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Archive-name: SpecMome/walking.txt

Archive-author: Wyvern

Archive-title: Walking

                               Chapter 1

           Bob started walking for exercise a few months ago.  His

bad right knee and excess baggage around the middle made jogging

impossible.  His doctor told him that if he didn't get out and do

something physical soon he'd never see his 50th birthday.  So, he

took up walking.  Strolling down the street, his Walkman (tm)

loaded with his favorite tunes (usually Moody Blues, Led

Zeppelin, Mozart, or Vivaldi), Bob was in his own little world.

           He began by walking in the evening, but eventually

switched to early mornings -- which, as it turns out, was a good


           It was a Monday morning.  Just after 6:00.  It was June

so there was plenty of daylight.  A light shower overnight had

left a fresh scent in the air along with cooler temperatures. 

The sun was shining brightly through the new leaves on the tall

trees which bordered Bob's favorite route.  Five minutes into his

routine,  the only person he had seen was the little boy who

delivered the papers in his neighborhood. 

           Reaching the end of his outward leg, Bob was just

rounding the corner of a little neighborhood store, when he ran

smack dab into one of the prettiest women he had ever met, who

was headed with just as much determination, if not as much mass,

in the opposite direction.

           The resulting collision became an historic event.


           "Hey!  Are you all right?"

           He had instinctively grabbed her by the shoulders to

keep her from falling down, and so now, he held her at arms

length.  This gave him a moment to look at her, and fall in love. 

She was beautiful.  Rich brown hair, tied back with a terry

headband, cascaded down her shoulders.  A pretty, friendly, face

with bright brown eyes.  Lovely skin, slightly flushed with the

exertion of exercise.  A beautiful mouth, though it was frowning

up at him now.

           "I think so," she said, stepping back and out of his

light grip on her arms.  Neither spoke for just a second, then

both tried to speak at once -- Bob apologizing profusely, Kathy,

the woman with whom he had collided, also trying to take

responsibility for the accident.  Finally, they both started


           "I'm Bob," he said, sticking out his hand, " and I have

to say that you are the most beautiful woman I've ever run into,"

he added, knowing even as he said it that it was a particularly

lame excuse for a pickup line. 

           "I'm Kathy," she laughed at his bad joke, "and I wish

we hadn't met by accident."

           "Do you walk this way every day, Bob?"

           "Yes, but this is the first day I've walked in the

morning.  Usually I walk at night."

           "Oh, well, that explains why I haven't run into you


           For some reason, they both found this remark extremely

funny and they began laughing again.

           "Well, Kathy, maybe I'll run into you again some time."

           "I hope not," she tossed at him as she walked away down

the street.

           Bob stood there for a moment watching Kathy walk away

from him, her hips swaying, the muscles in her calves, thighs,

and buttocks flexing and relaxing.  Finally, remembering why he

was up this early, Bob resumed his walk, still chuckling to


           Kathy hadn't really been hurt by the collision, just

startled, and, at first, somewhat annoyed.  This was HER route. 

What was this oaf doing walking HER route, and at 6:00 in the

morning too.  She had noted some of his physical characteristics,

just as she was sure he had noted some of hers.  He had once been

an athlete, she thought, but had let himself go.  He had a cute

smile, though, and a very nice voice.  Well modulated, not too

deep.  Bob seemed like a friendly sort of guy.

           Physically, though, he wasn't exactly her type.  For

one thing, she judged him to be mid forties, which would make him

about twenty years older than herself. Tom Cruise this guy was

not.  On the other hand, he seemed to radiate friendliness --

sort of like an aura.  She thought she might like him, and then

laughed at the thought.

           "I wonder if he'll walk this way tomorrow.  I'll have

to be on the lookout -- I took up walking because I thought it

was safer than running!"  

                               Chapter 2

           The next morning, Bob and Kathy met at the same corner,

although since both were on the lookout, there was no collision. 

They exchanged "good mornings" and continued on their way, both

smiling with the memory of their first meeting.  This went on for

several mornings.

