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Archive-name: SpecMome/video.txt

Archive-author: Greg Orman, (c) 1991

Archive-title: Video Date

I dedicate this to the woman who taught me a good bit of what I know about

sex.  Thank you.  If any of the other women from my past happen to be

reading this, don't be jealous.  Just ask for your own story...


                               Video Date

   He stood waiting nervously at the door, hoping his shirt wasn't

wrinkled.  Having committed himself with that first knock, he couldn't

run now.  He almost laughed.  Standing there at the door waiting for

her to answer was always one of the toughest parts of the whole date.

He scuffed a boot lightly against the white concrete of the doorstep

as he thought back on why he was standing in front of this particular


   He had been a good third of the way through the photo and bio books

at the video dating service when he ran across her page.  He almost

turned right past it before what he was seeing sunk into his brain.

Her hair was the perfect shade of red; a burnt auburn.  She was reasonably

attractive, too.  He glanced over the bio on the facing page and again

almost went on.  She was too perfect, and couldn't possibly be real.

Her interests matched his well enough, but there were enough differences

that they would be able to show each other a few new things.  And she

liked to cook!

   He looked again at the other information on the page.  A bachelor's

degree, a good job, five foot two and a hundred and ten pounds.  "What

more could I possibly ask for?" he thought to himself as he smiled and

stood up to get her video off the shelf.

   The spark hit the minute the screen lit up.  The way her cheeks and

eyes moved as she smiled and laughed was beautiful.  She had a soft voice,

and he had to really listen to catch what she said.  And what she said

just reinforced what he'd read in the bio.  He rewound the tape and

watched it again before writing down her number on the card.  He tried

to go back to the books, but everyone seemed sort of pale and dingy

compared to her. Finally he gave up and dropped the card with that one

number at the desk on his way out.  Now all he had to do was wait.

   Three days later there was a pink card in his mailbox.  "She can't

have responded so quickly," he thought.  "Must be someone left over from

a month ago or something."  But he had to check it out, so down to the

library he went.  He exchanged the card for the real information, and

sure enough there was her name and phone number.  He almost fainted.

   He dialed the number wrong three times before getting it right.  "This

is silly," he thought.  Then, amazingly enough, she answered.  Not her

machine, but the real person.

   "Hello."  Her voice was exactly the same as it was in her video.

   "Hi.  Is this Becky?"


   "Hi.  This is Tim.  I got your number from the video dating service."

   "Oh, hi!  I was hoping you'd call.  I hate it when the guy waits for

me to call.  The 90's or not, it's hard to do."  She sounded genuinely


   "Yeah, it is hard," he replied, "but from what I saw in your bio and

video, I think this call was worth it."

   "Thanks."  He could almost hear her blushing over the phone.  "I liked

your video, too.  That's why I was hoping you'd call.  You laughed a

lot, and I like that."

   They talked for another two hours, telling each other about themselves.

They laughed and they talked about the things they each held dear. He

had never had a meeting call last that long, but it was great.  As the

call went on and she relaxed, her voice smoothed out even more, down to

a silk that caressed his ear with each word.  Finally they set a date

for Friday evening and said goodnight.

   He snapped back to reality as the door opened.  There she stood, shyly

standing halfway behind the door, with a little smile playing about her


   "Hi," he said.  It seemed like a good beginning.

   "Hi.  Please come in."  She stepped back and opened the door.  She

was dressed in a conservative blue blouse with a few nice ruffles and

plain black skirt.  She had no shoes on her stockinged feet.

   "Thank you."  He stepped in lightly and turned to watch her as she

closed the door.

   "Please have a seat," she said as she gestured to the couch.  "I just

need to get my shoes and we can be on our way."

   "Thank you," he said again as he walked over and seated himself.  The

apartment was small, but she obviously had good taste in furniture.  Nice

without being too formal to feel comfortable sitting on.  He pulled one

foot up onto the other knee as she began to walk back to where the bedroom

must be.

