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Archive-name: SpecMome/vacation.txt


Archive-title: Vacation


  The rain is coming down continuously.  Our trip to our cabin is being washed 

away right before our eyes.  We've waited so long to enjoy the outdoors, and 

all we can do now is sit inside and hope that the rain stops sometime soon. 

Frustrated, you pour yourself a cup of tea as I start a fire in the fireplace.  

  The warmth of the fire helps put us both at ease.  We both sit down on the 

floor in front of the fireplace and gaze into the flickering flames.  The 

soft pops and cracks of the burning wood provide a gentle contrast to the 

pouring rain that is falling loudly on the roof above.

  You gently rest your head upon my shoulder and I can smell the fresh scent 

of your hair, still wet from the rain.  I put my arm around your shoulder, and 

begin to lightly stroke your hair.  You slip your arm around my waist, pulling 

me a little closer.

  Our frustrations slowly fade away as we sink into this peaceful, serene 

setting.  You close your eyes and curl up close to me, enjoying the warmth of 

the fire and of my body.  My warmth comes from knowing that I have you.

  We both relax, never speaking a word, and enjoy our secluded hideaway.  

Suddenly it seems like we have no problems at all.  We listen to the patter of 

the rain above and drift together into a peaceful sleep.  

  I awake from my sleep suddenly, feeling a soft kiss on my cheek.  I turn my 

head, and meet your gaze.  I look deeply into your eyes, and I can see the    

reflection of the flames dancing wildly in them.  I raise my hand to your 

face, and gently stroke your cheek.

  You place your hand on mine, and guide it to your mouth.  You softly kiss 

the tips of my fingers, one by one.  I lightly trace a path over your lips as 

you kiss them.  The smoldering look within your eyes lets me know that the 

evening has just begun.

  I slide my other hand behind your head, on the back of your neck.  I pull 

your head towards mine, and you do not resist.  We join in an affectionate 

kiss, locked together as one.  My hands rest on your cheeks gently, my fingers 

running through your hair.

  Your delicate hands run down my back, and I feel the slight pressure of your 

nails through my shirt.  You grab my shirt at the bottom and begin to pull it 

upward, your nails sinking into my back as you go.  My muscles tense as you 

slowly pull it upward, sending a shiver down my spine.

  My shirt is now to my shoulders, and we break our kiss so that you may pull 

it off with ease.  The warm air feels good against my bare skin.  You reach 

forward with your finger, and place it gently on my forehead.  You slowly 

slide your finger down my nose, and softly touch my lips.  I lightly kiss your 

finger, and you continue to draw a line downward, over my chin and down my 


  Your finger reaches my chest and you begin to play with the hairs there,

twirling them in small circles with your finger.  After a few moments you 

continue your downward descent, and reach my stomach.  The hairs here create a 

pathway for your fingers to follow downward, and you comply with their 


  You slip your finger underneath the waistline on my jeans, and run it around 

my waist, gently tickling my lower abdomen.  You take your thumb and place it 

on the button, and undo my pants.  My zipper lowers slightly as you open my


  A little smile comes to your lips and you gaze downward, admiring what your 

seductive play has begun to do to me.  You lean forward, and kiss me on my 

belly, and softly swirl your tongue on my flesh.  I can feel your warm breath 

against my skin.  I breathe deeply and wonder just what you have in store for 


  You continue to kiss my body, slowly and softly.  Your kisses work their way 

up to my chest, and my heartbeat quickens.  I tilt my head back and close my 

eyes so that I may isolate all distractions and focus on your loving kisses.  

You work your way to my neck, and begin to gently bite on my skin, making me 

tremble.  The light scent of your perfume awakens my senses.


  You then begin to kiss me behind my ear, in the spot you know drives me 

crazy.  You run your fingers through my hair, and I sigh at the gentle touch 

of your massage.  Your body presses tightly against mine, and I can feel the

gentle touch of your nipples poking me.  My hands, unoccupied for much too 

long, begin to rub your back, easing the tension out of your body. 


  By now I can feel the heat radiate from your body, and decide that your 

clothes have been on much too long.  I pull your flannel shirt out from your 

jeans, and I begin to unbutton it, one button at a time.  The angle in which 

you are positioned allows me to gaze downward into your shirt, and I enjoy the 

view of your cleavage that is becoming more and more exposed as I go.  The 

sight of your swaying breasts is enough to drive me wild.

  Reaching the last button, I pull open your shirt and expose your bare body.  

Your soft flesh looks magnificent in the light glow of the fire.  I slide your 

shirt down each arm, gently touching your skin as I go.  You raise your arms 

behind your back so that I can slip the sleeves off, and you sit before me, 

exposed from the waist up.  I treasure this most beautiful sight, and smile 

softly, letting you know that I am pleased.

  You stand up, and you position yourself between me and the fireplace.  I can 

see the flames dancing between your legs.  You slowly run your fingers through 

your hair, and toss and tease it about.  Your hands then start to caress your 

shoulders, and you bring them down, around your breasts, and softly rub your 

stomach.  You easily see that your little teasing game is arousing me even 

more.  You then cup your breasts in your hands, and fondle them for my viewing 

pleasure.  I nod my approval.