           Then came the fateful Friday that changed their

relationship forever.  Bob had just met, and greeted, Kathy and

had gone on about a block or so when he suddenly came to a

decision.  He was going to take a chance and ask Kathy to have

dinner with him.  Turning quickly, he retraced his path and soon

came within sight of the young brunette.

           "Kathy!  Wait a minute."

           Kathy heard Bob's shout, and turned to see what he

wanted, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk.

           "Would you consider having dinner with me sometime ...

tonight maybe?"

           Kathy was a little surprised by Bob's request, but she

thought, "what the hell, it might be fun -- Bob seems like a nice

guy, and I haven't gone out with anyone for a while."

           "Sure, Bob, I'd love to have dinner with you some

time," she said with a smile, and, then, as if a sudden

inspiration had struck, "in fact, why don't you come over to my

place tonight and we'll broil some steaks."

           "What time do you want me here, and what can I bring?"

           "Be here at 6:00 and don't bring anything but yourself. 

I'll take care of everything else."

           "6:00 it is, then, well, I've got to get going.  See

you tonight, Kathy."

           Bob was scared.  He couldn't believe he'd just made a

date with a woman nearly half his age.  He hadn't had a date in

quite a while.  His wife, Linda, had been his high school

sweetheart.  He'd never gone out, seriously, with anyone else. 

Since her death (of cancer) five years earlier, he hadn't really

dated all that much.  Friends would set him up with women, only

to see him go through the motions of dating -- being friendly,

but definitely communicating his lack of interest in another


           He was lonely, but there was only one Linda.  He

couldn't bear to think of anyone taking her place.  Or at least

he hadn't, until he met Kathy.  She was different.  Much younger

than he was, she still seemed mature, emotionally, not that he'd

had all that much contact with her, but he had pretty good

instincts about people.  The first time he'd seen her, he felt

something inside start to loosen.

           That's why he was afraid.  It had really hurt him when

Linda died.  Particularly since he had had to watch during those

two last years.  Her cancer had taken a long time to kill her, a

long and very painful time.  It still hurt inside, and he was

afraid to risk caring about someone again.

           The rest of Bob's day was rather uneventful, compared

to the way it had started.  He handled a number of routine tasks

at his office, attended a couple of meetings which were of little

consequence, and generally had a hard time keeping his mind on

his work.  Eventually, he gave up getting anything meaningful

accomplished and went home early, something he almost never did,

particularly since his wife passed away.

           For her part, Kathy was also nervous.  She didn't know

why she was attracted to Bob, but it was true, she found him

attractive.  She continued to try to deny this attraction though.

           "I don't want to lead him on," she thought to herself,

"Bob's a nice guy, but I'm not interested in romance right now,

am I?  And, besides, how do I know he's interested in me?  Maybe

he thinks I'm just some young twit who likes to walk."

           Kathy, as it happened, had the day off, and she spent

the rest of it preparing for her dinner with Bob.  First, she

went to the market and did some grocery shopping.  The weather

was warm and re-affirmed her decision that grilled steaks with a

tossed salad would be a nice dinner.  She picked up some of her

favorite ice cream for desert, a bottle of wine, and headed back


           A neat person by nature, Kathy went over the apartment

with a fine toothed comb, cleaning everything.  She even cleaned

the bedroom.  "Why am I worried about this's not like

he's going to be in here."  She laughed to herself at that one,

but kept cleaning anyway, even changing the sheets.  She put on

the satin ones that she used when she was feeling particularly


           Satisfied with her cleaning job and with the meal all

planned, Kathy began to prepare herself for the evening.  She

carefully picked out a rather conservative casual outfit

consisting of slacks and a blouse, and placed it on her bed. 

Then, she headed for the bathroom complete her other


           As much as Kathy fussed over keeping her apartment

clean, she was just as vigorous and meticulous about her personal

appearance.  In fact, she had made somewhat of a ritual of her

personal hygiene routine, including a douche, several large warm

enemas, careful shaving of her legs, underarms, and around her

pubic area, thorough washing of her hair, etc.  

           When she was finished in the bathroom, she went back to

the bedroom (still completely nude) and began to apply her makeup

and fix her hair.

