denise waddied in.  Her hugely pregnant belly was held up and

molded by a pregnancy corset.  Her breasts were swollen orbs, with

dark thick,  dripping nipples jutting through the sheer fabric of

the imitation nurses's uniform she was poured into.  Her skirt

ended at her crotch to show the incredibly thick mat of hair

growing between her legs.  Her white nylons showed the heavy growth

on her legs.  Wild tendrils of dark pungent pubic hair clung wetly

from her under arms, left visible but the halter cut of her

uniform.  Tufts of hair were visible from her ears and she had a

noticeable beard.

     Denise's hair had been permed and dyed into a huge black afro

and then pulled back, framing her face and the silly nurses' cap

she wore.  There were rings in both nostril and a stud.  Her

nametag read "Dynese."

     I put away my typing and stood up.  Sheila had kept me in

pants, crushed velvet usually with a frilly blouse.  My blonde wavy

hair fell well down my back now.

     "Yo   deb   dis   tah   meh",   Dynese accused. "Gaht meh

hipamatized.  Gaht meh all sexed up an hoan-y.  Nows I'se knocked


     Sheila rubbed her hand over the immense belly and pointed to


     "It's his fault. It's all your sissy son's fault. If he wasn't

such a sissy, if he could satisfy a woman like real man, you

wouldn't be pregnant."

     Sheila explained to me that mother had been a real favorite,

and was soon the number one choice, of the black customers. Once

she was pregnant, Sheila saw to it that she was given overdoses of

the hormones that control lactation, hair, growth, and weight gain

during pregnancy. "A couple of injections, a few quick commands and

voila! Instead of an appealing lady we have an illiterate, hairy


     "Iss dat fairy's fault?" Mother was shuffling over to me. "I

fixes him, I fixes him". She was holding a stick. She was going to

beat me. Strong hands forced me to my knees and plunged my face

into her foul smelling crotch.

     "Eat meh, pansy!" I tried to lap away but I kept gagging. "Yu'

raht. He ain't worth shit to womens. I gives him to yah if yahs

just fixes meh back up da way I usa be."

     Sheila made soothing promises to the grotesque character who

had been my mother and saw her to the door.

     After she had left marcie told me, "her next baby will be

Hispanic. Then Oriental. Then, who knows? I'll just keep altering

her as I go."

     Sheila approached with a hypodermic needle she had picked up.

     "But I've been saving you for last, Cissy. Mommie's all gone.

Ex-wife's all gone. Now just drop your panties, bend over, and I'll

make you all mine." 

     My compulsion to obey her took over and I did as she

commanded. I felt the needle pierce my right ass cheek and whatever

was in it was soon pumped into my plump buttocks. I no sooner had

replaced my panties and pulled up my pants, than I started to feel

weak and dizzy. I sat down and consciousness departed entirely.


     I just hate this dress. Whenever I wear it, all the boys want

to do is feel me up. Mommie Sheila says I have to wear it though.

I need to be popular. Boys must like me.

     I'm sixteen and not very bright. Mommie Sheila says that every

time I get an idea she has to wipe it right out of my head. But I

hardly ever get any ideas anymore.

     I love really high heels and tight skirts that only reach my

fingertips. I wear push up bras and low cut blouses that show the

tops of my nipples. I try to pull them up but, when I leave for

school, Mommie Sheila pulls my neckline down.

     For instance, today is the rally for the big game. I'm wearing 

the blue spandex tank dress with the wide yellow belt, yellow

stockings, and yellow high heels. It's okay because they're the

school colors, but it's so tacky because I look like I'm naked. You

can see my nipples through the fabric and everything. It's so sheer

that I know when it gets cold that everything will really pop out.

     "Sheila !"

     Oh God, what does she want?

     "Yes, Mommie Sheila." I hustle downstairs as fast as I can in

my high heels

     "Today's the big game isn't it? I want you to remember what I

told you to do." 

     Ugh! This is like sooooo gross. I have to put my hand on

Chad's gigantic cock whenever he smiles at me, whether anyone is

watching or not. Not only that, but I have to let him feel up under

my skirt whenever he wants.

     And then I have to go down on the entire team after the game.

I can't help it. Seems like every time I go out on a date I wind up

getting gang-banged. Mommie Sheila says it's because I'm just like

my mother.

     I met her not long ago. She's real fat and has seven kids and

she doesn't know who any of the fathers are and she makes her money

working in a massage parlor. Christine at the beauty parlor is one

of Mommie Sheila's best friends and she says that men are all pigs

and that only women know how to make a woman's titties feel good.

