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Archive-name: Series/bus1st01.txt


Archive-title: Business First

Also-archived: 3plus/busfirst.txt

My first experience with sexual harassment on the job just occurred  and

I can tell you I thorough enjoyed every harassing minute of it.  It  all

started when I changed  jobs joining a large  company and working for  a

female boss.  This was new to me but since she was fairly young and very

good  looking  with  a  great  figure  my  mind went into its flights of

fantasy from my first day.  Mary my  boss is about 38 and stands 5'  10"

and has a  figure that runs  36 26 37.   She is blond  and has a  way of

putting men at ease immediately.  Mary wears fashionable clothing  which

while not flaunting her obvious charms is quite seductive and  sometimes

a bit revealing.

As soon as I was  hired I was put in  charge of the implementation of  a

major accounting system with deadlines like tomorrow which meant  plenty

of overtime and lots of problems.  In addition management was overseeing

all aspects of the  project with a microscope.   One day while going  to

corporate headquarters  with Mary  I noticed  her deeply  slit skirt had

opened up while she was driving and exposed her legs to her upper thigh.

I was delighted by the site of her creamy thighs and was quick to notice

she wore a garter belt and nylons rather than the conventional pantyhose

worn by most business  women.  As we drove  along her skirt opened  more

and more reveling her legs further and further.  I could not resist  the

temptation to stare and eventually Mary caught me ogling her great legs.

Looking directly at me Mary asked how she measured up, Stammering a  bit

I  replied  great  from  where  I  was  sitting, Mary smiled but made no

attempt to cover herself.  By the time we had reached our destination  I

had developed quit a hard-on which as I am fairly well endowed was  very

visible as we walked across the crowed parking area.  I could tell  Mary

had  checked  me  out  and  was  at least comfortable with my excitement

because she made no effort to rebuke me for my voyeuristic enjoyment.

The meeting  went well  and Mary  complemented me  for my  hard work and

skill full handling of the interminable questions which arose during the

meeting.  I was a bit nervous  about the drive back and the  meeting was

the last thing on my mind.  When  we reached the car Mary handed me  the

keys and asked me to drive as we left the parking lot Mary was adjusting

her position so she could face  me and began to discuss the  meeting, as

there was lots of traffic and I was driving a strange car I did not look

at Mary as she spoke.  Once I was out on the highway I turned to  answer

her and saw that she was sitting half facing me with her left leg tucked

under her right leg.   Her dress was wide  open and Mary wasn't  wearing

any panties.  I almost  lost it as I  gazed at her bushy  cunt which was

opened slightly  showing her  deep pink  cunt lips  and the  hint of her

erect clit.  Moving my gaze up I could see her erect nipples outlined in

her white silk blouse and finally a look of lust as her eyes met mine in

a long stare.  Not  wanting to seem upset  I remarked that she  was very

attractive and that we should go to more meetings together.  Mary  asked

me if I had a problem with what  she was doing and if it bothered me  to

see her  like this  being as  she was  my boss.   I told Mary outside of

giving me a raging  hard-on I didn't have  any discomfort in looking  at

naked willing women boss or no  boss.  I continued saying that I  didn't

want any special treatment at work but would like to continue seeing her

on a private basis.

As we chatted I  found out Mary had  three children like myself  and was

divorced and lonely.   By the time  we had reached  our destination Mary

had cum twice once by her own hand and once by mine.  As we were getting

back very late it was dark  when we pulled into the company  parking lot

and Mary asked me to sit a while with her.  Moving my hand to her breast

Mary pulled up her blouse and undid  her bra as I fondled her full  tits

and pulled at her hard erect nipples.  Working her hand to my cock  Mary

undid my pants and puled out  my stiff prick.  Mary was very  pleased at

my thick 10" dick and moved  over taking the entire length down  her hot

throat.  Mary  sucked my  cock as  I fondled  her full  swollen tits and

rammed my fingers up her sopping pussy finally I could not hold out  any

longer and began to shoot my load deep into her throat filling her mouth

and throat  with my  sperm.  Mary  really loved  it swallowing my entire

load deep in her throat.  Not withdrawing Mary continued to suck my cock

while guiding my  hand further between  her legs and  forcing two of  my

fingers up her hot slippery anus.  Mary reached her third climax as  she

was drinking my sperm for the  second time while I was wantonly  pumping

my fingers  up her  slippery slit  and asshole.   Resting a  minute Mary

suggested we  needed to  go home  but asked  me to  come to her house on

Saturday to get better acquainted.   I quickly agreed we needed  to meet

on a more private basis and told her I would be there Saturday.

