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Archive-name: SpecMome/wintgrdn

Archive-author: Marc and Re'ah

Archive-title: Trip To The Wintergarden, A

        Greg's mind wandered back to how this had all began...

Kathryn had won a weekend for two at The Wintergarden in Washington 

D.C.  Despite the problems going on between them, they were still 

going out.  Greg smiled, some of the problems were definitely 

her fault, but he _had_ contributed to a lot of the conflict...

But it wasn't _his_ fault that he tended to have a jealous nature.  

Since neither of them were very good at apologizing, things 

just SAT between them.  Maybe this weekend....

        Finally the weekend came.  Greg stopped by the florist shop

early in the morning, and then quickly drove to Kathryn's apartment

in a white limousine (her favorite color) to surprise her.  After all, 

he grinned, since she won a weekend at the hotel and invited me,  I 

can at least provide the right transportation!  He rang the bell as he 

swiftly put the twelve white roses he had purchased behind his back.

        Looking quite business-like in a white suit and her red hair

swept up into a bun, Kathryn opened the door and motioned him in, 

she was talking to someone on the phone.  Greg sighed, how could 

someone look so hot in a business suit?  Keeping his hand behind his 

back and trying to look natural about it, Greg eased into the apartment 

and stood just inside the door next to the small table where a small 

porcelain lamp and the telephone sat. 

        " do you think...?  Right. Yes....Fine just as long

as everything is taken care of...I'll be there shortly...'Bye."

        Greg's mind began to wander. How was she going to meet anyone

when they had planned to spend the whole day together?  As she hung up

the phone and came over to him, he smiled and bent to kiss her.  As his

lips brushed hers he brought the roses from behind his back and reached

around her to place them on the table.  He hugged her close and then 

held her away from him with a frown.  

     "Who was that on the phone? I thought that we were supposed to spend 

the entire day _together_!"

        "We are!" she responded with a grin.

        "Then who was that?" Greg demanded.

        "The Hotel, Silly!" Kathryn giggled at his expression.

        "And what about _those_?" he pointed.

Kathryn spun around, "Huh? Hey! I didn't..." then as she reached for 

the card, she smiled.  "I love you, Sweetheart!" She hugged him close.

They stood locked in embrace, loving just being this close together.

Finally Greg cleared his throat, "I think we'd better get going if we

actually plan on getting there."

        Kathryn smiled and reached for her coat.  Greg helped it on, 

and then strode to the door and outside.  As Kathryn reached the door, 

she saw the limousine parked outside.  "Now who the heck would park...." 

Her voice trailed off as she saw Greg pull out the keys and open the door.

He stood holding the door as she walked out in surprise. 

        "Your door, M'Lady," He intoned in his most serious sounding voice.

        Kathryn laughed, then acting out the part, "Thank you, James."

        "James?! Now wait a minute...first off, the name is Gregory..."

        "And mine is _not_ Malady...malady indeed! Misfortune maybe, but

_not_ malady."

        Greg grinned.  "Your *ahem* door Miss   Fortune."

        Kathryn laughed giving in, and got into the car.

        They soon arrived at The Wintergarden and went to their suite

10th floor, with a commanding view of the city.  It was definately posh 

and high class.  Both Kathryn and Greg realized how much the room would 

have cost without the contest...too much!

Deep blue drapes framed the large glass windows facing the bay, and the 

sunlight sparkled through, dancing off the walls.  They entered, their 

feet almost seeming to sink into the deep lush carpet...

The room was done in rich burgundy tones and in the midst of it all

was a HUGE brass waterbed.  But what was that?  Instead of the normal

plain oak headboard, there was a brass inlay.  The headboard was ornately

carved in curves, circles, and swirls, a rather nice design.  And the more

that they looked at it, the more they saw balls and female breasts hidden 

subliminally in the design.  No, that COULDN'T be.  It just must be the way 

that they were feeling, right?  Or WAS it intentional?  Either way, they liked 

the lust-filled feeling that they had.

     Kathryn went into the bathroom, not only to relieve herself, 

but to get ready for the evening to come.  As she looked in the 

mirror she stood thinking about her and Greg. 

"He can be a sweet guy at times," she thought to herself. "But 

other times, no matter how nice I am to him, he just doesn't think

about me, and his same chauvinistic side keeps coming up at the 

wrong times. That gets him into more trouble. . ."

