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Archive-name: SpecMome/whtgrape.txt

Archive-author: Re'ah

Archive-title: White Grape Juice

"Let's just take the day off and relax," you said.

Then you drove through the town and we stopped and watched the horses, and

walked to the grocery store.  It was such a long walk! We could have, SHOULD

have, taken the car, but I wanted to walk.  The old woman said that it was

_just_ around the corner. I wonder now if you remember. We bought a very large

cheese danish simply because it was *gasp* fattening, and we both knew we 

shouldn't have it. It was SO good was finished before we ever got 

back to the car.  Ah yes, the car. Parked in that special park, where only 4 

months before, I had first realized that I loved you. 

We got to the car, and decided to just relax. You let the seats back, and gave 

me a blanket.I stretched out, starting to drift off, as you pulled out a book 

and began to read.  I dozed for a while, then became semi-awake as you asked if

I was thirsty.  I don't remember answering, but you leaned over as if to kiss me

& I slowly realized that you had filled your mouth from the now ice cold jug of 

white grape juice we had bought.  My thirst was quenched rather quickly, but I 

denied that I was yet satisfied, enjoying the sensations that I was receiving

from the attentions of your soft smooth lips.  Now that I was fully awake, and

of course *slightly* aroused...You returned to reading your book..?! Now wait a 

minute! Fair is fair I thought.  And carefully, so as not to attract your 

attention I removed my bra leaving me wearing just a T-shirt and jeans.  Now!

I thought, it's MY turn.  I climbed into your lap and asked "Thirsty?" 

 "A little," you replied.  At this I turned so that I was above you, and lifted 

my shirt slightly.  Then I took the jug and poured the juice down my neck 

letting it run wherever, from the hollow of throat, to the tips of my breasts, 

and then continuing to my stomach beyond. I noticed your first look of shock 

turn to one of apparent 'thirst' as you reached for me to quench it. I trembled 

as I felt your lips and tongue softly sucking at my throat and then continuing 

downward, ever so slowly until you reached my breasts where you spent so much 

time and attention, licking, sucking, and caressing with your tongue. And then 

flicking my nipples gently. I wanted  you so badly then.  But. We were in a 

public park...etc etc... *Sigh*  And that nice little man kept patrolling back 

and forth in his nice little car (Can you almost hear the sarcasm here?)

Then I thought about it... Hmmm....

Then a devilish grin appeared on my face...

"What?" you asked.

"Oh, nothing," I answered as I took the blanket and turned it across your lap.

Then as I crawled under it, "It's just that I'm _still_ Thirsty."

I watched your face, and almost laughed out loud as you slowly realized what I 

was about to do. You tried to stop me..."do you _know_ where we are?!"

(How could I not?) 

"MmmHmm.." I replied as I slowly unbucked your belt.  As I took the object of my

intentions into my hand, you stopped protesting except in the form of audible 

sighs. As I caressed you gently, another idea formed in my mind.  I 

surreptitiously reached again for the cold juice and filled my mouth. Then 

slowly, so as not to spill any, I took you in also. I felt your excitement, but 

yet, as always. You tried to maintain control.  (definately _not_ what I 

wanted!)  I began swirling the juice around with my tongue and felt you move 

involuntarily. (Now, _that's_ what I was after! )  I kept this up for a while

savoring the taste of you and the juice together. Then I slowly began sucking,

watching your response...wait, was that a gulp? Lemme see, I'll try that 

again... wait, yes ladies and gentlemen, he did indeed gulp! *giggle* Sorry.


You could only hold out for so long, and you finally began to give in to the 

pleasure that I was trying to give you. As I felt you began to tremble, I smiled

in anticipation. And then when you came I continued what I was doing until that 

juice was no longer juice but more of a sweetly flavoured cream. Then I 

swallowed and looked up to find you leaning back with your eyes closed trying to

control your breathing.  Then you reached down and hugged me, saying only

"That guy was trying to figure out what the hell was goin on, and where _you_ 

had disappeared to!" 

