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Archive-name: SpecMome/trip.txt


Archive-title: Convention Trip

    Chuck and I sat in the hotel lounge, relaxing after a long day in our

computer convention.  Chuck was eyeing a tall slim brunette sitting alone,

several tables away.  Since we are both single, we'd been having a lot of fun

on this trip, dancing and flirting with the ladies.  Well, Chuck had been the

one having all the fun.  I was recently divorced and finding it difficult to

relax and meet women.  Besides, Chuck had a habit that annoyed me greatly; he

would approach a woman, talk a bit, then suggest going to his room to "party".

That was fine for him, he's ten years younger (25) than I am, but I wanted

something more...well, just more.

    Chuck excused himself and approached the brunette while I nursed the one

drink I had allowed myself.  Chuck was talking to her, and it seemed that he

was going to have an enjoyable evening.  I glanced about the lounge and saw

two lovely women sitting in at a corner table.  One was a petite dark skinned

beauty, with a Latin-American sensuality about her.  Even across the room I

could see her dark eyes flash with a raw sexuality.  The other woman was a

dark blonde, rather taller than her friend, nicely dressed and wearing gold

wire rim glasses, giving her a "sweet" or "charming" appearance.  I looked

for several long seconds and then noticed Chuck escorting the brunette out of

the lounge.  He left without a backwards glance, leaving me on my own for the

rest of the evening. I looked back to the two women, finding the brunette's

eyes fixed on me.  She looked away, back to her blonde friend.

    "Why are people afraid of looking at each other?" I wondered, then I was

doing the same thing, looking away as the blonde looked over at me.  I looked

back, and we held each other's eyes for about 5 seconds.  An eternity passed

between us, my heart beating loudly in my chest.  She looked away, resuming

her conversation with her friend.  I looked down, then up again and wondered

if she thought I was attractive, or just looking at one of the few single men

in the bar.  She looked back, almost sneaking the glance at me.  "She's now

wondering if I'm looking at her or her friend" I thought to myself.  I sized

up both of them, taking in the curves of their legs (the blonde's dress was

more modest, but plenty sexy), their shapes and so forth.  I was just about

to call it a night, and go to my room when they both stood up, getting ready

to leave.

    I waited a moment, then rose and walked evenly to the door, my legs were

rubbery and weak.  Timing was the essence of my thoughts.  I reached the door

first and stepped through, casually glancing back, then holding it open for

both ladies.  The brunette passed through first, thanking me, and the blonde

followed, remarking "I see there are some gentlemen left in the world."  I

looked into her grey eyes, smiling. "As long as there are beautiful women..."

I started, letting my voice trail off.  I walked behind them, passing them

when they changed their pace to a leisurly stroll.  I reached the elevators

first, and pressed the button.  The ladies sauntered up, discussing which of

the local restaurants had the best food.  At an opportune time I begged their

pardons, explaining I was in town briefly, and asking if they knew of a good

Italian restaurant.  The blonde mentioned two names which I promptly forgot,

listening to her soft, melodic voice.  We moved into the elevator, and the

brunette asked me where I was from.  We chit-chatted a bit as the elevator

surged upwards.  It turned out that the blonde was also from out of town, on

business and her friend lived here.  My floor arrived first, and I blushed

slightly as I asked them if they'd be interested in joining me for a dip in

the pool on the 10th floor (I liked to swim or do something to relax on these

trips before going to sleep).  The blonde said that she wouldn't mind, but

her friend didn't have a swim suit.   I said that I'd order one from the shop

downstairs and pay for it, just to have their company, and I didn't want her

to feel left out.  There was a long pause, and I offered them a graceful way

out by giving them my room number and saying that they could talk it over on

the way to the other woman's room.  They accepted that, saying that they would

call me, either way.

    After the elevator door closed, I fairly floated to my room.  Once inside

my worries started, thinking that it would be "Sorry but thankyouanyway" and

again my evening would be quiet.  Thirty minutes passed, and I figured that

they were going to reject the idea so I started getting my swim suit on for

a solo dip in the pool.  The ringing of the phone startled me just as I was

pulling on the trunks.  I answered and heard the blonde's soothing voice say

that her friend had to go home, but she'd join me at the pool if the offer

still stood.  I agreed, saying that certainly I'd enjoy her company.  I left

the room shortly afterwards, and went to the pool.  I'd swam about four laps

when the door opened and I saw the blonde enter wearing a very sexy bikini.

It wasn't that risque, but it did just the right things for her figure.  I

was surprised at the size of her breasts, as they hadn't been prominent in my

earlier encounter.  They were full, and round, with just enough weight to let

them move in a sensual way.  Her hips were nicely shapped, and her legs were

slim, firm, and beautiful. I grabbed the edge of the pool and smiled, thanking

her for joining me.  I lost the reply, feeling my heart pound as she let her

light hair down around her shoulders and removed her glasses.  Her face was

hard not to look at, and her hair made her seem radiant.  She dove into the

pool and surfaced in the middle, swimming easily over near me.