        As she stood in thought, she realized that she could hear 

music softly playing. "That's odd," she thought, " I don't remember 

seeing a radio."  She strained to hear what it was, but couldn't 

make it out through the door.

        When she came out a few minutes later, Greg, clad only in 

his bikini underwear, sat in a chair facing the bed.  The music was 

soft and relaxing, Simon & Garfunkel was it?  As she looked around 

for the source, she noticed a pile near the bed covered with two 

towels.  "Now what," Kathryn wondered, "is he up to?"

        Greg got up, slowly walked to her, and gave her a big hug. 

"I love you," he whispered in her ear.  He gave her a kiss and pulled 

her shirt away from her body before he started unbuttoning it. That 

way she wouldn't be sexually least not yet he smiled. 

Then he attacked her skirt in the same manner. 

        "Have a seat," Greg offered.  He smiled at her confusion; 

she was happy, relaxed, but definitely confused nonetheless.  She sat.

        Greg took her right hand in his, and started to massage it.  

His left hand slipped under the towel to the pump bottle.  He started 

to massage a creme into her hand. It felt really nice, and Kathryn 

just sat enjoying it.  After weeks of work, her hands felt so much 

better now. "You never realize just how tight your muscles are," she 


        Greg repeated the same thing with her left hand, gently, but 

firmly massaging in the creme, until her hands seemed to melt into his.

Then he let her hands lie gently on the arms of his chair, carefully

kneading in the creme.  He glanced at her breasts, "those are still a

long way off," he sighed to himself.  He picked up her right hand, and 

slipped his other hand beneath the towels for a second, it returned 

with a small bottle of nail polish.  He opened it wordlessly and 

began to polish her nails.  Kathryn let out a sigh, and Greg smiled, 

she was _really_ enjoying this.  Greg was careful with the polish.  

He TRIED to give her a professional job.  It was caring, and turned out 

neater than he expected.  He did the same with her other hand, until all 

ten of her fingers were a neatly polished white.  Then he slipped off 

the chair, and turned his intentions to her toenails, and began to 

polish them as well.  Kathryn intently watched his careful strokes, 

until all 10 toenails had likewise been neatly polished white.

        Next Greg reached under the towels again, this time pulling 

out some liquid cupped in a hand.  His hands gently slid along Kathryn's 

arms, smoothed by the massage oil.  He led her arms, gently urging her 

to lay down.  She took the hint and did so.

        Kathryn sighed as Greg's hands gently rubbed and massaged away 

the toil and trouble which the weeks had accumulated.  His hands moved 

gently to the sounds of the CD, gently progressing up her arms. Wherever 

he touched he could feel her soft skin melting under his hands.  He 

hummed along with the music as he worked up her arms to her shoulders.  

Her shoulders were _tight_ as always.  "I'll just have to take care 

of THAT, he thought.  It took a while to loosen all of the muscles there.  

But he tried to be patient, kneading, rolling and pushing the knots away.  When 

Kathryn's shoulders were finally smooth and loose, he started progressing 

down her back, fully covering it with the oil, and massaging it in.

        When he finished her back, he slowly worked his way to her thighs.

He carefully avoided between the thighs, as this massage was to RELAX her.

and then moved on to her calves.  "Kathryn has really nice looking legs.  

They feel really nice too" He thought, his mind wandering. . 

        As he continued to work away at the tensions in her body, 

Kathryn started to drift, her thoughts slowly focusing on the different

sensations she was experiencing.  As he massaged her legs she could 

almost see them in her mind going from rock to jelly, but feeling

_so_ good!  As his hands began to trace her thighs, she grew excited

thinking about where his hands would travel next.  It had been a _long_

time since she had been truly satisfied, and the thought of that 

satisfaction in her mind warmed her insides like hot soup on a cold

day.  She hoping Greg wouldn't notice the wetness at her crotch.  The massage

felt too good.  For the time being. . .

But then he moved on to her feet, caressing them gently, spending a 

lot of time and attention on the soles.  Then he turned her over and 

worked up from her ankles to her legs to her stomach, carefully kneading every 

inch of flesh that his hands encountered.

        When he was done, he lovingly looked at her.  When Kathryn's 

green eyes finally opened, he softly asked "Did I MISS anywhere?"  If

she doesn't feel like sex, Then I'm not going to force her,  he thought.

