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Archive-name: SpecMome/valntine.txt

Archive-author: Electronic Erotica

Archive-title: Happy Valentine's Day!

     It's valentine's day. You've arrived after having a rough day out 

in the real world.  You've brought me a long stem red rose and look

forward to a romantic evening.  Cum into the bedroom.  You'll find 

the room bathed in soft candle light.  I'm laying between the silky

sheets.  As I see you, I rise to a sitting position, still wrapped in 

the sheets.  I pour you a glass of chilled champagne...I've already

had a glass and am, perhaps, a mite giggly. You take a few sips and

loosen your clothing as you sit on the bed.  Then you notice the small

candy hearts I'm wearing on my cheeks.  You laugh and take a longer

draught of champagne.  I sip a little champagne...then tongue the 

glass as I look wantonly at your body.  "The hearts are just attached

with them", say I.  You nibble at my cheeks while I 

begin to remove some of your clothes.  Then I push my hair back so

you can see the tiny cinnamon hearts on my ears.  Ah, yes...I like the 

way you're licking them off.  Shivers run down my spine as you search 

my neck with your tongue, but you do not find any there.  Your hunger

is pull the sheet off my shoulders and reveal my

arching breasts....They are decorated with little spirals of frosting

leading to a heart at each tip.  You take your time licking the frosting.

I'm squirming now trying to center my tit in your mouth...begging

you to nibble the heart off.  Instead you back off and sip some more

champagne...the pause is excruciating...I want your attention again.

    I deftly open your belt and zipper exposing a swollen lolipop...

I add a little frosting and begin to lick it off...I've got your

attention now.  I slowly and lightly flick my tongue down your shaft,

I mouth, in turn, each of your delectable balls.  You have fallen back

across the bed and I finish undressing you...still teasing your love

zone with my tongue...but never taking you into my mouth...even though

you beg.  Now, I sip a bit of champagne.

    You try to pull me back down, but I just smile wickedly and circle

my breasts with the glass.  You are obliging and seem to enjoy your tasks

as you nibble each heart off my tits.  Even though you have licked off 

all the frosting you suck each tit till I tremble and moan.  As I 

arch my back in pleasure your tongue travels to the heart in my navel

and you eat that too....darting your tongue in and out of my navel

as I fall back on the bed, my bush exposed and arched towards you,

newly shaved into a heart for you.  There is one last heart on my says, simply, "eat me". 


    But you are thirsty and ask for more chanpagne instead.  I grab

the bottle first and pour some out...into my bush and my slit...

It tickes me as it bubbles on my lips and I giggle.  You bend down

and begin to suck out the drink and my giggles turn to moans of 

pleasure.  Your tongue is flicking lightly across my clit and I

feel myself soaring higher and higher till my body bursts in pleasure.

    You take a sip of champagne and offer me the glass.  I wet my tongue

as you lay back and I see your swollen want arched and waiting.  I 

dribble the rest of the champange over your groin and enjoy it mixed

with you musk and your precum juices. I am crouched between your open

legs looking occaasionally into your feverish eyes.  I raise my tits

and capture your hardness between them.  Your head juts out from my cleavage

as I rub my nipples against your balls and groin.  My tongue flicks out to 

taste your cock...My mouth gets closer to your cock with each flick of my

tongue.  I am finally in position to take your succulent organ deep into 

my mouth...tasting and feeling your excitement.  I hear you groan as

I slide my tongue around your shaft and suck you deeper and deeper.

     You are almost ready to cum when I kiss your tip and stop.  I slide 

up your body tonguing your navel and nipples.  I give you a very wet 

sloppy kiss and lower my cunt over your cock.  I rise to a near sitting

position, back arched from the pleasure your fullness gives me.  I can 

feel your hard cock rubbing against my sensitive clit as I move up

and down on your shaft.  Our eyes are feverish as we fuck together.

You squeeze my tits with your hands for a few moments but stop as

all your being concentrates on our shared pleasure as we climb together.

You feel my whole body trembling and, you release too, in three deep

thrusts.  I fall upon your chest still feeling your warmth within

me.  We continue to enjoy pleasing each other with small squeezes

and thrusts as our pleasure settles slowly over us.  It is such

a complete and satisfying feeling, making love with you!



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