    I asked her how long she'd be in town, and found that she was leaving

the day after I would.  I suggested a few laps then we could relax and swim

lesiurly, or dry off and talk.  A few long laps restored my calm and let me

think.  We moved to the ladder, and I slipped out first, letting her watch

me and get a good look before I turned around and offered her my hand to help

her out of the pool.  As she rose from the water, I was treated to the sight

of her wet breasts moving in their confines, and her lovely cleavage.  Since

I had ignored her long glance at me, she returned the favor.  I wrapped her

towel around her shoulders and started drying her back, without being asked.

Once her back was dry, I handed her the towel and proceeded to dry myself off,

noting her lack of wedding ring, I asked her if she'd like to join me for

orange-juice (yes, orange-juice) in my room.  Her look was quizzical, and she

smiled, saying that most men would offer a "night-cap".  All the way to my

room I explained that after a good swim, the body was naturally relaxed and

liquor wasn't needed.

    Once in my room, I offered her that I had a terry-cloth robe she was

welcome to wear if her suit was giving her a chill.  She accepted and entered

the bathroom to change.  I ordered a pitcher of OJ from the hotel, and turned

up the heat to prevent either of us from being cold.  She came out wearing my

robe which reached just about mid-thigh.  She paused and let me look, and I

did look.  She'd tied the belt and the front was open almost to her navel,

her full breasts partly visible from their sides.  "How do I look?" She said.

    "Oh-hhhh Murder!"  I laughed. "You look better in my robe than I do!"

That made her laugh, and we sat at the small table in the room, waiting for

the orange juice. We talked typical small-talk like "do you come to this town

often?", "What kind of restaurants do you like" and so on.  A knock on the

door announced the arrival of our drinks and I tipped the lad, taking the

tray at the door (still in a swim suit I might add).  I poured two glasses of

juice, and we resumed our conversation after a time honored "cheers".  When

I stood up and moved past her, checking the heat, her hand touched my thigh,

feeling the cool dampness of the suit.

    "Would you like your robe back?  You must be freezing in that cold suit."

she said.  I declined her offer, saying I wouldn't be a gracious host if I

didn't let her stay warm.  Her hair was still damp and I asked her if she'd

tried to dry it and when she said no, I grabbed a towel and a comb from the

bath and proceeded to give her a friendly chastising while I dried and combed

her hair.

    "Just relax and pretend I'm your hairdresser." I said. She giggled that

her hairdresser was a thin little guy that she was sure was gay.  "Ok. Then

pretend that I'm his sister or something."  That received another giggle and

she leaned back, letting me comb out the tangle of hair.  Even with her hair

wet and tangled she'd looked divine, and when I'd finished, she looked very

sexy and alluring.  She'd laid her glasses on the table, and when I stepped

in front of her and whistled she tossed me a look of "don't kid me".  I told

her to look in the mirror, and she rose and went into the bathroom. I stood

at the door, openly admiring her.  "Not bad.  I kinda like it." She said.

She turned and approached the door, turning off the light.  The short hall

just outside the bath was dimly lit, and she stopped just before me.  Her hand

parted the robe as she moved forward, and our lips met in a light kiss.  Her

soft, warm breasts pressed against my bare chest, exciting me.  I pulled her

to me and kissed her passionately.  Our tounges danced and our hands explored

each other.  We found places on each other that caused responses, and caused

our smouldering fires to burst into open flame.

    We moved towards the bed, wordlessly, and I switched off all the lights,

throwing the room into a dim darkness, abated only by the city lights coming

through the thin curtains from seven stories below.  Her hands found the tie

on my suit and pulled.  She slid the suit from me and felt my cool skin and

ran her hands over my shrunken cock and tight balls.  Her hands felt very warm

against me and I laid down on the bed with her.  She ran her breasts over my

cold hips, brushing her warm over me. I purred with pleasure, feeling her

blow warm breaths against me.   My cock began rising slowly, the cold skin

turning hot.  Suddenly her warm mouth surrounded my soft shaft, the change in

tempature sending electric shocks up my spine.  I moaned, feeling her hands

warming my testicles, making them come alive with sensations.  My hand slid

down her back, cupping her behind and squeezing her appreciatively, feeling

her warm softness.  The more she worked on making me stiff, the more my hand

explored her.  I caressed her back, her legs, her ass and the side of her

breast pressed against me.  I could hear her breathing heavily, and realized

my own breathing was just as heavy.  My fingers traced a line down her back,

down between her soft cheeks, and began exploring her most delicate areas.