As Saturday approached I grew more  and more excited at the prospect  of

screwing Mary and by the time I was knocking at her door I already had a

raging erection.  To my surprise I was greeted not by Mary but by her 18

year old  daughter who  put Mary  to shame  as far  as desirability  was

concerned.  To my further  amazement Nancy, Mary's daughter  was dressed

in a short white silk nightgown which showed off her full ripe tits  and

firm nipples and barely  covered her slim hips.   Nancy asked me in  and

lead me thru the house to the kitchen where Mary was.  During journey  I

could not take my eyes off Nancy's slim smooth legs and fantastic  tits.

As I entered the room  Mary came to me and  put her arm around my  waist

and gave me a kiss forcing her tongue into my mouth.  A little surprized

I just  stood there  as her  daughter looked  me over.   To my amazement

Nancy joined us and gave me a kiss followed by kissing her mother  while

she placed her  hand on my  now rock hard  cock.  Nancy pulled  back and

complement her mother on finding a  good stud as she bent down  to unzip

my pants.  As Nancy pulled out my 10" cock and proceeded to give me head

as she pushed  her hand up  under Mary's skirt  and began to  finger her

mothers cunt.  Not wanting  to be a wet  blanket I opened Mary's  blouse

and began to suck her tits and her stiff pink nipples.  The  combination

of events had me totally stimulated and I began to shoot a massive  load

of sperm in Nancy's  mouth and throat.  Nancy  gulped down my first  two

spurts and  then signaled  her mother  who bend  down never  letting her

daughters fingers slip from her pussy  and forced my cock deep into  her

throat milking the rest of my load from my straining prick.  After I had

been totally drained by  Mary she and Nancy  kissed smearing my load  on

their faces.   Quickly understanding  the situation  I asked  Mary if we

three were alone  and if we  could move to  somewhere I could  fuck them

both.  Mary replied that her son was away at college but her 16 year old

daughter Tracy was due back any  minute and was planning to join  us.  I

though I had  died and gone  to heaven as  we moved our  party to Mary's


The girls led the way as I followed close behind, going up the stairs  I

noticed both Mary  and Nancy had  no panties on  and both their  pussies

were dripping wet.  I moved  quickly pushing two fingers up  their cunts

as we ascended  the stairs to  Mary's bedroom.  Once  inside I suggested

the girls let me strip each of them one by one and then they could  gang

up on  me.  Both  Mary and  Nancy liked  that idea  and Mary asked me to

start with her daughter first  and hoped her other daughter  Traci would

be back before their turn to strip me.  I had not put my cock back in my

pants and it was now standing at attention its full 10" stiff as a board

waiting to fuck mother and daughters.   Mary layed back on the bed  as I

moved Nancy to the center of  the room to strip her.  Mary  looked great

as she relaxed on the bed with her skirt hiked up and blouse open  fully

exposing  her  pink  cunt  lips  erect  clit and nipples.  Mary began to

stimulate herself by ramming two fingers into her cunt and squeezing her

right tit and pulling the erect  nipple.  I began with Nancy by  kissing

her and fondling her full tits  through the thin silk of her  nightgown,

her erect nipples were stiff and hot even thru the material of the  gown

and  I  moved  one  hand  down  to  caress  her firm ass and bushy cunt.

Reaching down I grabbed the hem  of her gown and slowly raised  it above

her head exposing her slim  voluptuous figure.  She was beautiful  and I

quickly took her firm tit in my mouth circling her stiff nipple with  my

tongue as I ran  my hand down her  lith torso to her  flat belly.  Nancy

reached down and took my throbbing  cock in her hand as I  slowly pushed

two fingers  up her  juicy cunt  and began  to bite  and suck  her stiff

nipples as I rubbed  her erect clit with  my thumb and probed  her tight

slit with my fingers.  I felt her shake as her first orgasm hit her  and

I move down her belly kissing  and tonguing as I descended to  her sweet

slit.  Nancy began to squeeze her own breasts and pull her erect nipples

as I spread her pink cunt lips exposing her hardened clit to my  tongue.

