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Archive-name: SpecMome/winter4.txt

Archive-author: Nite Crawler

Archive-title: Winter Passion - 4



Arriving  at entry to your room, I distract you with neck

nuzzles  as you attempt to  open the door. My  hands move over

your  chest as I press close from behind. Apparently you enjoy

the  feeling,  for  you drop  the  keys,  lean back  and moan.

Realizing  we are still in the hall, I desists and you pull me

forward  through the open door.  Once it is closed  behind us,

you  turn and  our mouths  meet for  further exchanges.   Your

fingers  are  digging into  my ass, and  I reciprocate to  our

mutual pleasure. Then you pull away to change, and I go to the

hearth to start a fire.

With a little time and patience, a feeble  flame  starts,

then  grows into a warm cracking inferno. I move to the bed to

test  the water within, and the silk sheet coverings. From the

fire,  to  the sheets,  then to the  mirrors above, all  looks

ready. Then I hear a rustle and look to view a  truly  perfect


Although  I have seen  you naked before,  with the  wispy

gown covering you, and the light streaming through  the  sheer

fabric to accent the delicate curves underneath, you look even

better.  My face must have spoke these feelings for you laugh,

then   turn  off  the  lights.   With  only  the  ruddy   glow

illuminating  you, and the  stars filling the  sky outside,  I

step forward to resume our play. Yet before I can  reach  you,

the  gown slithers to your feet, and you meet me in the center

of the room. I drop my shorts and our flesh once again  is  in

complete   contact.  We  begin  anew  with  locked  lips,  and

wandering hands.

Steering  you to the  bed, we recline  as small  wavelets

slosh  outwards. By the time the return to our position we can

not feel any motion, only each other. I pull the  cool,  slick

sheets  over  us, knowing  that soon our  shared heat will  be

enough.  And  soon  it  is,  for  even  though  we  have  felt

satisfaction,   the   atmosphere   is  conducive   to   erotic

encounters.  But  now  the setting  is  for  something  a  bit


Even though our mouths do not part, my hands  are  moving

steadily  lower  to those  warm and misty  regions. I take  my

hardening penis and slide it over the wet opening of your lust

tunnel. Moans answer my actions, so I continue  this  teasing.

Not  fully  entering,  it slides  from  hot  button, down  the

length, to the point where the fur ends and your cheeks begin.

With  a deliberate but  cautious finger, I  trail it from  the

bottom  of your slit, past  the other opening, to  the base of

your  spine.  However as  I move between  the firm buttocks  I

notice  a increase in the  speed and hardness of  your kisses.

Taking  this as a sign,  I decide to explore  this little back


Disengaging  mouths, you roll over and raise your rear to

greet me. I can see the moist inviting pink tunnel,  but  know

that is not where you desire some pleasure.  The  anticipation

of  some  anal  intercourse  fully  fills  my  member  with  a

throbbing which brings it to complete attention. I twiddle the

swaying  breasts  while  reaching for  some  lubrication.  Now

ready,  I test the opening, knowing that a slow start can lead

to  a  fine  finish.  As I briefly tap the entry with my tool,

shivers and wiggles greet my probings. The extra thrust upward

is a sure sign of the want, so I start to satisfy.

Spreading  the cheeks, I apply  just a hint of  pressure.

You  tense  a bit,  but then relax.  I repeat the  trial entry

until  finally the head slides in. Now you relax at the warmth

within and emit a quiet squeal. Bolstered by your  response  I

plunge  ahead, deeper into  the dark entrance.  The incredible

tightness  envelops me  and continues  as I  slowly  start  to

thrust.  Knowing all needs attention,  I lean on one  elbow to

reach  your  breasts,  and use  the  other  to drum  upon  the


This  three pronged attack takes all of your attention, I

try  to cover each of you major areas with careful play. Moans

and  pants  continue,  now mixing  with  mine.  My balls  slap

against  your cheeks, and the sheets start to cling to our wet

flesh. For a change I move faster, and your shivers  match  my

pace.  Just  as  I am  about  to  explode once  more,  I halt,

something not too easy to do. But we change positions, and you

are  now on my stomach facing my feet. I return to my previous

location, and resume nipple twirling with both hands.

I  can barely move deeper,  but I attempt to  thrust. You

lean  back, hair cascading  over my chest.  With a shriek  and

racking shudders your orgasm bounces you about.  Knowing  that

the  timing is right, I move faster, then lift you up from me.

As  my cock is freed from you, it springs upward and I loose a

torrent  of creamy cum. It shoots and sprays from between your

legs,  upward to splatter on those firm breasts. A white milky

trail  leads from the drops forming on the undersides, down to

the wet warmth below. Rolling backwards I catch you and we lie

among the sheets, exhausted but happy.

For a long while only our breath and the fire sounds fill

the silence. We both feel happy and content. Ah, the pleasures

of skiing, and the afterglows. While most people  hate  winter

and the cold snow, I know that a chilly evening can  be  quite

enjoyable, especially when you have someone to warm up with.

------[ More to follow later ..... N.C. ]------



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