I felt her hips sway and her pelvis rotate up and back, giving herself to my

wandering fingers.  I slid my hand under her, caressing the soft, silky hair

over her mons, and squeezing the flesh of her belly softly.  She moaned, her

tounge sliding down my shaft and teasing my warming balls.  My hand slid back

and pressed against her, feeling her push back.  I gently parted her labia,

feeling her growing wetness, and sought the source of her excitement.  She

moaned loudly, licking the sensitive area under my balls when I slid a finger

inside her slick pussy.  I couldn't take it any longer.

    "Let me taste you." I breathed huskily, pulling her legs over my shoulders

and sliding under her.  She raised up and then lowered her warm body against

me, and the aroma of her womanhood filled me with desire.  My tounge caressed

her swollen lips, making her gasp at the first contact.  I began to lick her

pussy, her thighs, and all the way up to her back door, teasing her and giving

her the same delightful pleasures she'd been giving me.  I slipped my finger

back inside her and concentrated on her clit, trying to make her come, trying

to give her ultimate pleasure.  To my surprise, she came quickly, her pussy

contracting around my finger and her pussy releasing thick cream into my eager

mouth.  Her whole body went rigid while she came, then relaxed and spasmed

now and then.  I released my lips from her and held her against me, letting

her relax and catch her breath.

    After several long minutes, her tounge licked my balls, and I felt her

nibble with her lips and (gently) with her teeth. I closed my eyes and let

her go, letting her raise my burning lusts even higher.  Finally, she rose up

and started to move around to sit on me, and I pulled her down onto her back,

raising her legs around my waist.  She guided me into her warm pussy, lifting

her hips to meet me as I slid slowly into her.  We both moaned softly to each

other, expressing our pleasure at the feeling of our bodies joining.  My arms

slid under her back, and we kissed with a long slow-burning passion.  We moved

slowly, letting the pace build naturally, feeling our bodies warming each other

from within.  I bent down and sucked her right nipple, pinching it with my

lips.  I tugged on it gently, my right hand squeezing her left breast and

teasing its nipple at the same time.   She raked her nails down my back, telling

me that she wanted more.  I tounged and licked the undersides of her breasts,

making the soft, sensitive skin damp.

    She pulled my face to hers, and I saw her eyes shining up at me, wide and

expressive.  Kissing tenderly, we felt ourselves falling into each other,

washing each other in our passions and desires.  Our movements became faster,

and our minds became lost in a carnal passion.  I wanted to come inside her,

in her pussy, in her mouth, on her breasts, everywhere that would give her

pleasure.  I wanted to feel her rubbing her pussy on my face, chest, thighs,

and groin, tasting her cream, and enjoying her orgasms with her.

    We became intent on our driving desires, our bodies sweating with effort

in the warm room.  My head next to hers, I sucked her earlobe, biting it in

a playful, yet lusty way.  Her breathing was as rough and ragged as mine, and

we both sensed the inevitable cresendo that was approaching.  Faster and harder

our bodies moved, and small, short moans escaped from her lips.  Our chests

slipped against each other, slick and wet, her breasts pressed against me.

    Primal urges arched my back, forcing my hips forward in long hard thrusts,

my hands pulling her hips up to meet me.  She gasped and moaned, feeling me

swelling up inside her, her legs wrapping tightly around me and drawing me

down into her.  Her arms too pulled me down, and I buried my head against

her soft neck just as my cock released a torrent of pent up sperm deep into

her wet, waiting pussy.  My throbbing and pulsing cock triggered her own

orgasm, her muscles milking me into her, squeezing every drop of my hot thick

come into her.  Her hips shuddered against me, her breathing short gasps. We

held each other tight, wrapping ourselves with each other.  As the spasms of

our bodies slowed, we kissed each other, our tounges caressing and gentle,

but still full of passion.  I pulled back and looked into her eyes.  Her eyes

were shining, wide, and the pupils dialated in the dim light.

    "Oh, baby!  You are SOOOOO goood!" I said softly.  She purred and her hand

stroked my back tenderly.  She said nothing, but her eyes seemed to draw me

into her, filling me with a tenderness and warmth.  We stayed embraced for a

long time, falling into a short light sleep.

    When we awoke, she went into the bathroom, and I poured two more glasses

of orange-juice, placing them on the nightstand next to the bed.  When she

rejoined me, we cuddled and drank our oj, not needing words, letting our

touches say it all for us.  I nibbled her neck, and down her back when she

bent to pull the sheet up over us.  We slid under the covers, falling asleep

in each other's arms.

    My 5 a.m. wake up call woke us, and she dressed in her suit, and took my

robe.  I offered to escort her, and she stopped me, kissing me and promising

to meet me in the lounge later that night.

    Before I left for the airport, we'd loved each other several nights in a

row, and we exchanged addresses and phone numbers.  She was planning a trip

out to my city, and she knew she wasn't going to need a hotel room this time




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