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Archive-name: SpecMome/winter3.txt

Archive-author: Nite Crawler

Archive-title: Winter Passion - 3



Gazing out onto the darkness, the crystal points  of  the

stars seem to leer down at us. They mutely watch  our  sensual

interchanges  as they have watched others for eons. With these

thoughts  rolling in my brain I slide closer and begin another

bout  of playful fun. This  time we will come  together in the

warm water, but slowly. The initial edge has  been  satisfied,

and a relaxing encounter lies ahead.

As  before, I pour  a thin amber  line of wine  from your

neck  to the tub.  Carefully following the  trail downward,  I

tickle your ears, then your cheek. The roughness of  my  beard

and the softness of your skin are a counterpoint  of  texture.

Lingering momentarily under you jaw, I weave a trail of kisses

lower, to stop located above your breasts. There I  blow  away

the water droplets clinging to the full globes, and follow the

breath  with my mouth. I can tell you excitement is returning,

as the nipples grow in my mouth as I tease and arouse them.

Allowing  my arms to  wander down your  back, they  reach

your  firm ass and lift you slightly upward. Now your chest is

fully removed from the warm currents, available to my own warm

attention. You squirm like an eel as I tongue tease above, and

ass  stroke below. With the water adding buoyancy, I can dance

my  fingers over your  behind and occasionally  graze the  hot

slit.  All the while I have been adding to the fire of the tub

with  a burning of my  own. Soon we will  connect and rise  to

further heights.

Feeling  the time is right, I lower you in the water, and

move upwards. Our wet bodies slide and my  throbbing  erection

begins to part those waiting lips. But as before, I only allow

the  tip to tease, not  fully enter. You seem  annoyed at this

tactic.  My ear gets a not so playful bite and I realize I may

have  teased long enough. So  we begin a slow  rolling motion.

With each subtle movement I enter just a little  deeper,  then

withdraw  completely. Even though we  lie in a hot  tub, those

hungry parts below make the water cold by comparison.  As  the

liquid rushes about us our frolic continues.

Our play begins to get serious now. We both feel the need

building, soon to explode. The rocking has given way  to  full

thrusts,  deep into the cavern of your tight body. Slick walls

draw  me deeper  with every  stroke. I  push upward,  and  you

impale  yourself and rake  my back. We  are surrounded by  the

churning foam of excitation, the bubbles from below trickle up

my legs and into you. Rolling around the circumference, we are

locked  in a  struggle for  that ultimate  mutual  orgasm.  No

matter  how  I  move or  thrust  you  answer and  pull me even

deeper. The hot tight flesh wants to absorb all of me,  and  I

happily comply.

My  knees are starting  to quiver as  the moment  swiftly

approaches.  The pants in my ear telegraph your condition, one

which  is quickly reaching mine.  As I feel the  fire begin to

rush,  I buckle my legs and we plunge into the center. Gasping

one gulp of air, the surface covers my neck and head,  and  we

are  submerged when our  orgasms hit. Immediately  upon  going

under, the roar of the water fills my ears, accenting the roar

of  the  feelings. Succumbing  to  the surrounding  water, and

demanding flesh, I let loose a torrent of cum deep within you.

Your spasms match mine, both rolling on for wave after wave of

pleasure.  Under the water all sensations are gone, except for

our  unified bodies. With the  rushes beginning to recede,  we

remain under, savoring the sounds, feels, and each other.

The  afterglow  feeling  is  something  which  should  be

savored, thus we float in the currents and just enjoy it. With

a  little  liquid refreshment  to  revive, and  some wandering

patter  to engage  our minds,  the final  course  shall  start

shortly. We both have felt the brain fire twice tonight, three

is  a lucky  number. Accordingly  we retrieve  your suits  and

leave  the tub. Gathering the towels, our direction is to your

room.  First a brisk rubdown to dry the flesh,  and  re-awaken

the  desire. Next will be a final session for the evening, one

between the sheets.

Final Chapter is Next, Don't Miss It!!



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