She should know. She has the biggest set around.

     Mommie Sheila says she thinks mine could get that big. I hope

not. Christine's titties are so big that all her clothes  have to

be custom made and they must be embarrassing to wear the way they

show everything off.

     "Now, Cissy, I have only one last thing I want you to remember

when you get to the game today."

     Dutifully I listen. I always seem to wind up doing exactly

what I'm told no matter how I feel about it.

     "Every time, anybody scores a point I want you to have an

orgasm. Got that? Every single time."

     That wouldn't sound so bad except that I have this problem.

When I have orgasms, I have a really humiliating compulsion that I

hate to have anyone see. I like to expose myself. To flash the hot

pink thong panties I'm wearing. I'll be flipping the front of my

skirt up all afternoon. Then, tonight, the football team will be

flipping up the back. Mommie Sheila says that I need her to take

care of me. It's true. Look at the troubles I get myself in. When

I get home, I'll be a mess, but Mommie Sheila will help me clean up

and get ready for tomorrow when I'll just get myself in trouble all

over again.

     I guess Mommie Sheila is right. A girl as silly and sexy as me

will always need her mother. But I know that I'm getting better.

You see, lately I've been thinking that having boobs as big as

Christine's would be a gas.

     I knew I was right about having big boobs when I overheard

Chad talking to his friend Mike. Chad said, "You ever see that babe

who works at that beaurt salon downtown? Wow! What a set of

knockers. I'd give a million bucks just to see and play with them

for awhile."

     I knew he was talking about Christine. Chad wasn't happy with

my tits and this bothered me. That night, after I had come home

from the football game, Mommie Sheila was helping me clean up from

my adventures with the football team.

     "Mommie Sheila?"

     "Yes Cissy dear?"

     "Do you think my breasts will grow any larger?"

     "I don't know. I wouldn't think so, they're pretty big right

now. Why, do you want them too?"

     "Oh yes. The boys like girls with big chests and I want so

much for them to like me."

     "Well, I'll see what I can do."

     The next week Mommie Sheila sent me to school with a note

excusing me from classes on Thursday and Friday. She didn't tell me

what was up, but I didn't worry about it. Thursday morning Mommie

Sheila woke me up really early.

     "Come on Cissy! Rise and shine! Today's your big day, were

going to see the doctor about your breasts."

     I was dressed in just high heels, thong panties, a denim mini-

skirt, and a sweatshirt when we left. I didn't even have a bra on.

We arrived at a house on the outskirts of town that looked kind of

shabby to me and went inside. It looked kind of odd for a doctor's

office. The doctor looked even odder. He was rather disheveled and

unkempt. I didn't like the way he eyed my body and I was surprised

that he seemed to know me.

     My, my Cissy. You certainly seem a different person from when

we first met. Just lay down on the table here and let me give you

a little shot. I did and as I drifted off I heard him tell Mommie

Sheila, "I'll put these adjustable implants in and there'll be

plenty of room for further "development" if you desire."

     I woke up slowly. I was still on the table. My chest was numb,

but felt as if some kind of band had been strapped tightly around

my chest. The doctor and Mommie Sheila came in.

     "Oh good, she's awake. Now keep her in bed and keep that

support bra on her all the time until Monday morning." 

     When I got up to walk I could feel a great weight on my chest

in spite of the numbness. I looked down and could see that I did

indeed have a much enlarged bustline.

     Mommie Sheila made sure I followed doctor's orders. I went

right into bed. She gave me a Walkman to listen to music, but I

don't remember what groups I listened to. The next days seemed to

go by in the blink of an eye.

     Mommie Sheila woke me up Monday and I felt excited and very

happy. She helped me get out of that tight bra I'd been wearing and

that was a relief. My new titties seemed even larger when freed

from it's restraint. I seemed to have to melons of flesh on my


     When Mommie Sheila went to dress me, we found out none of my

old bras would fit.

     "I guess you'll just have to go without one today Cissy dear."

     "Do you think that's O. K. Mommie?"

     "Sure, the doctor said they won't droop or sag. Here's just

the outfit to wear today."

     She handed me a white top. It had a ruffled neckline and when

I got it on I found out it was a midriff cut and came down just

under my boobs. The skirt matched the top. It was white with a

ruffled hemline and was it ever tiny. Sometimes I wish Mommie

Sheila would let me dress like other girls but I never argue about

what she givces me to wear. I just put on some earrings, a bracelet

and some white high heels and was off to school. 

     I felt like a million bucks as I sauntered down the street.