  After doing this for a few minutes, you decide that you want to show me 

more.  You slip your hand down to your jeans, and unbutton them slowly, 

sensing my anticipation.  You place your hands inside your jeans, and slide 

them over to your hips.  You push outward with your hands, causing your zipper 

to fall.  You seductively sway your hips as you do this, enticing me even 


  Once your zipper has fallen far enough, you begin to slide your pants down, 

very slowly over your hips.  I can now see your panties, and the whiteness of 

them contrasts your beautiful tan perfectly.  My eyes trace the shape of your 

panties, from the band around your hip all the way down to the v of your 

crotch.  You continue to slide your jeans down lower and lower, showing off 

your long and shapely legs as you go.  

  Your pants now rest at your ankles, and you raise your arms high over your 

head, showing me your whole magnificent body.  I raise from the floor, and 

come to you, admiring your body the whole time.  We pause a second to look 

into each other's eyes, and then we join in a kiss, passionately exploring 

each other's mouth with our tongues.

  My hands slide down your back, and reach down inside your panties, and I 

feel the firmness of your buttocks.  I squeeze and fondle them, enjoying the 

soft yet firm flesh here.  You move your hips forward and press them against 

my waist, and feel the hardness still within my jeans.  You sigh gently and 

begin to grind against me.

  I take my hands and grab hold of your panties, and slide them down your 

legs.  When they reach your calves, you take one foot and raise it out from 

them, and catch the panties with your toe.  You slide them down with your 

foot, until they rest on the floor.  You take a tiny step out from them and 

you toss them aside.

  You then decide that it is my turn to be undressed.  You take hold of my 

zipper, and pull it down the remaining way.  You slip your hand inside of my 

jeans, and feel the throbbing of my manhood housed inside.  You gently fondle 

me, making me gasp in pleasure.

  After teasing me for a few moments, you remove your hand and begin to remove 

my pants, sliding them over my hips.  As you get them past my crotch my briefs 

spring upward, from the stiffness within.  You run your hand over my thigh, 

and then move it slowly upward, on the underside of my erect shaft, all the 

way up the length.  My breath quickens.

  Still not quite ready to release me, you slide my pants down further, until 

they rest at my ankles.  I step aside and kick them out of the way, and 

they fall next to the couch.  We press tightly together, and you feel the 

throbbing of me against your belly.  The hairs on my legs tickle your thighs.

  You take your leg and raise it upward, rubbing it along my outer thigh.  I 

grab ahold of your leg, and begin to massage it, thrilled at the smoothness of 

your skin.  I caress your leg all over, from your thigh to your calf, 

fascinated with the perfection of your leg.  

  You push yourself up a little higher with your other leg, so that my 

erection slides underneath your crotch.  You lower yourself back down, keeping 

me trapped between your inner thighs.  This is one time I do not mind being 

held captive.

  We can both feel the other's heat through my briefs, and you continue to 

grind against me, harder and harder.  You take your hands and place them down 

the back of my briefs, so that you can pull me even closer.  Our bodies begin 

to become slippery from the sweat that is forming all over.

  We break our long kiss and you toss your head back, moaning softly.  I kiss 

you all over your upper chest, from the top of your breasts to your shoulders.

I bury my head between your breasts, and you cling to my head, pulling me in 

tightly.  The softness of your breasts against my cheeks feels fantastic.

  I take my hand, and place it on the back of your thigh.  You jump upward, 

and wrap your legs around my waist.  I hold you firmly to make sure that you 

don't fall.  I begin to walk slowly over towards the fire, and you cling to me 


  Once we are in front of the fireplace, I sink slowly to my knees.  I lay you 

back gently, and the softness of the bearskin rug feels wonderful against your 

back.  I continue to kiss your body all over, hungry for your flesh.

  Deciding that I have been contained long enough, I slide down my briefs.

My erection springs to attention once it is released from it's confinement. 

I lean forward, the head just slightly touching your belly, and slip off my

briefs the rest of the way.  You reach up and touch my erect shaft, and rub it 

softly from the head to the base.

  I look down at you and admire your beauty.  Your silken hair is spread out 

all over the rug, like a halo around your head.  Your beautiful eyes shine like 

diamonds in the soft glow of the fire.  You smile at me, enchanting me with

your angelic charm.


  I lean forward, my lips just inches away from yours.  You feel the softness 

of my breath against your cheek as I slowly lower my head to you, and I kiss 

you tenderly upon your lips.  You softly return my kiss, and we sink into each 

other's eyes, oblivious to everything else.  

  We roll our hips around slightly, so that our genitals can come into 

contact.  We both sigh at the sensation of our touching flesh.  Our bodies, 

nearly joined, tremble as we press against each other.  The sweat glistens

from our pores.

  Slowly and gently I enter you.  The warmth of the fire is nothing compared 

to the warmth I feel from you.  You press your body to mine, and your heart 

pounds at my chest.  We begin to move in unison, never breaking our intimate 

eye contact.

  You begin to move your arms about, feeling the softness of the bearskin rug 

tickle the flesh on your arms.  The heat from the fire as well as from our

bodies makes the sweat form all over our skin.  The passion we feel is 


  We continue to make love for what seems like hours, totally consumed by our 

desire.  We draw our pleasure from knowing that we are one, and do all we can 

to bring happiness to our lover.  Our bodies entwined, we are united in spirit 

as well as in the flesh.  It is as we know what the other feels and we act 

upon our instinct, never speaking a word, but always doing the right thing.

We both realize that our emotional connection is far stronger than any 

physical experience could provide, and we make love far through the night, 

totally immersed into the other's being.  

  We wake up the next morning to the sound of the birds singing and the sun 

shining brightly through the window.  We kiss each other softly, and look into

the fire, now barely ablaze.  Although the rain has stopped, we both feel

content staying inside, feeling a warmth no fire can provide.



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