        A sly smile crossed Kathryn's lips.  "Yes.  I think you did...."

Greg was already prepared. 8-)

        "Oh?" he asked, pouring the oil into his hands in full view of

her.  Her smile changed into an open gape.  Yes, she KNEW what was

coming, just ANTICIPATING.

        With his hands fully oiled, he massaged a ring around her breasts.

Her breathing quickened in kind.  He let his right hand spiral slowly 

up toward her nipple, leaving his left to dally at the base.  Her breasts

felt soft and supple beneath his oily hand, as it slid around and around,

spiraling closer...closer...closer  She let out a groan as

his fingertips grazed her erect nipple.  Spiral...and again.  This got

another groan of pleasure.  As his right hand flicked at her nipple, his

left began the spiral upwards.  Kathryn's eyes opened wide in ecstasy.  In 

full view Greg licked his lips.  This got a yell.  She knew what was coming, 

and had been looking forward to this for too too long!  Greg loved it when 

she was vocal!  He bent his head down...down...and let his lips surround 

her nipple as his left hand tightened on her breast.  Then a touch of 

the tongue.  "She's LOVING it!" He thought, "And after we bathe, I'll get

MY pleasure."

     "Last one in is a rotten egg!"  Greg teased as he opened 

the door and raced for the bed.  He pounced on it.  The wave on 

the waterbed rebounded off of the sides, hitting Greg, nearly 

throwing him back OFF the bed.

     *sigh*  Boys will be boys.  And he even left the door open.  

*sigh*  Drafts.  Kathryn slid him a sly smile as she shut the door

behind him.  She finished toweling off, then grabbed her surprises, 

and wrapping a towel around herself, she headed into the room, with

her hands behind her back.

     "Hon, I love you."  Greg whispered, as he wrapped his arms around 

her in a big hug.  "I love you too."  She whispered in return.  She 

slowly strapped one of his hands into one of the restraints she had.  

This got a quizzical look from Greg's face.  "Her towel feels ODD" 

he thought.  And now the next hand.  Greg pulled his hands from behind 

her back.   "What are these things on my wrists?"  He wondered.  By 

this time, Kathryn'd followed one of his wrists, tying it to a bed leg.  

    "Ay!  Why. . . ?"  Greg started.  

     Kathryn pushed out her breasts a bit.  Greg's eyes were quickly diverted.  

And widened.  His mouth went agape.  Kathryn took the opportunity to 

strap down Greg's other hand.  "*sigh*  He's SO predictable. . . "  

She took out the matching pair of ankle cuffs and strapped them on.  

Greg was saying something, but she just ignored it.  She was so happy 

that she got these restraints.  Nicely padded on the inside, so that 

they didn't hurt her Greggy. . . 

        "Hmm..." Kathryn mused looking down at her captive. "I think that 

I'll go into the bathroom and put on something a bit more...COMFORTABLE."

She stood up, went to her suitcase, and started sifting through it....

picking a few...KEY items, that were _sure_ to get Greg HOT; his FAVORITE

ones.  She gathered them up, and walked to the bathroom, being careful

not to show her choices to her captive.

        She entered the bathroom, and shut the door.  As she turned around

she noticed a large box on the sink, wrapped in green wrapping paper.  A 

card read:


                     |                         |

                     |        Open now.        |

                     |  Merry Christmas, hon!  |

                     |                         |


As she proceeded to rip open the package, she realized that she was grinning 

from ear to ear.  She quickly ripped off the paper, finding inside a white

box from Victoria's Secret! Her smile grew even more.

        She opened it to find ...WHITE STOCKINGS??? "But I already HAVE

half a drawer FULL of stockings!" She thought, then reconsidered with a sigh.  

"Well, if THAT's what he wants, then THAT'S what he gets!" She carefully 

opened the package, letting the stockings unfold.  "Hey!  It's a....BODY 

STOCKING!" A devilish grin 

spread across her face. " Greg deserves ANYTHING he wants.  If he wants to

be teased, this is _just_ the means to do it!"  Ideas flew through her mind

at lightening speed and she found herself getting hot at the thought of his 

reactions. "Yes.  He'll get teased all right!"

        She rolled up the stocking.  It even covers the ARMS? She stepped 

through the neck hole and began unrolling it up one leg.  She sighed.