           "Why am I so concerned about how I look?"  She paused

in her preparations to consider the question.  It once again

occurred to her that it mattered what Bob thought.  He hadn't

seen her in anything but her walking outfit (though she had

noticed his examination of her form and was pleased at his

reaction) and Kathy wanted to make a good impression.  

           Finishing her makeup, Kathy picked up her clothes from

the bed and put them away, selecting a different outfit.  This

one was decidedly more attractive -- shorts and a halter top --

and displayed her physical charms to their best advantage without

making her look like some sort of slut.  A last dab of perfume in

strategic places, and she was ready.

           Meanwhile, Bob, having headed out of the office, made a

stop at a florist where he purchased a bouquet -- no roses,

though, he thought it would be a little much for a first date.

           "Date?  Well, I guess it is a date," Bob thought to

himself.  Bob admitted to himself that he liked Kathy and wanted

to get to know her better.  He wanted her to like him too.  

           Arriving home from the florist, Bob made his own

preparations -- showering, shaving, that sort of thing -- and

selected his outfit for the evening.  Bob had also decided that

casual was the way to go, and put on a comfortable cotton shirt

(imported from India no less), a pair of Dockers (tm), and his

favorite sandals.  A light application of Drakkar Noir (tm), a

last check of his appearance, and he was out of excuses for

leaving the house.

                               Chapter 3

           Kathy's door bell rang at exactly 6:00, Bob being the

punctual sort, and it was hard to say who was more nervous when

the door opened.

           "Hi Bob, come on in," she said as she stepped out of

the doorway to allow him access to her apartment.

           "Thanks Kathy.  Here, these are for you," he quickly

added, presenting her with the bouquet of flowers.

           "They're lovely.  Thank you Bob.  Here .. sit down

while I go put them in some water."

           Bob watched appreciatively as Kathy walked away to find

a vase for the flowers.  He caught himself thinking of what her

ass might look like underneath those just-tight-enough-to-tease

shorts that she wore.  Her legs were certainly worth watching,

and he felt himself start to react physically to her form.  When

he felt his cock start to rise, a feeling of absolute panic went

through him; "What if she comes back in and sees me with a hardon?

What will she think of me," he thought.  He was relieved when

his fear brought a quick shrinkage of the bulge in his crotch,

long before Kathy returned with the flowers carefully arranged in

a lovely vase.

           "There.  They look just beautiful, Bob.  Thank you


           "Well, it seemed like the right thing to do when

visiting the home of a beautiful woman -- bring beautiful


           "Why Bob -- are you trying to seduce me?"

           Bob missed the playful tone in her voice entirely and

reacted out of his discomfort and the underlying truth of her


           " is, I mean ... it's ..."

           "Bob," Kathy said, laughing at his discomfort, "you're

embarrassed.  I'm just kidding."

           But as she said that, she went over to the sofa where

Bob was sitting and sat down next to him.

           "When a handsome man brings me flowers like you did

tonight, why shouldn't I tease him about attempting to seduce me? 

I didn't mean to embarrass you," she said soothingly.

           Bob smiled sheepishly.  "Well, I have to admit that I

find you extremely attractive, Kathy, but since my wife died, I

just haven't been too comfortable around women in social

situations -- though my secretary has certainly tried to fix me

up enough times," he added chuckling.  "And here I am with a

beautiful woman sitting next to me on the couch, almost young

enough to be my daughter -- and then she asks me if I'm seducing

her because I brought her flowers."

           Kathy laid her hand on Bob's arm.  "I understand.  You

loved your wife very much, didn't you, Bob."

           "Yes, I did, Kathy.  And I'll admit that I'm a lonely

man without her."

           "My own father died when I was quite young, and my

mother never remarried.  I always thought that was so sad."

           "I'm sorry to hear that, Kathy.  Say, perhaps I should

be having dinner with your mother..." Bob added teasingly.

           "O.k., I see that two can play at the teasing game. 

Hey...are you hungry?  Let's go fix some steaks."

           An hour later Bob and Kathy were in the kitchen

cleaning up the dinner mess (not that there was much of that with

only two people eating) talking and laughing like old friends. 

They had really hit it off at dinner, and found that they had

much in common besides walking.

