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Archive-name: SpecMome/winter5.txt

Archive-author: Nite Crawler

Archive-title: Friday Frolic

 Ah yes....The tired but content feeling of the sweet afterglow. Or in this

 case,  it should  be the  numb feeling.  Trying to  satisfy  is  always  a

 difficult prospect, but the smiles and shivers of the results  are  always

 worth  it. This may seem a bit vague at points, but I have omitted certain

 aspects of the evening ... in order to keep the anonymity of  my  partner.

 But  a certain person  will know it's  addressed to her,  and enjoy it  to

 rekindle memories. Hmmm, let me try to remember the evening.......

      After  fighting the friday  Dallas traffic, you  arrive to my  adobe.

 Entering it, all my preparations are apparent. The candles bathe the rooms

 in  the warm flickering glow, and restful music surrounds. Some shrimp and

 various  cheeses  are ready  to tempt the  palette, the sound  of the cork

 being freed from a bottle mixes with the soothing sounds. I fill  a  glass

 and  we sip some wine,  then our mouths connect.  The flavor of the  grape

 mixes with our own tastes, and we explore each other. After a few moments,

 your  coat is  discarded and  we sit  to relax  a bit  before the  evening


      Brief words, slight openings, cautious comments, all are the standard

 fare  for two  who first  meet. We  are trying  to delve  into the  person

 encased  in the  warm flesh  seated nearby.  But the  preliminary  process

 proceeds,  and soon a relaxing stance is established. Laughs begin to fill

 the  air, and wine loosens some of the cares of the day. The time to leave

 for  dinner is at hand, and as I help you with the garment, once again our

 mouths  mingle.  This  time  it  is  a  long  lingering  kiss,  and  quite

 pleasurable.  But now onward to dine in comfort.

      Daringly  I have planned the  evening without reservations, and  on a

 friday night that means a wait in the lounge while a table is readied. But

 this gambit has some very useful opportunities. While we share  more  fine

 white  wine, we also share our feelings. As the piano player dances across

 the  ivory  keys  and sings songs to entrance, we laugh and share the past

 and  future  thoughts.  The little things which make us unique come to the

 surface,  and are exchange in a dark alcove as we wait. Our interchange is

 so  stimulating that without  knowing it, the  20 minute delay  has turned

 into 45. At this point the nectar of the grape is beginning to tell on us,

 and I leave to find the status of our table. Apparently we  were  notified

 twice,  but seemingly never heard.  However a short discussion  leads to a

 fast resolution, and soon we are seated in a quiet alcove in the back.

      The  meal could be a  whole an encounter of  its own. First the  well

 prepared Ceaser salad, then the sweet butter and bread, followed  by  fine

 veal  and  shrimp.  A little  fresh  asparagus,  and more  wine,  then the

 relaxing coffee, followed by a chocolate confection shared. We were seated

 at about 8:30, but the lingering dinner and attentive companion  seems  to

 have altered time a touch, it is past 11:00 before we depart  for  further

 activities. The plans are for a comedy club, and then ... who knows?

      Reaching  my vehicle after the  meal, you shiver in  the unaccustomed

 chill,  but once inside your  warming body flows to  mine. Like adolescent

 lovers,  we  kiss  and caress  as  the  car heats,  and  we  heat  faster.

 Obviously  we both feel that  things are going well,  I can tell from  the

 nipples  straining  the  fabric of you dress, and my desire is apparent to

 your roving hands. Disengaging, I slowly move out onto the highway, and to

 other planned activities.

     The  drive  to  the club is a challenge, for you are nuzzling my neck

 and  huddling  close  as I weave through the traffic. But we were not far,

 and  once  I  am in  the parking  lot, I  can turn  to give  you a  little

 attention.  The  chill outside  is totally forgotten  as our bodies  press

 close  and hands caress flesh. For a while we continue, then realizing our

 location,  we sheepishly fix our attire and enter the club. We have missed

 he  headline  act, now  a pair is  on stage impersonating  various western

 actors. Within moments we are enjoying the offbeat humor, and the company.

 Consuming  more fluids, you quietly  whisper certain aspects ahead,  and I

 know the night will be very long.