It was was as SHEER as any of them were!  Then she unrolled it up the next 

leg, smoothing it as she did so.  Then she rolled it up her stomach...

It didn't have the standard cotton crotch, it had NO crotch!  An elastic

lined hole for the more. . . INTIMATE areas.

        Kathryn's mind wandered back to when she first shaved.  Greg 

loved it.  *sigh*   It was the only time that he'd seen fit to excite 

her enough during foreplay.  Oh Greg, how that'll change tonight.  How 

that will CHANGE tonight!

     Greg was in for the TEASING of his life!  She rolled up one stocking 

arm and shimmied her arms into it.  That was pretty hard!  Worth it though...

'Cause he'll be even HARDer!  She let out a giggle.  The stocking covered 

her arm all the way up to the fingers, even covering the palm and the back 

of her hand with a narrow band of silkiness between the thumb and the fore-

finger.  And now for the second arm.  She shimmied into that one also.  

Her head poked through the stocking, the neckline was lined with lace, 

with a delicate looking pearl bow at the center.  Her neck had plenty 

of room to spare.  Good.  No choking.

     Kathryn looked at herself in the mirror.  She looked downright HOT.  

The lace around the neckline was exquisite!  The skin of her neck blended

smoothly into the stocking.  She ran her hand across her side to see what 

it felt like, and her hand just GLIDED across it.  This will be FUN. . . !  

She stood there a few minutes longer admiring herself and then turned her 

attentions to the other things at hand...

     First and foremost.  Wet and insert the vaginal sponge.  After all, 

SOMEONE'S got to take care of those details, and Greg...really isn't in 

a position to do it at the moment!

     She reached back and released her hair from the tight bun, and then 

gave it a few brushstrokes so that her curls literally flowed about

her shoulders.  

     Then a dab of makeup.  Not any that will wipe off.  A bit of lavender

eyeshadow, blending into a light pink as it nears the eyes. . . 

Assured by the mirror that she was perfect, she stepped from the bathroom.

        As he heard the door opening, Greg turned his head toward it, 

and then felt faint with desire as Kathryn stepped from the bathroom.  

His mouth dropped agape.  She looked more beautiful to him than the 

Queen of all temptresses, Eve herself. He felt his breath quicken. 

     Kathryn slowly strode up to the side of the bed.  Greg reached 

out to touch her stockinged leg.  The reach went about 2 inches before 

being suddenly stopped by the restraint.  "Oops.  Just gunna hafta fix 

that."  Kathryn said, with a note of mild amusement in her voice.  She 

reached out toward Greg's bound hands, her breasts dangling over Greg's 

face.  Then she pulled the strap that tightened the cuff around the bed 

leg.  "All fixed." She smiled.

        She then made sure that the other three limbs were securely 

fastened to the bed legs.

     "Now where were we?. . ." Kathryn began.  

     Greg spoke up.  "You look wonderful in that body stocking."

     An evil grin came across Kathryn's face.  Her stockinged arm trailed up

Greg's leg.  Higher. . . and higher.  Closer to his penis, which was quickly

making a bee-line for the ceiling.  And then she took a firm hold of Greg's

balls.  Not tight enough to cause pain, but firm enough to be NOTICED.  "I

think I want you SILENT." she said.  She glanced up toward her captive's face.

He was looking down, mouth agape, the fear apparent in his eyes.  When she

looked up, he nodded yes in response.  "Good.  I THOUGHT you'd see things my

way.  I'm happy that we agree with each other.  Let's keep it that way, shall

we?"  Greg squirmed, then nodded yes again in reply.

     Kathryn continued idly stroking Greg's legs with her stockinged arms.  

She smiled as Greg's member got harder and harder.  And she climbed onto the

bed, head towards his feet, sliding all over Greg, watching him squirm in

his bonds.  Every few minutes, Greg would look at Kathryn, open his mouth to 

say something, then remember, and keep silent. 

     Kathryn started to slowly work her way down, inching her lips to Greg's

cock, which was busy humping her breasts.  She then sat up, forcing her slit

into Greg's mouth, and taking his cock in her hand.  She started to s-l-o-w-l-y

stroke up and down.  Greg took the hint, and started licking.  The faster that

he licked, she'd stroke faster and harder.  A little faster and harder.  She

of course needed to give him an incentive.

     As Greg was licking in a frenzy, Kathryn was stroking leisurely.  At best.

