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Archive-name: Series/brittany.txt

Archive-author: Steve Jensen

Archive-title: Brittany

This is a fantasy about teens having sex.  If this offends you,

delete the file and read no further.  If you like this type of

fantasy and would like to see more, leave a message for Steve

Jensen on Rusty & Edie's BBS at 216 726-2620.

Fifteen-year-old Rob Kramer was worried sick about becoming a

Sixteen-year-old virgin.  He wasn't a bad looking guy.  Just an

ordinary kid.  Brown Hair.  Brown eyes.  Average build.  Not tall

enough to be a basketball legend and not wide enough to be a

fullback.  He rarely got less than a C or more that a B.  Rob

thought of himself as Mr. Average.  He had a few brief

encounters with girls but sexually had never gotten past the

feeling-up stage.

Lately, Rob was having a hard time understanding the mixed feelings

he was having lately about his 13 year old sister.  Even though he

was only two years older, he had always been protective of her.  

Sure, they argued and fought as typical kids always did, but he

still always made sure that she caught the school bus, had her

lunch and the other things that a protective brother would do.  And

he knew that she looked up to him as a "big brother" even though

she did sometimes act bratty.

Brittany was always "Little Miss Perfect".  Straight A's in school.

Room always immaculate.  Her clothes always matched.  Her chestnut

brown hair was always precision cut with perfectly straight bangs

in front and straight across her back.  She had big brown eyes that

could radiate whatever expression she was feeling.  They had a

habit of making people want to do Brittany's bidding.

Until now, he had always thought of her as a little kid.  She had

been in elementary school.  She never paid attention to boys.  Her

body had not yet started the adolescent development...  until now.

The first thing he noticed was the subtle way she started appearing

in a training bra.  Second thing was that she had started flirting

with his friends.  Third thing was that she had made out with

Jeremy, one of the guys he knew from school.  They wasn't sure if

they actually did it, but he had overheard Jeremy say that he felt

her up while they frenched.  Ever since he heard that he thought of

his little sister frenching some guy with his hand in her pants and

things were not the same.

Jeremy was one of the most popular kids at school with the girls. 

He was always going out with the cheerleader types and Rob was not

sure why he would waste his time with Brittany because she was

still in Junior High.  Unless Brittany was a real easy lay.

Shit, if she wasn't his sister, he would fuck her.  The night

before he had jacked off thinking about Brittany and Jeremy.  

In the locker room after P.E., Rob made a special effort to be in

the shower at the same time as Jeremy.  For some reason, if there

was the slightest chance that his cock been inside his sister - or

if she had even had her hand on it - he wanted to get a good look

at it.  At least when he jacked off, he would have some detail

about what Jeremy looked like when he imagined him fucking his

sister.  Rob had never had any real interest in guys but he was

just interested in seeing what his sister may have seen, or even

touched, and what it would have looked like.

Jeremy was blonde and very fair skinned.  He had piercing blue eyes

that were part of what made the girls go crazy over him.  Rob

watched as he soaped himself down.  Fortunately, Jeremy had his

eyes closed in the shower and this gave Rob the opportunity to

really stare at his cock.  It was about the same size as his but

thicker and uncut.  It hung majestically from the crown of close

blonde pubic hair that very lightly adorned the boy's groin.  When

Jeremy turned, rob saw a smooth, perfectly rounded, hairless butt. 

He pictured in his mind that ass pumping as the cock slid in and

out of his sister.  He was starting to get a hard on and realized

that he had better stop before he became the joke of the locker


He wanted so bad to find out from Jeremy exactly what they did but

he was afraid to ask one of the guys that Jeremy had been talking

to because someone may think that he was getting the hots for his

own sister.  It was just the thought that his little 7th grade

sister may have lost her virginity before he lost his that made him

want to know for sure.  He knew his thoughts about his sister were

wrong and that he should stop thinking about her when he jacked


But something that had happened two years ago when Brittany was 11

and he was 13 had made his sister one of his favorite imaginary

images when he jacked off.  Rob remembered sitting in the same

chair that he was in now, watching TV., two years earlier...

As Rob sat in the chair, the thought of jacking off made him want

to go to bed.  His mom sat watching Johnny Carson and drinking her

third glass of wine and he knew she would be asleep soon... usually

right there on the couch.  "Night, Mom," he said, getting up to go


"Goodnight, Robbie," his mom said and then added, "make sure

Brittany's light is out on your way upstairs."

Rob didn't remember the light until he had tossed his levis over

the chair and started to climb in bed, anxious to start stroking

his cock.  He knew that if his mom noticed the light she would come

upstairs to turn it off and he didn't want to risk her looking in

on him and maybe catching him beating off.  He started to grab his

levis but then shrugged and proceeded without them.  It would just

take a second and it was just across the hall.  Dressed only in his

jockey shorts, he crossed the hall to his sister's room as he had

done several times.  She left the light on a lot, especially if she

thought there was a chance of a night time storm.

He entered her room and as by familiar feel turned off her light. 

He was surprised that the room did not darken and noticed that she

had left the closet light on as well.  "Damn," he uttered under his

breath as he crossed the room to turn it out.  On his way to the

closet he stepped on a pair of his sister's panties.  When he

looked down and saw them, he looked next over to his sister.  She

slept in an oversized tee shirt and was on top of the covers, on

her stomach, her face buried in her pillow.  The thoughts that

quickly ran through Rob's mind frightened him but the fear of

getting caught was quickly overcome by the excitement of getting

away with it.  If Brit had nothing on under that shirt and he could

lift it up without her waking, he could have a great view of his

sister's butt.  Wow.  That would make his upcoming masturbation

session worth the wait.

He picked up the panties in his hand and closed and locked her door

on his way to the bed.  The dim closet light was perfect and just

enough light for him to see his sister clearly.  He knew if she

woke up that there would be hell to pay, so he would have to be

careful.  He quietly over to his sister's bed and stood beside it

for a few minutes watching her sleep.  Her breathing was deep and

steady and he was sure she was asleep.  Brittany always had been a

pretty sound sleeper and hard to get up for school in the morning.

Robs heart raced so loud that he could hear it as he reached down

and gently lifted the bottom of his sister's shirt into the air. 

There it was.  With the glow of the closet light bouncing off of

it, the girls round, smooth but looked like a beautiful sculpture. 

Rob was having trouble breathing quietly because he was so excited

and his heart was pounding wildly.  His cock reached full stiffness

almost immediately.  After a few minutes of staring at his sister's

cute petite little ass and imagining Jeremy doing the same, it was

too much for him to bear.  He took his free hand and started

massaging his cock through his jockey shorts.

Slowly, he put Brittany's shirt up with the bottom of it just above

her waste.  Now with both hands free, he held the front of his

shorts down with one hand while he stroked his cock with the other. 