           The kitchen in the apartment was not large and it was

inevitable that Bob and Kathy would come into body contact sooner

or later.  And so they did.

           Kathy was reaching up to put something on the top shelf

of a cabinet and she asked Bob to help her because she couldn't

reach.  Bob, standing behind her, reached to take the object from

her hand and their hands and arms touched as his body pressed

against hers from behind.

           Have you ever seen a match tossed into a pile of

gasoline soaked rags?  Well, that's about the best way to

describe what happened next.  Both Bob and Kathy froze for just

an instant at the physical contact, and in the very next moment,

Kathy was in Bob's arms and the two were locked in a kiss of

desperate passion, bodies pressing for maximum contact, the hard

bulge of Bob's erect cock pressing into Kathy's taut abdomen.

           Bob's arms went around Kathy's waist and held her close

while Kathy's arms did the same to him.  In a few moments the

pair broke their kiss in order to catch their collective breath.

           "Incredible," was all either could say for a moment.

           "I'm sor..."

           "No.  Don't say that Bob," Kathy breathed as she cut

off Bob's attempted apology.  "We both wanted that to happen. 

I'll be honest and say that when we first met I couldn't imagine

being attracted to you physically.  But getting to know you --

getting to know you over the past few days has really given me a

new outlook on what I call attractiveness.  What I'm saying is

that I want to make love to you, Bob."

           Bob was stunned.  The passionate kiss had stolen much

of his rationality and his proximity to a living, breathing,

woman whose arousal scent was clear in his nostrils, was rapidly

diminishing the rest.  He knew that thinking with his balls could

get him into trouble -- fortunately, this was one time where that

was not true.

           Instead of replying, Bob swept Kathy up in his arms

(she was impressed by  his strength) and carried her down the

hall toward where he assumed her bedroom was.

           "Second door on the left," Kathy spoke softly into his

ear as he cradled her in his arms.  She reached up with her mouth

for a kiss and he paused for a moment to drink from her lips.

           Bob felt like his whole body was on fire.  There had

been no sex since the death of his wife, and now all of his pent

up need was boiling to the surface.  In the back of his mind a

small voice was telling him to take it slow -- be gentle -- so as

not to scare Kathy.  On the other hand, the rest of his mind was

intent on tearing off Kathy's skimpy outfit and fucking her

brains out.  He hadn't felt this way since he was a teenager.

           They made it to her bedroom and he gently placed her on

the bed, their mouths still locked in a passionate kiss.  He

broke the kiss and stood up next to the bed, looking down at the

beautiful woman displayed before him.  He couldn't believe it. 

She wanted him.

           Kathy looked up at him with longing eyes.  She could

not believe it either. Her body was bubbling with passion and she

didn't have to look down between her legs to know that there was

a dark stain forming on the crotch of her shorts.  Suddenly she

just HAD to get naked with this man and she began to struggle out

of her clothing, stripping to the skin in a matter of seconds,

her top, shorts, and panties tossed about like leaves in an

October wind.

           She felt wanton, and she acted out her feelings, first

by displaying her naked body to Bob -- she cupped her breasts and

held them up toward him, the nipples hard as little diamonds, she

stretched languorously demonstrating the tautness of her

musculature, the shapeliness of her legs, her close trimmed pubic

bush peaking out from the top of her thighs.

           Bob was speechless.  Kathy was so beautiful that he

wanted to cry.

           "Well, Bob, don't you think you're a little


           Kathy put action to her words and reached up to begin

unbuttoning his shirt.  He tried to help, but his fingers

suddenly didn't want to cooperate with his brain.  Kathy quickly

had his shirt off and it joined her clothes on the floor.  Next,

she went to work on his slacks and soon, they too were on the

floor as he stepped out of them.  The bulge in his boxer shorts

was impressive, to say the least, and Kathy wanted to see it.

           "You do the rest, Bob.  Show me your hot body."

           That broke some of the tension for Bob, and he laughed.

           "Now there's something no one has said to me recently. 

Hot body," he chuckled, "that's a good one."

           His mind was clearer now.  Yes, he would make love to

Kathy -- not just fuck her -- with all the skill he could

remember from the days  when he had made Linda weep with ecstasy

during their sexual encounters.

