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Archive-name: SpecMome/winter1.txt

Archive-author: Nite Crawler

Archive-title: Winter Passion - 1

The seasons change, and as the weather alters, so do our erotic

interludes.  No longer do we  frolic on sandy tropical  beaches, but

huddle together in the cool evenings before a crackling fire ....

We now return to the winter scenes of our lust......



Skiing  is  an exhilarating  activity,  almost as  fun as

certain  other contact sports. To feel the biting cold against

your  cheeks as you race down the slopes, the swirling mist of

crystalline  particles which follow, and  the absolute silence

of  the evening air only  heightens your senses for  the night

ahead.  Nearing the  lodge I  can smell  the wood  smoke  from

within  and  slide to  a stop amid  a cloud of  clinging snow.

Removing  my skis I enter and view your luscious form outlined

by the warm glow of the fire.

The  jumper does justice  to your fine  form. Those  firm

high  breasts jut upward  without a sign  of support, and  the

tight  outfit seems  to flow  down over  your taunt  belly  to

exquisitely  accent your muscular  thighs.  Your hair  billows

around  a perfect face,  one split with  a smile and  words of

warm greeting. Accepting the wine from your outstretched hand,

be both move toward the crackling logs. As we sit  beside  the

hearth,  the heat  I feel  stirring is  mainly due  to you.  A

mischievous grin and little lights in your eyes tells  me  you

are sharing some of the same thoughts. Watching the sun recede

below  the mountains,  I know  we can  both think  of  several

pleasurable ways to heat up the chilly night.

Dancing  flames  cast  rippling shadows  on  you, leaning

forward  several buttons come loose  and the fullness of  your

chest  is partially exposed. I  too lean forward and  our lips

meet  in a fleeting  kiss. Tongues begin  cautious excursions,

soon  more probing and  desirous. Arms now  intertwine, as  we

slide from the couch to the full rug below. I slide  my  hands

under the jumper, to the pliant flesh beneath,  kneading  your

shoulders and stroking your back. Shivers run down my spine as

delicate  fingers  move  down my  chest,  moving  down to  the

incessant  heat  below. We  continue  to explore  each  others

mouths and bodies as the snaps and pops of the fire  mix  with

our sounds of longing.

Now my fingers move to probe certain soft areas. The twin

beauties lie exposed and awaiting some attention. I  cup  each

one, feeling the soft, supple flesh warm to my touch. Wrapping

my  hands around  them, I  playfully squeeze  and  test  their

resiliency.  Our mouths disengage  momentarily as you  emit  a

sigh and lean even closer. Your nipples are like  hard  little

pebbles,  I  twirl each  between my finger  and thumb. Then  I

slide  my palm  across the  tips, barely  touching  them.  You

strain   forward,  wanting  and  needing  the  feel  of  flesh

caressing those swollen caps. Leaving your mouth, I slide down

your neck, nibbling all the while, to reach your  breasts  and

begin  to suck and lick them.  Within minutes you are starting

to  tremble. From these tender teaseings I realize your entire

body  is  an erogenous  zone,  simply requiring  stroking  and

caressing to bring it to the peak.

But  now you startle  me as your  hands move lower  on my

body. Trailing the finger tips down my chest, I feel cool air,

then  warm flesh on my stomach. You pull back and moisten your

lips,  then lower that wonderful  head into my lap.  Soon I am

the  one  who  is trembling. Up to now it was merely a playful

little  bout, lying on the floor. We are in the main lodge, in

view of any who would walk in. Yet this does not  bother  you,

rather  the thrill of  some public fun  seems to spur  you on.

This I can tell from the hot liquid mouth with is  so  eagerly

devouring me. I start to slip away, the expert head  feels  so

good. With the fire warming me above, and you below, my entire

body is starting to glow.

Faster your head bobs, I am losing all feeling except for

that centered in the area of your oral delights.  Your  tongue

laps from base to crown, then is followed by those liquid lips

and mouth. I try to hold back, and succeed for a  while.  With

each passing minute I can feel myself growing harder, and then

those  small thigh  tremors begin.  You notice  and speed  up.

Harder  I  try  to wait, but then I give up and release myself

into  your willing mouth. My spasms continue on and on, as you

gleefully gobble the load I shoot forth. When I think  I  have

given you all, I feel a swallowing motion, and you  drain  the

last drop from me. By now all I can do is slump backwards, for

you have drained me in more ways than one.  Slowly buttons are

fastened  and  I  feel a soft form huddled next to me.  For an

indefinite  period we simply  watch the orange  flames  before us.

Continued chapter 2.



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