This was the best jackoff he had ever had, with a girl's bare ass

just a couple of feet from his erect cock.  Never taking his eyes

off his sister's bare ass,  Rob went into a full stroke

masturbation, forgetting the short, slow, quiet strokes he had

started with.  Suddenly, Brittany moved!  Rob panicked and was in

front of her door in a split second.  He would have been out the

door but he forgot he had locked it and was fumbling with the lock

in his panic.  It took him a minute to get back control of his

shaking hands, and in the interim he looked back at the bed. 

Brittany had turned completely over!  She was still asleep, but

this time she was on her back.  It only took him a minute to

realize that he could have the same view of her pussy that he had

of her butt.  In the time that it took him to get over to the bed,

his panic had subsided.

Again, Rob lifted Brittany's pajama-tee shirt and gasped quietly at

the sight of her tender, hairless mound.  Rob lay the shirt down

just above her navel and again started his jerking off, watching

his sister's bare pussy while he did it.  He was once again into a

steady rhythm when Brittany moved again.  This time he didn't panic

and his only reaction was to allow his undershorts to snap back up

over his swollen cock while he watched carefully to make sure that

she wasn't going to wake up.  He had not clue what he would do if

she did, but he was cautious, nevertheless.

This time Brittany's move allowed both legs, which had been raised

slightly and bent at the knees, to flat in opposite directions. 

The result gave Rob a clear view of her slit, little hole and all. 

What if Jeremy had been in that hole.  Maybe with his finger, or

even his dick!  Throwing caution to the wind, Rob pulled his shorts

down below his hips and stroked his stiff cock as he massaged his

balls and he scrutinized his sister's open pussy below him.  He

didn't realize until it was too late to do anything about it that

his cock was erupting, spewing wads of cum all over the bed and his

sister below him.  By the time he returned to reality from the

fantasy world of his orgasm, a ribbon of pearl glistened,

reflecting the closed light, as it crossed his sister's bare, flat

stomach.  Another wad had impacted the inside of her thigh and

flowed down her leg until it soaked into the bedspread.  Yet

another had made it's way to the top of her mound where it impacted

just below her soft patch of hair and cascaded down her crack,

crossing her open hole and dripping the rest of the way down the

crack of her ass making a pool where her butt met the bedspread.

It took Rob a few minutes to get his senses and even longer to

catch his breath.  Thinking rationally now, he decided not to try

to clean up his sister for fear of waking her.  He did lift her

shirt, and, after one long last look, covered her nakedness.  "The

shirt would soak up the semen," he thought, "she wouldn't even

notice it in the morning.  Quietly, he exited her room after

turning the light off and when back to his room where he beat off

once more before falling asleep.

Rob felt guilty the next day about what he had done.  He had to

keep convincing himself that Brittany really was asleep and not

faking it when he did what he did.  If she was awake, well, she was

as much to blame as he was.  But what if he had just scared her and

today she would wake up and tell their mom?  It seemed like an

eternity before she finally bounced down the stairs in her usual

cheery mood.  After she had said good morning to their mom and him,

he knew it was okay.  He also noticed that beneath her robe she

still had on the same tee shirt.  In the two years since Brittany

had never mentioned the incident.  But it wasn't because she didn't

know that it happened.

When Rob had entered her room, she had been masturbating.  Hearing

the door start to open, she quickly pulled her shirt over her bare

bottom and rolled over as if asleep.  But there was nothing she

could do about her panties on the floor.  When her brother lifted

her shirt up, Brittany played asleep.  She dared to peek out the

tiny slits she made between her eyelids and watched for a second as

he masturbated.  The sight got her so turned on that she decided to

give her brother something to really jack off to, so she turned


When Rob jacked off some more, she decided to spread.  And after

Rob left the room, she went back to masturbating, only this time

she was gathering her brother's cum on her fingers as she rubbed

her clit with one hand and inserted a cum soaked finger with the

other.  It was by far the best masturbating she had ever done and

she definitely wanted to know more about the white sticky jism that

her brother had shot all over her.

                         Two Years Later

Rob knew his feelings for his sister were wrong, but Brittany

didn't help matters much when she would flirt with him

every chance she got.  He was sure it was innocent, but she was

always doing little things like giving him a wink and a sexy smile

as she closed the bathroom door to take a shower.  Or running

around the house in pajamas when their folks weren't home.  Like

tonight.  The folks weren't due in until after two in the morning.

And lately, thinking of his sister maybe having gotten fucked in

the back seat of some car made him even more susceptible to her


That night both kids were home alone, their mom out for the evening

with friends.  Rob was contemplating setting the stage so that he

could get a repeat performance with his sister, this time with her

awake and aware of it.  Maybe if she saw him in a more sexy way,

she may get turned on.

"So, Fuck it!" Rob thought to himself.  "I sleep in jockeys and she

sleeps in PJ's.  She's wearing her PJ's around, I'll wear my

jockeys.  And we'll see what happens."

He wasn't sure how far he would go with his sister even if he got

the chance, but he knew that her little adolescent body excited

him.  Fuck her?  Probably not.  She was still his little sister. 

Finger her little twat, feel her up or check her out?  You bet!  

"Nice underwear, Robbie," Brittany said, looking him over up and

down with a show of mock admiration as if she were inspecting a

male centerfold. "Wow!" She thought. "Her brother in his

underwear!"  It was gonna be impossible for her to not let on that

she was getting turned on by this.

"Like you're overdressed, Brattany!" Rob said, his play on her name

one of the little insults he used on her whenever she got too close

to understanding his real feelings.

Brittany plopped down in the overstuffed chair and pulled her knees

up to her chest, her arms around them, half watching the video on

MTV.  Her position allowed Rob a slight view of her panties below

her tee-shirt style bathing suit.  

"You goin' with Jeremy?" he asked.

"Jeremy is a Dweeb," she responded.

"I hear you got felt up by a Dweeb."

"A Dweeb with a big mouth.  That's why he didn't get anywhere."

"Oh.  That's the reason.  It's not because you don't know what to

do with a guy yet, is it?"

"Like what I know or don't know how to do is none of your business,

Robbie.  Just forget it, okay?"  With that she went to her room.  

"So it was true.  She did do it with Jeremy, at least the feeling

and frenching part" thought Jeremy as he stroked his cock through

his shorts.  He thought about Jeremy with his finger buried in her

cunt in the back of his older brother's car parked in his driveway

as he started to jack off.  And then he realized that he was

jacking off when his sister was in her room by herself and at this

rate he would never get to do anything with her.  They had to get

past the bickering stage if anything was to happen.  It would have

to be up to him to break the impasse.  He went to her room and


"I'm trying to get some sleep!" was the reply.

