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Archive-name: Series/bus1st02.txt


Archive-title: Business Trip, The

Also-archived: 3plus/busitrip.txt

Men who travel on business regularly have a unique opportunity to get in

a little fun that for the most  part goes to waste.  I was luckier  than

most on  my last  trip and  spent all  my nights  with three of the most

sexually active ladies  I have ever  met.  I had  initially thought that

this trip could  be better than  most as I  and my traveling  companions

Sue, Donna and Eileen headed for the airport but dismissed my thoughts a

fantasy.  Little did I know that my fantasies would not hold a candle to

the realities of this trip

After  a  rather  uneventful  trip  filled  with  boring conversation we

arrived at the hotel where we were to give a two day training seminar to

a number of company employees.  After completing the preliminary setting

up for the next  day I suggested we  all go out to  dinner together.  My

suggestion was  taken and  we arranged  to meet  in the  lobby at  6:30.

Retiring to my room I  again began to fantasize about  the possibilities

of engaging in a  little fun with my  traveling companions.  To say  the

least they were all quite attractive and young.  Sue is a 5' 7" brunette

with a pretty face and a figure that runs 35-23-36 her tits are nice and

firm and when she's bra-less which is often she shows nice hard nipples.

Donna is tall attractive blond with nice soft tits and long slender legs

and a fantastic ass.  Eileen who is a bit heavier than the other  ladies

has a set  of knockers which  easily measure in  at 39+ and  a nice full

ass.  Just thinking about spending an evening of fucking and sucking any

of them got me hard while I  was showering.  Just as I was finishing  my

shower a  knock at  the door  interrupted my  fantasy leaving  me with a

raging hard-on.  Trying to cover myself and my still hard 10" cock  with

a towel I went to the door  to see who had disturbed me.  To  my delight

it was  Donna, opening  the door  I tried  to maintain  my composure and

asked her  to come  in.  Donna  was just  out of  the shower herself and

needed to  borrow my  blow dryer.   I asked  her to  wait a  minute as I

ducked back into the bathroom to get the dryer as I retrieved the  dryer

I noticed Donna staring openly at  my still erect cock as it  bulged out

the front of  the towel I  had thrown on.   I made sure  I took my  time

getting the dryer allowing  Donna to get a  good look.  When I  returned

Donna asked me if  she could dry her  hair in my room  rather than going

back to her  room and needing  to return the  dryer.  Needless to  say I

agreed.  Donna move into the bathroom  to dry her hair and I  started to

dress for dinner.

Just as I was about to put on my pants Donna came out the bathroom  door

and caught me trying to stuff my still erect cock into my pants.   Donna

gazed fondly at  my still stiff  prick and remarked  that it was  bigger

than she had thought.  I said it always seemed to satisfy and  continued

dressing not being  prepared for this  turn of events  I silently cursed

myself for  not being  quick enough  to capitalize  on this opportunity.

Donna returned to drying her hair and then called out that she would  go

and make sure the other ladies were ready.  I heard the door closed  and

figured with that my chances for some quick fun were finished.

I went down to the lobby and still had to wait another half hour for  my

dinner companions to join  me.  After a delicious  dinner at one of  the

local restaurants I suggested we go back to the hotel for drinks and see

what type of entertainment they had in the lounge the ladies all  agreed

and Donna said she would like it if they had dancing.  We went  straight

to the lounge and found that indeed there was dancing in fact they had a

live band and quite a crowd had gathered.  We managed to get a table and

drinks in short order  and settled in to  small talk about our  training

session the next day.  As soon as the band started playing a slow number

Donna asked me to dance, as we danced Donna moved in tighter and tighter

pressing her hips into mine and causing my cock to stiffen against  her.

Just as the music stopped Donna asked me if I would like to get together

with her and the other ladies and put my stiff cock to good use.  I  was

taken back a little by her offer but managed to tell her I was ready for

anything.  As Donna and I walked back to the table I could tell that Sue

and Eileen were looking at my cock which was bulging out the front of my

pants.  Donna told the other girls we were moving the party to her  room

where we would have  more privacy and both  Sue and Eileen nodded  their

assent.  Once we were in the elevator and the doors had closed Sue  move

to me placing her hand on my cock and rubbing my stiff prick and  balls.

I reached out and pulled Donna  and Eileen to me squeezing Donna's  firm

ass while fondling Eileen's big tits.  Sue reached out and began to  rub

Donna's tits as Donna's hand joined Sue's attacking my cock.

