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Archive-name: SpecMome/truelove.txt


Archive-title: True Love Story, A

I met her at this annual Taiwanese get together where everyone know everyone

else except me.  Everyone was in their middle ages except the people at 

my table.  I looked at my friend Ray to confirm that it was going to be

another boring party.  Dinner was the typical cold buffet and I didn't get

to go for seconds because there was no food left.  It was

during dinner that I noticed the best looking girl in the room sitting

at the table across from me.  She went to get a Rum and Coke.  I though

a pretty wild thing to do for such a conservative looking girl.  She wore

a black tube dress the clinged over the surface of her body.  She was your

typical asian girl standing 5 feet 2 inches.  She was beautiful

having these huge pupply like eyes and a very well proportioned body.  She had

an hour glass figure 36-23-36.  Her swollen breasts

would have been large on a tall girl but on her they were huge. (Mother

of all cliches).  Anyways, it was easy to make eye contact with her because

girls generally find me attractive.  I don't really know why but they

say something about my physique and strong features.  Anyways, from the

way she looked at me, batted her eye lashes and looked away it was clear that

there was some chemistry between us.  After the dinner, I danced with

her and made small talk.  There was some pleasure in the way she held me

tightly rubbing her volumous breast against my chest.  I could not help but

to see her taut thighes in the refection off the mirror.  Her ass was

smooth and the black tube dress revealed the curvature of both cheeks 

clearly.  Despite my efforts to catch her eyes she could only  

look up to my chin.  I drew my attention back to her fine legs and took

the opportunity to caress her waist occasionally slipping my hands lower

to feel her muscular gluteus maximus.  She did not seem to mind perhapes

because she was deep in thought.  The music was loud and the lighting was

dim.  We danced beside a full height mirror.  She had a beautiful body.

Her hair fell below the shoulders.  

I brought her closer to me and she only hugged tighter.  I could almost

feel her quivering thighs pressed against my left leg.  

When 1 O'clock

struck I offered to take her home.  She told her friend that she would

have a ride.  On the way back, I decided to drop her off last and  

during the ride in the plush leather seat of my new BMW she spoke to

her friend in mandarine assuming that I didn't understand.  They 

exchanged thoughts about my friend Ray and myself.  It was clear that

both had positive feeling about us.  After dropping everyone off 

except my dream girl, i asked if she would like to see my place.  My parents

were convieniently on vacation to China in some God forsaken place.  She

said ok in a quite and unsure voice.  We drove into my driveway and went

into the house.  I lead and she followed.  She was visibly please with the ride

and the house.  I lead her into my bedroom where we sat on the bed and

watched some TV.  It think it was Tom and Jerry show showing at the

strangest time.  While I watched TV,  she had

been staring at me.  She leaned her head against my shoulder.  I asked

when she had to be home and she said her parents think she is sleeping

over at a friends place.  I said, they are right.  I tilted my head down

to give her a light kiss on the nose but she naturally moved her head up

to catch my lips.  Needless to say I was no longer soft.  I brought around

my free arm and wraped it around her shoulders and kissed her deeply.  I

took time to enjoy the feeling of her soft kiss.  Then I let my interest

wonder to her hair.  She had the nicest, darkest and silkiest hair

I've ever come across.  I touched it and stroked it and wraped it around

my fingers.  She made soft moaning sound while we kissed.  I lifed her

light body onto the bed.  She was suprisingly light near 100lbs.  She

and I lyed on our side still kissing never letting go.  I brought my free

hand across her back and stroked it up and down each time a little lower

until my hand to touched her ass.  I drew my hands a little lower to discover

her legs were so smooth.  She wasn't wearing a pantyhose I though.  Could have sworn she had one on earlier.  My hands came up, this time lifting her tube

dress above her waist.  I rolled her on her back and she allowed her body

to move in such a way to allow her dress to rolled off.  She had a sleepy

expression on her face.  She beautiful eyes were half closed and I stared

at her soft lips and small asean nose.  Her bra was the type that opened

from the front.  It was also black and lacy.  The bra had the shape of

a triange which the nipple sat above the triange hence explaining the

visible nipples even when the dress was on.  They were pink and hard.

Pinching the bra clasp the bra released exposing her wonderfully large

pale breast.  I craddled the left beast in my hand and kissed the nipple

lightly.  Her eyes were fully closed and she made soft moaning sounds.