Finally I buried my mouth in her  sweet cunt and began to lick and  suck

her clit as I rammed my fingers  up her cunt and inserted a finger  into

her throbbing anus.  This was too  much for her and Nancy began  to come

again flooding my face with her sweet juices.  This was all Nancy  could

take and she began to collapse in  my arms.  Moving her to the bed  Mary

helped me lay  her naked daughter  next to her  and began to  fondle her

daughter moving down to tongue Nancy's slippery snatch.

I started to move Mary off the  bed to strip her but she stopped  me and

asked me to do Traci next, looking to the doorway behind me I saw a tall

slim brunette leaning against the door, she had obviously come in  while

I had my mouth buried in Nancy's cunt.  She was a bit plainer than Nancy

but had a  great figure for  a 16 year  old and was  watching her mother

lick her sisters cunt.  Traci was  already hot and had raised her  short

skirt pulled back the crotch of her panties and was rubbing her clit and

fingering her pussy with one hand  while the other was stuffed up  under

her sweater massaging her tits.  Moving to her side I pulled her fingers

out of her sopping cunt and licked her juices from them placing her  wet

hand around my cock.  Traci moaned  and pulled my hard dick as  I kissed

her and began to fondle her tits.  Pulling her to the center of the room

I removed her sweater exposing her  firm young tits held only by  a thin

silk bra.   Traci's nipples  were hard  as a  rock and  she moaned  as I

pulled at them thru her bra.   I reached behind her and undid  her skirt

letting it slip to the ground as I rubbed her pantied twat.  Traci  move

in closer and began to rub the  head of my cock against the soft  smooth

flesh of her inner thigh as I  removed her bra and cupped her firm  tits

bring my mouth  to her right  nipple.  I sucked  and bit her  stiff pink

nipples then moved down between the  tits along her flat belly until  my

tongue reached the tops of  her panties.  Reaching behind her  I grabbed

her firm ass  cheeks and pulled  her tight into  my face, reaching  up I

slowly pulled her panties down exposing her moist pussy and pulled  them

and her skirt from  around her legs.  Licking  my way back up  her inner

thighs I spread her legs opened her cunt lips and began to lick and suck

her sweet clit.  Traci began to  buck against my mouth now and  I slowly

pushed my finger up her tight cunt  as I continued to suck and lick  her

erect pink clit.  Looking  up I could see  her massaging her firm  young

tits and pulling  at her erect  nipples, sensing she  was near orgasm  I

remove my now well  lubed finger and pushed  it up her anus  as I forced

two more fingers up her cunt.  This did it and Traci began to twitch and

moan out her pleasure in a  powerful orgasm.  Traci like her sister  was

unable to stand after her climax and I brought her over to the bed where

Nancy and  her mother  were sitting  as they  probed each others swollen

cunts and watched the show.  Both Mary and Nancy rubbed and licked Traci

until she had  regained some measure  of reality ending  their work with

both their mouths working Traci's fragrant twat.

While they had been  working on Traci I  had pulled up Mary's  skirt and

had managed to force two fingers deeply up her sopping cunt as I  rubbed

her clit with my thumb.  This  made Mary extremely hot and I  pulled her

off the bed and began my last stripping.  Making Mary face her daughters

I pulled off  her now open  blouse and cupped  her tits and  twisted her

nearly inch long erect  nipples as Nancy and  Traci looked on.  I  could

tell they were enjoying the show as they were lying back finger  fucking

each others  cunts and  rubbing their  own tits.   Bringing my attention

back to Mary I undid her wrap  skirt and pulled it off exposing her  wet

cunt and pink  pussy lips.  Spreading  her legs I  pushed my stiff  cock

between her wet vaginal lips until  the head appeared in front and  Mary

reached down pushing the head of my cock deeper into her cunt lips as  I

dry humped  her from  behind.  Moving  around I  began to  suck and lick

Mary's erect  nipples as  I forced  two fingers  up her  throbbing cunt.