But Greg's tongue DID feel nice.  It felt so exciting to KNOW that he's not 

going to stop, not going to tire out.  Not THIS time.  This time, SHE was in

control.  She put her spot right where Greg's tongue was licking.  He never

DID care where down there he licked.  It's all the same to him.  Or WAS.  Not 

any more my wonderful. . .  But now it felt SO good!  She shifted her spot

back to where Greg's tongue was licking.  Just a few licks got her going wild 

again.  Kathryn was shaking and gasping.  Her stockinged body was trashing 

about Greg's.  

     As Greg was getting excited more and more from the gasps and from the 

stockings, Kathryn was stroking his cock less and less.  He couldn't QUITE get 

over the edge.  So he stopped licking.  Instantly, Kathryn's hand grabbed a 

hold of Greg's balls.  Nothing needed to be said.  Greg started licking as 

HARD as he could, as QUICK as he could.  He'd just gotten a quick lesson about


     Greg's harder licking really excited Kathryn!  And faster!  And I can make

him do this as LONG as I want!  His tongue feels so good!  And he won't s-stop.

He wwiiillllll. . . Kathryn yelled out.  The waves of pleasure coming from her

crotch made her body shudder, then tense, and make that so, SO good feeling

in her crotch, spreading through her body.

     Kathryn collapsed into a sobbing heap on top of Greg, hugging him at 

every opportunity.  Greg, in turn, retried his bonds, then enjoyed the view

of Kathryn's wet spot.  Kathryn turned around to face Greg.  The feeling of 

Kathryn's stockinged body turning around on him made his face instantly 

brighten.  Kathryn knelt down over him, hugging his shoulders and kissing him 

lavishly on the lips.  "I love you.  I love you _so_ much!"  After a contented 

sigh, she went back to assessing her captive.

     His penis was _still_ erect.  He sure did like these stockings!  So do

I. . . I might as well just smooth myself across him then.  

     Greg was getting really excited.  Kathryn had his member between her 

thighs, then started sliding up and down and up and down!  He started to get 

dizzy, and his eyes lost their focus.  This always happened before he came.  

She always loved it.  He let out a moan.  Kathryn stopped moving.  Greg 

immediately bucked

up toward her.  His hips moved about an inch before being stopped by his bonds.

He looked up pleadingly toward her.  "C'mon hon!  Please!"  Kathryn looked

back down at him.  "I thought that you wanted to be SILENT."  She said sternly.

He threw his arms up to grab her.  This only sent a few ripples down the bed.  

     Kathryn slid off the bed, again standing over Greg's bound form.  She 

touched the underside of his prick.  Greg jerked in response, sending ripples

across the bed.  Kathryn enjoyed the way the ripples looked.  So she touched

him again.  This got the same response from Greg, and the same ripples from the

bed.  Kathryn continued a few more times, amused by the ripples on the bed,

until Greg's heavy breathing brought her out of her daze.  She put a finger

to her lips.  "Sssshhhhhh"  Her mind wandered.  "I don't think that you DESERVE

to come yet.  What have you done for ME in the past few months?"  Greg opened

his mouth to speak, but Kathryn's finger at her mouth kept him silent.

"And how often have you called me by my NAME?  I think that you should ALWAYS

call me by NAME this weekend.  Don't you agree?"  She looked over at him, 

getting no reply.  She grabbed the base of his cock.  "Don't you agree?"  She

asked again.  Greg nodded his head yes.  "Oh.  You may speak.  Do you agree?"  

Kathryn said.  "Yes."  Greg stammered, then quickly corrected himself.  

"Yes, Kathryn."  

     "You know what I've been seeing?  You're only agreeing with me when I

have my hands on your cock.  Now if we're going to get along well this 

weekend, something's got to be done.  Right?"  

     "Yes, Kathryn."  Greg was wondering what she was getting into.  Or

what HE was getting into.

     "I prepared for this very case."  She pulled a cockring seemingly out

of nowhere.  Greg's eyes went wide.  "Bu-bu-uh"  Greg stammered.  Kathryn

ignored him, and wrapped the ring around the base of his cock.  She slid a 

small shiny padlock, and slid it through the latch above Greg's penis.  It 

shut with an all too audible "CLICK."  She snapped a braided leash onto the 

padlock, then turned to look at Greg.  "Let's start again, shall we?"




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