By  the  time  we  had  reached  Donna's  room I was clear on the ladies

intentions and  ready to  fuck them  all.  We  entered Donna's  room and

quickly moved to the king-size bed and proceeded to fondle and rub  each

other.  I  wanted the  privilege of  stripping the  ladies and suggested

that I strip each  one in turn as  the others watched.  They  all agreed

and Donna was chosen to go first.  Donna and I moved to the foot of  the

bed as Eileen  and Sue relaxed  and fondled each  others tits and  cunts

watching me strip Donna.  I  first removed Donna's sweater exposing  her

tits which were  bra-less and firm  with erect pink  nipples.  Moving my

right hand up between  her legs I found  she also had no  panties on and

proceeded to force two fingers up  her already sopping slit and rub  her

clit while sucking  on her firm  tits and nibbling  on those erect  pink

nipples.  Moving down I next  removed her skirt exposing her  full blond

bush spreading her  legs so Sue  and Eileen could  see her pussy  filled

with my fingers.   Bending down I  ate her pussy  licking her now  erect

clit until Donna came.  Removing the  garter belt and nylons she wore  I

moved her to her side and rubbed her tight anus and ate her pussy  until

she came again.

A gentle tapping on my shoulder told me it was time to move to the  next

girl and I looked  up to see Eileen  looking into my eyes.   Donna moved

back towards the  head of the  bed as I  drew Eileen to  me and began to

fondle her big tits.  I could see we were all going to get into the  act

as I  looked back  toward Donna  and Sue  I watched  as Sue reached down

between Donna's legs and inserted three of her slim fingers into Donna's

sopping cunt.  Moving quickly I removed Eileen's dress exposing her  big

tits held only by  her nippless bra and  a black garter belt  and nylons

framing her  dark full  bush.  Moving  my hand  down between  her legs I

forced three fingers into her sopping slit and began to massage her clit

with my thumb.  I then reached  back and undid her bra letting  her full

tits free as I sucked and  licked her nipples.  I could tell  Eileen was

close to cumming as her breath was coming in short gasps and decided  to

make her cum with my mouth.   Moving down I spread her legs  further and

licked her cunt and clit removing  one finger from her cunt and  pushing

it up her  squirming asshole.  This  was all Eileen  could take and  she

came hard pushing and grinding her  sweet slit into my face.  As  Eileen

came down from her climax I licked her tight anus giving her a nice  rim

job. stopping only  when I heard  Sue's voice pleading  with me for  her


By now I  was worked up  to a frenzy  and there was  a large wet  precum

stain on my jeans.  Sue dropped down and began to rub my cock while  she

licked the stain on my pants.  I watched as Eileen and Donna snuggled up

in the bed with  each others fingers up  their cunts and each  squeezing

the others  tits.  Pulling  Sue up  I lifted  her sweater  over her head

exposing her bra-less tits and her stiff nipples taking her right tit in

my mouth I began to  suck it as I bit  her nipple and pushed my  hand up

under her skirt.  Running  my hand up between  her legs I found  she too

had worn no panties  and had only nylons  on under her skirt.   Reaching

her pussy I  found she was  nicely shaved and  her smooth hairless  cunt

lips were wet with pussy juice.  I slowly removed her skirt exposing her

shaved pink pussy and set to work finger fucking her slippery slit as  I

ate and licked her clit and twisted her long erect nipples.  This action

brought Sue to a crushing climax.  As she was lying there regaining  her

breath I slowly stripped off her nylons and tongued her asshole  getting

her ready for the girls turn to strip me.  I could see Eileen and  Donna

were having  a good  time as  they were  both still  probing each others

cunts and had added a finger  up each others assholes while they  sucked

and bit at each others tits finally bringing each other to climax at the

same time.