Descending Mary's delicious  frame I licked  and sucked until  I reached

her hot throbbing cunt and spreading  her legs I began to suck  and lick

her erect  inflamed clit  easing a  finger up  her tight  cunt and anus.

Mary was climaxing now and she bucked her hips forcing my fingers deeper

into  her  cunt  and  asshole  as  she  flooded  my face with her juice.

Deciding Mary should rate some extra  attention I bent her over so  that

her  hands  were  on  the  floor  and  spread her ass cheeks from behind

exposing her cunt and anus.  Licking her puckered anus I began to tongue

fuck her asshole while I  probed her cunt with three  fingers stretching

her tight pussy  open for her  daughters to see.   About two minutes  of

this  action  had  Mary  cumming  again  and her slick juices poured out

covering my hand and wetting her legs.  Helping Mary to the bed I placed

her between her daughters and told  them to pleasure her.  I watched  as

both  girls  began  to  suck  their  mothers  full breasts and tease her

nipples with their teeth  as they each sank  two fingers up her  sopping

slit and rubbed her big clit between their thumbs.  Mary still had  some

life in her  and responded by  reaching between both  her daughters legs

and pushing  her fingers  up their  cunts and  assholes as  she massaged

their swollen clits  with her thumbs.   All three came  in a torrent  of

squeals and moans and sank back into the bed over-come with pleasure.

As we were resting the girls noticed I was still fully dressed and  only

my cock was exposed and as yet  had not been put to the test  except for

in Nancy and Mary's mouths.  Mary got up and took me by the hand leading

me to the center  of the room and  began to remove my  pants.  Nancy and

Traci joined her and Nancy began removing my shirt and rubbing her  firm

tits and stiff  nipples into my  chest while Traci  stood behind me  and

reached around  grabbing my  fully erect  cock while  pressing her young

firm tits into my back.  Mary  knelt down and started deep throating  my

cock as Traci spread my ass  cheeks and began to tongue my  anus.  Nancy

joined her mother and  took both of my  balls in her mouth  setting up a

firm sucking action that drove me crazy.  Between the site of the  girls

going  at  me  and  the  steady  pressure  of Traci's finger entering my

asshole I could not hold off my climax any longer and began to shoot  my

load deep in Mary's  throat.  Mary took my  first shot then pinched  off

the flow of sperm until Nancy had my cock in her mouth then released the

pressure until I had  given Nancy a taste  of my cum.  Traci  begged for

some of my load and pushed her head between my legs taking my cock  deep

into her throat and draining the rest of my sperm deep into her throat.

Drained by  this encounter  I moved  to the  bed and  layed down with my

still erect  cock standing  proudly in  the air.   Mary motioned  to her

daughters to join  her on the  bed and they  surrounded me and  began to

give me head again.  As soon as  my dick was fully erect again Mary  and

Nancy helped Traci mount my  raging cock.  Nancy held her  sisters pussy

open while her mother held my throbbing cock in position and Traci eased

herself down until my  full 10" was firmly  imbedded up her tight  cunt.

Mary helped Traci establish a  smooth slow stroking action which  caused

my cock  to be  repeatedly sheathed  and unsheathed  by her slippery hot

slit.  Once Traci had  the motion down and  was on her way  to a massive

orgasm Mary told Nancy to  sit on my face so  I could eat her pussy  and

tongue fuck her hot hole.  Moving to help Nancy her mother held open her

pink cunt as I began to slip  my tongue up her sweet twat as  I fingered

her hot anus and licked and sucked her protruding erect clit.  Mary  now

positioned herself  between her  daughters and  began to  tongue Traci's

clit as Nancy probed her mothers cunt, anus and clit with her mouth  and

fingers.  About 5 minutes of this setup was all we could take and  Nancy

started to  climax first  filling my  mouth with  her sweet pussy juice.

Traci was next and  her orgasm was signaled  by a loud scream  that rang

thru the house.  Mary the woman of the group came as I began to pump  my

load up her  younger daughters vise  like cunt and  flooded Nancy's face

with her pungent pussy juice.  I filled Traci's cunt with my cream until

my  sperm  overflowed  her  tight  twat  and  her  mother  licked up the


To my delight my cock remained rock hard and once the girls noticed this

they were on me again.  This  time Mary and Traci helped Nancy  to mount

my stiff prick with Mary again  holding my dick in position while  Traci

spread her sisters pink swollen cunt lips to receive my throbbing  cock.