           Slowly, he pulled down his shorts and stepped out of

them and then he removed his socks and stood next to the bed,

naked, letting Kathy examine him as he had done her earlier. 

           She drank him with her eyes.  Yes, she could see that

he had been quite a specimen of manhood in his younger days.  He

was spreading out a little now, but not that much.  And, he was

hung like a stallion.  Kathy was no virgin, but she had never

taken on anything this big.  She reached out in awe and took the

shaft of his stiff cock in her hand.  She could not get her

fingers all the way around it, it was so thick.  And it looked to

be about 10 inches long.  She knew she would be walking funny

tomorrow if Bob knew anything about using this thing, and she

suspected that he would be a good lover.

           "Make love to me Bob."

           He moved onto the bed next to her and they fell into

each others arms, their mouths meeting in yet another deep soul

kiss, tongues battling, exploring, teasing, arousing.  Their

hands were not idle either and they used them to stroke and play

with everything they could reach.

           Bob groaned into Kathy's mouth as he felt her hard

nipples press into his hairy chest.  His cock ached with the need

for release and he said a silent prayer that he would be able to

get it up more than once tonight.

           Bob pulled away from Kathy for a moment, rising to his

knees beside her, freeing his hands for some serious fondling. 

He looked directly into Kathy's eyes as he placed his large hands

over her full breasts and gently squeezed.  She moaned in

response and reached for his cock.

           "No, Kathy, wait.  Let me pleasure you first.  Then you

can play with me all you want."

           Kathy looked up at Bob, her gaze smoldering with lust

as she put her arms back down on the bed.

           "All right, Bob, but remember, you said I could play

all I wanted.  I think I'm going to want a lot," she breathed


           Bob leaned over and kissed her deeply again, his hands

caressing her perfect tits, feeling her stiffened nipples push

against his palms.  His mouth worked its way down across her chin

to her lovely throat and he feasted on the soft skin at its base,

flicking his tongue into the little hollow he found there.  

           Kathy purred her response, sucking her breath in

sharply as she felt his kisses trail across her upper chest and

down into the valley between her twin mounds perched so proudly

there.  Bob proceeded to kiss and lick and suck every square inch

of Kathy's breast flesh, paying special attention to her nipples

and the oft ignored underside.

           Now, he moved southward once again, his mouth leaving a

trail of kisses across Kathy's taut belly, each inch southward

bringing more of her woman scent to his nostrils.  Kathy knew

where these kisses were headed and she spread her legs wide in


           When Bob planted a long, wet, kiss on the top of her

pubic mound, Kathy moaned.

           "Yessss, Bob, eat me, oh yes, lick me there, I need it

so bad," she groaned.

           But Bob had another plan in mind.  Bypassing the swamp

which the junction of her thighs had become, he proceeded to kiss

his way down the inside of her left leg, all the way to her

dainty left foot, which he covered with kisses, taking each toe

in turn between his lips and sucking on it.

           Then, he repeated the process with her right leg,

starting at her toe and working his way back up toward the seat

of Kathy's passion.  Her scent was strong and he could see that

the source of that pungent odor was overflowing with its sexual

sap.  Kathy's pussy was engorged with blood, the inner lips

clearly exposed, having turned a bright coral in color, her

clitoris revealed at the top of her cleft, stiff, and filled with

lust laden nerve endings.

           Bob could wait no longer, and Kathy groaned a sigh of

gratitude when he quit teasing her with his mouth and placed a

long, probing kiss right on her sex slick cunt.

           Bob went with his instincts, since this was his first

time with Kathy -- hell, it was his first time with any woman

since Linda had died -- and concentrated on measuring her

responses as he tested each area of her pussy.  

           He started with the thick, fleshy outer lips, rolling

them between his tongue and teeth, massaging them.  She seemed to

like this, and so he continued it.  Kathy humped her hips up and

down in response to his oral caresses.  With his left hand, he

pressed down with his fingertips right at the top of her mound,

keeping the same rhythm he was using with his tongue and lips on

her major labial folds.