(Oh! so that's why he was trying to be so composed! Sorry.) 8-)


Our relationship was an interesting one, no other way to describe it. Put two

very witty people together, and eavesdroping people tend to get very confused 

about their conversation! Although in one case, My Mom said jokingly said that 

we should always make sure there wasn't a tape recorder around...this was during

a massage though, so maybe that's why...






Yes...Mmmhmm Right there..

Nope.  Go back you missed it.

okay, right there. Just stay at that spot, don't move.

Why'd you move?!

  I didn't!

Did TOO!

  Ok, ok! Sorry.

If it feels good you're not supposed to stop and go somewhere else! That was

where I needed it most!

At this point my Mom came in to see what was goin on!


Where was I?  Oh yeah...well, our relationship was an open one, as I could never

hold someone against their will.  The way I felt was that if you want to stay, 

stay. If not, go...I'm not really into ownership. Plus, I'm *Blush* how should I

put this? Let's just say untouched, while he started things when he was 18 or 19

So the only stipulation on our relationship was honesty...he knew enough about 

me to know the importance of this...And as our relationship became more serious,

he would sometimes remind me of how important it is to any relationship that is 

to last.  

I didn't know much in sexual terms, and I had never wanted to before (much to 

the aggravation of most of my males friends in high school, and college!) Hmm

As a freshman, I was 95 lbs, 34 24 34. But now, I'm not as wiry as I 

was...sitting down studyin tends to do that to a person....Now I'm about 127

38-26-38...Anyway....I loved him so much that I was willing to learn anything!

(Well, almost anything)  But there were only so many places that we could go to

'practice' Interesting places...elevators, Hmm....I'll just say etc, and let you

use your imagination! I can't give away ALL of my secrets! 

Anyway, this all led up to the event in the park, which was the beginning of the

White Grape Juice saga, as I am going to call it. The next step was when I 

decided that I didn't want to be so restricted...explanation will be posted 

later today...That part is Hot...notice the capital 'H' boys and girls!

However it is quite lengthy, so be sure that you have ample time to read it...

Signing off to go to class...




"Okay, we'll take it." she said.  Then with a knowing smile, she turned and 

began unpacking the car.  

                    The Forest Hotel sat off the main strip, about 5 miles

from the crowded tourist section. It looked like something straight out of 

Mayberry. The U-shaped driveway which led to the separate bungalows was pothole-

ridden and speckled with weeds.  I kept looking around expecting to see Opie 

playing with Goober on the front lawn. The room itself was large, for the price

that we paid.  As I stood looking around the room, my eyes first locked onto the

small kitchenette with it's small table and wooden chairs, which was placed 

directly in front of the door.  There was no refrigerator, just an electric 

stove and a sink.  The walls were done in a pseudo-tacky imitation wood-like 

paneling.  The room also contained a love seat, a rocking chair, and of course 

we musn't forget the bed. It was covered with a red curtainy spread, and had 

dainty flowered sheets.

"Okay, I guess we'll take it," I said trying not to look tired or irritated.

It had been a long day...We had been driving the past several hours. You see,  

we had spent the entire summer getting to know each other, then realizing

that we loved each other and reveling in that love.  We come from a small town,

*TOO small* and we had been sneaking around, kissing and loving when we could.

But today was to be the coup-de-tate.  I had to attend a relative's wedding, 

and My Love had thought of a way that we could be together, and she could cook 

me dinner like she's always wanted to; for you see, My Love is an excellent

cook. However, being from "Small-ville," we never figured that the prices would 

double on the weekend, and we had spent the past several hours trying to find 

a room at a decent price.  The Forest Hotel was our last chance for a quiet

peaceful dinner to ourselves.

