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Archive-name: Series/ebony03.txt 


Archive-title: Ebony Confessions Vol. 3

Also-archived: Casual/ebony03.txt

                     "A Warm Winter's Night"

     My name is George and I'm a six-foot-two, black, long-

distance trucker.  I own an eighteen-wheeler and haul various

items between Atlanta and Chicago.

     When I arrived at the motel I usually stay at just north of

Indianapolis on I-65, it was snowing and the road was so slippery

I was glad to park my rig and get off the road.  I was looking

forward also to having a good fuck with Milly, the motel's night

manager.  Milly is one of those white women who likes to be

fucked by a big, ebony log, and I'm just the guy to supply one!

     I was disappointed when I was greeted at the desk by a tall

redhead.  "I'm George from Atlanta.  I believe you are holding a

room for me," I said.  "Yes sir, we are holding your usual room

for you.  It sure is a nasty night out there, ain't it?"  she


     "It sure is and I'm glad to be off the road.  By the way,

where is Milly tonight?"  "Milly's kid is sick, so she took the

night off.  But she's told me a lot about you.  I'm Terry , the

day manager, and I'm working her shift tonight," she said in a

sultry voice, and her hand brushed mine when she took my

registration card.  "I hate to think about driving home with all

the snow on the highway, but all the rooms are taken" she said.

     "I'm willing to share my room with you.  You can sleep in

the second bed," I volunteered.  "It will take me about a half

hour to close up, and if I decide to accept your offer, I will

come to your room," she said, as she handed me the key to my room

and gave my hand a light squeeze.

     "Sounds great to me," I replied quickly.  I picked up my bag

and walked next door to my room.  Once in the room, I opened my

bag, took out a bottle of Jack Daniels, got out of my clothes and

headed for the shower.  While in the shower, I mentally thanked

Milly for her word-of-mouth advertising for bringing me another

horny white woman.

     I had just put my pants back on when I heard Terry at my

door.  When she came in, she said, "It's a blizzard out there. 

Those snowflakes are as big as cornflakes.  Anyone would have to

be crazy to drive in this storm."  "Have a drink, it will warm

your innards," I said as I handed her a glass of Jack Daniels.

     After we sat around and talked a while, Terry said, "George,

will you excuse me while I take a shower.  I've been in these

clothes all day and I'm feeling really crummy."  I offered to

wash her back.  As she went into the bathroom, she turned and

said, "I'll call you when I'm ready."

     I poured myself another drink and turned the covers down,

because I knew it was just a matter of time until I was going to

ball this sexy redhead.  I waited until I heard the water running

in the shower.  Then I took my pants off, walked naked into the

bathroom and pulled the shower curtain back.

     This long-legged redhead had a body that was built for

fucking.  she had slim, tapered thighs and firm, upright melons

with apple-blossom pink nipples and a hairless pussy with swollen

cunt lips that glistened like jewels as the water from the shower

drenched her body.

     My cock was already iron-hard when I stepped into the shower

and took Terry into my arms, drawing her body close.  "Oh,

George, Milly told me you had a big cock, but I thought she was

exaggerating.  You don't have a cock, you've got a Louisville

Slugger!  I don't know if I'm built big enough to take it, but

I'm eager to try," she said as she held my hard tool with both


     We soaped each other's body, then our hands explored every

inch and crevice of our soapy bodies.  I was sucking her nipples

and fingering her hole as she squirmed and moaned, while babbling

that she had been waiting for me to arrive all day.

      I fingered her hole until she was begging me to taker her

to bed.  When we finally dried off, I scooped her into my arms

and carried her to the bed.  I asked her if she wanted to mount

my cock or if she preferred to get fucked doggie-style.

     "I like big cocks, and even though yours is the largest I

have ever seen, let's try doggie-style first."  She got into

position her knees and elbows and lifted her ass in the air.  Her

hairless pussy was juicy and quivering for action.

     I pushed my pulsating knob against her swollen cunt lips and

gave a gentle shove until the head of my ebony log eased into her

tight hole.  She let out a small whimper as I pushed more in, and

then she was backing up against my pubic area telling be to give

it all to her.  It took her a couple of minutes to get used to my

ten-inch log, and then we started fucking like a couple of alley

cats, squealing, grunting, and crying out in ecstacy.  My joy

pole was slamming into her love hole like a piledriver, and she

was bucking her ass to meet my every thrust.

     My cockhead could feel her hot juices exploding as she

experienced her orgasms.  When I shot my wad into her hole, I

swear her screams could be heard a block away.  Her beautiful

body thrashed and trembled for a good minute until she collapsed

from exhaustion.

     I didn't get back on the road until eleven o'clock the next

morning when the snowplows cleared the interstate.  Terry and I

had fucked and sucked all night until we were too exhausted to

move.  i think we both had about two hours sleep before it was

time to get up and get down to earth.

     She told me she was going to talk to Milly and see if we

could have a threesome on my net trip.  I told her I would be

looking forward to seeing them both next time.    Fucking two

white women in the same bed will be a new experience for me, but

it will be an experience I will be looking forward to.

     Black pussy is super, but I like to vary my diet with a

little white meat.



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