He opened the door and entered the semi dark room.  A dim night

light burned in the corner.  "I'm sorry, Brit" he told his sister. 

"Yeah, okay, but I still want to get some sleep," she responded.  

"Okay,  I'll join you."  Without waiting for a response, Rob hopped

in bed under the covers.

"And what do you think you are doing?  Get outta my Bed!"

"Chill out, Brit.  I'm not gonna do anything your Dweeb boyfriend

wouldn't do if he had the chance."

"He didn't fuck me, Rob.  Like it's any of your business if he did.

We were having a great time kissing cuz I thought he was a neat guy

and he's cute and then he started forcing his had down my pants. 

He wouldn't stop until I threatened to scream and then he did.  And

that's it.  That's all that happened. Now,  he's telling everybody

that he did it with me.  What a geek!"

"He didn't tell me that.  I overheard him tell some guy that he

felt you up, that's all.  You want me to kick his butt?"

"You would do that for me?"

"You are my little sister and I do like you both as a sister and as

a girl.  Do you want me to kick his butt?"

"No.  It isn't worth your time.  Forget it.  But thanks, anyway."

There were several long minutes of silence.  The mood between the

kids had definitely changed.  But Brit still had her back to Rob

and both kids pretended to be resting, each not sexually interested

in the other sexually.  Brittany broke the silence.  "What do you

mean that you like me as a girl?"

"Uh, well," Rob stammered shortly, "like I noticed that you are one

of the cutest girls around.  And even though we fight sometimes

I've known you all my life, and stuff like that."

Brittany turned toward her brother.  "Wow.  That's nice.  Thank

You.  Um, you know, you probably won't believe this, but I like you

as a boy, too."

There was a short period of silence, once again broken by Brittany.

"Why are we in bed together, in our underwear - or, I mean, in your

underwear?"  Brittany giggled at her mistake.  

Rob laughed back.  "Well, if my being in my underwear bothers

you..."  Without finishing his sentence he reached down beneath the

covers with both hands and slipped his jockey shorts over his hips.

He brought his legs up in the air to slip them off completely and

for a second Brittany caught a glimpse of his cock.  He held the

underwear up in the air for a few seconds and then ceremoniously

let them fall to the floor beside the bed.

"Shit, Rob, what are you doing?"  Brittany felt as if she had to

protest.  She couldn't let her brother know that her little body

was covered with a tingling sensation just at the thought of having

him naked next to her.  "Your my brother!"

"I'm a boy.  And your a girl."

"But, Robbie, we're related!"

"No problem," he joked. "Just pretend I'm Jeremy."

"No way!  I would rather do it with you than that creep any day!" 

Then Brittany realized what she had said.


Silence again.  Longer this time.  Brittany and Rob looked at each

other for a long time  before Rob reached out and placed a hand

gently on his sisters neck, drawing her close to him.  And then he

kissed her, gently on the lips.  They looked at each other again -

sort of in amazement, and then, in passion, fell into a lingering

kiss.  Their mouths opened and their tongues entwined, the children

kissed for at least five minutes.

Kissing his sister was making Rob's young cock throb.  Brittany's

whole body was tingling in passion as she made out with her

brother.  Rob was afraid to make any sexual moves because he didn't

want to frighten his sister and make her stop.  Brittany was

enjoying the kissing too much to do anything else.  But soon, their

lips and tongues tired, the two stopped to rest.

Brittany looked down at the bulge underneath the cover where Rob's

cock was actually raising the blanket.  He at first tried to cover

it with his hand in embarrassment, but then decided that he wanted

his sister to see her effect on him.  "I guess that means you like

me," she said with a little grin.

"Guess you could say so," Rob replied.

"Lemme see it," asked Brittany.

Rob pulled the covers down over his cock and let them lay at the

foot of the bed.  He had a much better view of his sister's pajama

clad body.

"Wow, what does that feel like?" she asked.

Rob took her hand and guided it to his swollen tool.  At first

there was a little resistance when she realized that her brother

was guiding her hand to his huge swollen cock, but the curiosity

and sexual passion took over.  As she touched his prick, her

fingers caressed it.  Rob showed her how to stroke up and down.

"Is this how boys do it?"

"Do what?" Rob asked, pretending ignorance.

"You know, jack off."

"Here, lemme show you how I do it," he said.  Rob moved her had to

a resting point on his thigh and grabbed his swelled cock with his

right hand while he massaged his balls with his left.  Brittany

watched her brother masturbate.  Rob was getting excited by his

sister's intense interest.  He continued to stroke his cock and

massage his balls for a few minutes.  "It works better if I have

something to look at," he said.

"Like what?"

"Well, like I usually use playboy pictures and stuff like that."

"So go and get some."

"I would rather look at you, um, naked."

Brittany realized that they had gone to the point that it probably

didn't make a lot of difference anymore anyway.  So what if Rob saw

her naked. He had seen her two years ago when he jacked off on her. 

She wanted her brother and her to share everything --

all of their secrets.  She wanted to tell him what REALLY happened

with Jeremy.  She wanted him to see her play with herself, too. 

"You mean you would rather watch your little sister naked than some

big busted model while you jerk yourself off?"

"Yes.  I would.  So off with the clothes."  Rob had stopped jerking

himself off and was watching his sister, waiting for her response. 

Without a word, Brittany reached up underneath her long tee shirt

and pulled off her white cotton panties.  Then she pulled the shirt

over her head.  

"How's that?  Think you can cum as well to that as some Playboy


"Better," Rob said as he grabbed two of the four pillows on the bed

and propped them up against the footboard.  He turned around so

that he and his sister were facing each other from the head and

foot of the bed and with the pillows stacked behind him, he once

again begin to jack off.  As Brittany watched, she began to finger

herself, her index finger making small circles around her swollen

little clit as the other hand held her cunt lips apart.  Rob had a

perfect view of her pink slit and soft mound covered only with a

very light spattering of soft brown hair.  

Rob couldn't believe that he was laying on his sister's bed,

completely naked, jerking off in front of her while she  did the

same in front of him.  He watched Brittany manipulate her little

clit and she now had a finger sliding in and out of her hole.  As

he stroked his stiff cock, he felt a familiar stirring in his

balls.  He stopped stroking so that he wouldn't cum right then and

there because he wanted this to last indefinitely.

"Why did you stop?" Brittany asked?

"If I don't, I'll squirt," Rob replied.

"I wanna watch you do it."  With that Brittany moved to a position

right over her brother's throbbing cock.  With one hand, she

started gently stroking it and with the other she gently massaged

his balls as she had seen him do himself, earlier.  "Does it feel

good, Robbie?" she asked.

