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Archive-name: Series/ebony05.txt 


Archive-title: Ebony Confessions Vol. 5

Also-archived: Samesex/ebony05.ff

                           "Lady Lust"

     Several years ago, before I was married, I had a nice

experience with a friend of mine, a girl I worked with.  Her name

was Rachel, and she was a plump black girl of about nineteen.  (I

am white.)  She had a pair of the biggest and softest brown eyes

this side of heaven, and was just plump enough to be alluring;

huge titties, a big, squirmy bottom, full legs.  She looked like

she was made of light tan velvet.

     I was living alone at the time in a small three-room

apartment.  One Friday evening there was a knock at the door, and

when I opened it there was Rachel smiling at me.  "They're

decorating my apartment, Cathy," she said in her soft low voice. 

"That darned paint makes me sick.  Would I be imposing if I asked

to spend the night here?"

     "Why, of course not, Rachel.  You're just as welcome as the

flowers in May," I smiled.  "Come on in."

     We watched some TV together, then made ready for bed.  I

showered, then the black girl took her turn in the shower.  I had

never seen a black person nude before, and when she came into the

bedroom naked a little thrill ran through me.  She was still

moist from her bath, I saw.  I wanted to stare at her, but I

could not.

     Her titties were almost giant in size,  pair of huge globes

which sagged just enough to be intriguing, each with a big dark

nipple.  She had a surprisingly small waist, wide, soft-looking

hips, and big satiny-looking thighs.  She had enough pubic hair

for three women, a great wide forest of thick, black fur nestled

in the juncture of her big legs.  I thrilled again when she

crawled into bed, her plump, dimpled bottom smiling at me.

     I climbed in beside her and clicked out the light.  I was on

my back, and Rachel was lying on her side, facing me as we

chatted softly in the darkness.  My baby doll nightie had crawled

up to my waist, I could feel, but I ignored it.  Then I felt her

fingers touch my hip very lightly.  At first I thought it was

accidental but they touched again and stayed there.  I did not

move, did not say a word, but more little thrills ran through my

tummy.  Somehow, in the back of my mind, I had known that she

would do that.  I do not know how I knew it, but I did.  her

fingers crept onto my naked belly, and goose pimples stood up on

me.  I became aware that Rachel was breathing strangely, and had

been for some time.

     "May I kiss you, Cathy?" she breathed.  "Yes..." I whispered

back.  I felt her unbelievably soft mouth pressing my lips.  I

felt her hand slip down to my furry little cunt, and my legs

parted for her.  How different it was to be kissed by a soft

mouth as opposed to the tobacco-tasting and beard-stubbled mouth

of a man.  How wonderfully gentle and careful her fingers were as

they wandered about within my crotch, petting and fondling,

finger fucking me, then petting some more.  My little cunt grew

wetter in its response, and her lips moved slowly over my face,

her fresh, clean breath puffing into my nostrils.  I knew what

she would do next.  I knew what she would do next.  I knew it!

     She moved down, her mouth grazing my skin, and my legs

opened further in welcome, my knees lifting.  Her hot breath

panted into my crotch.  I lay with my eyes closed as something

warm, wet, and wonderful wandered this way and that over my cunt

lips, up and down the crack, over to each side, back to the hold

where it slipped inside again and again, wriggling as it did so. 

One hand slipped under me and clasped my little bare ass warmly,

and the warm, wet, slippery thing continued to wander here and

there, continued to fuck me now and then.

     Careful fingers parted my cunt and a pair of gentle lips

encircled my erect little clitoris.  The began to suck very

lightly, and that wet, slippery thing was there, too, sort of

fluttering rapidly at it, the hot breath still puffing against my

sensitive flesh.

     It was the very first time anyone had ever eaten my cunt,

and I was filled with the wonder and awe of it.  It felt so good

to me that I wanted to scream.  I did!  I could feel myself being

lifted to magnificent heights, felt and orgasm rushing to the

fore.  I began to squirm, unable to control myself any longer.  I

reached down and touched her dark hair, my head going back.

     I exploded into my rapture the, climaxing in her face, my

hips writhing, grinding my cunt against her happy mouth.  When it

was over she left my clitty and slowly licked the quivering lips

for a while as I lay gulping in oxygen, my chest heaving.  Then

she came back up and cuddled my trembling body in her arms,

holding me while I floated back to earth on my little pink cloud.

     I was overwhelmed with emotions...passion, curiosity,

whatever.  I turned to kiss her, eagerly using my tongue to

explore her mouth.  She let me willingly, moaning softly as she

began to embrace me.  I was breathing heavy...I was loosing

control of what I was doing.  I moved down her soft, dark form,

feverishly kissing, fondling, and sucking her huge breasts. 

Sucking each big, hard nipple into my mouth.

     At this point, my inhibitions, if there were any, were gone. 

I began to whisper to her, "I want you...give me that pussy!"  As

I slowly kissed my way down to her crotch, she seductively parted

her legs, revealing her hot, wet mound of honey.  I looked at it,

staring at its surprising beauty.  I licked her.   Grazing her

lips with my tongue.  Her flowing juices were delicious, and the

aroma made my entire body tingle.  I began to taste her faster,

licking and darting my tongue in her the same way she did me.

     She very gently held my head between her legs with her

hands, making sure I had full access to her steamy, soggy cunt. 

I was using my fingers and hands now, opening her the way I would

open myself, working her big, hard clit with my tongue.  I sucked

her love button and she went wild!  "Yes!  Fuck...suck my pussy!" 

I increased my intensity.  Her body shook in an incredible fury

as she came on my face.  Her juices flowing into my open and

eager mouth.

     Some time later she went down and ate my little cunt again,

coaxing me to a second orgasm, then cuddled me once more until I

drifted into slumber.  I think Rachel was masturbating herself,

but I am not sure.

     In the morning there was no embarrassment, no regrets

whatever.  I was comfortable with her as we sipped coffee and

chatted.  The black girl visited me a number of times after that

and each time lifted me to those beautiful heights with her lips

and tongue.  I returned the favor to her, each time learning and

enjoying the experience more and more.

     Rachel is now happily married, and has children, but she

showed me the ultimate joys for several months, the joys of

getting and eating cunt.



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