The doctor might have said my titties would'nt sag but they sure

did bounce. I met Chad outside school and his eyes widened and he

whistled when he saw me and I knew I'd the right thing. 

     "Wow Cissy!"

     "You like them Chad? I did it for you."

     Chad practically dragged me around the side of the building to

an outside area with chairs where students could smoke. His friends

all followed him. He wanted to see and of course I had to show all

the boys my new titties.

     I pulled up my top and they all just stared in stunned

silence. Then one boy started whistling and they all hooted and

clapped. I went into a little dance, shaking my boobs for the boys.

They knew about my penchant for flashing and when one of them cried

out, "Show us your panties Cissy!" I was more than happy to oblige.

     I placed a foot on a chair so they could have a good view and

grabbed the hem of my short skirt and pulled it up. Another moment

of shocked silence followed.

     "What's the matter, don't you like my pretty panties?"

     "Ci ... Ci ... Cissy.." Chad mumbled. 

     Just then I looked down and I was shocked to discover that I

didn't have any panties on. Now how had I forgotten to put them on?

     I pulled my skirt back down, but it was too late. The boys

circled around and started touching me. Soon my poor judgement had

taken over and I was on my knees with one cock down my throat while

Chad fucked me doggie style. It was like that that the principal

found us.

     The boys all got suspended but I got expelled for instigating


     "What can I do with you Cissy?"

     "I don't know Mommie Sheila."

     "You're just so featherbrained. I don't see any use for you

except as decoration. Say, that gives me an idea."  She went and

made a phone call.

     "I was able to get you a job with my friend Dr. Adams as an

office assistant. There's one small condition, but that shouldn't

bother you much."

     I looked at the stack of files on the desk. I didn't know how

I'd ever get all this work done. It was especially hard to try and

do filing with my boobs getting in the way all the time.  That had

been the doctor's "small condition."  Only they weren't so small,

they were gigantic. The doctor had insisted on "maximizing" the

volume of the implants in my chest with the result that my titties

are at least as big as Christine's, maybe even a little bigger.

Don't get me wrong I like having them, but they do present

problems. I have to wear a bra, but they don't make any with a big

enough cup size. I am going to have some custom made as soon as I

can save up the money.

     It's tough to be a working girl. I have to get my acrylic

nails done every two weeks. I get my hair done at the same time.

After paying for room and board and cosmetics I don't have that

much left over. My clothes also have to be altered or custom

tailord to accommodate my breasts. I borrow some of Christine's

stuff once in a while but someday I am going to have to buy my own.

     Mommie Sheila syas she is going to fix me up with an escort

service where men will pay money to go on dates with me. She says

I can earn extra "tips" if I have sex with them. That sounds fine

with me as I have plenty of sex now but I don't get paid for it.

     Take Dr. Adams for instance, at least once a day I get called

into his office to 'consult' with him which consists of me

consulting with his cock, usually getting bent over his desk and

fucked. Sometimes he just likes to play with my titties while I

suck him off. I don't mind it and he's really nice to me. I guess

all in all that things could be worse. I could not have a job and

not have Mommie Sheila to watch out for me.

     One day Dr. Adams called me in for a 'consult.' He had me pull

down tha tank top I was wearing. Underneath I had on a custom made

black bra with little cups that were more like shelves in that they

went under my breasts to support them but didn't cover them at all.

     Then he had me take off the black leather mini-skirt I was

wearing and remove the black silk and lace French-cut panties that

matched my bra. This left me in black fishnet stockings with

elastic tops that stayed up by themselves and black patent high

heels with little bows. Usually our sex was the old wham bam thank

you ma'am, but today he French kissed me and sucked and played with

my titties until I was begging him to fuck me.

     This he did most enthusiastically on the lambskin rug in his

office. He got up and got dressed. I just lay there enjoying that

fabulous feeling of being freshly fucked. Who should walk in just

then but Mommie Sheila. I started to get up and grabbed my panties

and skirt when she said, "No! Just stay there Cissy."

     I lay back down. She asked the doctor, "do you have that shot

ready that we talked about?"

     "I most certainly do."

     "Please administer it."

     "At once." 

     He got out a syring and approached me with it. "Roll over a

little Cissy."

     I did and he injected the needle in my butt. I rolled back on

my rear and started feeling a little dizzy.

     "It's been nice Cissy." Said the doctor.

     "Bye bye little girl." said Mommie Sheila. I wondered what she

was talking about.

     I woke up and for the first time since Sheila had drugged me

with that Orange juice I felt clearheaded and lucid. I remembered

Sheila and I had been talking with my mother.