The chain reaction had already started and Rob did not have a

chance to answer.  His cock erupted sending streams of hot jism

into the air.  One splattered on Brittany's cheek, another in her

hair as she continued to stroke her brother.  Her hand was covered

with the pearly cum and Rob's stomach was covered with splotches of

the white goo.  She continued to jerk her brother off until his

cock began to loose it's hardness.  Then she looked at her gooey

hand and smiled.  "What do you do with this stuff when you do it by

yourself?" she asked her brother.

Rob was breathing hard just getting over the best orgasm of his

life.  Seeing his sister there with cum dripping down her cheek and

her forehead made him want to cum again.  "I have a towel between

the mattresses on my bed," he answered.  Brittany examined her

brothers sperm on her hand and then reached down between her legs

and spread the gooey cream all over her mound.  

"Guess after tonight we won't have any secrets at all from each

other, Robbie," she said.

"Yeah, I guess not," he replied.

Rob moved so that he was now laying on the bed in the same

direction as his sister.  He reached over and with the undershorts

he had discarded earlier he wiped his sister's face dabbing off the

ribbons of cum that dripped down her cheek and forehead.

"Is that the first time you've seen a boy's stuff?" he asked her.


Rob was shocked at the reply.  He felt his groin start to stir once

again.  "No secrets, remember?" he reminded his sister of their

earlier agreement.

"Okay, that's the way I want it too.  So, you know Nicole Edwards,

right?  She's a sophomore. She's in your class and she goes to my

gymnastics class.  Well, after gym the other day we were walking

home and Jeremy came by on his honda scooter.  He asked us if we

wanted to watch TV at his place.  Well, he sorta asked Nicole but

because I was there he asked me too.  From the way Nicole giggled,

I knew something was up but Jeremy is a hunk and I wanted to go to

his house just so I could say that I had been there."

Brittany stopped for a moment.  Her brothers fingering of her cunt

while she told him of her experiences was getting her hot.  She

could see Rob's throbbing cock and knew he was getting more and

more turned on too.  "Yeah, I know Nicole.  She is really cute. 

She is on cheer and I have World History with her.  So, what did

you guys do?" Rob asked impatiently as he pictured in his mind the

platinum blond girl at school who could pass for Kelly on Married

with Children.

"Well,  Jeremy rode on ahead of us to his house and Nicole told me

what a stud he was and asked me if I would like to get it on with

him.  Well, I didn't know what to say so I said 'No' but she said

'That's okay, you are still kinda young yet but you can watch us if

you want to.'  Like, I was in shock.  I was going to get to see

Jeremy naked and fucking Nicole.

"Well, we went to his house and watched TV.  Nicole sat by him on

the couch and pretty soon they were making out.  Jeremy had his

hand under Nicole's shirt and before long they got up and went into

Jeremy's room.   I stayed there and watched TV for a few minutes

but then I got up to see where they had gone.  The door to Jeremy's

room was wide open.  They were on Jeremy's bed fucking."    

The work Rob was doing on his sister's cunt intensified.  She was

beginning to take pauses to catch her breath.  "Oh, man.  They were

actually doing it?  Wow, what did it look like??" asked Rob.

"Well, Nicole was on her back and I could see Jeremy's cute butt

pumping in and out.  Her legs were way up in the air on either side

of his waist.  I watched for a few minutes and then Nicole saw me

and winked at me.  I came in the room and Jeremy got off of her and

I could see his stiff cock, all wet and shiny.  Jeremy told me to

take off my clothes and join the party but I said no.  Nicole told

Jeremy to let me do things at my own pace and he said 'whatever.' 

Then Nicole went down on Jeremy and started sucking him off.  I

just watched  but Jeremy kept looking at me.  Then he reached over

and put his hand underneath my dress.  I started to pull away but

I couldn't see any harm in getting felt up so I let him."

"Wow, did he finger you like I am doing?" Rob asked.

"No, He was feeling me through my panties.  It felt good, and

watching Nicole suck him off made me get even hotter.  Then Nicole

stopped sucking and was watching Rob feel me.  His cock had gotten

huge and she was stroking it like this."  Brittany took her

brother's prick in her hand and began to lightly stroke it up and

down, rubbing the palm of her hand over the head.

"That's it, Brit, damn, that feels good when you do that.  So what

did they do next?" Rob inquired anxiously.

"Well, then Nicole got on top of him and straddled him and ran his

cock up into herself and started pumping.  She shaves her pussy

because she is on swim and doesn't want the hair to show.  Anyway, 

next thing I know, Jeremy had my skirt off and he is really

fingering my cunt.  So I got up on the bed with them and Jeremy

moved one leg on either side of his head and started sucking my

pussy.  I was so turned on watching Nicole get fucked that she and

I started french kissing.

I could tell when Jeremy started to cum because his tongue ran

halfway up my cunt.  After he was all done, Nicole got off of him

and I could see the stuff oozing out of her crack.  She saw me

looking and said 'Wanna see?' I said 'yeah', and she lay down on

her back and spread her legs real wide.  I got real close and

looked as the stuff came out.  Jeremy asked me if I wanted some of

that up my cunt and I said 'Not really.'

"Nicole stayed there and I think they did it again but I came home.

And that's it."

Rob's cock was once again at full hardness and throbbing.  His

sister had seen Jeremy and Nicole naked and fucking and had got

naked in front of him herself.  Wow.  "So what about the deal in

his brother's back seat?" he asked.

The phone by Brittany's bed rang.  Rob answered it.  It was their

mom.  They would be staying overnight and wanted to make sure

everything was okay.  Rob smiled when she asked him not to be

fighting with his sister.  Brittany giggled when he told her.  "So,

what about the back seat, Brit?" 

"You're really gonna think I'm some slut."

"I already do.  You are going to fuck your brother tonight.  You

want to, don't you?"  Rob was getting excited talking to his little

sister that way.  "Don't you?"

"Yes.  I want you to fuck me, Robbie.  You can do whatever you

want.  I want to be your personal little whore and I will do

whatever you say, as long as it doesn't hurt.  I will fuck you

whenever you want or whoever you tell me to, Rob.  You don't know

how long I have been waiting to tell you that."

Rob reached over and placed a finger back between his sister's

legs.  Rubbing it in her slippery crack, he lubricated it and then

sank it in her hole.  "Back seat," he said.

"Well, a few days after watching them do it I was really getting

turned on every time I thought about it.  I was wishing that I had

let him fuck me after he fucked Nicole.  So I called him.  He said

that his older brother, who is in college, he's 23, was home, but

that we could make out in the back seat of the car.  So I went over

there and we were in the back seat and I had my blouse open and he

was feeling me and we were making out and then his brother opened

the door and saw us.

"He told us to get in the house.  I was sure that we were busted. 

But once we were inside, he told Jeremy to take me to his room and

do whatever you're gonna do but don't do it in his car because

someone would see us.  Then he looked at my open blouse and said

'Nice tits.'  