Looking  my  way  Eileen  and  Donna  licked  their  lips and started to

approach me.  In no  time all three ladies  were on me stripping  off my

cloths and getting me ready for a hot time.  Eileen pulled down my pants

and went right to work deep  throating my cock, plunging the entire  10"

down  her  tight  throat.   Donna  had  move  around and was ramming her

fingers up my  asshole as she  rubbed her hard  nippled tits against  my

back.  Sue a little left out  at first had moved under Eileen  and began

licking and sucking my balls  as she finger fucked Eileen's  cunt.  This

was too much for me  to stand and I began  to shoot a massive load  down

Eileen's throat.  After taking my  first shot deep in her  throat Eileen

pulled back  off my  cock and  directed my  second stream  directly into

Sue's waiting mouth.  Eileen then took  my third spurt in her mouth  and

pinched off the flow of cum until Donna's head appeared between my  legs

and then stuffed my cock deep into Donna's mouth as I shot again.  Donna

continued to suck my still hard cock until she had milked the rest of my

load and swallowed it  all.  Now that we  were all naked the  fun really

began and I was chosen to be the center of attraction.

Sue and Eileen moved me spread eagle on the bed and proceeded to suck my

cock and balls as Donna position  herself above them ready to sit  on my

stiff cock.   Sue reached  up and  rammed two  fingers up  Donna's pussy

making sure  she was  well lubed  and drew  her down  on my raging prick

while Eileen held my dick in  position and fingered my anus.  I  watched

as Donna forced the entire 10" of my swollen meat up her slick pink cunt

and felt Sue ram her fingers up Donna's asshole and rub my cock  inside.

Meanwhile Eileen had removed her  fingers from my asshole and  had taken

up a  position squatting  over my  face, I  watched as Eileen positioned

herself  ready  to  lower  her  sopping  snatch onto my waiting lips and

tongue.   Eileen  was  ramming  two  fingers  in and out of her soddened

snatch while rubbing her clit  with her thumb.  Eileen slid  her fingers

out and moved down placing her sweet slit directly on my waiting  mouth.

I began to eat her cunt  forcing my tongue deeply up her  throbbing cunt

and licking  her engorged  clit.  Meanwhile  Donna had  set up  a steady

rhythm pounding  my straining  cock balls  deep in  her slippery slit on

each thrust.  Sue stood straddling me facing Donna and had Donna licking

her  erect  clit  and  finger  fucking  her  hot pussy.  Eileen was busy

ramming a dildo up Sue's anus while giving her a fantastic rim job  with

her tongue.  A few  minutes of this action  had all of us  cumming hard.

Eileen was  first and  flooded my  face with  her sticky  juices as  she

convulsed with orgasm ramming her cunt down on my face causing my tongue

to slip even deeper into her hot pink hole.  Sue came next replete  with

moans and swearing filling Donna's mouth and face with her slick  juices

as she  moved back  forcing the  dildo Eileen  was wielding  deep up her

anus.  And finally  I and Donna  came together as  she rammed her  tight

pussy down on my straining cock covering my cock and balls with her  hot

cunt juice as  I pumped a  big load load  of my sperm  up her tight  hot


After a few minutes of rest the ladies were at me again, Sue was sucking

my cock making sure I was as hard as a rock for the next round.   Eileen

who  had  recovered  from  her  climax  was licking my nipples while she

probed Sue's exposed cunt and ass with her fingers.  Donna was fingering

Eileen's cunt while she pumped her own pussy and collected the cum I had

deposited there eagerly  licking and sucking  it off her  fingers.  I in

turn managed to  play with Eileen's  big tits rubbing  those firm mounds

and twisting her nipples.  Soon we got back down to business and  Eileen

rose to straddle my hard thick cock Donna reached up spreading  Eileen's

swollen cunt lips exposing the wet pink inner reaches of her tight cunt.

Sue held my cock in position and rammed two fingers of her free hand  up

Eileen's throbbing anus as Eileen  rammed herself down on my  stiff cock

with one  continuous thrust.   As my  stiff cock  spread Eileen's  slick

tight twat I could feel Sue's fingers press against my prick from inside

Eileen's throbbing asshole.  Donna meanwhile had inserted two fingers up

my anus and was reaming my ass with hard deep strokes.  Eileen  engulfed

my full ten inches setting up a hard pounding rhythm which drove my dick

deep into her tight cunt with  each stoke.  Sue pulled her fingers  from

Eileen's ass and moved  around to sit on  my face.  Donna helped  Sue by

spreading her cunt open  as Sue settled her  shaved slippery cunt on  my

mouth and I  forced my tongue  deep into her  pink pussy and  alternated

between probing  her hot  cunt and  licking and  sucking her erect clit.