   "Can I get you something?  A coke?" she said belatedly as she turned

back toward the kitchen.

   "No, I'm fine," he assured her.

   She retrieved her shoes, a pair of black flats that matched her skirt,

and returned to the living room.  He stood up.

   "Shall we?" he asked as he crooked out his arm to her.  She giggled

as she took his arm and they went out into the warm summer evening.

   Much of the next several hours was a blur to him when he tried to

recall it later.  They must have talked for another hour and a half in

that great little burger joint, and their fingers somehow stayed entwined

when their hands bumped in the popcorn cup a few minutes into the movie.

Somehow they ended up dancing and drinking at a club a short walk from

her apartment.

   As the alcohol sifted through their brains, they both began to relax

even more.  She came out of her shell, and actually started to get a bit

aggressive on the dance floor.  He liked the way her body moved, and when

he told her so she laughed and shook her chest at him.

   They were both weaving just a touch from the pleasant alcoholic haze

as they walked back to her apartment with their arms around each other.

"Now comes the toughest part," he thought as they came to her complex.

"Do I try to stay?  Can I even drive home like this?"

   She ended his dilemma by inviting him in.  "You can't drive like that,"

she said, unconsciously echoing some of his thoughts.  "Come on in for

a while."

   They sat and talked about the evening and about life for a while.

She had turned on the radio softly in the background.  Somehow they ended

up with more drinks, and before he quite knew what was happening they

were slowly dancing in the middle of her living room.  After a few minutes,

he pulled back from her, and looked her in the eyes.  He saw his thoughts

mirrored there and reaching down gently he kissed her.

   Their bodies seemed to melt together as their arms wrapped around one

another.  His left hand caressed her back as his right cupped the back

of her head.  As the kiss ended he moved his head down slightly to begin

kissing and her neck.  She tilted her head back obligingly.  Then her

hands came around and pushed lightly on his chest.  He backed off abruptly,

but realized his mistake as she smiled at him and began unbuttoning his

black silk shirt.  When she was done she ran her hands flat back up his

chest and then out to his shoulders.  He moved his arms back and the

shirt slipped off, falling to hang around his waist where it was still

tucked into his Levi's.

   He kissed her again, and then pulled her blouse out of her skirt and

up her torso.  She raised her arms and he lifted it up over her head,

revealing a lacy bra that held and complimented but didn't quite conceal

her full breasts.  He embraced her then, feeling their bare skin pressing

together.  Then he kissed her again, first on the mouth, then down to

her neck, and finally down her smooth chest as far as he could get between

the cups of her bra.  He moved his lips first to one breast and then the

other, cupping his mouth around the nipples beneath the lace and blowing

warm air softly over them.  He felt them begin to stiffen beneath his

tongue, and then pulled his arms around from her back, tracing his fingers

across her sides as he went.  He cupped her breasts lightly, and then

undid the closure in the middle and slowly pulled the lace cups aside.

   She shuddered slightly as the lace brushed her now hardened nipples,

and once her bra had slid down her arms to the floor he cupped her breasts

again and began kneading them gently as he kissed and licked her nipples.

Then he traced his way with his tongue back up the center of her chest,

across her neck, and to her parted lips, his hands moving back around to

support her as he kissed her deeply.

   He let the embrace linger after the kiss, and then began dancing slowly

once more.  They danced for a time, until she gently pulled free of his

arms.  Taking hold of his hand, she smiled and led him to the bedroom.

The music still floated in gently from the other room as they sat together

on the bed and kissed deeply once again.  She kicked off her shoes, and

as he reached down to pull off his boots she pulled his shirt out from

where it was still hanging tucked into his pants.  Then she stood up

into the alternating bands of light and dark that the streetlight outside

cast through the half open wooden blinds.  She undid the fasteners on

her skirt and dropped it to the floor, revealing a black garter belt and

lace panties.