I removed her matching lace underwear to reveal a dark patch.  Her thighs

were incredibily tight as I allowed my hands to wonder over the thighs and

lower stomach.  I couldn't believe that this was happening to me.  Here

before me, a gorgeous girl lying there ready for me.  I asked her if it

was safe and she quickly responded saying that I'm safe.   I said, no I mean

will you get pregnant.  She said I'm on the pill.  Find.  She then pushed

me on my back and stared at me with her beautiful asean eyes.  She unzipped me

and pulled off my pants all the time looking into me.   She was a

beautiful girl.  She was no older than 19.  Her eyes glanced away to look

at the next thing on her list.  She crawled to the lower part of the bed and

with her mouth only

reached for my anticipating tool.  She had to tilt her head to be able to 

reach low enough to catch the head my dick.  Being a virgin myself and never

having the pleasure of being served it was the strangest sensation.  Her lips

look even more beautiful wrapped around the head of my dick. It was hot to 

the touch.  She made me feel very potent.

There she was before me licking and sucking on my throbing

member.  The saliva from her help to lubricate my 6 inch shaft of love.  I

could feel that she could go no deeper even though she tried her best.

It was such a wonderous feeling and I didn't want it to end.  I watched

as her head slowly bopped up and down.  I watched as her hair almost

floated in the air caused by her consistency in motion.  It was an incredible

feeling while she sucked and licked and bopped at the same time.  I could

could see the visible dent in he cheeks from the powerful sucking.  She

could have sucked a golf ball through a garden hose.  She angled my

trobbing member in such a way to yield optimal feeling.  She suck and licked.

She licked and suck.  She bopped and bopped.

It was enough to make me feel dizzy!  Twenty minutes after I exploded in her

with such tremendous force that some of the semen spilled out of her mouth.

She swallowed it all and licked the remaining fluids off my shaft cleanly.

While I rested she licked my balls.  

She moved up and rested her head against my shoulders and fell asleep.

It seemed like 10 minutes later she moved under the blanket and started

licking my gratuitous spot again.  After some service I was hard again.

This time I wanted more from her.  I tapped the side of the bed and she

seemed to have read my mind as she positioned herself in the middle of the

bed with her stomach facing up.  I moved my body over hers and her legs

naturally spread a little.  I kissed her soft lips and her nose and then her

forehead.  At this point I felt the end of my dick rub against her crack.

I moved it up and down each time opening her a little wider until the head

of my dick was placed in between her lips.  She was extremely wet and hot.

I stayed there knowing that I could enter anytime as I please.  I looked at

her once more and played with her hair.  She was waiting in anticipation and

biting her lower lip.  Her eyes were closed and making a soft sound which

may have been a plea for me to enter her.   I placed my hands below her head

as to cradle it and brought it against my chest.  I felt very close to her

emotionally.  Then I entered her and she let out a uncontrolled wimper.  She

was very very tight and hot.  It was like sticking my dick into a toaster oven

preheated to 400 degrees.  She was HOT!  I withdrew and inserted with so

much feeling.  And moaned Ahhh, rythmically corresponding to my motion.

I think she like the withdrawing mothing more because that is when she

moaned.  It may have been the bumps at the head of my member rubbing

against her clitoris on the up stroke that did it.  Although, I soon

decided that it really didn't matter why as long as she was enjoying it

as much as I.  I felt so powerful making her moan.  The intensity of

her moan was directly controlled by the strength of my thrust.  I pushed

in and out.  In and out.  Each time the feeling grew.  I could

see the stress on her loveable face almost frowning.  Each time I thrusted

she shook the bed.  She was physically moving higher and higher up on the

bed.  Her clitorus was getting a real work out.  Her arms came above her

head so as to prevent her body from moving further up onto the bed. She

said yes, yes, YES, yes, yes as I when in and out, in and out, IN and OUT, 

in and out.  She started screaming, saying PLEASE, PLEASE, so I went

IN and OUT harder and harder and IN and OUT and HARDER and HARDER.  

Her stomach was so tight and her arms were grabbing the sheets as if her

life depended on them.  I kept up the pumping and not knowing how much longer

this kind of insanity could last.  Finally, thank the lord she cried out

and all her body relaxed.  But she kept on moaning however- softer now.

I knew that is was my turn but it wasn't going to be long before I

shoot my  1 million cells into her.  I let the feeling grow as I pumped

I watched as her pendulous breasts move up and down.  I gloried in the

fairness of her soft supple skin.  I grabbed onto her arms with one hand and

and the other I grabbed her breast.  They were so big

and so soft they look almost delicious.  Looking again at her beauty I felt

I loved her and after a few more pumps I spilled myself into her.  

I melted into her arms and she stroked my sweaty back.  How could I fall 

in love with a girl I only met for just one evening.  Four years later, 

I'm still in love with her.



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