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Archive-name: SpecMome/winter2.txt

Archive-author: Nite Crawler

Archive-title: Winter Passion - 2



The  sensual warming session has  us both relaxed, and  I

suggest  we move to the hot tub to continue. Readily agreeing,

you  glide  away down  the hall to  your room, and  I to mine.

Within minutes I am waiting by the steaming water watching you

approach.  Your  minuscule  outfit  could  be  described  as a

bathing  suit, but just barely. How two small patches of cloth

can  contain those straining breasts amazes me, small curls of

pubic  hair  peek from  the  tiny bottom.  Although completely

drained  only moments ago, I  feel a bulge beginning  to grow.

You drop your towel and we slide into the churning water.

The chill outside is definitely not present in  the  tub,

the shock of the foaming water revitalizes both of us. Yet for

a  while we talk and  lay back, observing the  swirling flakes

through the windows. Our bodies barely touch as we languish in

the water. Oblivious to all but ourselves, we begin to explore

once again.

Moving  lazily about, our  chests slide together.  I  can

feel the hardening nipples through your sheer top, just as you

can  feel my growing need below the surface. But we have time,

and continue the slow gentle rhythm. My arms surround you, and

deftly untie the tiny material holding the  magnificent  pair.

As  the warm liquid lubricates, you rub your bare breasts into

my furry chest. The stimulation of the wiry hairs  appears  to

be  enjoyable, for we both play at this little game and smile.

All  the time the snow continues to fall and the evening stars

are beginning to appear.

Slowing  the pace, I lean  back and return with  the wine

glasses.  After sharing a bit,  I dribble some down  your neck

and proceed to lap it up. My tongue circles your neck, pausing

at  the small hollow at the base, then venturing even lower. I

near  your beauties, now  floating barely above  the  surface,

then  move higher to your  lips. The taste of  the wine, water

and myself mingle with yours as we resume our  tongue  teases.

With only the water, and two sheer pieces of fabric separating

us, my erection pushes incessantly toward the warmth  of  your

body.  Without saying a word, you reach down and free us both.

I spring forward and almost penetrate, but pull back and raise

you up to the deck next to the aquatic play pen.

Carefully spreading your legs, I gaze at the sight before

me.  A downy, soft  patch covered with  dew. Some is  from the

tub,  but other droplets  are your liquid  of lust. The  moist

pink  slit looks so  inviting that I  venture a small  probing

taste. As I tweak the parted lips, you moan and relax onto the

wooden  deck. I remember the  fantastic head you so  willingly

gave,  and attempt to return the favor. The musky fragrance of

your   desire,  and  the  aroma  of  the  ceder  deck  form  a

tantalizing  combination.  Without  any further  hesitation, I

bury  my face to your  snatch and begin to  burrow deeper into

mysterious folds.

Parting the lips with my fingers, I run my  tongue  along

the  inner lips, slowly from  the bottom, to that  marble like

bud  above. Upon reaching  it, I take  it between my  lips and

cautiously nibble. Your legs close about my head, and  I  know

that  is  the right  spot. My hands  move up to  play with the

layers  of your wetness,  while my mouth  remains attached  to

your  throbbing clitoris. Pulling back ever so slightly, I nip

and  lap  the pink  lips, play circling  dances in your  furry

patch,  then return  to the  most important  spot. Your  sleek

moisture flow increases, along with a faster moaning  type  of

pant. Each indicates that I have found a  particularly  tender


My  hands pry your legs from my ears, and then caress the

silky  inner flesh of your thighs, all without interrupting my

oral  motions.  Like  my  sounds  before,  your  pants  become

shallower  and faster, and brief tremors shoot up your legs. I

continue  to work on  your trembling bud,  and the torrent  of

nectar.  Like a conductor,  I speed up,  them slow the  tempo,

moving  ever onward to that moment of orgasmic crescendo. Your

body  now arches and rocks, closer it moves to release. Then I

cover  all with my mouth and lap from side to side, and center

at the heated point. As my I suck upon it, your body wracks in

spasms   and   wiggles  on  the  deck.  You  sigh  and  exhale

repeatedly, since I do not stop after the first, by the fourth

you  begin to melt,  totally relaxing in  the warm feeling  of

contentment.  Just as we did  by the fire, you  slide into the

water to rest and renew.

Continued in Chapter 3



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