   She stepped out of the skirt which now lay around her feet, and with

a graceful movement of one leg sent it flying into a corner.  Then she

began walking slowly around the room, turning and striking various poses

for him as he sat on the end of the bed and drank in her beauty in the

odd light. After a few minutes she walked up to face him and raised one

foot to set it beside him on the bed.  She then proceeded to unclip her

stocking and slowly slide it down her leg and off her foot.  Lowering

that leg back to the floor she put her other leg up and repeated the

process, but this time he laid his hands on hers as she slid the stocking


   Holding his hands she pulled him to his feet, and then she knelt

before him and unbuckled his belt.  Then she methodically undid each of

the buttons of his fly and pulled his pants down.  He stepped out of them

and did a somewhat less graceful imitation of her kick, sending them into

the same corner with her skirt.  He was left wearing only a tight pair of

maroon striped bikini-style briefs, make all the tighter by the swelling

of his obvious erection.

   She began to lick his penis through his briefs, then pushed him back

to sit and then lie back on the bed.  She knelt between his legs which

still hung off the end of the bed and pulled down the waistband of his

shorts just enough to release the head of his swollen penis.  She teased

his head with quick flicks of her tongue for several excruciating minutes

before pulling his underwear off completely and tossing them into the

corner with the other clothes.  Then she took his stiff dick in her

hands and started rubbing it gently as she licked up and down his shaft.

Finally, she raised her head and brought her mouth down fully over his

rod, taking him as far in as she could.  She stayed that way for a moment,

with almost his whole manhood engulfed in her soft mouth, then began

bobbing her head up and down, licking the purple head of his cock when

she could.  She went slowly at first, and then began speeding up.  His

body began to stiffen and he began running his fingers through her hair,

holding her head as his dick slid in and out of her mouth.  He held back

as long as he could, but finally he couldn't take it anymore and he

groaned as he released the tension and began spurting loads of his

precious white fluid down her throat.

   She took it all, save for a single drop that ran down her chin.  She

wiped that off with her finger and then licked it up.  As if eager for

more she then licked his slowly shrinking dick clean, tonguing off his

balls for good measure.  Done with that, she climbed up on the bed and

lay down flat on top of him so that they were face to face, bodies

pressed together by gravity.  She smiled and he kissed her, and then

wrapped his arms around her to press them together.  He rubbed her back

for a while as they kissed, and when he came up for air he looked at her


   "Your turn..." he said with a suggestive little smile.

   He then guided her up from where she was until she was kneeling over

his face.  He reached up and, grabbing her hips, pulled her lace-covered

crotch down to his waiting tongue.  He licked and sucked on her slit

through the lace until it was soaked with both his own saliva and her

juices.  She was moaning and rocking above him, massaging her own breasts.

He backed off as she got close, and then attacked her clit with his tongue

as she began to relax.  Her body instantly became as rigid as a board

above him and she let out a wail as her orgasm gripped her.

   But he didn't stop there.  Instead he reached up and slid her panties

aside so that he could get directly to her wet pussy.  He began as he

had before, licking up and down her slit, and then sucking her clit into

his mouth to nibble on it.  Moving back down her inner lips, he began

thrusting his tongue into her hole, now rubbing her clit with his nose.

Again she got close to the edge, and again he pulled back.  Pushing up

on her hip to make room for his hand, he began tonguing her clit as he

inserted his thumb into her dripping snatch.  She began bucking as she

got close yet again, but this time he didn't stop.  Instead, he gently

inserted a finger into her tight ass. That was too much, and as she began

to come he could feel the muscles contracting around his two fingers in

their respective cavities.  As her orgasm ended, he kept it up, sending

her quickly into a second, then third, then, amazingly, a fourth orgasm.

   At that point he removed his fingers and resumed his gentle long

strokes up and down her slit.  Her body was shivering as she tried in

vain to keep from almost screaming in pleasure.  Then, as every muscle

in her body relaxed after such a long, intense contraction, she literally

collapsed sideways down onto the bed.