As I walked back to the front office to settle accounts, My Love was eaggerly 

unpacking the car.  When I came back there were three large bags on the 

counter filled to the brim with everything we might need 'just in case' as

My Love puts it...however, I've noticed that her 'just in case' can include 

everything from rubber bands to a bit of string or something! Anyway,

As I lay across the bed, resting from lugging in the cooler, My Love turned 

to me.  "Get up!' she said.  I looked at her pleadingly...She was dressed in 

old jeans, a long T-shirt, and sneakers.  Her dark hair was in a loose braid 

that came to her shoulders...all in all, she looked just like a regular tomboy,

But believe me, My Love's no tomboy...she's all woman!  Oh how pleadingly I

looked at her.  She just smiled, and said "Getup and get dressed. We're already 

late!"  Then she went into the bathroom and closed the door. I sighed, and 

slowly started getting dressed.  As I got dressed, I thought about how wonderful

it would be if we could actually pull this one off.  This was to be the end

of the summer scam.  Our plan was simply hit-n-run...We'd crash the reception, 

and make an appearance...shake all the right hands, kiss all the right people, 

and be gone in 20 minutes.

As she emerged from the bathroom, I reflected that the Lady who stepped out,

looked nothing like the tomboy who had went in!  Gone were the jeans and 

sneakers, in their place was a red and white striped dress, very 

'chez-conservative'  but still her shapely figure showed.  I was wearing my

standard *ULTRA* conservative suit and tie. As I looked her over, she smiled,

then gave me a kiss and hug.  And we were off to reception.

Once at the reception, My Love grew nervous and fidgety; she's very shy, and 

doesn't like crowds.  She went to the bathroom once or twice, and did whatever 

she could to stay out of sight.  When I found her and told her we could finally 

leave  *One hour AFTER the expected 20 minutes had elapsed!*  she almost jumped 

for joy.  But once we werre in the car, she still seemed rather agitated.

When I asked why, she replied that we wouldn't have time for dinner as it took

2 hours (?!) to serve properly, and I was due back in "Small-ville" that night.

Upon hearing this, I made a quick phone call, and informed my housemates that 

I'd be home LATE.  With time on our side, we were on our way.

When we arrived back at the Forest Hotel, I, being ever the gallant gentleman,

went and unlocked the door. At which My Love pushed past me and said "Wait

outside please, thankyou."  and locked the door in my face!

Okay...I'm waiting outside a hotel room that _I_ paid for, to eat a meal that 

_I_ had helped prepare...This had better be good. 

                                                    To waste time I decided to 

look for loose change in my car.   Then I remembered that I had put some money

in my backpack. I hit the trunk release, got out and went to check. I retrieved

my hidden treasure, and slammed the trunk just as I remembered that I had left

my keys in the ignition, and all the doors were locked.  I sighed and started 

for the door.  When I reached it, I knocked ever so gently, calling in sweet

tones to the woman I loved "My Love..?"  only to hear her respond with a 

surprised and paranoid "What?!"   "Whatever it is, " she said "it'll have to 

wait.  I'm Busy."

Dejectedly I meandered back to the car.  I sat on the hood, and watched the 

spiders chase the roaches on the hotel wall.  As I sat there, the door to the

room next door opened, and a man staggered out, nursing another drink. 

This has truly been a _special_ evening to me, I thought.

After 20 minutes of playing tag with the spiders and roaches, the owner of the 

hotel walked out to have a cigarette.  Personally, I think she was just curious

to find out why two men were sitting outside, while their women were inside.  As

I walked over to her, calling out "Evening.." in my most pleasant voice, I heard

the hotel door opening behind me.  There stood My Love in a very loose fitting 

pinkish red robe.  Upon seeing her, I turned and walked toward the door.  

My Love handed me an envelope.  Inside was a card which read:


An Invitation....                                                               

You are cordially invited to attend an Unique Experience of the senses, in which

your every sense will be heightened to fulfillment...Not unlike that of sweet 

fruits dipped in chocolate passion.  In order to achieve this perfection of 

fulfillment, it is necessary to obey quickly, without question.                

A palette to please your tastes has been provided...  Enjoy!                   

                                                        Te Amo


Smiling to myself, and thinking "All right! It's gonna be a hot time in the 

kitchen tonight!" I agreed and proceeded through the door.  My Love ever so 

graciously in her pink robe, directed me to the bathroom, saying 

" Go into the bathroom and strip, and wait for me." smiling ever so lovingly.

This could be...umm...interesting! I thought as I proceeded into the bathroom.  