Donna meanwhile had take  up a position between  Sue and Eileen and  was

sucking Eileen's big tits and biting her nearly inch long nipples  while

Sue was reaming her anus with  the dildo and sucking her clit  while she

pumped 2 fingers up  Donna's wet tight cunt.   Sue was the first  to cum

flooding my face with her sweet cunt juice and mashing her sopping  cunt

into my mouth grinding herself to  a complete climax.  I could not  hold

out any longer and began pumping my load up Eileen's tight hot pussy  as

I bucked my hips forcing my  dick deeper into her clutching slit.   This

brought Eileen to climax and she flooded my now softening cock with  her

thick cunt juice and sat down trapping my cock inside her pulsing  twat.

Sue had increased her  efforts on Donna's asshole  and cunt and now  had

Donna nearing her climax.  Eileen sensing Donna's impending orgasm began

to suck her soft tits  biting and twisting Donna's erect  nipples.  This

took Donna  over the  top and  she began  to cum  moaning, twisting  and

covering Sue's face with her pussy  juice.  We rested for a few  minutes

lying together in  a twisted pile  of sweat soaked  bodies until we  had

regained enough strength to go at each other again.

As Sue was the  only on left who  had not had a  chance to feel my  cock

being rammed into her pussy she  watched as Eileen and Donna sucked  and

licked my dick restoring it to  its former glory.  While they worked  on

me Sue knelt between Donna  and Eileen and fingered there  exposed cunts

and assholes bending to lick and suck their clits.  Soon I too was ready

for another round and watched as  Sue squatted above my 10" prong  ready

to force it deep into her swollen slit.  Donna grabbed my engorged  cock

and held it ready as she eased  two fingers of her other hand up  my now

pulsing anus.  Eileen rammed two fingers up Sue's cunt withdrawing  them

slowly as  she forced  two fingers  of her  other hand  deep into  Sue's

dilated anus.  Spreading Sue's swollen pink cunt lips Eileen helped  Sue

mount my raging  cock.  I could  feel Eileen's fingers  press against my

cock thru Sue's anal wall as  Sue slowly forced herself down the  length

of my  throbbing penis.   Once Sue  had fully  engulfed my  raging prick

Eileen and Donna moved up  to my head and watched  as Sue set up a  slow

steady  rhythm  which  caused  my  cock  to  alternate  from deep in her

twitching  cunt  to  almost  out  and  back.   Donna  took up a position

straddling my head and prepared to lower her sopping pink pussy onto  my

mouth.  Eileen rammed her finger  up Donna's asshole and spread  Donna's

swollen cunt lips as I eased my tongue into Donna's soft pink pussy  and

began to eat her  sopping slit and lick  her exposed stiff clit.   Donna

told Eileen to take  the same position she  had earlier and grabbed  the

big dildo ready to ream  Eileen's tight puckered anus.  Eileen  followed

Donna's lead and soon was sucking  Sue's firm tits and biting her  erect

nipples as Donna  slowly pushed the  big dildo up  Eileen's exposed anus

until all  but 2  inches of  it 12"  length was  buried in her stretched

asshole.  Donna  then pushed  two fingers  up Eileen's  packed pussy and

began  to  suck,  bite  and  lick  Eileen's  inch long erect clit.  This

combined  with  watching  my  cock  being  rammed  up Sue's swollen cunt

brought Eileen off  in a matter  of a few  minutes.  Eileen came  with a

rush flooding Donna's mouth and face  with her slick juice and bit  down

hard on Sue's erect pink nipples.  This set Sue off and she came in hard

waves which clamped  my cock tightly  in her hot  cunt and forced  me to

climax.  I came like there was no tomorrow filling Sue's tight slit with

my sticky load of sperm.  Sensing  Donna was close to cumming I  reached

up grabbing  her tit  with one  hand while  ramming two  fingers up  her

sopping cunt and another up her well lubed anus.  This combined with  my

tonguing and sucking of her clit brought her to orgasm and she proceeded

to fill  my mouth  with her  sticky sweet  juices as  her cunt  and anus

clamped  down  hard  on  my  fingers  as  she  bucked and moaned out her


Needless to say by this point we  were all covered in a mixture of  cum,

cunt juice and sweat and  very tired.  Lacking a sufficient  erection to

proceed I  suggested we  rest a  little and  shower before  we attempted