           Desiring a taste of her nectar, he switched tactics and

began to concentrate his efforts on the brightly colored inner

lips of her pussy, using the tip of his tongue to quickly stroke

just the edges of her minor labia.  He paused as he reached the

bottom of her sweet slot, gathering the liquid lust which

collected there and savoring it as if it were fine wine.  He'd

always liked the taste of pussy juice and it had been quite a

while since he'd been able to drink his fill.  Now, he took full

advantage of the slow, steady stream of the precious fluid as it

was manufactured by Kathy's cunt.

           Using his fingers to open her wide, he dipped his oral

digit as far as he could into her clasping hole, then slid his

taster up to her throbbing clit.  He slipped one and then two

fingers deep inside her cunt while his tongue stayed on her

clitoris, stroking it quickly and lightly -- just the tongue tip

making contact with her sensitive nubbin.

           Kathy was going crazy with her need to cum and she knew

it wouldn't' be long the way Bob was going at it.  She'd had her

pussy eaten before, but no one had done it as well as Bob.  It

was if he knew every little thing that would turn her on and did

it at just the right time.  She felt the pressure building up in

her groin and began to ride the wave of her first climax of the

evening as it swelled from deep within her.  Reaching down, she

grabbed her legs behind the knees and pulled them up and out,

spreading herself as wide as she could to give Bob the best

possible access to everything she had between her legs.

           Bob's probing fingers sought and found Kathy's g-spot

and began to work it in time to the flashing of his tireless

tongue on her clit.  Meanwhile, he managed to maneuver a finger

from his other hand (no mean feat from where he was laying on the

bed) to the entrance to her rear portal, and, using lubricant

supplied by the steady stream flowing from Kathy's cunt, he began

to push it inside.

           It was as if he had pushed his finger into a light

socket as far as Kathy was concerned.  When she felt his finger

tip break the sphincteral plane of her anal ring she exploded

into orgasm.  She screamed and quickly grabbed a pillow to put

over her face so the neighbors wouldn't hear.  Her hips were

thrashing around, up and down, her hands clutching the pillow

tightly to her face, muffling the continuous screaming produced

by the rapid fire climaxes she was experiencing.  Her clit, g-

spot, and asshole were all being super stimulated at once and the

combination was producing the first cluster cum she had ever


           Bob switched the finger in her ass for his tongue and

he rapidly stroked her clit with his fingers as he drove his

taster as far into her clenching, clutching asshole as he could. 

This produced another wave of climaxes for the tall brunette, and

her nervous system went into overload and then shut down.  She

fainted, her entire body going completely limp.

           When Bob noted this, he gently removed his tongue from

her ass and his fingers from her pussy, noting that even though

she was temporarily unconscious, her cunt muscles still clenched

his fingers as they moved out of her moist depths.

           He sat back on his haunches and admired her beauty

spread out before him on the bed.  He smiled to himself as he saw

the large dark area under her ass, soaked with the combination of

his saliva (mostly) and her pussy juice.

           After a moment, her eyes fluttered open, and Kathy held

her arms out to Bob.  He entered her embrace and the kissed

again, Kathy licking her juices from his face.  Bob's still erect

cock touched the turgid petals of her sex and Kathy groaned as

she felt his maleness touch her there.

           "Bob, wait just a moment," Kathy breathed, "in the top

drawer of the nightstand, get a condom."

           Bob understood at once and quickly reached across

Kathy's form and grabbed a foil wrapped condom.  He handed it to


           "Put it on me, Kathy."

           She swiftly opened the small package and soon Bob's

large throbber was encased in a thin sheath of lubricated latex.

           Kathy pulled her legs up and apart again in invitation,

and Bob let his charger find its own way to her entrance and then

he slowly pushed it inside.  Once the head was safely in, he very

slowly buried its length in her snug sheath.  She was tight and

his cock was thick.  She was so wet, however, that there was only

the slightest resistance to his progress.

           Finally, after what seemed like minutes, he was fully

hilted in her pussy, his balls resting nicely in her ass crack

and his pubic bone pressing tightly against hers.

           "Bob, you're so big.  It feels like I'm about to split

wide open down there."