As I entered the bathroom, my nose was assailed with the scent of strawberries

which rose from the tub of bubblebath awaiting me.  Still smiling to myself, I 

stripped. Calling like a child to the woman I loved, "I'm ready!" I said very 

boyishly.  "Good," she replied..."Wait for me in the tub, I'll be in, in a 

minute.  And close the door!" she added with a touch of motherly sternness.  As 

I got into the tub, soaking in the warmth and the distinct scent of strawberries

my mind raced in a hundred different directions wondering what was coming next, 

or who, should I say? The water in the tub was HOT, too hot! I guess My Love 

didn't test the water.  "This is Wild!" I thought. My Love and I together, 

alone...I mean _really_ alone.  What a romantic she is, the bubblebath alone 

would have been enough for me...I mean we had showered together before (clothed)

*Don't ask*  But now, I'm here in this tub and she's going to bathe me! She had 

talked about it once or twice, but now we're here.  Sometimes I wonder if she's 

a dream or real.  Damn, this water is hot. She must be real! (or I'm a real self


	My Love then entered the bathroom with a bar of soap and a small 

handscrub.  My mind was spinning off into oblivion.  I couldn't believe that she

was actually going to do this. I mean My Love is usually very shy and paranoid, 

but this, this woman of beauty and passion, most gentle of flowers, was bathing 


*Enough with the poetry, I'm blushing already!* 

The scent of the strawberries and the warmth of the water was so relaxing, and 

My Love's touch so gentle that I was soon floating off.  If it hadn't been for 

my obvious erection, I would have said that this was one of my most....

interesting dreams yet! 

*Nice synonym for 'erotic' huh?*   

I was brought back to reality by the gentlest of kisses from my Lover's lips, 

(Not to mention the water she splashed in my face!)  Then I noticed that her 

robe was pinned with small gold safety pins in order to keep it closed.  

"Hmm..." I thought to myself. This night might be more interesting than I had 

originally thought! Finished with her task, My Love rose and headed for the 

door.  Then she turned and said " Why dont you...go over any places that I've 

missed."  With that, she left.  Now my mind was really racing.  As I proceeded 

to take care of the places she missed, I couldn't imagine what would be next. I

hurriedly let the water out and started to dry myself off, not wanting to miss 

anything.  When I was halfway done, she re-entered the bathroom, and slowly and 

seductively finished drying me, (paying special attention to certain areas.) 

When she was done, she led me back into the hotel room proper. The room was dark

except for 2 or 3 candles which dimly lit the room.  There were two towels 

spread on the floor in front of the bed.  My Love instructed me to lay down on 

my stomach.  As I lay there, she proceeded to rub my back.  Ahh! Now this is 

what I had been waiting for...I had been through a very strenuous two weeks, and

she had given me every excuse in the book for not massaging me at all.  So by 

this time I was pretty hard up for a massage.  Her small, yet firm hands traced 

small circles and arcs over my aching shoulders and back. The two weeks of agony

were disappearing with the gentlest of kisses and the firmest of arcs across my 

back.  She gently kissed the nape of my neck, and coiled her arms beneath mine, 

giving me a hug from behind, as she whispered into my ear " I love you."

>From behind me I heard a top open, and I felt the drippings of liquid on my skin

My nose was again assailed with strawberries as she proceeded to rub and massage

strawbery flavoured oil into my back...I say flavoured, for it wasn't just oil, 

it was the kind of oil that got hot as you rubbed it, and got _extra_ hot (I

found much to my delight) when kissed or licked.  As she proceeded to rub my 

back, my tensions and consciousness slowly slipped away.  I was brought back to 

consciousness  by the intensely erotic feeling of someone nibbling on the 

sensitive parts of my feet. Then with her gentle massaging I let my mind drift, 

floating ever so gently into oblivion.  My ascension to oblivion was interrupted

by the feeling of a tongue tracing liquid fire down the _center_ of my lower 

back....and beyond.

*and he calls _me_ shy!*

                  She then told me to roll over so that she might do my front 

also.  When I rolled over, she worked on my arms until they were jelly, and when

it came to my chest she payed close attention with her mouth to my nipples.  