anything more.   A sense  of relief  came over  me as  the ladies  whole

heartily agreed.  As  we were relaxing  Eileen began to  play with Sue's

pussy and remarked how much she  liked the slick effect of Sue's  shaved

cunt lips.  Donna said she too liked the way it felt and asked Sue if it

felt better  when she  fucked.  Sue  told Eileen  and Donna  that it was

defiantly better for both fucking and sucking as it made the whole  area

much  more  sensitive  and  accessible.   Eileen  asked me if I had ever

shaved pussy before and did I like the look and feel of naked cunts.   I

told her and Donna that  I personally preferred nicely shaved  cunts and

that I had been shaving my  wifes cunt for many years.  Both  Eileen and

Donna asked me to shave them  prior to their showers to which  I readily

agreed.  Moving to the bathroom I started on Eileen first first clipping

back her full bush  and then shaving her  cunt lips clean and  finishing

off by shaving off the fine  hair around her anus.  When I  finished Sue

and Donna  examined my  work and  liked the  effect especially the small

tuft  of  hair  I  left  on  the  top of Eileen's mound.  Moving between

Eileen's splayed thighs Donna proceeded to force two fingers up Eileen's

now naked cunt lips while pressing her thumb up her anus.  Sue began  to

suck and  bite Eileen's  nipples working  her to  climax.  Donna replace

Eileen  and  I  proceeded  to  shave  her  cunt and anus clean which was

followed  by  Eileen  and  Sue  descending  on  Donna  until she too had

climaxed.  I  felt that  Sue shouldn't  be left  out and  had Donna  and

Eileen pleasure Sue before we started our showers.

Once we had  all showered and  refreshed ourselves that  pulsing feeling

returned to my cock  and I told the  girls that we should  organize some

more  games  as  my  cock  needed  attention.   Seeing my stiff cock Sue

suggested we  return to  the bed  and start  fucking.  I  move Sue  to a

doggie style position on  the bed and directed  Eileen to get under  her

with her head between Sue's  legs.  Eileen crawled underneath and  began

eating Sue's pussy tonguing her hole and licking her hard clit.  I  told

Eileen to open Sue's swollen cunt  and put my cock up it.   Eileen first

forced my cock deep into her throat then guided it deep into Sue's tight

slippery slit.  Ramming my cock balls  deep in Sue's cunt I told  her to

finger and eat Eileen's cunt and ass.  Donna looked at me forlorn and  I

told her not to worry and  to straddle Sue's hips and lay  back exposing

her sweet slit  for me.  I  then began to  finger fuck her  hot cunt and

anus as I bent  to lick and suck  on her exposed erect  pink clit.  This

made  Donna  perk  up  and  she  began  to  wiggle  and  squirm under my

onslaught.  I  especially liked  the look  and feel  of the  girls newly

shaven pussies.  Once I had brought Sue to her first orgasm I pulled out

of  her  pulsing  cunt  and  asked  Eileen  to guide me into Sue's tight

asshole.  Eileen grabbed my cock and placed the head at the entrance  to

Sue's puckered pink anus and held  it as I slowly pushed the  entire 10"

shaft  slowly  up  Sue's  tight  rectum.   I  immediately set up a rapid

pounding  pace  in  Sue's  asshole  which  brought  her  and myself to a

blistering orgasm at the same time.  Pulling out of her hot ass I rammed

my prick  into Eileen's  mouth fucking  her throat  for all  I was worth

depositing the  last of  my sperm  deep in  her throat.   Just as  I was

finishing my own orgasm I felt Donna start to cum I clamped down on  her

clit while  twisting my  fingers into  her cunt  and anus.   Sue who had

temporarily stopped  her fevered  activity on  Eileen resumed  a frantic

pace bringing  Eileen to  her climax  and covering  Sue's face  with her

thick juices.

Since I had directed the last  activity Eileen claimed her turn to  give

orders and told me to get behind her and fuck her cunt doggie style.   I

complied with out  complaint and spread  her slick shaven  cunt lips and

rammed my cock balls deep in her sopping twat.  She then directed  Donna

to lie in front of her and spread her legs so she could eat Donna's  hot

cunt and anus.  Eileen  told Sue to sit  on Donna's face and  have Donna

eat her cunt and suck my cum out  of her asshole.  I set up a fast  pace

pounding the entire 10" of my cock in and out of Eileen's hot pink cunt.