Nancy seemed a bit  more experienced at fucking  and as soon as  she had

the head of my cock clamped between the slick hot walls of her cunt  she

rammed herself down reaming  her tight twat with  my 10" pole.  I  could

feel additional pressure on my straining cock and looking down saw  that

Mary had forced  two fingers up  her daughter Nancy's  hot anus and  was

massaging my cock thru Nancy's anal wall.  Mary removed her fingers from

Nancy's asshole and  proceeded to have  Traci help her  sit on my  face.

Mary instructed  her younger  daughter to  spread her  cunt lips as Mary

lowered her pussy to my waiting  mouth.  Once I had my tongue  firmly up

Mary's hot twitching slit Mary had her daughter assume the position Mary

had taken earlier.   What I hadn't  noticed was that  Mary had gotten  a

large rough vibrator  and a slim  anal probe and  was intent on  working

these toys  up her  daughters cunt  and asshole.   I watched intently as

Mary licked the remaining cum from her daughter Traci's cunt and  slowly

pushed the anal probe deeply into her daughters sopping cunt wetting  it

with the remains of my sperm and Traci's pussy juice.  Mary then  spread

Traci's  firm  ass  cheeks  and  slowly  pushed the entire length up her

daughters anus bringing on moans  of pleasure from Traci.  Nancy  in the

meantime had set up a steady pounding rhythm on my cock and was  ramming

my thick  rod up  her tight  cunt until  the head  of my dick rammed her

womb.  Mary now  turned on the  vibrator and pushed  it up Traci's  cunt

until only  an inch  of its  8" length  protruded from  her swollen cunt

lips.  Mary  then started  ramming the  toys in  and out  of Traci's hot

holes with a fast rhythmic beat.  Nancy was in seventh heaven by now and

was oblivious to  anything but my  pounding cock and  her sister Traci's

hot tongue.  With a fast flurry of strokes Nancy reached orgasm flooding

my cock and balls  with he sticky juice.   The taste of her  sisters cum

and the insistent pounding of  the anal probe and rampaging  vibrator in

her  cunt  and  asshole  forced  Traci  over  the edge and she came hard

flooding her mother's face with  her juice.  Watching this was  too much

for me and I began to fire my load up Nancy's cunt as her powerful pussy

muscles milked the hot sperm from my cock and balls.  Seeing me cum  and

thrust my hips and cock  further up her daughter Nancy's  twitching slit

brought on  a massive  orgasm for  Mary and  I moved  quickly to further

intensify her pleasure by biting her clit as I forced two fingers up her

anus.  Mary covered my face with her juices and I continued to suck  and

bite her clit and  ream her anus until  the last vestige of  our orgasms

had faded.

Nancy climbed off my now wilted cock and offered her cum stained cunt to

her mother and sister who sucked and licked her cummy snatch until  they

had devoured most  of my sperm  and Nancy's cunt  juices.  Watching this

display stirred new life  into my fading cock  and I suggested to  Nancy

and Traci that they suck my cock so I could pump it up their mothers hot

twat.  The  both agreed  this was  only fair  as they  had enjoyed it so

much.  Nancy and Traci took up positions on each side of me and began to

suck and lick my cock to a new erection.  Their cunts and assholes  were

delicious to watch  as they worked  their magic on  my flagging erection

sucking my semi hard cock deep into their throats with each dip of their

heads.  Mary  was up  to tricks  and moved  in on  her daughters exposed

cunts with a vibrator in each  hand and began to ream her  daughters hot

cunts with  the vibrators  as she  alternated between  them licking  and

tonguing their assholes.  I  was able to reach  Mary's cunt and ass  and

started eating her pussy while I reamed her anus with the anal probe she

had worked Traci's asshole with.  Just as Nancy and Traci reached orgasm

Mary climaxed too and this brought me to full erection.