"Well, one thing led to another.  I really wasn't in the mood to do

it after the thing with his brother but he kept insisting and told

me that I was the one that had come over and that it was me that

had called him and that I owed it to him, so I finally let him have

his way.  First he sucked my pussy and then when I was good and

wet, he got on top of me and stuck it in.  I really wasn't into it

so I pretty much just lay there with my eyes closed until he came. 

It did feel good when he came in me and that was the first time I

was really starting to feel good.  Jeremy pulled out of me then I

looked up and saw Mike, his brother.

"He said, 'Nice show, Jer.  Mind if I have a pop at her?'  Jeremy

said 'Nah, she is kind of a dead fuck but give it your best shot. 

I was shocked but getting turned on the way they were talking about

me.  Jeremy got dressed and left.  Mike closed the door and came

over and sat on the bed next to me.  He rubbed his hands over me

and then stuck a finger up my cunt.  Just like you are doing now. 

Only his hands were huge and his finger felt like Jeremy's cock.

"He said to me, 'Nice , tight little twat.  How old are you, kid?'

I told him 13.  Then he started talking really dirty to me and

telling me that he was gonna fuck my cunt and I was gonna like it

because it was a man fuck and not a boy fuck.  I was getting so hot

listening to him.  Then he told me that I had to do everything he

said and I agreed.  He stood up and told me to undo his pants.  I

did.  He finished getting undressed.  He looks just like Jeremy

except he has all this hair on his chest.  His cock was enormous

and I was scared that it was gonna hurt.  

"First he started kissing me and fingering me at the same time and

then he lay down on his back and made me get on top of him like

Nicole did with Jeremy.  My pussy was still full of Jeremy's cum

and it was a good thing because it helped him get inside of me. 

Mike held me by the waist and moved me up and down on him I really

didn't have to do much.  My pussy was really full because his cock

was so big it made it stretch.  After a while of bouncing up and

down on him, I came.  I started yelling for him to fuck me and he

got more excited and moved me up and down faster on his cock. 

Pretty soon he let out this groan and I felt the first wad of cum

squirt out of his dick.  His cum was a lot more than Jeremy's and

it came out harder too.  It felt really hot inside of me and I

thought he would never stop.  He said 'Wow, not bad for a 13 year

old.  Let me know next time you need your tubes cleaned, kid."

"Damn, Brittany.  I wanna watch you do it with a guy."

"Who?  Jeremy again?"

"Well, that would be okay.  Are there any other guys that you would

like to do it with?"

Hesitating a moment she asked, "How about a girl?   The night after

I watched Jeremy and Nicole I remembered her showing me Jeremy's

cum on her pussy.  I wanted to lick it, but not in front of Jeremy.

So what I would like is for you to fuck Nicole and then I would eat

her out afterwards."

"Do you think Nicole would let me fuck her?" Rob asked.

"She has wanted to get into my pants since we started gym class

together.  Word has it that she is into younger girls.  She would

do anything to get me in bed with her.  That is why she invited me

to Jeremy's house."

"Okay, next time we're home alone we'll invite her over.  Should we

do each other in front of her?"

"No, that will be our secret."

With that, Brittany straddled her brother.  She placed his cock

over her hole and then backed into it letting it sink gradually in.

She worked her hips as Rob began a slow pumping motion.  Soon it

was all the way in.  Brittany began to move herself up and down

while milking her brother's cock.  "Fuck me, Robbie, make me cum. 

Cum in me!"  Brittany talked to her brother in an attempt to get

him more excited.  She succeeded.  Rob was bucking off of the

mattress in an attempt to drive his cock deep into his sister's


Watching Brittany spread on top of him made him more determined to

make her cum like no one else ever could.  He wanted her to want

her brother in her more than any other male on earth.  Little did

he know that she already did.  "Brit, I want you.  I wanna cum in

you.  I want to make you my girlfriend.  You little whore!"

It didn't take long because the talk of sex between the two and the

fingering had already taken their toll.  Rob went first sending a

torrent of jism up his little sister's cunt.  Feeling the hot jism

fill her cuntal passage was all it took to send Brittany into a

shuddering orgasm.  Both kids fell asleep where they were.  When

they came awake a couple of hours later, it was almost eleven


Rob awoke to find his sister sleeping soundly.  She was still

naked.  She was now on her back and the light was still on giving

him a perfect view of her little nude body.  He reached down to her

cunt and felt all the goo that he had deposited there only a couple

of hours before.  She was so cute.  And she was his.  But her

wanted to watch her fuck Jeremy in the worst way.  Maybe it was him

that wanted Jeremy naked in front of him... he had been thinking

about it so much lately he wasn't sure about those feelings either,


He dialed Jeremy's number. "Kinda late to be calling, eh dude? 

Lucky thing my folks are out at some party getting plastered."

"Well, Jer, I was just talking to my sister about the great time

she had over at your house a couple of weeks ago and wondered if

you were up for a repeat performance."

"What do you mean, man?" Jeremy pretended to have no knowledge of

what was up.

"She is ready to have a big cock planted in her tight little cunt,

that's what I mean.  You wanna do it?"


"Yeah, now.  Our mom's out for the night," Rob said.

"Shit. Like, I guess okay, then.  I was gonna jack off and go to

sleep anyway.  Can I ask why you are inviting me over to screw your


"I wanna watch," Rob told him.

"Well, I guess different strokes and all.  That's cool.  You

poppin' her?" Jeremy asked.

"She's my sister, man, wise up!"

"Shit, you could still be fuckin' her."

"I just wanna watch you do it," Rob replied.

"Okay, that's cool, but I don't do gay stuff.  Just your sister

while you watch, right?"

"Yeah, right," said Rob as he hung up the phone.  Brittany was

looking at him quizzically.

"Who was that?" she asked.

"Jeremy.  He's on his way over."

"Shit.  Why?  What did you tell him, Robbie?"

"I told him that I wanted to watch him fuck your little brains


"Oh, shit, Robbie.  Why did you do that?  Did you tell him about

us?" said Brittany in a tone of displeasure.

"No, I didn't tell him about us.  I also didn't tell him that the

reason that I want to watch him fuck you is because I get just as

turned on watching his cute little ass as I do watching you spread

open underneath him.  And what else he doesn't know is that after

he leaves, I am gonna suck every drop of his cum outta your tight

little hole.  So go take a good bath and don't come out until I

tell you.  And make sure that you wash your pussy good because I

want to taste just his cum in your twat tonight."  Rob was getting

turned on listening to himself.  