           "Do you want me to take it out, then?"

           "NO! Don't you dare.  It feels wonderful.  Now, fuck me

with that big thing, you stud."

           "O.k., you asked for it," Bob grinned at her.

           Slowly he withdrew until only the head of his cock was

within the portal of her pussy.  Then, pausing for effect, he

slammed it back to the very end of her channel.  She screamed

again as she felt him hit bottom.  Now, he pulled back, a little

faster this time, and slammed home again, gradually picking up

speed with each stroke until his hips were almost a blur of


           Kathy felt every one of Bob's jackhammer strokes, and

little ripples of orgasm went through her body with each one. 

She was building to another explosive climax under his heavy

assault and it was only a matter of moments before it overtook


           She began to scream again and once more took the pillow

and pulled it to her face, lest the neighbors, fearing for her

safety, called the police or something.  She almost started

giggling at that thought -- police breaking down the door to find

her in bed getting the pussy poking of her life.  She couldn't

believe how wild she was getting -- using language she never

would have otherwise.  She felt like a whore and she loved it. 

Bob was pushing all of her buttons at once, driving her

repeatedly up the orgasmic wall, making her crazy with desire and

pure, sweet lust.  She'd never let go with a man this way before.

           Bob couldn't believe his own stamina.  He'd been

hammering her cunt for at least 10 minutes without strain.  He

was incredibly turned on by Kathy's enthusiastic response to his

lovemaking, but in the back of his mind, he knew that his back

would be VERY sore the next day.

           Bob and Kathy were both covered with a thin layer of

sweat, even though the room was fairly cool.  The room reeked of

the odors of sex -- sweat and pussy juice, and Bob's body

collided repeatedly with Kathy's creating a rhythmic slapping


           The middle aged business man felt the tingle in his

balls which signaled the onset of his release.  Looking down, he

watched, fascinated, as his thick rubber encased meat pistoned in

and out of Kathy's widespread sex, a collection of her lubricant

forming a shiny layer on it's surface and a foamy lather in the

thick hair at the base of his cock.  This scene was the final

impetus for his climax.  With a long groan, he felt his muscles

contract and begin to send the first of several strong streams of

cum from his balls up through his pulsing cock and into the

reservoir at the condom's tip, buried in the innermost reaches of

Kathy's spasming cunt.

           Kathy felt Bob's cock twitching against the back wall 

of her pussy and she climaxed again, her internal muscles

clamping down with all their force on the penile invader which

had brought her so much pleasure.  Again and again his cannon

fired its load as he continued to stroke, displacing more of her

pussy juice each stroke adding to the river which connected the

base of her pussy to the growing wet spot under her ass.

           With a final shudder, Bob released the last of his pent

up semen, a small dribble which like the earlier spurts was

collected in the condom's tip.

           Slowly, Kathy lowered her legs back to the bed, the

change of angle causing Bob's now flaccid dick  to slide out of

her.  He kissed her, softly and tenderly, and then rolled to the

side, taking her in his arms and holding her.

           "Yes," Bob thought to himself, "this is an incredible

person I'm holding here.  I definitely want to spend more time

with her."

           The two lovers looked into each others eyes.  Neither

could guess the others thoughts.  The moment seemed to stretch on

and on as neither of them could think of what to say next.

           Bob broke the silence.


           "Mmm-mmmm, I agree, Bob."

           "It's been such a long time, Kathy.  You made it very


           "Same here.  I don't sleep with every guy I run into on

the street you know," Kathy said, a playful tone creeping into

her voice, "even if I do keep condoms in my nightstand and satin

sheets on the bed."

           "I'm glad.  I'm glad I ran into you too."

           "Bob, can I ask you a question?"


           "Why haven't you remarried?"

           Bob paused a moment before answering, "Until today, I'd

never found the right woman.  Kathy, I think I'm falling in love

with you."

           There.  He had said it.  He had taken the risk.  His

heart hammered in his chest as he waited what seemed like an

eternity for Kathy to reply to his sudden revelation of his

feelings for her.

           Softly, so softly that at first he wasn't sure of what

he heard through the blood rushing in his head, she replied in

two words.