Eileen was feverishly working on Donna's slippery pink pussy ramming two

fingers in and  out of her  cunt while lashing  Donna's stiff protruding

clit  with  her  tongue  and  forcing  her  index  finger  deep into her

throbbing anus.  Sue  had her cunt  firmly planted on  Donna's mouth and

was grinding  her swollen  pink pussy  lips into  Donna's mouth as Donna

probed  Sue's  moist  pussy  and  tight  anus  with  her  tongue.  Donna

alternately licked and sucked Sue's swollen clit and squeezed her  ample

tits rolling Sue's hard erect  nipple in her fingers.  Eileen  was close

to climax and was forcing her  cunt back on my throbbing cock  with ever

increasing pressure.  Sensing her impending orgasm I forced two  fingers

up Eileen's squirming asshole and  began finger fucking her tight  anus.

This combined  with the  deep probing  my cock  was giving her clutching

slit brought Eileen to her first  orgasm.  As the waves of her  pleasure

subsided I pulled out  of her cunt and  positioned my cock to  penetrate

her tight  anus rubbing  my the  head up  and down  on her puckered pink

anus.  With one  firm stroke I  buried my throbbing  cock deeply up  her

tight asshole until my balls slapped her swollen cunt lips.  My pounding

in  Eileen's  anus  forced  her  mouth  more  deeply  into  Donna's cunt

triggering Donna's climax which flooded Eileen's mouth and face with her

slick juices.  Sue was near her orgasm and watching Donna cum forced Sue

over the top also and she  released her sweet thick juices into  Donna's

waiting mouth and face covering her with her cum.  Watching these ladies

climax got me really hot and I  began to cum pumping a thick juicy  load

of sperm up Eileen's  twitching anus.  As I  shot my load into  Eileen I

could feel her  reach her second  orgasm as her  asshole milked the  cum

from my spurting dick.  I pulled out of her asshole and moved to Donna's

head forcing my still swollen  cock deeply down her throat  spending the

last of my ejaculation in her  tight throat.  I collapsed on the  bed as

Donna continued to Suck  my cock and finger  my anus keeping me  hard in

preparation for her turn.

It was a while until I could  regain my desire for the ladies but  their

continual assault on my senses made me rise to the challenge once  more.

Donna was in charge for this round and demanded I fuck her cunt  asshole

and mouth.  Sue and Eileen were ready  and willing to go at me but  felt

Donna should have her turn being the queen of the may.  Donna positioned

herself above my cock and directed  Sue and Eileen to open her  pussy to

accept my  straining member.   Eileen spread  Donna's pink  swollen cunt

lips as Sue  held my cock  in position for  to be thrust  up Donna's now

dripping pussy.  Eileen  slowly inserted two  of her fingers  up Donna's

tight anus while Sue  guided Donna down onto  my ridged cock forcing  it

deeply up her tight  slit.  Once Donna had  me fully rammed up  her cunt

she asked Eileen  to get a  strap on double  dildo from the  nightstand.

Never losing her pounding rhythm on  my cock Donna helped Sue force  the

thick plastic  shaft up  Eileen's well  juiced twat  fingering her tight

asshole in the  process.  Once Eileen  was fully decked  out in her  new

prick Donna told  Eileen to fuck  her anus with  the huge plastic  penis

sticking out  of her  cunt.  Sue  helped Eileen  force the plastic shaft

deep  into  Donna's  twitching  asshole  while  Donna  continued to fuck

herself silly on my hard shaft.   After Eileen had gotten her new  prick

buried deeply into Donna's  ass Donna had Sue  sit on my face  and grind

her  swollen  pussy  and  engorged  clit  into my mouth and tongue.  The

feeling on  my cock  was tremendous  and I  could feel  the dildo  being

pounded in and out of Donna's anus  by Eileen as my own cock was  rammed

in and out of Donna's packed  pussy by her unrelenting strokes.  Soon  I

could just not take it another minute and began to shoot my river of cum

deep into  Donna's hot  cunt as  I heard  Eileen reach  her own  climax.

Donna began to buck and wither  on my now pulsing cock bringing  herself

to climax  and collapsing  on my  chest.  Sue  began to  thrust her cunt

harder against my mouth and tongue nearing her own orgasm.  Sensing  she

needed  a  little  help  i  reached  back  and rammed two fingers up her

exposed asshole and began biting  and sucking her stiff clit.   This was

all Sue needed  and she to  began to climax  drenching my face  with the

last of her sweet  cunt juice.  After this  we all cleaned up  being too

fucked out to continue.

I was late for the training  session every day but if the  audience only

knew why I think they would have understood.



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