Brittany obediently went into the shower.  She had dried herself

off and was examining herself in the mirror, reflecting also on

what her brother had said to her.  She had conjured up an image in

her mind of her brother flat on his back, spread next to her with

Jeremy pumping his cock in and out of Rob's ass when a knock came

on the door.  "C'mon out, Brit.  We got company," her brother


She wrapped a towel around her and complied.  Her hand shook as she

turned the doorknob.  Her brother led her into the bedroom where

Jeremy sat on her bed, fully clothed.  Rob pulled the towel from

her leaving her perfectly naked in front of the boy.  "She's all

yours, man," he told Jeremy.

"Are you sure you wanna do this in front of your brother, Brit?"

"We did it in front of yours," she responded quickly in a near

bratty tone.

"Good point.  Anything special you wanna see, Rob?" Jeremy asked,

not taking his eyes off of the girl.

"Nah, just knock yourself out.  Do what you want to.  Just make

sure you don't hurt her and make sure that you blow your wad in

that little twat of hers," Rob said.  He already had a stiff hard

on that he was trying to keep from peeking beneath the shorts and

bathrobe that he put on for Rob's arrival.  He hoped he hadn't

given himself away talking about him cumming in her.

Jeremy stood up.  Slowly, while looking at Brittany, he unzipped

his fly, unbuttoned his levis and let them drop to his ankles.  His

tool was throbbing and as it strained beneath his jockey shorts. 

Brittany looked at it, and then looked at up at him. Jeremy snapped

his finger and then motioned with it at his waving tool.  Brittany

came up to the front of him, dropped to her knees and lowered the

front of his shorts below his balls.  She took the waving tool in

her hand and stroked it a few times before guiding it into her

mouth.  Obscenely she bobbed her head taking his stiff cock in and

out of her face. Jeremy watched her manipulate his cock as he

unbuttoned his shirt and let it drop to the floor.

Brittany continued to suck him off while he forced off his shows

and stepped out of his jeans.  Rob's cock grew as he watched Jeremy

fuck his sister's mouth, only the contour of the crack of his ass

visible underneath his tight jockey shorts.  Brittany had pulled

down below his knees and was gently massaging his balls with one

hand while rubbing his butt with the other.  Rob was getting

excited watching Jeremy's naked, hairless but pump in and out of

his sisters face, making dimples as he did it.

Brittany stood up, signaling Jeremy that she was ready to take his

cock as they had done before, only this time in front of her

brother.  She got on her hands and knees, her butt toward her

brother.  Jeremy positioned himself behind her on his knees and

guided his cock into her wet crack.  When she felt the head of his

dick on her hole, Brittany forced herself back, swallowing his cock

in the process.  Jeremy began his pumping as Rob, his pants now

down, jacked off.  Jeremy continued pushing in and out of

Brittany's tight cunt while Rob, now naked, got up and stood beside

the bed.

"Is this what you wanted, Robbie? " Brittany asked her brother.

"Yeah, it is, Brit," he told her.  

"If this was my sister, I would fuck her every chance I got. 

Sister or not, man," Jeremy told Rob.

Rob had not planned on doing anything with Brit in front of Jeremy,

but he was too turned on now to care what Jeremy thought.  He got

up on the bed beside Jeremy and nudged next to him, indicating he

wanted a turn with his sister.  Jeremy quickly moved aside, the

thought of watching was exciting his as it did Rob.  He watched as

the two fucked.  Brittany was moaning softly feeling the awesome

presence of her brother's cock in her cunt.  

"Having a sister is awesome, man, especially when she fucks," said

Jeremy to Rob as he stroked his dick.  He then nudged Rob over and

took over the pumping of the girl.  It wasn't long until Rob was

grunting and humping wildly and with a moan, let go his teenage

boysperm, flooding Brittany's canal.  Brittany was cumming herself

and had reached back and was squeezing Jeremy's balls as he

continued to spurt.  Soon his balls had exhausted themselves and

Jeremy pulled his half-hard cock out of Brittany's hole.  "She's

all yours, man," he said as he got up from the bed.  

Rob mounted his sister from behind and grabbed her by the waste as

he guided himself in.  He couldn't believe how sloppy her cunt was

with Jeremy's cum squishing all around his cock.  When he started

fucking her, he couldn't believe the squishing slurping noised as

he pushed in and out.  The other boy's cum was dripping down the

inside of both of her thighs as he forced it out of her.  Then he

added more sperm to her already soaked little hole.  He came in

torrents as Jeremy watched, getting dressed at the same time. 

Brittany continued to moan and spasm and, like she had done with

the other boy, grabbed her brother's balls as he continued to


Rob pulled his limp, semen soaked cock from his sister as she fell

on her stomach into the bed.  The backs of her thighs glistened

with both boy's semen.

"Any time you need to get her tuned up, let me know, man," Jeremy

told Rob.

"Yeah, we'll do it again.  I like watching her fuck and I like

screwing her after she's just had it.  But not a word to anyone,

okay?"  Rob asked Jeremy.

"Don't worry, man, people would think I was perverted helping a guy

fuck his own sister.  I won't say anything."  With that, he left.

                           Brittany II

                         by Steve Jensen

Rob and Brittany talked in hushed tones as they sat on the bed in

Rob's room.  Their mom was asleep in her room and the door was

locked, but they still took no chances.  Rob fingered his sister

beneath her pajama tee shirt as they talked.  She rubbed his

swollen cock beneath his jockey shorts.

Lately, 15 year old rob and his 13 year old sister had taken to

getting each other to a pre-climax state by openly fantasizing

about each of them and another person.   When they had done

everything the could do to arouse the other, they would fuck.

"Okay, now that you've seen me do it with Jeromy, I want to watch

you do it with Nicole. Don't worry, she'll do what I tell her to

because she wants into my panties.  Nikki is into young girls.  She

tells everyone that she shaves her pussy because of swim team, but

the real reason is that she wants to look like the girls that she

wants to do it with.  Like, I am almost too old for her because she

really likes fifth and sixth graders.  But for some reason, she

wants me.  That was the whole reason for doing it with Jerermy, so

that she could see me naked and maybe get me turned on enough to do

it with her."

"What would you do with another girl?" Rob asked.

"I don't know what I would do, but what she does is like mostly

lick pussy.  She also does really young guys, like fifth and sixth

grade.  She used to baby sit for these two kids that I baby sit for

and they told me about some of the stuff they did.  She is 17 and

she has screwed an 11 year old."  

"Bet the 11 year old loved it.  Who was he?"

"Scotty Marsh.  Cute kid.  Real cute! His mom got the idea

something wasn't right and changed baby sitters. That's when I got

the job.  Scotty got the idea all girls were like that when I first

baby sitted him and he spent the whole night running around the

house in his underpants... sometimes not even that much.  I liked

watching him but I didn't do much

"Do much?  what did you do?"