           "Me too."

           Then, she did something else.  Sliding down on the bed,

she gently removed the condom from Bob's now shrunken cock.  Even

flaccid, it was impressively long and thick, and now it had a

shiny coating of his own ejaculate, which Kathy proceeded to

lovingly remove with her mouth.  Bob's cock began to regain some

stiffness during this tongue bath, but what Kathy did next caused

it to immediately regain full stiffness.

           Kathy took the used condom, so full of Bob's seed, and,

leaning her head back, she placed the open end of the rubber

sheath over her wide open mouth.  Using her other hand, she

milked the condom of Bob's semen, letting it run right over her

tongue and down her throat.

           "Mmmmm.  Delicious."

           She moved back up the bed and kissed Bob.  His cum

still coating her tongue as she probed his mouth and felt him

suck her tongue clean.  Bob hadn't done anything like this before

and he was powerfully excited by Kathy's wanton action and by the

taste of his own semen -- most of which she had just swallowed,

something that Linda had never been willing to do.

           Breaking the kiss, Kathy moved back down between Bob's

legs and began to use her mouth to kiss and lick the entire

surface of his now fully erect dick, occasionally going lower to

suck on his balls.

           After thoroughly coating his shaft and the bulbous head

which capped it with her saliva, Kathy began to work inch after

inch of his hardness into her mouth.  She was drooling fiercely,

adding to the lubrication, and this enabled her to gradually

swallow his entire length, another new experience for Bob.  After

once burying her nose in the crinkly hair at the base of his

cock, Kathy set up a rhythm, fucking her throat with his dick and

timing her breaths on the upstroke.  Her tongue worked furiously

as his fleshy truncheon was swallowed and released, scrubbing

every inch within its reach.

           Unbelievably, since he had climaxed so recently, Bob

soon felt anther load tingling up from his balls.  What an

incredible view he was getting of Kathy's lips, distended around

his thickness which was lavishly coated with her saliva, the

bottom of her jaw bulging out as she swallowed him, the outline

of his cockhead clearly visible in her throat.  Her hands were

working his balls, obviously attempting to coax them into

surrendering their milky tribute.  It was working.  Bob was

unable to help himself.  He placed his hands deep into her brown

tresses while at the same time he began to push his hips up off

the bed.

           Kathy let go of his balls and pushed her hands under

his ass, pulling him up into her face as she pressed her head

downward, attempting to get every last centimeter of his cock

into her oral cavity.  She felt the shaft begin to twitch and she

managed one last deep breath before Bob slammed all the way home

and began to spit his load directly into her well stretched


           His load was impressive, all the more so since he had

just cum within the past hour, and Kathy groaned around his

spitting cock as she felt the warmth sliding into her stomach. 

Lifting her head, she was able to get his cockhead back into her

mouth which allowed her both to breath again and to take the last

few shots on her tongue.  She savored his flavor, holding this

viscous liquid in her mouth for a moment before letting it slide

down her throat to join the rapidly growing pool of Bob's cum

which had formed in her stomach.

           "Oh, god, Kathy.  That was something else.  No one has

ever done that before.  Thank you."

           "You're welcome," Kathy smiled back up at him, wiping a

drop of semen from her lower lip which had somehow escaped.  She

held his now softening cock in her hand and squeezed it several

more times, coaxing small bits of left over cum from the tip. 

Quick swipes of her tongue soon had these disposed of.

           Bob pulled her back up to him, so that she was laying

on top of him, her breasts pushed into his chest.  They kissed

again, once more sharing the taste of his seed.

           "You weren't planning on going home tonight were you


           "Not anymore."

           "Good.  Now, we haven't had our desert yet, and I've

got a whole carton of Hagen Daz (tm) in the freezer and some hot

fudge to go on top.  How about it?  Then, we can come back here

and pick up where we left off.  Hmmm?"

           "We'll have to have some pretty vigorous exercise to

wear off all those calories, Kathy," Bob smirked.

           "Yes, we will, and I know just the thing," she grinned

back at him.

           They both shared a thought as they walked, still naked,

out to the kitchen for desert, "this is the start of something

really good."



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