Traci  was  the  first  to  notice  my  thick hard cock standing at full

erection  and  she  told  her  mother  to  get  ready  for the fuck of a

lifetime.  Nancy said "come over and sit on this hard cock I want to see

the whole 10" ramming  in and out of  your tight pussy".  Responding  to

her  daughters  ardent  plea  Mary  rose  up  and  position herself in a

squatting position directly  over my stiff  prick.  Traci held  open her

mothers swollen cunt lips exposing her slippery pink cunt hole as  Nancy

forced two  of her  slim fingers  deep into  her mothers  throbbing anus

while holding my pulsing dick in position to ram deep into Mary's pussy.

Mary slowly move down on my  big cock savoring the feeling of  each inch

as it forced her  cunt open and probed  her hot tight pussy.   Once Mary

had engulfed the entire  length of my raging  cock she set up  a furious

pounding rhythm  ramming me  deep up  her slit  with each stroke.  Nancy

pushed hard on my dick thru her mothers throbbing anus as she repeatedly

thrust her fingers  deep up her  mothers twitching asshole.   Traci move

back over my face and reaching down spread her musky pink twat giving me

access to her wet pink hole  and stiff swollen clit.  I began  to tongue

fuck that delicious 16 year old cunt as I eased two fingers up her  well

lubricated anus.  Nancy move in  between Mary and Traci making  her cunt

and  asshole  available  to  Traci  while  tonguing her mothers clit and

reaching  around  to  finger  fuck  Mary's asshole.  Meanwhile Traci had

forced the vibrator and anal probe up her sisters well lubricated  holes

and  was  licking  and  sucking  her  protruding  erect  clit.   All the

attention took its toll  on Mary and she  began to climax hard  and fast

flooding my  cock and  balls and  Nancy's mouth  with her thick slippery

juice.  Mary was like a woman possessed and she kept up her torrid  pace

despite her orgasm  pounding her stretched  cunt onto my  stiff cock.  I

could tell Traci  was close to  climax and she  shivered noticeably each

time I ran my  tongue over her stiff  pink clit.  Nancy began  to climax

and the taste of her  cunt juice set Traci off  to and I sucked hard  on

Traci's stiff clit until I felt her warm juices run down my face.  Traci

was now gently lapping her  sisters throbbing holes as Mary  reached her

second climax clamping down on my cock with such force that I too  began

to cum sending a torrent of sperm up Mary's tight clutching cunt.   Mary

fell back on the bed nearly incoherent as her daughters spread her  legs

and sucked and licked her satisfied  cunt licking out my load of  sticky

white sperm.  Seeing that my rod had again remained hard I moved up  and

began to finger fuck Traci's and Nancy's cunts and dilated assholes with

my fingers keeping them worked up.

After a bit of rest Mary told  me that there were three holes I  had yet

to pleasure and turned to me offering me her hot asshole.  I told her  I

would try but  I may not  be able to  do them all  and suggested I start

with Traci.  Moving Traci  to a position on  all fours in the  middle of

the bed I instructed  Mary to lie beneath  her youngest daughter and  to

eat and lick her pussy.  I next brought Nancy around and had her hold my

cock to her  sisters anus as  I slowly pushed  my 10" inch  by inch into

Traci's twitching asshole.  Once I was fully up Traci's ass I had  Nancy

take the vibrator  and do the  same to her  mothers asshole while  Traci

Licked and sucked her mothers cunt  and clit.  I began pounding my  cock

in  and  out  of  Traci's  hot  tight  anus until Traci came with a rush

flooding her mothers face with her juice, after which I filled her tight

little asshole with  a load of  my sperm.  After  withdrawing my cock  I

pushed Traci's  quivering ass  down on  Mary's face  letting her suck my

load of cum from her  daughters asshole.  Traci replaced her  mother and

Nancy took the  doggy position as  I reamed Nancy's  anus with my  stiff

prong bringing her to climax in short order and filling her little  butt

with my cream.  We repeated this  scene with Mary in the doggy  position

and Nancy below until I  had successfully filled all the  girls assholes

with my stiff cock and lubed their rears with my sperm.

We were all  tired and totally  fucked out and  rested a while  before I

showered  and  left  a  totally  satisfied  man.   This relationship has

continued and I regularly get  together with Mary and her  daughters for

some all out sucking and  fucking sessions.  In addition both  Nancy and

Traci  have  introduced  me  to  some  of  their  friends  and  Mary has

introduced me to a number of her  friends who also like to get it  on so

I'm always in demand.



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