"Well, Nikki had taught him to lick pussy.   I got kinda turned on

watching him in his undershorts and he kept bugging me to strip for

him.  He told me that Nikki allways did.  So I told him he would

have to talk to Nikki if that's what he wanted.  The little brat

called her on the phone and she was there in five minutes.  She

made the excuse that she was coming to keep me company.  Yeah,


"Next thing I know, they are both in his bedroom.  They left the

door open so I watched as this kid started licking Nikki's pussy

and boobs.  She invited me to join in, but I told her that I just

wanted to watch.  She must have came twice before he got on top of

her. That was a trip watching this little fifth grader fuck one of

the best looking girls in the junior class.  That kid is gonna be

a hunk when he gets older."

"So what happened next," Rob asked?

"Well, I told Nikki that she had to split before Scotty's Mom got

home, and she did.  Scotty got his pajamas on and came back out in

the living room to watch TV.  I had this urge to pull down his PJ's

and check him out up close." 

"Well, I got curious and pulled his underwear down and felt him up. 

He doesn't have hair yet but he gets one hell of a hard on.  I

started jerking him off and rubbing his cute little ass and he just

stood there and let me do what I wanted.  But before we got very

far, I heard his mom's car pull into the driveway so I pulled his

pants back up real quick and he dashed off for his bedroom."


"You said something about two kids?"

"Yeah.  Scotty has this little girlfriend in his class that knows

Nicole.  That's how Nikki met him.  Her name is Amanda Wells. She

is also in my Thursday night dance class.  Nikki was baby sitting

Amanda one night and Scotty came by.  She ended up getting them

both naked and screwing around while she watched.  Some baby


"I would like to watch you and Scotty do it," Rob blurted out to

his sister. 

"Turns you on watching me go into slut mode, eh?  Well, your big

chance is coming up.  I baby sit him tomorrow night.  Just come by

any time after his mom leaves."

"Do you think he would say anything?"

"To his mom?  Nah.  He hasn't said anything about anything else. 

Besides, what would really be sharp is if we could get Amanda to

come over.  I would like to watch both of you fuck her.  Especially


"A fifth grader, eh?  Well, you're seventh so that is not too


"Not any different, eh?  I am just another fuck, huh?"  Brittany

said playfully.  Before long she would submit completely to her

brother and let him pump his cum into her hole as their mom slept

only a few feet away. 

The next evening...

Scotty's mom had barely left when Rob knocked on the door.  "Talk

about anxious," thought Brittany.  Scotty had already managed to

get out of everything but his underwear when he heard the knock. 

"Who's that?" he asked.

"My brother," she told him.  Seeing the disappointed look on his

face at the thought of not being able to mess around like they did

before, she added, "Don't worry.  He's cool.  He likes to have fun


Brittany opened the door and let her brother in.  "Rob, this is

Scotty.  Scotty, my brother Rob."  The boys shook hands.

Rob thought to himself that his sister had not exaggerated when she

said this kid was cute!  He had long, brown hair that just touched

his shoulders.  His eyes were bright blue and his face round and

cherub like.  When Rob glanced down at the boy's jockey shorts, the

only thing he was wearing, the boy blushed.  Seeing this,

Rob quickly said, "Guess I am overdressed for this party, Sis." 

With that, he stripped down to his shorts while Scotty watched


There wasn't any secret what was under Rob's shorts, either.  And

seeing this caused Scotty's little tool to grow to it's full size. 

Seeing this, Brittany reached down and patted both boys' swelling

erections.  "Looks like I am going to have my hands full tonight,"

she said.

"That a'int the only thing that you're gonna have full," her

brother responded.  Scotty giggled.

"Where were we before we were so rudely interrupted a few weeks

ago?" she asked Scotty, taking him by the hand and leading him to

the same spot where he had stood while she stroked his cock.  She

sat on the couch in front of him and ceremoniously pulled his

shorts down to the knees.  Rob took a chair to the side of them and

watched as his sister stroked the boys hairless penis.  As the boy

responded to Brittany's stroking, Rob watched dimples form in the

cheeks of his ass.  He couldn't wait to watch his sister take him

inside her.  When the boy squirted his sperm in here canal, he was

going to be right there to lick it out. He wondered if the boy was

old enough to squirt.  He was big for his age and that may help.

Nicole's coaching probably would have had something to do with it


"Remember what you did to Nikki last time?" Brittany asked Scotty.

"You mean when I fucked her?" he responded.

"Yeah.  I want you to do that to me, too," she told him.

Scotty turned to look at Rob as if for permission.  "It's okay with

me, pal, I am here for the show!"

Scotty took Brittany by the hand and said, "We better go in here,"

as he led her to his bedroom.  Rob followed.

The center of the room was dominated by a twin size bed that was

made in the fashion of a racing car, complete with a bedspread that

looked like a car's interior.  A toy box was over in the corner and

various items, balls, gloves, and other items that would be

cherished by an 11 year old were strewn about the room.  Seeing the

room reminded him of the six year age difference between him and

the boy who was about to fuck his sister.  It just made him that

much more horney.  Little Miss Perfect was going to submit to this

kid right in his own room.

"Shoulda worn my race car undies," Brittany joked as she shed her

outer clothing in front of the two boys.  Finally, wearing only her

panties she lay down on the bed.  Arching her back to hoist her

little butt up into the air, Brittany slipped out of her panties. 

As she lay naked and spread eagle, one leg on each "fender" of the

bed, she told the boy, "Fuck me like you did Nikki."

Scotty crawled up on the bed and positioned himself between her

legs.  He made a couple of attempts to stick his stiff tool

directly in her hole, but he missed and instead slid his shaft up

her slippery crack.  He felt something guide him into her cunt and

looked around to see Rob behind him.  Rob had taken hold of his

shaft and was now holding it directly over his sisters cunt hole. 

Scotty seized the opportunity and sank himself into the girl.  Rob

watched the dimples form in his ass once again as the young boy

fucked his sister.

Taking a chance but doing something that he didn't think he could

resist in spite of the risk, Rob rubbed the boys ass.  Scotty

didn't seem to mind and, in fact, seemed to welcome the added

sensation, responding by wriggling his buns into Robs hands each

time he withdrew from his Brittany.  Rob had managed to lubricate

his index finger by sneaking it into Brittany's cunt while the boy

fucked her.  Then he placed the slippery finger over the boy's

asshole.  The coating of Brittany's juices allowed the finger

instant access up the boy's ass.  Again, Scotty began to welcome

the sensation and responded by fucking Brittany furiously.

Finally Rob got really brave and, after dropping his underwear and

kicking them off onto the floor, climbed on the bed behind Scotty. 

He positioned his stiff cock exactly on the spot where he had his

finger moments earlier.  Not only did Scotty not pull away, he

backed up onto it.  Rob held Scotty open, pulling his cheeks apart

with his hands, while he forced his stiff tool up the younger boy's

butt.  When he had sank it three quarters of the way into him,

Scotty once again started fucking Brittany.  Rob timed his strokes

so that as the boy pulled out of his sister, he backed farther onto

his cock.  Before long, they were going in full strokes.