      Since  we arrived late, in about an hour the show is over. Dissuading

 you from continuing to other haunts, we dive along Greenville for a while,

 them  back to my  place. But before  we arrive, we  stop to purchase  some

 supplies. A few needed items for the night.

      Entering  the grocery store, I ask where the whip cream and chocolate

 sauce are located. Based on the time, attire, and your visible desire, the

 clerk  smiles  as  he directs me. Choosing the items, we kiss again in the

 aisles,  and then move to leave. The cashier also realizes the future use,

 for  the  knowing  glance in  your  direction  says more  than  any words.

 Laughing,  we walk to my  car to continue the  night at my place.  There I

 relight the candles, and refill you glass.  We sit by the coffee table and

 nibble on various items, and then each other.

      The  romantic twist is obvious to me, this will not be a quick night.

 So  I  tease  for a while, barely touching tongues and bodies. You seem to

 enjoy,  so  our  nibbles and kisses last for an innumerable period. But as

 time  passes, bit by bit  your clothing also passes  from you body to  the

 couch  behind. Eventually  your dress  is gone,  only the  silk  nightgown

 underneath  remains. Your nipples thrust forward, forming twin bulges atop

 the  large  expanse  of your breasts. Cautiously, I slip a strap down past

 the shoulder, and trace wet circles from the undersides to the taunt point

 above. When my breath passes over the tip, you shudder, and I cup my mouth

 over one. Ah ... such a sweet taste ... and warm to the touch.

      But your hands are also busy, first removing my shirt,  they  playing

 in the reddish hair of my chest. As I pause my oral teasings of  you  twin

 beauties, you reply by tempting my nipples. While a man may not  have  the

 same  size of a female  chest, the nipples can  be as erogenous. Thus  you

 swirl  your  tongue  around them, and rake my ribs with those red nails. I

 know  welts will follow  in the trail  of your fingers,  but now  that  is

 unimportant.  When  you  move lower  to  my  belly, my  pants are removed,

 leaving  only  a bulge  straining to escape  from my shorts.  To counter I

 slide  the night gown off you, and slip the pantyhose from the moist patch

 concealed  within.  Soon  we are both naked on the rug, and ready for some

 methods to 'sex'ercise off the previous meal.

      Sitting cross legged in front of me, I run my nails down  your  back.

 Just  as you knew  that a male  enjoyed tit teasing,  I realize  that  the

 fleeting  feel of  nails on  the back  can be  quite fun.  You squirm  and

 shiver,  then  move  closer. I lift you to my lap, and slip into the moist

 slick opening of your body. Our arms circle, and chests press together, as

 we  rock  back and  forth. With no  hurry, the circular  motions of myself

 inside you continue. This is only one of the may facets we will share, and

 a fast release is not planned.

      Our  rocking  moves  a bit faster now, as you lean back, I follow and

 cover  you on the floor.  A faster thrusting slaps  my balls against  your

 clit and moans escape from you. I slow and linger with each stroke. Easing

 the  head  in each  time, allowing the  shaft to be  fully withdrawn, then

 inserted  to the hilt. The rhythm of the act and your pants are in unison,

 a slow melody of lust ad the shadows dance on the ceiling.

      Finally  pulling  free,  I roll to my back and you mount me. As those

 wide breasts sway above me, your eyes are closed in  total  concentration.

 Grinding and shoving the pelvis to the base of my manhood, you move closer

 to achieving the desired mutual delight. Then as I did, you slow and savor

 the feelings, not rushing to a fast release. The riding goes on for almost

 and hour, then we stop to relax and renew. Neither of us has come yet, but

 we  have had more pleasure than a dozen orgasms. The night is still young,

 only  about 4:00, and nothing else awaits tomorrow. So we nibble then move

 to different locations.

      The  rest  of  the night was quite stimulating, on the deep carpet, a

 thick blanket, the bathroom sink, kitchen and finally bedroom. Each leaves

 its  memory, and fun. By the next morning we had released twice. As I made

 breakfast  in  my  robe, you teased and tempted for more. We did enjoy the

 rest  of the day,  the chocolate was  fun, and the  warm water of  the tub

 highly  stimulating.  What  started as  a  Friday  date, ended  with  your

 departure  late Saturday  evening. It  was a  justifiable  celebration  of

 things, and the frolic of eros.

      Enjoy ... and remember ....                            N.C.



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