   Pulling himself out from under her limp body he pulled her close to

him and held her.  She was trembling violently, and it was almost five

minutes before she moved to embrace him back.  Once she had recovered a

bit of her composure he began kissing her neck again, running his hands

around her body and caressing everything he could reach.  Soon their

breathing was speeding up again, and his hand moved down to pull her

thighs apart.

   He moved his body up over her leg, and raised himself up on both hands.

Smiling down at her, and noticing that she was smiling back, he placed

the head of his once again hard penis against her hole.  He hesitated

there for a moment, then slowly began to move his hips forward.  After

a moment of resistance, her lips spread apart and his dick began to sink

into her.  She inhaled sharply as he entered her, and held her breath

until he was sunk to the hilt.  He leaned down and kissed her quickly,

then raised himself on his hands again as he began slow, long, gentle

strokes that brought his cock almost all the way out of her, and then

slowly slid it in again.

   The speed of his strokes increased as their breathing did, and she

began thrusting her hips to meet his.  They found a comfortable rhythm

and settled in, feeling their bodies become one.  His arms began to grow

a bit tired, so he lowered himself down onto her and began kissing her

as deeply as he was fucking her.  She pulled her legs up and wrapped

them around his lower back squeezing him at the near end of each stroke

so that their crotches ground together and he got as deep into her as

possible.  Again they settled into the rhythm, letting time slip away

as pleasure radiated through their locked bodies.

   Finally he noticed an increase in her quickness of her breath, and he

began to modify his strokes accordingly, speeding up slightly.  She

caught the change and began thrusting her hips harder.  He raised himself

on his arms again and then reached down to her legs, unlocking them from

around his waist and bringing them up first to his elbows, and then to

his shoulders.  Once she was comfortably adjusted, he abruptly changed

his strokes, leaving them long but no longer slow or gentle.  He began

to pound his rod into her pussy with all the force he could muster,

trying to drive her down into the mattress with every solid stroke.  She

began gasping and moaning, then crying out, and finally she screamed as

her orgasm ripped through her body.

   While she was coming, he rammed his dick as deep as he could and held

it there.  That seemed to renew her orgasm, and she screamed again.

Letting her legs slip back to his elbows he began kissing her, and she

responded with a ferocity that told him she wasn't through yet.  He moved

his arms to let her legs drop back down to the bed, and then he pulled

her up a bit and wrapped them around her to squeeze her as they kept

kissing.  Her kisses became more insistent and her movements stronger

as their passion kept building to a level that he would never have


   Then, before he realized quite what she was doing, she wrapped her

legs around him again and threw her weight at him so that they rolled

over and she ended up on top.  She pulled back, so that she was kneeling

over him.  Then she lifted her hips up, reached down to hold his dick

just right, and sat down, driving him deep into her warm snatch.  When

she had him all in, she ground down onto him, then leaned forward to

balance herself on her hands as she began thrusting her hips.  Still a

bit winded from the exertion that had brought her to orgasm, he was quite

content to let her do the real work for a while.  So he reached up and

began squeezing her tits in time with her strokes on his cock.  The he

began licking, sucking and nibbling on her nipples, using one hand to

caress her other breast while the other found it's way down to the point

where their crotches came together to begin fingering her clit.

   This time it didn't take long to find the rhythm, nor to begin to feel

the need to increase the rhythm to release.  He lay back down on the bed

and held her torso beneath and to the sides of her tits to support her as

she straightened her back and began almost bouncing on top of him as his

dick slid in and out of her warm, wet pussy.  Their tempo increased and

she began to moan.  She put her hands down on his chest as it increased

even more.  He could feel the pressure building in his balls, begging to

be released.  But she kept going, now slamming herself down onto his

prick.  Just when he thought he wouldn't be able to take another stroke

without coming, she buried him one last time and then arched her back

and screamed as her whole body locked up.  He lost all control at that

point, and his balls unleashed his jism deep into her in uncontrolable

spurts.  He was looking up at her as they came, though her eyes were

closed in ecstasy.  He couldn't help but think that the site of this

woman sitting above him with her back arched was without a doubt the

most beautiful thing he had ever seen.



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