Man, I _love_ it when she does that!  As she worked the oil into my chest, 

playing with my chest hairs, I felt the call of Passion as that little tongue 

traced fire across my nipples, and believe me, when Passion calls, my loins do 

_readily_ answer!  She worked her way down across my stomach, over my thighs, 

legs, feet, OH MY FEET! As she massaged my feet, that little tongue of fire 

traced over my toes causing me to answer passion even louder! Then with a hint 

of mischief in her eyes, she started to massage my already strained member. The

feeling of having every muscle in your body (save 1!) relaxed, is something few 

men have felt, and My Love is the best at whatever she sets her mind to.  Then, 

she used the oil. The feeling one gets when their lover caresses their private 

parts is indescribable in mere words, but add hot oil and a warm firy tongue, 

and the feeling is unintelligible. She then kissed me very deeply and 

passionately. Then she rose and wiped the excess oil from my skin.  She dressed 

me in a blue robe, and directed me to sit on the love seat.

	She turned on Carson(?!) and sat next to me.  Thinking to myself "You've

_Got_ to be kiddin!" I turned to her as she cuddled up next to me and proceeded 

to watch Carson.   I don't know about you guys, but I personally didn't expect 

Carson. I had already had my 'appetite ' for another form of entertainment 

awakened! (As was evident by the bulge in my robe!) But being ever so nice and 

obedient, I sat and watched Carson.  My Love turned to me and asked "Hungry?" If

she only knew HOW hungry!  "Sure, why not?"  I replied...trying not to seem 

impatient.  My Love then reached beside her, and told me to close my eyes and 

cup my hands together...she then poured from a small champagne glass, some small

chocolates with a childish giggle thrown in for good measure. I opened my eyes 

and laughed.  Only My Love would remember the chocolate! I looked at her, and 

she smiled a little smile as she said " To be needed..."

This night was full of surprises, and we still had two hours to go. She then 

held some crackers and cheese to my mouth.  As I bit into the crackers, she 

held the champagne glass to my lips. It was filled with wine. Sitting there with

her like this was very special.  She'd obviously put more time and effort into 

planning this than I had given her credit for.  And to think that someone would 

do such things for the likes of me, made me appreciate more the love we shared, 

and the depths of our feelings for each other.  My soliloquy on love was 

interrupted by that same Love smacking me in the nose with grapes! Oh well, so 

much for the ranting.  After about 10 minutes of this (and Carson!) I started 

getting impatient, and not to mention full! So I asked My Love " So when do we 

eat dinner?" With a half grin of tolerance and love, she led me to the table.

	On the table sat two dishes of an oriental dish which I cannot spell, or

pronounce, which My Love had prepared especially for me.  This dish consisted of

sticky noodles and 3 round balls..they sort of looked like kiwi fruit in need of

a shave!  Cautiously, with those big, brown eyes watching my every move, I 

tasted the noodles. (Safest thing I could think to do!) The noodles were good!

(although the seaweed stuck to them made me nervous.) Now, the moment of truth..

the kiwi things. "You only live once..."  I thought and bit into it.  

It was good!!! It contained shrimp, nuts & other really good stuff. My Love gave

me a smile, and started on her own meal.  


	For dessert we had something which I believe My Love wanted more than 

anything else, for I had watched her preparing it the day before, and where 

_I_ come from, anything that requires THAT much rum, isn't dessert, it's a

cocktail!  The dish was called chocolate cheese, and we used it on strawberries,

both whole and in cookie form.  

[Hmm, do you think she Likes strawberries, maybe?]

                                 I forgot to mention that during dinner I asked 

My Love for something to drink.   As she bent over the cooler, I noticed a very 

interesting trace of black cloth from beneath her robe. That's when I decided 

that it was time for _dessert_!  Unfortunately, we had chocolate cheese  and 

strawberries..not what I had hoped for...Oh well, can't blame a guy for trying!