     "Welcome back Bobby."

     I looked and saw Sheila and she had some strange man in a

doctor's jacket with her. I tried to move but there seemed to be a

great weight pressing down on my chest. I looked down and saw two

huge stacks of flesh. Even on my back I couldn't see over them.

Sheila had done something else to me. What had been ordinary

everyday breasts were now humongous balloons. I bet I matched my

ex-wife in the chest department now.

     "They're EEE if you were wondering," Sheila interrupted my

thoughts, "and in case you're buying clothes you might need to know

that your bustline is 50 inches around. They contrast well with the

rest of your body. Your waist is now 20 inches and your hips are 40

inches. Hope you like it."

     "But why?" I started to ask her, then I noticed blonde hair on

my shoulders. I reached up and touched it. Yes, it was mine, but it

hadn't been anywhere near that long.

     "What did you do to my hair?" I asked Sheila.

     "Nothing. It does grow out you know."

     "I know but ..." I started to reply. Just then I felt

something wet running down my crotch. I reached down and felt

something wet and sticky and got the shock of my life. Instead of

my shriveled up little penis I touched what for all the world felt

like a cunt vagina.

     "Yes Bobby. I've given you a cunt to match the rest of you.

You'll be happy to know it works just fine. That sticky stuff is

cum and you'll be pleased to know that all the men who've fucked

you say you're a great lay."

     I lay there in shock, bewildered by the discovery that I was

now totally female. Sheila had finished what she'd started after my

accident and now I was a complete woman whether I liked it or not,

which of course I didn't.

     I noticed that I was still touching myself down there and

pulled my hand away.

     "Oh no, Bobby! I think you should investigate your new sex. Go

ahead, spread those lips. Open it up, put your fingers in it, and

play with it."

     I discovered that the compulsion to obey her was as strong as

ever as I did exactly as she commanded. My finger seemed to know

what they were doing as they stimulating my woman's sex. It felt

rather good and I found myself becoming excited.

     "You know Bobby, if you ask the doctor politely he might be

persuaded to make love to you."

     "I'll never do that," I though, but found myself saying

"Please fuck me Doctor," with the seductive inflection of an

aroused woman.

     "See how I've been able to integrate both personalities into

one. Bob the engineer and Cissy the silly slut, together in one

mind. It's a good thing we made Cissy dominant since they have to

live in that body."

     By this time the doctor had dropped his pants and I had spread

my legs to receive him. As I lay there being fucked I was revolted,

yet at the same time found it somehow fulfilling. I understood

without a doubt that I was now a woman with no way out. The Doctor

came and I could feel his penis spurting cum inside me when I

experienced my first orgasm as a female. It was delightful and I

found myself squealing and moaning.

     After the Doctor was off me I tried getting up, discovering in

the process that handling those tits of mine was going to take some

getting used to. Finally I was standing up. I looked around for

some tissues to wipe off the cum draining from my pussy. I didn't

see any and asked Sheila, "Do you have some tissues so I can wipe


     "I think you should just leave it alone and later you can

smell yourself and remember what a good fuck you had. Now get


     I was unable to argue with her and picked up what were

obviously my panties and put them on in spite of the fact that I

knew they would soon be wet with cum. I pulled up my tank top and

stepped into a black leather mini-skirt. I struggled getting the

tight skirt over my hips and once it was there I had to suck in my

tummy to get the zipper all the way up. It fit like a second skin

and I found I was self-conscious about the way my nipples showed

through my top.

     "Here's a check for what I owe you Cissy." The Doctor said.

     "What?" I asked.

     "Well, I no longer require your services. In other words,

you're fired."

     "So what should I do?" I looked firat at him and then Sheila.

     "Funny you should ask that." Said Sheila. "You will cash your

check and use the money to buy a bus ticket to New York City. When

you get there, you will get a job as a topless dancer. You will

like dancing for men and any money you make over the cost of living

you will send home to me once a month. If anyone asks you will say

that Sheila is your illegitimate daughter that you support by


     I was walking down the street towards downtown when I heard a

woman call me. "Excuse me Miss, but you forgot your purse."

     I knew her. Her name was Sheila and she was a friend of my

mom. I took my purse from her and thanked her. I looked inside to

see if everything was still there. Just a little money, some

makeup, my driver's license, and a check. I looked at the license

that said who I was: Cissy Thomas, age 18. I heard that voice in my

head telling me that I was really Robert Thomas and was 29. I knew

better than to listen to it as I started walking again. I was late

and it was hard to hustle in high heels with my big breasts

bouncing around, but I had a bus to catch.



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