Brittany was in heaven.  Watching her brother butt fuck this little

boy has her so hot she was in complete sexual abandon. She knew her

brother had gotten turned on watching Jeromy's ass and had been

wondering how far he would go with a boy if he got the chance.  Now

she knew.

Robs cock massaging the younger boy's prostrate had caused a

friction that was about to give Scotty his very first orgasm.  The

wonderful but strange, new feeling that overcame his came as a

complete surprise.  Although he didn't know it, torrents of his

hot, white, virgin semen were flooding Brittany's love canal.

Brittany started cumming in uncontrollable spasms after feeling the

boy's fluids oozing into her.  Her question was now answered.  He

was old enough to come.  For a brief moment she thought about

having the baby of a boy who was only 11 years old.  And the

chances were pretty good, too, since this was the boys first cum

and there was lots of it!  Thinking of making this fifth grader a

father made her cum even more.  Her orgasm's caused her cunt

muscles to contract around the young boy's cock and milk it


The boys orgasm caused his ass muscles to tighten and a similar

milking motion caused Rob to explode inside him.  Rob concentrated

on looking at the toy box as he unloaded his teenage manhood inside

the little boy.  Then he watched his sister as she threw her pelvis

up at him, her cunt swallowing him completely.

Soon the three lay on the small bed naked and gasping.  Rob had

slowly pulled his softening cock out of the boy's but allowing some

of his semen to leak down the crack of his ass as he did.  Scotty 

rolled off of Brittany and lay on his back beside her.  Rob held

his sister's legs in the air and immediately began sucking her

cunt.  He couldn't believe the amount of jism the boy had pumped

into her.  As he held her legs apart and lowered his face to her

pussy, cum ran down her crack.

He buried his face in between Brittany's legs.  With his tongue, he

found the entrance to her love canal.  As he opened it, Scotty's

virgin semen oozed out.  Rob smeared it all over her crotch with

his hand and then licked the spermy mess off of his sisters slit. 

Brittany once again fell into an uncontrollable orgasm as her

brother used his tongue to massage her clitoris.  

Scotty watched the pair in amazement as they continued their oral

frenzy.  Soon Brittany lay exhausted on the bed, her legs obscenely

open in the style of a freshly fucked whore.  She gasped to catch

her breath as the boys turned their attention to each other.

"That was great, man.  Better than it ever was with Nikki,"  Scotty


"Didn't you ever get off before?" asked Rob.

"If that's what that was, no.  It felt great though," he responded. 

"I would like to see what it looks like.  Do you have to be inside

a girl or a boy's butt to do it?"

"No, there are a lot of ways to do it.  You can do it with your

hand or someone can suck you off,"  Rob told him.

"Suck?  Wow!"  he looked over at the recuperating Brittany as if to

say 'Would you?'

Brittany, still short of breath, gasped "Not for a while."  She

then turned to her brother and gave him a sexy smile.  She knew

what he was thinking.

"Boys can suck too, Scotty," he told the boy.  He then lay him back

on the narrow bed next to his sister.  Getting on all fours, he

positioned his head over the boys hairless crotch.  He and his

sister exchanged knowing glances before he went down on Scotty. 

And in his first homosexual oral experience, took the little boy's

stiff prick in his mouth.

Rob sucked Scotty as his sister watched.  Brittany intensified the

experience for Scotty by engaging him in a deep french kiss.  Soon

the intensity of his kissing signaled her that he was going to cum. 

She broke away to watch.  Rob knew also and removed the boys

throbbing cock from his mouth.  Instead, he took the boys tool in

his hand and stroked it firmly from top to bottom.    All three

watched as his cock exploded, wad after pearly wad gushing from his

balls, splattering across his flat little stomach.  After what

seemed like an endless spasm of ejaculation, he stopped squirting

and started to explore.  He rubbed his hand in a pool of the jism

and then examined it closely.  Brittany took some and rubbed it on

her cunt and then took some more and, with a big glob of it on two

fingers, ran it deep into her cunt and smeared it around.  

Rob saw this and realized that his sister was getting very attached

to Scotty.  He knew that her wanting his sperm inside her was a

sign of deep affection, just like the one that they shared.  He

took some of the cum on two of his fingers and ran it up her cunt

as well, rubbing it into the back of her cuntal wall.  And then he

took some more and rubbed it on her lips.  She opened her mouth and

he put even more on her tongue.  Then the brother and sister locked

in a long, deep kiss.

Scotty had moved from the bed and gave the pair all the room they

needed.  He knew that Rob was about to fuck Brittany and he wanted

to give them the room they needed.  He watched as the pair,

entwined and kissing, entered into their incestuous entanglement.

Brittany moaned softly as her brother humped her.  Several times

she broke into orgasmic spasms as her brother continued to thrust

his cock deep into her.

When it was time for him to deliver his load, he pulled his cock

from her grasping cunt and allowed his semen to spill all over her. 

It reminded him of the time he had jacked off on his sleeping

sister two years ago.  Scotty's sperm would be the only thing in

her cunt tonight.

Even as her brother's globs impacted her stomach and her tits,

Brittany's empty cunt was still grabbing for his cock.  "Fuck me,

oh, Fuck me!" was her gentle moan.

"She wants you, man," rob told Scotty.  He got off the bed so that

Scotty could get on.

Scotty mounted Brittany and lowered himself onto her as she

furiously guided his stiff prick into her cunt.  The two fell into

a deep kiss and slow rhythmic fucking that Rob realized was the

first time his sister had fucked for love.  His 13 year old sister

had fallen in love with an 11 year old boy.  He wondered' as he

watched the to make love, when it happened.  Could it have been

when she watched him with Nicole, or when she messed around with

him afterwards or just a minute ago? 

Rob watched his sister break into a soft, gentle orgasm as Scotty

pumped her.  Her legs were fully wrapped around him.  He could see

her cunt muscles grip his cock as it slipped in and out of her. 

Suddenly, Scotty pulled out and began to stroke his cock in

preparation to shoot all over her like Rob had done earlier.  But

Brittany stopped him and pulled him back down into her.  

"Come in me, Scotty.  Give it to me.  Give it all to me," she


Rob watched close up as Scotty continued to pump in and out of her,

his cum making a white foam around her little hole.  They pumped

until they had no energy left.  And as the two lay there entwined,

naked and exhausted, Rob jacked off on them releasing his load over

his sister and her little lover.

As Rob got dressed, he look at the sleeping pair on the race car

bed.  He glanced at the toy box in the corner.  Something told him

that this kid's preference in toys was about to change.



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