After dinner and dessert, I (like any male,) laid on the bed. I was stuffed! My 

Love, (ever the loving one) suggested that if I was tired, I should get into the

bed, and she would tuck me in.  Obediently, I crawled into bed.  My Love came to

the side of the bed and started to unpin her robe.  As it fell away, my male 

curiousity could stand no more! For there, standing in front of me, was the most

beautiful woman I had ever seen. Dressed in the cutest black and lavender lacy 

teddy I have ever seen, or even thought to see..I want to stop for a second, in 

order for you to fully appreciate the sight of My Love.

	Gentlemen, (and certain ladies) picture if you will, the most perfect, 

curvacious, hourglass figured fantasy that you have ever dreamt of, now add more

and make it about 5'2" with blackish brown hair, and the most magnificient deep 

brown eyes, accompanied by the most siren-like luscious lips ever blessed upon 

this Earth.  Hold that thought.  Before you stands a fraction of a particle, of 

a _particle_ of the beauty and elegance, as well as unbridled passion that My 

Love is to me.

*blush...Cut that out.*

But I meant it!



Back to our story.

	I then took her in my arms and kissed her softly, reveling in all the 

love we had and shared.  Then, holding her back from me, I remarked " Now you 

don't _honestly_ expect me to let you into this bed dressed like THAT?" And with

an evil grin I slowly started to remove her teddy.  I replaced where the 

negligee had been with a blanket of soft butterfly kisses.  

*some butterfly!*

[Hey! Butterflies can be passionate, too!]

My Love protested but once, to which I replied 

" We'll just take this off and put it in a safe place...wouldn't want anything 

to happen to it since you worked so hard on it."

[I must mention that one of the reasons that I was so impressed with the teddy 

is that My Love had made it herself when I wasn't looking.  Impossible you might

say, but somehow she did it] 

Back to the  *ahem*  butterfly kisses.  As I went about replacing the afore 

mentioned negligee, I slowly reached under the bed, and retrieved the strawberry

oil.  "NOW!" I thought. " I'll show you how to use this stuff artfully!" With 

this in mind, I bade My Love to lay back.  As she did, I ever so carefully let 

streams of oil encircle her already enstiffened nipples..first the left, and 

then the right.  She gasped at the sensation.  Slowly, ever so carefully, I 

licked the excess fluid from around her nipples, until only the nipples 

themselves were covered.  I then proceeded to allow the liquid to run down the

side of her outer lips, and one stream to flow to the center. (Making sure to 

cover her clit) Now the fun began! I then used my tongue to set fire to My 

Love's awaiting nipples.  She moaned and rotated her hips with pleasure(For you 

see, the oil was quite warm between her legs from her own juices.) Then I 

caressed her body with both hands and tongue, until I reached her feet.  I took

the oil and laced My Love's feet, and as I massaged her feet, I licked the soles

of her feet and sucked passionately on her toes (For you see, My Love has VERY 

sensitive feet!) Needless to say, by this time, her volume had reached quite a 

pitch as she climbed towards climax.  With My Love's moans encouraging me, I 

slipped my tongue into the 'V' of her love.  This sent shock waves of pleasure 

rippling through her.  She cried out loudly, and then sat up and looked at me 

with love and passion in her eyes as she said "I'm thirsty!"  I knew what that 

meant!  We then levitated our bodies into a sideways '69.' And, Oh my 

Goodness!!! I came hard that night! My Lover did too! For I had found her 

oil-fired clit and didn't spare any horses.  The strawberry liquid had turned 

her hot vagina into a raging inferno.  The wetter she got, the hotter it got, 

and my tongue just added more fuel to the fire! After My Love's first two 

orgasms, I held her tender form to mine, as she shivered and shook, and floated 

on her climatic heat wave.

	We lay there, and I held her as she slept...thinking of how much I loved

this woman, and how much I would love to be able to hold her forever. The alarm 

sounded, and we slowly awakened, kissed and cuddled until 2:00.  Then we rose up

and packed.  Never have I loved a woman so much as this one.

We were late gettin home that night, but our love is still strong.


PS My Love Casate Conmigo SOMEDAY SOON!

(Spanish for Will Marry Me!)



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